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Ethiopia: The Emperor is now naked

There are now reports of massive demonstrations across the Republic of Ethiopia. Where there alleged mass killings of civilians of up to a 150. That number is not verified. Only about 7 or 8 is verified. This has all happen after the assassination of Haacaaluu Hundeessa yesterday in Addis Ababa. Today the state have also arrested key Oromo leaders. These being Jawar (OMN), Gudina (OPC) and Ayana (OLF). 

The internet is blocked. The police is shooting at civilians and there are demonstrations in the Republic as a result of the killing of the popular singer and activist Hundeessa.

We know the realities are dire when the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is claiming the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Egyptian are inciting this violence. Not that it has anything to do with the steady police brutality and violence against citizens. It is state sponsored violence and the PM trying to deflect that.

There is also unverified reports that 20 Amhara civilians have been killed inside the Oromia region. This with the unverified deaths of the 150 civilians in total.

There are also reports of demonstrations in Addis Ababa, Adama (Nazret), Chiro and in Harar. In Addis Ababa there is fires, not only of tires in the streets, but also of houses and shops. In the capital its also unverified reports of use of explosives.

There is also reports of a possible rift between the army as they are trying to free Mohammed Jawar from custody (Ogaden Online).

There is also reports that the police is battling protest in several of districts. This what we do know now, as the connection and reports are not steady coming out of the republic.

We should worry about the actions made by the state today. It is a clear sign that the Emperor is naked. The dark days are back and the gloves are all off. The internet blockade, the police brutality and uncertainty of how many has fallen. While the leadership of the opposition is behind bars. This is just like in the past. Just with a new head. The almighty Abiy. Peace.

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Ethiopia: A crackdown on the Oromo Leadership after the assassination of Hundeessa

There is worrying signs of old times in Ethiopia, as opposition leaders and activists are put behind bars. While other known leaders and activists possibly get assassinated. That is why singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was assassinated yesterday. The queerro is out in the streets demonstrating that. There is also evident that the internet is blocked nation-wide. This is to stop information flowing between the regions, as the state is cracking down on the opposition.

There are reports of three dead in the demonstrations in Addis Ababa over the assassination of Hundeessa yesterday. They are demonstrating because of the deceased and the state offers more bloodshed.

As we hear those report. There are other reports that the leaders of the Oromo has been arrested today. This being Dawud Ibsa Ayana leader of Oromo Liberation Front, Merara Gudina leader of the Oromo People’s Congress and Mohammed Jawar of Oromo Media Network has all been arrested.

Oromo Media Network has also been shut-down.

So, the state has ring-fenced them. The state has taken in all the leaders of the Oromo, instead of finding and investigate the assassination of Hundessaa. They are instead arresting the leaders of the Oromo.

It is like the authorities enforce violence and hope nobody is watching. There is no difference between the brutal rule of the TPLF controlled EPRDF and the violence served by the Prosperity Party under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

The Prime Minister knows this and still uses these means against the Oromo leadership. If you thought the government was up to settle differences and making sure all the stakeholders was listened too. Instead they are silencing them and stopping them.

We are seeing the PP and Abiy are not wanting to have real peace, but fake peace. Where intimidation, assassinations and state violence is keeping them in power. While suspended elections over COVID-19 and now internet blackout. We can just await using the enforcement of “State of Emergency” legislation to stop the demonstrations.

The state is now amplifying their steps to attack the Oromo. They have already used the police and military in the region to beat and arrest civilians on the daily. Now they are doing this to its leadership too. Showing they are not intending to do this peacefully. When they are incriminating the leadership itself.

Abiy is showing that he is a tyrant, when he arrests and get rid of critical voices. This is not the voice of reason, but voice of tyranny. The Prime Minister will be remembered for this. The actions made now. Shows there are no turning back and that he intends to use the means of TPLF to control the state and its citizens. He has learned their skills and now ushering it to the public.

The brutality of previous leaders are now shown in Abiy. He is using this against his own people of the Oromo. When his willing to do that, then he will do so against anybody who speaks up against him and his reign. He is willing to kill to stay on top. That is the reality now. This is why the state is arresting these Oromo leaders. As a signal of what they will do, if the public really starts to demonstrate and use their feet’s on the ground. Peace.

Opinion: Boris is copying Rodrigo now!

We are living in a weird world and a bizarre timeline in 2020. Just the other day Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to prove his health with push-ups on the floor. At that point he was copying Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. That was all over the front pages of a national newspaper and not a sketch.

Now Prime Minister Johnson is launching his: Build Build Build. He is launching his program of infrastructure spending like this: “ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set out plans to spend the economy out of its coronavirus-induced crisis with a speech on Tuesday promising to fast-track 5 billion pounds ($6.15 billion) of infrastructure investment” (News18 – ‘ ‘Build, Build, Build’: UK PM Johnson’s Answer to Covid-19 Downturn’ 30.06.2020).

Also explained by the government like this: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson will today (Tuesday 30th June) announce a “New Deal” which puts jobs and infrastructure at the centre of the government’s economic growth strategy. In a speech in the West Midlands, the Prime Minister will underline his commitment to ‘build, build, build’ in order to upgrade Britain’s infrastructure and skills to fuel economic recovery across the UK” ( – ‘‘Build build build’: Prime Minister announces New Deal for Britain’ 30.06.2020).

