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United Kingdom: Prime Minister Boris Johnson letter to every household urging them to stay home (28.03.2020)

Opinion: All hail the King or let your constituents die

President Donald J. Trump got a nerve, well, to be honest. I don’t think he got any. His not a governor nor any ordinary representative of the public. His the President and has Executive Power with Executive Privileges, which can through Federal Programs help the Hospitals or support the Health Care system as a whole.

The same man who dismantled the National Security Council directorate for Pandemics. While also sacking the pandemics expert stationed in China. Clearly, this President haven’t listened nor acted righteous.

He played down the COVID-19 or Coronavirus all through January and February. Even as he got the Intelligence warnings in December 2019. Not like the President couldn’t get the wire or the information from China. He would get it, but he didn’t listen, because it didn’t matter to him and his busy golfing scheduled at Mar-A-Lago in Miami.

President Trump has misused his time. The Timeline he cannot run away, which is exposed in the recent ad too. Where his words are used against him. As the numbers are skyrocketing and hospitals cannot manage to follow suit. Neither is the states able to get needed equipment or manpower to shield the apex of the pandemics in their areas. There is no central coordination, if it is. Its AD-HOC and reactionary, later after the fact.

The United States is fucked, because of their central leadership. The Governors and States can salvage the hurt. However, they are not getting the help they need from the President. Unless, they write love-letters or praise their King. The Jester at the White House. The Big-Man, the Don and the Snake-Oil Salesman. The Bankrupter of Casinos, he lost money even in a an industry: “where the house always wins”. That’s the sort of character he is.

This President is running FEMA. A cabinet filled of temporary people. His filled cronies and loyal yes men in his party. They are all evolved around him and his whims. His nepotism and his actions are clear, the bail-out will most likely be overturned and not give the needed surplus the people needs. Instead, its a cash-cow for the corporations. That is the sort of man, another trick and another act of deviousness.

Now, in the midst of the skyrocketing numbers of people catching the spread. The hospitals in Bronx, state of Georgia and everywhere else is crying out of needs. When the Department of State suddenly asks for a international brain-drain of educated health care workers from abroad. From the most devious of governments in recent history. Child-separating, closing of borders, Muslim-Ban and so fourth. Now, they need the migrants? Your insincerity and your lack of tolerance in the sunny days. Why should people come now to your need in the rain? Seriously?

The United States is so rich, but morally POOR. The poverty is their acts against minorities, the poor and the migrants itself. That is why they suddenly turn to them in the hour of need. The rest of the term they have been associated with dismantling opportunities to enter the Republic. So, in crisis and havoc, your needed, but rest of the time your a filthy person. Just think about that for a moment.

Still, the President wants to salvage the economy. He wants to save Wall-Street and the economy. Even if his printing money like a drunk sailor. However, the President needs the praise, they need to say his hair looks nice, his breath is fresh and give him two scoops of ice-cream beside his slice of cake. Also, not forget to give him his doze of cokes.

This President forgets his role, think this is a hunger game. Think this is play for who deserves the most and who begs the best gets equipment and funds. The citizens of United States deserves better. Now they are seeing what a narcissist and a self-centred individual will do in crisis. Instead of serving, his only want to be King. The Grand Monarch from Jamaica Queens to the White House. That is the man, apparently.

I’m grateful I’m European and seeing this from across the pond. However, don’t wish anyone to go through what the US Citizens are going through now. But, when you elect a man like this and when you support his actions. That will cost. The cost is showing now. The price of his leadership and reactionary ways comes. The US are losers, because the biggest contender for useless President in the World is on the throne there.

Still, remember praise the ass-hole, remember to give him the honour and kiss the ring. If you do, your constituents might get some relief. Peace.

South Africa: National Treasury – Media Statement – Government’s response to the rating action of Moody’s investors Service (Moody’s) – (27.03.2020)

Ethiopia: COVID-19 Ministerial Committee – Communique (27.03.2020)

Opinion: Afraid we’re using a Swiss-Army Knife to kill a Dragon!

Again and again, we’re seeing the big-men proudly saying: “We are going to beat this Coronavirus”. We are seeing Ministry of Health and Doctors saying: “We are not having such and such equipment and medicine to heal our patients”. So the stories goes.

