ACT-Wazalendo: The 2021 Election in Uganda was another joke to Democracy in Africa (23.01.2021)

A look into Bobi Wine’s Post Election Address (22.01.2021)

This speech comes from his home in Magere, Wakiso district. Where his unfortunately pre-emptive house-arrested, which he has been since 14th January 2021 on the day of the polls for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. He is now on his 9th Day as a prisoner in his own home and only allowed one visit with his team of lawyers. Who also brought some food and other basic necessities. Because, the captors and the ones keeping him captive in his home isn’t giving him anything.

However, still with all the hurdles, the hardships and the hostile attack on his party. The Presidential Candidate and Party President of National Unity Platform (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine came out with a online address, which is worth looking into. As it sets a stage of his plans ahead. Let’s be frank, the 14th January 2021 elections wasn’t “contested” but rigged beyond belief in favour of the ruling regime. To think otherwise is naive and following all reports. It is definitely not a fair game.

He starts with: “I am under illegal house arrest and continue to live through this humiliation, but my spirit is strong. I am strong because am aware of the trials and tribulations that those who came before us had to endure in their fight for freedom and democracy. I am even consoled by the constant reminder that what I am going through today is nothing compared to what many of our comrades and supporters have had to go through for the past three years since we started the People Power Movement!” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

He is making a compelling case and telling his story. A story that the NRM and President Museveni don’t want out. As this undermine his minions and the Police Force itself. Which is all working on overtime telling “his not house arrested” or that his “house arrested to shield him from himself”. Both arguments is bananas and hogwash. The reason why he is house-arrested is because he is the one the President fears and the only way he can contain his popularity is by keeping him lockdown. Not because, Bobi Wine has done anything wrong, other than challenging the President, which is “treason” in the Republic.

He continues: “I must state right from the beginning that we went into this election knowing the nature of the regime we are up against but trusting the people of Uganda to assert their voices. Like many other ruthless dictators, Museveni organizes elections in order to pay lip-service to democracy and to try to buy legitimacy from the world. He was therefore determined to take the nation through the same old ritual this year. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated this time round” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

Bobi Wine is not wrong here. Museveni has both lobbyist on his payroll and other agencies working non-stop to do his bidding. Museveni has multi-national and regional entities like IGAD and EAC doing the work for him. These are undermining the principals of the polls, free and fair election, and so fourth. That is a genuine insight and true. The plan is the same and the rigged game to favour Museveni, which many of us expected to happened and it did.

He says it straight: “Therefore fellow citizens, as I speak to you today, my heart is full of gratitude and confidence because eight days ago you went to the polls and overwhelmingly chose the National Unity Platform and myself to lead you in repairing our broken Nation, which has endured the pain of dictatorship under Gen. Yoweri Museveni for 35years. Unfortunately, Museveni yet again committed a coup against the Constitution and the people of Uganda” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

The last sentence is so striking. The whole sentiment of this paragraph shows the future of a statesmen really. Someone who dares to see the mischief and the faults of a system. Wanting to address it. While also crediting anyone who support his cause doing it. It is so poignant the “coup” wording, as a stolen election is practically doing that. Maybe not with a violent takeover, but by cooking the books, which is what Museveni was doing.

His continued assault on Museveni: “ Unfortunately, Museveni is such a poor student of history; including his own history. In a book titled Mission to Freedom written by himself, he justified his decision to go to the bush and start after a rigged election as follows: He said, and I quote; “In December 1980, Ugandans went to the polls. By late afternoon on December 11th, it was clear that UPC and Obote were headed for a resounding defeat inspite of all the rigging they had done at the earlier stages of registration of voters, nomination of candidates, and demarcation of electoral boundaries. The UPC was seized with Panic. Paul Muwanga…..took over the powers of the Electoral Commission. ….. The following day 12th December 1980, using their control of the national radio, the army, the police and other state machinery and backed by the Tanzanian government, Obote and Muwanga announced their coup. ….Once again, a minority, unpopular clique was imposed on the people of Uganda, leaving them with no option but to take up arms in defence of their democratic rights.”” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

Here Bobi Wine cleverly undress Museveni… and shows how he deliberately Museveni has copied the 1980 election. It is all done in favour of him now. Where he repeated the sins of the ones he overthrow. Which is just a tragic enterprise, but what Museveni does. Because, only power and staying power matters to him. That is why Museveni is willing to repeat the same ills of the past.

