Opinion: Museveni asks the MPs to serve, but he himself won’t do the same

When you have a leadership role you are a trustee, so you should know that the country does not belong to Members of Parliament. It belongs to the people and other workers of the country” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni, (05.05.2022)

For a man that took the power by the gun. A man who runs a government because of the army, authorities and inciting fear into men. That a man like that is lecturing the Members of Parliament (MPs) of how to serve and a representative is really outrageous. Especially, when we know that this man could never win an election in a free and fair manner. He has to rig it and use the state machinery to get ahead.

The man that needed several of coup d’etat’s in from 1979 to 1986 to become the President and the Head of State. The man who suspended elections for a decade. The man who waited another decade and two referendums to give the public the option of multi-party elections. The man who changed the Constitution twice to make him President for Life. That man is talking about serving and about putting the country first. Do you believe it?

A man like that is self-serving and we know that very well. He has actually said it in snippets now and then. So, he can be a self-serving individual, but the MPs are bound by their offices. Actually, the lecture could be put on himself, but we know his a hypocritical individual and would never be bound by anything himself. That’s why he pins others, but not himself.

Here is a few quotes over the years, that differs from today’s statement:

It doesn’t matter, because I am not working for… I am working for myself. I am not working for other people. I am working for… my grandchildren; my children” (Museveni, November 2015).

I am a freedom fighter, that is what I do. I don’t do it because I am your servant, I’m not your servant. I am just a freedom fighter, I am fighting for myself or my beliefs. That’s how I come in, I’m not an employee” (Museveni, 26.01.2017)

When Pontius Pilate ordered for the crucifixion of Jesus, it was because people were shouting. I’m not Pontius Pilate, I cannot condone a wrong just because people are shouting, first of all I’m not working for you but for someone else, a much higher authority” (Museveni, 08.10.2020).

What is striking is that he can work for his own family and not an employee. He can tell how the MPs should act and be representative of the people. However, we know that he see himself above that. That is very evident and not shocking.

We know that he has high regard for himself, that his the only man with a vision and is the centre of the universe. We know that he see himself as the King of Kings. That is just what he thinks of himself and that’s why he differs on his role or office as President. However, the MPs are bestowed to the people. While we know he believes his above that. Therefore, there is a correlational that doesn’t make sense. As his office is a public office just like theirs.

Museveni speaks with real disingenuous sense today. When we know what he believes himself. We know that the MPs should feel obligated to serve their constituents. Yes, the MPs should be representatives and not big-men. However, he act like Monarch and they follow the leader. So, his words are pointless. When we can follow him all through the years and see the self-serving leadership he runs. That’s why the entourage around him is family members and nepotism is running wild.

So, Museveni can lie, but that doesn’t make it true. The sentiment he states is correct, but we know he lives another life. That is hypocrisy and it should be called out for. He should be held accountable, but no one dares and on one does. If you do… you can forget having a seat or being an honourable in the near future. The regime will end you and they will come with vengeance. Peace.

Opinion: Ssemujju Nganda have forgot who owns the county

Hon. Ssemujju Nganda has asked the Prime Minister to find a compound for the First Family so that they can stop packing military trucks in the middle of the road. “We have roads in Kololo but these days when coming to Parliament, there are trucks that seal the roads when the president is having meetings, even the KCCA roads near Nakasero State House. Maybe we should procure a compound for the president because if it’s not……him, it’s the wife or son. I use the banks in Kololo and sometimes I go without money for a whole week.”~Ssemujju” (Parliament Watch, 05.05.2022).

We know this and heard about this for ages. The road-blocks and the “Green Truck Alerts” says it all. That has been heard around the globe. It should be worldwide now. Those pictures of army trucks and road-blocks are now so common that it would be shocking if it didn’t happen.

That the First Family is used to special treatment is also ordinary. The are the epitome of VIP and “High Above”. We know that the President is driving in a huge convoy. The same does his cabinet and all the high ranking officials.

When there is National Resistance Movement (NRM) have a Caucus or moved the Parliament to Kololo the roads have been blocked. Every national event, last 1st May Parade and the Birthday Bash Marathon. The roads was blocked as well. Soon, the state shouldn’t only make a compound for the “High Above” convoy. No, it should build a separate road-network for the “high above” and his huge “entourage” because they are causing traffic problems.

