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IEBC: Dr. Rosely Akombe resignation statement as IEBC Commissioner (17.10.2017)


NASA Statement: “Cancellation of Planned Visit to Meru” (17.10.2017)

NASA Statement: “NASA to Honour Murdered Supporters on Mashujaa Day” (17.10.2017)

High Court lifts Matiangi’s ban on Anti-IEBC Demos (16.10.2017)

Kenya: NASA Statement – “NASA Takes a Day Off Protests” (16.10.2017)

Opinion: EU Envoy stance on the Fresh Presidential Elections and IEBC is a disappointment!

I don’t know what sort of picture Marietje Schaake is seeing, if she has read the IEBC Internal Memos that has been released, if she has even opened her eyes and seen the reasons for the National Super Alliance to pull out of the 26th October 2017 Presidential Election. That she cannot even with the “No Reforms No Elections”, but subscribe it into no reform and no election. Clearly, that is a sort of display of disregard of the efforts to thwart changes within the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), it’s like she has looked the blind eye and trying to forge peace on fragile grounds. Just because it is easy. Since the NASA are working for credible elections, not just giving way to IEBC to rig the elections again. There we’re reasons for why the nullification happen in August 2017 and the IEBC haven’t done anything different this time around.

First stance:

EU EOM recommendations made to political contenders have not seen improvements. The IEBC, judiciary and civil society have been subject to further attacks. Political aggravation has resulted in a stand-off, with violent confrontations between groups of demonstrators and state security forces. A highly controversial electoral amendment bill, passed by Jubilee MPs in Parliament and awaiting presidential assent, has furthered divisions. The amendments are not required under the Supreme Court’s 1 September ruling, and their timing is not consistent with good practice for electoral law reform.3 The National Super Alliance (NASA) has declared that there will be “no election” as scheduled, stating that its candidates will not participate in the event that the amendments are adopted by the executive and there are not profound changes at the IEBC. Worryingly, there is also concern that “no election” means NASA supporters could obstruct polling and tallying. Such actions from both sides of the political divide are seriously damaging democratic functioning. Dialogue and cooperation are urgently needed for compromises so there can be a peaceful electoral process with integrity and transparency and Kenyans can chose their President” (Schaake, 2017).

Schaake, we agree on the amendment in Parliament, that is not good tea, but there is where we both agree. It is like you support the running election and want it go, even when there are any evidence of change. Maybe the 1st January 1970 date on the IEBC Portal or IEBC RTS system in public should worry you, but you have such faith in the IEBC. That you are as worried about demonstrations as the Jubilee. You speak of dialogue, that even the Jubilee party didn’t show up too and didn’t consider. They went campaigning and wasn’t interested in changing the IEBC. That has been proven since 1st September 2017.

After some delay, the IEBC has given public information on its reforms, including a list of 10 improvements. Consultation was initially lacking, for example on the election date. However, the Chairperson then proposed weekly meetings with candidates’ representatives (although these did not work out), and the IEBC maintained an open-door policy, has organised meetings with each camp and has also given written responses to NASA’s requests (its “irreducible minimums”). Consultation meetings have been held with religious leaders and observers. While public information has been lacking, the IEBC has stated it will be undertaking regular news releases and daily updates” (Schaake, 2017).

That she believes the Chairman Wafula Chebukati and his consultations, even as the NASA Leadership left it without hope and started the demonstrations. Which she calls obstructions of polling and tallying. Even as this happens weeks in advance and also now in the days before the Fresh Presidential Elections of 26th October 2017. The answers from IEBC to Irreducible Minums, which h Schaake was able to add and not just minimums. As it is needed reforms of the electoral body, before any elections can happen in the eyes of the NASA. I know that is hard for Schaake to understand. Since she confess to stand by the IEBC, just like the Jubilee. She could be connected to them.

I find it striking that she defend the IEBC as an institution, even as it was differing from the fact that the IEBC rigged the August Election. That she is defending it and not seeing that the IEBC has not been changed. Like she has looked away at all the IEBC Internal Memos and the actions of continuing like they did in the previous ones. The IEBC had no fixation of following NASA guidelines, they have just continued in the support and defense of Jubilee. Now are the EU Envoy also supporting it. Its a disgrace. She gives 18 points advice to change, like they will listen. No doubt they will not listen to you, because they are not even respecting the NASA and fellow Kenyans. Why should they listen to you? A foreigner from the Netherlands unless you making it rain on Kenyatta and Ruto?

