United Kingdom: Home Secretary Suella Braverman letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (24.05.2023)

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak letter to Home Secretary Suella Braverman (24.05.2023)

Kenya: Executive Office of the President – Governance and Management of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (15.05.2023)

Opinion: Raab was destined to fall

The likes of Dominic Raab were bound to fail and be a utter tragicomedy of sorts. It couldn’t go any other way. That Prime Minister Rishi Sunak let him back into the fold and appointed him to his Deputy says a lot.

Especially knowing how he acted in the past. It wasn’t like Raab MP was a choirboy or a perfect example of how a Minister should behave. No, the guy who had a mistress, used leverage of questionable government tenders during COVID and broke the social distancing rules. Therefore, before even appointing him was an epic blunder.

A man with such a record and with such history. Not ancient history either. It is just mere months in between. The PM still had the guts to put faith in him and give him new privileges. That is saying something about the Tories and their inside “trading” favours.

The Tolley Report published yesterday states this about him: “In reaching and implementing this management choice he acted in a way which was intimidating, in the sense of unreasonably and persistently aggressive conduct in the context of a work meeting. It also involved an abuse or misuse of power in a way that undermines or humiliates. He introduced an unwarranted punitive element. His conduct was experienced as undermining or humiliating by the affected individual, which was inevitable. It is to be inferred that the DPM was aware that this would be the effect of his conduct; at the very least, he should have been aware” (…) “On a separate occasion, the DPM referred to the Civil Service Code in a way which could reasonably have been understood as suggesting that those involved had acted in breach. This had a significant adverse effect on a particular individual who took it seriously. The DPM’s conduct was a form of intimidating behaviour, in the sense of conveying a threat of unspecified disciplinary action, and was experienced as such. He did not target any individual, nor intend to threaten anyone with disciplinary action. However, he ought to have realised that his reference to the Civil Service Code could well have been understood as a threat” (Tolley, P: 45, 20.04.2023).

Raab can act all out and try to downplay his actions. Nevertheless, this will stain his CV. Though he has already other aforementioned misgivings before appointed by Sunak. It is like the PM looked the other way and just had to pick the pick of the litter. Since it’s not like Raab oozes credibility or any credible achievements in the past.

No, it was just a job for one of the boys. That Raab himself wants to save face is all natural at this point. He just want to look good for himself and his future. That’s why his writing a long piece to the Tory friendly newspaper The Telegraph and acted righteous in his resignation letter. His on a PR tour to look grand again.

However, that ship has failed. It was already downhill after the scandal of the mistress in the middle of the pandemic. That he couldn’t hold his pecker for himself is the biggest one. Now he just has adjusted to another questionable field. As he has acted with a superiority complex and thought he was the next Julius Caesar. Nevertheless, he will never be crowned emperor, but just another court jester.

I’m not surprised he had to fall. Raab isn’t the likeable uncle or the friendly MP. No, his the self-righteous and braggadocious man wo thinks his supreme. He is the sound of the elites and the ones born with a silver spoon. That’s where Raab belongs and it shows.

He has no integrity or respect for others. Only looks out for himself and it shows. Peace.

Nigeria: Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch – Center Expresses Concern Over Country’s Fiscal Condition, Calls for Suspension of Further Borrowing for Consumption (19.04.2023)

Ghana: National Democratic Congress (NDC) – NDC Reaffirms its Position on the need for the President to Downsize the Government in the Wake of Parliament’s Approval of New Ministerial Nominees (25.03.2023)

Opinion: The iron sheets are a part of a bigger problem…

“IGG Beti Kamya says she will go after the cartel of government officials who have been incriminated in the OPM Karamoja iron sheets scandal. According to Kamya, any govt official who absconds her summons will be prosecuted” (The Kampala Journal, 21.02.2023).

The plights of the people of the Karamoja sub-region are just the beginning. Just like the never-ending story of fighting corruption. There is plenty of government agencies and organizations, which are based around the idea of fighting it. However, they never cease to stop it or have the mandate to do anything about it. That’s because the high-ranking officials, ministers and close associates of the President is profiting of the mischief and the corrupt behaviour in general.

