Burundi: Unemployed citizens are forced to work in Bujumbura

“After the speech of Burundian Prime Minister PM who threatens to punish unemployed people who go to the city center of the Town Hall of Bujumbura , the police have been carrying out arbitrary arrests since this morning. Victims are taken to the Intwari Stadium construction site for forced labor without pay. A responsible power, however, has the obligation to provide paid work to citizens who need it, instead of treating them as slaves” (FORSC Burundi, 30.01.2023).

The true form of a dictatorship is obvious. The CNDD-FDD is just showing its face. Not only is it well-known for its brutal tactics and means to an end. As the opposition or activists have been silenced. That is well known by now and that’s why the regime is “strong”. However, their means to an end is becoming more striking.

Now, there are reports that the “idle” or the “unemployed” are rounded up in Bujumbura to work without pay on construction sites. They are picked up by the Police and arbitrary arrested without any form of justification. Where they are taken into custody for the sole purpose of working. This work is being done without a salary, contract or any sort of pay. This is initiating slave labour and organizing slavery in the streets of Bujumbura.

President Ndayishimiye should decree or stop this practice. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t count on it. This is now showing how vicious the Prime Minister Ndirakobuca is and what his willing to do.

We know that this practice will not cause any big stir or headlines, even though there should be no reason not too. Because, who in their right mind does this and think this is legit? This is tyranny at its purest and finest. As the value of the citizenry is only their breath. Since, they can easily be accessed and used by the powers to be. Suddenly, the citizens can become their slaves and workforce without any contract or stipulations to get benefits for their work. Meaning they are powerless and could easily become slaves of the society. The peasants are the slaves of the CNDD-FDD system now. Especially, if the CNDD-FDD continues with it or makes it happening across the Republic. Peace.

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Opinion: Sunak will regret re-appointing Braverman…

I am afraid to say—and I will come to a close soon—that that is why it was a central purpose of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, now an Act, to properly empower the police in face of the protests, yet Opposition Members voted against it. Had Opposition Members in the other place not blocked these measures when they were in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the police would have already had many of the powers in this Bill and the British people would not have been put through this grief. Yes, I am afraid that it is the Labour party, the Lib Dems, the coalition of chaos, the Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati and, dare I say, the anti-growth coalition that we have to thank for the disruption we are seeing on our roads today. I urge Opposition MPs and Members of the other place to take this second chance, do the right thing, respect the rights of the law-abiding majority and support this Bill”Suella Braverman MP (18.10.2022).

That the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appoints Suella Braverman MP as the Home Secretary after her first stint is beyond me. That is a validation of not only breaching ministerial code with the usage of a private email. However, Braverman could easily be investigated for this and be held accountable for doing so. This in combination of possibly creating problems with a trade-deal between the United Kingdom and India. Therefore, Sunak as an PM is risking a lot by doing this.

That Sunak is possibly having a walking liability here. Braverman can easily create more fire and trouble. Not only pushing for the deportations to Rwanda. She can do even more despicable things and use her office for the controversial right-wing parts of the Conservative Party. That’s why she can quickly become worse and more excessive than Priti Patel MP ever was in this office. This is very grim… but the reality.

Just read these pieces about her:

In terms of her political history, Ms Braverman is a hardline Brexiteer and stands on the right-wing of the Conservative Party. She also supported the controversial decision to send migrants to Rwanda” (Charlotte Hawes – ‘Suella Braverman: Who is the Fareham MP, is she Attorney General, is she married to Rael Braverman, did they get married in Hampshire, and where did she come in the Tory leadership race?’ 07.07.2022, Portsmouth.co.uk).

Braverman, 42, has been the MP for Fareham since 2015, and in April 2020 became Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland – an appointment which immediately alarmed civil liberty groups, and within months was harshly criticised by members of the Bar Association, who accused Braverman of bypassing legal advisers and the ministerial code over the course of Brexit” (Sean Bell – ‘Who is Suella Braverman? This is the Tory hopeful planning a ‘war on wokeness’’ 11.07.2022, The National Scotland).