He continues: “We call upon the People of Uganda to reject this mockery and refuse to acknowledge Museveni as the winner of the January 14th polls because we defeated him. Ugandans must resist his treasonous attempt to forcefully impose himself on us as president. Resisting tyranny is not only a right- it is a DUTY for oppressed people to carry out. We encourage all of you to use all non violent and legal means and ides at your disposal to engage in this fight for complete freedom. We have always said that People Power is Our power. The stolen votes belong to the People of Uganda. The people of Uganda must rise to the occasion and free themselves and their country from that small group of gunmen who do not care about our future and that of our country Uganda” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

Here is stating defiance and resistance against the Resistance Movement, which is ironic. However, I approve the message and that is the only way they can move forward. The President and NRM needs to know and feel a boycott. The state needs to be touched and feel the public rebuke of its tactics. That they are not accepting the betrayal of their trust. That means a continued cause for a peaceful transition.

Where he continues: “Unlike Museveni who unleashed untold violence and suffering on our people in the 1980s, we choose non-violent strategies in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. We are committed to non-violence because we despise violence. That is why we are fighting against a violent tyrant. Studies have shown that non-violence is even much more effective in breaking violent dictatorships. I therefore encourage all of you citizens to take a firm stand against the Museveni regime” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

Here he shows the significant difference between him and Museveni. Something that is a nice touch, but also a brutal honesty. As he shows to be the better man and doesn’t need to grab a gun, but trust the public to be by his side. That is a thing President Museveni cannot state, as he has always turned to the guns when he needs too.

He ends with: “I must add that the regime has been actively trying to frustrate any attempt to go to court. They have intimidated our polling agents, but most crudely confiscated more than 4000 of our Declaration of Results forms, which are of crucial importance in an election petition. We have tasked the authorities to return these forms, but they are yet to respond. The leadership of the National Unity Platform is in the process of consulting stakeholders but most importantly the common people and in a few days, we shall communicate our decision to the nation. As regards my illegal house arrest, the police and military have still failed to explain their presence in my home” (Bobi Wine, 22.01.2021).

The NUP and Bobi Wine is getting into the same quarrel that previous opposition leaders and parties been in. However, the authorities and law enforcement have been much more vicious this time around. They are not holding back and been really working with impunity this election. That is why such amounts of polling agents and other associates of the NUP.

The nation and the supporters are awaiting the communication to their decision. Whatever they do. They should ensure they have collected evidence and have truth. So, they can prove not only to every citizen, but can show the international community of the open rigging. Put it all into system and prove it. As we know it, but the way they drop the knowledge matters.

I hope Bobi Wine can get freed soon. Though the state prolongs it to at least Monday when the Court petition is in order. However, they are planning to dismiss it. So, expect the state to keep him house-arrested for long. Just like they did Besigye in 2011 and 2016.

Bobi Wine spoke the truth and that is what is needed. Peace.

Day 8: The State wants to dismiss the petition in concern to Bobi Wine’s House Arrest

The state has asked high court judge Michael Elubu to dismiss an application filed by NUP party president Robert Kyagulanyi and his wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi against their continued illegal detention under house arrest since the 14th of this month” (Capitol FM Uganda, 21.01.2021).

It has been since the 14th January 2021, the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have been house arrested since the polls. The state have kept him captive in his own home. The NUP Presidential Candidate is a prisoner in his own home without any warrants, charges or even a sentencing.

Bobi Wine is a felon even without any process or legal proceedings. The state is not even honouring that in his instance. His treated as a terrorist and a danger to society. They are not giving him food or drinks. They are not allowing him or his wife to collect food in the garden. The state has sealed the premises and made checkpoints blocking people from entering.

The state has shown the Presidential Candidate is treated badly. There is no dignity or fairness in this. Only injustice and impunity. The actions made towards him, only shows how much the President is fearing him and his ideals. If he didn’t fear him. He wouldn’t act like this and put him behind bars without any reasons. That is because the state got nothing to file or evidence of incriminating factors.

Again, with the lack of food and nutrition. The lack of freedom and justice. As a parent, Bobi Wine did the right thing sending his kids to the diaspora. So, they don’t have to live through this experience and the acts of injustice. They are third parties to this. The same is his wife as well. However, she’s an adult and knew this could be the price. Still, its unfair that she is living through this as well.

