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The North Korean Embassy of Jakarta (DPRK) Letter to the Commonwealth of Australia – “Open Letter to Parliaments of Different Countries” (28.09.2017)


South Sudan: The Political Opposition Forces – Communique (19.10.2017)

Position of South Sudan Council of Churches Regarding the Revitalisation of the Implementation of the Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) – (13.10.2017)

Age Limit: Government crackdown is now nationwide!

Police has banned joint age limit consultative meetings organized by the opposition MPS. Police says the meetings are no longer consultative meetings but avenues used by the opposition to incite the new directives, an MP is not allowed to move from his constituency and attend a rally of another MP” (Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Frank Mwesigwa on NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

This news reel is a lot of smaller stories that gives you an added picture into the day of oppression and police crackdown on free speech, opposition gatherings and in general contempt of justice. This by the state and the by Police, who at free will are causing havoc, shooting live bullets and arresting, whenever and wherever. There are nothing that is not going to far!

Dr. Kizza Besigye and Patrick Amuriat Oboi have both been arrested on their way to Kisoro-Kabale, as they convoy of cars was blocked by the Police Force. The block of cars happen and both of the Opposition Leaders are arrested and taken to an unknown location, even not sure where they are detained and for what reason. Unless, they are using the order of earlier this month to stop all consultations outside of their constituency.

While a 77 year old man who was collecting signatures to recall Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi. Has spent days in prison for doing so. He was released on 17th October 2017, but that is on bond while awaiting trial that will be on 20th October 2017. This proves how foolish the state is when coming to the Age Limit. Even a peaceful old-man has served days in Bushenyi Police Station and now awaiting new trial for the acts collecting signatures. The offense being possible violence and creating riot. Like the ink on the paper will make the Igara West go into fire. Seriously?

In Kampala, Lubaga South as MP Kato Lubwama’s Consultation Rally was about to appear and other MPs we’re blocked from entering. Gunshots we’re heard and Police blocked the venue. This was at the Lorry Park of Natete. So at the Consultation Rally as the MPs was not allowed to attend. The Public who gathered in the Lorry Park we’re consulted by their local councilors. Clearly, the state is suffering from the Presidents tolerance and democratic worldview, that he delivered on Independence Day this year. These we’re blocked: “MPs Ibrahim Kasozi Makindye East and Muwanga Kivumbi MP blocked from accessing Natete Lorry Park where Kato Lubwama is consulting” (Uganda Radio Network, 19.10.2017).

While Robert Kyagulyani aka Bobi Wine met in Court as he is banned from performing and being the MP who is also a musician. He has sued the state for 300 million shillings in hurt for loss of revenue from the blocked performances.

Meanwhile Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has written to the National Resistance Movement Caucus, asked for a minute or two consult with the NRM Caucus over the lifting of the age limit. The bold move is clearly trying to come with dialogue. While the NRM Party is split on the matter, there been a Anti Age-Limit Party for the suspended NRM MPs and the ones who stand against it. Also, the National Resistance Movement Youth League have written to the NRM Deputy Secretary General and explained at their extra-ordinary Conference, that they will discuss the Constitutional Amendment, even if the NRM Secretariat is against it. The NRMYL will not be intimidated by the Central Leadership.

Richard Todwong spoke to NTV:

NRM secretariat denies being sidelined in Age limit debate. Todwong also noted that it is worrying for MP’s to seek money for consultations yet they are paid enough money” (NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

While the opposition of the lifting the Age-Limit are wearing red, red-ribbons and red hats. The NRM are planning and releasing pictures of yellow ribbons to counter this. They are trying to counter-attack the people’s reactions and use of red-ribbons to show their dismay with the possible life presidency of Museveni. That is natural, 31 years and counting.

Soon, the Police will arrest anyone on any charge. As long as there are dissidents and people standing up to it. They will be taken by the authorities. This will not stop, as the NRM are trying to put forward their positive campaign for the life presidency, as they want to silence the opposition and the ones against the change in the Constitution.

This here will continue until the Constitutional Amendment are put for vote in Parliament and that the Legal and Constitutional Committee have sent the law back to the Plenary Session for vote. Clearly, this will take time as the state are looking for the money and the pay-offs of the cronyism.

Clearly, the President are awaiting results and surely will use all means to get this through the Parliament. Even blocking all of town and dispatching the army to make sure the vote goes in his favor. This here will not be left to chance, this isn’t some spoiled shillings on a road development, this is the future of his presidency, that is the most important of all.

We can just wait and see, we will know there will be more developments, more arrests, more deaths and more intimidation, more harassment. No stone is left unturned. Peace.

Cameroun: “Une manifestation prévue à Douala par le SDF à l’appui du Cameroun anglophone a été interdite” (19.10.2017)

Police Letter to Robert Kyagulanyi MP: “Re: Invitation to Police for Interview and Statement Recording Vide; KMP GEF 303/2017.” (18.10.2017)

Age Limit: NRM Youth League (NRMYL) letter to NRM Deputy Secretary General Todwong: “Response to Your Press Release Dated 16th October 2017 (19.10.2017)

Uganda Police Force: Guideline for MP’s consulting meeting (18.10.2017)

Possible death-toll up-to three (One Official) after the Calvary caused havoc at a FDC Rally in Rukingiri!

