Opinion: Museveni have weaponized the judiciary and the authorities [that’s the problem]

The National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) came with promise of peace and liberty for the people. The promises haven’t been kept and the NRM is no different from the previous regimes. The only difference in some parts of the Republic the amounts of extra judicial killings and abuse of process, which is illegally detaining civilians, charging political opponents and even using Military Courts to prosecute political prisoners. Therefore, yesterday’s National Address of His Excellency was really insulting himself and his reign.

Yes, he lied about several of things. We can doubt that the President was sent to prisons during his time as a student and was also in Mozambique to learn guerrilla tactics. This man was in such good favours that Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere wanted President Milton Obote to hire him. That clearly helped him to get the post of Research Assistance in the Office of the President. A post he had until Idi Amin overthrow Obote. So, believing he would be many times in jail is the easiest lie.

What is striking that the President is speaking of victims of murders, killings and extra judicial killings. That the assassins and killers doesn’t deserve police bond or bail. A right everyone has in 1995 Constitution. A Constitution he created and made in his vision back-in-the-day. We know he has revised to the new reality and to his self-styled Presidential for Life. Therefore, changing this would be Modus Operandi.

However, doing this and what the state does. Instead of investigating and using due process in criminal proceedings. In concern to the arrests of opposition MPs. It follows a pattern and it’s pathetic. They arrested before the proceedings are even started. The MPs are targeted and charged, but there was no real investigation in advance. Therefore, the state cannot produce witnesses, affidavits or evidence defending the charges. That’s why the state has put the cart before the horse and it’s deliberate. This is why the MPs are put on bail while the authorities have to figure out who to pin them. Secondly, why they are re-arrested by another parts of the authorities for other charges. To keep them behind bars. While they are working … to find a way and reasons for keeping them detained. This is initially making people guilty before they are innocent. Instead of the principal of being innocent until proven guilty.

That’s why it’s really staggering that he does and uses his time to re-issue the idea of abolishing bail and police bond. The President seems to have no trouble doing this. However, if he pushes for this and it becomes a new regime after him. They might use these laws to target NRM leaders and family members of Museveni. Muhoozi and Odrek could easily be targeted on phony charges, airlifted to Moroto and kept behind bars for months. While the authorities are producing evidence and proof of the alleged intentions to do the crime they are charged with.

President Museveni will now serve injustice in system. Yes, murders and extra judicial killings should be investigated. The ones behind the crimes should be charged and sentenced. This should be all parts of the authorities to participate and ensure justice is served. That done by the due process and with rule of law. However, the ideals and words of Museveni yesterday his the officer, judge and the executioner. His taking the law into his own hands and wants people to be detained and sentenced without proper proceedings. That is just tragic, but shows how he cares about justice.

For a man who promised to deliver “fundamental change” and be different than his predecessors. His clearly copying them all and all of their ills. A piece by piece, as his time is lingering in power. What is striking is that he uses the same methods and means to stay in office. The NRM and the President have no issues weaponizing the judiciary, the authorities and the state to target its opponents. That it has done through the years and its not getting better. This why this is just furthering oppression and crackdown on the ones who differs from His Excellency. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s words matters less and less

The speeches, the national addresses and whatnot of the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency and the President of the Republic, Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni is becoming pointless. To say it accurately “a waste of time”.

A President and his speeches should be poignant and be inspirational. Heck, they should set the norm and the moral statement of how his government is run. Alas, the President should set forward policies, directives and what he aims to do in the present and the future. However, there is pieces of that in his speeches, but also a lot of downtime. It could just be static sounds and whispers of the past. Since it isn’t relevant or fits more a “Point Blank” skit.

President Museveni is making mockery of the Republic and himself. A man who has positioned all power in his hands. A leader who is directing everyone and involving himself in any sort of deal. There is no road, house or land in question without some sort of interference from the President. While he has appointed authorities, commissions and government organizations to do this. Still, his doing their bidding and undermining their initial work. Their mandate is without merit, because he can tell the leader of the organization. That is what you do and what I order you to do. Therefore, all protocol, due diligence or procedure is a troublesome wasteland.