Bobi Wine shouldn’t be incarcerated in his own home. This is on the 8th Day without any judgement or charge. Still, the state will act and not address the petition to the courts. That shows the amount of impunity. There is no mercy in the state of Museveni. Only Museveni is lawful and his allies. The rest is fair-game and can get punished.

Proof? Ask Bobi Wine and his party… how they have treated during the campaign and post-elections. His rights are being violated and he deserves better. Bobi Wine is the target and person who personifies the injustice in the Republic right now. Just like Besigye was the same in 2011 and 2016. Peace.

National Unity Platform (NUP): Press Release to the World from Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentumu Robert (17.01.2021)

Day 6: No dignity in the House Arrest of Bobi Wine

Day Six under house arrest and we’re still stuck with an 18 months old baby who had paid a visit to her auntie (my wife ) be4 we were raided & besieged. The Dad has been denied access to her. We have run out of food and milk. No one is allowed to leave or come into our compound” (Bobi Wine, 19.01.2021)

There are laws for the Republic of Uganda to adhere too. However, the justification of the prolonged house-arrest will always be “inciting to violence” or “fear of riots”. This has been done before and is the simplification of a loser directly arresting the victor of the polls on the 14th January 2021. If President Museveni won. He wouldn’t need to arrest and detain his opposition. Alas, that is the case and it shows his targeted injustice and impunity against his own civilians.

The state action and prolonged pre-emptive house-arrests was to be anticipated, as the state has done the same to Besigye in both 2011 and 2016 after the General Elections. Therefore, the National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi would get into legal trouble. The state and the NRM is following the same formula.

As they are keeping him as a prisoner in his own home. They are breaching own laws. Not only the laws of Human Rights Violations and possible International Laws in association with the detention of Bobi Wine. No, they are actually breaching their own created law for their own dominion.

In the Prisons Act of 2006 Article 57(a): “a prisoner shall be treated with the respect due to his/her inherent dignity and value as a human being” (Prisons Act, 2006).

This here is very easy to assess. When someone cannot eat and not given food. The state is no dignifying and showing Bobi Wine the value as a human being. When his house is blocked from having lawyers visiting him. They are not allowed to collect food stuffs in their gardens to be able to eat. That is breaching the article 57(a).

In the same law the article 57 (1) it states: “No person shall be received or admitted into prison custody without a valid commitment or a remand warrant, order of detention, warrant of conviction or committal signed with a court seal or authenticated by a person authorised to sign or authenticate such warrant or order under the provision of any law” (Prisons Act, 2006).

We know that Kyagulanyi isn’t directly charged with anything. After 48 hours he didn’t get noted or taken to a court. No, his just been house-arrested on the grounds that he challenged the President and that is a cardinal sin in the Republic. Bobi Wine have no official warrant or charges on him. Only been house-arrested and blocked from the world by the army, law enforcement and everyone else supposed to keep law and order. However, here its neither law or order. Only injustice.

The state should ensure the prisoner is getting fed. The prisoner in this case and his fellow cell-mates in his home should get water and food by the authorities. As they are keeping him captive and behind closed doors. It is a familiar place and not a detention room in a torture chamber or bare prison-cell. Still, it is being a prisoner without the direct mandate of Prison Services.

That is why its the duty of the state to keep them alive and secure their rations. This is just common sense. However, that hasn’t been taken care off or they don’t care. Still, that should be the first priority. Secure the prisoners food and water. So, that they can sustain living and be healthy. Especially, since its by state orders he is closed off from the world.

The ones bitching about him sending his kids abroad earlier in the campaign. Should understand why he did it. Because, this injustice and torment on them would be damaging. To see the pain and suffer with the parents. Since, Bobi Wine made a decision to take a stand and challenge Museveni. This is the price of doing so. However, the state is no dignifying his imprisonment. They should man up and tool-up. Peace.

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Opinion: Bobi Wine has two choices ahead [either to follow Besigye’s advice or become compromised in Parliament]

Now that the Electoral Commission and the authorities are moving ahead. The state is steam-rolling ahead… and they are awaiting to be legitimized again. That is just the bleak reality of the rigged election and the aftermath of the 14th January 2021 polls. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni is just forging this ahead. Just like nothing happened and washing their hands of dirt. In a manner, which all the blood, deprivations and atrocities within the Elections Road Map doesn’t matter anymore. The objective is fixed and they can now bash glory again.