The roads of Kampala wasn’t built for this and neither was the roads around Kololo. There should be done studies and ensure the needs are met. Since, it has become a place of importance. Not only for swearing-in the President every 5 years, but for all sorts of speeches and big ceremonies. That’s why there is a need for a better road congestion and planning. This has certainly never happened by the Ministry of Transport and Works (MoTW), neither the Minister of Kampala or the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). We can rest assure that the state has never ordered Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) or City Hall to study it either. Because, the plights of the city dwellers or citizens in the capital doesn’t matter that much. Its more important to have a televised speech, than making the city liveable as that happens.

With this in mind… the President is in his might expected to stop all business and roads in-and-around Kololo or from Central Business District or Nakasero Hill. No, the NRM doesn’t care and they are not concerned of the costs of the road-blocks. Neither are day concerned about the Presidential Convoys or any other High Ranking Official. They are driving like they have no rules, they have police, ambulances, army vehicles, police and everyone else following them. It is like a motorized village hitting the road and only missing a chef or pastry chef ensure the VIP get more than cassava when arriving at the end of destination.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) MP Nganda Ssemujju knows the First Family acts like owners and so does their court. The others are just to obey and follow orders. So, he did really challenge them here. He knows that nothing will happen. Just like with every preposition and whatnot to make things work. Because, the state isn’t interested in that, unless there is coins and profits for the first family. That’s just the sad reality of how things are working these days.

The convoys and road-blocks will continue to be an issue. The roads and the traffic jams will be a re-occurrent feature of the nearby area. That is just the price of the flamboyant acts of the President and his inner-circle. Peace.

Opinion: The Rise of the Cassava Republic

If there is no bread, eat muwogo (cassava). Africans confuse themselves. You are complaining there will be no bread, if there is no bread, eat cassava. I do not eat bread myself” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (01.05.2022)

Eh! Are you hungry? We don’t eat bread around here. No matter if cooking oil prices is skyrocketing, if other commodities are going up. The fuel has already gone up and so has so much other things of late. So, when the President says people should eat Cassava instead of Bread. That is being said with the backdrop of rising wheat prices, as consequences of the Ukraine war.

It is not like this is only on cooking oil and wheat. No, this is on fuel, soap and sugar. Reported by Ssekandi: “According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, the price of cooking oil increased by 21 % between December 2021 and February 2022, and the annual rise was 77.6 %. In February, a laundry-soap bar cost 20 % more than in December and almost 50 % more than one year earlier. The petrol price surged by 15.3 % in three months and by 34 % in 12 months” (Ronald Ssegujja Ssekandi – ‘Ugandan government sees inflation as external shock’ 02.05.2022, D+C – Development and Cooperation).

So, this is a real issue. This is starting to look like the inflation of 2011 and how things became to costly. Which was creating strikes and the activist organizations of Activists for Change (A4C). The famous “walk to work” and that could happen again. As the prices are too high and the salaries are too low. If not to low… they are not co-existing with the realities on the ground. The gig economy isn’t ensuring a safety-net or a real adjustment of salaries in comparison of the rising prices.

The way the President spoke by it was damage control, because his government and institutions could do something about it. The state could insert trade-incentives and erase barriers to the market. The state could for time being suspend certain taxes and even value added taxes (VAT) in such a manner, that the prices would drop a little. However, that is of no concern. The same is with the expensive imports and whatnot. The landlocked republic needs imports, as it is not self-sufficient on a lot of commodities.

Yes, food wise there are alternatives and the farmers can sustain a lot. The massive production of plantain, cassava and millet can patch the hurt. However, that is not what everyone eats on the regular. That’s why imported rice and other things comes into play. Even maize-flour is imported and we can just imagine the rising prices on that as well. Not to talk about the beans and meat prices in all of this.

The President is just trying to get away from the problem, as it arises and he has seemingly very few tools at his disposal or any sort of coffers to clear the windfall. The cassava is only to patch the hurt, but will not salvage anything. It is only the fruits of his labour and how he has not set forward or had any clues how to govern. He only knows get-quick-rich schemes and Ponzi-schemes looking like micro-financing policies. This was bound to fall and you cannot spend money you don’t have and not have any sort of collateral or assets to trade with. That’s why his encircled by his own financial policies and cannot catch up. The spiralling debt, the lack of domestic revenue and the short-sighted government programmes only deprecates the state and gives it less incentive to move forward.