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old Suella Braverman, whose parents have Indian origins, quit the government just 43 days into her role as home secretary. In recent times, Braverman has been on rocky grounds with the prime minister owing to her stand on the trade deal with India, saying it would increase migration to the UK when Indians already represented the largest group of visa overstayers. She had also attributed the violence in Leicester following an India-Pakistan cricket match to uncontrolled migration and the “failure of newcomers to integrate”. While she acknowledged her mistake in using her personal email for official correspondence, she also accused the government of breaking “key pledges” and of “pretending we haven’t made mistakes”” (FP Explainers – ‘Explained: How Suella Braverman’s resignation as Britain’s home secretary spells more trouble for Liz Truss’ 20.10.2022, Firstpost.com).

It is really amazing that she has been able to return within 6 days of resigning. The resignation was to tarnish and earn points on the downfall of Liz Truss. Now she is returning back in the role after week away. Where she will now represent the same ministry she only had for 43 days. That’s what she did and stood for at the moment.

Clearly she wants power and enjoys it. She will meet the wokerati and the Tofu-Eating Guardian-reading people in the near future. That is just obvious. Braverman will be remembered for these statement in Parliament. I am expecting more reckless statements like this. That comes with the territory and the way she is.

What is striking is that Sunak didn’t see the red-flags and the troubles associated with her. To re-appoint her now. After she revealed her breach of ministerial code just a week ago. That she is still entrusted with the role of Home Secretary. This is really revealing of how Sunak is gambling and doing what he can to “unify” the party. However, his not building trust in the Kingdom. Many is already disgusted and disappointed. That’s happening on the first day on the job.

That’s impressive and a waste of potential. I didn’t expect magic from Sunak. However, here is the master-stroke and the possible downfall… Peace.

Opinion: Sunak have no wiggle-room to fail

The ones that is rising up in hopes and grabbing their chair of joy. I would say your turning the tables a bit to fast. People should remember the time that Rishi Sunak, one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom was the Chancellor. He held that role for some time and had the ability to shift economic policies. That’s why this period has to be considered now that his officially the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

I don’t want any ill for the man. This is his moment of prestige and prominence. He is taking over from a hectic turmoil of Truss and the falling pendulum of Boris Johnson. All the things that the Tories has done for 12 years and the shifts of policies are now rearing it’s ugly head. That’s not Sunak’s fault, but he was a part of it. He had plenty of time to make a difference, but he chose to align and work within those perimeters.

That’s why as his becoming the Leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister. This is happening with the blessing of the Tories MPs and not the electorate. His the third PM of the 2022. Previously in the year he lost the campaign to Truss and now he succeeded the second time. Meaning his resilience and will to get there pushed him over the finish-line.

Because of that backdrop, I dropping a few breadcrumbs from the outlook on his term. The people he picks or appoints in cabinet will be detrimental and show his real alliances. Just like Truss chose to be aligned with ERG group of MPs. The same will be important to follow with Rishi.

That’s why these texts are important!

When it comes to tax and spend, Rishi Sunak is proposing nothing beyond current government policy in the short term – unsurprisingly, given that he set these policies as Chancellor. We therefore know a lot about what we would get under his premiership, at least initially, without his having to say much. We would have tax heading towards its highest sustained level in 70 years as a share of national income, though with an intention to bring taxes down once he has ‘gripped inflation’” (…) “There would be some headroom against the government’s fiscal targets – including the target of taxes covering all day-to-day spending by 2024-25 – though not enough to allow the Chancellor to rest easy, given the degree of economic turbulence and uncertainty. In the longer term, Mr Sunak has been clear that he does wish to cut taxes, but not until inflation has fallen back” (Stuart Adam Robert Joyce Isabel Stockton Tom Waters and Ben Zaranko – ‘ Tax and spending policies of Conservative leadership contenders’ 21.07.2022, The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)).

