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Cameroon: South West Region – Fako Division – Buea Council – Press Release (20.07.2018)


President 4 Life: Paul Biya is apparently running again!

The news today that Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon, who has run the country since November 1982. Biya took oover after Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had run the country since independence in 1960. So the previous one run the Republic for 22 years and Biya have now run it for 36 years. Biya has now turned 85 years and plans another term. When your at that age, you should enjoy time with family and rest. However, this president is already relaxing in hotels and hot-spots in Switzerland. Therefore, we know he is not serious about running the Republic. In March 2018, he held his first Council of Minister since 2015!

That is why today is weird day, because this has been the leading man since November 1982. So today he declared his candidacy for the 7th Term on twitter:

Dear Compatriots in Cameroon & the Diaspora, Aware of the challenges we must take up together to ensure a more united, stable & prosperous Cameroon, I am willing to respond positively to your overwhelming calls. I will stand as Your Candidate in the upcoming presidential election” (Paul Biya, 13.07.2018).

Biya really doesn’t care about the citizens and neither about good governance. That is known as his army is making the Southern Cameroons and Anglophone Regions as a War-Zone. Biya, who has been in charge is leaving a torn nations behind and an aid-trapped one. Instead of the oil-rich and mineral rich country that was there in the beginning of his reign with a lot of promise.

That Biya has buried a generation or nearly two, because of his will and lack of succession. Biya took power in Coup and sentenced his predecessor Ahidjo to death in 1984. That he did only after 18 months after being into power. The Opposition Leader John Fru Ndi who just stepped down earlier this year as a Presidential Candidate in his party. He has been campaigning against Biya since 1990 and continued into 2018. That was 28 years, which he never got to see anyone else ruling Cameroon, than Biya.

Biya has eaten and continues to eat. The Switzerland resident and the one ordering the state by decree. Are now promising another elections in October 2018 and running again.

It is insulting that a man is taking his republic for granted. That he is misusing not only the state funds and living lavish abroad. But that he is stealing the future, destroying and killing the anglophone, but creating a power vacuum in the Republic. As he has the control from afar and just bunch of cronies, that should have been ancient relics and not in ministerial posts.

Biya is an old man, who doesn’t care about what he runs, he doesn’t care if his armies kills his own. As long as his wealth is spent in Switzerland. He should get a residential card there and leave Cameroon alone.

I am not from Cameroon, but this sort of man is a cancer to the state.

Biya should retire, not run for a 7th Term. That is stupid, the Republic deserves better. The Republic have enough talent and skills, have untapped leaders to take control. These leaders are out there, but the dictatorship is keeping them silent or silenced. 

They are not beholden just to one man. That is just silly. Peace.

Cameroon: CHRDA – 12th July 2018 Massacre by the Security Forces in Batibo (13.07.2018)

The Cameroonian Anglophone Crisis continues: Now with reported French Mercenaries!

The situation in the Anglophone region of the Republic Cameroon, the extend of violence and killings are persisting in the North-West and South-West Regions of the county. This has been happening without much or little care in the international press. Where the President has sent the army, steadily killed the English-speaking Cameroonians. Also, burned villages and stopped ordinary life. As the Governors orders stopped motorcycles and given the public curfews.

There is even worse news as the killings, the displaced people and refugees getting into Nigeria. That should worry everyone, but the Cameroonian government are continuing their hunt for the ones fighting for Ambazonia. They are now even hunted down with French Mercenaries, that is hired to kill the ones in the way of the francophone Cameroon. Clearly, this is not a sign of hope, but of killing opposition.

The vacation President is killing his own people, with support of United States Armory and with now French support as well. They are complicit in the killings of the English speaking who want their voices heard, as the leadership are detained in Nigeria.

There are even orders out on the heads of the people, who are secessionist in the North-East/Nord-Oust, these orders was on the ones known in Njambom (Belo). This list made by the government had names of 23 individuals, they wanted executed and gotten rid off. That has been leaked online, but who knows how many more of these the government has and kept confidential. Because with the burning of villages, the hiring of mercenaries and the use of military in the anglophone region. We know that there are more killings and more violence, than reported, because the state is trying to hid their misgivings.

We could wish all of this was mere hearsay and not real, but the pictures and small videos coming out of the regions, shows the aggression and death squads moving around. As the killed people laying on the ground, bloody and messy is eating the minds of the living. The signs of the oppression and devastation, lack of respect of life and even of dignity for all. These deaths are done to silence and subdue the secessionist, however, this is only showing how little the francophone people cares about their neighbors and brothers. They are letting them be slaughtered and forgotten, while they are following blindly the leadership under Biya.

How many have to die in these regions and how bloody does it have to become, before the international community or even the locals in Cameroon cares? This should get the blood boiling for all Cameroonians, as the government are easily killing of their own. Next time it could be them and their own. When the government have no trouble hiring in mercenaries to get rid of its own, they have no scruples to get rid of others too. This a bleak report, but a needed report. We are hitting July 2018 and the crisis is never-ending. The blood is on the hand of the vacation President and his cronies. They are all earning fortunes on the misery of the anglophone. They are all part of this killing and making a killing. This shouldn’t be needed to say, but is necessary as lives of the anglophone is on the line. No one should worry and see the army coming to burn their villages and killing the population. No one should need to flee, because the government is revenging the need for a local government who gives a damn. All of this shouldn’t be needed, but it is.

Because Biya doesn’t care, do you? Peace.

Cameroon: Statement of the United Nations Resident Coordinator on the Cameroon’s Humanitarian Assistance Plan (22.06.2018)

A spiteful chant: Where did humanity go?