So, why I am writing all of this?

Well, someone has to say it. After all the speeches of the bush-war, the legends of the past and the supposed heroics. Sooner or later,the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is built around the President. Has to give way and become a relic as well. Not only the stalwart or historicals who is lost and praying for relevance. The same is soon happening to the President. If we are not already there.

The President can’t fake love or appreciation… he can fake polls and elections. He can rig the majority and control the institutions of the Republic. As well, he can do the same to the military and security organizations. As long as these are kept in order and paid. These will be loyal and secure the Presidency. They are not there to secure law and order. Neither is it stationed to secure the territory either. These are soldiers and officers who is more busy with dissident than doing their actual job.

That is why the speeches and statements are becoming static air and not worthy of being on TV, Radio or online for that matter. Everyone is better of cooking a stew or buying airtime for their phones. Than actually spending time listening in and await the prepared articles on the “hot-takes” from it. It is better to read a book or spend time with family. Because, you using your time for something useful.

This is really insightful and shows the true nature of things. The general public rather await for the guidance and the articles with the directives. Then to actually sit down and listen to what he has to say. The President and his handlers should be worried. Since his not seen as relevant. That is not weird considering he has imposed himself in their lives for decades. It is not like his truly elected or popular for ages. That train left long time ago and his acts is differing from his speeches too.

He can in one minute go from hating something to love it. We have seen over the years how the man has twisted and changed his mind. That has always been with the best interest for himself and his own causes. This is why everyone know he does things for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the state. The belief in that died years ago and the ones who still believes it is naive or stupid.

So, a National Address tomorrow isn’t worthy of anyone’s time. It is better just to drop a statement with new COVID-19 guidelines and not take two hours of airtime on TV and Radio. Everyone knows it’s useless and not valuable use of time.

It is tragic that its like this after 35 years in power. However, this is something he has himself created and as long as you impose yourself on people. At one point or another people will stop to listen. With more and more time. That is evident. Just like I have less people reading stories on Museveni than I did in the past. So, it is just proven how little people care about him and his reign of tyranny. Peace.

A look into how Col. Mamady Doumbouya blasts Museveni

Col. Mamady Doumbouya the current day rule of Guinea. Who took power on the 5th September 2021 after overthrowing third term President Alpha Conde .A man who rewrote the Constitution and held a referendum so he could overstay in power. This is one of the reasons for his downfall and gave legitimacy to the Special Forces Group (GPS). Therefore, yesterdays Facebook post addressing Museveni’s condemnation of the coup is very entertaining.

What Col. Doumbouya is saying is striking, as retort to the statement Museveni made recently. Just take a look:

Please stop dictating don’t lecture us on democracy. ECOWAS and AU are a batch of dictators with mentality of occupying and colonizing Africans. Dictators think they will rule African countries as if they are running their families. We are closely following the events and we have learnt that Museveni hasn’t slept ever since we took over power. He has been calling fellow dictators to undermine our leadership” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

His words are poignant and direct. What is striking to call the coup democratic. Yes, Conde was misusing power and overstaying in office. The act of Col. Doumbouya was stopping a man who never wanted step down. Still, his act wasn’t democratic as Doumbouya isn’t elected either. Yes, the people supported his cause and the coup. However, that is because of Conde and not personally towards the new ruler. Therefore, the condemnation of the coup is natural, but Museveni shouldn’t lecture on democracy and neither the organizations in question either. These organizations are shielding the likes of Conde and Museveni.

It is true that Museveni runs his republic like his family and directs it all as a family business. So, it is cool that Col. Doumbouya says that. This is not sort of thing a head of state usually would say. Doumbouya is actually speaking of others like Museveni did in the beginning of his reign. When he was seen as the new-breed, which is a striking turn of events.