That’s why this is a real Cassava republic. Where it’s soon to expensive to fry it in the pan. Either the gas, the charcoal or the cassava itself is too expensive. While, the bread is only for the elites anyway. Lord have mercy, the damage we do upon ourselves. The heir is also rising to the throne, but he will have no clue what to do. Except for torturing, extra judicial killings and spreading false-hood on social media. Peace.

President Museveni’s 2022 Labour Day was all about micro-finance and cassava…

Before our time, no government was giving money to the people to get out of poverty. Getting out of poverty was everyone’s private business. If you wanted to get out of poverty that was your own private issue. But we (NRM) have been giving money [to citizens ] since the time of Entandikwa, then prosperity for all… But all this time, the responsibility was being taken by government officials. That was where the confusion started from” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (01.05.2022).

It is just like President Museveni wants to sound like he invented everything. He speaks like no government have ever had social security nets or unemployment programs. Yes, he claims to be the first one, but there been plenty of governments who has made this happen. FDR in the United States did it through various of programs in the New Deals in the 1930s and several other nations has used socialist programs to get people out of poverty through various of social security schemes. This here is a fraud and a fake. A manner of which you take credit and say you invented the Micro-Financing schemes and the first to do it. That is really foolish, but that is the Ugandan President of 2022. Micro-Financing and Micro-Credit was introduced in the 1990s in Uganda, but it was already a thing from the 1970s. So, it wasn’t only done in Uganda, but done so in Bangladesh and elsewhere before Museveni came into power.

I heard Filbert calling me a chief worker. I’m not a worker; I’m a bourgeois. I’m part of the middle class. You can’t call middle-class a worker. That’s not an ideological definition. Of course I work, but I work as a member of the middle class” (Museveni, 01.05.2022).

This is maybe the first time he doesn’t call himself a farmer or a son of peasant. I’m shocked and in awe. His one of the richest people on the continent and still he describes himself as “middle-class”. Like we are supposed to believe he only earns the millions of shillings he gets through his salary.

We need a workforce of very many workers. There is a way for that. The Parish Development Model should kickstart us to have about 60 million workers” (Museveni, 01.05.2022).

Uganda is estimated to have around 48 million citizens by 1st July 2022 based on projections of United Nations data. Out of this about 30% of these are adolescents, meaning a third of the population isn’t eligible for full-time work since they are not of age to do so. Because adolescence is from 10 years to 19 years old. This is based on data from UNFPA from a few years ago. Still, this all shows that the President have clearly the wrong memo about 60 million workers in Uganda. That means everyone from toddlers to the elderly… will work on the field or become a part of the rampant gig-economy.

Part I:

We want everyone in the Parish who has access to land to join a Parish Development SACCO. It doesn’t matter if they have money to not. They should just prove that they have land to do agriculture” (Museveni, 01.05.2022).

Part II:

If you have agricultural land, do not work only for the stomach. You should also work for the pocket” (Museveni, 01.05.2022).

It is really weird the way this is said on labour day. As the micro-finance scheme is so vital in it. The sort of amplified SACCO and NAADs called Parish Development Model (PDM). Where every farmer has to be part of it and register to have access. So, just like in the Soviets every farmer should be part of a scheme and earn from it. Which is very ironic, as he asks of everyone to work for their pockets. That is initially wanting everyone to be profit driven and incentive by currency. Not be content with having enough food or shelter, but supposed to also strive for surplus funds. However, if it was that easy. His government would have made it happen over the last 35 years or so. It is really tragic that all of the schemes since launching in the 1990s are not working and they continue to relaunch them in new names. Just like they did with the PDM, Emyooga and Operation Wealth Creation. It’s all the same gig, built on the same foundation, but changing its name and partly how it’s operating. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come to anything and is only a money-pit. As its not giving incentives or the ability to create natural growth. That’s why we are seeing this sort of talk and it’s the failure of the President who continues to beg people to think of profits and not of leisure.

