La Diaspora Burundaise lettre du Pierre Nkurunziza & Conseil de Securite des Nations Unies (29.03.2018)

President Museveni proposes a Social Media Tax: Good luck enforcing it!

I know that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will not go door-to-door getting the cash-in, he will not issue the tax directly or levy the tax on each single individual who is on Social Media, but his letter to Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Matia Kasaija on the 12th March 2018 on “Re: Lack of Seriousness in Tax Collection”. That is the letter that propose to task some taxes on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Where every single user of these are paying 100 shillings each per day. That is specialized task to gain huge revenues for the state. This is really to secure more funds to the Republic.

That President Museveni hasn’t thought this true, but will he get the names, does his CMI knows all who has WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, do they know how much these are used? Will these taxes be put when they are used and not levied the other days. The Uganda Revenue Authority, needs a mandate for this sort of tax, because this is also the privacy, since these are programs that people download on their free will. Not all have these. Is his plan to pay a 100 shillings for each days, so if you have three apps, will you pay 300 shillings per day?

This sort of ideas opens wormholes, is it that the Republic of Uganda, will through the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) and Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT). Should all be involved in finding he ways to levy these sort of things. Should they get all the companies who are servicing these apps to put a pay-wall that you have to register to pay each day you enter? Is that the sort of plan?

That the MICT, MoFPED, URA, NIRA and UCC are sending letters to Facebook, Google, Apple, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on. So they can figure out how to get this tax. Because it needs a technical feature, unless the CMI and Intelligence at SIU Kireka has it all. Unless, the state has gathered it all in secrecy or if the Telecom companies has this registered in their records.

You can wonder, if the MTN, Airtel or any of them has been considered here, as they are paying taxes on all the added value of the airtime, the trade of the phones. That the state is trying to do this, is to force a tax, that should be taken on directly every phone-call and SMS. That your paying 5 shillings for picking the phone and 10 shillings for receiving. Also 5 shillings for every SMS and 10 for MMS. That is the nonsense of this.

But I don’t think the President has considered the implications, neither the invading of the privacy, unless he wants to order the companies to put a pay-wall for using social media, that will have to subtracted by credit-card, mobile-money or out of the air-time. That is how it is supposed to be. But than, this is a grand-old man. Whose not that sophisticated or smart enough to understand, what he is implicating. Unless, someone is trespassing on his lawn or going to close to his cows.

This idea should be scrapped in the country, that has struggled to register the Sim-Cards and have them registered correctly. That all Social Media should be monitored and levied tax on is insane, but fits the Modus Operandi of Museveni.

Ready, Set and Bogus. Peace.

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Trump’s Trade-War is now hitting East Africa: Because of possible lost trade with Second-Hand Clothes!

Museveni buying shoes in Wandegeya, 02.06.2017.

United States of America is really just cherry-picking the world right now, they are evolving into a beast and not an Uncle Sam. President Donald J. Trump don’t like to have friends, unless they are related or Roger Stone. That is now seen with his recent activity, not that he knows of these countries or these market. That I say, because he has no hotel or haven’t laundered money from there. The countries being hurt by his new policies are Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Places he would never travel to or have consideration about. That is because in his mind, they are shitholes, but as long as they serve as vassal states for the United States. Everything is fine and dandy.

What we are talking about is this:


(1) (A country that) has established, or is making continual progress toward establishing–

(A) a market-based economy that protects private property rights, incorporates an open rules-based trading system, and minimises government interference in the economy through measures such as price controls, subsidies, and government ownership of economic assets” (AGOA – ‘AGOA Country Eligibility’).

It is special that the US President is using this against these three states on the imports of used-clothes and shoes. That these three republics trying to develop their own textile and clothes industry, to create work and also revamp the economies. That would mean, that people would also earn more money and spend more money. In the end buying foreign produced clothes on the fashion-lines, that usually are branding American and European brands. Therefore, I don’t understand why Trump suddenly acts like this, when Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania wants to secure their industries.

Because, it is not many days ago, since the President himself used rules and provisions to secure the Steel and Aluminum industry on his own soil. So, that the giant United States can control it, but their trading with other can be spoiled, because it doesn’t favor the President. Seems like double-standard to be. It is easy to muffle the poor and the ones with lack budgets, that are in need of donors. They need to stifle the demands of the powerful, but the ones with power can just use the same means themselves. Still, that doesn’t make it right.

That the United States are trying to force their used-clothes on Rwanda. Like they don’t deserve their own clothes industry and to secure better products, local designs and local textiles is insane. Why shouldn’t they strive for that? Why shouldn’t Uganda strive for their own Bata’s? What is wrong with Tanzanian made shoes? Nothing really, that should be supported, especially if the United States wants to think long-term and create better exports. They would earn even more on ordinary trade of clothes, not second-hand that sold bulk and through other channels. But I am sure that Trump has no knowledge of this or even could imagine it.

