A Memo on Museveni [if you oppose him, know it is treasonous]

Therefore, “the disappearances” are a consequence of the essentially, treasonable acts of elements of the opposition. It is dishonest for anybody to talk about the mistakes, if any, of the Security Forces without talking about the origin of the problem: treason, using terrorism by the opposition. Criticize the Army if justified, but also criticize those taking the unconstitutional road of terrorism, intimidation, sectarianism etc” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘O You People of Little Faith’ 07.03.2021).

This is just a friendly warning. A stern message. A needed one. It shouldn’t be this way. However, the self-styled President for Life. The tyrant, warlord and dictator is stating it himself. The whole text he dropped is a manifest of what he believes.

That is very simple. If you oppose this man. The state can fabricate cases, reasons and take people away with no charges, court trials or due process. They are guilty by association and by being members or activists in opposition parties. That is enough reason to abduct, kidnap, torture, keep them incommunicado and in the possible murder them. The state is allowed to do all of this, because their act of association is an act of treason.

It is treasonous to oppose the President. It is treachery. It is going against the state and especially the personification of the state. The institutions, the constitution or anything is futile, it is worthless documents and procedures. Any person is not supposed to go against the President or his will. No one is supposed to talk, plan or even conspire to challenge him. No, you are supposed to be a loyal subject and be a patriot after his vision. Everything else is deemed unfit and sectarian.

That is just how things goes. This is the liberation and the freedom fighters of the 1980s is delivering the people of 2021. He is acting as the sole proprietor of liberty, justice and freedom. He is has the answers and his words are final. Everything else is useless and baseless, just mere assumptions and accusations. The uttering and stuttering of himself is more wise than any other mere mortal.

Nobody should ever consider to question him. His the forever ruler and the man is the epitome of the state. There will be nobody like him and no one is above him. Museveni is a man you cannot stand up against. If you do… know the consequences and there will be no redeeming factors. You will be punished, there will be no mercy and know that your a traitor. Because, you dared to challenge the state, the authorities and only man with a vision. You dared to oppose the embodiment of the state, the man of the Republic and the almighty General.

If you don’t know, now you know. Peace.

Opinion: O treachery! Fly, good Yoweri, fly, fly, fly!

Today the Ugandan President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni written article called ‘O You People of Little Faith’. Just the title alone is showing his arrogance and his eager to show entitlement. Using the mannerism of the Bible and the Holy Scripture to defend the actions of the state. While the state is violating key aspects of it. Like not to kill, hurt or treat the neighbour in any way possible that you want yourself to be treated. However, he never looks into those parts of the scripture.

Because, I doubt Mr. President wants to be taken by a drone, detained and tortured in a safe-house and be incommunicado without any acknowledgement or charges. While his family members calling out for him and wonder where he is. As plain-clothed officers took him away at night and into the infamous drone.

Well, let us digest some of the pieces of this article. Where I will address the parts on by one and ends with a final conclusion. We all know the drill, right? Okay then, lets go.

These thoughts bring me to the events in Uganda where the different elements of the UPDF and Police have been criticized for brutal conduct and use of excessive force. The criticism is good and necessary in a free society like Uganda. However, that criticism should be honest and balanced” (Museveni, 07.03.2021),

The Old Man with the Hat wants a balanced discussion on the matters, but it is not his kin whose in trouble or at an unknown location. If his people or his party was haunted by the Security Organizations of the state. Maybe his tone and his ways would have been different too. So, to ask for a balanced discussion is a bit hard. Knowing how the injustice and impunity his state is running at this moment. Why be fair to the old man and his elite? When his men is doing the devils work on planet earth(!) .

The reason was that somebody had taught them that good soldiers are like good surgeons. A surgeon uses a knife, just like the butcher does. However, the surgeon’s knife only goes for the tumor, for the cancer. It does not cut anyhow. If you cut anyhow, you are, then, a butcher. Even for the cancer, you do not have to use the knife always. If chemotherapy and radiation can do, you avoid the knife” (Museveni, 07.03.2021).

Here his trying to tell that soldiers are well-trained and is capable of thinking for themselves, as they are like surgeons who knows what tools to use for a given sickness and treat it correctly. However, how does this fit the current use of soldiers against own civilians and using the army to trial civilians? Where is this fitting to use the allegory of a surgeon, when you send soldiers to kill and oppress civilians for demonstrating against you? It doesn’t make sense. Other, than you wants the public to think the soldiers are properly trained. Nevertheless, is the “proper” training, that the soldier are cutting civilians who dares to oppose your ways?

Indeed, a few years ago, I had to remind, in writing, all the security personnel, the incorrectness and unproductivity of applying beatings on wrong doers or the use of extra-judicial killings. Those actions stopped that time. With the recent allegations, I have already sent out written reminders of our doctrine and why. While it is correct to be concerned when there are arrests and when people are not brought to Court quickly, it is tendentious, dishonest and malicious to compare these mistakes to Amin’s time or present the situation as incurable” (Museveni, 07.03.2021).

It isn’t just allegations and a few wrongdoings in the past. The state have had and continues to have “safe-houses” which the state doesn’t want to be held accountable for. The actions done in them and in the “safe-houses” are just as they were in the “Argentina House” during Amin’s time. The actions done by the state now with the drone’s is no different from the “panda gari’s”. The whole fundamental change of your leadership. Is sadly more of the same, but with you as the head of state instead. Your government is serving similar acts and extra judicial killings, which isn’t allegations, but reported incidents and murders in the general public. If people are participating in rallies, funerals or just being political active. That is enough for your security forces to sometimes end them. That isn’t allegations, but how you operate. You are doing the same “mistakes” of Amin and doing systematically.

