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Russian Probe: Manafort denied suppressing evidence by the Court!

The former Trump Campaign Manager and former Ukraine Agent Paul Manafort has been denied and lost his case against the Court on the collected evidence from his storage unit. After the Judge today ordered that Court Denied Defendant’s will to suppress the evidence obtained in the search of his Storage Unit. That is yet another blow for his case and within the bounds of the Russian Probe. Yet, another victory for the collective case of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

Because the Manafort team has tried every single way to stop the investigation. Stopping the scope of the investigation, they had to get orders to look into the Communications like the BlackBerry’s and such. Now they got the order from the Court, that they can without anything justified not collect and assemble evidence in what Manafort had in the Storage Unit. Whatever sort of documents and such which are there must be important and vital for the operation of Manafort’s businesses. As he didn’t want the investigation to look into it. Because he knows what is there and how that will be in significance with the indictments towards him.

We can just imagine what sort of documents and such the team has seized from the man. If they have found the traces and connections into money laundering, the Trump Organization and whatever else the Russian Oligarchs has served him with. Who knows what sort of business transactions and offers of questionable works the FBI has on him now. As Manafort knows all of this and therefore, didn’t want Mueller’s team to get their hands on it.

This investigation is far from over, everything here is showing the reality and the need for the Manafort team to think otherwise. All of his secrets will be revealed. There are already some questionable activity and counts of criminal behavior by the man. So as he lingering in jail to testify, the documents from the warranted searches are studied and connected, so the dots of activity can be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Manafort is in a sea of trouble, there are no signs of safe haven to land the ship. Only more jail time is awaiting him. That is truly a clear sign of what the President knows, as his long time associate and former Campaign Manager are behind bars awaiting trial. Peace.


Skeet Skeet Skeet Part 16: Order Denying Plaintiff’s Motion for Reconsideration (19.06.2018)

Russian Probe: Manafort behind bars shows the seriousness of the affair!

The Paul J. Manafort revoking of the 10 million dollar bond shows the intent and the reality of the Russian Probe. The works of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is really proving fruitful, as well as having a team, which follows there provisions and are into every paragraph. So that if someone within the blink of the eye, within the parameter of the investigation, they better thread carefully. That is why so many has pleaded guilty and started to cooperate with the Mueller Investigation.

That on the 15th June 2018, that the bond was revoked for former Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort proves the issues that the President has. The man he trusted for over 190 days to run his campaign is now behind bars. The lied, played the government a fool and was caught doing so. Manafort has long before becoming campaign chairman done some secretive and shady works for others through his connections. That is why the Special Counsel got in his order to look into agents working for Ukraine and Russia in the United States.

Manafort as part of bond was this: “In the Court’s view, the broad prohibition contained in the order entered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Marcy 9, 2018 is clear and unambiguous: Defendant must avoid all contact, directly or indirectly, with any person who is a victim or witness in the investigation or prosecution of the defendant. United States v. Paul J. Manafort, Jr., 18-cr-00083 (TSE) [Dkt. # 25] ¶ (viii)”

That was a very simple order to comply to if you cared about the law and with the knowledge of all the counts your indicted for. It is not like Manafort was a petty thief stealing a few pockets on Manhattan. This was a guy that conspired against the republic, not paying taxes or even filing taxes on his foreign earnings, even being an unregistered foreign agent working with foreign hostile powers. Therefore, the investigation into him show money laundering and other allegations that is severe. All of this should not be overshadowed.

That is why the revelation that even after months of being indicted and under investigation, he still contacted witnesses and people connected with the case. As should have been more careful and respected that the government already had been good to him.

What is interesting for the defense of Manafort is that they wanted a list of witnesses to the client, so they could make sure. However, the indictments, the public court-files and other documentations shows the progression of the case. Something the attorneys could follow and show to Manafort. To indicate to their client. The investigatory body and the government to build a case shouldn’t provide a list of possible witnesses or even suspects before their indicted or possibly breaching laws. That is predetermine the fate of an individual. That is why the defense of Manafort was flawed. As Manafort had failed his bond and the easy reason to revoke it.

That is an issue for the President. Is that his long-time partner and former campaign chairman is behind bars. He is in jail pending trial in two cases against him. As part of the pending investigation and up-coming trials. The evidence collected and the knowledge of the investigators will come into the Court. Than, the defense will not discussion possible or even violations of bonds. But actual conspiracy against the state and violations of the IRS and FARA.

Manafort is in major troubles, but also the rest of the associates around Trump. Whose have been part of the Campaign. Because so many people are in the scope of Mueller.

That Manafort now behind bars is a sign of what is coming. Not only Alex Van Der Zwaan has been behind bars, while others has pleaded guilty and offered to corporate with the investigation. That is why there is more to come and the realization of it. Should hit Trump in the midst of his guts. Peace.

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Russian Probe: Manafort is in even more legal trouble!

You would think a man like Paul Manafort wouldn’t get into more legal trouble. However, that is not true, he getting more and more deep into trouble. Him and Richard Gates worked directly in Ukraine with associate Konstantin Kiliminik. Manafort is now indicted with 7 new counts on his tally. Clearly, the state has evidence against Manafort, as Gates have provided after he made a plea deal. They are showing the defense of Manafort. That there is no easy way out, as the problems and his business-deals with Ukraine and Russia is now not only investigated anymore, but uncovered.

This time around Count 1st is ‘Conspiracy against the United States’. Count 2nd is ‘Conspiracy to Launder Money’. Count 3rd is being an ‘Unregistered Agent Of A Foreign Principal’. Count 4th is ‘False and Misleading FARA Statements’. 5th Count is False Statement. 6th Count is ‘Obstruction of Justice’ and last the 7th Count is also ‘Conspiracy to Obstruct of Justice’.

That is 7 serious charges. When coming to Money laundering there was registered in the court files a total $70 million US Dollars through the bank accounts and the scheme of Manafort and Gates. Secondly, the with this scheme Manafort and Gates more than $ 30 million US Dollars in income, that was concealed from the US Treasury. This shows that this was deliberate from them. You don’t continue and conceal transactions, use multiple of them and through different countries. Shows that they we’re really helping out their partner in Ukraine, the Party of Regions and Kiliminik.

You know that Manafort knew what he did, when this is in the filing:

For each year in or about and between 2008 through at least 2014, MANAFORT had authority over foreign accounts that required an FBAR filing. Specifically, MANAFORT was required to report to the Treasury each foreign bank account held by the foreign MANAFORT entities noted above in paragraph 11 that bears the initials PM. No FBAR reports were made by MANAFORT for these accounts”.

As continued, he really wanted to keep his activities as a secret:

In furtherance of the scheme, from 2006 until 2014, both dates being approximate and inclusive, MANAFORT, with the assistance of Gates, KILIMNIK, and others, engaged in a multimillion dollar lobbying campaign in the United States at the direction of Yanukovych, the Party of Regions, and the Government of Ukraine. MANAFORT did so without registering and providing the disclosures required by law”.

Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel has clearly build a case to prove that he is not playing around. Adding more counts and showing more of the troubles he is in, the clear evidence and the plea agreement of Gates. He has this way ensured the Special Counsel of clear indication and also proof of the illegal activity. All of this has been done in the shadow and has tricked state as a foreign agent, which have also been laundering money through the accounts of Manafort.

Manafort should worry what the state knows, because Gates has delivered on his plea agreement. If he hadn’t they wouldn’t have the level of conspiracy against the state and counts. This is really showing the progression of the case and what they able to connect to one individual. What is on the rest of the Trump Campaign is hard to know. But surely they are collecting evidence and connecting the dots as we speak. Peace.

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