However, there are opposition parties that now has to choose how they move ahead. The Opposition parties and the ones who has stakes in the Republic. They got to make a stance. The People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) have the biggest stakes aside from the NRM in the 11th Parliament. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) comes in at second. The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) got a better verdict now than last time and Democratic Party (DP) is weakened.

The NUP and FDC have to decide how they want to play now. If they wanted to be United Forces for Change (UFC). If they want to challenge the government heads-on. The dilemma will be… do they take the easy coins in government or do they challenge the whole election?

If this is a revolution. Will the NUP and Bobi Wine take a stand and not accept being the Leaders of the Opposition. Will the newly minted opposition dare to challenge and also walk-out on the political elite after a big victory for such a new party?

That is the risks of Bobi Wine. He can be compromised and be tainted by the 11th Parliament. As his strides and bargains there will not be a sign of defiance or #WeAreRemovingaDictator, but more compromise. Compromise is a usual tool of politics and a way for to parties to get to a middle ground. However, doing that here… then Museveni is getting a lot of leverage with very little cost him. The price of being honourable and getting titles. The NUP has more to loose and also risks questioning their movement.

That is just the grand scheme of things. Just like the FDC did betray their defiance by accepting titles and positions within the 10th Parliament. The NUP is now under the same scrutiny. They can trade-off their hard-liner stance and be just another political party.

Bobi Wine and his party has sold a dream. That dream could easily turn to nightmare. Nobody expected to be fulfilled in one go. There is to many enablers and systems created to ensure longevity for Museveni. That is why Bobi Wine was doomed to loose. Nevertheless, he still shows progress and popularity with the amount of MPs. Still, that’s where the question now lays.

What sort of plan ahead does Bobi Wine has? What will Bobi Wine do? He got to prove that not only the election is rigged, but that they are prolonging the efforts to get a peaceful transition from Museveni. This is where he needs to go back to the drawing board. Even look at history and what Besigye have done. To reflect and also get enlighten on how to manoeuvrer on the burning rocks around him.

Bobi Wine have followed the ideal of Besigye and created his “Awakening Movement”. Bobi Wine has also created a network of activists that works together and is coordinated. That is the two first steps of creating a transition.

What Bobi Wine needs to next is to work together to “disempower and break down the junta”. That’s done with actions of defiance and not following the rules, which the NRM is making. That is risky, but done together can weak the system and halt the possible government from governing. This is done with demonstrations, riots and just stop to support companies associated with or owned by the government.

The fourth of Besigye is getting the public servants, soldiers and law enforcement involved in struggle. Get them involved and becoming supporters of the cause. In such a manner, that they cannot act upon orders and silence the opposition who is working to weakening the state. That is risky one, as this might end up with more jail-time and pre-emptive arrests. However, there is a need to enlighten and ensure the civil servants are loyal to the idea of a state and not just the party.

The fifth and last point of Besigye is to work with CSOs, NGOs and other civil society formations to join in the activities. That they are working together in activities to weaken the state. They will participate in the defiance and disempower of the junta. That is what he says and could be guidelines for Bobi Wine to continue.

Because at this point. Bobi Wine has choices to make. So, does all part of the NUP. This party can choose which way it wants to go. The state will use force. It will continue to be violent and detain people on political grounds. The state could easily kill civilians associated with the NUP. So, these folks needs to reparations and answers. The dead need to accounted for and these lives should matter. That is why just a few seats in a bloated Parliament shouldn’t be enough.

Not when the machinery and the functions of the state is still prepared to destroy and assault everything Bobi Wine stands for. That is why he can either follow the advice of Besigye. Advice he talked about on the 11th July 2017 and should be relevant today.

As a leader he can follow the steps of Besigye, but he can elevate where he left off. As there is proof of support and tiredness of this regime. Bobi Wine can push ahead. It will continue to cost, but the political gambit will be heroic. The risks he has already taken and the price he has already paid, says a lot. Therefore, the man knows the stakes. Bobi Wine is following the steps of Besigye. As he is house-arrested, party besieged by law enforcement and no middle ground for him to walk.