So it seems like stability for any price, but not a legitimate government is a concern for the EU Envoy in Kenya. Schaake, you need check your pulse and your heart. That you will let a shambolic even happen and make sure the IEBC run their elections with no change. You will not wish your own Netherlands to be put in the same charade of an election, but you can support this one. So its a disappointment, that you wrote this, but not surprising. Peace.


Schaake, Marietje, European Election Observation Mission – EU EOM – ‘EU EOM Kenya: Progress update’ (16.10.2017) link: https://marietjeschaake.eu/en/eu-eom-kenya-progress-update

Hon. John Harun Mwau sues the IEBC and Wafula Chebukati on their “Unconstitutional elections” (13.10.2017)

Opinion: Kenyatta warns Odinga even if its his controlled authorities that creates all sorts of havoc!

I am amazed how President Uhuru Kenyatta continues to hammer on the National Super Alliance (NASA). NASA demonstrations are hold peaceful until the Police show-up, throw their tear-gas and barricades the streets. They come with their anti-riot gear, the Police is shooting innocent people and really not respecting the NASA demonstrations. If the police had been standing on the side in peace like they do when Jubilee supporters do, then the violence and killings wouldn’t happen. As the Police Officers are killing grandma’s, even a baby during an Anti-IEBC was killed by a Police officer. This here should be condemned. The violence is state made. Therefore, the words of the President is disgusting and proving his power with impunity.

From today’s speech:

If you want peaceful demonstrations, hold peaceful demonstration but we will not allow anybody to violate the rights of other Kenyans” (…) “There is no peaceful demonstration that allows the stoning of the police, stoning of the cars of innocent Kenyans or looting of the wares ofmama mboga (vegetable vendor) who is trying hard to earn a livelihood” (…) “Kenya has no crisis. Kenya has no problem. The only problems we have are a result of one man who goes by the name of Raila Amollo Odinga who has refused to accept the will of the people and is trying to take power through the back door by causing violence, commotion and chaos” (…) “And the decision of who will lead the nation will be made by the people of Kenya and not anybody else” (President.go.ke, 2017).

I am impressed by the Kenyan President, who within his authority and with his Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi ordered bans of the Anti-IEBC Demonstrations. While the Campaigns towards 26th October can continue like nothing. Even as the High Court judgment that allowed other candidates, than NASA Raila Odinga on the ballot. This seems to be a problem for the IEBC, who has even only him on their IEBC Portal or RTS system. That has even shown in a IEBC Internal Memo from yesterday, that all transmitted results will be delivered by IEBC to Jubilee and not to other candidates. Clearly, the Jubilee have trouble with rigging their second election within months in their favor. The whole reason for why the NASA are demonstrating in the first place.

That NASA are trying their best to make sure the society, the republic in general are ready for a credible elections. Free and Fair Elections, not elections made for rigging for any party. That seems to be the agenda for the Jubilee. The reason why Kenyatta has attacked Odinga, Supreme Court and anyone else questioning him and the IEBC. Therefore, this sort of statement from the President shows his demeaning character, yet again.

NASA has pulled out and decided to demonstrate, because the state are in total control of Jubilee. Also, the state and the ruling party has control of the Parliament. So it is not like the NASA can have any power to make changes there. Thirdly, the defense of the IEBC has been proven, also by the Jubilee Secretariat, it is not a rumor, but been stated on occasion. So it is not like you the incumbent have been trying to make sure the elections are credible or free and fair. After the sort of nullification, if you believed your we’re a just contender. You would have fixed and amended the process and the transmission of results. Clearly, that has not been important to you and your party. That is why you are blaming Odinga and the demonstrations.

That you cannot see it and is out of touch. President Kenyatta, you must be most sorry character and bitter man of Kenya. Since even a non-candidate for the presidency is your punching bag. Not your supposed achievements or pledges worth noticing in the coming term. Also, not to mention any of the candidates running for the 26th October, that is supposed to be on the ballot.

