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A Call For Compassion: An Open Letter To Mrs. Chantal Biya (13.11.2018)

I write to you today, forced into exile and no longer in Cameroon, nearly twenty-four years later with a heavy heart.

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, November 13, 2018 – It is with greatest concern and respect for the future of women, children and people of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) that I greet you in this unusual correspondence. It is my hope and certainly my trust that this letter finds you in the best of health.

I still recall the excitement and joyous day on April 23rd, 1994, when as a young woman you got married and became the First Lady of the Republic of Cameroon. I celebrated that day for two reasons; that the country had as First Lady a younger woman and with the establishment of the Chantal Biya Foundation that same year, you demonstrated your desire to attend to the sufferings of the vulnerable, underprivileged, the sick and weak in Cameroon. I knew that as a woman and a mother, the sanctity of life and the burning desire to protect it was very close to your heart and this has been demonstrated through your philanthropic and humanitarian efforts through the years. With your humanitarian credentials, there was no doubt in my mind that you would protect the best interest of the people of Cameroon as their First Lady.

However, I write to you today, forced into exile and no longer in Cameroon, nearly twenty-four years later with a heavy heart. I hold a heavy heart because of the desperate and horrific situation in Southern Cameroons

The conflict in the Southern Cameroons has taken a terrible toll on the vulnerable community and the stench of death and desolation has engulfed the villages, towns and cities. The depravity and senseless disregard of human life by the security forces of the government of Cameroon is alarming. We are seeing scenes reminiscent of the Ethiopian civil war in the 80s with dead bodies abandoned on the side of our roads, charred bodies of our elderly and vulnerable, burnt alive in their homes and entire villages incinerated from the face of the earth.

The security forces are carrying out extra-judicial killings of the population, the lives of our active young men are no longer assured today than it is tomorrow, and our young women are raped with reckless brutality by the security forces of the government of Cameroon. The trauma and scars of death on the desolate eyes of our children seeing their parents savagely bludgeoned by the security forces is leaving a painful impact characterized by nightmares in these young minds. Most of the indigenous population has been forced into the open forest and exposed to the elements. Nursing mothers and women under their period are left with no options, but to use dead vegetation for their basic hygienic needs. It is a terrible sight to behold.

Cash crops like cocoa, coffee, palm kernels have been abandoned to waste in the farms because the farmers have either been forced to flee or are too afraid to even hold their artisanal tools like cutlasses to go to the farms because that is in itself a death sentence from the security forces. Almost 300,000 IDP and about 100,000 refugees living in squalid conditions in neighboring Nigeria, thousands killed, and some buried in mass graves and thousands arrested, abducted and whisked to dangerous dungeons in Cameroon. The economy of Southern Cameroons that have been systematically abandoned for the last 57 years has been completely eviscerated and devastated by the conflict, punitive curfews and road closures that make movement and commerce between villages and towns perniciously impossible and frustrating.

My hearts bleeds for the children and women rendered orphans and widows, my heart bleeds upon the dark clouds circling above Southern Cameroons, My heart bleeds for the painful and horrific burning of elderly men and women in their homes, the pain, the anger, the complete obliteration of entire communities and cultures. I weep for the mothers and wives of the young soldiers whose lives are also being wasted in this senseless war.

It was permissible in the beginning of this crisis that you stayed silent, it was permissible that you remained indifferent, but it is no longer permissible in light of what we know now. It is no longer permissible as a mother of the nation who understands the pain of childbirth to remain indifferent to the plight of the people of Southern Cameroons. It is a travesty that the pain and suffering of mothers and young women who looked up to you, who sang, praised and celebrated you have been abandoned and treated with this level of disdain. How do you sleep at night as a mother knowing that young children have been deprived of education because of the security situation for the past two years, how do you wake up each morning not knowing what may happened to your loved ones in Southern Cameroons and how can you stay mute for this long with the unravelling refugee crisis in Southern Cameroons. What has happened to the humanity in you? Cry My Beloved Country!

