Opinion: Muhoozi is so obese, that his fat-ass stands in the way of rule of law

“Muhoozi has humongous hips and breasts. He’s obese. How can a soldier who went to genuine military training and exercises everyday have such a sedentary figure? God punishes the corrupt in a good way with a badge of stupid figure” (Kakwenza Rukira, 27.12.2021).

Today, the writer and critic Kakwenza Rukirabashaija were bound to be released on bonds after being captured, tortured and detained since 28th December 2021. He was finally produced in court and was supposed to be later released. However, right after being released from Kitalya Prison and put on bond by the Buganda Road Courts. A vehicle with unmarked registered plate kidnapped the dissident and sent off.

Just like the plain-clothed invaders of his home on the 28th December 2021. As they took him away and arrested him after writing the forementioned tweet. Clearly, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga has a fat ass and that is standing in the way of rule of law. The obese mindset, which implicates everyone to bow down to his greatness and lack of heart. Since, everyone is bound by an unknown law to love the man and gentle massage his ego. Like the keyboard warriors of the NRM and the whole GCIC staff apparatus.

That is very clear, as anyone can be touched for calling a man obsess. Just like the state could arrest and go after Dr. Stella Nyanzi too. There is no bound and reasoning, only merciless betrayal of freedom of expression, which is limited and narrow. Unless you are one of them and are powerful. Then you can call people pigs, insects, vermin, or any sort of derogatory word in book. Heck, you can throw the book at them and use the whole spectrum of insults, which is what the father of the offend son does on the regular.

The kidnapping and re-arrest today only shows how fragile the over bloated ego of Muhoozi is. As he can use his power and rank to demolish his detractors. While we still can name-call his ass and be blunt. Muhoozi is a fragile and weak individual, who calls himself a general. A man who thinks of greatness and aspire for the highest office but isn’t fit to even stand up to a few whiny words on social media. That’s the sort of fella he is and its weak tea.

We are clearly seeing the fat-ass of Muhoozi is blocking the avenues of freedom of speech, as the writer and such wasn’t allowed to talk about the case or anything to the media. He was muffled by the court order with his bond. While the state also confiscated his passport. That’s all done to humiliate and capture him. So, he cannot leave into exile… because the state wants to severely punish him.

It is even proven by how they take him right after the release and didn’t even get a cup of tea or say hello to his family. He just got out of the courthouse and boom, the vehicle and agents of state was there ready for action. They want to scar him more and prove their point. That Muhoozi is an obese man with a very big ego.

Muhoozi needs guidance and help, he needs mercy and some self-reflection, however, the ones around him is only boosting his ego. They are there kissing his fat-ass and cleaning up his plates. They are just “yes-men” who hopes to eat of the career of Muhoozi. They don’t mind this mind-numbingly stupid Lt. Gen. who cannot even carry a few insults or infuriating words. He just supposed to be praised like the baby dictator he is. The future despot and prince of darkness with an ass that can carry few more calories than most apparently. Why do I believe that? Since, his arresting people for calling him obese. I wouldn’t believe, if he let it fly and didn’t pay it no mind. However, when he uses the state apparatus to go after someone for calling him that. Then I have to believe it is true.

So with today’s action. I believe the fat-ass of Muhoozi is the reason for why there is a limited freedom of speech. His ass is blocking that and there is only a dark hole in space. The ass of Muhoozi is blocking the freedom and liberty of men to speak and to digress in public. Because, his ass is so afraid of ridicule and mockery. Since his raised in the belief that anyone should praise the ground his walking on like the demi-God, he believes he is. Peace.

Uganda: The Home Office of Andrew Karamagi – Re: Kakwenza Rukirabashaija – Enactment of Magnitsky Sanctions against Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Commander of the Land Forces, Uganda People’s Defence Force (25.01.2022)

The Case of Kakwenza Rukira is a proof that the rule of law is dying

The National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni promised a fundamental change and a new state of governance. However, with time those promises has withered and proven to be a fault-line. There is a correct line, but that isn’t the ones of rule of law or justice for that matter. No, it is blind loyalty to one man and his quest for eternal power. The rest is just a game of scandals and spin to forget the injustice and the plights of the population.

The NRM and Museveni just show their sinister attitude towards their civilians and the dissidents when they are keeping a man incommunicado from 28th December 2021 to the 11th January 2022, as his charged in court for disturbing the peace of the President and his son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga. After the writer insulted and infuriated the ones power. Now, his behind bars and in prison for insulting the President and his Son.