The Opposition and their foreign backers thought that their schemes of hijacking the destiny of the people of Uganda by installing a quisling regime in Uganda, was now water-tight. In this, they were being supported by the parasite elements within Uganda – those who never work, but want wealth and power, including the new comprador (agents of foreign interests) bourgeosie who want our country to remain as a super-market for foreign products and resent our rapid industrialization. In future, we shall say more about these traitors” (Museveni, 07.03.2021).

This is such a “rich” argument by the donor darling and the one who is a key ally to the West. Mr. President, without foreign backers you wouldn’t have a career. Museveni needed Libyans at one point, but wanted help from others to get ammunition and guns in the bush-war. So, he knows the value of foreign backers. That is why he uses this, but he never proves it. Only uses to intimidate and use it as a patriotic feature of his reign. While, he will never speak of his own foreign backers and his own career. Where he has used all sorts of foreign donations, programs and loans to fund his lifestyle.

It is also his elite who runs the Republic. It is his elite who owns the Republic and has “ownership” of the Republic. It is decided by the political high ranking officials and the elite is aligned with him. We are not supposed to know that, but it is. So, this argument is foolish. A man who did the liberalization of the markets for foreign donations and got military support from the US. That is who Museveni is and his reasoning is flawed and just a ploy.

He continues on this path:

Many arrests were made, but many were released. By the time I made my broadcasts on this and other issues on the 13th of February, 2021, SFC was still “holding” 53 persons. Since that time, 2 persons have been released, one had a problem of TB. The other 51 have been with SFC, helping them to expose the whole criminal scheme of elements of the opposition plus their local parasite and foreign backers. Too bad for the traitors. These poor youth, gave us the whole scheme and they are now our friends. “Omukwano guvwa mungabo”, remember traitors, our proverb. Or you have forgotten our proverbs!! Whatever is done in secrecy, will be proclaimed on the roof tops, it says in the Book of Luke Chapter 12, Verse 3. Therefore, traitors, local parasites and their foreign backers, be informed that the forces that liberated Uganda and have defended it eversince, are there and will always do their duty. When it came to two days before the voting day, about 24,000 soldiers of the UPDF were deployed in most of the 2,184 Sub-counties of Uganda to defeat the scheme of the undemocratic opposition which was not to allow the elections to take place because they knew that they would lose, unless they intimidated the citizens and stopped them from coming to vote as they did in Kampala. How would they, then, account to their foreign funders? That scheme failed and elections were held in total peace. Even after the elections, there was total peace. We were ready to crush any insurrection or disruption by the undemocratic groups” (Museveni, 07.03.2021).

We are seeing his vicious mind, as he calls other people parasites and traitors, but there are no proof of this, but they are deemed so by the President. He can call opposition people this and say they have “foreign backers”. Just look at the previous comments on that. Will not dwell into that twice.

While he is easily stating the numbers of soldiers compared to the massive amount of sub-counties. However, we know the soldiers and brigades was put in strongholds. Where the state went after and arrested, kidnapped and abducted people associated with the opposition. That was reported in the night ahead of the polls. They are the insects who are in bed with foreigners and deserves in his words to be treated as traitors. That without any court charges, warrants or due process as according to the law. He speaks of total peace, but how can you call this peace? When you are doing this to your own?

If you need the army and Special Forces Command to go after civilians active in politics you are undemocratic by action. They are not undemocratic, but you are who are using the army to get your will and silence the opposition. That is far from democratic, as the state went after these folks and didn’t do it according to law. He claims these opposition people was planning an “insurrection” but no proof of that. Just like the often based allegation that someone is planning to burn the gas-stations in Kampala… and it never happens!

He ends it all with this “friendly” message:

Therefore, “the disappearances” are a consequence of the essentially, treasonable acts of elements of the opposition. It is dishonest for anybody to talk about the mistakes, if any, of the Security Forces without talking about the origin of the problem: treason, using terrorism by the opposition. Criticize the Army if justified, but also criticize those taking the unconstitutional road of terrorism, intimidation, sectarianism etc” (Museveni, 07.03.2021).

By stating it like this… he is saying being in opposition to him is “treasonous”. He calls it certain elements and we know, which he directs that too. Not the ones who acts like opposition, but comes clinging him too in need. However, the ones who dares to oppose him and stand up against him. He claims they are planning terrorism and using an unconstitutional road. Nevertheless, there is no proof of t his and his activity and usage of the security organizations towards his citizens are unconstitutional.

The Constitution is clearly another weapon for him to use against his opponents, but not a guiding laws who everyone have to abide by, as if the opposition would have deserved a fair trial and investigations into its activity before their arrest. Alas, they are deemed as treasonous before any law enforcement have been put into play. It shows that his ideals and his “democratic” values isn’t there.

He is above the law and he can decide who is fit or not. He speaks of intimidation and acts of terrorism. However, the people who is captured, kidnapped and abducted didn’t act in a criminal enterprise, but was political active in a opposition party. In the end that is enough to called “treasonous” by the President. That says it all by his state of mind.

Your doing an act of treason if you dare to challenge, oppose or think of a peaceful transition… there is only one way and that is the way of Museveni. If you go up against him and wants him retired. Your act is treason. That shows that the personification of the state is Museveni and not its institutions. Peace.

Opinion: It’s not revolutionary to kidnap or abduct civilians who oppose your leadership

It is has been plenty of times when the National Resistance Movement and its government has called itself a “revolutionary” movement. However, the acts of it isn’t so. The actions made of late. Only proves that its emulating and using the same means of the past. It only has appointed the authorities, security organizations and made new facilities for keeping civilians incommunicado.

The civilians are only taken, abducted, kidnapped, detained, tortured and even killed, because they are associated, members and active as a part of the National Unity Platform (NUP. If not they are part of other opposition parties like the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC). These folks can be gone missing for over 600 days at most and not seen again. People are retuning as bodies in fields and even suddenly left on streets. There are so many souls taken out early. Just because they are affiliated with other parties.