Last quote:

If there is no bread eat cassava. Africans really confuse themselves, they are worried about shortage of wheat supply caused by Russian Ukraine War. If there is no wheat, please eat cassava. Myself I don’t eat bread” (Museveni, 01.05.2022).

Do you ever wonder, if someone lives in a bubble and doesn’t see what people are seeing? Because, this man thinks this is splendid advice. The sort of talk that only shows his isn’t concerned and doesn’t feel the plights of the commoner. No, he is beyond that and telling the peasants to be happy with what they have and not strive for more. Which is ironic, as he has spoken of people wishing of wealth, think of their pocket, but they got to settle on cassava.

This shows how out of touch the President is and it’s not shocking as his ticking closer to 40 years in power. The President has lived in his bubble for all of these years and with more and more yes-men. People are just complying and not giving him any good advice. He orders, directs and tell how everyone is supposed to move. This speech was no difference. That is very obvious. As he believes in this 1990s mechanism and thinks the PDM will make a difference, which will be far from the truth. If the PDM would work, the Emyooga, the PDM and all the Micro-Finance institutions would have ushered in a new era already. However, it haven’t and that’s because the Republic and the nation isn’t built for it. The markets, the people and the structure isn’t ready for it. This is just a fact and it’s been proven time, and time again.

There is a need for a new direction and aims, which will improve people’s lives, as these short-term incentives only takes a few people that far and when the cash is low. They are back to nothing and with a loan to pay-off in their name. That’s why this is going nowhere and fast. It doesn’t matter how many times the President says people should work for their pockets. When there is few too little jobs, low salaries and rising prices, running inflations and lack of development in general. That’s all the fault of the President and his government who hasn’t served the community and citizens.

Nevertheless, the President will never take any accountability and he will blame everyone else. Now people should chew cassava, join a SACCO and think about their pockets. However, it isn’t that easy and when you cannot get your produce to the market or even have an ability to earn. Why should you or even be concerned with the pleas of the old man?

Well… he just wants to be right, but at this his wrong. His doing the same trick, as he promised in the 1990s and think it can work in 2020s. Well… the old man is late and he should reconfigure and find tricks that fits the vibrant markets of this era and not continue with the schemes of the Structural Adjustment Programs. Peace.

Opinion: Yoweri always blame others for his bad governance…

The problem is our people who do not listen, they are always sabotaging our programs. When political leaders fight government programs, it’s the people who suffer” (…) “Religious leaders please help me to expose bad politicians because they are causing problems to all of us” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (29.04.2022).

It is never Museveni’s fault… it is never his fault. As long as I can remember, it is always other people’s fault. In the past it was Obote fault, Amin or even you can trace things back to that. If not it’s the pastoral culture or villagers way of living. At this very moment and time, President Museveni is never at fault. He doesn’t do mistakes, act wrong or trespasses anyone. No, his always righteous and correct on a regular basis.

He maybe believes that, but that is far from the truth. The handlers and appointees around him will never challenge him or even say so. Because, if anyone said that His Excellency was wrong or acting badly. They would be dismissed and sent packing. No one in their right mind is risking their meal-ticket or losing their office.

So, this follows a pattern and he hopes because his giving or donating funds to religious leaders. That these will speak and whistleblower on leaders, which isn’t following party-line. This is what his saying without saying it. He wants religious leaders to snitch on his behalf.

While the President is blaming unceremoniously “bad politicians” without naming them. We know this would be defiant opposition leaders or people who are directly in defiance to his rule. The Self-Styled-President for Life is saying this now. It really shows his sentiment and how he directs thing.

Museveni is yet again blaming others for the failure of his government. He claims bad politicians is the reason for government programs to not work. While Museveni haven’t always done the background work or even stress-tested government programs. Neither is he initiating programs without evaluating the previous ones. That’s why things are failing and not working.

The intention is a get-rich-scheme for his cronies and allies. While the government program is a shell-company or even a nice body to siphon funds. The state and the government officials had no plans in implementing or even succeeding the program. The program was just an excuse to get money and not execute it. That’s how it looks… and the ones behind it is able to run away and never get caught. Because, this is happening again and again. If not the programme is launched, but never really running. Neither is there any plans, protocol or care for how to do it. That’s why the programme is a wasteland and money-pit without any results. While countless of officials and cronies are paid-off…

So, it is striking that Mzee or the President is blaming bad politicians… those bad politicians must be the appointees or elected National Resistance Movement cadres across the Republic. Since they never seem to achieve anything substantial. Because, if it was always other people’s fault. Why is Museveni micro-directing and putting in directives and decrees on all parts of government?