Rukungiri today is a mark, a day where the opposition met the most hostile force of Police in the country. Where the people took the person shot by the Police and went in procession to the Rukungiri Police Station. In total one is officially dead, but there we’re rumored up-to three people died in the skirmishes done by the Police Officers today. One at the stadium and one at the nearest hospital. This should be told as the state enforced violence is now deadly. That the loyal troopers of the IGP Kayihura shoots bullets against civilians who dissent from the state or Presidents view.

This because there was a rally hold by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), by big leaders like Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Dr. Kizza Besigye, Besigye was even tried assassinated as the shot was hit high up by the back window of the white Van. The same people who tried to hold the rally at Rukungiri Stadium and also reacted with the shooting of one citizens in the rally, the same crowd walked to the house of the police officer who killed the protester. So the public in Rukungiri has acted with peaceful means against the aggressor and the intimidation of the Police. They clearly didn’t win this, even if they killed someone innocent in Rukungiri today. The stadium the FDC party had even paid the Rukungiri Municipal County rent for a 100,000 shillings to use. Still, the Police blocked it and the havoc it created, as the FDC had even written letter about the commitment for Presidential Campaigning for the FDC Party and the rally for Amuriat Oboi. Clearly, this was now deemed illegal by the authorities and therefore, the violence occurred on the premises and in town.

This is not the first time people has died because of the Police Officers defending the ruling regime and the orders of central-government. It is happening again and Besigye gets into trouble, nearly assassinated as he drove through Rukungiri. There we’re continuing lots of bullets and shooting. That just the three reported dead says a lot. It could have been more, as the Police Officers has been rumored told each other to not use all bullets. Since, the public was able to overcome them. So they could enter the barricaded Stadium. Still, the tear-gas and violence stopped the peaceful gathering in the town.

All of this has come as the Police has banned rallies from Members of Parliament having consultation meetings outside their constituencies, even banning joint-rallies as well. Similar to this one, even if the FDC had all things covered before the new police order made on the 16th October. This proves the law are clearly only to follow for FDC and not for NRM. As the NRM can consult and have meetings wherever, without any problems from the law.

We can now see the devilish ways of the authorities, that they have no trouble again to kill. Even try to shoot the car of the leaders. So to silence the FDC totally and their local hero, Besigye. It shows something about the leadership.

This is not acceptable, this proves the draconian dictatorship the republic has, as even a simple rally that was prepared for and had public uprising to show-up got violent and intimidation from the Police. They are not interested giving the opposition party and space. Therefore, the violence and killings had to occur. It is insane, but shows the lacking of accountability of the state and their lack of democratic values. Neither the checks and balances, as the Police brutality is accepted by the Central Leadership, as this is done to silence the citizens. Since the state has no trouble to end a life, if the make the ends for the Presidency to continue.

This is the state of affairs. It is not right, it is wrong. There isn’t anything proven or anything good come out of today. Other than a little prove of people power, but still innocent people died. Who just fought for their cause and for what they saw just. They didn’t show up to die, they showed up for the Constitution and justice. Instead they got legal impunity and police brutality that ended up in death. This injustice should not be accepted, life should be valued, not just the lifestyle and power of the President. He is not only one borrowing time and living in Uganda, there is the 41 millions who deserves justice and not possible injustice, because the orders from above, says so!

Enough, it should be enough! To many lives has been lost. Just so Museveni can rule, the tally should be far to high already. Peace.

Police bans Robert Kyagulyani MP aka Bobi Wine from holding Concerts due to Police Investigations!

A released letter from Police Commander Frank Mwesigwa of Kampala Metropolitan Police to the Balunywa Promotions and their coming concert at the Coline Mukono Hotel reveals that the Police are looking into the speeches and texts of Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulyani aka Bobi Wine, especially this weekend’s statements made during the ‘One Love Beach at Busabala’. The letter sent to Balunywa Promotions is actually dated to tomorrow, the 19th October 2017, but shows the intent of the police.

What is striking is how this appear to happen to the newly elected MP. He is under fire and stumbling even into the rants of the President. Bobi Wine must have strike a nerve and that either with a jackhammer or with Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. Since the Police are so active and ready prepared with the Besigye treatment for the man. Certainly soon, he will see both Nagalama Police Station in Mukono and various other police station in his efforts as a honest politician.

That the Police is banning concert due to police investigations shows how afraid the state is of the man, just like the dozens arrests of Besigye. The same might happen to his companies, sealed off and made in to crime scenes. Do not be alarmed, that is just how the Police are working in the Republic.

Bobi Wine has been sincere and unapologetic in his stance against the NRM and the hostile takeover; therefore, he has become an enemy against the state. Just like others before him and after him. That he stands on the barricades against the Age Limit and for Constitutionalism, while pressuring the agenda on social media and in concerts. Are hurting the dogma and the strength of the resilient Movement.

Clearly, the state do not know how to stop the jackhammer or the wrecking ball in their faces, how to fix the hurt or to pursuit their own justice by good means. They are instead trying to silence Bobi Wine, suspend his operations and not allowing him to Perform as an artist or be a figure of hope in the midst of oppression.

This will not be the final nail in the coffin, but a start of long ride against the justice system for Bobi Wine, he will feel the way Besigye do and will not be left alone. The police will monitor all of his activity and his public appearances. He will not roam freely, but his pursuit by the law, even if he is just buying splash for his kids. Let it be known that he is the prospects of the state, an outlaw; because he stands against the life Presidency and public disregard the President.

This gives the state all the reasons for following and monitor him, by any means. Peace.

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