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Amnesty International Report of 1978 could have been rewritten for Museveni in 2018!

Today, I am just showing some quotes and small fragments of the Amnesty International Report from June 1978. This report of the atrocities of that time shouldn’t be repeated, but because of the bush-war should have been eradicated. Instead, the rulers and the regime are continuing their works. Maybe not as violent or to the extent, but there is still civilians dying so the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni can continue to rule indefinitely.

The NRM today used the Presidential Guards or the Special Force Command to intimidate the public, as they were starting to demonstrate in Kamwokya, as Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was first blocked from leaving the Republic for medical treatment. He has later been allowed to leave, but Hon. Francis Zaake are still lingering in police custody at the hospital. Both of them after being tortured by the Security Officials. There was others who was hurt in the violence and torture by the authorities needs treatment.

The other fitting paradigm of the previous dictatorship under Idi Amin, was the use of Military Tribunals or Military Tribunals on civilians charged with treason. That has happen over time under President Museveni. Other similarities that is mentioned are the violent arrests and bundled into the back of the trucks of vehicles. That picture has been more and more common, as people are rioting and demonstrating. Therefore, there are more and more signs that the liberators are looking more like they predecessors.

Just read this quotes:

The effect of this structure of repression can be said without fear of exaggeration to have transformed the whole society in a short period of time into a ruthless military dictatorship marked by arbitrary arrest, torture, murder, the removal of virtually all fundamental human rights, the terrorization of the population, the turning of tens of thousands of Ugandans into refugees” (…) “Any security official is empowered to “use any force he may deem necessary” to arrest or prevent the escape of anyone suspected of kondo-ism (armed robbery, which carries the death penalty).3/ This supports a policy of “shooting to kill” on mere suspicion of kondo-ism, which is frequently used to justify arbitrary arrest or murder by security officers, whether in uniform or not. This was the case for example with the death of Makerere University student Paul Sserwanga” (…) “Military tribunals, originally confined to judging

cases within the armed forces, are empowered to try civilians accused of capital offenses such as sedition, subversion or treason” (…) “Victims of arrest by the security forces are normally bundled into the back or trunk of a security forces’ vehicle, Arrests are carried out by different branches of the security forces who normally take victims to their own headquarters” (Amnesty International, P: 2, 4, 6, 1978)

I don’t feel the need to address it again, As the state of affairs is like this. That the militarism of Museveni, could have its roots in the Amin and using same methods to intimidate and control the public. If he was a real freedom fighter and someone who fought for rule of law. Why use the same tactics and same means to silence critics and population in general. Because if they stood in the way of Amin, it would cost and President Museveni shows that it can be fatal in his rule too. Therefore, the world should know, that they supports same evils, but with just different flag at an another time.

The United Kingdom and United States, should be concerned that their arms and weapons are used against the public, as the state using the tricks of Amin. It is just ones of the fellows who toppled him, who later had his major movement in 1986 and stayed since. Instead of bringing new fresh ideas and actually changes of ways to govern. It is more of the same and the population deserves someone who represent them and actually be there for them. Not just use military force to prove you have the rights to rule. Peace.


Amnesty International – ‘Human Rights in Uganda Report’ June 1978, England, United Kingdom

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I wish I could make water into wine like Andrew Mwenda!

Man, I wish I could pick the brains of Andrew Mwenda, the so-called editor and journalist, owner of the Independent Magazine. I really wished I could understand the man and his visions. As what he see and what he believes are in contrast with his past.

Mwenda has gone 180 from where he started, as of these days and for a few years. He has been a Musevenist and apologist of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). For whatever reasons that might be, he has made sure the opposition with the likes of Dr. Kizza Besigye and recently Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will be a disaster for the Republic. Even when none of that could ever be proven, as no one has ever succeed the almighty ruler Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

That is the mind of Mwenda. That has abilities to corruption into corporate growth, murder into society control and torture into political differences. We are living in weird and rare times, as the apologists doesn’t care about the victims, but only keeping the status quo. They are feeding of the throne and want that to stay. Even when their narratives are closer to fiction, than they are closer to any significant reality.

He can put whatever spin he wants and such, but the reality is that he accepts militarism and oppression, he accepts and defends killings of civilians as long as the visionary Museveni rules. Mwenda cannot express how much words and idioms he can find for the man. The old man with the hat must have dropped a few coins on him. Because sometimes you wonder how he can twist his tongue and still believe it.

The likes of Mwenda is sort of like a false prophet, as they are like Jesus. They can create mirages, they can create waterfalls out of the desert, even make water into wine. They are not able to grow grapes, but still able to make wine. That is what Mwenda does at this stage. His continues defense of the President and attacks on Besigye and Bobi Wine is in that fashion.

His defenses are as school-boyish that, you cannot trust someone who never had time to rule and their logic is wrong. Mine is right because I can name this former rulers who went and the successors didn’t make their representative nations better. That is why if Museveni has a successor, the ones after him will not do the Republic better than him. How can you even prove that? Because Mobutu was taken down and Laurent Kabila was taken, doesn’t mean it automatically better for the Republic at the given time. But, you with time possibly get changes of leadership and codes. Which will better the state, as well as mechanisms that the leadership has to follow. Now, it is just following blindly the orders from the State House and President. That is why the authorities are acting with impunity on his orders and torture his dissidents.

I am just tired of Mwenda and his broken words. The glass is broken and you should be careful of drinking of it. Your lips might be torn by the glass if you drink on the one point, even bleed.

Therefore, be aware, he twists things and lies, makes Museveni looks smart, when he is vindictive and vicious, if his words isn’t always that, his acts and his government actions towards their enemies are. That is proven, again and again. Don’t be tricked by that reality, as the likes of Mwenda is eating, while so many is starving. Think about that. Peace.

Impunity in action: The blocking of medical treatment abroad for Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake!

We know that if there is minister, a Member of Parliament or anyone of value for the republic of Uganda. They are going for treatment in South Africa, Kenya, India or anywhere else. Like the children of the President has sent private airplanes and trips for his daughters to Germany for giving birth. Therefore, we know that if Ministers and MPs are getting sick and need secure treatment they are sent abroad. This is happening to the ones connected around the President and within his party National Resistance Movement (NRM).

That is why today’s news is insulting. It is demeaning and its bitterness from the state, as it retaliates and still makes the charged Members of Parliament suffer. This being Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, whose was violently taken away from Entebbe Airport, as he was scheduled to fly for medical treatment. The police beat him, then took him away and whisked him away in van, as he was on the way for treatment.

Earlier in the day, Hon. Francis Zaake was also trying to leave the airport for treatment abroad, but was stopped from the same authorities. As the police and guards of the state stopped them.

Now the excuse of the state, is that the state now has to evaluate the damage and the tortured people, as they couldn’t do that as they were in government custody since 14th August and “released on bail” on the 27th August 2018. Therefore, they had 2 weeks to ensure they were in god-speed. Instead, they have tortured and kept them in detentions. Not treatment for their wounds and damaged bodies. As we cannot know their true status per now.

The state really has a nerve to do this. As we know what they do to their own. They are already creating havoc and brutally tormenting people, as they are the enemies of the state. When they are representing the people of their constituency and are MPs. They are doing the same to activists and random dwellers around political rallies too, or demonstrations for that matter. Therefore, this shows how blatant the impunity of the state is. That the NRM are doing this and are proud of doing this. As they are deflecting the real activity. Blaming the ones blocked, as they are far from vindicated from the crimes. However, they are in dire need for medical treatment.

That is not a priority of the state, as they want to give a signal again. That if your becoming a threat to the President. He will make sure you pay and will feel his rage. Peace.

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