If you thought Museveni brought fundamental change, you are wrong. It is more of the same and his acting just like the ones he “liberated” the people from. There is no difference between him and the ones who fought. The liberation war was for a chosen few and not for the general public. The NRA historicals and the elites, the rest has to beg for mercy it seems. The President wants beggars and people on their knees to get blessings like the former tormentors did to the people in the past.

Museveni and Muhoozi isn’t supposed to be ridiculed or mocked. They are supposed to have fun content and praising texts of glory. These men are supposed to be beloved and cherished. However, these are harming and going after the dissidents, the opposition and the ones who isn’t behind them. They are using the authorities and the law enforcement to silence the ones who dares to defy them. That’s what has happened to Kakwenza Rukira.

The writer dared to call Muhoozi obese and a drunkard. The writer of the Greedy Barbarian dared to question and mock the first family. While he did so in the public and in social media. He did what Dr. Stella Nyanzi has done and others like Pastor Joseph Kabuleta. They have all been taken to court and been detained for their writings. Therefore, the state isn’t acting in a new manner.

They are just resolving it quicker and with more brutality. While not producing him in the courts within 48 hours. Not giving him access to legal representation or having due process. The writer has been gone for days and weeks. The man was missing from 28th December to the 11th January 2022. That’s the sort of act of injustice and impunity. This is not proving the state to be fair or treat their dissidents fairly. It is showing the world that Museveni and Muhoozi bears grudges, they are ruthless and reckless. They don’t mind blood, pain or suffering upon the ones who challenge them. While they don’t have the character to address it back in the written word.

It was God damn tweets with a few words, not a decree or a ill advised speech. No, this was quick remarks and mockery on social media. A public figure of the stature of Muhoozi or Museveni should handle that. They should have the character, not only as public figures, but as army commanders. However, they have thinner skin and bigger egos than movie starts. They are sentencing and charging people, because they cannot manage criticism. Maybe, the words of the writer is true, then? He is obese and a drunkard? Is the Lt. Gen. Mr. Obese? Is he fatty-fat and feels ashamed of it? S

Since he has to order and get daddies to help to arrest, torture and keep someone incommunicado for days. That is maybe even validating the mockery, instead of refuting and rebuking it with simple words. That is what the state should do and it has several of spokespersons, government communications outlets and a few ministers who could do something useful. However, they are instead answering with violence and law enforcement. That is showing what lack of resolve and character the two men has.

They cannot articulate or use their minds. Instead they order guns, glory and pain on a civilian. Muhoozi cannot even defend himself. A man who is boosting himself and his position on social media. A man who can be vile and attack without any hesitation other political leaders like Bobi Wine. Muhoozi can write whatever and say what he feels without any other than positive coverage. However, a civilian must face jail and the courts for doing the same. That shows the discrepancy of the current state.

Museveni didn’t come with real change. Neither will Muhoozi. They are just liberators of their own fate and hopes the naive believes their arrogance and their rash acts of insincerity. Clearly, their egos are fragile and the Leopards Anus needs to save his buttocks from his son obese tummy. Peace.

DRC: Joint Press Release from UPDF & FARDC – Sinister plans to discredit Operation Shujja (10.01.2022)

Opinion: When you got nothing, you can always point at Kigali

Ugandan intelligence has discovered that Kakwenza Rukirabashaija who has been running a smear campaign against Ugandan government officials is a Rwandan agent. Kakwenza was recently arrested following a number of social media posts in which he was insulting President Museveni and the Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. CID Spokesperson, Charles Twiine, said that for his recent arrest, Kankweza is charged with “insulting President Museveni and Commander of the Land Forces of UPDF Muhoozi Kainerugaba via his Twitter handle.” (The Kampala Post – ‘Ugandan Intelligence Confirm Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is Rwandan Agent’ 04.01.2022).

We have been here before, as critics and people falling out of favours are suddenly arrested or getting into legal jeopardy. In September 2021 Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University faced also espionage case concerning Kigali and Rwanda. Alas, there was never any proof of these allegations. Neither has there been produced any evidence or proof of the allegations towards the VC.

Now in January 2022 we are seeing Kakwenza Rukira getting the same treatment by the authorities. As he has been kept incommunicado and haven’t even produced to the courts within the 48 hours. While the law enforcement and authorities are creating more charges on the individual. That is all happening, because Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is to lazy to go to the gym. The CLF of UPDF cannot stomach criticism… and there is now alleged torture of the writer and critic of the First Family.

