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Will Bobi Wine share the same fate as Gen. Moses Ali did in 1990s?

Back in the day, just years into the National Resistance Movement, there was this General Moses Ali, whose now Deputy Prime Minister. In April 1990 he was charged with treason, for illegal fire-arm and possible rebellion to overthrow the NRM. This was happening as he was a Cabinet Minister and his rebel group had joined the National Resistance Army in the Bush. Therefore, we should remember the story of Gen. Moses Ali, today.

Gen. Moses Ali was supposed to meet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the State House on the 7th April 1990. However, his case would spawn a lot of time, the charges being carrying of various arsenal of weapons and ammunition. There after he was held in Lubiri Barracks, as the case got investigations. While the case into the charges was prolonged through the year and his final verdict was done by the magistrate on the 7th January 1991.

December 1991:

He was acquitted of all charges except treason, a capital offense. Ali was granted a $833 bail and ordered to surrender his passport to the state, according to the official at the Luzira prison in Kampala” (AP – ‘Former Minister Facing Treason Charges Freed on Bail’ 14.12.1991). He was later finally released in June 1992.

Why I am telling this story this way?

Well, right now, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, is charged with illegal firearm and treason against the President. This happen in the Gulu Court Martial on the 16th August 2018. He is right now in detention in the Makindye Military Barracks. Therefore, the case for his and fellow Members of Parliament. Is in the similar fashion, as it was for Gen. Moses Ali on the 1980. While he was charged to overthrow Museveni with a rebellion across in Zaire, Bobi Wine is doing so with his allies in Arua, as the Presidential Convoy was stoned. The similarities are still there. Though, the popularity of Bobi Wine is another fashion.

We can see, how the NRM will prolong the sentence and the courts. Just as it has done already with Bobi Wine and fellow MPs, like Mubarak Munyagwa, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. As Bobi Wine will be remanded to the Gulu Court Martial on the 30th August 2018. This case will be prolonged and will not dismissed in the first few days. The NRM will use this and play this one out. Even if the guns are fabricated, as people are thinking they are, because they are guns and ammunition, which the military have monopoly on. Therefore, the charges seems forged and also the destroyed windshield of the car in the Presidential Convoy. The actions of the state, seems to making the opposition criminalized, while making sure the state gets away with killings themselves.

Even if there was nobody dying over the arrest of Gen. Moses Ali. We expect similar prolonged court case over the treason charge towards the ones in this case after the Arua By-Election. Bobi Wine and the MPs whose been charged and arrested since. They will all be in legal jeopardy for months now. The NRM will not give in and the President has usually done this. The same for the treason charges put on Besigye. Therefore, not expect this to be over soon.

Bobi Wine deserves justice, as he and several MPs are delivered injustice. We can hope that the story of Moses Ali doesn’t return, but by the look of things. It seems like the President and NRM will repeat it. Peace.


Statement from Barbie Kyagulanyi after visiting husband Robert Kyagulanyi at Makindye Barrack earlier today (17.08.2018)

Family, friends and well-wishers,

Today I went with lawyers and members of the Uganda Human Rights Commission to Makindye military prisons, and after many days I was able to see my husband with my own eyes. I am first of all thankful to God that he is still alive! Let’s continue to pray for him.
Bobi is in pain. Bobi is hurting EVERYWHERE. We nearly lost him! He wonders how he is still alive after such treatment.

Bobi cannot stand on his own. He has a swollen face- very deformed. At first sight, it is very unlikely that you would recognize him. You may not understand this unless if you see him. His forehead is bruised and his eyes are red. He has many wounds including one on his ear. He seems to have been punched many times on the face. He cannot walk. He was carried into the room where we saw him. He cannot sit straight. He speaks with difficulty and has a lot of pain breathing. He has great pain in the left side ribs and hip. He bled a lot through the ears and through the nose. Blood stains are still visible! He is in such a terrible state and in need of urgent medical attention. I could not believe that an innocent man can be taken through all this because he has a different political opinion.

According to his story, he was not even at the scene where chaos allegedly took place in Arua. He was with friends watching news at a restaurant when news came out that his driver had been shot dead. He quickly went into his room as gun shots raged on, and for many hours throughout the night, he kept hearing soldiers banging doors and breaking into rooms of the hotel. Later, the soldiers came to his room and broke into it. They found him standing in the room and the soldiers immediately ordered him to kneel down. Before he could reach the floor, one soldier hit his head with an iron bar and he fell down. They all descended on him, stepping on his head with boots and hitting him everywhere. He became unconscious thereafter and after so many hours, he realized that he was at the Arua airfield on handcuffs. He can’t tell what they might have done to him during that time. After gaining consciousness, he was given many injections and has no idea what they were for. They took him to Gulu where he was detained. He can hardly remember what took place in court yesterday as he was only regaining consciousness. He was later airlifted to Makindye where he is being detained. I have seen many victims of torture- never have I seen anyone in the state which Bobi is in! When he narrates these stories, you see the kind of trauma he is going through. When you set your eyes on him, you cannot help but wonder what kind of human beings can do such things to a fellow human being.

