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Biya’s Salute: Running for his 7th Term from Switzerland!

Cameroonian President Paul Biya, who has ruled his republic since 1982, was during this week announced to run again for yet another term. The 7th Official Presidential Term if he was to win this in October 2018. Which he most likely is, even if he is residing in some posh hotel in Switzerland, where he usually is hanging out and spending his vast fortune.

This is the same President that only have held on Council of Ministers in October 2015 and March 2018. While the rest of his majesties decisions are made and done by Presidential Decree, therefore, the roles of the cabinet is very free and not so much transparency of what they really do as public officials.

There are other candidates in the Presidential Elections in this October 2018, but don’t expect them to win. The whole government are run by his decree and will not change with time. The government have already hired a lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs, this agreement is made now and lasting until June 2019.

We know this isn’t really a strong or real elections, as of mid-July 20 Opposition Parties was supporting the candidacy of Biya. Everyone except for the Social Democratic Front (SDF) are really not there other for show. They might say so, but that is the real opposition of Biya. Joshua Osih is the main candidate, but like his predecessor John Fru Ndi will struggle to beat him.

What I am expecting of the 85 year old man, is that he might write an op-ed for New York Times in the weeks ahead of the polls, a few Youtube Video Clips with a positive message and some articles of fashion. Maybe even a beautiful written manifesto, which the President have no plan of finishing or even trying to do. As it is a sales pitch to still have support from Paris and Washington D.C. not being shunned by the Western Powers who boast his army.

That Biya is a cruel man who is living in Switzerland is that the Anglophone crisis continues with ghost-town, killings and destruction of villages. This is happening as the Francophone part of Cameroon are going against the English speaking citizens. Biya is even worse, as he has recently hired soldiers from Chad to destroy and kill own citizens in region. Still, no one question this mandate or use of foreign soldiers within the territory. This is happening as the President preparing his rallies and his campaign for another term.

We can expect most of it happening only or by decree. If he want to spoil the public, there will be video-clips from his post hotel room and not from any official building in Yaounde. Not that he would do that, even if he owns luxurious cars there and has a mansion awaiting him.

He should vacate and become a Swiss citizen, instead of running, because I am awaiting slogans on WhatsApp and Viber, this man is not running an ordinary campaign. He is just hammering it through and hoping nobody cares, while his army is spewing havoc in the anglophone region. Peace.

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President 4 Life: Paul Biya is apparently running again!

The news today that Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon, who has run the country since November 1982. Biya took oover after Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had run the country since independence in 1960. So the previous one run the Republic for 22 years and Biya have now run it for 36 years. Biya has now turned 85 years and plans another term. When your at that age, you should enjoy time with family and rest. However, this president is already relaxing in hotels and hot-spots in Switzerland. Therefore, we know he is not serious about running the Republic. In March 2018, he held his first Council of Minister since 2015!

That is why today is weird day, because this has been the leading man since November 1982. So today he declared his candidacy for the 7th Term on twitter:

Dear Compatriots in Cameroon & the Diaspora, Aware of the challenges we must take up together to ensure a more united, stable & prosperous Cameroon, I am willing to respond positively to your overwhelming calls. I will stand as Your Candidate in the upcoming presidential election” (Paul Biya, 13.07.2018).

Biya really doesn’t care about the citizens and neither about good governance. That is known as his army is making the Southern Cameroons and Anglophone Regions as a War-Zone. Biya, who has been in charge is leaving a torn nations behind and an aid-trapped one. Instead of the oil-rich and mineral rich country that was there in the beginning of his reign with a lot of promise.

That Biya has buried a generation or nearly two, because of his will and lack of succession. Biya took power in Coup and sentenced his predecessor Ahidjo to death in 1984. That he did only after 18 months after being into power. The Opposition Leader John Fru Ndi who just stepped down earlier this year as a Presidential Candidate in his party. He has been campaigning against Biya since 1990 and continued into 2018. That was 28 years, which he never got to see anyone else ruling Cameroon, than Biya.

Biya has eaten and continues to eat. The Switzerland resident and the one ordering the state by decree. Are now promising another elections in October 2018 and running again.

It is insulting that a man is taking his republic for granted. That he is misusing not only the state funds and living lavish abroad. But that he is stealing the future, destroying and killing the anglophone, but creating a power vacuum in the Republic. As he has the control from afar and just bunch of cronies, that should have been ancient relics and not in ministerial posts.

Biya is an old man, who doesn’t care about what he runs, he doesn’t care if his armies kills his own. As long as his wealth is spent in Switzerland. He should get a residential card there and leave Cameroon alone.

I am not from Cameroon, but this sort of man is a cancer to the state.

Biya should retire, not run for a 7th Term. That is stupid, the Republic deserves better. The Republic have enough talent and skills, have untapped leaders to take control. These leaders are out there, but the dictatorship is keeping them silent or silenced. 

They are not beholden just to one man. That is just silly. Peace.

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