United Kingdom: Nadhim Zahawi MP letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (29.01.2023)

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak letter to Nadhim Zahawi MP (29.01.2023)

Opinion: Kanye’s “Empire” is fading quickly

Aftermath of Kanye West’s antisemitic comments:

Adidas cut ties

Balenciaga cut ties

Vogue and Anna Wintour cut ties

Dropped by talent agency, CAA

Dropped by lawyer

Streams, sales & airplay plummeted

Restricted from Instagram & Twitter

Stadium shows cancelled

Documentary shelved” (Pop Crave, 25.10.2022).

Kanye Omari West aka Kanye West aka Ye has created a storm surrounding himself. No one should feel sorry for him. In addition to the mentioned companies ceasing operations or agreements with Ye. There is the end of GOOD Music imprint under the Island Def Jam umbrella. Also, that JP Morgan also stopped having him as a customer and banking services. Meaning the statements and the words of Ye matter. Because, it wouldn’t have this effect, if the words was substantiated.

The hip hop mogul and fashion(ista) has now fallen short. His “empire” is now in the wind. He has gone from beloved and entrusted with collaboration with famous brands. Being tied to companies oozing of prestige and elegance. Now his just another bloke who has fallen short.

When Charlamagne The God (CTG) starts calling you “K-K-Kanye” you know the gig is up. This is just proving that Anti-Semitism isn’t a selling factor or a train-of-thought that is valuable. Maybe in the 4Chan and the sphere of Parler, which Kanye is soon entering. Though, it will haemorrhaging money, if he gets the transaction and get to takeover the social media site now.

This is the fall of grace, the Clayton Bigsby of the Dave Chappelle Universe or Uncle Ruckus of the Boondocks. Both characters could be played by Kanye in the recent time. That is not satire or even a joke, but a reality we live in.

It all started with a white-supremacist talking point, the “White Lives Matters” shirts at a fashion show. This continued with more outrageous talk on Tucker Carlson, Drink Champs podcast and beyond that. The ones entertaining this now… is just falling in a trap and the click-baiting is doing no good.

K-K-Kanye” is tainted goods now. That’s why everything he has touched is falling out of grace. This is the opposite Midas Touch. The things he touches isn’t becoming gold, but going in the garbage. He haven’t only fallen off, but getting seriously “cancelled”.

There is a point of no return. There is an ending of all of this. His becoming a villain of his own story. That’s not for the betterment of society or even spread enlightenment. No, this isn’t done shine a light or be a beacon of hope. His just falling into a trap of failure and doing it deliberately. This cannot sell shoes, T-Shirts or CDs for that matter. People are even boycotting and stopping playing his songs on streaming services.

Right here his showing not to be a genius, but high on his own supply. A man lost in the bargain of validation and need for acceptance in a new political sphere. His not caring about the suffering or the plights of others. He just want to be the golden boy and the greatness of the MAGA crowds and the 4Chan community. That’s where his heading and Donald J. Trump is writing similar messages on his Truth Social. They are aligned in their bigotry, white-supremacist talking points and their rhetoric. Which is striking, but the sad reality in 2022.

A man that spoke of the plights of others and even blamed George W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans. Now, his the Clayton Bigsby and the Uncle Ruckus in the flesh. He is the living and breathing example of these now. That’s who “K-K-Kanye” has become. That’s what he has become, it is not smart, not wise or beautiful. It isn’t even a dark twisted fantasy, it is a tragic ending to a man who could have continued to inspire and used his platform for good. Instead he chose a path, which is only more self-destruction and being a voice of infringed white-supremacists. That’s the verdict today. Tomorrow it might be different, but there is nothing good coming out of this.

K-K-Kanye” will act like a victim and a martyr. He will continue to spew the hatred and the rhetoric which brought him here. However, it will do him no good. Neither will it help his cause. His just showing us his character and what he has become. A man who has fallen and who don’t mind undermining his legacy…. Peace.

Opinion: This Amourath situation needs to be taken seriously…

An E-Girl is still a woman. Yes, she has a platform and been selling an idea and been able to profit on her beauty. That isn’t a strange piece of information in 2022. A lady who has the looks and the finesse can get situated. This is how many has looked at the Twitch streamer Amourath who has an army of “simps” and followers who has made her bank-account pregnant.

Alas, there is more to the story, apparently, which should be taken seriously. The internet meets the real world. The internet personality has a real life situation, which should be investigated. Amourath’s real name is Kaitilyn Michelle Siragusa who is married to Nick Lee in December 2015.