If you feel you have heard the same before, then read this from the Philippines: “President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration will soon launch the biggest infrastructure push in Philippine history to propel economic growth in the next five-and-a-half years. Big-ticket infrastructure projects, specifically roads and bridges, mass urban transport and alternative green city solutions are among the key investments to be made by the Philippine government. These are aimed at solving the problems brought about by traffic congestion, inadequate mass transport facilities, air pollution, and the lack of healthy, green liveable community spaces. The development mantra is: build, build and build” (Bases Conversation and Development Authority (BCDA) – ‘BUILD, BUILD, BUILD’ 25.10.2017).

So yes, the Prime Minister’s Build Build Build is copying Duterte’s Build! Build! Build! Programme. They are actually doing the same. Boris is copying Rodrigo. It is just like he will steal the paperwork from Manilla and change a few of the places and road-names. Then call it a day and loaf around in his apartartment.

I am impressed that Boris is copying the exact words. Just like he did on the pages saying it was taken inspiration from Roosevelt’s New Deal. That is fine and dandy, but saying Build Build Build after the Philippines has had this program for three years or so now. It is impressive, that he couldn’t mention that too. Give some credit, where credit is due.

I’m sure Manila isn’t the first place coming to mind in London, but they should maybe see what are doing lately. The PM is copying both a Ugandan President and the Philippines. Who is up next? Will he take the Big Four from the Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta too?

Johnson should step up and give credit where it is due. Especially, when his copying this easily from Duterte. If you don’t know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye cannot win

We are in 2020 and Dr. Kizza Besigye cannot win… Yes, I said it. It is in this world that some persons are just destined to loose. Not because of their resilience or his vision. Besigye has fought, been in the midst of the battle and never gotten the pay-off.

No one has been arrested as many times as him for the cause of a peaceful transition of power. The fight for liberation from the junta and the military government of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The government with the sole candidate since 1986.

There will claims there is no difference in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) if he stands in 2021. Since, he will have been their Presidential Flag-Bearer in 2006, 2011 and 2016. Then suddenly he will return again in 2021.

Yes, Besigye have given away the Party Presidency and haven’t the same role as the President has in the NRM. The President is the Chairman of the Party and the President of the Nation. Not like the Secretary General of NRM has the power to change things, but has to meet the President to ask for the way forward. The same awaiting the decisions of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Besigye is not in the same league there. Still, there will be questions, if he stands for the same position for the Fifth Time. That is all reasonable. That he is the automatic candidate. This is why Mugisha Muntu had to create the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) to become the King there. Since no-one can pass Besigye in the FDC.

That is not strange. The foundation and party is in his hands. When they are in 2020 asking for him to return. Just like he was forced to return in 2016. The delegates then vouched for him. Now that Muntu is gone. There will surely be the same energy before the 2021 too.

Besigye have deserved a better fate. No one is denying the man that. He has struggled, eaten the humble pie and been beaten so brutally so many times. No one has been arrested, detained and charged for political activism at the level of Besigye. The amount of times is ridiculous and outrageous.

Still with this mind. All the pain and suffering. All the hard work and dedication for the cause seems somehow to backfire. If he will stand again as the FDC Flag-bearer. Then he is automatic or the sole candidate of the FDC. Not by default, but by design. It makes it look similar to NRM. Even if the NRM just have one king no matter what and FDC has the party asking him to resume the situation, yet again.

The NRM diehards attacking Besigye is throwing stones in a glasshouse. The glass and mirrors are breaking right in-front of their eyes. However, Besigye by no default of himself has gotten into this place. As the Self-Styled President for Life has put him into a quagmire.

There is sort of the argument of sole candidacy, which can be put on him as well. Especially, when his the brother standing for the fifth time for the FDC. Yes, Besigye is a force to be reckoned with. That is why his arrested so much and house-arrested for so long for no other reason then his own self. However, that doesn’t beg the question: Is he the only one who can be the Presidential Candidate in the FDC in 2021? Is there no other man who can take up the mantle and finesse this game?

I don’t have the answer. I know that Besigye is unique and has a message for a peaceful transition out of this dictatorship. Still, people haven’t listened or followed suit. He has suffered and paid the price for standing up endlessly. He has paid the price for that, time and time again.

If he becomes the fifth time candidate for the FDC. The question will easily become personal too. Because, then there are similarities in the drive between Museveni and Besigye. Since they both are “owning” their parties as sole candidates. Yes one has all power and can force himself, while the other has delegates giving it to him. Still the perception is key too. The signal it might send. That should worry the FDC.

That should worry Besigye if he does stand. Since he then shows traits of a man, that his supposed to differ from and we know he differs from. Still, the inevitable will come up. That is why Muntu is a sole brigade in ANT. Since he had no shot within FDC to become king and he needed his own outfit to do so.

Now we got to see, if fifth time is the charm. In this regard, Besigye cannot win. If he stands he shows a sign of sole candidacy. If he doesn’t stand he cannot win either. Since his not playing and when your not playing you cannot win. It is the sort of game where it is all rigged for you to loose.

In concern of Besigye, that is his life work and his loosing. Not by default of himself, but by measures of the state working against him. That is why he continue to loose. Just like all opposition, but he has been there the longest and he continue to be there. Besigye cannot win and that is the default setting of the society and the systems around him. Peace.

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