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The 54th Jamhuri Day Celebration at Kasarani Stadium becomes a humiliation for Kenyatta!

Today is a proof of how distant and how illegitimate the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is, as he came with his security agents and his entourage to the Kasarani Stadium to celebrate the National Day there. The stadium was naked, there we’re crowds singing and dancing for the President. There was no celebration of his prestige and his glamours self. It was empty, just like his promises and his previous election.

The Empty stadiums and venues for Very Important Persons (VIPs) all over Kenya is proof that the Election done on the 26th October 2017. That it wasn’t real, the 7 millions voters never where there. The Jubilee, Kenyatta and Ruto clearly doesn’t have the people behind them. It is so evident. Twice in months, the people have deserted them. They didn’t show up for the Fresh Elections and they have now disgraced him on the National Day.

That Kenyatta and his cronies, should look upon themselves and see in the mirror, their place in society. Because this sort of behavior is the result of their actions. They are not loved and not cared for, that because the Jubilee have showed society how much they matter over the last 4 years. The people are tired, they just want change and don’t want a ruling elite who are not representing them.

They knew they would be used as pawns during the election. As today shows, is that that sentiment of disapproval is real. It isn’t something made up, something that commentators are saying. People shouldn’t be shocked and awe. They should say, I told you so. Kenyatta is unpopular, he isn’t the people’s champ. He been able to forge an election and to get results fitting his paradigm. However, he was not able to get the popularity or get the will of the people on his side.

If they we’re on his side, if they have had any faith in him, they would have graced the venue today. Come in scores of people and cheered the in the bash of National Day Celebration. The speech of Kenyatta today. Doesn’t matter, what said or didn’t say is just a waste of time. He is illegitimate ruling regime and it obvious.

The National Super Alliance (NASA) this time didn’t even ask the public to boycott. They did it on their own, they showed their real emotions and pride towards their supposed government. Raila Odinga, Stephen Kalonozo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula didn’t need to do anything. The people has for the second time showed that they are not the loyal subjects this Presidency needs. Kenyatta really have no leverage or suction when you bring it down to the core. That NASA didn’t need to share the message or even say anything to stop people from going. Show how little the President is and how little the really considers his administration.

Jubilee should look at today and how it came to this. How did they create this environment and this contempt for their regime. Kenyatta and Ruto should be worried. Their mismanagement, the often scandals and rampant grand corruption has no hit fan. Together with a violent police force and brutality against civilians has made people tired of them. You can lie many times, but when it goes good, many will still say it is okay, but when it goes south. People will stand up against and show that they are displeased with current affairs.

The proof is today, that 26th October wasn’t a fluke. This is the second strike against the Jubilee. Kenyatta should feel hurt and also boggled as his YES MEN and his leadership has totally failed. He disgraced himself on the National Day. Just like he did on the Fresh Elections day too. Twice in a row on important occasions for him and his party. Still, he hasn’t delivered. Again, humiliated. This should go viral and world-wide as a proof of his dishonest victory of late. Peace.


Opinion: Kenyatta says again, that there is no need for dialogue with the opposition before 2022!

Well, President Uhuru Kenyatta is really on mission to show his power and arrogance to the world, as the Supreme Court verified their results and he was sworn-in after a botched election in October 2017. That is why he is so aggressive against the National Super Alliance (NASA) and their leadership. He cannot handle his unpopularity and his own track-record. That is why he is speaking of development, since their been little or none, compared to the amount of scandals in the first term. The start of the second term has already been rocky, even before trying to pull any legislation or programs for the next term. Not that he is showing any vision, but throwing out the word development, like it is a P and Q for the need of donor funding. So, the international envoys can see he is the leadership and the one they can trust. Not that it is trustworthy to silence and stop talks with any opposition. Take a look!

In a remark pointed at the leadership of the Opposition which has been calling for dialogue with the Government, the President said the dialogue he is ready for is talk on how to develop Kenya and bring progress for Kenyans” (…) “The dialogue we are interested in now is the dialogue that transforms lives and brings development. On the other one of talking politics wait for 2022 and you will dialogue with William,” said the President” (…) “The President, who spoke in Muranga County at the funeral of Susan Chege, mother to Muranga Woman Rep Sabina Chege at Kinyona Primary School, urged Jubilee leaders to unite to serve Kenyans. “To all Jubilee leaders, politics is over. Let us work for Kenyans,” said the President” (Zambian Observer, 2017).

That politics are over is still for boggling, that a politician of any kinds says so, especially a President. Who lives and worships politics for living. They are politicking all the time and trying to figure ways to negotiate and find solutions politically to ordinary day problems and future problems. That is what he is supposed to do. Even if he is famous for open-baazar looting and taking state funds, while adding more debt. Possibly, if not figured out properly, the Kenyan State might default on the debt because of the possible interests on the rising debts, that is coming in the near future.

Well, he wants Odinga, Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Wetangula, Ndii and Orengo to wait until 2022. He must be insane, if someone had told him that as opposition. He would have stormed the gates and run like a mad-man around the Anniversary Tower. However, he is in power and was “elected” by bots and computer generated people in October. So he thinks he is the king. The people around him boost him like the king as well.

