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Opinion: Museveni is the sort of politician he would have hated in the 1980s…

Because the politics of the past have been politics about intrigue, about subterfuge, this has been the politics of the past. This politics has not concerned the population. It has been about job-seeking on the part of the politicians. But now for the first time, we are going to talk about the population, their life, their political rights, their economic interests. That will be the centre of gravity of what we are doing” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (TV Interview in 1986)

Today is one of those days where I wonder if history will ever catch up to Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni. The man who re-invent himself ahead of any election. The sort of man that changes to whatever there is. A man that is willing to give up everything for the inch power and prestige. The man that doesn’t dwell on the circumstances, but swiftly regroup to get ahead. That’s all he does and this is why his tone changed over the years.

First part of his reign. He wanted to be seen as the new breed. The one you could count on for political changes, transform society and give hope for a better future. However, with time that was a smoke-screen to keep himself in power and by enough time to avoid any sort of accountability for his actions. Since, he has distorted, disrupted and ensured total control. That’s why Presidential Directives and letters matters more than legislation now. This is why his a sole-President without the burden of transparency or even checks-and-balances. He is just ruling supreme, the dictator and the man who uses vicious means to get ahead.

Secondly, Museveni knows perfectly everything ill with the previous regime. He even stated that in his first speech as well after taking power in 1986:

There is, in philosophy, something called obscurantism, a phenomenon where ideas are deliberately obscured so that what is false appears to be true and vice versa. We in the NRM are not interested in the politics of obscurantism: we want to get to the heart of the matter and find out what the problem is. Being a leader is like being a medical doctor. A medical doctor must diagnose his patient’s disease before he can prescribe treatment. Similarly, a political leader must diagnose correctly the ills of society. A doctor who does not diagnose his patient’s disease adequately is nothing but a quack. In politics we have also got quacks – and Uganda has had a lot of political quacks over the past two decades or so. I also want to talk about co-operation with other countries, especially in our region. One of our weaknesses in Africa is a small market because we don’t have enough people to consume what we produce” (Museveni, 26.01.1986).

Thirdly, he even wrote this in an article in 1985:

We are convinced that some of the post-independent African leaders are the ones that are just hopelessly out of depth and have got to look for scapegoats. Africa, since independence, has been tossed between, on the one hand idiotic quislings that are mere ‘caricatures’ of the worst aspects of the European middle class and, on the other hand, muddle-headed ‘revolutionary’ ideologies of Fabians, murderers and a variety of other opportunists, who spent more time putting people in preventive detention, when they are not murdering them … That is why African independence has almost begun to look as if it is a non-viable proposition” (Yoweri Museveni, Selected Articles on the Uganda Resistance War, 1985).

When you read these texts and quotes from Museveni in the past. You see that he knew what was wrong in the past. However, for him to stay in power and be in office for all these years. He has done exactly the same himself. His used these vicious means to stay and never leave.

It is just so striking after all these years. Museveni has backtracked… and become the same as he fought against. All the things he has used to describe the predecessors can be used on himself. Everything he has pinned on someone… can be said about him now.

After over 36 years in office he has turned into the leaders he didn’t respect or did rebuke in past. The man in the bush and after taking power… he promised a fundamental change. Nevertheless the “No Change” slogan of the past… is his true testament and what he has served the public.

The misuse of power, injustice and impunity which is what he is known for now. If you read these things today. It is so easily to pin it on Museveni. He is the epitome of the leaders he despised. The rhetoric and message that he used. Can now be used about him. Just the thought of this… shows how far he fell and how power corrupts. He wanted this and he thrives on it.

All the pieces of the puzzle fits Museveni. It is all him. He should know this, but clearly he will deflect this. If people remind him of older statements. He will say the times has changed and it isn’t important. At this very moment and time… he would have gone to the bush to fight himself. Museveni would have had tried to do a coup d’etat to get rid of this leadership. That’s what is so striking in 2022. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Rumours – Is the Wollo Zone(s) “falling” into the hands of TDF soon?

There is a lot of unverified information being spread around these days. Things has not been verified or been acknowledged yet. The Tigray Defence Force (TDF) has entered the Amhara region and has come close to Kobo, if not already conquered Kobo.

However, there are reports of massive losses and lack of moral. Also of possible tiredness of continues conflict in the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). Nevertheless, that is only speculation at this point of time.

Still, the retreat and the “strategical” move that made it possible for the TDF to advance in Wollo should worry people. That’s why so many towns in Wollo and at large in Amhara region has been put under curfew. Within the last 48 hours or so, about ten cities has been put under strict rules of movements. From Sekota, Weldiya and Kombolcha just to mention a few. That’s really saying something.

As well, as the news of the closure of the University in Weldiya the other day. In combination of the trouble of taking money in the ATMs. The issues of people fleeing the area and worried about staying home. This is the uncertainty created of late.