He continues:

Museveni should instead focus on his country and rebuild it since he destroyed it long ago to the extent that there is no constitutional order in Uganda. Museveni is the constitution in Uganda and he is still protected by AU a batch of tyrants on our Continent. Museveni family rule in Uganda, he dominates everything and Ugandans have suffered under his hands” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

Here is speaking facts. His not the first to say this and the African Union (AU) has been by many called the “Dictators Club”. The AU is quick to condemn and go after the public, but they are shielding and saving the dictators of the continent. Therefore, Col. Doumbouya is right on the money here. The words on Museveni is just a fitting example and what he says it true. Museveni will dismiss this, but the usage of force and authorities against the citizens is a proof in this regard.

The last cool point from Doumbouya:

Dictator Museveni who is writing missives against us accusing us of being backed by western powers, but he himself is the real agent of the western powers…He was used to gather Intelligence on Omar Al Bashir, he was used by the west to spy on Gadaffi..and he is still doing more for the west.. If he Museveni is working for the west, he is the kind of puppet leaders who don’t know his place in history, and is responsible for the death of Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba, Museveni is a traitor to the new African order…If he continue his outbursts against us, we have more capabilities to undermine him on the African continent and beyond including ending his tyrannical missile in Uganda” (Doumbouya, 24.09.2021).

We know that Museveni have been favoured and worked for causes that has fitted the West. That’s why Museveni have been shielded and not targeted by the West. Even when he has violated their trust and misused power. So, Museveni himself should always be careful to call other puppets and being pawns. As he himself has been and is capable of trading his services for coins. Therefore, Col. Doumbouya is brave saying all this. While saying that Museveni isn’t Pan-African, which is something he always boosting to be. As we all know most of the causes and conflicts has been for personal gain or for the hopes of having a pay-off later down the line.

Therefore, the brutal words of Col. Doumbouya says it all. He states what others wouldn’t dare to say. Neither has Doumboya anything to loose. His a new generation of leader, unless he shows finesse and clarity. Have the ability like Rawlings and will usher in democratic institutions. He will turn into Museveni in matter or time. If not copying Conde himself. As Col. Doumbouya have the flex and flair right now.

Col. Doumbouya is where Museveni was in 1986, which is a long time ago. When he was the hopeful and the future of the Republic. We just have to see what power and the office does to him. If he will do something useful or become a dictator himself. It is easy to throw shade, but harder to step down and give way to the will of the people. That is proven, especially be the gentlemen who uses weapons to take power. Peace.

A look into Museveni’s Statement “On the Military Coups that recently taken place in some African Countries”

On the 5th September 2021 there was a coup d’etat in Guinea. Since then Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have condemn it. What is striking is that the Ugandan Head of State has interfered and been part of several of coup d’etat’s over the years. It is not like Museveni have gone without using arms or using military force to get his will.

That’s why today’s release of a text written on the 15th September 2021 is striking. He defends his own action while condemning others. Like always he tries to be a history teacher… but it’s not saving him. It only shows how he tries to clean his own hands. While finding ways to attack and go after the ones who does coup d’etat’s. That really weird when you know his own history and how took power.

First piece:

Were we wrong to take up arms against Idi Amin? Not at all. This is because Idi Amin and his fellow golpists in Africa, were almost all of them agents of anti-African interests. We were calling them reactionaries and puppets of foreign interests. Who were they? They were the following: Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga, Eyadema of Togo, Afrifa of Ghana, Bokassa of Central Africa Republic, Habyarimana of Rwanda, etc etc” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

What Museveni is doing here is saying that some are righteous, but others are not. He claims that he was right and did it for the right reasons. It is also ironic, because three of the ones mentioned he participated in. Museveni was part of brining Idi Amin, Mobutu and Habyarimana. Amin he was part of a coalition and made him a minister in the council after this. The two others he had already had his coup d’etat in 1986 and went into the countries in Great Lakes Region. Museveni used force, trained and supported coup d’etat in Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo (DRC). In the DRC he did it twice and not only with Mobutu. That’s why it’s funny that he calls these reactionaries of foreign interests. When the reign of Museveni have gotten the same support, military training and aligned itself with the same powers that kept Mobutu in office. So, his not the right mind to talk about that either.