This is clearly a step of imperialism from United States, since they cannot stomach, that the partners and the ones getting donations through USAID. Isn’t accepting to be a bazaar for their used stuff. The products that is B-Level and already had their day in the sunshine.

Knowingly, how he is America First, the man himself should understand how others wants to build to their own industries, but thinking Trump has that capacity of thinking is overstepping and thinking that he could actually calculate, that others are sovereign too and not only his state. The East African Republic’s shouldn’t be punished for acting in their own interests over second-hand clothes. Neither second hand shoes. That is insulting and infuriating. If it was just charity and done out direct needs. It would make sense, but if your forcing bad products, because of own will for quick-profits and at the same time destroying local industries. I understand why Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda is trying to ban it and stop it. I respect that and stand behind it. Who wants a old T-Shirt, when you can buy a local-made?

If you buy a local-made, it would create a job for the one making it, the one designing it and the one selling, plus the distribution within the state. That is good business and create lots of job. These jobs create other jobs and funnel money in the system. So some of them will buy foreign design and clothes, that might even be American. That is how the United States should think, if they cared about a free-market narrative, but they are now planning to punish Rwanda and others, because they want to build-up own industry.

Trump is creating a trade-war over Second Hand Clothes.

Second Hand Clothes to East Africa!

Washington, DC – The President determined today the eligibility of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda for trade preference benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). In response to a petition filed by the U.S. used clothing industry in March 2017, the Administration initiated an out-of-cycle review of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda’s AGOA eligibility regarding their decisions to phase in a ban on imports of used clothing and footwear. The review found that this import ban harms the U.S. used clothing industry and is inconsistent with AGOA beneficiary criteria for countries to eliminate barriers to U.S. trade and investment. Based on the results of the review, the President determined that Rwanda is not making sufficient progress toward the elimination of barriers to U.S. trade and investment, and therefore is out of compliance with eligibility requirements of AGOA. Consequently, the President notified Congress and the Government of Rwanda of his intent to suspend duty-free treatment for all AGOA-eligible apparel products from Rwanda in 60 days” (AGOA – ‘ President Trump Determines Trade Preference Program Eligibility For Rwanda, Tanzania, And Uganda’ 30.03.2018).

This is infuriating and not cool. AGOA should be used as a method to not destroy industry in the developing countries, but add revenue both ways. Now the United States is just using imperialism. Trade-War with East African Countries.

Trump is foolish and also, this is not gaining sympathy and the reasons for this. This isn’t adding and just show how belittling and narrow-minded he is. But that we knew, we just have to see who spanks him. Peace.

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EPRDF statement speaks of a new Renaissance: Pardon me, but I don’t see it yet!

Today, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF) Council has left a statement on the State Television Ethiopian Broadcasting Company on their Facebook, it is really revealing, that they are trailing and trying to figure the next steps out, as the new chairman and new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, will have to find away within the coalition structure and with the turmoil that is currently there. The EPRDF have ways to figure this out, the new PM Dr. Abyi can either work for the agenda of the Woyane, since has to trade their water, as well as not insult the wishes for more liberty and freedoms in the regions, where the state is currently battling them with a fresh State of Emergency.

What the EPRDF Council said to today, is revealing, I will take the piece that caught my eye: “The EPRDF Council has evaluated several factors that have not resulted in a timely adjustment of this problem, and its main reason is that the lack of public service in our organization is weakening and the tendency to use and control the power of personal power. Numerous mistakes have undergone the good start of the successful process as the whole of the changes that we have recorded over the past 27 years has been attributed to the strength of our corporate spirit and focus. Anti-democratic propensity has widened our constitutional limitations. With the desire of power, it is possible to create and to abate the interest groups. The persistent views of the leadership of the leadership and the stubbornness of the leadership have resulted in the loss of the organization and the survival of our country. Our institution has gradually expanded the old system of thinking that is led by thinking ability. As a result, the performance of our Growth and Transformation Plan has not reached the desired level of efficiency and efficiency. These problems, above all, are the weaknesses of the highest leadership, the council’s review has been verified, and the executive committee assumes responsibility for the problems and consequences of the collapse. The Council has decided that steps should be taken to ensure that the steps required to ensure accountability are properly and properly implemented” (A statement from the EPRDF Council, EBC Facebook, 30.03.2018).

This part of the message is striking for various of reasons, because it says more than they usually wants. But if I believe it is another matter. Because they have used the force, they have detained and have killed several, dozens and to many citizens to stay in power. They are at the same time proclaiming the people who asking for democracy and freedom, calling them anti-democratic. Not like the EPRDF is really democratic, neither the elections, that has been handpicked man and handpicked parties to run. So the men wished by the Central Government could be Members of Parliament, serve under the EPRDF and the TPLF. Not like Woyane has made progressions in this era. That isn’t a mistake, that is with clear efforts and with meaning to control it all. We know this, because even if opposition critics are drinking coffee in a garden together, they can be detained without any warrants or reason, other than the state are in fear of their voices.