If he does that… isn’t he at fault for directing and ordering people to comply to his wishes? While he has issued these programs without proper work before launching it. So, it is not strange it’s not working. Neither is he funding or securing the secretariats to be prepared to actually implement it. That shows how is a bad politician and maybe the religious leaders should give a memo about him. Peace.

Opinion: Half of a yearly budget wasted on corruption… and its annually [not a one of a kind grand corruption scheme]

According to a report, Uganda loses at least UGX 20 trillion annually to corruption. The Inspector-General of Government, Beti Kamya, told journalists that if at least half of that money (UGX 10 trillion) was saved per year, each parish would be able to get UGX 1 billion under the Parish Development Model” (NBS Television, 21.04.2022).

In Kampala this should haunt the institutions, the ministries and shake the whole Entebbe State House. If not both Kololo and Nakasero should be frightened by this report. That was if the rulers and the representatives was afraid of black-lash or ramifications of a report. A report that has such a vast result and damaging numbers, which could easily come to half of last years budget.

The last years budget was 44 Trillion Shillings in the budget year of 2021/22 and the estimates for 2022/23 is about 47 Trillions Shillings. With that in mind the corruption is about half of that one too. The numbers are staggering and isn’t only showing a little flex. No, the numbers are showing that it’s the norm. The corruption is a fact of life and way of living.

It doesn’t matter what authorities, bodies and mechanisms the state has… when half the budget can be siphoned, stolen or vanish without a trace. “Missing Funds” is a proverb in the vocabulary for a reason. It wouldn’t be a proverb and words of wisdom, as ghosts and fake tenders appears on a regular basis. Paying for projects only on paper and teachers who has never had a class in up-country.

Yes, there is a reason for all of this. The money is eaten and nothing to show for it. Except some spoiled brats big parties and SUVs for the ruling elite. They also can afford to rent jets to get medical treatment abroad. While hospitals are falling part, schools not having equipment and teacher being a boda-boda rider on the side. That’s all, because the state doesn’t’ have the funds or the allocated resources to finance these entities.

However, it has money for vanity projects of the President and his inner-circle. They have money for businesses, farms and whatever in need. They got money to pay-off opposition turned yellow and brighten a road for an official visit from a far-away land. Nevertheless, not enough to splash on vital institutions or government entities. That’s why UMEME is running black-outs and far to the nearest water-tap in region of your liking.

That’s why I am not shocked that the money goes missing. It is half a yearly budget wasted, gone missing and not being where it should be. Half a yearly budget eaten by corrupt bureaucrats and high ranking officials. This is done yearly and shows at what extent. It isn’t CHOGM money or GAVI funds of Muhwezi. No, this a yearly enterprise and planned efforts. Like someone is just taking the money van from the Bank of Uganda and directing to whoever it was designated without any receipts or transactional documents to show for it. The money was just taken away and “given” to whomever it was decreed to and that’s the end of it.

20 Trillion Shilling yearly or $5,662,905,997.73 US Dollars. That’s over 5 billion 662 million U.S. Dollars squandered and gone away to pay off whoever and for whatever reason. Which is not useful and is never received where it was intended to be… That’s 5 billion USD gone in the wind…

This is numbers that are staggering and outrageous. It is just really insane, but it shows what sort of government that is crippling the state and it’s for a reason there is no service delivery. The state got no money, since it is either siphoned or they are paying debts. There is little money to pay for things after that… that makes sense and is tragic. This is the nation that Museveni built. Peace.

Opinion: Retirement and succession should be on the table

The ones screaming and awaiting their 48th Birthday Bash Gig Money of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Your turn is soon there and he has budgeted a party of which is even made of posters and whatnot across Kampala. It is like the Son of the President is trying to enforce himself on the public and tell that he exists. Because, it is not like we already knew and that Project Muhoozi has been a thing for years.