However, what is clear is that the state is using all of its resources on this. They are trying to prove a point. While Muhoozi and his buddies are trying to sell him as the second coming of Jesus on social media. That’s why it’s hurting his pride that someone dislodged the majestic persona and image online. This is why Kakwenza Rukira is taken into custody and proving a point off.

The same the state did also with Dr. Stella Nyanzi who wrote about Museveni mother and the saga of “buttocks”. Now, it is about fatigue and health concerns in a colour expressed ways on Twitter. Clearly, the ones in power and a high ranking officials cannot handle their role as public officials. If you cannot handle the heat, you shouldn’t be in the kitchen. The same is to these gentlemen and the whole first family. As no one there has shown to have character to stomach their role. Since, they arrest and detains the ones that humiliate them online.

The President and the First Family should be able to handle words and articles made about them. This is the same family that has a head who calls people for bean-weevil, insects and pigs. There is no short-change of bad words and utterings about others. Therefore, these people should look onto themselves, before they judge and use the state against others. Peace.

Opinion: The dangers of breasts’ and buttocks’

Well, these are the troubling times we are living in. In the past, Dr. Stella Nyanzi was arrested for offending the President calling him  a “pair of buttocks” which landed her time behind bars. Now in the end of 2021 is no different as activist and writer Kakwenza Rukira wrote about Muhoozi Kainerubaga supposed “breasts”. It is now clear that he is feeling legal pressure and is arrested for calling the Commander for the Land Forces out and the son of the President. 

This is not shocking, but says it all. We knew this would happen to someone inevitably. As the state arrests comedians and people for offences all the time. That is what has happened to the law enforcement and going after high ranking officials is a dangerous sport. 

That is why Dr. Nyanzi was in trouble and this is why Kakwenza is feeling the blunt force too. They both did not only offend, but they aimed at the character of the first family. We know that Janet Museveni is thin-skinned and that the handlers of Kaguta go hard in the paint for him. That is well known… but now the state is defending Muhoozi and handling his affairs too. 

All three of these characters in the first family should be able to handle criticism and redicule, as they are public figures and on government salaries. These are government officials and their role is public servants with fancy titles. Their work, their speeches and everything they do should be natural to question.  

However, we know that these folks don’t have the character or the heart to stomach that. If it is their buttocks or breasts, which are malfunctioning. I cannot assess or say, but they are clearly not having the day or the ability to grasp their roles. Since, they are arresting vocal critics who would never hurt their life or be violent towards them. These are writers and academics who wouldn’t hurt anyone, except write insults and post outrageous texts. Therefore, the President and the son would have been wister to address this in writing. 

Nevertheless, breasts and buttocks are sensitive parts of the body. That a man doesn’t like to hear about his breasts, just shows that he lacks self-esteem and needs another way to boost his ego. Unless, he has man-boobs, which comes with lack of exercise and too much six-packs of beer. Secondly, if the buttocks are a problem. You either have diarrhea or you unconfortable where you are sitting. The gentlemen need to revise their issues and heartaches. There are so many bigger questions to throw a hissy fit and cry havoc. 

What is striking is that both men are army commanders and high ranking officials. People who are supposed to be Generals and leaders of the pack. Still, they are soft and metro-sexual to critics. I am sure David Beckham has been joking about his looks or Hugh Grant for that matter. Heck, other officials have been mocked for things too. I would think Otafiire and Tumwine could easily be mocked at a gathering or two. 

So, the buttocks and breasts shouldn’t be an issue. However, here we are and we are not talking chicken or what we are seeing in a magazine of pin-up ladies. No, we are discussing two army commanders who are getting people arrested over the smallest thing. That is how fragile their egos are and it is evident for the whole world to see. Peace. 

DRC: Joint Press Release from UPDF & FARDC on the Operation Shujaa (20.12.2021)

DRC: Joint Press release from FARDC and UPDF on the Operation Shujaa (11.12.2021)

Opinion: Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga states what we all foresaw [in concern to Operation Shujaa]

We shall not leave Congo until we have swept them down. They invited us by the mockery attacks, we are here. They will know what we are capable of” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga

The first son and the third ranking army commander of land forces in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga states what we could foresee. The Ugandan army is aiming to stay within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Which we could easily assess and by how it acts.

Everyone with a marble working could see this coming. We know that Lt. Gen. Muhoozi would boost his ego and his pride. That is what he does… he has no issues with violating other territories, but no one is supposed to violate his. There isn’t much or none oversight over the “Operation Shujaa”. The Parliament have been left in the dark and only gotten what has been told in the press. Therefore, the UPDF is ordered on it’s own and not deployed by law.