As the wife of Sissiku Julius Ayuk-Tabe (leader of Southern Cameroons), I understand the political implication of this crisis. However, there are times when humanity and government come together for a common goal. In this case, the goal is the protection of humanity; the innocent and helpless men, women and children in Southern Cameroons. They are unable to speak or defend themselves. They live in terror because they never know when they hear the sound of guns in their village, if it is their turn to be killed or taken away in the darkness of the early morning. Imagine the terror that overcomes them when they hear the deafening screams of a sister, aunt, cousin, a playmate or a mother being brutally raped. They know then that they are next. It is compared to an execution queue where men are waiting to be taken away for execution, and they hear the deadly sound of the firing squad as they queue in and wait their turn. The torture, taunts and torments are unimaginable, and you could hear grown men crying.

I realize that I may come under criticisms and accusations for writing this letter to you. I have no other motive to write this letter, other than for you to rally the mothers of Cameroon and bring pressure to bear on your husband and the government of Cameroon for an inclusive dialogue and a negotiated solution to this crisis and the immediate release of our leaders including my husband. The deafening silence from you is no longer acceptable. The lives of 8 million Southern Cameroonians and the fate of their leaders in jail is in your hands. Madam First Lady set the example for other women to follow.

It is not too late for you to send the message; that the mothers of Cameroon will no longer tolerate this war. The Southern Cameroons women will applaud you and women around the world will celebrate you.

The Lives of Southern Cameroons children, mothers and fathers also Matter and the continuing silence in the face of these killings is collusion.

I look forward to collaborating with you to look for an inclusive and negotiated solutions to this crisis.


Lilian Ayuk-Tabe


Cameroon: Tripled Increase of battles in the NW and SW Regions from August to October 2018!

As there has been reports of bloody action in the Anglophone region, there has been little or lack of study showing to what extent. Now the The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) have reported and collected the data. This shows to what sort of extent the army and armed forces has acted there. Not that these reports has statistics on fatalities, but the rising amounts of battles and surge of violence. Shows, what most of us is fearing.

The oppressive and acts of state violence against the Anglophone is rising and sharply, to levels we cannot even understand. As people are killed, villages are burned and the President is living lavish in a Swiss hotel. President Paul Biya is just sworn-in and this numbers are dropped, just a friendly reminder of his oppression and his ruthless behavior towards the Anglophone.


In the weeks before the elections, there was a significant increase in the number of battles between armed groups and the Cameroonian government in the North-West and South-West regions. The number of battles in these provinces increased by more than 300% from August 2018 to 45 events in October 2018” (…) “Though there was an increase in the number of violent activities in both the North-West and South-West regions in the run up to the October elections, two-thirds of the battles in October 2018 were in the North-West region” (…) “As the number of battles between armed anglophone separatists and the Cameroonian government increased, so did the number of instances in which civilians were targeted” (…) “The surge in government targeting of civilians in North-West and South-West provinces may have been a way of trying to suppress opposition in the run-up to the elections. It may also be a function of the security sector’s lack of integration into the local population. The diffuse and fragmented nature of the anglophone separatist movement may make it more difficult for the Cameroonian security sector to differentiate between militants and civilians” (ACLED – ‘ CONTINUED CLASHES BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND ANGLOPHONE SEPARATISTS IN CAMEROON PUT CIVILIANS AT RISK’ 08.11.2018).

These statistics and numbers gives a feeling of what is happening on the ground. There are lots of details missing, as well as the whole picture, which is nearly impossible to get. Because of the blackout of reporting and also coverage from the provinces in question. While government, the curfews and the other measures are securing, that very small snippets of truth is revealed. Therefore, the total knowledge of the armed oppression, the killings and the state activity in these regions are blurry.

That is why the report of ACLED are missing vital numbers to show how many fatalities and how many who has become hurt by these battles. Even if 300 % rise within months are bad enough. We do not know how many civilians who has died, how many soldiers or even militants. As the ill activity is continuing and none is battering an eye, unless an American Missionary is killed or School Children are taken hostage. However, the killings and the state oppression is massive, but we don’t know to what extent.

Each life taken is one to many. Each life has equal value. We shall remember this, Biya and his henchmen has blood on their hands. The unknown killings shall be revealed. When? Who knows, but we cannot let it be in the dustbin. As these people deserves to taint the Republic and the regime that is ruling it. Peace.