President Kenyatta and his party, better settle down and act within reason. I know its a lot to ask from you. But if your orders to the CS Matiangi and others would keep the demonstrations peaceful. If they wouldn’t attack and pursuit the demonstrators, use live-bullets, tear-gas and all other methods of silencing the Anti-IEBC demonstrations. Clearly, if they we’re done with peace and calm, the demonstrators wouldn’t fear the Police or the authorities.

It is time for Kenyatta to act within reason and with some common sense. I know it asking a lot of him, but if he do. Then this might be a gentle ride. The demonstrations will occur everyday next week. The growing numbers on the streets shows the urgency and the organization behind it. The Jubilee will not like it and will use more brutality and blame it on them. Just like little children blame it on their friend for losing a game. It was either the ball was to hard or the shoes was not tight. If not it was cheating. The same way of delivery will be from Jubilee. Just wait, this words today from Kenyatta is a token in the possible nonsense coming from the incumbent leader. Who was rigged to win in August and hope for the same in October.

Let’s see where their unknown journey takes us. Peace.


President.go.ke – ‘Stop using demos to cause violence, President Kenyatta warns Raila’ (15.10.2017) link: http://www.president.go.ke/2017/10/15/stop-using-demos-to-cause-violence-president-kenyatta-warns-raila/

Opinion: Ekuru Aukot has turned Tuko Pamoja!

Well, so the day has come the Thirdway Alliance has sold its soul to be on the ballot. The ones so ethical and wishing for political reform. Have now after National Super Alliance (NASA) pullout of the race become to campaign and even gotten M-PESA Paybill as well. That Ekuru Aukot has changed his stance, proves that he is just into politics for personal gains. He is not a politician for his constituency or any ideology, because all of that was traded away within days of the pull-out of Raila Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. Even days after Kenya Gazette 13th October 2017 and IEBC Internal Memo who proclaim the RTS system of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. All of this is all fitting the Jubilee Party and keeping everything like it was in August 2017. Therefore, that Aukot campaigns and spreads the message like he proves that he turned Tuko Pamoja!

Aukot is now together with the Jubilee, with incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto. He is now ganging up with them to try to legitimize the whole Fresh Presidential Election of 26th October. Even if he just merely campaign for 14 days and Kenyatta has been running around like godfather since 1st September 2017. So, the unfair campaigning time should be worrying alone, also that the Gazetted changes just comes within 13 days before the polls. So the whole elections should be questioned by that alone. Also all the revealing information in the Internal Memos proves how the IEBC hope to get things done in similar fashion of August. Therefore, the results will all be cooked in favor of Kenyatta anyway.

Still, Aukot are running around trying to campaign like this is for real. Like this election really matters. Like he is David against Goliath. Well, you cannot even carry a rock or even find a sling to hit Kenyatta at this Aukot. Your a pawn and part of you knows this. Thirdway had as much relevance as it did in the August election, because it was a two-way race, and the Thirdway was nearly no-way for most. So it needs a miracle of epic proportions so that Mount Kenya get melted into beach-sand within days. If that don’t happen, then there will still be victor Kenyatta at the 26th October. That is because the whole system and the whole elections are built around that fact. In addition, that is the whole reason for why Odinga pulled-out and wants to demonstrate for more reforms.

So, Aukot has now the capacity of a giant and running around like king. Even when he knows, that he had less supporters in August, than Uchumi has products in their shops. That is insane, he is nowhere near popular or having the savvy ways of promising hope for Kenyans. Instead, he is just spreading the message of Jubilee: “We are together” or Tuko Pamoja. He is just together with Jubille, making sure Kenyatta get legitimacy of his second term and elections. Instead of standing on the barricades for reforms of the Electoral Body and positive changes within IEBC.

Aukot, had no traction in August and will have as much now in October. He is a useful piece of fool for the Jubilee. Someone that they can trade-off and pay a little, so he can be there when the Jubilee needed. And when the elections are over, he will go back into oblivion. Peace.

NASA Press Statement: Boinett and Matiangi Committing Genocide (14.10.2017)

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