Here is the good news- Bobi is strong at heart. His resolve has not diminished. His bones have been broken, but his spirit has not been crushed. He is still the husband I met many years ago. He knows that he is innocent of all that he is being accused of. His only crime is standing for justice and for trying to speak for the common person. He was surprised when we told him that he is accused of possessing firearms- he was hearing about this for the first time. Instead, the soldiers who arrested him took away his wallet and the money he had on him. He wonders why he is being tried by military courts! But he knows that this is part of the price he has to pay for what he believes in. He asks Ugandans to remain firm, even in the face of such repression.

He is deeply hurt by his driver, Yasin Kawuma’s death and very sad that he was not allowed to bury him! We told him about the dire health condition of Hon. Francis Zaake and others, and he sent sympathies.

He asked me to be strong for the sake of our children and I promised him that I am strong and I will remain strong. I told him how many people in Uganda and abroad are very concerned about him and he asked me to appreciate you all on his behalf.

Our request is that he is urgently allowed to access his doctors so that he gets the much needed medical attention. Especially since he highly suspects that he underwent internal bleeding.

May God’s angels be with you Bobi in that military facility where I am not. May the God of heaven fight this battle for you and for all of us.

Barbie Kyagulanyi
17th August, 2018

Katikkiro of Buganda’s statement on the unfortunate ongoing situation (17.08.2018)

UHRC: Statement on the findings from the visit to the detained Members of Parliament by UHRC Team (17.08.2018)

Foreign Envoys: Joint Statement on the Arua Municipality By-Election (17.08.2018)

A Message to President Museveni: Free Bobi Wine and Free all them MPs!

We know this is how you torture, how you play with people’s lives. Something you have done nonstop since 1980s. You have had the power, but instead of using it good. Your using it for greed. That greed got to stop. We know it and you know it Mr. President. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, you cannot keep Bobi Wine nor any of the other MPs in prison. As well, as all the other opposition members you have detained during the last two weeks. Because there been plenty, even outside of Aura, where all the focus has been. With the likes of Mubarak Munyagwa as well into the mix.

The ones arrested in Aura, and is still detained are Robert Kyagulanyi, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. All of these forged charges should be let go off, as the Presidential Convoy Car was destroyed by professionals and not by stone. Neither, was the guns and ammunition, Bobi Wine’s property, as the UPDF stated, this was weaponary, that the UPDF have monopoly over. Therefore, he couldn’t even get the hold of that. These charges against Bobi Wine is just merciless and shows the intent to silence you strongest critics.

This is what is happening now, they are all on charges of treason, inciting violence and damage of the Presidential Convoy. While the other Munyagwa have not gotten in the headlines, as he has not been part of Wadri campaign team. Like the rest of them. Still, his case and the others matters. As the Special Force Command and the Police has them in custody.

Mr. President you cannot do this, you have no right to keep them. This is a violation of their rights as citizens and who they represent. What you are doing now is criminalizing innocent campaigning, because they have humiliated you.

President Museveni, if your sincere, we know how you do this, as you have done it to plenty in your time. You started the purge on opposition even right after taking power. For long, you pushed for one-party state, but had to give in. Now, Museveni, you are again at it, this time with the youthful and inspiring MP Bobi Wine and fellow allies of him. Last time it was Dr. Kizza Besigye and his comrades. Before that it was Dr. Paul Ssemogerere and his allies. We know this is who you are.

It is a reason why there are demonstrations in Kamwokya for the second day. You have detained their hero and inspiration. There will be more of this, because it is a matter of time, before you have taken it to far. You have already wasted the Bush-War with your lingering in power and using the same tactics as the ones you overthrow. There nothing else now, than your grip of power. The rest is lies and deceptions. Which the people are tired off.

We are just asking for the release of the innocent of MPs, who you have captured and detained at various locations all over the Republic. You have no right to detain them. None.

You we’re the one sending the order for live-bullet in Arua, you we’re the one who sent your Presidential Guards to the streets and you are the one that has put charges on these people’s head. Even when you are the one who ordered the death, the torture and harassment of all the people. All the unknowns in Arua and beyond. That is all on you and your tyranny.