The state is playing a cat-and-mouse game with revelations of the ice-berg. As they have a few numbers of people kept in their dungeons and chambers. The public cannot know the extent of these “Panda Gari’s” or drones, which happens on a rampant basis. There is new stories and people who doesn’t know what has happened to them.

We don’t know how many the army have captured. We don’t know how many the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) has, neither does we know how many who is detained without charges at SIU Kireka. Neither how many who has been taken to ungazetted “safe-houses” across the Republic. We cannot know how many plain-clothed agents that is involved in this and who is directly ordering this.

For what we know, the Special Force Command (SFC), Crime Preventers, Internal Security Organizations (ISO) or any other state security organization who does this. We cannot know, because this is hidden and the orders are not leaked. The memos or documents showing their activity is hidden. Neither is conversation made between the commanders and higher command out either. Which we know will accept and let it happen, as they are doing the bidding of the “high above”.

The numbers of people taken by the state has been fluid, but we know the small numbers from the state isn’t close to the truth. We know its much worse. They are always downplaying and making the numbers jaded. That is what they have done with murders-in-the-city and with other horrific acts made by the authorities to its own. Therefore, I take the withhold lists of people from CMI and other agencies with a grain of salt. It seems like they acting naive, when they know perfectly well what they do.

This is a deliberate attack on the opposition. Scaring the up-coming generation. That is what this so-called revolutionary government does. A government who has a “freedom-fighter” and “liberator” as Commander-in-Chief, General and President. That government shouldn’t use the tactics of the ones it said it would erase. A “freedom fighter” who promised to never let citizens die in the hands of the government. A president who promised a fundamental change, but is delivering the same sinister acts 30 years later. His vile acts in Northern Uganda will never be forgotten. Neither, how he killed his opposition to consolidate power in the early years in power.

Still, what he does now. Just shows how little he cares about democracy and free speech. When everyone who associate and stands by the opposition is fair game. They are all targets and has a circle on their forehead to be hit. Because, the state is allowing this and doing it systematically.

So, if people call the NRM revolutionary. I’m sorry its not. It is just the same brutality it promised to dismantle. They promised to be different than Amin and Obote, but is doing the same thing. The extent is maybe even much worse, as the Museveni era has lasted much longer than their reign. When the sun suddenly will shine on the atrocities, crimes against humanity and extra judicial-killings. Maybe we will know the damage that the state has done. We will know what rumours have said about what happened in the “safe-houses” over the years. We get to know the pain and suffering that has happened in the dark.

Those acts isn’t revolutionary, its actually tyranny and what he promised to leave behind. The mighty general promised to make a difference, but this is more of the same. Only difference is his PR Team and western backing for peacekeeping missions and deal with their war on terror. While he could terrorize his home at the same time. That is how this story goes.

To many souls and lives been taken so one man can be in power. To many have been detained, tortured and scared for life. Just so one man can rule supreme for life. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Museveni is condescending towards the EU Envoys

We don’t see you as enemies, remove all the diversions and concentrate on the shared goals and help one another for the prosperity of our people” (…) “By involving yourselves in matters that you don’t understand, even if you do understand, you should not get involved because this kind of misconduct can lead to many serious consequences and suffering of the people like it happened in some African countries” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the European Union Envoy on Thursday at Entebbe State House 18th February 2021.

Well, General Museveni, the Self-Styled President for Life and junta leader showed his true self. We know he still believes his the only man with a vision. The President still believes he understands everything and got the right hunch. This man believes his self-righteous and has the God given rights to rule supreme indefinitely. That is apparent by his actions and how he runs his state.

The General is the Personification of the state. It is his final orders that is fatal for people. It is his decisions to address or fix bottlenecks. However, Museveni misses one key aspect now. He cannot control information or reports across borders. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) cannot decide what sort of intel or reporting that comes elsewhere. They are getting stories, documents and proofs of actions made. Which in the past would have been kept confidential. That is why his speaking this way. Because, he still thinks he can control the narrative and get the envelope.

The General should know better, but the “Panda Gari’s” was something you was supposed to get rid off. However, you have re-issued them for the opposition and the National Unity Platform (NUP). It is not like the outside world is seeing your tyranny and suffering you putting on people. Just so you can rule into a 4 decade. Because, that is all that matters… and everything else is fair game. People are dying and extra judicial killings is now common. That is tragic, but the abductions, keeping people incommunicado and torturing them. That is why EU is sanctioning you and your regime.

Museveni wants to be allowed to be a War-Lord … and be praised for being so. He wants honour, statutes and be known liberator. Nevertheless, the people aren’t free just because the elite is eating and his closest associates are getting wealthy on crippling the state. Kudos to the pain and suffering you are giving the general public, dissidents and lack of government delivery to its citizens.

He wants to be honoured and getting kisses of the ring, which his used to by the 169 Presidential Advisors and his huge cabinet. All of the NRM Party is a machine built around him. Just like he has done with the state. That is why his letters are vital and the way things moves. Not to mention the NRM Caucuses at Entebbe State House. Where the final decisions are made in co-operation with NRM Central Executive Committee (NRM CEC). Its all run by him… and that is why he doesn’t want get questioned or even resolutions against him. That is not how you supposed to operate, because nobody else does. He is used to being worshipped, the uncrowned monarch and demi-god, which deserves to hailed in all of his glory. A man who needs to preserved as a living legend and a treasure to humanity. The EU Envoys needs to know this, because that is the case.