With this sort of actions, he can forget development. Since he is creating more instability and more troubles, hurdles and more insecurity within his own state. If he is planing to destroy all institutions and become his own cult. Then, he is on the way to became another grand-dictator, he might even follow advice from Daniel Arap Moi. Who he visit when the times are hard. We have seen that and shouldn’t be surprised if he follows advice from him, as he visit him in Kabarak.

Certainly, he will not gain anything doing so. Only making sure the disenfranchised in Kenya is more left behind, together with the public that supports NASA. Its like the Jubilee forgot, it wasn’t whole of Kenya that elected him. If it we’re so it wouldn’t be chickens and kids voting in October. Clearly, it was, but then again I think Kenyatta has a short memory span. Unless, he is told what to tell by Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica servers was also the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers. That has been proven. So its not like it was fair game, when it comes to technical parts of counting, neither the use KIEMS. Which is reason for the delay of final results.

All of this is public knowledge and the lacking of understanding of this from Kenyatta. Is only hurting the prospects of healing the wounds. Putting more salt in them and hoping the person doesn’t get furious. Since he has upper-hand and hope he gets away with it.

Kenyatta, should show some more statesmanship, but at this point. That is too much to ask for from him. He has already showed entitlement and arrogance for months. He is just spewing more verbal nightmares, as the stalemate will not create about place between Jubilee or NASA. Jubilee will continue to use police brutality as long as the President are also praising that. He will not step down his ill-adviced statements. Even if he should. But not that he listens to people like me.

If he was my president, I would be ashamed, he is not thinking of the consequences. If he do, then he don’t care about the lives that he inflicts pain and suffering. So he can stay in power with his people. That should be problematic for anyone. Peace.


Zambian Observer – ‘Kenya: There Will Be No Talks Aimed at a Political Settlement With Odinga – Kenyatta’ (11.12.2017) link: http://www.zambianobserver.com/kenya-there-will-be-no-talks-aimed-at-a-political-settlement-with-odinga-kenyatta/

NASA Statement on Inauguration of the Rt. Honourable Raila Odinga and His Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka (10.12.2017)

Opinion: Kenyatta says to the Opposition – You can wait with dialogue until 2022!

We are today seeing the real vision of the Jubilee Party and the two center pieces of the administration. This being President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. At a speech done in Muranga, today the 9th December 2017. Just as his second official term as President is starting, after a pro-longed and hectic election period. Which has its consequence of a stand-off between Jubilee and the National Super Alliance with Raila Odinga. Clearly, this stand-off his hurting the pride of the President. Since he has gone back to not wishing to politic, but still tell how NASA is supposed to operate in the new environment. It is impressive, that he spells out that the successor is Ruto. No-one is surprised by that, its been in the cards unless Gideon Moi is surfacing like phoenix from the ashes. But for now, that will not happen.

That the President, the incumbent are so in dire needs to show his power over the opposition. Which entails, them being in the fringes and hope to talk in 2022. Like the Jubilee own the country, even after a giant shambolic and botched elections in October 2017. It is amazing how glaceed over that is and how blatant disregard of the other narrative is at play. That Jubilee shows their arrogance and their bitterness to NASA is evident. Since, they are still putting all the terms and all control. While expecting the NASA just to fold their hands and wait to see if their getting any breadcrumbs left on the plate by the President. By the way, with the little people showing up to the second presidential elections, proves that Kenyatta, really doesn’t have the people on his side. Maybe, the courts allowed the second one, because of lack of merit of the cases. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) did a terrible job concealing their rigging for Kenyatta.

Here is what he himself has added to the world:

The President said Kenyans are waiting for development and are not interested in endless political talks. In a remark pointed at the leadership of the opposition which has been calling for dialogue with the Government, the President said the dialogue he is ready for is talk on how to develop Kenya and bring progress for Kenyans. He called on the opposition leaders to realise that the next phase of politics will be in 2022 when the country will go for another general election. He said they (opposition leaders) should wait for the next campaign season for any other type of dialogue and during that time the leader they will negotiate with will be Deputy President William Ruto. “The dialogue we are interested in now is the dialogue that transforms lives and brings development. On the other one of talking politics wait for 2022 and you will dialogue with William,” said the President” (Kenyatta, 2017).

It is hard to transform lives and bring development, when your trying to create it in a vacuum of dishonesty and ignorance. There is lack of trust between the legal government and popular uprising within the opposition. That is why President Kenyatta wants to silence the efforts done by NASA and their leadership. Even detain and arbitrary arrest them, when he sees fit. This phase will be hectic and be troublesome for the Jubilee. The NASA leadership will not accept the discontent and the aggressive use of security forces against them. That is why the Jubilee should be worried. Since they are creating are more hostile environment, because they are using the state sanctioned violence against their own citizens.

Kenyatta, might say he don’t want political talks, but he is the one needing it the most. He is most vulnerable. Kenyatta has everything to loose, the same has Ruto. They might not say it, but that is the truth. They have built it on a house of cards and it just needs a small movement, before the whole falls apart.