Lt. Gen. just proves what analysts have predicated. This mission which started on the 30th November 2021 and it will be a long one. They will not leave quickly and they will find ways to stay there. The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is a fitting target and they are behind the bombs in Kampala earlier this year. Therefore, the UPDF can say this is self-defence at this point.

Though, they are there on the mercy of FARDC and the DRC government. Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga doesn’t decide this, as his tehre on the merits and acceptance of the government of Kinshasa. This decision isn’t made in Entebbe or in Kampala. Nevertheless, he will boost his ego and sound braggadocios.

The agreement between the DRC and Uganda haven’t been leaked. Neither the stipulations or the articles of which keeps them there for now. Since, these hasn’t been released and doesn’t count on the Ministers or the ones in power to release it either. They rather keep the agreement close to their chest. As the joint operation with FARDC-UPDF continues.

Yes, the terrorists and guerrillas should be hunted for the safety of all civilians. That is without a doubt, but the merits of it and the proposed agreement for it. Should be released to the general public. So, that the UPDF can be deployed on the wordings according to law and not to whatever mood a Lt. Gen has or his father for that matter. Because, that isn’t how you hold the integrity of the territory of the Republic. When people can start to question the reasons and the real incentive for the mission or operation itself.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi can stay in Beni and the Kivu provinces as long as he wants too, but he has no rights to overstay his welcome anywhere. Except for the places his appointed to by blood and not by his work-ethic. Peace.

Opinion: Operation Shujaa is the gateway for the UPDF to stay within the DRC

The newly minted joint-operation between Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and FARDC in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Is a beginning of a long time stay of the UPDF in the provinces close to the border of Uganda. Expect the UPDF to have missions and participate in armed combat in Ituri, North and South Kivu. That is just meant to be at this point.

The joint operation is now named “Operation Shujaa” if Shujaa is Swahili it can be interpret to be either hero, brave or a warrior. This enterprise was started on the 30th November 2021. As the Congolese lawmakers knew about it, but the Ugandan ones got a memo or a press release with a sentence from New Vision or Spokesperson speaking on NBS Television.

The UPDF Commander who is the head of the Operation, Maj. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga has said they will use air-force and artillery to conquer the Allied Democratic Force (ADF) on the Congolese territory. We know the UPDF has said they are willing to be there as long as it takes. This means they are not leaving quickly and this will not be brief operation.

Operation Shujaa” can be the gateway for them to enter and stay. Yes, we don’t know the stipulations or the agreement with the FARDC or the RDC government. Nevertheless, we know their joint mission is to end the ADF. The UPDF have claimed they will do what they did to LRA during the “Operation Lightning Thunder”, which means the ADF would be able to flee into other territories like the LRA did. However, never entering Uganda since then…

To be frank here… I am anticipating more civilians becoming internally displaced. That the UPDF will be busy guarding the road-development projects of the Dott Service company. While having brigades and air-force bombing ADF camps and scouting together with the FARDC for additional hangouts and hot-spots for the guerrilla. However, don’t expect this to be short and brief. This will last long and at some point. The UPDF and FARDC will tell about their losses.

Expect supplementary budgets to cover this enterprise. Expect the President and all of the anointed Ministers to ask for funds to cover it all. They will all dance to the same song. It will be horrific and be no oversight. It wasn’t any from the outset. So, don’t expect it in the future either. The UPDF and the Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga will use “patriotic” means and hope that shield him from any criticism. If not the Ministry of Security or the head of UPDF will speak out. Therefore, this is a Operation that the heads of government is main beneficiaries of.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this whole thing will last. Not on the merit of the strength or the capabilities of ADF. No, the share joy of resources and possibilities to loot again. The UPDF will use this end to their benefit. That is what they do and Congo will continue to bleed. The Tshisekedi government seems out of control and weak. When they let UPDF violate it on it’s turf and expect them to do so. We will not know the amount civilian casualties, as the state will only deliver the amount of ADF soldiers and leaders it has killed. If not what they alleged have taken out of action. Since there is no second source to verify the accounts on the frontline.

So, don’t expect a quick escape or a leeway. The UPDF will linger now. If it isn’t ADF. They will find someone else to bother or be the aggressor towards. If not they will be expensive and well-trained soldiers guarding road construction in the provinces. As the Government of Uganda has promised to build there …

Time will only tell… Peace.

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