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My letter to President Paul Biya: The Republic deserves better than you!

19th October 2018, Oslo

Dear Honorable, His Excellency President Paul Biya of Cameroon.

Well, lets us just be frank and scratch all the nobility and humility, because we both know what is up these days.

You held an election on the 7th October 2018, as the two weeks period the Election Commission (ELECAM) can announce the result within two week and that means on the 21st October 2018. Also, today’s verdict in the Constitutional Court has rejected all the appeals to reject the polls. Even when there are more than enough evidence of questionable activity. Not only the acts of fake observers, but the non-activity in the Anglophone region. As the state violence are continuing their and the persistence of electioneering in favor the President. Which wouldn’t be surprising for someone as corrupt as you, Mr. President and how you have conducted all government business by decree from afar.

I am not surprised that the Constitutional Court awarded in your favor. They are appointed by and working directly for you. Like most of the state does and that is why even the representatives and the Members of Parliament from the Anglophone Region are not going home to their constituencies, because they don’t want to risk their lives. Still, you and them are saying everything is so cool.

We both know this is all a charade to keep yourself in power, by every mean necessary. We have seen it before and you are repeating it. Just with even more added violence in the regions where people are rebelling against you and the Republic.

Paul Biya you can lie to yourself and lie to the world, but so many knows your game. Your cannot keep this lie up. You act as the sole proprietor and owner of the Republic. Like you fathered the land and are accustomed to run it. Therefore, no else should. You took it and no one else should take it from you. The wealth it has given you and the regime you have created around you. In nation filled with youths, the cabinet and ministers are double or triple their age. There is no institution where your rampant corruption haven’t touched or where your people aren’t tweaking the bits and pieces.

We all know this and you know it too. That why your not concerned with three years between Council of Ministers or anything else. You are not afraid of rebellion or even mutiny, even a coup d’etat. As your control is there. People dream of the coup d’etat because they want someone else to rule and with another way. They have seen what you do and what you do best is to linger in Swiss hotels.

You should enjoy retirement in Switzerland or behind bars for the ones dying on your watch, by the orders you have given to the army and pay the cost for the lives you have brutally taken, as people have lingered in jail, because they stood up to you.

You can forge an election, you can forge a regime and use all tricks to stay there. But you will not be statesman, you will not remembered in terms, which are any good. You will be remembered as the tyrant, that everyone wish where gone and took his Republic for granted.

The Republic deserves better than you. You know that and we all do.

Best Regards

The Writer of Minbane


Cameroon: West Region – Divisional Officer of Baham Sub-Division – Communique Radio (15.10.2018)

Cameroon: Various Presidential Election Results (3 Unverified Results)

First Version:

Second Version:

Third Version:


By what it seems, the ELECAM plans to say the incumbent President won by about 70%. Let see what happens. This is the documents leaked today. None is verified, but they give waves and the currents of what is up. Peace.

Cameroon: Centre Region – Communique Radio (13.10.2018)

Cameroon: Yesterday, the dream of a coup d’état that never happen!

It seems like people where dreaming of military coup d’état Zimbabwe style of last year in Yaoundé and in Douala, yesterday. Seemingly, these dreams can be shattered. The rumours and speculations has been established as false flag.

That there been a forged and rigged election going on this last week is evident, as the result is yet to be announced. The continued prosecution of the Ambazonia leadership of the Anglophone region and the continued uncertainty of the whole situation.

The lack of transparency in connections with the misuse of power, is the reasons that the Republic is ready for a political change, as the opposition has even claimed to be the winner of this rigged election. This being Maurice Kamto for instance.

While the people have really dreamed of this coup, as people have been writing on social media hoping for it, but seemingly with every hour it isn’t true. As there is no indication, no statement, no communique and broadcast of the supposed coup d’état. There been no radio broadcast or anything else showing the enforced change power through a military coup.

There is apparently, dreams of it, but instead the nightmare of Paul Biya and his decrees lingers on. There is no other prospect or change on the horizon. The application to the Courts to annulled, but who at this moment. Thinks that the Courts will order against Biya?

Therefore, be rested and assured. There haven’t been a coup, that was just a mere dream for plenty who posted of it yesterday and wanted it to be true. I don’t blame them, as they want to see a tyrant, a dictator deposed and liberty of people from both the French and Anglophone Cameroon. As they are living on the mercy of the President.

Because of the lack of mercy, transparency and the lack of information, as the volatile situation persist, people will wish this to go this direction and also see the final day of Biya, as he is the ghost they want to get rid off. Peace.

Rumors: A possible military coup d’etat in Cameroon!

This is not yet verified. There are speculations going-on, but it is really in darkness. There are plenty of Nigerians who has written on Facebook about the Coup d’etat going on in Yaounde. However, this is not yet verified. There are no decree, no official statement and no broadcast saying so.

Therefore, there is hard to take this in, as the hectic elections, the insecurity in the anglophone regions and the ghost President, who was visiting his Republic again for the need of doing so. We don’t know if the military or any of the armed forces has done the Coup d’etat today.

There is only the likes of sources like Afrivelli: The military has seized power in Cameroon through a coup d’etat. Paul Biya, the incumbent President has been in power since 1982” (Afrivelli, 11.10.2018).

That is why there is little news or reports. There are nothing substantial yet. We don’t know if there is internet black-out and also closed the telephone lines. Because that is something this government does to public, when they want to do something vicious to their own population. Who knows if that is happening now.

So, as per now, we do not know. But this will followed, as the uncertainty of the recent elections, the lack of progress and the lack transparency is steady issue. As the President of 36 years Paul Biya have kept that all to himself. Peace.