That is why he can decide to concede or accept the verdict. Take the seats and continue to use his influence or continue on the revolutionary path. This isn’t an easy decision. So many risks, so many variables and possible losses. However, he can either run out of options and see his folk get compromised in Parliament or continue a rocky road.

That is what Bobi Wine has to decide. It is not easy. Bobi Wine has inspired and will continue to do so regardless. Nevertheless, he can either persist to push the boundaries or take it slow. Taking it slow is risky as well. Since then he will see what the envelopes and titles does to his comrades. Bobi Wine will see what the NUP becomes when it get established and part of the process.

This is why he needs to decide where to go now. That choice is his and his only. However, the man needs to decide. His advisors and team needs to be objective and think ahead. Not only think for the short-con, but for the long-con. Because, that is what the state does and follow the program to make Museveni President for Life. Peace.

My Honest Letter to President Museveni: Congratulation, you have created your own 1980 Election in 2021!

18th January 2021.

Dear Sir, His Excellency (H.E.) President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni!

Congratulations on repeating the sins of our forefathers. Congratulations on repeating the ills of former rulers and ensuring the world a repetition of the pains of the past in our current time. You should be proud that you are repeating the violations of the ones you toppled to get in office. That must surely be a sweet feeling at your estate or farm.

Mr. President, you must be proud of the soldiers and law enforcement who has killed on your orders. That police officers and armed officers has unwarranted abducted, detained and murdered civilians who dared to associate themselves with others than you.

Mr. President, you must be proud of having ghost voters, blocking citizens from voting and having rigged this election. You must be so proud of the achievement of disfranchising and making the process of election into a farce. That must make you so giddy. Knowing that polling stations isn’t counted. Polling stations not open on time or having enough equipment. Ensuring the public not ready or not caring if they voted at all. As the pre-ticked ballots in your favour was the key aspect of it all.

Mr. President, you must be so proud that the authorities has gone after and is hunting down opposition polling agents and mobilizers. Since they have DR Forms from Polling Stations, which will reveal the trick of the trade and why you are a “victor”. The way you are ordering and securing your own future. That must the aspiration of these days. Keeping alive the throne and the powers all in your hands.

Mr. President, you must be so proud of keeping people in the dark. Only having a mass media spreading your words and your propaganda. That you have all ears and all eyes on the game. You have the people spreading the news you want and the reports of your wish.

Mr. President, you must be so proud of the willingness of the public to succumb to your tactics. To fear you and your army. That the public is fearing you and your intimidation tactics. That must make you so proud. That you act like a mob-boss and collect taxes for their safety. If someone turns on you or your made men you get rid of them. The same you do Mr. President in this election. It must make you so proud.

You must be so happy and refreshed. That you have the whole thing in your hand. You are targeting the opposition. Getting the fixed results from your appointed people within the Electoral Commission. If there will be en Electoral Petition or Constitutional Court Petition. The ones you have appointed there will answer you pleas and ensure nothing real happens. It will be another way of legitimize this election. Which you know perfectly well is a fraud and a fake.

That is why you should be so proud. Your giving the world and Uganda a taste of 1980 election. You are serving the public the same reasons for why you went to the bush. Mr. President, you have giving the world a lesson in how to rig an election to perfection. Nobody has done it as bold and brazen like you. The man who went to war over a rigged election. You must be so proud and I’m sure your mocking Tito Okello, Milton Obote and Idi Amin right now. Because, you beat them and now you have tricked Bobi Wine too.

Mr. President you must be so proud of your work. You have done it again. What you should ask yourself, Mr. President. How long do you think the soldiers and law enforcement accept living in poverty fighting for you? How long do think the public accept being taken for fools? How long do you think the donors and military suppliers will support your missions? How long do you think the elites and politicians will accept these sort of games?

At one point or another, Mr. President, the centre will not hold. At one point, there will be things giving and hurting you, Mr. President. That is just a natural fact and you cannot bribe and pay everyone off. There is people who is not corruptible and who is your adversaries. These will stand in your way and those folks will not go away. No matter what you do. Their ideas is bigger than you and your cause.

Mr. President in your moment of “victory” knows that the truth is out. You have made your own 1980 election. Given people all the reasons to call you out and say that your a thief. Mr. President, you might have a office, but there is no difference between you and a chicken thief. The only difference is that the chicken thief stole a chicken, Mr. President, you stole a nation.

Best Regards

Writer of MinBane