The hike and the controversial loan-not-loan to deal with rising energy prices is “Treasury’s revenge for profligacy,” said another senior MP. But for many, it also highlights the line between good politics and good economics. If you hurt people in their pocket, it’s unlikely they are going to reward you at the polls. “The economic problems are starting to stick to him,” says another senior backbencher. “I think we are past peak Rishi.”” (Catherine Neilan – ‘’Past peak Rishi’: Why Conservative support is ebbing from Sunak as favourite to replace Boris Johnson’ 14.02.2022, Business Insider).

Whether Sunak has penned a note for his successor quipping that the money is all gone remains to be seen. He undoubtedly should. The Chancellor leaves a worse legacy than perhaps any predecessor of modern times. Inflation is running at nine per cent. The trade deficit has blown out to a mind-boggling eight per cent of GDP. The pound is tanking on the currency markets, real wages are collapsing, strikes are rampant, and the economy is heading for a recession. It is possible that Tony Barber, Edward Heath’s Chancellor of the early 1970s, left the nation’s finances in a worse state. But even that is debatable” (Matthew Lynn – ‘Rishi Sunak won’t be missed as Chancellor’ 05.07.2022, The Spectator).

There are certain aspects here that will key for the future. It is not like Sunak isn’t in favour of tax-cuts as well. That was the downfall of Truss and Kwateng. Certainly and hopefully he doesn’t usher in another “biscotti”. Who knows if his naive enough to do so?

What is striking is that his time as a Chancellor bought him enough peace in Westminster, but not across the Kingdom. Neither does he have the confidence or the grand support as other Prime Ministers. There is already calling for a snap election or a General Election. Since, the coronation of Sunak will be questioned. He don’t have a mandate or a popular vote behind him. His just a MP crowned because the two previous PM’s failed miserably.

Now as PM Rishi Sunak has not only to prove himself and his worth. Truss has broken the economy and the financial market. The Truss cabinet created worse for pensioners, gilt-markets and the mortgages, as the energy crisis is growing ahead of winter. Therefore, the Prime Minister has to stand tall and isn’t having it easy. That with the costs and burdens of Brexit will be put on him. The ramifications of that in combination of the downturn after the lockdowns and the biscotti “mini-budget” will linger over his head. There is no soft landing or time for a waiting period. He has to carry the weight and pick the right aides to find a way out of this.

As PM Sunak will not have the time or the ability to fail. We see how that cost Truss. He cannot do the same and risk it on the altar of financial speculations. That would again create prolonged agony and further the downfall of the financial market. The Tories has already shown how arrogant or ignorant of the plights of the general public. Now, one of the wealthiest men of the Kingdom has to prove that he cares and have the answers.

Time will tell if he does. It won’t be easy and he has to chose wisely. In the beginning he cannot risk or take gamble. If he does… he can easily follow Truss and be a short-term PM without a legacy worth clinging on too. Peace.

Opinion: They are acting like it’s a two horse race between Sunak and Mordaunt

Even the former Labour Shadow Chancellor admits – I’m the candidate Labour fears most” (Penny Mordaunt, 24.10.2022).

Today there is finally only two candidates for the leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister. The role will be held by the winner after Liz Truss resigned. Last night Boris Johnson pulled out after lying about the support of MPs. However, there are two MPs left chasing the title.

This is Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak. They are both compete for it. While Rishi Sunak has already crossed the threshold and is within the realm of victory. He has over a 100 MPs on his side. He could have a coronation later today or tomorrow for that matter.

Whille Mordaunt is clinging on to her chance. This is the second time she is trying this year. Penny tried last time to, but fell flat to Truss and Sunak then. Now, she hopes to overcome it. Because, we know the degenerates will be on her side and we have heard how Sunak has been cascaded on the radio over his ethnicity. Therefore, she hopes she can pull it through.

This game it’s hard to tell what will happen. Though the one with the most solid backing right now is Rishi. Rishi who is also standing for a second time this year after losing to Truss earlier in the year. He overcame Boris Johnson this time around and Penny shouldn’t have a chance. However, these things aren’t rational at this point.