You know these things are out of order and part of a bigger problem. When several ministers and high-ranking officials can eat of the plate of the needy ones in Karamoja. These are:

“1. Moriku Kaducu

  1. Rebecca Kadaga
  2. Jacob Oboth Oboth
  3. Rukia Nakadaama
  4. Matia Kasaija
  5. Kitutu Mary Goretti
  6. Obua Dennis Hanson
  7. Lugoloobi Amos
  8. Bwino Kyakulaga” (New Vision).

This is not some random names, but people with interests and high offices. These people are connected and part of Government. They are not just random thieves in a den picking out their next victim. No, they are the ones in-charge and appointed to serve the state. However, they are instead self-serving and thieving from the ones in need.

It isn’t shocking, but apparent problem, which has been created over years. The illicit trades, tenders and usage of government funds are haunting it. The ghosts, the misappropriated and missing funds are now coming back to roost. The loss of domestic revenue, donor funds and ability to loan to cover the deficits are creating a sustainable environment either.

No one can be shocked those ministers and high-ranking officials in the National Resistance Movement is robbing, thieving and siphoning funds away from government entities, neither that they are absorbing or “losing” important money for others in need. That has been done for ages and is part of the imprint of this government. In some regards, you could say it is the blueprint created by the predecessors of this government. This being the Sam Kuteesa’s or Gilbert Bukenya’s of this world. The ones who used to be in-charge and stole vast funds in their hey-day. Now the newest leaders are doing the same…

This is the NRM-Way, the NRA-Way and whatever you call it. That’s why money are lost, projects are stalled and prices are through the roof for government development projects. The costs and the burden to make it happen is astronomical… and you need a spaceship to get from Gulu to Kampala. There is no boda-boda or special who will suffice. Especially, in concern to the ones in dire need or in distress. They are the ones that you can take from. These are the people that isn’t able to be vocal or speak out. The same people have enough issues just to survive. In the meanwhile, they are not only victims of circumstances, but also of the greed of the ones in power. Peace.

Burundi: Unemployed citizens are forced to work in Bujumbura

“After the speech of Burundian Prime Minister PM who threatens to punish unemployed people who go to the city center of the Town Hall of Bujumbura , the police have been carrying out arbitrary arrests since this morning. Victims are taken to the Intwari Stadium construction site for forced labor without pay. A responsible power, however, has the obligation to provide paid work to citizens who need it, instead of treating them as slaves” (FORSC Burundi, 30.01.2023).

The true form of a dictatorship is obvious. The CNDD-FDD is just showing its face. Not only is it well-known for its brutal tactics and means to an end. As the opposition or activists have been silenced. That is well known by now and that’s why the regime is “strong”. However, their means to an end is becoming more striking.

Now, there are reports that the “idle” or the “unemployed” are rounded up in Bujumbura to work without pay on construction sites. They are picked up by the Police and arbitrary arrested without any form of justification. Where they are taken into custody for the sole purpose of working. This work is being done without a salary, contract or any sort of pay. This is initiating slave labour and organizing slavery in the streets of Bujumbura.

President Ndayishimiye should decree or stop this practice. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t count on it. This is now showing how vicious the Prime Minister Ndirakobuca is and what his willing to do.

We know that this practice will not cause any big stir or headlines, even though there should be no reason not too. Because, who in their right mind does this and think this is legit? This is tyranny at its purest and finest. As the value of the citizenry is only their breath. Since, they can easily be accessed and used by the powers to be. Suddenly, the citizens can become their slaves and workforce without any contract or stipulations to get benefits for their work. Meaning they are powerless and could easily become slaves of the society. The peasants are the slaves of the CNDD-FDD system now. Especially, if the CNDD-FDD continues with it or makes it happening across the Republic. Peace.

South Africa: Bantu Holmisa MP letter to NN Mapisa-Nqakula MP – Zondo Commission and what it has missed (09.01.2023)

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