Where did humanity go in our time? When did we cease to care about other people’s struggle and their causes? When did that cease to matter? Because in our time, the rich and wealthy are securing more and more resources, while the poor is having no ways to get out of it. The states are closing their borders, stricter rules for refugees and asylum-seekers. While in dictatorships, the harassments and the internally displaced numbers are rising. The rich countries are investing in warfare, but not taking charge for the fleeing refugees from the crisis. They are trying to pay the states in regions and close the borders in migration routes. There is no heart, just cash-money. The heart has left, and the ignorance is rising.

The deaths of civil wars, the displacements of draconian laws and of dictators doesn’t matter. The lack of dialogue and of political freedoms, that doesn’t matter either. The lack of compassion and of political will change is also okay. As long as the troubles from afar doesn’t touch us. However, we will seal of the borders and make sure the innocent victims of internal disputes and skirmishes hopefully can cross the border to the closest country and not seek refugees in Europe or in the United States. Because, we cannot mange to show some humanity and heart.

The blood in your veins should boil, but for most. We don’t give a damn, they don’t give a fig. If their villages are burned to the ground by the military. If the Police is detaining people without any justification. If the state is securing the demise and death on fake imports. All of that doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t happen where we are.

This is the despicable. This is the reality. Our time, our reality, what our representatives put forward and make sure to build big invisible walls and mechanisms to close borders. To make it less achievable and costly to cross. Even more dangerous, as the perils of death and destruction at home isn’t better. But to leave can also cost your life, either by crook or by the book. Secondly, there will be nobody to even care to look.

This should be disgusting. Knowing that people are dying fleeing civil-wars and dictatorship, than when they are entering our safe havens; there is no one caring for their ills and troubles. They will just shrug it off like dirt on their shoulders and move on. There is lack of solidarity and heart. I hope in my time, that the Republic’s and Nation’s that close their borders never start warfare with themselves. As the ones who saw what we did. Might also give us no helping hand. They might say, we saw what your parents did to us. Why should we save the kids to such despicable people? Why do you deserve safe haven, when you couldn’t help our kind in need?

That is what I worry about, because we never know when the tide change, when society start to deteriorate or self-destruct. That is within us and we never know. We could be next, right now it is our brothers from afar, next time it could our closest neighbor or even ourselves. Than, they will remember our cold hearts and lack of compassion in the times of need. Peace.

Cameroon: Communique de Presse (20.06.2018)

Cameroon: The Manyu Communique (16.06.2018)

New Age Africa Energy providing French Cameroon £ 1.5 Billion to fund Genocide in Southern Cameroons (11.06.2018)

It is time for Western governments to pass a Cameroon Divestment Act that will compel governments to cut investment ties with companies and individuals doing business with La Republique du Cameroon.

BUEA, Ambazonia, June 11, 2018 –  The Interim Government of Federal Republic of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) (Ambazonia.org) condemns in the strongest possible terms the signing of the corrupt genocidal Limbe Floating LNG deal with London based New Age African Global Energy and Och-Ziff in Ambazonia.

We call on the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the United Kingdom Authorities to investigate Steve Lowden, New Age Africa and Och-Ziff business deal in Cameroun, where the company have spent millions of dollars corrupting the government of La Republique du Cameroun to approve the Limbe Floating LNG project at the expense of more than 200,000 Internally Displaced People (IDP), 65,000 Refugees in neighboring Nigeria, over a 1000 dead and an unknown number of Southern Cameroonians sitting in uninhabitable prisons in French Cameroun.

We demand that Steve Lowden, New Age Africa and Och-Ziff disclose all financial payments made to Aldophe Moudiki, Paul Biya, Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement and Jean Jacque Koum.

These resources belong to the people of Southern Cameroons, therefore New Age Africa Global Energy, Och-Ziff and Steve Lowden who have had a long history of propping up dictatorships and paying bribes should be put on notice that Southern Cameroonians will not standby idly while they plunder their resources and fund a genocide against our people.

We hereby call on Steve Lowden, New Age Africa and Och-Ziff to repudiate, cancel the corrupt deal and immediately call on the Cameroun government to release our leaders, HE. Sissiku Julius Ayuktabe, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Barrister Shufai Beriyuy, Prof. Che Awasum, Dr.

Cornelius Kwanga, Mr. Wifred Tassang, Dr. Ogork Egbe, Barrister Eyambe Elias and many others currently languishing in jails.

This is the kind of corruption and theft that Southern Cameroonians despise and we will not tolerate any kind of deals done with the rogue regime in Yaounde at the expense of our people.

It will be wise and prudent for Bowleven, LUKOIL, and other financial backers to immediately disassociate themselves with Steve Lowden, New Age Africa, Och-Ziff and Paul Biya.

We call for a vigorous Cameroon Economic Divestment Campaign and we will continue to aggressively campaign against companies and individuals like Steve Lowden, New Age Africa and Och-Ziff.

It is time for Western governments to pass a Cameroon Divestment Act that will compel governments to cut investment ties with companies and individuals doing business with La Republique du Cameroon.

It should be noted that New Age Africa and Och-Ziff was formed in Jersey in 2007 by Steve Lowden. The company is backed by US Hedge-Fund Och-Ziff which had to pay more than $400 million( £295 million) in bribery settlements following an investigation by the US government after finding out that the company had paid more than $100 million (£74 million) in bribes to government officials in Libya, Zimbabwe, Chad, Niger, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo to secure natural resources deals and investments.

The Interim Government is warning companies and individuals that they will be held accountable as accomplices for the burning down of our villages, the target killing of our people, the destruction of property, abduction and incarceration of our people by the genocidal crime syndicate regime in La Republique du Cameroun.

Done this 10th Day of June 2018

Tabenyang Etchu
Secretary of State, Interim Government
Federal Republic of Ambazonia

Cameroon: North West Region – Momo Division – “Message Porte” (06.06.2018)

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