Time to man up and take responsibility, Mr. President. Man up and stop crying foul, when we know that your the one who is in-charge and who is responsible. Peace.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine – Facebook Update (16.08.2018)

Today we spent the whole day in Gulu. Bobi Wine was produced before the military court and charged with three counts of illegal possession of firearms. No one else was permitted to see him including his family and the press, except lawyers Hon. Asuman Basalirwa and Hon. Medard Ssegona. He has been remanded to Makindye military prison until 23rd August, 2018.

According to the two lawyers, Bobi is in a very worrying state. He was badly tortured. He cannot stand, sit or even walk on his own. His face is badly deformed and he has a fractured back and hip. He has wounds all over his body, including one on his head and ear. The lawyers also say that he has not yet fully regained consciousness and does not fully appreciate what is going on around him. He could barely talk coherently to them.

Friends of Bobi home and abroad, this is the state of affairs!

Thank you all for the love, concern and support.


FDC Statement on Arua By-Elections (16.08.2018)

I would like to firstly take this opportunity to condemn the brutal, primitive and uncalled for attack in Arua of the citizens of this country by the military as they exercised their civil liberties that are fully supported by our constitution.

Secondly I wish to thank the people of Arua especially those who stood with our candidate to the end despite the numerous challenges that we faced in this election. The FDC national team has just returned from concluding the campaigns and observing the voting exercise on behalf of their flag bearer Mr. Bruce M. Musema. In doing this we upheld a two year period standing decision to support our flag bearers for the duration of the term of the office they aspired for. We therefore take full responsibility for the choice of candidate of Bruce as well as his performance in this by- election. I wish to thank Mr. Bruce M. Musema for being the refined and outstanding candidate that he was during this contest and wish to assure him of our continued support in various ways, in the party’s bid to grow young leaders.

Through their vote and amidst massive intimidation the people of Arua spoke loud and clear and I wish to congratulate them for their resilience and their newly elected leader for a well fought for and deserved victory. The election of Hon. Kassiano E. Wadri an independent candidate should send a message to the dictatorship in this country that no matter the amount of force used, citizens will always reign supreme. We also call on the authorities to ensure an expeditious process of justice or immediate release of Hon. Wadri and his other incarcerated colleagues.

As a party we have taken lessons from this and other by-elections where we lost and succeeded and this will inform the party’s policy direction on how to deal with any election we shall participate in, in the future.

One Uganda One People.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat
Party President
16th August, 2018.

The acts towards Bobi Wine: Could happen to all of us, if we challenge the NRM!

Let’s be clear, the Gulu Military Court Martial Order, the days of torture, harassment and detention in unknown location is something the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has done to their biggest threats. In the same fashion, the NRM have acted towards Dr. Kizza Besigye. Therefore, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Are now walking in the shoes of Besigye, in his own way, but the acts of Bobi Wine and his supporters. They are similar in ways, off course different, but working towards the same goal.

That is why the NRM, the authorities and the security organizations acts as vile perpetrators against their enemy. This has happen to Besigye and is now happening to Bobi Wine. Both have gotten tear-gassed, arrested and charged with treason. Now, Hon. Kyagulanyi are air-lifted from Gulu Military Court to Makindye Military Barracks, this is after the charges was put on him.

What we should learn by this, are that what happen last with Besigye in 2015 and 2016, when he went back- and fourth from prison and treason charges, will now be happening to Bobi Wine in 2018. His trials, court cases and government petitions for his crimes, will come in steady order, the cases will be adjourned and pending evidence indefinitely. That is how the NRM has acted towards Besigye, the same will now be repeated with Bobi Wine.

The arbitrary arrests, the house arrests and all the pains the police and security organizations will give Bobi Wine. Is something that we have already seen the NRM done to Besigye. Therefore, we should prepare for similar activity towards the Independent MP and Activist. He will not be carried softly, the regime is now answering with force and forging charges. They are putting on all sort of malice and trying to fix his fate. Therefore, expect Luzira Prison as well. There is where all big-men and politicians with some character ends under the NRM.

Why do I say all this now, as he is airlifted and charged with treason. Put him in the same fashion as Besigye. Because, Besigye isn’t an example, but a proof of what the NRM does, if you challenge them and gain popularity. Now, the same hand is dealt to Bobi Wine.

The NRM picks out anyone who are standing in their way. Right now, that is Bobi Wine, in the past it was Besigye.

In the future. Who knows, it might be you. Peace.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine: Gulu Court Martial – Charge Sheet (16.08.2018)

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