Cameroon: The Ministry of Defense is hiring 200 Musicians for the Music Company of the Army (CMPA) – (10.10.2018)

Cameroon: The election process is hexed in a Republic already in turmoil!

Hexed: “Describes a state of confusion or loss of any sort of common sense” (Urban Dictionary, 19.12.2013).

There are something fishy, every time a Republic where the results takes forever since the polls, you know it is made to secure the incumbent and the party that is currently reigning. In this regard in Cameroon, this meaning the continues reign for President Paul Biya. Who are using all tricks in the book, even when some parts there wasn’t really even elections. In the Anglophone parts, there was more ghosts towns and silence. Not running to the ballots.

While that was happening, the authorities has been busy bodies, making sure there was fake Transparency International and Amnesty International Election Observers, which both organizations has said never existed. They was plain fiction made by the Presidents Men. So, that it would legit, when everyone knows the value of this election. To further on the 36 years long reign of one man, whose mission is to live lavish on the state reserves.

That is why it is scheduled to take 2 weeks to counts the ballots before the announced results. There are already one opponent that has claimed to be the victor, this being Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Presidential Candidate Maurice Kamto. Who has already asked for peaceful transition. However, there are nothing seemingly changing and the lack of movement are showing the state are moving as normal.

That the international community and African Union calls for restraint is revealing how little care it is for the elections and the state of affairs. As the Southern Cameroon has been burning and daily killings of civilians, either by mercenaries or soldiers on orders from Yaounde. This is clearly showing that the anglophone is dying in a zip-code that doesn’t matter. Neither does their leaders that is lingering in jail as terrorists, while their homes are burned to the ground or turned into ghost towns, as the governors are ordering curfews and other measures to totally control all movement within the territory. This is like the anglophone is under occupation. Since, they are acting as the colonial masters over the region. That is why Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the other 8 leaders of Ambazonia are scheduled for military court after being incommunicado for since 5th January 2018.

This is why even the anglophone leaders who are still out and about, was telling their citizens not vote, as this was voting for a foreign force. As the French Cameroon was having a hostile takeover of Ambazonia, which is proven every day in the region of the anglophone.

Therefore, the internal conflict combined with a shambolic election, a fraud of an election, which is only there to stamp the ballots and secure another term for the life presidency. That is why Biya had this election. This is why the President has hired foreign lobbyist, foreign agents to acts as observers and tried to do everything to look legitimate. When the reality is everything else.

Most likely, the sham… is obvious and the ghost president is playing with the Republic and awaiting for his new stay at a Swiss Hotel as the Swearing-In Ceremony is done. Than, the issues of foreign questioning his legitimacy is done and he can move along with his ordinary eating. Clearly, he just wants to move-on. But will the Republic accept that, that the Ghost gets to continue to rule?


President Biya: Do the Right Thing and Give Cameroon its Chance at Democracy 8 October 2018 (08.10.2018)

As expected, voter turnout was woefully low and the fleeting hopes of many — both in Cameroon and worldwide — were dashed by the highly visible and ominous presence of the country’s security forces.

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, October 8, 2018 –  On Sunday, October 7, citizens across Cameroon bravely queued to vote in a momentous election. President Paul Biya, Africa’s oldest head of state, and in power since 1982, stood for a seventh term amid credible allegations of vote rigging (bit.ly/2y6BXHK), electoral fraud, targeted threats of violence, and an ongoing, bloody uprising in Anglophone regions. As expected, voter turnout was woefully low and the fleeting hopes of many — both in Cameroon and worldwide — were dashed by the highly visible and ominous presence of the country’s security forces – personnel who are widely perceived (https://bit.ly/2NKUGCj) as biased and loyal only to President Biya’s dictates.

One day after voting took place, Maurice Kamto, leader of the Renaissance Movement party — who joined a historic coalition (https://bit.ly/2C7dftg) with Akere Muna of the Popular Front for Development — declared victory (https://reut.rs/2pJVmcU), claiming he had “achieved his goal” and called on President Paul Biya to hand over power peacefully.

According to Cameroonian law, only the country’s Constitutional Council is allowed to announce official election results. While prematurely announcing victory, as Mr. Kamto has done, may allow a convenient pretext for additional and unnecessary violence on the part of government authorities, the penalty for remaining silent in the face of attempts to stifle democracy and impose the continued rule of a dictatorial regime may indeed be higher.

To be sure, reclaiming peace in Cameroon, and in turn, the Central African region, is of paramount importance today and moving forward. It is manifestly evident that the Biya government is both unwilling and incapable of achieving these necessary ends, which are being demanded by the country’s long beleaguered citizens, as well as neighboring countries (https://bit.ly/2kUGVQP). In light of these facts, we urge the Biya government and opposition leaders to commit to a mediated process of political dialogue with the aim of securing a genuine democratic transition, which is long overdue in Cameroon.

In the meantime, the international community and Cameroon’s development and security partners — including the United States and European Union — must demand that the Biya government respect the basic human rights and democratic aspirations of its citizens; and in so doing, refrain from the sort of truly horrendous abuses and overreach that has characterized (https://bit.ly/2y9dFfX) the Biya government for nearly four decades, and most brazenly over the past two years (bbc.in/2I8pIxX).

Only a genuine political transition can set Cameroon on a democratic path. We implore the country’s current leadership to embrace this fact and to once and for all unite a visibly damaged country at this critical time.

Cameroon: Popular Action Party (PAP) Press Statement to Prof. Maurice Kamto – “Congratulations On Your Election as President” (08.10.2018)

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