The Tories are a wreck and on the brink of total collapse. The Tory MPs could say to Penny: “Back down, take the L and move-on”. Though we shouldn’t count on it. Boris could easily say to his allies. Back Penny instead of Sunak. Because, he want to avenge himself now, before he prolongs his vacation, which has lasted since 7th July 2022 and he only returned for his second bid to become the Prime Minister.

These two will now fight it out. Sunak wants to avoid the membership to vote. That’s how Truss certainly won the last time. It wasn’t with a huge margin, but enough to beat Sunak. The same could happen again, if the two was to compete with the membership of the party. Mordaunt clearly wants the membership to vote, because Sunak didn’t win last time. It would be detrimental to Sunak to be coronated swiftly.

Anyone who has followed and seen, Sunak has a chance in this and should be the next PM. However, with knowledge of what could happen. There could suddenly be a surge of support for Mordaunt during the day, which would make this more challenging. While at this moment… there isn’t really a race, but a safe journey for Sunak.

He should be the one in this, but the Tories are easy to come with the knives and change the narrative in a hot minute. Just like so many MPs called for the end of Boris, but just yesterday vouched for him again. Therefore, we cannot totally trust them to be consistent or stable in their train of thought. They will fish for relevancy and possible pay-offs for their “loyalty”. That’s why some things might easily change during the day.

Mordaunt versus Sunak… who knew, right? But that’s where we are in October 2022. Peace.

Opinion: Boris isn’t a solution, but a way of salvaging a damaged party

If the Conservative Party re-elect Boris Johnson to be the Prime Minister and the leader for the Party. Then the Tories are forgetting his past, his blunt lack of accountability, transparency and his open cronyism. Boris isn’t an honest leader or a man of the people. No, he lies, deceive and has no scruples.

That’s why the “Parte after Parte” Prime Minister during the lockdowns aren’t the right fit for a return. Some might say he has the mandate and was elected to do so. Nevertheless, there was reasons for his downfall and him resigning from office earlier in the year. He wasted his opportunity and was more involved in extra curricular activities, than actually busy governing.

Boris Johnson shouldn’t be an option. He shouldn’t be the last resort even. To just imagine another term of Boris is shattering. It is like the Tories never learned or understood what he did. The former Prime Minister promised everything, but gave the public nothing. He said there wasn’t costs to Brexit, but the downturn was already bleak. Truss enlarged the problem of plummeting financial markets, but Johnson was the one that had started the downward spiral to begin with. So, him returning will not be better, but for the worst.

If you thought the first term of Boris was bad. If the Tories gives him a second round. Expect it to be much worse. He has already showed what his willing to do. It is not like he has changed or has enlighten himself. No, he has been on vacation in the middle of cost of living crisis, rising electricity prices and rampant inflation. The former PM was busy living large in the Dominican Republic. If it wasn’t for the leadership crisis… he would have sit by the pool with his wife and enjoyed the perks of leaving office.

His only returning to regain power and be a viable candidate for the Tories. He wants the power and the office. That’s why his in London and not in the Caribbean. Where he enjoyed the drinks, sun and everything was shiny. While the average citizen are getting worried about paying their energy bills, added costs on basic products and a lack of support from the government. That was the time he decided to skedaddle and buzz off.

So, it is interesting that his calling off the vacation and returns early to London. Because, his been in Caribbean since 7th October 2022 and left again on the 21st October 2022. That’s all happening for one reason. He has a shot to return to power, because of the missteps of Truss. She imploded within no-time and could contain the agony she produced.

Now people want Boris back, even saying they are bringing him back. While if they do so. They shouldn’t expect a better government, but another tarnished despicable cabinet of loyalists. It will be a persistent arrogance and incompetence the Kingdom got used too.

Boris Johnson won’t bring back better times. No, he will linger in oblivion and he will live large. Nevertheless, his government won’t bring a helping hand or any sort of support of the citizens in the hour of need. We saw what his government did during the lockdowns and nothing will change now. The NHS was already badly bruised and the same with government services after years of austerity. The Brexit downturn in combination of the biscotti “mini-budget” is just the final straw that broke it’s back.

