Djibouti: An election falling in the shadow of the Nigerian one

I am sure the rulers and the 2 decades long regime of Djibouti was happy that all eyes are on Nigeria. As the West African Nation are toiled in questions and legitimacy of the recently held General Elections. While in Djibouti it was a two party affair and a genuine opposition boycott of the Parliamentary Elections.

The Parliamentary Elections went like clock-work and the ruling party got a massive majority. They won a total of 58 of 65 seats. While the “opposition” got 7 seats. Meaning the power is all vested in the party of the President and his allies. There is no say or deeper understanding of things. The iron grip of the legislature and the executive is all in the hands of the President that has resided in the office for 23 years. That man being Ismaïl Omar Guelleh and his party the Union pour la Majorité Présidentielle (UMP).

This election was as believable as the 2021 Presidential Election. It is just a sham and a facade. The UMP was destined to “win” and nothing else. That’s why there is no hope or any sort of fanfare. It is like watching re-runs on Cable-TV. You have seen it before, but the commercials might have changed with the season. The faces of the UMP might have changed and the narratives too, but we all knew the result at the end of it. We know that Ross would say: “we were on a break” and Rachel would call him a “cheater”. That is common knowledge and just like that… the Djibouti election would go in favour of the President. It was just meant to be.

No magic, no questions and no fuzz. Just scheduled programming. Nothing interesting. No bother and no surprises. Even the real opposition didn’t show up, because they knew the gig. They have seen the ruler, the Presidency and the law enforcement. All of them know how this would play out and if they tried… they would suffer and gain no grounds doing so.

The funniest part was the IGAD Preliminary Statement recommendations, just read it here:

1. In Djibouti, as is in any other Muslim nation, Friday is largely observed as a day of prayer as well as the first day of the weekend. It is our observation that given that the election day fell on a Friday, it affected voter turnout adversely. It is the Mission’s suggestion to the Government

of Djibouti to consider a different day for holding elections in future.

2. The participation of the youth both in the management of election and actual voting was not adequate enough, especially considering that this group contributes over half of the population. The IGAD-EOM recommends the need to put in place frameworks to encourage the youth

to take an active role in strengthening democracy in the Republic of Djibouti” (PRELIMINARY STATEMENT OF THE IGAD ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSION TO


It is like IGAD has overlooked the reasons for the boycott, the IGAD EOM doesn’t mention the grievances and why there is no “real opposition” to the regime on the ballots. That’s why the recommendations of another day than Friday and getting Youth participation is interesting. Because, the reasons for little turnout or considering to participate is that there is no stakes. The people know the game and it’s rigged. The rulers has already decided and the polls are symbolic at best.

Why should anyone really care? When there is no incentive or reasons to care… The President has already secured the mandate and the day is just procedural at the current time. His just getting his men or representatives in office and can call it a night. This could happen on any day of the week and I can assure the turnout would be low. Because, why should anyone bother? Why stay in line, if the results are pre-set and pre-fixed? Why?

That’s why these elections are happening without much concern or heartache either. Most people just see it for what it is or it isn’t interesting at all. It is just a way of trying to make things legit, but you cannot change the spots on a leopard. You can try, but you might just die while you at it.

It is a reason why Lagos and Abuja is catching all the attention. The election there has the tension, the power and the touch of some sense of “normalcy”. Parties can loose power and be swayed by public opinion. In Djibouti is neither and the President already decided. That’s why this election become a silent one. Even though its important for Djibouti. Other might let it be in the shadow and not even talk of it at all. Peace.

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Karamoja Affairs: The minister made it a family business to loot the government…

“However, during a recent sting operation by officers of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, the mother, brother and nephew of Karamoja Affairs minister Goretti Kitutu were allegedly found selling OPM branded iron sheets to residents of Namisindwa District. They were briefly detained and later freed” (…) “According to the notice, Dr Kituutu is accused of failing to deliver iron sheets and other supplies meant for Karamoja to support the ongoing disarmament exercise and the diversion of some items. These, the MPs say, constitute the offence of mismanagement and abuse of office or willful violation of oath of allegiance or oath of office, which are grounds provided in Article 118 of the Constitution for censure of a minister. The MPs further accuse the minister of misusing Shs25b meant for the procurement of goats to be distributed across the region, as well as picking 500 bags of maize seeds from Namalu Prison Stores, under the Feed Karamoja Project out of 200 bags were allegedly found in her house” (Emmanuel Muitaizibwa & William Kintu – ‘OPM in fresh Shs25b goat scandal’ 27.02.2023).

Hon. Mary Goretti Kitutu, the Minister for Karamoja Affairs is in huge trouble and have a vast scandal on her name. Just as the Iron Sheets are dragging out and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is starting a probe into that. The further revelations only show the sinister side of the cabinet and what they are willing to steal.