Than, again, the public is not social distancing. The Public isn’t following orders to stay, because they cannot afford to stay home. They need to make bread to eat, the food just fly on the plate by a tweet-y bird. No, they have to earn it and the state doesn’t sufficiently compensate the public to stay home.

Secondly, the electric isn’t trustworthy, there are streets upon streets without pipe-water or clean-wells. Neither, is there enough sanitary rooms or needed wash-areas. Thirdly, the public needs public-transports, because the major part of the public cannot afford private cars. Even as they live hand to mouth. They got to go from their homes into a business district or a central market to work.

With all of these obstacles, still the big-man claims the closure of schools, borders, bars, churches and other public gatherings. The public still got to get to points, where they meet and greet. Where they got to use all sorts of methods there. Going to the public places and being sort of social to live. Where the state haven’t done enough to secure their lives and livelihood.

It is with these sort of measures and realities, the poor, the ones living in poverty, the ones whose never counted, unless they are pieces of statistics comes in. They are usually good pawns to get Multi-National Organizations, United Nations Organizations and Bretton Woods Institutions for grants, loans and whatnot. These people will now be useful again for loans and grants to sufficiently patch the hurt after the painful procedure during the crisis.

The state hasn’t sufficiently fixed the Health Care Centres, Hospitals neither invested in medicine, stocks of food, gasoline and so-on. This is why from the get-go, the state couldn’t win. The re-issue why they will loose is the people cannot afford to stay home. Unless, the state suddenly wire funds to all homes and everyone with a cellphone. Doing something, as there not enough efforts to take another step to make a difference. The elites can afford to live in the suburbs and finer parts of town in their mansions and get workers to pick up their fruits. However, their labour can wait and can be done from home. However, the mechanic, the street-vendor and the boda-boda driver got to go to the “office”, the street and pass by areas which is dangerous.

The dragon is big, the dragon is powerful and the dragon could burn you. Still, you got to go. There is no other choice. While the government has only gotten a Swiss-Army knife, they don’t have bazookas, they don’t have missiles nor jet fighters to bomb the living hell out of the dragon. They got one soldier, one big-man and his Swiss-Army knife to beat the dragon.

The man is going to face the beast on a “one-to-one” battle. A fight where he has to use skills, use his intellect and the one tool he has. While the dragon can burn, can use all parts of his body to beat on person. He can even use his tail to break the bones of the fighter. His alone in this and doesn’t have training nor the equipment to win. If he does, it is on luck and hope.

The Swiss-Army Man got to do a MacGyver moves. Have some secret tricks. However, the public needs that. They need some powerful changes and help in need. The Swiss-Army knife towards the dragon isn’t cutting it. The damage, the hurt and the possible pain will be unbearable. Even if people try to stay home and not go out. At one point they need, because their pantry isn’t that huge and they are lucky to survive the first phase without any causes to worry.

So, what I am hoping and that more pressure does. Is that flexing and the big-men actually spends their own retirement, that they passes the funds they have siphoned to tax-havens and they actually does something brave. They actually govern. It is easy to close shops and to send the army to the streets to send people home. However, it is even more daring to actually revamp and get guidance to rebuild the failing health care industry and the hospitals, where the needs will be dire in the coming days.

The dragon is coming, the burns are coming and hopefully you give your fighter more than a Swiss-army knife. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee, the nation doesn’t need national addresses, but needs action and emergency legislation

Yesterday, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni held his fourth national address. Instead of actually putting in legal measures for the state. Instead of building packages of funds for the Ministry of Health or any other part of the economy. He instead told about needed changes in action from the citizens.

The President could have started in investing in water-security for all parts of the country. So, that the people can actually wash their hand in clean water. This has been done by municipalities and the National Water & Sewage Company (NWSC). Also, been done by NGOs and Multi-National Organization who has provided this to the grander public. Even in elections, the President is always proud of opening wells in Northern Uganda. Maybe, time to secure more safe zones for this and swiftly?

