Opinion: The President is one-emergency-call away to fix Medical Evacuation for the Elites…

“None of us (government officials) is going to die in Mulago because there is no medicine. If there is no medicine, [we] will call the President and he will put [us] on a plane and take us to America. We are not victims of corruption.” IGG Beti Kamya urges civilians to report corruption cases, highlighting their victimhood instead of top government officials” (NTV Uganda, 02.06.2023).

I don’t know about you… but the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya frankness in regard to corruption or mismanagement of funds within the Ministry of Health is telling. The ability to not see how arrogant and entitled she where. Well, that is astonishing.

Kamya has gone far in this world. She has maybe not able to retain her seat as an MP in Parliament. Nevertheless, she has become a Minister for one term and the IGG after that. The President has appointed her and kept her in high regard. If he didn’t consider her or see any value in her loyalty. He would have dumped her as Senior Presidential Advisor or become a Residential District Commander (RDC) in a god-forsaken up-country district, which she would rarely visit and only be there during certain celebrations.

Alas, Kamya isn’t that wise or considerate. She is just showing what we knew, but she is saying the silent part out loud. We know that the “high above” needs a say in most things. Now we know his the ones issuing orders and being the guardian of the Medical Evacuations of Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs) or the general elite. The ones who get treatment in India, United States of America or somewhere in Europe.

She said his a call away and get them on a plane. The IGG is practically telling the citizens how Oulanyah got the treatment in Seattle. The way we know others has been airlifted to Nairobi or further away too. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) takes care of its own, but doesn’t consider the rest.

We know the President isn’t a call away from the ones who works within the bounds of the gig-economy or the civil servants who can go months without pay. These have to die in the hospitals without additional help. However, if you are a part of the anointed elite and in high regard of the President. Then you can anticipate the services of the Uganda Airlines and get visa’s or medical passes to get treatment in the West. That’s what Kamya is saying she didn’t see anything wrong in it either.

The public shouldn’t be privy to it. We all know it happens, but it shows how bad it is. It isn’t like these things are new in the Republic either. However, it shows how the state has failed its own and how the President has spend on airlifting patients and pay for their services. This just shows how the Ministry of Health isn’t a concern or even a priority. That’s because the ones in-charge and the ones in the elite can easily get away and it’s one call away.

The President can just a word and a nod. Then he will give them a thumbs up and the sick patient is in the air. That’s not how these things are supposed to work. It shows that the elites, the NRM and the President has already given up on getting treatment at home. They are all just eagerly calling the President and getting it resolved. That’s easier than ensuring the proper people working in the fields, logistics around the medicine and the machinery for all sorts of treatment. No, that takes commitment and investment. It is easier to just fix a ride on a plane and call it a night. Peace.

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Sénégal: The Republic is burning and all because of one man…

The Republic of Sénégal is in a turmoil. The President who has run the nation since 2012 and planning to extend his reign, Macky Sall is showing his dictatorial tendencies. The French puppet and lover-boy of Paris. Macky Sall isn’t only a bedfellow of the French Elites but is also an authoritarian prick who is power-hungry and has no plans to leave office.

That’s why Sall has been working on overtime to silence critics and stop the flow of information in the Republic. The President has ensured viable news sources are closed, losing license or suspended. This President and the authorities have worked especially hard to crackdown on the opposition and on the activists who stands their ground.

Sall is willing to kill to stay in office. His taking lives as we speak. People are dying just so he can enjoy the perks of the Presidency. That’s who Macky Sall has become. Over 30 people have lost their lives in the recent riots. 2 FDS Agents has vanished from the earth. 700 political prisoners who where arbitrary arrested.

Right now, the Senegalese suffer violent repression, assassinations, and torture. That’s the sort of state of affairs that Sall stands for. This is the democracy and the ideals he abides by. Not only murdering civilians who are fighting for freedom and liberty. No, he is doing so much more to ensure his longevity in office.

The two-year charge on Ousmane SONKO is only a proof of the dire state of affairs. It is just a further proof of how Sall plans to “instal” himself for a third term. By having the opposition leader not only arrested by charged and behind bars. His ensuring that Sonko cannot run in the 2024 elections. That’s because his behind bars and cannot register, campaign, or do anything in those regards.