That is why his really showing his colours when he states things like this. He wants to rule indefinitely without any accountability or transparency. The General wants to eat their money and not be held accountable for it. Because, he see it as his money and not for the development, agencies or whatnot it was supposed to go too. No, it is his funds and he knows how to spend it. However, he didn’t raise it or are entitled to it. Still, he will feel hurt if they suddenly doesn’t drop him grants or aid in his favour. Since, he knows the issues and they don’t, but he does need their money. That is how I am understanding it.

The coins can always come… Museveni will always need a helicopter, SUV, ranch or a fancy plane. The old man always needs some more expensive gadgets and tools to keep himself in shape. That is why he needs the EU Envoy to continue to facilitate his government deficits… but they are not supposed to involved in the business in general. They are supposed to sign checks and shut-up. They don’t understand it anyway, but their money is all good. That is the moral of this story.

General Museveni to the rescue. He can spend your money, but don’t you dare insult his intelligence by questioning his uses of violence, human rights violations or oppressive behaviour to continue to stay in power. The EU is supposed to look the other way and just give him the shillings. So he can use the tear-gas, guns and “safe-houses” to silence his critics. Because, what do they know? Nothing right? Peace.

Opinion: OO would have said that Jesus didn’t die, because he rose from the grave on the third day

Today, Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo have written yet another piece. This time published in New Vision. The article or think piece is called: “OPINION: Alleged kidnaps, torture and disappearances must be stamped out”. It was published on the 15th February 2021. What he says is despicable and show no regard to all the citizens taken with no accountability or justice.

The likes of OO is the ones who will defend death, murder and extra judicial killings by attacking the ones who are getting this treatment. OO rather shield his emperor and the regime itself. Than understanding the pleas, the tears and the suffering of others. It is more important to look Noble, grand and supreme. He rather want the world to be praising his master and his vanity. Because that is what matters to him. This is why he writes pieces like these.

I will take pieces of it and then discuss it. Just like I have done before. Because, someone has to debunk and dissecting his text, yet again.

He starts with: “Reports of alleged kidnaps, torture, illegal detentions and disappearances are mostly false alarms, but they are nevertheless embarrassment to the well-established track record of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government and must be stamped out immediately. Every person arrested by security agencies must be accounted for in accordance with established procedures and laws of Uganda, offenders punished. Even cases of false alarm and mischief by people who go underground only to surface later must be dealt with” (OO, 15.02.2021).

OO writes like the world and the people doesn’t get the memo. He wants the stories to cease and silent the public. Just because it destroys a “perfect” track-record of the NRM. Which isn’t grand in the first place. If he government is so genuine and cares about “rule of law”. Why does the NRM keep up having ungazetted “safe-houses”? Why does the state have to pay damages and repair hurt for victims illegally arrested, tortured in the courts?

Not like that is a new feature of the state. It is the mere scale and the ability of the National Unity Platform to spread message about the activity. As the state violence, injustice and impunity gets recorded and spread on the new social media platforms. It is not like the Uganda Police Force or any other security agencies haven’t done this in the past. They have and that is why Nalufenya and other places have a reputation, which resembles the days of Argentina House. That says a lot, but OO would never state that. He wants people to believe the NRM believes and works for “rule of law”. When they have since the inception been brutal to its dissidents and done what they could to control the population by force.

He continues: “It is also necessary to state that virulent groups and gullible media are being used to portray the Government as run by rogues who have lost moral, democratic and legal campus to deserve any legitimacy. To them, admitting President Yoweri Museveni’s strength undercuts their false foul cries to persuade foreign governments to sanction Uganda on unverified human rights violations. In a choreographed scheme, they have chosen words carefully to land powerful punches on NRM and President’s core credentials, respect to human life, dignity, democracy, and the rule of law.” (OO, 15.02.2021).

If the government and the state was so legitimately and adherent to “rule of law”. There wouldn’t be the need to charge civilians in Military Courts. There wouldn’t be the need for “drones” and for arbitrary arrests, kidnaps and torture of civilians. However, that is what the state does.

He also wants the President Museveni to be praised and getting his glory. Just as its the victims fault and their use of minds to explain the ill fortune. That they can spread the message about the human rights violation. The government spokesperson doesn’t want to take that into consideration the efforts of state and their ills. He just want the “good” but not take account for the “bad”.

The spokesperson calls it a coordinated effort and such. However, he speaks of respecting human life and democracy, but doesn’t want anyone to speak out of the violations of both. People are just supposed to be loyal crony like himself. The core credentials is a lie, because his achievements have been by the gun and not by the mercy of the people. Therefore, he cannot play this one out and believe his own words.

OO continues: “They continue to make the most horrendous allegations of what they christened ‘kidnaps’ rather than arrests. They have coined ‘forced disappearances of persons’ and not detention of violent criminal suspects accused of plotting heinous crimes of subversion, treason and spreading political terror to undermine civil governance” (OO, 15.02.2021).

This man rather make a mockery and attempt to justify arrests without any proper procedure. No warrants, no charges and no sentencing. That is cool, because the opposition cries ‘foul’ which is wrong. Since in his eyes they should just be silent and nod their heads to regime. These folks are not supposed to speak or even dare speak out of the ills of society. No, they are supposed to go silent to their graves and serve like he does.

Again, a government official is calling civilians criminal for political affiliation. Calling them terrorists for taking a stance and being part of political association. That shows how little the state care for “rule of law”. It is horrific to call out the ills, but they are at the same moment called “terrorist”. That is how this government is bargaining with its dissidents. This shows what sort of atrocities that is at stake.