It’s kind of hard to be sanitary if the public is lacking toilets and steady washing, so they can actually do what everyone asks for them to do. The same with the steady black-outs of electricity. The UMEME could ensure that most people whose connected stay with the electricity for the moment. Stop the loadshedding and pain this does.

There already been questions to why the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) haven’t been paying out partial payouts to their members. This is yet another proof, that there is a dire need of legislation. Where the MPs and others connect and find ways to adapt and secure the citizens their needs.

They need to set-up structures, funds and legislation, which will cover the basis. Where the public is safeguarded and has regulations, to follow guidelines and righteous in this trying times. Instead, the speeches and national addresses are just micro-managing without any considerable actions made. There is no relief telling people to use bikes. Like that solves the underlying issues of the state?

Yes, the one-meter rule is a fine proposal, but as long as the Taxi Park is running, as long as the markets are open and people do their normal bidding. The citizens and grander public will be exposed to the disease, whether they like it or not. That is why there is viral clips of people falling in the streets and left behind. These ordinary people who cannot afford or not have the ability to get treatment. Just left behind, because the state cannot support them or have the capacity to help them.

That is why these national addresses is useless. There is no intent, no direct real actions to help people. It is just lectures and pressers. The President should do more than talk. Talking isn’t solving this. The COVID-19 or Coronavirus isn’t beaten by shadow-matches, but by clear direct actions of isolation and protection of each individual citizen. Which by the state of affairs isn’t made. There are some measures, but they are not digging deep.

If the President wants to be serious. He shows up in Parliament with legislation and with care-package for the parts of government, business and health care, which needs dire help and FAST. There is no time to loose, but by every minute, the President is loosing someone. He should care, he should act, but seemingly he prefers the TV camera over direct action. This cannot be solved by using the UPDF or sending the Special Force Command to burn down a house. What is needed here is a big change and it cost.

We just wonder, if he got it in him or not. Peace.

Opinion: A crisis like we’re living through now is exposing the leadership

You can sit back- and enjoy the show. No, you really cannot. There is no enjoyment. Nor relaxing, as the uncertainty is growing. The howling questions of how long will this state last and what measures are truly working.

We have borders closed. Airports shut-down, schools, churches, libraries and bars/restaurant all closed for the moment. There are only the bare minimum and necessities are still open. Hospitals are getting full of people with symptoms, the lack of enough health care workers, ventilators, masks and medicine is happening. Even enough test-kits and whatnot. This is an international problem and not just a problem locally.

The leadership with this sort of affair is exposed. The lack of enough ICU beds and extra ventilators, respirators and everything else shows the lack of investment. Also, that they never thought it could become like this. There was no plan for emergencies of these levels. There was no response team or task force put in place to research this.

The state have in the sunshine days never expected this. Even if there been smaller crisis like the Swine-flu and the SARS. Now COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is exposing the matters. They are showing that the Health Care systems provided wasn’t measured for this. Neither was the will to create enough beds and equipments for a possible outbreak. Now, there is added measures and procurement. Now, other factories are creating the needs, which usually made designer cloths and fabrics. Suddenly are used to fix the issues at hand. That is good business for them, but also a proof of actual leadership.

The things done and measures put are done with good intentions. The social distancing and the washing of hands programs. The solidarity and the asking for time to fix it. However, the states itself. The leadership should ask themselves, why they didn’t deal with it better in the sun, but cries havoc in the rain. There is a need for this hindsight 20/20 and also wondering if they could have invested more and built more robust hospitals.

It is easy to catch the breath for 10 seconds and check if you cough or not like the Taiwanese experts says. It is easy to wash hands and avoid other people. Be one meter away and if you have any symptoms, be home. That is not rocket-science.

However, the barricades at home. Still, should ask the authorities and the state if they could have done more to prevent it. If there was enough warnings and signs to follow. I don’t know, but I am questioning it.

Because, the lack of leadership, the lack of taking responsibility and the adjustment from the state. Shows that some states didn’t take this seriously and therefore, the public will now suffer. Just as they have not put measures or the needed investments from the federal state nor the central government to actually do something.

The ones hit the most is usually the poor, the poorly educated and the ones whose not covered. The ones who doesn’t have a pot to piss in and the ones whose far to reach. The ignorant and the ones with to much to pride to understand the task at hand. These are the ones the state needs to shelter and give direct relief too. Not its easy, it never is and it will cost.