We know Macky Sall will be shielded by African Union (AU) and ECOWAS. That is just the ordinary thing right now. The same happen to Alpha Conde until the army decided his fate in Guinea. Therefore, expect the same thing here and no changes.

Sall intends to stay. His living large on the bad governance and embezzlement of the public coffers. The regime is obviously self-centred and only have objective to stay in office by any means necessary. The will of the people or the populations isn’t important anymore. We know Sall don’t want to hear the voice of the people or get people enlightened, as internet is getting blocked, and phones are getting jammed. This is all done to stop the flow of information and silence the demonstrations.

Sonko and his alliance is the voices of the people. They are just easy targets for the authorities. That is done with pre-emptive strikes and done on purpose. Just to signal the population that Sall is here to stay.

The ones believing in Sall now is naïve. He will not deliver or bring message of hope. His tyranny is now on open display. The videos of brutal arrests, use of lethal weapons and the messaging from the state only shows what they are doing. It is tragic and lives are lost… just so one man can rule supreme and have his third term.

There is one man whose at fault. That one man is Macky Sall. It is Sall’s fault that the Republic is burning. That burden isn’t on Sonko. Sonko don’t have the power or the mandate to change it. Yes, he has popular support, but not the authorities or the government entities to make it stop. That is all on Sall who delivers the plight, the suffering, and the pain to society. It is all done in favour of his throne and his cabinet. Peace.

Sierra Leone: People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) – PMDC Campaign Manifesto June 24th 2023 Multi-Tier General Elections (02.06.2023)

Opinion: Electoral Reforms are pointless under the current regime…

“I reminded the meeting that we live under a military dictatorship that disregards the rule of law, undermines state institutions, and maintains power through family rule. Gatherings like this one are only tolerated because the regime does not perceive them as a serious threat to its ultimate goal of retaining power. I added that in terms of democracy, Uganda has regressed to 1973, with a more cunning and strategic version of Idi Amin now in control. Thus, discussions on democracy and reforms may occur, but they will likely remain confined to conference rooms and not translate into tangible change until we recognize that our primary duty is to remove the Museveni dictatorship” (Bobi Wine, 01.06.2023).

The push for Electoral Reforms by a Joint Opposition is without merits under the current regime. The elections and the polls are only done to legitimize its rule and the ballot will not have any value. The ballots and the elections are only done to make belief of a democracy, which isn’t there. A way of looking smart and brilliant, but behind the façade the truth is there.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is clear in his stern message. After listening to the speech on YouTube. It was surely obvious the sentiment and the powerful words that was used. Everyone should know by now and there shouldn’t be any doubts either.

Bobi Wine and the Opposition should know by heart that they have “no say or ability” to change things. Even if they change the Electoral Laws… would the NRM and Museveni comply?

They do whatever it takes to retain power and grab it. The laws, the constitutional order or anything else comes second. The misuse of power and oppressive mechanisms are used to silence critics or get rid of dissidents. Therefore, the opposition is within rights to question the legitimacy of the proceedings.

We have seen before that the Opposition and Opposition Leaders has called for Electoral Reforms. The Electoral Reforms that have come in recent years has only benefited the President and his Party. That being the Age Limit or the massive gerrymandering to ensure a superior majority in Parliament.

The elections of 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021 is a testament to this. We have seen different leaders who haven’t only challenged Museveni but has beaten him. Still, he has rigged it and ensured the pyrrhic victory every single time. If it Ssemogerere, Besigye or Bobi Wine winning. They all ended up losing because Museveni said so.

You could change the laws and the Electoral Commission at this very time, and it wouldn’t matter. Just like there been other chairpersons and people in-charge of the EC but it hasn’t really mattered. Just like there been other judges and other people in office in the judiciary, but the results or the verdicts are all the same.

No can be surprised in 2023 that there is no hope for victory against Museveni. There is no chance and especially not in his system. This is all incorporated and organized in his fashion. His words are the law and the others are just his servants. Therefore, believing amendments or repealing of laws would make a difference is naïve. The President would only allow that if it served his purpose or plans.

That’s why his allowing the conference and meetings of the Opposition. His not afraid of this and it’s just keeping them busy. They won’t achieve much and it’s only keeping them pre-occupied. Therefore, why bother right?

Well, the ideals are fine. The citizens should have a say and their votes should matter. However, right now it’s only one man who matters and the rest just must follow. Peace.

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