He continues: In all these insidious schemes, NUP and their surrogates were bold enough to lay their plots in public view through intimidation, harassment, and physical assault of innocent citizens. Their initial plan was to intimidate voters not to turn out in large numbers on polling day so that NUP hooligans do whatever they wanted with balloting, counting, tallying and eventual results declaration, which the security forces effectively foiled. The current anger and frustration for being nipped in the bud has driven them to extreme desperation to the point they are willing to use vagabonds and criminals in adventurous ways to disrupt public order in the false belief they can win unchallenged. People with criminal intent must be told in clear terms that they will be tackled aggressively. NUP continues to hold a hostile posture in the public spaces, gullible mainstream media and social media cesspool to spread false and fake news” (OO, 15.02.2021).

Here we see again. The spokesperson is saying people are deliberately getting themselves into trouble and is doing it with criminal intent. It isn’t wrong of the state to do this dubious and violate their freedom, liberty and justice. The injustice and use of force to take away their freedom. It is the NUP’s fault and the victims are to blame. That is so typical… as the state is not to blame for its activity and its usage of weapons towards the unarmed.

Then he toys around with the sentiment and time, as people are just supposed to accept this vicious ways. The President and Security Organizations wicked ways and use of state apparatus to silence the opposition. While he calls them criminal and with that justifies the injustice. He calls the public gullible and mocks them for believing in the leaders. That is directly showing his disdain for the general public. That’s because the NRM doesn’t need them, but they need the armed force to continue to rule.

He ends with these words: “By donning the so-called bullet-proof vest whose efficacy was not proven, Kyagulanyi skillfully accomplished dark drama, like Dr Kizza Besigye and his infamous handcuffs. Having failed in an election they had billed as the waterloo for President Museveni, NUP and its insidious foreign backers including some diplomatic missions here, continue to frame an absurd narrative that Uganda is a criminal state spinning out of control” (OO, 15.02.2021).

What is really striking is saying that Bobi Wine and Besigye is actors with a political play. While not stating the reason for their actions. Not like the cars of these politicians has been attacked. That both have been close to assassinations. Not like the armed forces and police has used violent means on the campaign trail. No, the opposition have been able to travel across the Republic without any issues. No, they have not been close to live-bullets, ambushed, tear-gassed or even slept on the road-side, as the hotels was not open for them.

Well, the government spokesperson calls that democracy and “fair game” I suppose.

If Ofwono Opondo was the spokesperson in biblical time. He would have attacked the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. OO would have deemed him criminal and called him a “terrorist”. His disciples would have been a gang of crooks and their dogma was to cause “unrest”. OO would have said the stories of Jesus resurrecting and rising up from the dead as a “lie”. The spokesperson would have dismissed all believers and called them out for blasphemy. OO would have said that Jesus couldn’t have died on the cross, if he rose from the dead on the thrid day. That is the sort of man OO is.

He will not say it himself. Because that is tarnishing his life work and dedication to the throne. His the loyal subject and will defend anything for Museveni. All of his life has been in his hands and he will write it in blood if he has too. That is who he is and that is why we got to call him out for it and not accept his lies. Peace.

Drone Watch: The Police is serving a poor excuse of a meal on a plate [the food fell off actually]

Many of these vehicles are new and when they are being imported, they come with very small number plates fixed infront and sometimes they are not fixed in the hind part. At times those small plates fall off and you see them on the highway” – the acting Police Director in charge of Traffic ad Road Safety, Lawrence Niwabiine (15.02.2021).

The drones or the Panda Gari’s is ravaging the Republic. The state is getting scrutiny and public outcries. As civilians are taken by plained clothed individuals and taken into these “drones” to unknown locations, kept incommunicado and tortured at ungazetted “safe-houses”. This being done in “secret” by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and other security agencies. The numbers of how many that is taken is fluid, as the state only drops a minor number, which isn’t reflecting the reality on the ground. Neither is the state account for the ones left for dead and deposed on field like slaughtered prey.

Therefore, the Police Director Niwabiine must think people are foolish, stupid and dumb. These sort of statements only shows their lack brightness. There is nothing smart about this. We know why it doesn’t have number-plates, because then they cannot be traced. It is not like the general public can get the Vehicle Indication Number (VIN) on the Chassis. That numbers is something the producer have and the possible importer for the vehicle book. However, the Niwabiine wants us really to believe this:

First ascertain(why the vehicle is numberless) because the owner cant carry it to the licencing authority for a new number plate.” (Niwabiine, 15.02.2021).

That he wants us to believe that is saying a lot. Because that means the car owner isn’t able to register as a person at Uganda Revenue Authority and also at the DT Regional Service centres. Where you drop the paperwork to prove your claim to the vehicle, paying the fees and showing the books on the vehicle. So, that the car can get registered and get its number plate.

What is also striking is that the common issues for used Toyota Hiace is thick white and grey smoke from the exhaust. Additional noise when the car decelerate. Another common defect is a shaking clutch. This happens sometimes when the car have issues during the start-up. There is also issues with Diesel engines not starting in hot weather. That is the heat-up stopping the ignition switch from turning. Last common issues with a Hiace is having trouble in cold mornings as the plugs are not working properly and struggling with the weather changes.

All of these are common issues from a reputable Japanese Car Exporter page (Carused.jp). There is nothing there about troubles or issues with number-plates. That shows the dishonesty. As we know perfectly well the drill and the reason behind the lack of number-plates.

The reason for no number-plate is that they don’t want traceability or ability to figure out where it has been. The “drone” can just be ghost appearing and leaving with its prey. There can be no direction or monitor of its movement. As the vehicle have no other sign or proof to be the same vehicle. Yes, people know the White Toyota Hiace and how it looks, but there could be several of these and doesn’t have to be a “drone”.

That is why the agents or law enforcement using these “drones” have kept them anonymous to ensure no-one can sport the right one or be sure that it is really a “drone”. That is how to mask yourself and keep it hidden. As the public cannot search for the VIN and surely they cannot have a hallmark to trace a car – the number-plate.