Second piece:

When summoning former Government Ministers etc, one of them said that if anybody summoned does not come, he/she will be regarded as having declared rebellion!! Really!!

Especially for the politicians, they have a right and even an obligation to say: “No”, to whatever they don’t agree with. Saying “No”, includes not attending meetings called. It is a peaceful way of showing one’s unhappiness” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

This is also very ironic coming from Museveni. A man who has always sanctioned and targeted the ones who defies his reign. The man who has made life “hell” and hectic for anyone who opposes him. Heck, the man has even targeted the ones that crosses him too. Museveni has gone after all rebels and stifled the ones who doesn’t follow him. That’s why it’s dangerous to be a Movement Rebel and these have paid a price over the years. So, His Excellency isn’t the one to talk about this subject. He is again throwing stones in a glass house…

Third piece:

Finally: “Do the coup-makers have a right to interfere with our destiny?” The answer is a categorical “no”; it is good that the African Union accepted the minimum position of outlawing these coups. The freedom fighters, who themselves have not harmonized well among themselves, but must reject flunkeyism, should have no problem with leaders that do not share their views provided they are elected. Elections means one person, one vote, by secret ballot, at regular intervals. This is the minimum they all have set and it is a good one. If people who do not share our views win the elections, provided they do not engage in extra–judicial killings, we should accept their leadership and struggle against their wrong positions peacefully. The position of one person, one vote, by secret ballot, at regular intervals, is a good minimum position because it addresses the substance of democracy, which means the continuous and perpetual supremacy of the sovereignty of the people. Nobody has a right to interfere with this” (Museveni, 15.09.2021).

Museveni is really himself here. Twisting his tongue, but also justifying himself here. It is really unique that someone who has the knowledge, know-how and expertise in doing coup d’etat’s. As President and rebel Museveni has excelled through these means. Not like he didn’t build a career on the same objective and use of force. Museveni would never have one an election without tampering, rigging and using the authorities against his enemies. That’s why his really not the man to say these things.

Yes, in principle the ideas of democracy and regular elections is true. However, when in concern to Museveni they are just a ploy to legitimacy for his own reign. Therefore, it isn’t really an insight or justified. The man has also over the years used kidnappings, torture, political prisoners and extra judicial-killings. So, it is not like his innocent and a proper statesman of sorts. No, that is only in his deluded ego.

For a man of his stature and with his CV. This text is an utter disgrace. It is like we are not supposed to know what sort of man he is and what he did. He wants to look like a freedom fighter and a liberator. However, he uses the means, which he calls wrong in this here text. That’s why his really an ambivalent leader. Who in theory writes what is right, but in action does the opposite. Because that benefits his own, which is himself and his cronies. That’s why he fears a coup d’etat against himself. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee when is your birthday?

Yesterday, the authorities, the handlers and all the “Yes-Men” was celebrating President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. However, the 15th September birthdate is a new creation. Not long ago the same man was celebrated on the 15th August. The President has also registered different birth years as well, this being 1944 and 1946. Therefore, he is surely toying around with this.

That’s why it’s hard to celebrate his birthday. He deleted all evidence early in his reign and has since then created his own narrative. The stories of his parents and their existence is all on his memory. Also on the stories and old articles. The origin is also changing just like he has a new name to every single election. So in 2026 expect him to have a new name and for a new reason.

What is clear that the President has done this all deliberately. That’s why I have written about this before, because the documentation on the wedding certificate from 1973 has other dates than on the birth certificate to Muhoozi Kainerubaga from 1974. This is alone putting everything into question and that the man cannot keep his ducks in a row. When he did in this 1970s… what is he able to do when he is in power?