Reports of chaos in Wollo should worry people. There are speculations of a sudden fall of the towns and cities. It is expectations in the air for a takeover or an occupation of it. Because, the ENDF soldiers are retreating and not motivated to fight. They are not mentally prepared for the TDF. However, that is only speculation and rumours at this very time.

While this is happening, the drones can damage within Tigray and go after “targets” there, which they are doing already. If not the ENDF Air-Force carpet bombing Mekelle. That’s what they do to the Tigray region.

The Amhara region and the Special Regional Forces must be strained to let this one slide. To let these major cities of Wollo fall to the enemy. You know the Amhara powerhouses of Gondar and Bahir Dar must feel betrayed by the rulers of Addis Ababa. When they are seeing Wollo Zone fall under the reign of Mekelle. That got to sting their pride and the banner of “unity” which they have spelled on the nation since 2018.

Certainly, the warfare right now is bound to capture minds and show the difference between TDF and the ENDF. As, the Tripartite Alliance brutality, siege and man-made famine has resorted into this. The sort of genocidal approach has lit the fire of the TDF and their will to succeed. They have nothing to loose, since if they do nothing. They will die and if they do fight; they will also die. So, no matter what they do… they will initially die.

That’s the fate of the Prosperity Party has put on the Tigray region. They will die either by the lack of food or by the end of a torturous affair. That’s the prospects of reality and it’s forgotten by plenty.

Bete Amhara or Wollo is endangered now. We can wonder if this is strategy or a direct loss of the hubris of the ENDF. As the continues warfare of the regime. If the ENDF haven’t fought in Tigray, they have battled to the Oromo Liberation Front/Army (OLF/A). We know the ENDF has moved troops and such to Dessie, Lalibela and Semera (Afar). That’s being closer to the new front-lines and preparing for the continuation of the warfare.

Should we soon expect a big battle and where the ENDF plans to have a strategic manoeuvre… which will stop the TDF or be a sort of drive to push back the territories recently taken by the TDF. Because that would be smartest way to do it, but does the ENDF have the might and the capacity to do so?

Time will really tell. Things are fluid and uncertain at this very moment. We just have to wait and see. What is very obvious… is that the rumours and speculations are on overdrive. The ENDF and the TDF isn’t speaking “high” or “mighty”. Neither is the FDRE or the Tigray High Command dropping any sort of incentive or talks where they are going from here.

This is why we can only speculate and not verify. The war is on and a war can turn either way. The momentum and the warfare can suddenly shift. The armies can loose steam and hope. They can also be boosted and get moral in the middle of the darkest hour. Therefore, we cannot know where this one is really going. Unless, one party is suddenly celebrating or telling stories, which they are not doing right now. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Gambella Liberation Front – A Press Release by the Gambella Freedom Front regarding the current issues (30.08.2022)

What I want all patriots and nationalities of Gambela to understand is that the crime that has been done in the history of Ethiopia in less than four years since the prosperity government took over power will never end even if we mention it briefly.

Including major officials of the national defense, Amhara region president and their cabinet members, famous artists and the general manager of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam… There is a situation where people have died in the hands of people and still haven’t gotten justice. Instead of resolving the political differences with TPLF, they cut the budget of the people of Tigray, illegally postpone the election, the region is trying to kill them by force outside the constitution, the people are in another country. Allowing people to be killed and raped in a proper manner, killing their own citizens and children, youth and Aba Gedas, while humans are being hanged upside down and slaughtered, while citizens are still alive without their fault just because of their identity, burning wood by the government army, denying the people of Tigray access to basic services.

The border of Ethiopia or Ethiopian sovereignty has been seen killing its own citizens by Shabiya and other mercenaries. Still this anti people system has continued its invasion by the organized and organized Aquahan. The Ethiopian air force is killing innocent citizens and children. Since this devil and his work is getting stronger, our people and the international community who want peace should follow and denounce him.

The first time that a precious human life was seen under a tree was seen by the fascist forces called prosperity. Therefore, in our region Gambela, started and planned infrastructures and projects started by a prosperous government will not be seen except stopping and demolishing infrastructures built before the prosperous government. It seems that problems are getting worse at this time. Instead of listening to the people’s questions, instead of answering them, they are being forced to give their children, property and salary for the war that they started and created. This fascist force has no concern for the citizens, so up to now in Gambela region especially the Nuer tribe. Zone and the beech Ethnic zone children are being taken away from their horns in South Sudan by Murle ethnic group. In general, this evil force of wedding money groups and invading forces have shown its brutality by killing its own citizens instead of protecting them. This fascist system has been trying to imprison the people of Tigray has passed away and this week, they have attacked on innocent children. This is the main destroyer of the country and We strongly condemn the terrorist act of the prosperous government, all Ethiopian citizens who are inside and outside the Tigray government army, Oromo freedom front, Gambela freedom front, Bahneen army and other Ethiopian federalism and confederalization forces, if you can do this fascist struggle for survival and freedom. to get rid of a system We ask you to join and support.

Victory for federalist and confederalist forces; defeat and failure for fascist invading forces!!! *

*Gambela freedom front (GANG)*

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