Now that the Father is getting old, advanced age even and should have considered retirement long time ago. We know that he has overstayed in office. He has entrenched it and made walls around it. The President has changed the 1995 Constitution twice to ensure longevity and legality to be in power. Therefore, he knew the ending could come, but he changed it in the last minute before the next election.

That is what Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni have done. As President he has promised everything. The President have dropped every pledge. Heck, he has plenty of times… even said he would retire, wouldn’t overstay and the late Gadaffi would participate in his farewell/retirement celebration. However, none of these has even happened and he has continued nevertheless.

Not that it is shocking. He blocked elections for a decade and only did so to look progressive or as a reformer. Even if he has believed in “No Change” and his ideologies have been twisted to what has been profitable at the time. Therefore, his visions and speeches now would be a stark contrast to the ones he held in the early 1990s. He has said he has the solutions to any bottleneck or branches of the government of the state. However, that has never been resolved and instead they have all been corrupted by him.

The President is decreeing, ordering and having directives made into law. He is using the army and the government as his own personal shop. He can buy, deplete and destroy it all on his own merits. There is no need for other voices and if so.. they are just there to defend and justify his action. Sadly he has become the personification of the state. Instead of institutionalize the government and ensure proper mechanisms and safety-nets for the citizens. He has created a cess-pool of nepotism, corruption and impunity. That’s why the army is involved in everything and his son is participating wherever he can. Just like Gen. Salim Selah is a un-ceremonial minister and high ranking official who is peeling of funds and office within government. That’s who the Museveni is enacted.

Just like he makes a decree, he get it imprinted in the NRM CEC. Later it get tabled at the NRM Caucus at the State House before it’s voted into law or legislation in Parliament. From where he signed off on the bill, vote or motion to ensure it become official. This way he has sanitized it and secured loyalty from everyone.

That’s why when he has made this system and it’s all revolving around him. It has made it hard for him to distance himself or even consider himself out. While the state is all fixated around him and it’s by his own design.

This is why there is a need to ensure his end goes smoothly and also there is planned effort for a peaceful transfer of power. Though for a man of the army and use of the authorities to silence his critics. That path is most likely not happening and neither is there any will for him to retire peacefully. Because, he is the “father” and just belong in office. However, his ageing and advanced age will not make things better.

Sooner or later, he will end up like Mugabe. In the final years. There was others dealing with the day-to-day operations and he only signed up on things. He even fell asleep at functions and read the wrong speech too. This sort of thing can easily happen to Museveni in the near future. Where he will be a laughing stock and the butt of the joke.

The old man should try to make things change and a possible transition. Most likely he never will. The dictator wants to dictate the future as long as he can. Even if it does nothing possible and only achieving some quick-rich schemes for his conniving elites. While the public, see little to none and has to later find out ways to pay of the rising debt.

Museveni should consider retiring. The recent photo release from his ranch. Only solidify that. Not that people want a monarchy or believes the Republic is as such. His son is awaiting his turn and the option to hold office. He is paying people to look good and smell good. Even when it’s all a lie and his just brash brat with a military fatigue. There is no promise or prospect of a just rule under his name. Only more vicious and evils acts, which was shown in Kasese and now in Karamoja.

Museveni is not leaving behind stability or a better future. He is leaving behind doubts, a cloud of uncertainty and most of all. A lot of burdens, which was never resolved in his time. The state and the people have to live with these consequences. The ones who died for defying him and the ones who resisted his rule. They have all been punished and their names will be told. Because, they are what he served and the skulls of Luweero deserves a justification and their families should get rewarded for the sacrifices. However, that will not happen in Museveni’s time.

Since he is busy enriching himself and his son. That is very clear… while he should plan for retirement and ditch Project Muhoozi. No one is buying the project, unless they been bought by the Lt. Gen. themselves. Peace.

Opinion: The State House is the most vital ministry in the Republic

Again and again, the budgets and the supplementary budgets are revealing what priorities that matters. In the recent release of the 900 billion shillings supplementary budget. The Office of the President is destined to get 168 billion and the Office of the Prime Minister gets an additional 40 billion shilling. While the Ministry of Defence and the National Army is getting 79,2 billion shillings.

That just shows the priority, we know the UPDF is stretched in the Democratic Republic of Congo and suddenly deployed in Karamoja. That got to be paid and the soldiers equipment has to be reimbursed. Therefore, the necessity of added funds there makes sense.