That you can think for yourself. He has been in power since 1986 and has several of times changed things. That’s why he even needed an second edition of “Sowing the Mustard Seed” to revise the stories of the past. This is the sort of man he is and this is why it’s a manufactured date.

We can even look further back and early 2010s on social media. Public accounts and some radio stations was even joking that he was born in 1924 and was already 90 years old in 2012. That says it all really. His age, birthday and everything is natural to question.

Museveni have made this possible and he knows why he did this. He has deleted his past and recreated his own legend. That makes him more puff and glory, because his not proud of his origin. Neither, does he want the truth out. That is why he has manufactured it and it’s dumb.

That’s why it isn’t natural to celebrate his birthday. It is just a hand-picked day and a fixed story, which is based on a lie. This is not the fact or the reality. We cannot know and he has made this happen.

The President was born one day and should have a birthday. Every single person has a DOB. What we do know is that it’s politics and importance when and when. That’s because it is about legality or ability to stand as a candidate. This is why he has to alter this … and change it to make sense. However, at some point the truth will come out and the records from the past will resurface. Unless, he burned them all and destroyed it, as it was reported by others that he did early years of his reign. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s audacity

That’s unfortunate and it is a step backwards. Those military coups are of low value, we had them in the 1960s, and they were part of Africa’s problems. I condemn the coup, I don’t accept the idea of coups, they are not a solution. They should get out, they should be told to go away because they are not a solution to problems of the country” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in a France24 Interview (08.09.2021).

The New York Times Reported this on the 31st January 1986: “Some say they were also caught off guard when Mr. Museveni named himself President right after seizing the capital, while his forces were still fighting in some parts of the country” (Sheila Rule – ‘MAN IN THE NEWS: YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI; WINNER IN UGANDA’ 31.01.1986, The New York Times).

We know that the National Resistance Movement is on the 26th January every year, because President Museveni was sworn-in and officially His Excellency (H.E.) from that day forward to this present day.

What is really ironic about Museveni’s interview today. Is that he did not only intervene and participate in one coup, but several. Museveni participated in the overthrow and military intervention to bring down then President Idi Amin Dada. Museveni helped to bring down President Milton Obote’s second time as President. To further the cause, he deposed Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa and Tito Okello too. So, it is not like Museveni has done one coup, but several of them actually.

That’s why it’s really weird that he has such a stance towards what happening in Guinea. When he made his career and settled the score with the same means several of times. It is not like he did it once, but he did it a few more times too. Until, he was sure to have consolidated and weakened all opponents.

This is why it’s a double standard and hypocrisy. In a true dictatorial fashion. However, he needs to be called out for it. He has boasted about the coups and how he got rid of his enemies in the past.

I hope the ghosts of the former Presidents and their souls will haunt him at night. Hope the forefathers that he brought down will give him nightmares. So, that he cannot rest or sleep. Because, he shouldn’t get away with this.

It is disgusting and disrespectful. A man who built his career with coup d’etat and deposing head of states. Should be more positive, but we know he lives in fear of someone doing this to him. Museveni has also intervened and deposed leaders in the region too. So, it is not like he hasn’t participated in it for his gains in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he did it twice and in Rwanda too.

We are just supposed forget those things too. Where he got own friendly leaders in-charge and made him a bigger regional power. That’s what he did and he no trouble to do this. This was supporting and participating in coup d’etat elsewhere as well. Using military intervention to overthrow other government and not only doing this several of times in Kampala.

That’s why Museveni is a giant hypocrite and more people needs to call him out on it. He wouldn’t be in-charge or be the President if he didn’t control the army. If Museveni didn’t win the bush-war and took control of Kampala in January 1986. He wouldn’t be there… and have the ability he has today.