However, that’s been kept secret by Amourath. In financial sense and commercial sense it makes dollars. The men who can dream of wifey-ing up a lady like her. That’s why they subscribe and look forward to her streams. This is a way and a manner of which is far from new. To sell an idea and trade the body to influence lonely men. That’s why men has called sex-phones and paid for service to e-girls like forever. Therefore, the actions of Amourath makes sense or cents this way.

Nevertheless, what makes it different is the exposing of her husband. Not that she has a husband. That is all natural that a women like her has a partner and a life-partner too. The trouble is the extortion and the abuse. The latest stream where she filmed and told her story… was troubling and shows a sinister side of it all.

Seemingly the husband was the man operating everything behind the scenes. The one who had control of the bank-accounts and the livelihood she has created. She has close to 6 million followers on her Twitch account and have over 400 million views. Only in the latest week she has gotten 90,000 more subscribers. That is telling about how big she is and what sort of stature she has. That’s not talking about the profits from OnlyFans. Amourath is a self-serving business and a well known name.

So, if the stories are true… the husband is clearly out of line and using her for wealth. The work and the labour Amourath does is for his pockets. She has to follow orders and do what he wants. Initially, it’s told that he directed her to do the infamous “pool streams” and other things too. This just shows how manipulative the husband is.

That’s why this needs to be addressed and pin evidence too. This cannot just be the talk of the town. There is a need to address it in a manner of which the husband get disconnected from her. Amourath don’t deserve this and no one does. If she was just another E-Girl doing her thing. I wouldn’t bat an eye. That’s their business and how they want to monetize their lives. However, if she is living in an abusive and dangerous relationship. It needs to be remedies to make it stop and his threats has to end. No one deserves to live in that and it’s not healthy. That’s why I am writing it…

Am not a fan of Amourath and used her as an epitome of E-Girls on Twitch. That’s for a reason, she’s like the biggest and well-known at this point. At that time, we didn’t know what was happening behind the closed doors.

We have seen virtue signalling and things toying around. We have seen people calling “rape” and it was only stories to hurt a career of a man. However, here we need to our mind rights and see for what it is. Amourath had nothing to earn or gain by doing this directly on stream. The “simps” could revoke her status and feel betrayed, by suddenly knowing she is married in secret. That’s why you know there is more to this and she deserves courage, support and help.

She needs shelter and guidance from wise counsel. Not from random people online. Amourath needs to seek help from the outside. If she can get away from the man. Especially, if his acting the way she portrayed yesterday on the stream. That’s when she needs to go to those places where woman runs away from dangerous spouses. The body and the mental state needs healing. That’s what she needs and she needs remedies to get control of her life again. This is if everything she said was true. I cannot assess that, but there are more to this… and we shouldn’t take this one easy.

This is not the time to let it slide. It is the time for Law Enforcement to investigate and look into it. Secondly, she needs to leave and get help. That’s all we can say. I cannot take it lightly on it. I wish it was light-hearted, because of the topic and the platform, which is discussed, now and then. Not like Twitch and E-Girls are separated any-more. However, that isn’t what is the issue today.

No, it is an abusive relationship between spouses. Usually, these details and stories happens behind closed doors. They are not in the open, but this was told for the whole world to see. Now we just have to wait and see what happens next. Peace.

Opinion: Kanye is too far gone…

We’ve dealt with bigger problems than these stupidities” (…) “But, you know, the communists blame the Jews for being capitalists, the capitalists blame the Jews for being communists” (…) “You have a problem, blame the Jews. It’s old stuff. It shouldn’t have any place in civilised discourse” – Benjamin Netanyahu (Interview on Bill Maher’s HBO Show, 14.10.2022).

The recent Drink Champs Interview with Kanye Omari West aka Ye aka Yeezy has shown me that his a lost one. Certainly, his just showing his tropes, ignorance and lack of concern to his rhetoric in concern to the Jews. Just like speaking about them this wouldn’t be right to do about African-Americans or anyone else. It is just showing his character and how blissfully unaware he is.

In the end, it isn’t like Kanye needs me or my support. I used to listen his to music and bought several of his CDs. The last one of the trilogy was the Graduation. The three first LPs are mind-blowing and relevant to this day. That showed his craft together with the beats he produced for others like Jay-Z and The Game to mention a few. It isn’t like Kanye doesn’t have qualities and has delivered a proper body of work. Yes, he has and his a billionaire for a reason.