The Minister of Karamoja Affairs didn’t do it alone. We have seen the massive reports and the number of high-ranking officials involved in the robbing the state of iron sheets. Nevertheless, in this recent case… the Minister has involved her family in the scheme. Which are taking funds, tenders, and whatnot from the state. This is funds and procured items, which was destined for the ones in need in Karamoja.

They took money that was intended to go to buy goats and in addition they took seeds of maize. Meaning in a place of utter poverty and famine, the Minister took vital life-saving seeds and kept it in her home or relatives’ home. That is evil and not only theft, but possibly lethal to the ones who needs it the most. The ones that are in danger of starvation and the person who is supposed to ensure and implement government projects in the region is stealing directly from it. Instead of helping the ones in need, she was helping herself and her family.

This here is sinister, disgraceful and should be a sackable offense. Secondly, she should answer to the courts and be held liable together with her family. To do this and with such arrogance because she wasn’t afraid of doing it either. It is just modus operandi, and the state usually doesn’t care. That’s why it is so blatant and with no disregard for who this was intended too.

Karamoja is starving and hurting, but others are profiting of their misery. That is clear and the high-ranking officials has found a way of adding additional income to their names. It shouldn’t be this way, but that’s how they choose to represent and be leaders in the Republic. Instead of serving, they are stealing. That’s a vast difference… Peace.Mary

Opinion: 11th Parliament is now the House of the Lord…

“We gathered earlier today to dedicate Parliament to the Lord, and I pledged to the country that a bill will be introduced as soon as possible to deal with homosexuality and lesbianism. We shall Jealously protect our cherished values and culture” (…) “Tomorrow, we are going to introduce the bill on homosexuality and I want to request the religious leaders that this time around, be there to see who is who” (…) “We are going to vote by show of hands. You’re either for homosexuality or against it. we want to see the kind of leaders we have in this country” – Speaker Anita Among (28.02.2023).

I don’t know if the Member of Parliament and now Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has read the 1995 Constitution. Neither does it matter, because it is a forgotten text. The one that was the “fundamental change” and game changer when launched. It gave life to the National Resistance Movement and legitimacy. However, with time it has withered and obviously lost value.

Still because of her words… I just have to add two parts of the 1995 Constitution. Just to remind ourselves of the goals, the aims and what is the supposed law of the land. It is fine that the Speaker is a woman of faith and wants to live her life to honour a deity. That is fine and dandy as an individual, but as a legislator and such. She is out of bound with the ideals of the State, the government and her own role as Speaker.

“Article 7 Non-adoption of State religion Uganda shall not adopt a State religion” (1995 Constitution – Chapter 2)

“Article 21 Equality and freedom from discrimination (1) All persons are equal before and under the law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respect and shall enjoy equal protection of the law. (2) Without prejudice to clause (1) of this article, a person shall not be discriminated against on the ground of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, or social or economic standing, political opinion or disability. (3) For the purposes of this article, “discriminate” means to give different treatment to different persons attributable only or mainly to their respective descriptions by sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, or social or economic standing, political opinion or disability” (1995 Constitution – Chapter 4).

Speaker Among can be Christian all she wants and that’s all good. Nevertheless, the 11th Parliament and the Members of the Parliament doesn’t have to be connected to any faith or such. So, to say that she gives the House to God is out of the sphere and function of the Parliament.

I wonder if the fellow legislators have seen these articles or even considered them. The activist lawyers’ better tool up. Because this should be food for the Courts and be tested by law-abiding citizens. This law should be tested, especially when the Article 7 and Article 21 specify certain rights. These rights has to be respected, even if are against or see it as sinful to live with the same sex. In your faith and what you deem as right is maybe morally incorrect in your view, but as society and by law it shouldn’t be criminalized. Especially, when the 1995 Constitution specifically says a individual should be discriminated against “on the ground of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, or social or economic standing, political opinion or disability”. Those words are giving the homosexuals rights to live as they deem fit and they shouldn’t be discriminated against. I am maybe against it by faith myself, but by law they should be allowed to live the way they please. Just like I am allowed and have the rights to live after my religion. That’s why the laws shouldn’t target a minority and one group, which the anti-homosexual bill is doing. They are target today and tomorrow it could be another group of faith. Therefore, it is a slippery slope and when you start… they must demonize more people and make them illegal. That’s just how these things are played out historically.

If the Speaker wants to be Christian that is fine, and I applaud her. However, in this case… it’s the wrong context, the wrong forum and the plenary sessions isn’t made for that. That’s for church or the holy communion. The 11th Parliament is created for legislative agendas and not a prayer house. Secondly, the law itself is a violation of the Constitution, which is what the Parliament is supposed to protect. So, the Speaker and her merry men are violating their own purpose and function by doing so. That’s the interesting part here… and that’s why this got to be tested in the Courts. Peace.

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