That’s why he believes and his whole career was built around the idea of a coup. Because, it is not like he was popular or was a genuine statesmen before he rebelled. This is why he should know better, but he rather lie, which is one of his well known traits. Peace.

Opinion: The entitlement of 1986 Brigade continues with Col. Barija

Yesterday Colonel Charles Barija who sent a letter to the authorities after he was retired this week. The commander and solider has been loyal to the President Museveni since participating in FRONASA. This is why Col. Barija feels entitled for more.

The colonel wants to be upgraded to a Brigadier General so that he doesn’t have to use boda-boda to get home. He feels he deserves the perks of a retirement with a bigger title. Since he has participated in vital parts of the struggle of the National Resistance Army (NRA). Where he has been stationed and been in battles of significance. This is why he should drive an SUV and have more lavish lifestyle now.

He also feels entitled for being a D Coy under Bazilio Olara-Okello and being the escort of Museveni when he was the Vice Chairman in the Military Commission before the 1980 election. The colonel also claims that he rescued the first family at one point.

While he also was hurt and damaged by the bush-war. After that he still was conscripted and part of the army. That’s why he fought in South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and other conflicts too.

All because of this… he deserves better and should get a better life in retirement. Col. Barija clearly feels this way and that’s nothing new. The 86 Generation of the NRA feels this way. They are above the law and can do whatever they feel. These are the “we fought” people and that’s why they should be praised and get the monies.

Nobody should be shocked that he don’t want to be another civilian taking a boda-boda home. He feels he should have a nice car and have a better lifestyle. This because of all the things he did while being loyal to the cause and the President. Since he has been there all along and been associated with them.

This is why he wrote the letter. It shows that some people are “above” and he feels like that. The colonel can act like this and it’s not revolutionary, but shows the heart of this men. They fought for themselves and their pockets. Peace.

Opinion: Obote described Museveni perfectly in 1990

The late President Dr. Milton Obote wrote a pamphlet in April 1990 called ‘NOTES ON CONCEALMENT OF GENOCIDE IN UGANDA’ and it’s viable on the website of Uganda Peoples Congress to this day. It is real gem and people should read the whole thing. What is striking there is how the former President is describing the current day President and we can all still relate to it.

We are in 2021 and a text from 1990 is very relevant. Obote was able to write an explanation and description of a person, which was timeless. Obote and Museveni was enemies, Obote was overthrown and grudges. Still, with that being said. His insights are valuable and he dared to write to his peace in exile in 1990.

Just as his first description of him is so fitting:

Museveni has a thirst for power in its most naked form. He believes intensely in violence as a means of governance and for holding power. He is an accomplished liar and a total stranger to truth. His method of conducting public affairs or his political Party, the UPM, and now his NRM/NRA is a combination of violence and lies. Museveni is an extremely poor, indeed inept, civil administrator. He seeks nor accepts advice from anybody on any matter and detests the conduct of public affairs through discussion, debate or competing ideas; his own ideas must be accepted as the only valid ones and all others are “bankrupt ideas”. Yet he is not averse to steal ideas from others and claim to have been the originator, but often without clear understanding of how to implement the stolen ideas” (Obote, 1990).

What is said here isn’t a lie. Museveni had a thirst for power and used all means to get it. He has always used violence to have power. While his lying about everything and everyone. Obote is also right about his governance and governing in general. Because, we cannot see any of his schemes, 10 point programme or anything succeeding. So, Obote is vindicated and shows that he saw the true Museveni even 31 years ago.

He continues: Museveni prefers militarist (violent) approach in the resolution of problems and issues but would also, at times, put forward a dissembling scheme,while preparing a military solution” (Obote, 1990). We know that the President is using the UPDF to solve everything. He is issuing orders where the army is now doing construction work, targeting illegal fishing, micro-finance and whatnot in the Republic. Museveni is also toying with the army to settle civilian issues as the elections and stopping the opposition from assembling. Therefore, Museveni continues is old school ways of violence and using military to resolve civilian issues.