However, this isn’t about his musical abilities, his way of being able to monetize his fandom and create products like shoes or clothing-line. In those fields he has succeeded and been able to sell overpriced white-tees for that matter. That’s a “win” and he can be commended for that. Nevertheless, I will not sing for the choir.

The tweet that got him banned on Twitter was justified. He continued and pursuit it further on Drink Champs. The little snippets of the Tucker Carlson interview wasn’t making things better either. Both these interviews only shows how his using ancient conspiracies and rhetoric against the Jews. Therefore, his not making things better, but worse actually.

If you want to self-inflict wounds and later call yourself a victim, be my guest, but that’s a work of fool and not of a brilliant man. Neither was Ye or Kanye speaking of profound truths at the Drink Champs. His rambling and pinning the Jews onto everything. That’s not new in history or rhetoric, which we haven’t heard before. That’s why it was easy for the former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kanye is actually becoming a “Clayton Bigsby” character of sorts. The mannerism and the way he speaks. He could just be the fictional character in real life. It is tragic that the character made by Dave Chappelle can be pinned on Kanye in 2022. However, this is where we are and obviously Kanye is a lost one.

He don’t need my support or any anything from me. His a billionaire and will live large for the rest of his life. The recent controversies will not matter to him in the long-run. He has had moments like in the past and later released new content. We should expect something similar in the future too. Nevertheless, it’s becoming tiring and there is no redeeming factors.

No doubt he will have supporters and people buying into the enigma called “Ye” but, the reality still remains, that he has lost a lot of fans and former listeners by his outbursts or problematic takes. That’s why his not so regarded is certain circles. I also have an issue when a person like him wants to enlighten people, when his proud of never reading books. If he wants a true deeper understanding of a topic or a historical fact. That’s the way to go and he should know better, but his ego is to big to do so. Peace.

Opinion: False representation has a price – The Depp Versus Heard trial

The way this has gone viral and been the talk of the online sphere has been wild. The Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard Defamation Trial has been going on for weeks. The tweets, the Facebook posts and the YouTube Videos have deliberately spread the trial for more to see. Not only read the commentaries or the articles on the evidence or such. Therefore, the lies and deception was for everyone to see. Where the mockery and the shocking details was shown for the whole world to see.

This sort of case is showing a toxic relationship for whole world to see. A sort of a relationship that is doing anyone no good. Where one party was trying to diminish and destroy one in the press. That was very clear and the vindictiveness of Heard is very obvious now. As she blames everyone and couldn’t even stand tall on the non-payments to charities even. Therefore, something had to give.

It is good that a man is believed that a woman can assault and attack a man. Not just the other way around. That in the aftermath of that… she did write an article and hurt the career of Depp. This is why the verdict and the victory of Depp is on establishing that it was a fact.

The Collider reported this after the verdict: “Heard was ordered to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages in his defamation suit. Depp had originally asked for $50 million in damages, to which Heard had counterclaimed $100 million. The jury also ordered Depp to pay $2 million in compensatory damages to Heard, but no punitive damages, underlining how the decision favored Depp in the defamation case. The high-profile case took place in Fairfax County, Virginia, and was broadcast worldwide. Heard will be allowed to appeal the verdict if she chooses” (Marco Vito Oddo – ‘Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial Verdict: Heard Guilty of Defamation’ 01.06.2022, Collider.com).

What this states after all this years is that Depp was right all along. Even if the court sided and gave some way to Heard. That is just showing the toxicity, but also how she tried to blind-side the public opinion of Depp until the evidence was brought to the courts. Because, this case has aired out everything. Nothing has been left untouched and even Exe’s of Depp has showed him support during the trial. That’s why you know this has run deep and the private life of him and her has been exposed.

Even if Depp is a victor here and has won punitive damages and compensatory damages of a total of $15 million US Dollars. That will never the patch the hurt of lost roles, the opportunities after such a destructive case and way of maligning each other for everyone to see. Depp has lost franchise-roles and Hollywood studios might more choosy in what to offer him. While Heard possible has drained her career and destroyed all possible revenue-streams for her foreseeable future. As her ways and the way that she carried this was a lesson in self-destruction.

That Depp is vindicated only says that Heard has been exposed. She said he was a wife-beater, but instead he was a victim of her violent ways. That she was projecting things onto him and it making him into a villain. Heard’s plan has backfired… and that shouldn’t shock anyone now. Lies and deception can only take you that far.

Heard tried to malign and make Depp look like the worst. What the trial and the case has proven that she isn’t sincere or honest about anything. While she wanted to bring down her ex-husband. Because, everyone was supposed to believe the weaker gender and any narrative she would tell. However, she didn’t bank on him taking her to the courts and challenge her heads on.