This secrecy is for a reason and also to strike fear into the people. As every-time they see a car that resembles the “drone”. They will worry and feel disdain. They know what happen to others and that’s why they will be frighten by just the outlook of having it in their streets. Because, they know how these cars are used and they are a tool for oppression, torture, kidnappings and even death. This is why people fear those cars.

The lack of number-plate is just a method to mask over and to not be able to find out the owner or placement of the set vehicle. Usually that is a trick of thieves and robbers, who doesn’t want to be captured and used by villains. Alas, this is used by state actors with ill intent to keep silent and not be able to find their ways. This is done to keep it under a wraps and terrorize the public as they see fit.

They are doing this deliberately now and now they are trying to downplay it. That is really disingenuous and insincere. The Police Force is also thinking the general public is stupid and that they will accept this reasoning. Just like they hope someone can red-tape it and call it a night. Peace.

Museveni shows no remorse towards the ones abducted by “drones” [BTW: He only yawns]

The talk of disappearances should be ignored because it can’t happen under the National Resistance Movement . Under NRM, even if a mistake is made, it will be discovered or answered. That’s the point i wanted to mention tonight” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, State Address on the 13th February 2021

Today, the President promised to address the abductions and the kidnaps of the state. He would address the security of the Republic. However, he only continued to show disregard of the public and the ones kidnapped. It is just like don’t care. Maybe that was why he yawned and was tired. Not strange his tired… he has been ruling for 35 years and seems tired.

However, President Museveni didn’t act sincere or speak with heart. No, he didn’t even want to be on TV and broadcast to the nation. Surely, the old man rather wanted to rear his goats or look after his cattle. Because the President doesn’t care about the violations of the citizens and his dissidents. No, he rather let them burn, as he promised to crush the opposition. Clearly, that’s what his doing and doing deliberately…

This is why he says stuff like this:

The security forces are taught not to violate civilians rights with impunity. If that happens, there will be consequences. The UPDF is a very disciplined force” (Museveni, 13.02.2021).

There were people who were arrested by CMI. They were in 2 categories which involved 177 who were granted bail or released. Another are 65 still being investigated. Their names should be made public so that this talk of disappearance is answered” (Museveni, 13.02.2021).

I was hearing in the papers that there is a stampede on the issue of disappearance. Every Ugandan under NRM will be accounted for” (Museveni, 13.02.2021).

It never gets old that the army is so disciplined, but still they violate citizens and kills them without any punitive action. The state clearly abducts, arbitrary arrests, tortures and kills, as the President isn’t really addressing it. Also, his numbers are way low and there are several of people who haven’t been accounted for. Again the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni think they can drop so insignificant numbers. When we have heard about so many more.

Now, the President told the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) is behind the “drones”. It shows what sort acts the state does to its citizens. When such an organization is behind it and does it. It is not like they have warrant, charged or even sentenced. This is why the outrage and the outcry, as civilians are taken without any legal remedy and its an injustice served them.

It is not like this is done with the “Equal Before Law” or “ Habeas Corpus”. No, they are doing that with impunity. This is why the President tries to address it. I don’t believe the numbers. When the opposition numbers is so much higher and most likely more accurate. Because, the National Unity Platform is attacked and more stories are coming out. Therefore, the numbers the President dropped and been made less.

So… Museveni thinks people are stupid. However, people should accept this. He doesn’t care and rule of law is meaningless. He thinks this is good enough and valid arguments. While citizens are abducted, held and ends up dead on the watch of the state. The CMI might be part of it, but maybe ISO and others too. God knows who does all of this. The “Panda Gari’s” or Drones just show how little the President cares about the rights of the citizens.

This is why he comes out about it. But he doesn’t show any remorse or care about it. Just trying to boost his ego and his power. Not being there as a representative. He thinks he can get away with it. That’s because he gotten away with it before. Museveni thinks that happens today too. Peace.

Opinion: The dead won’t scream [and that’s why we got to do it]

With everyday there is never ending trail of violence, abductions and extra-judicial killings. As bodies are dropped, people are gone for months and stories of torture is coming in the press. Still, the government is acting naive and its spokespeople isn’t saying much either. People are being arbitrary arrested, abducted and even killed. They are harmed because of their political affiliation and their activism for an opposition candidate and the new party National Unity Platform (NUP).

There is unverified reports of thousands upon thousands of people collected by the security organizations. They are kept in undisclosed locations and incommunicado for days. Nobody allowed to access them and the loved ones have no idea why they were arrested in the first place. These drones are taking civilians without any due process. They are “guilty of a crime” before they gotten warrants, charged or even sentenced. That is a violation of their rights and is pure injustice.

The stories of how it is happening is repeated…. the drone is coming at night. The plain-clothed security agents are storming a home. Knocking on doors and invading privacy. These folks are taking the activists, candidates and even elected representatives without any forewarning. Where they are put in a ungazetted “safe-house”. This is where they are tortured and detained without legal justification. Some is so badly treated that they are dumped in a random location or a field. Because, the state and security agencies will not bury them. They could could arrest them and torture them, even kill them, but will not honour their bodies and soul with a burial.

That is how dangerous and the security organizations are working tirelessly. The white drone is passing by without a numberplate. Spreading fear and violence. There is no peace, but only brutal reign. Where the NUP is beaten and destroyed. The state is letting people vanish out of thin-air. People are worried for their lives and seeing neighbours, friends and relatives suddenly taken by state.

Life has no value to the rulers. Law is meaningless, when life is cheap. When you can take a life with no justification or reason. Then there is “rule of law”. When the “Habeas corpus” principal is practically dead and other principal of “equal before the law” is in coma too. There is no way these principals matters, when people lose their rights overnight and nobody knows what happens.