Not shocking, but very relevant is this: “Museveni is very corrupt and presides over a regime which is equally very corrupt. In fact the nature of Museveni’s corruption is some kind of mania. As already stated, he is acutely uncomfortable with his lowly background, a matter which to a normal person would be of pride. But the mania which he exemplified in 1979 by living at the Palaces of former rulers, has now led him to build with public funds, his own Palace in Mbarara District. The Palace was built and completed within three years. Some of the materials for building it were imported as were the furniture, fittings, carpets, etc. The Palace stands on a huge farm with hundreds of exotic cattle imported from abroad. The cattle, farm implements and tractors and vehicles were all bought with public funds. Workers at the farm are paid by the Office of the President and Museveni is, of course, the President” (Obote, 1990).

He just shows his heart here. The violent and militarism in combination of the corruption. That is what we are seeing and that is eroding the state. As the President is the personification of the state at this point. That’s just shows what his willing to do and how he can live lavish on the public’s dime. We all know this, but Obote exposed that even in 1990 when he was a donor darling and a friend of the West. When the West allowed the prolonged conflict in Northern Uganda and didn’t take issues with the additional extra judicial killings, which his government did to consolidate power. That has been allowed and therefore, he has continued all of it. Since he has gotten of the hook for all of these years, but Obote knew already back then.

This is just small pieces of the pamphlet in question and there is more information, but this is just a about the personality of Museveni. Not all of his mischief way of getting into power, which he wants to be kept a secret and not blasted in public. As he wants a legendary tale of prominence and greatness in January 1986 and beyond. Peace.

Opinion: Muhwezi just needed a hot minute to create a scandal

UPDATE; Minister of Security Jim Muhwezi says, all vehicles and motorcycles will be fitted with a digital monitoring system to curb crime” (91.2 Crooze FM, 22.07.2021).

Government has signed a 10 year deal with Joint Stock Company Global Security, a Russian firm that will see the latter install tracking devices in all public and private vehicles and motorcycles in the country” (Nile Post, 23.07.2021).

The returning Member of Parliament and Minister Jim Muhwezi have just entered the offices and started his new term. As the 11th Parliament swearing-in days are over and the term has started. Just as he does his first deals and programmes as a Minister. He has already entangled himself in a scandal of epic proportions.

The Minister who has a history of wasting public funds in various of schemes. Has started where he has left of in the past. He has bought junk helicopters, robbed resources from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the well-known GAVI Funds as well. All of this while he was in office in the past.

I wrote a piece on his in 2020 named “If you want Jim Muhwezi back as an MP [then don’t cry if his involved in a grand corruption scandal]” published on the 17th August 2020, which was on this subject.

Therefore, the additional information today that he has signed a ten year deal with a defunct Russian company. That says it all and it was a new supposed wind-fall. Where he also had the blessing of the President. The Minister even stated that on one of his tweets while signing the deal. That says it all and he has the blessing of the State House to do this.

He has gotten away with theatrics before and he will most likely get away with it now too. Because, he is in good favours with the President. The in-law and minister surely will walk this one off and continue like nothing happens. The IGG, PPDA, FIA and nobody was in this to vet it the agreement either. That’s why you knows this institutions are idle, as things as foolish like this shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Who is as bold and brazen to write and sign a ten year deal with a one-year old defunct or bankrupted company from Russia? As a minister … do you have no scruples or morals? I am asking Jim and shouldn’t have asked in the first place. He let people rot in prison to die as the Director General of the Intelligence Services in 1980s. So it is not like he has a heart, but has an appetite for money and power.

Muhwezi was a scandal in the making. However, would have never thought it would have happened this fast. This was Formula One speed and Lewis Hamilton couldn’t even sprinted past Muhwezi on the racing track. That how fast and furious the minister was to seal this deal and ensure a quick pay-off in office.