In the public’s eye… Heard has totally lost it. That’s for the role and the manner of how she carried herself. That is a perception she cannot run away from. Depp has gotten more favourable treatment, but don’t expect him to run straight back into Disney movies or franchises at once. He most likely has to be picky with roles too.

Depp has won, but a cost. Heard has lost and has nowhere to go now. Yes, Heard is still favoured by some, but that will not be many. The ones that certainly doesn’t value men or says “all men are trash”. While not believing a man could be a victim of abuse. That’s why a case like this is important.

An it shows that false representation and deliberate story-telling with no basis of truth will in the end hurt the ones telling it. Heard tried to play this one out as the victim. Heard tried to blame the victim and make him evil. While that didn’t pan and the court has now partly cleared name.

The truth of what is to come is hard to foresee. What we do know is that Heard has to cough up this dough and pay Depp the bread. That is inevitable. Justice has been served. The victim has been believed and the abuser has been exposed. This is why Heard will not be treated kindly everywhere. She might struggle to even stay relevant for while now.

People should take a cue from this and remember that anyone can become a victim. Even superstars and popular actors. Depp has been a bankable and a well-reowned actor who could play anything and be marketable everywhere. This case might have destroyed that, but hopefully there will be a renaissance for him in the future. Peace.

United Kingdom: Lord David Wolfson resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (13.04.2022)

United Kingdom: Royal College of Nursing letter to Michael Fabricant MP (12.04.2022)

Opinion: Will Smith was both acting right and wrong at the same time at the Oscars…

Los Angeles Police Department statement: “LAPD investigative entities are aware of an incident between two individuals during the Academy Awards program. The incident involved one individual slapping another. The individual involved has declined to file a police report. “If the involved party desires a police report at a later date, LAPD will be available to complete an investigative report.”” (Lois Beckett, 28.03.2022).

On the evening of the Oscars or the Academy Awards as Stand-Up Comedian and Actor Chris Rock was dropping a few jokes before he was giving out an Award on stage. He was able to anger and set acts in motion. Where he mocked Jada Pinkett Smith with a “Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2” pun and that triggered Will Smith. In such a fashion that he bitch-slapped Chris Rock directly on stage and said afterwards to him “keep my wife’s name out of your (expletive) mouth”. Before the comedian got back to his senses and continued his part of the Award ceremony.

We can understand the sentiment of Will Smith. It all makes sense that he defends the sickness and illness of his wife. However, he is a public figure and so is Jada Pinkett Smith. These are two figures who are in the public eye and who has their dirty laundry for the public consumption. They are even monetizing their affairs and “entanglements” in their home. Things that should be kept private, but instead is directly for entertainment.

This is why Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has decide how open and what sort of life they really wants to live. These two are very open in interviews. They are speaking of deep personal affairs and intimate details, which should be kept between the partners. That shouldn’t be broadcast for everyone to hear or see. However, that is what they do and the family should lucky that Rock didn’t come with an August joke of some sorts. Because, he could easily have dropped an entanglement pun of sorts.

In his acceptance speech after winning an award, Will Smith said this:

I know to do what we do, you gotta be able to take abuse, and you gotta be able to have people talk crazy about you. In this business, you gotta be able to have people disrespecting you and you gotta smile and you gotta pretend like that’s OK. But Richard Williams, and what I loved, thank you D. Denzel (Washington) said to me a few minutes ago, he said, “At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.”” (Smith, 27.03.2022).

I got to say this… Smith is right in defending the honour of his wife, but wrong for acting upon it in front of the whole world to see. It is a juxtaposition where he could never win. That’s because of how the family has sorted out their life-style in public. Neither I nor anyone else knew that Jada Pinkett Smith had that illness. I had no clue. However, we do know about the Red Table Talks and the intimate interviews, which brings to much detail. Where again the dirty secrets and inner-works of their relations is left for public scrutiny.

That’s why the joke now is that Rock cannot come with a remark in public, but August Alsina can have an affair and later he wrote a song about it too. Just so the whole world knows how much he loved Jada while she was married to Will. I shouldn’t have to know about it, but I do, because this sort of thing was everywhere and Will was dunked on as well by anyone.

So, we know that he will defend the honour of his wife. However, the wife will not defend his honour. She capitalize on the affair and made Will look foolish. Jada just made the clip and it went viral. Became meme’s and the stories ever since has been about it. Where the interviews has turned to it and how Will regrets several of things as well. It is just like the yearly “I miss Tupac” from Jada too. Admitting that Will is clearly not to compare to the late rapper. Therefore, she has mocked him plenty of times and never saved the face of Will.