But, if we cannot see redemption for the weakest among us, then who are we then? We are just shallow human beings, never thinking this could strike us too. At one point, it might be a neighbour or a family member. There is no boundaries with a pandemic or a crisis like this. Sooner or later, this bitch hits home.

The only redeeming thing we have then is a cut-throat situation, where the facts remains. The results are already there, we can accept them or be defeated. We can either look into the gist, into the headlines and let it be. We can accept to be muffled and toyed with or we can also question the powers to be. By all means, follow the instructions and show solidarity, but still at the same time wonder if they did enough.

Because, when the days are over and this slows down. When this is under control and the scientists, the doctors and the pharma-industry has fixed this. Then, we can look over the measures, look over the numbers and the statistics. Look over the timeline and ask ourselves. Did the leadership enough. Did the authorities do the right thing. That is what we should ask ourselves.

Last but not least. You really see where the leadership gives a damn, where they are trying to propagandaize this and where they trying to fix it. There is really different realities. There is various of attempts, but also small cover-ups, which will come to light later. Where own personal business, where own personalities has destroyed the effects and the possible changes quickly. Instead tried to downplay the pandemic and acted a fool. The ones paying the cost is the citizens and everyone else involved. They will be remembered for that, as they could see from the outbreak to today. That there were measures to make, but instead they deflected them. That is their legacy.

Leadership of our times is exposed. They could have done, what they precautions they could have done and what they did under the sun. Says a lot, but in the rain it is more important with an umbrella. Now, they are teasing those, but need to get them quickly for all of us. Let’s hope they get enough. Peace.

The world is under lockdown…

Who knew we would get here? And get here collectively together? It seems all nations, republics and rulers are disconnecting themselves from the world. Closing the schools, emptying the tourism industry and working from home.

So many countries are under lockdown, we are in our homes. Not walking out unless we need too. We are awaiting the next update, the next presser from local councils and the central governments. Schools, Universities, workplaces, churches and sporting events are all closed or suspended. We are supposed to be one meter away from each other. Wash our hands and be quarantined if we have a cough, fever or feeling ill. We are clearly making all metropolis across the world into ghost towns.

This is living in a science fiction novel. We are hiding from a deadly virus. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are able to break the neck of the airline industry. Make the hotels empty, make the offices in and around the central business district all closed. The banks needs revamped, so does so many other businesses. There is a social destruction, but also a bailout that the states trying to configure.

Laws are amended, the states are taking more power, as they need more modifications to able to close the space of civil society, take away powers from the citizens and also ability to fight this. They are even pursuing it for longer time than the possible crisis will last. From 6 months to two years depending on where.

The borders are shut, the warnings for travel abroad is everywhere. If you still travel from A to B. You will most likely be quarantined and not enjoy the place you travelled too. That is why the free movement of our globe is suspended. That is for a common good, but not something we could foresee for just a few months ago.

I don’t have the answers, because I myself is in a home-office, made a make shift office in the kitchen and not going to the office anymore. Which is weird. Staying home most of the time and worried about going out. While seeing pictures of empty streets and worry about the spread of the virus.

We just have to wait for the advice of the authorities and what they say to us. However, we shall not be muffled in a way that doesn’t make sense. Like if they try to misuse power or breach human rights, nor take away liberties and freedoms without giving it back to the citizens when its over. If not we, have to riot when this is over. Because, the state can do this now, but try to pull a wall over eyers is insane.

We have to show solidarity, we have to show restraint, but that doesn’t mean we cannot question when the measures are overstretched or taking ownership, which might imply that they want more power out of this. That is what people should think about, as quickly made laws and amendments are enacted, as some of this is done in the grandness of common good. Other things can be baked in to ensure more power, which the rulers and representatives doesn’t need, but grabs in the moment of fear and crisis.

Be woke, be aware, but still show solidarity. We are all in this lockdown, but still not fools. Peace.

Kenya: Public Service Commission – Abolition of Offices (18.03.2020)

Opinion: Why didn’t Mzee just invoke a ‘State of Emergency’?