However, the extended and added funds on the Office of the Presidency shows how the State House can mismanage and spend like there is no tomorrow. The President has already a massive budget in the first place and this addition only shows that they cannot manage these vast funds.

They are now claiming these funds will go to scholarships for students, Kiira Motors and whatnot. It is better than other eyars to water-bills and utilities. Still, shouldn’t the Ministry of Transport and Works fund the Kiira Motors? Why is that under the Office of the Presidency? Why is the Office of the Presidency paying scholarship? Shouldn’t scholarship be under the Ministry of Education and Sports? Isn’t that wifey material … and paperwork for her to handle?

That’s why you know these Supplementary Budgets are questionable at best. This is just a measure to ensure the President has more funds for his inner-circle. The lack of oversight is clear. When the Office of the President is paying for such projects and participating in other Ministries work. The Office of the President shouldn’t be entangled into so much of the Ministries of the Government. However, it is and it shows what sort of governing the President does.

This budget is questionable and shows what is priorities. The State House and the Office of the President is getting a huge slice of the cut. That isn’t shocking, but proves what is important and what the state see as important. They rather spend money on the President than on Health Care or any other Ministry, which is lacking or not having proper budgets. That could even be said about Ministry of Education for that matter…

Therefore, President Museveni is the one who gets the funds and get to spend the way he likes. That is the message of this Supplementary Budget. Peace.

Opinion: The 1962 & 1995 Constitution has practically equal rights… against sectarianism…

In 1962, the politics of Uganda was based on the sectarianism of tribes, religion and looking down on women. That is how Uganda had become a failed state. The politics of Uganda was based on sectarianism. That’s how Uganda has become a failed state. All that was from sowing a bad seed. We are for socio-economic transformation and democracy. That’s how we started in 1995, challenging the other line (Sectarianism)” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.04.2022).

The Head of State, President for Life and His Excellency Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni during yesterday farewell speech at the state funeral of late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. He uttered these words and said it. Like he invented the wheel and nobody did it before. When his coming with such claims, which is outrageous …. because he has appointed more high ranking officals from Ankole and the Western Uganda than anyone else. Therefore, the President should be careful about his own legacy….

With that in mind, the way his government and party has assaulted the NUP and their roots in Baganda Kingdom or in the Central Region. They should be wise and not do that… as they have record themselves and it was an result of the previous governments, which also appointed and ensured certain tribes of the North got a powerbase. If that being the Langi, Acholi or even Kakwa for that matter. We know that Obote and Amin did certain services in this manner and Museveni has been no different there. Only that he has had longer time and he has gotten away with it.

Alas, because of his claim of 1962 versus 1995. He claims he made a difference, but the laws of each time shows the people had practically equal rights after their respective constitutions. The implications of how the government operated and how things panned out is different. That was what Obote did in his first term and what happened after that. However, the sectarianism …. claim seems to be out of bound with the initial texts of the laws, which the Constitution at the time said.

So read this here…

1962 Constitution:

17. Whereas every person in Uganda is entitled t o the fundamental and freedoms of the individual, that is to say, the right, what- ever his race, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed or sex, but subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the individual public interest, t o each and all of the following, namely—

(a) life, liberty, security of the person and the protection of the law;

(b) freedom of conscience, of expression and of assembly and association; and

(c) protection for the privacy of his home and other property and from deprivation of property without compensation, the provisions of this Chapter shall have effect for the purpose of affording protection to those rights and freedoms subject to such limitations of that protection as are contained in those provisions, being limitations designed t o ensure that the enjoyment of the said

rights and freedoms by any individual does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others or the public interest” (1962 Constitution).

1995 Constitution:

Article 21 Equality and freedom from discrimination (1) All persons are equal before and under the law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respect and shall enjoy equal protection of the law. (2) Without prejudice to clause (1) of this article, a person shall not be discriminated against on the ground of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, or social or economic standing, political opinion or disability. (3) For the purposes of this article, “discriminate” means to give different treatment to different persons attributable only or mainly to their respective descriptions by sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, or social or economic standing, political opinion or disability. (4) Nothing in this article shall prevent Parliament from enacting laws that are necessary for- (a) implementing policies and programmes aimed at redressing social, economic or educational or other imbalance in society; or (b) making such provision as is required or authorised to be made under this Constitution; or (c) providing for any matter acceptable and demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. (5) Nothing shall be taken to be inconsistent with this article which is allowed to be done under any provision of this Constitution” (1995 Constitution).

