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Hmm… Who would not rebel against Paul Biya at this point?

Go, go, go, go go, go, go, shawty

It’s your birthday

We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday

We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday

And you know we don’t give a fuck

It’s not your birthday!” – 50 Cent – “In Da Club” (2003).

The 86 Year Old Dictator who are living life in opulence. He is living so lavish, that he seems more like a rock-star, than a President and Commander-In-Chief. What is more striking is how his running his government by decree and most of the time from a hotel far away in Switzerland. That he is today celebrating his birthday in ones of his mansions. As not special at all, as well as the spending and grandeur. Because, that is the only thing the old man has. Except for misuse of power, corruption and patronage into the insane.

That is why after the pyrrhic victory of last year and the recent demonstrations. The main opposition candidate in the recent election. Maurice Kamto and fellow comrades, 26 or such got arrested. Now, as we speak today, there has been revealed, that the former Presidential Candidate and Party leader of the MRC (Cameroon Renaissance Movement) have been charged in a military court for rebellion and 6 other counts too. Therefore, the President and his people are really silencing the opposition at this point.

Paul Biya don’t want to be questioned, as he eats his cake and spends the state reserves. He sends the armies in convoys, which are deadly in the anglophone region. Where the leadership of them are in confinement and detained in Nigeria. While they are awaiting their possible return to freedom in their own homestead. Which has been for a ten-day lockdown, which the state has not taken kindly too.

Even with this, the retaliation and the oppressive behaviour continues. Now, with the other opposition leaders of Biya taken behind bars. This time civilians are put in front of military courts, as they are officers and armed personnel who are brought to justice. The government are showing their impunity, as they are detaining Kamto, just like they have been with the detained leadership of Ambazonia. It is the same thing, just another branch of opposition leadership that is taken away. They are just mere casualties in the midst of clinging to power of Biya.

Kamto is the latest victim to the lack of governance, lack of rule of law and the totalitarian state, the tyranny of Biya. Which he feeds his energy from and what motivates him. Since, the killings, the scores of silent villages, the curfews, the messages of submission of the anglophone region continues. While, the media is suppressed, the opposition members and leaders are too. There are nothing that the President cannot touch and take away.

Kamto is just another one. A man who dared to challenge Biya and his patronage. A man who dared to question his legitimacy and rule. That are now costing. He is now a rebel, but with a cause. A cause to stand up against the evils of men. To stand up against those who trespasses and the power to do so.

That is what Kamto is doing, Julius Ayuk Tabe might await trail again in absentia, as him and the other fellows are awaiting justice and freedom. Now Kamto is awaiting the same treatment, as he went and aimed at the king. Peace.

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