The Conservative Party is foolish and ignorant, if they are bringing Boris back. They are self-serving and not thinking of what message they sending to the public. With giving him back the reigns. They are not considering all the scandals, mismanagement, the inept aides and all the breaches of laws, which his still under investigation for. Therefore, to pick a man like that is a walking liability and not a credible leader. Not that I want any other Tory either, but Boris has tried and utterly failed. There is no need to revisit or give him a second chance. He has done his bidding and delivered a terrible tenure. It won’t be better now and he will only act more arrogant now. Since, he could see that it had no consequence and he could just return like nothing happened. Peace.

A look into the January 6th Select Committee Subpoena of Trump

This was announced to happen. The vote in the January 6th Select Committee had already become news. That’s why no one could be shocked or in awe. Today the subpoena was released to the public, which means the pressure is now on the Former President Donald J. Trump to show up and testify. What is striking is some parts of the subpoena. It is so compelling and if Trump shows up. He has to be prepared, unless he wants to incriminate himself further.

One of the key aspects is this:

Pursuant to that directive, we have interviewed more than a thousands witnesses, reviewed over a million documents, conducted public hearings, and vindicated our rights in court against those who have tried to keep relevant information from the Select Committee. As demonstrated in our hearings, we have assembled overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and staff, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multi-part effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and obstruct the peaceful transition of power” (Thompson, 21.10.2022).

The evidence demonstrates that you knew this activity was illegal and unconstitutional, and also knew that your assertions of fraud were false. But, to be clear, even if you now claim that you actually believed your own false election claims, that is not defense; your subjective belief could not render this conduct justified, excusable, or legal” (Thompson, 21.10.2022).

That’s just a vital part of the texts. Further he has produce both documents and communications with aides, attorneys and people in the Trump sphere. The January 6th Select Committee has clearly investigated it and collected a lot of evidence already. Since, they are ring-fencing the former President. He has had all eyes after the insurrection of the Capitol.

The list of people he has to produce communications with from the November 3, 2020 to January 20, 2021 is Roger Stone, Stephen Bannon, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (retired), Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, Rudolph Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Boris Epshteyn, Christina Bobb, Cleta Mitchell and Patrick Byrne. That is huge list of people that the Select Committee wants the texts messages, signal communication, e-mails or documents in general. In addition to that, the Select Committee wants all communications made between the November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021 from Representative Scott Perry or to any other Members of Congress.

So, the Select Committee is broad in it’s scope. They have all the reasons to and they are defending the democracy by doing so. The people behind the January 6th 2021 insurrection has to answer. Some is already sentenced and even pleaded guilty for seditious conspiracy and obstructing congress. Therefore, Trump has nowhere to hide on this one. The “Stop the Steal” crowds was filled with people was there to overthrow and overrule an election. They were incited by Trump and for the benefit of himself over the Republic. That’s why this subpoena is important and what it states is very clear.

The Select Committee isn’t even basing this on hearsay or random air-quotes. No, they have evidence and proof of the involvement of Trump. However, they want him to produce and show his communications ahead and right after the insurrection with associates, aides and Members of Congress.

Now the reality is hitting Trump in yet another investigation. Whatever the Select Committee finds, they can send it to the Department of Justice and petition criminal investigations in these matters. Meaning the end-game isn’t in Congress, but in the Courts. Therefore, the defence of Trump is becoming slimmer. Just like all the other cases pending, in the works or are currently under investigation for various of breaches of codes, statutes or laws in general. Trump has cases in several of states and these are far from over.

The January 6th Select Committee is just the latest of investigations that is hitting him directly. He cannot runaway from it or use means to avoid it. They have already measured that in the subpoena too. So, if he tries… he is avoiding or obstructing justice further, which can be penalized by the Department of Justice. Therefore, he has no way to hide and there is no relief to gain in this instance.

The truth will come out eventually, but this Select Committee investigation will be brutal to Trump. Since it will show what he was willing to do and what his allies did too. Peace.

