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Cameroon: President Biya New Years Eve Message – Is he a droid or just heartless?

With the knowledge of the rampant attacks with all sorts of weapons and oppression in the Anglophone part of Cameroon. Reading the translated New Years Eve Message from President Paul Biya. He can either be a droid with no heart, a heartless machine who works for the betterment of himself and his cronies. If not, he is a person without any heart, who has no trouble ordering mercenaries, soldiers and local government to assault these regions. That is what is happening.

I have seen the pictures of burning villages, the dead citizens with machetes and gun-wounds. The steady reports of violence in the Anglophone region, all through 2018. The continuation of a internal conflict and supported from the Biya Government, as he is living lavish in exile in Switzerland. While the Anglophone region is burning and bruised.


In a spirit of national harmony, I decided to set up a “National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee” to avoid the use of extreme measures. The duties of this body, which is under the authority of the Prime Minister, are to organize, supervise and manage the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants of Boko Haram and armed groups in the North-West and South-West Regions willing to respond favourably to the hand of peace extended to them. I wish to emphasize that this initiative provides a dignified way out for ex-combatants and prospects for social reintegration, and should pave the way for a return to calm and normalcy. On the other hand, measures will be taken as soon as possible to give the local communities of our country the powers that would enable them to play a greater role in the management of local affairs. At the same time, the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism will be fast-tracked. Furthermore, I intend to continue the dialogue initiated with people of good-will to bring about lasting peace. Paradoxically, one of the effects of the unfortunate events that have been affecting social life in the North-West and South-West Regions for months now may surprise many of us. The populations of these two regions have noticed the sincerity of the intentions of authorities concerning the new powers delegated to local communities and the solidarity of the rest of the Nation towards them. My wish is that, eventually, national unity will be strengthened” (President Paul Biya – New Years Message, 31.12.2018).

I have hard time to understand, how he could do this and say this. Like he means this. That the new powers will be better, than what is there now. As long as the Central Government are sending soldiers, mercenaries and whoever else to destroy the Anglophone region. There will be reactions, but also more direct destruction of humanity there.

That the President have to know this, surely he gets the report about the activity of the soldiers there. They are maybe on the way to get the locals to lose their guns, but still it is the soldiers from the state who does the worst. They are the ones burning villages, killing civilians and stopping ordinary life. As people are running into the forest, even crossing borders into Nigeria into safety. Because they are afraid of the National Army, the one that supposed to support them and keep them safe.

That is why this President cannot have a heart, he cannot be human. He has to be a droid or some sort of machine. He cannot be breathing air, the natural oxygen or whatever that gives flowers life with the green-house effect. Because something else has to fuel his soul or his digital fragments that is looking like human like.

Paul Biya cannot be human, knowing about these crimes and acting this way. He cannot, unless, he is heartless. Peace.

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