The state acts oblivious and even like they don’t know. When everyone is hearing stories and people writing stories about “loved ones” taken away. When there is stories of sudden dumps of bodies without any reasoning. The lives are taken and the Republic is burning. The state is driving this and the various of state security apparatus is behind it. They are doing it and there is no retribution for it. They are allowing it and letting the ones sanctioning it off the hook.

Just like the Police Force needed the Presidential Approval to continue the investigation into Zebra Mundo’s death of last year. That is not solved, because the President haven’t accepted continued investigation of it. There is certainly more inside orders and play, which we have no idea of. If we did, it wouldn’t be so mystified and uncertain.

The state wants the NUP and Bobi Wine to be silenced. They are trying to do that with autrocities and depreciative means. Total destruction and hopeless violence, which will only show how the naked the emperor is. Since he got no moral authority, but only have the shackles of innocent men. Only have the skulls of dissidents and unnamed bodies in the fields of the Republic. That what Museveni has now.

He can address the nation, but the skulls and the shackles of his citizens speaks louder than his words. It shows his fear and intimidation. As he uses the armed and monopoly of violence on his citizens.

The Drones the modern “Panda Gari’s” is the flesh and blood of this regime. It is what the state is resembling. Because it cannot be popular or loved, when civilians are treated in this manner. There is no way the President and his men is guaranteed to be “stewards” of the Republic. No, they are people who needs to military punishment of civilians to reign supreme. That is medieval and not progressive, but what “liberators” of the past is offering the people of today.

If a innocent dies in the hands of the President. We got to tell their stories. We got to scream their names and we got remember their legacy. Because, the state took them and ended their lives early. Their lives was taken without mercy or justice. These innocent people shall be remembered and be reason to rebuke the leadership of today.

President Museveni cannot run away or look smug in the midst of this. He cannot insight more fear or institutionalized brutality. Unless, he wants soldiers to run from house to house to scare even more. That is the only thing he has left. Because all other sort of punitive action he has used without public orders. The President has used vicious means and this cannot last forever. He knows that, but still he persist with it. Hoping it doesn’t cause an outcry or spark a revolution. Still, at one point…

He might kill the wrong brother for no apparent reason. Someone who matters and who is the voice of a generation. Even someone who is the breathing ideal of the times we are living. With the extensive measure and means of oppression. At one point he might nail that coffin and shut the case without knowing it. As his security officers are killing someone who can spark a flame he cannot blow-out with a few meaningless words. No, there is no way he can change the history or revise the blood.

The bloodshed is already there and this is the legacy of Museveni. That he turned into the same, as the ones he overthrew. What is worse… is that Museveni knows better, but he see himself as the exemption. Alas, that isn’t the case. In the end of all things. He will meet the maker just like all of us. Then he has to ask for grace and mercy for his actions. Then God will decide his fate. That is not for us to judge, but we can hope God answer our prayers. As there have been no vindication while we was walking on earth. Peace.

Imagine if the “Panda Gari’s” went after the NRM.

Now in 2021 it is so common placed that people associated with National Unity Platform (NUP) and opposition parties are suddenly left earth without a trace. The “drones” or “Panda Gari’s” are abducting civilians without charges, warrants or any criminal proceedings. It is happening to an extent that is hard to follow. In such a systemic manner, where you know that, if your affiliated or associated as a mobilizer, activists or a candidate. You can easily be picked up for months, be at a “safe-house”, tortured and held incommunicado without any legal representation or words to loved ones.

With the knowledge of this. The state should rebuke it. They have only made vague nonsensical statements with maligned numbers and stories. Only a few chosen ones and they claim they will do inquiries into it. However, the security organizations are still continuing to do so. Which they have been doing for months. They are taking people away, if it is the Special Force Command (SFC), the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) or Internal Security Organisation (ISO). The SIU Kireka and high ranking officials will act aloof and not be directly about this.

Because, there is several thousands of civilians taken by this and we don’t know the damage to then. There is already murder cases because of this, but these will never be solved. As the “high above” will be implicated or his closest associates who is ordering these arrangements. That is why they can do this without no fear or retribution. They can avoid the law and be above it too.

So, when you know all of this. Imagine if the state and all of its security organizations would do this to the elite and Movement people. Just consider suddenly high ranking bankers, lawyers, generals and appointees of the President would suddenly go missing.

Let’s say that Gen. Elly Tumwiine suddenly was taken away from his home in the middle of the night. They apprehended him, blindfolded him and dispatched him to another district into a “safe-house”. Where they would keep him chained and in dark chamber. He couldn’t contact anyone and they had “intelligence” of his treasonous acts.

Or they suddenly raided the Bank of Uganda and took the Governor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile. Early morning as his swinging by his office. They would sprint up with the drone. Be plained clothed and armed. Just viciously sneaking him from the offices into the car before he was taken away to an unknown ungazetted safe-house in Mukono.

Let’s say the honourable minister Frank Tumwebaze was taken from his home. In the middle of the night with gun-fire and fatalities of his guards at his home. They would all of a sudden come with guns blazing and take him by the bulls. Hurt his legs and break one of his arms. Just twist him down the stairs, as he tried to flee from the plain-clothed assailants that night. Alas, they caught him and brought him “justice”.

The likes of Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Full Figure and Butchaman would all be publicly taken away as they we’re planning to go a national event. These was supposed to participate at the rally or ceremony with the President. Just as they were leaving their homes. The drones came and just take them away. No justification. Just pure injustice for their association with the Movement.

That is what they would do. Also, if I would amp it a bit up. Just as the close associates have been taken away from Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. His campaign team and closest associates have been behind bars and also Court Martial by the state. Therefore, we have to imagine the state would take much further then Presidential Advisors, minister and a NRA historical.

The drones would continue to go after people in association with the movement. They would target NRM Central Executive Committee (NRM CEC) who are high ranking officials. Just to plunge the party even more.