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Opinion: The West always needs a Mobutu, right now that is Biya!

Well, how can I say it, but the West supported and aided the former Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) President Mobutu Sese Seko from the 1965 until they overthrew him in 1997, when they installed their next puppet. This was Laurent Kabila and his short-lived rule of the Republic. However, this writings will not be about that. Which I have written extensively in the past. Today, I am focused on Cameroon. As the similar fashion is happening in Yaounde and Douala. Where President Paul Biya has ruled on decree for 36 years and is 85 years old. When done with the newly elected term, he will rule into 2025 and will be by then 92 years old.

That means that the West is still supporting and keeping a man as their stooge, as he has been steady in Europe. This man is practically living in Switzerland eating the resources and state reserves from a hotel bed. That is why his decrees and tyranny continues living lavish abroad. Because no one is sanctioning him. As long as he is peaceful and doesn’t mess with the Françafrique or the British interest on the continent. The political navigator of Cameroon can see that Biya has done both. He even sends letter of condolences elsewhere, but put curfew in the anglophone area. Where he sends his armies to burn villages.

That is why I feel at this present time. The Western Power with their statement after the recent election. They are acting as it was nothing wrong, nothing to condemn. As the US are even betraying the Cameroonians with saying they can do this with legal remedies. Just like they didn’t see all Constitutional Court threw out with all appeals to have a re-run and say this forged election was funky dory and nothing wrong.

Why I am saying the West is acting like they did for so long with Mobutu. Look at these statements from London and Washington D.C.!

UK Statement after announced election results:

The UK congratulates President Paul Biya on his re-election” (…) “We hope that President Biya will reach out to all sections of Cameroonian society and work to build confidence and trust. It is crucial for all parties to engage in a peaceful and structured process leading to constitutional reforms, as previously set out by the President, and avoid excessive use of force” (Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin – ‘Minister for Africa statement on Cameroon elections’ 23.10.2018).

US Statement after announced election results:

The United States congratulates the people of Cameroon for largely peaceful elections on October 7. We urge all parties – including the government – to respect the rule of law, resolve peacefully any disputes through established legal channels, and avoid hate speech” (Heather Nauert – ‘ Cameroon’s Presidential Election Results’ 22.10.2018).

UK says the Cameroonians should build confidence. That is the same day, as the government asks for tenders to build the Constitutional Court President a new house worth 500,000 US Dollars on the day after the announced elections. They are asking people to trust in Biya, that he will lead a process and constitutional reforms, for a man who is building a mansion for the ones announcing his victory and throwing away the opposition in the week before?

Also, the US congratulate the people on their misery. As they are supposed to respect the rule of law and act peacefully. As the President are corrupt, using the army against them, arresting opposition leaders and activists in the Anglophone regions. They are supposed to be loyal subjects to their noble kingpin Biya. How can they use legal channels? When they did and the Constitutional Court, didn’t see any merit in their case? As the marred and unverified leaked results of 14th October was announced on the 22nd October! Explain that or doesn’t the United States understand that concept? Maybe they are all drinking to much diet-coke to think for second before writing a statement?

Well, this is so like the West did march behind Mobutu. Until the West got tired of him and his misuse of power. We can wonder Biya is taking it too far or goes overboard. Because seemingly he can do whatever without any costs. He is not sanctioned, there are no response, even as people fleeing to Nigeria and elsewhere from the internal conflict and use of army against civilians.

That they are not condemning or even saying anything of substance. They will not act against this man, even if they should. It seems like he is their man and therefore, they ask for peaceful means, but the man in charge is serving the public violence. If not rampant corruption and thieving of the state resources. That is in the open. As proven today, when the President of Constitutional Court has been given a new mansion for services rendered. That is the memo to the public.

Therefore, if the US and UK was serious. They would have stated it differently and they didn’t. Proof that Biya is the modern-day Mobutu. Just awaiting the next sequence and how this turns out. Or if the loyalty to the Western Powers is paying off in the end. Because seemingly no one dares to touch him or even question his legitimacy. Peace.

Cameroon: Joshua Osih – Declaration Following the Proclamation of the Results of the 7th October 2018 Presidential Election (23.10.2018)

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