I wonder, how accountable they will be or will review themselves, since they are the initiator and the ones doing the aggression. They are silencing or showing no mercy to dissidents, there is no return if they run to the streets or even start blockades, but if they don’t do that. The Central Government will not see them or care of their existence. Therefore, the only thing they can do, is stay home demonstrations, that even this government has banned with the directions from the Command Post Secretariat.

Hard to believe that the EPRDF will really change or pay amends to the regions of hurt, like Oromia or Amhara. I am saying that, because of what ESAT News reported today: “The twelve member inquiry board formed by the House of People’s Representatives was supposed to travel to Moyale, Southern Ethiopia, on March 25, 2018 and stay in the town for a week. Wazema Radio quoted a member of the inquiry group as saying that they were told by “higher ups” to scrapp their mission. The member of the inquiry board who wish to remain anonymous said they do not exactly know which specific authority has given the order” (Engidu Wolde – ‘Ethiopia: Parliamentary inquiry into Moyale atrocities suspended’ 30.03.2018, ESAT News). So, when the same state talking a fresh start and mistakes. They are not looking to violations and the state sanctioned kilings in Moyale, that led to a civilians fleeing from the area to Kenya. The ruling regime is clearly not taking responsibility for the killings of their own.

That is why, the statement on Facebook is hard to believe and read. That they will review, when they are even scrapping investigation into the killings of Moyale, the state sanctioned massacre. This sort of activity should have consequences, for the ones ordering it and the ones doing it. They shouldn’t walk around in Oromia with the guns, they are merciless killers of innocent citizens.

So with that in mind, it is hard to believe the EPRDF is planning to change it’s efforts. Even stop the State of Emergency, stop the harsh rules and regulations of the measure and also have dialogue with the groups affected by the decision made by Command Post and the EPRDF Council of Ministers.

There are many things, that needs change, but the state is not acting wise if they want to seriously grant the people more than empty hope and gestures. That is shown with the scraping of the misison to investigate in Moyale. We know now, the EPRDF don’t want to be transparent about their misgivings, they can violate the law and make activists into terrorists, but they cannot stand-up and offer change. Unless, the Prime Minister stands up to the Woyane and also the ones “high-up” who controls the affairs.

Since, this is not looking good and make you wonder, if the change of PM Abiy is just a game, the people are the pawns and the TPLF are awaiting their prize. Peace.

Anywar is now on the bus: Museveni embracing her in Kitgum!

We know that the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, only works for himself and his agenda, nothing else. That is why all agenda that is benefiting the republic, benefits him first, than lucky losers next. That is just the way it is, but the good of having is graces is different, than being in his shadow. Someone who has shifted sides and gone from his critics to his supporter is Kitgum MP Beatrice Anywar. She has gone from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), to become independent and now she is practically a National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP. So today, the circle has ended and Hon. Anywar, is now a total bought out and without principals. Only obsessed and adoring praise of the President in the future from her.

Hon. Beatrice Anyway, the Kitgum Municipality MP, invited me to her constituency where I broke ground for the construction of the Centenary Church Kitgum, St Janani Luwum Church and the Irene Gleeson Memorial Public Library and Youth Training Centre. I also addressed a gathering at Boma Grounds. I congratulate Hon. Anywar for finally embracing the revolutionary message of the NRM after years of constantly bringing confusion among her people” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 30.03.2018).

We have seen this coming, as she stated this in December 2017: “The Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar, also known as ‘Maama Mabira’ has said she is ready to work in President Yoweri Museveni’s government if appointed minister. “Any minute there is an opportunity, I will go to President Museveni with no regret. He is a great leader because he is tolerant. He is able to listen to some of us,” Anywar said” (Sekanjako, Henry – ‘I am ready to work with Museveni – Anywar’ 27.03.2017, New Vision).

We know what he means with confusion, that meaning, that she was promoting something that wasn’t his vision. Everything that is not touched by Museveni is automatically no good. Even if that was saving Mabira Forrest or any other vocal point Anywar had. Now, she is turned into another crony, loyal MP, who will run after Museveni every time she can. She is now turned into a stooge and a relic of the past. The edge and the ethical backbone is traded away with the possibility of trading favors with the President.

Anywar wasn’t spreading confusing, but a message that Museveni wasn’t in favor of. That is why he dislikes the Opposition, because it counter his agenda. That is natural for any ruler, however, Museveni isn’t the ordinary Executive and Head of State. He wants to control anyone and everywhere. Museveni, want everyone to jump when he does. That is not how the world works, but his yes men around is saying so.

Anywar is now jumping, when Museveni is asking. She is now praising him and his works, even if she in past said the opposite. So it is a sad sight, seeing someone who was on the barricades for the people, are now juggling and bowing her knees for the grand dictator. It isn’t a sight, but it is maybe, tiredness and need for safety, why she has changed this way. Anywar has her reasons, but it is beneath the previous stature to be like this.

She was even mocked here, as she spread “confusion”, no she was spreading a message, now Mr. President, she is just kissing your ass! Peace.

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