The countries of the World, by their selfish actions, are, again, waking up Africa that that it is ─ suicidal to depend on others. I have warned our people to stop talking like the selfish foreigners by trying to stop the little we have, being exported to other African countries”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on a National Adress on the Coronavirus (18.03.2020)

Today’s address of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, if he should have followed laws and procedures in concerns of COVID19 or Coronavirus spread in the Republic. He should have considered to use the article 110 of the 1995 Constitution, which is about how the President can call a “State of Emergency”?

It is nice that the President acts upon the spread of virus in the Republic. The actions he wants to implement is similar to elsewhere with lack of public meetings, no big weddings, cinemas, campaign rallies, sports and music shows. There is plenty of good things in this. Also, the closure of churches, schools and whatnot. This has been done elsewhere, but its been done with legal provisions and articles, which makes sense.

Parts of his National Address on the 18th March 2020:

(1) “It is wise that we temporarily remove these concentration points by closing all the Primary and Secondary schools as well as all the Universities and Tertiary Institutions for one month, starting with Friday, the 20th of March, 2020, starting at mid-day. All these institutions, without exception, should close so that we deny this virus those concentrations” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 18.03.2020).

(2) “Once we deal with the concentrations in the Educational Institutions, the next concentrations that we must deal with are the religious gatherings: prayers in Churches, in Mosques, open air prayers and services on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In the interests of our people’s health, these should be suspended for a month with immediate effect“ (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 18.03.2020).

(3) ”Then the next category of mass meetings are the political or cultural ─ Public rallies, conferences, elections, etc. All these are hereby forbidden for 32 days with immediate effect” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 18.03.2020)

So with this mind, that is why I wonder, if he has followed the Constitution and article 110? Because, it is needed to ask this. Even in the days we’re in, as the laws are there for a reason.

This is why I am wondering, if the President, even have thought about how there by proxy. As your governing by the definition of the majority of a Parliament and Councils. You have meetings, plenary sessions and votes on the matters. Where the public are accepting it, as these are the representatives doing it on their behalf.

That is why the Constitution in article 110 says this:

(1) The President may, in consultation with the Cabinet, by proclamation, declare that a state of emergency exists in Uganda, or any part of Uganda if the President is satisfied that circumstances exist in Uganda or in that part of Uganda

(a) in which Uganda or that part of it is threatened by war or external aggression;

(b) in which the security or the economic life of the country or that part is threatened by internal insurgency or natural disaster; or

(c) which render necessary the taking of measures which are required for securing the public safety, the defence of Uganda and the maintenance of public order and supplies and services essential to the life of the community” (Constitution 1995, Article 110).

This means, if the President has done it correctly he would have held conversation with the cabinet of his. That they have looked into the measures and the circumstances, because its not war nor external aggression. You can say 110(1B) is fixed, but that should have been declared and by consent of the cabinet.

Then, you have 110(3) of the Constitution, which states this:

3) The President shall cause the proclamation declaring the state of emergency to be laid before Parliament for approval as soon as practicable and in any case not later than fourteen days after it was issued” (Constitution 1995, Article 110).

This means the President needs to take the proclamation or the declaration, which he held a conservation with his cabinet into the Parliament for approval. This means, the President has now 14 days to do so. That is if the closures and the everything is following legal codes of the state. Because, the acts of the President is similar to a “state of emergency”. To say something else is playing it down.

And if he doesn’t this, the 110(6) states this: “(6) During any period when a state of emergency declared under this article exists, the President shall submit to Parliament at such intervals as Parliament may prescribe, regular reports on actions taken by or on behalf of the President for the purposes of the emergency” (Constitution 1995, Article 110).

So, if the President get it voted through the Parliament, then the President has to show up and explain the measures made. Also show the progress, as it states the needs to do so. This means the state will be explained.

All of this shows the President got some work to make this official. Especially, if he wants to have legal remedies. Not only proclamations without any jurisdiction or proof of legal substance behind it. That is what the President should ask himself. I know his the only man with a vision in the Republic. However, if it is so, why hasn’t he looked into the laws his so proud of enacting and why isn’t he following it? Peace.

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