Opinion: Boris shouldn’t be a choice now…

The ones that is calling for the return of Boris Johnson is either oblivious to all the scandals, the inept government he was running and the rampant cronyism in his term. The time of Johnson was better than Liz Truss, but you have not set your bar high if that is the standard. It isn’t like Truss had a clean slate or any office to takeover. She had to carry on after a prolonged lockdowns, financial downturn after Brexit and other issues, which was only growing worse. However, she just added gasoline to the fire and it was righteous to get rid of her before she got to do more damage.

Now that Truss is ousted after only 44 days. There is no need to revisit or even consider Boris Johnson. The man isn’t trustworthy, neither does he cares about victims or anyone else than himself. He would just misuse the office and ensure he would eat cake. That’s why during a rampant inflations, living crisis and energy prices crisis. He was chilling and having a vacation in the Caribbean.

Are we supposed to forget how Johnson ended his term? He refused to address or even consider allegations of sexual misconduct of appointees. That’s why everything fell apart. Before he resigned

62 of the United Kingdom’s 179 government ministers, parliamentary private secretaries, trade envoys, and party chairmen resigned from their positions in the Johnson’s cabinet. It was a wild 48 hours in mid-July, which forced him to resign and for a reason.

So, it is wild that only a few months later… people have forgotten the record slaughter of resignations. They have missed or dementia or something. Because, there was plenty of reasons for the downfall of Johnson. However, it had to sexual misconduct of one of his trusted peers, which he lied about.

There was so many other scandals like the “Parte after Parte” during the lockdowns. Breaching the laws and COVID-19 regulations. It isn’t like the term of Boris was any good. People only thinks so now after the circus and catastrophic choices of Truss. However, people don’t want the cronyism and the inept Boris back. His not a man of trust or stability either.

Boris Johnson will lie about everything. He will not be held accountable or transparent for that matter. His not even caring about showing up at COBRA meetings or anything else for that matter. Neither does he care about public spending or issues laws for the common good. That’s why the Tories are as shambolic as it is currently.

If you want him back… you want open corruption and rampant scandals in every part of government. Prime Minister Johnson is reckless and won’t care about anything. The time in office has shown that the Nolan Principal doesn’t matter or has no value. You can just be a tosser and be an asshole, breach protocol and never capture any real consequences. It looked like Boris could piss on the altar and still play his part in communion.

That’s why we are seeing a hot minute after Truss has resigned. People are showing their support and wants him to return. Have they all forgotten what he did?

Everyone should know he promised an easy withdrawal of the membership in the European Union (EU), which couldn’t be further from the truth. The ramifications of leaving the European Single-Market, neither has there been less red-tape or less bureaucracy. Instead, it’s been more modifications and regulations to be able to trade as a third country. That is something that should always linger on his name. He promised an “oven-ready” agreement, which wasn’t the case. There will be negotiations and diplomatic measures to ensure better trading agreements. However, that seems lost now, but is a lingering issue for the businesses in the United Kingdom.

So, if you want more issues, lies and deceptions. Do you and live your life. Boris Johnson want revive an honest or thriving government. No, he will pay-off his allies and take away all credibility. His an elitist prick who was able to sell a lie. A lie that all of the UK is living on. The Brexit outcomes are now coming home to roast.

If the Tories returns with Boris. They deserve to burn and be gone in the next general election. The Tories has destroyed the financial markets, the trust in government and so much more. It is a reason why the Tories don’t want a General Election. They know they would be finished and loose everything. It is now clinging on to power, because it will last on borrowed time. At this moment, the Tories has had 12 years in power and will have the 4th Prime Minister in 4 years.

Prime Minister Johnson … isn’t the answer or the remedy the Tories need. Neither is what the His Majesties Government need either. This is just showing how little progress and how little care for rules they have. If they are reviving Johnson. If you want to revive bad ideas, why not do another round of Theresa May? Seriously, it is really dumb to reconsider the bad days of Boris. However, that’s how far the Tories has fallen. They cannot even muster a new and better candidate. Going back to supposed “greatest hits” but anyone with some common sense can see it’s only a disaster in waiting. Peace.

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