So when he wants to discuss development, it should be with concern he does so. Since he haven’t delivered in his first term. Most likely not in his second. Since the aggressive oppressive behavior will not put the case of rigging or illegitimate government to rest. It will just pro-long the exercise and create more wounds between both parties. Kenyatta knows all of this, since he has been himself in opposition, but the power has corrupted him.

I am not surprised that Kenyatta says these thing and suggest it. He wants to shield himself, but shoots himself in the foot. However, don’t get confused. It is all big talk from the big man, but he knows he is vulnerable too. If not, he wouldn’t put it this way and make the opposition looks like they need to talk to him. It is the other way around. Since his republic is in trouble. Internal trouble and with a stalemate, because of his actions and his sponsored activity, through his party and his infested acts within state organizations.

Kenyatta, if your playing smart. You are not playing like this. Your throwing matches into a barrel of gasoline. That will start a fire and fires are hard to control. Right now are the NASA starting their shadow government and their People’s Assemblies. As this movement is rising combined with boycotts. Will hurt the legitimacy and even show the lack of work done by the central government made by the Jubilee itself.

Kenyatta is not winning on doing it like this, but not that he cares. He could say during campaigns that in some counties, that he didn’t need their votes. Therefore, he don’t need the citizens, they are just props in his life. He needs to speak about development and development projects to secure donor funding for government projects. That is why he don’t need insecurity and becoming even more fragile, since that will hurt the cases for getting donor grants and prospects of foreign support. Peace.


Kenyatta, Uhuru – ‘The season of politics is over, let us talk development, President Kenyatta says’ (09.12.2017)

NASA Statement: Roadmap of the People’s Assembly (08.12.2017)

Kenya: DCI Letter to NTV Larry Madowo – “Re: NTV Interview by Larry Madowo with David Ndii on 22nd August, 2017 at 900 P.M.” (05.12.2017)

NASA Statement of People’s Assembly Organising Committee (04.12.2017)

David Ndii Cash Bail Receipt (Bond Paper) – (04.12.2017)

NASA Chief Strategist David Ndii arrested taken to Milimani Law Court and later released on Bond!

The National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Strategist David Ndii who was arrested at his hotel, Leopard Hotel in Kwale County, driven towards Mombasa and finally ended in DCI in Nairobi. Today he has been charged and alleged with two counts of Incitement.

David Ndii and his legal team is at the Milimani Law Courts. Where the charges and counts will be delivered. I am suspecting that the state will using the Penal Code of CAP 63. Where they will use Article 96 : “Any person who, without lawful excuse, the burden of proof whereof shall lie upon him, utters, prints or publishes any words, or does any act or thing, indicating or implying that it is or might be desirable to do, or omit to do, any act the doing or omission of which is calculated” (Penal Code – Cap 63). This might be used against him for the resistance message and for the resistance of the state with the newly created People’s Assemblies, which he is running the county. If he is charged with this count in the court, he could face up to five years in prison.

If not as part of the same Penal Code of CAP 63 Article 77: “Subversive activities (1) Any person who does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act with a subversive intention, or utters any words with a subversive intention, is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years” (Penal Code – CAP 63). But by forcing these laws for the public opinion and for creating People’s Assembly is a stretch to say at least. Than, you could question the subversive and incitement of violence created by William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta during the campaign and the rallies after 1st September 2017. They have attacked and thrown rocks at the Courts and NASA. At levels that David Ndii ever has covered or acted upon.

That is why this sort of actions are worrying. Even if they are not sanctioned, but by his actions as a People’s Assembly Committee within the NASA is turned criminal. For standing up for his beliefs and his political place within Kenya. Shouldn’t be criminal. As he was hounded like a drug-lord in Kwale and later transported without knowledge to Nairobi. Later questioned by officers and then taken to Milimani Law Courts. Where several of attorneys and other NASA leaders came to help his case.

After over 24 hours with these charges, this news came:

DPP Keriako Tobiko has directed DCIKenya that David Ndii be released on police bond. Further, DPP has directed that once investigations are completed, the resultant inquiry file be forwarded to ODPP Kenya for appropriate directions” (ODPP KE, 04.12.2017).

Clearly, this case isn’t over and Kenyatta are using scare tactics and the courts to try to put opposition into submission. He and his comrades are clearly showing their totalitarian traits and their oppressive behavior. If they will ever charge him for the fake memo in the article inside Standard Media Digital on the 1st December 2017. Is hard to say, but that is paper-thin as the man himself is saying it is fake. Therefore, the NASA lawyers and others would have field day in the trial if the Jubilee used the courts to file a case on that matter.

So now they are pending investigations onto the man, who they have wrongfully arrested in the first place. If Ndii would sue the state and he should together with the NASA. To prove how wrong it was and how blatant disregard of the rule of law. It all was. This is totally disrespectful.

Ndii shouldn’t be out on BOND. He should be 100% free, just like all other citizens. But because of political affiliation and leadership role in NASA. He is now an open target by the authorities. It is really a double standard. Peace.

Kenya: David Ndii Search Certificate of his hotel room at Leopard Hotel (03.12.2017)

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