When you read these articles from two constitutions… you can easily assess and see that they are saying the same things. There is no real difference or changes of language even. The 1995 Constitution is only in this manner speaking of direct discrimination, but the 1962 states of it in the view of public interest.

The citizens have equal rights under both constitutions and they shouldn’t be subjected to limitations or prosecutions, because of their sex, race, colour, ethnic tribe, birth, creed or religion. That is similar under both articles from the two constitutions. Therefore, we can see that this didn’t start in 1995, but was already a thing in 1962. It could easily wonder if the ones writing the 1995 Constitution was inspired by the 1962 Constitution in this article. Nevertheless, that is only speculation.

What we do know… is that they are giving the same rights people and not being sectarian. Which was the claim of the current day President. He should think more straight and not speak of malice without considering his words. That’s what he does and trying to re-write history. Not that the previous governments didn’t’ do badly and didn’t appoint on tribal lines. The history speaks of this and the historians after Post-Musveni will show that he did the same. A legacy he don’t want, but that is his history too. Peace.

Uganda: Szlavik continues to represent Museveni in the U.S. [with little too no results]

Frank Sobotka: You know what the trouble is, Brucey? We used to make shit in this country, build shit. Now we just put our hand in the next guy’s pocket” (The Wire – ‘Bad Dreams’ S2E11, 2003).

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has used lobbyist and paid representation in Washington D.C. since 1992. They have hired K-Street lawyers and lobbyist to fight for their causes. To get favourable coverage and also spread “information” to Congress members in both the House and Senate.

On that has represented Museveni and the Government of Uganda (GoU) for years is Joseph Szlavik of the Scribe Strategies & Advisors, Inc. The registration in FARA registry shows that his still representing and working for the interests of Uganda in the United States of America.

In 2021 he got two payments in June for his work as “compensation”. He earned USD$ 141,000. If you convert that Ugandan Shillings he was paid about UGX 507 million shillings.

In 2021 he sent dozens of emails to Representatives with the sole purpose of a “Meeting request for the Ambassador of Uganda”. He had two in-person meetings with Congressmen Earl Leroy Carter and John Kato. While holding a dinner event with the members of congress on the 24th June 2021 with Steve Chabot, Maria Elvira Salazar, Andy Barr and Claudia Tenny. He was also able to have a lunch meeting with Congressmen Chris Smith on the 26th July. While one man was willing to meet the Ugandan Ambassador in person, that was Senator Ted Cruz on the 29th July. The others who got emails didn’t do that and the list was endless in the filing. So, Szlavik is sending 100s of emails without any results, which is billed to the Government of Uganda.

So, the state is willing to pay over 100,000 USD for sending emails and such. With very little results. He is a professional lobbyist, but the results seems weak. It is like his emails are getting into the spam-folder and not touched. Since, his filling of 2021 emails to get Congressmen and Senators to meet the Ambassador was pages after pages, but only one registered meeting in person with ambassador and a few lunch meetings. That is barely anything substantial.

This is just like when the Baltimore Dock Union leader Frank Sobotka in the fictional tale of The Wire paid lobbyist Bruce DiBiago to get another pier and dry-dock by bribing politicians. The Union was paying this money to the lobbyist, but there was no results. Only that the lobbyist was paid and no results to show for it. Even in the end of the Wire season. Instead of getting the results and upgrade the port needed. It instead got turned into a condominium, meaning private housing and not furthering the attraction of the port. Which means the whole payments of the lobbyist was wasted and not bare any fruits what so ever.

Just like that fictional tale… Szlavik is the same in regard to Uganda. His getting paid, but clearly working and achieving very little. I cannot remember any of the Congressmen or that the prominent Senator Ted Cruz doing anything for the betterment of Uganda. To the contrary the United States government and their authorities are starting to sanction and make things harder for the regime in Kampala. Therefore, Szlavik has a lot of purpose, but very little to show for it. Peace.

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