Now, Will being the man did it and stood tall. No matter how wrong or outrageous it was. He still defended her in the public. Just like all the messy stuff, which should have been behind closed doors. We shouldn’t have known all this, but they aired it out and now… you cannot put the lid on the jar anymore. It is already in the open and for the whole world to see.

Will Smith cannot be Jiggy and be private. His either one or the other. The same is to said about his wife. This is a life they have chosen. That’s why it’s easy to understand the sentiment, but at the same time not accepting the manner of which he displayed it. He could have spoken to Rock after and such. However, he couldn’t contain his anger and went all out. That is clear. The ego of him got to him. Which is a common trait among men. While Rock has the right of free speech about public figures too. So, this part comes with the territory and lives they are living too. It is not like they are in the caves, but living in the lime-light, enjoying the perks of stardom.

This is why yesterday is a reminder of how people clash. Not righteously, but as men. Instead of squashing it behind the scenes. Will Smith addressed for the whole world to see. He checked Rock. Some call that fine and other call it deplorable. That’s why this isn’t an easy one to call. Nevertheless, Smith should start to consider how things are playing out in the public. Because, their whole lives has been broadcast on their own free will and that is not looking good for him. Peace.

Opinion: Def Noodles, the wasted YouTube Commentary Channel… Part II

Def Noodles, if you don’t know about his videos or his content. I hate to break it too you, but your not missing out on anything. The guy behind it all is a man named Dennis Feitosa. A man who is supposed to give you Satirical News on his YouTube Channel. However, that falls flat and isn’t what it seems.

That’s how I started a piece about him in April 2021 and nothing has really changed. Well, the content creator and supposed “comedian” has left his mine-craft house and cat-earphones behind. However, his more cringe and trying appear edgy in his appearance.

Def Noodles must be “deaf” or not really listen to any criticism of his channel. Yes, he still believes his can shield all actions and all outbursts with “comedy”. Because using slurs and ridicule of other influencers, Youtubers or celebrities can only take you that far.

Calling people stupid, dumb-fuck and incel isn’t a wise move. Especially when you yourself don’t have the ability to defend your actions or reasoning for why that is a joke. It’s just like when he called several of other Youtubers “Alt-Right” without any proof of the allegation and not thinking of the severity of it.

While he has been going on a rampage over the deplatforming from Twitter claiming that’s Drama Alert’s Keemstar’s fault. Because, it couldn’t be violation of TOS or anything like that. Spreading misinformation or fake-news. No, we all know that Def Noodles doesn’t do that (that’s satire). That’s what he did with his account on Twitter and it backfired. So, instead of being accountable for his own actions it’s easier to pin that on his enemy Keemstar.

We know Keemstar is his enemy because he so many videos about him at this point. His Leafy levels of covering Keemstar. The obessions is HelloLeesh levels and you cannot stop talking about him. That is really evident and the class action lawsuit. You have to prove the lost revenue and lost reputation. That will be hard bargain… when you have to look into your own content and how you speak of others. It would be really interesting to see that play out in the courts and see how things will be broken down by litigation and a discovery into the case.

Clearly, Def Noodles shows his lack of control and story-lines, as Papa Gut  Augie RFC debates has undermined his character and standing in general. These has both showed who he really is and what sort of dishonest content creator he is. There is no redeeming qualities in this. I cannot see a redemption arch coming his way.

Unless, he goes a total 180 and actually starts to research stories properly and learns comedic timing. I know that’s a lot to ask for but maybe like Lizzo’s career. Def Noodles losing steam too. He needs to leech of something and he got very little to grasp. H3H3 can only help him so far, but the rest he got to carry on his own.

Def Noodles isn’t the sort of man to get a vocabulary or take things seriously. That’s why NFT Slaves was “irrelevant news” and it just shows how little he cares about these things. It is just because he has to fill air-time and be in the now.

Remember “Kavos” destroyed this man at one point. You can wonder if Keemstar will be his Achilles heel. The moment he cannot use his name or vilify him. Def Noodles is short-sighted and not that clever. That is very obvious. He needs guidance, but that seems to late.

Well… his the butt of the joke and it’s not our fault that he fell on his ass. He could have seen that banana peel, but he was so involved in drama. That he could even watch his steps. That’s the man he is and it’s evident for anyone watching. Peace.

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