Because, who would get the money and what sort of arrangements really matters with a company that ceased operations one year ago? That seems like a windfall and the biggest pay-off of the year. That’s how Muhwezi operates, I suppose. He doesn’t fear no man or any accountability. Well, he has done this before and gotten away with it. Why should it have any consequences now?


Opinion: The FDC needs to grow a pair

The current Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) high ranking officials needs to grow up and take their losses on the chin. Today’s news of possible dismissal of FDC MPs accepting Shadow Cabinet positions is foolish at best.

This coming from the same party, which have appointed Shadow Cabinets with MPs from other parties. So, this just shows a lack of growth or maturity from the current leadership. Yes, the FDC wasn’t consulted. Nevertheless, the FDC haven’t been willing to meet or greet the National Unity Platform (NUP) on earlier meetings either. Secondly, the FDC have retaliated and questioned the NUPs credentials and their agenda.

Therefore, that Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda is calling out like this. After what Nathan Nandala-Mafabi have done in the post-election. They have both been on the warpath with the NUP. These two have been comrades in talking ill of the NUP and their actions. While never accepting anything its doing. Neither, have it taking it lightly that none of the MPs was appointed to committee’s.

That’s why today’s words was striking. That they went this way. When the NUP have invited FDC. It has been seen as non-important and as a obstacle. This seems to be the same reasons for why FDC can avoid or even boycott IPOD. However, when FDC is appointed as the leader of IPOD. Than it becomes an important thing…

This sort of pattern is tiring. The FDC leadership better grow up. Especially, as this is supposed to the party who has for ages been in the battle and fought the dictatorship. The ones who can educate and show how things are done. They could show some heart and skill.

They should be happy that Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga have considered 7 MPs from the FDC. He could have picked several more from his own party the NUP. He could have filled the ranks. Still, he appointed surely in talks with his own and own their merits to various of positions. However, this is not good enough for the FDC.

Now… suddenly… the FDC wants to meet and drink tea. Who are they kidding here? What sort of game is this? Maybe FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) needs to have an extraordinary meeting to figure out the way to be a ordinary opposition and not the leader of it. Since, this is the first time in ages. The FDC is demoted and they should be gracious to be considered this big.

Even, if some of the big-men and the long-term MPs wasn’t appointed here or in May to the Committee’s. Still, they should just be happy and accept this. Just like the other opposition parties took their part. When they were at the helm and appointed the Shadow Cabinet. That is what the FDC should do now.

Well, maturity is clearly not this party thing. They are not able to show it. Neither, to take things to heart. Everyone is supposed to play after their tune and dance. However, no one else is supposed to counter or try on their own. That’s how this looks. This coming from one of the persons who has attacked the NUP after the elections.

That’s why this is tiring. This part seemed like someone you could look up to and get engaged in. That was just a lie. As they are only in it for their own and play by own rules. Never, accepting what other people does. Especially, the NUP should just follow and do the two-step. Never ever act on its own.

That’s why the FDC cry foul now and even wants to dismiss it’s own. They are so broken and lack moral courage. To even be gracious and move-on. They are not the big-dog anymore. Be leaders, act mature and take it on the chin. Show your character over this term and try again.

The FDC seems to lost their vibe and their Mojo. Like they have lost some vital parts and cannot operate in good faith. These folks who talks big. Should also act big. However, that’s to much to ask.

They are all for Democratic Change, but cannot the democratic change that has happened in the Parliament. Which they are smaller and the NUP is bigger. It is time for them to accept and eventually move-on. In 2016 they could act like big-shots in the opposition and in 2011 as well.

Now, the tide is turning and they just don’t seem ready for it. Time for Najjakumbi to visit Kamwokya and speak to the leaders there. I don’t think it would hurt. It would be a lesson of humility and maybe of finalization of maturity. Especially, if the FDC would ever continue to lecture the newcomer and their rise to power. It seems to be the only reasonable thing to do.

Unless, their only game-plan is to attack the NUP and Bobi Wine. Just like the NRM. Peace.