They would kidnap the likes of Simon Peter Aleper, Sigh Katongole, Captain Mike Mukula, Godfrey Ssuubi Kiwanda, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, Jacob Oulanyah, Rebecca Kadaga and Al Hajj Moses Kigongo. All of these would be overnight taken by the drones. They would be left without a trace. The only one knowing about these are the loved ones. Who without a notice saw plained-clothed men taking them into drones in the night. They jumped over fences and silenced the guards around their houses. Where they took them out violently.

Let’s say suddenly Sam Kuteesa was abducted, taken to a “safe-house” and his newly elected daughter Shartsi Kutesa Musherure MP would be taken shortly after. Even her main competitor in the NRM Aine Godfrey “Sodo” Kaguta would also be kidnapped by the same group. All of them was missing for days and no words. In the same regard, the newly minted MP and former GAVI funds eater Jim Muhwezi was violently taken away from his home. Nobody would currently know where he is, sort of how folks felt with the GAVI-Funds back-in-the-day. When nobody knew where it is, but its supposed to be there for medicinal procurement. All of these people in close association went missing. The Movement and the NRM would go crazy and go to war to get these folks home.

However, the drones and Panda Gari’s are not done yet. They would continue and make sure the vicious cycle continues. Just because they take away the Kutesa and Museveni’s cousin. They wouldn’t be done yet.

Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga would have been taken on the way to office. They would suddenly block his car and tear-gas his car. They would drag him out of his SUV. They would let his car be on the roadside. He would act aggressively and shot against the plain-clothed officers. In the end of the melee, the son-of-the-president would be taken and bruised by the officers. This would alarm the State House.

If any of this happened. There would be a vast outcry. It would be shocking. The whole NRM world would be in haywire. The state would have started to attack and use its power to fence these people down. They wouldn’t have slept at ease at night while people innocently or uncharged got taken away. The NRM would maybe been more in fury and been acting with more force. If these actions happened to them. Alas, it is happening to the opposition and their associates. That is why it doesn’t matter to them.

This is happening on the daily and to regular to not be spoken out about. When about 3000 people have been taken this way. When so many civilians with political affiliation is abducted, kidnapped, tortured and detained indefinitely without charges, court trial or due process. It should worry anyone, as well, as people are ending up dead as well without any justice. It is infuriating and injustice at its highest form.

That is why I wrote it this way. To make you imagine, if it happened to the big-men, the ones who is high ranking and close associates of the President. If these was touched like the NUP associates. Maybe it would cause a bigger outcry and also condemnation. As the civilians are taken by the drones or “Panda Gari’s” and its worrying. The state is looking the other way, but other state operatives are ordering it. If the state didn’t support it or wasn’t doing it. It wouldn’t happen, because they are the only ones who has the structure, manpower and ability to do this at this scale. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee now thinks civic education equates to destabilizing the country…

Part of this money is to support and facilitate various groups and entities in Uganda to conduct what they called deepening democracy in Uganda. The President and government think that this money was brought to distabilise the country. So that is the gist of the concern of the President and the investigation will tell us the money trail and what it has done” – Ofwono Opono in an interview (Ali Twaha – ‘Government links DGF suspension to politics’ 05.02.2021, New Vision).

The suspension of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), which is directly funding over 70 Civil Society Organization/Non-Governmental Organization and also their various of programs was suspended by the President in January 2021. As the President and the government was preparing to go to the polls and it had already hold grudges towards civil society for so long. This is the latest attempt to crucify and assault the ones working for a better governance in the Republic.

We know that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni doesn’t want to listen to others. Neither does he want the input from anyone else either. However, he don’t mind free-money and slush-funds to spend as he see fit. That is why he goes after the DGF as it is a fitting “enemy” which he cannot directly control or have his hands in the cookie-jar.

Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo is saying it deliberately. They are calling it destructive. Because, they are undermining the “personification” of the state, which happens to be the President. The DGF’s civic education and programs are working indirectly to build sufficient institutions, policies and reforms, which in the end will weaken the power of one man. It would in the end be for good governance and accountable state organizations. Not just be ordered from “high above”. That is why OO and President is speaking ill of this. This will in the end weaken their drive and total control of the state, in the manner, which things are done today.

The “destabilizing” effort is indirectly weakening his reign and rule. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) have no troubles getting direct aid and grants for their government to run. However, they have trouble having the same donors paying for salaries, programs and civic education across the Republic. That shows a double standard and that the President have no trouble eating of the plate directly, but doesn’t want to be told how to be accountable for his eating. He wants to spend money, but don’t want to show recites. That is the memo I am getting from this.

It shows that his a weak man. The President and the government have had no issues taking money from Western donors like the ones who funds the DGF. If they are so afraid of the independence and the questions of usage of funds. The government shouldn’t accept any funds with possible sting attached. The state shouldn’t take loans or grants from the outside. If the donors cannot sustain organizations (CSOs/NGOs) who works with other ideals than the President at this current day.

That is the reality of this all. There is no free lunch. It has never been so. There is always something attached and expectations of an outcome. If you borrow money to build a road, the lender hope you build the road, but also repays the loan with interests. If you take a donation or a grant, then its expected to go to a certain organization or work, which is beneficial for the ones receiving it. That is just a mere reality we all know.

Now, the ones receiving it wants to directly control the funds and how it is spent. When it was funds, which wasn’t his in the first place. They are worried of the efforts and effects these organizations have in the Republic. However, we all know that the President just want to eat and don’t bother with questions. This is why he has retaliated, because he can and he want to show strength. Nevertheless, these acts are an act of a coward. A coward who has taken money all his life, but now cries foul. It is a bit late when you been eating for over three decades and never caused a fuzz. Peace.