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Opinion: Papa Don is finally indicted…

That Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump have been able to avoid indictment and being charged with a crime has been his speciality. If Papa Don has ever been tested by the Courts or by the Department of Justice it has been a slap on the wrist, and he could move on. That can be said even with fines, financial malpractice, electoral fraud and all the other possible crimes he has committed. There are a quagmire of running cases against him and his corporation, the Trump Organization.

The previous President, the ex-President and former Head of State is becoming the first who has held the title to ever be charged or indicted by a Court in the United States of America. If Warren G. Harding hadn’t died so soon. He might have gotten the same treatment for the Teapot Dome or any of the other scandals he was in involved in. Another one who could have faced similar treatment would have been Richard Nixon. Maybe he would also have faced time for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. However, that is just assuming and thinking about the past Presidents who could have faced the law for their actions.

Alas, today, the day after the public got the news. There been brewing and reports of possible actions made by the Supreme Court in New York. This is one of the cases which are on-going and facing the former President. It is just one case involving an extra-martial affair and “hush money” to be silenced ahead of the 2016 Presidential Elections. The hobnobbing of Papa Don is haunting him now. The life-style and the choices he made as a civilian is catching up to him. No one is shocked that he had an affair on his pregnant wife. No, that is something Trump has done in previous marriages too… and is just part of who he is. However, this time it was a part of a campaign and using funds of that to cover up his actions. That act and misdeed is now following him and the memory of “Stormy Daniels” are now emerging.

We know that the Trump Organization itself is under investigation and has built up cases against it. There are possible transgressions and systemic fraud been going on in combination of tax-evasion. Therefore, Trump is only having one issue at the time here.

Trump has another case going in Georgia, which is part of him trying to overturn the 2021 Presidential Elections. The others are the ones in who is on-going with the Insurrection on Capitol Hill on the January 6th and Special Counsel Jack Smith working on at the moment. The tides are turning slowly and the Department of Justice haven’t amped up the speed. It is like they are accepting the stalling tactics and the usage of “prominence” or “prestige” to get away from the law. If he was a small-time crook or holding a little contraband. Trump would have been in the slammer already. However, his the elite and the ones who has been in the upper-echelon of society. That’s why his off the hook and not tasting the same justice system as others. It just shows the two vastly different American experience people can have.

There will be defenders and people saying this is a political case. No, this is a case about the law and how to interpret the law. Secondly, there been enough evidence and discovery to charge the man with a crime. Meaning Trump is indicted and becoming a felon. That’s the gist of it. A man who has been able to get away from charges, allegations and possible criminal for so many years. His business-empire and person has been let scot-free.

Some might say it is wrong to do so and puts a bad precedence. I hate to tell you, if you don’t do the crime, you won’t do the time. It is that simple. Since he left office and lost the election, Trump is just another average Joe or a civilian. If the authorities or Department of Justice finds it worthy. They could build up cases against Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barrack Obama. However, there is nothing there or actions, which make that reasonable.

Nevertheless, in concern with Papa Don… there is more than enough and things that he needs to answer for. Not only in the case of Stormy Daniels, but others too. There are plenty more options and places where he fall. This is just first step and possible perp walk. We can only wait for the other numerous cases, which Trump is implicated in. Because, this isn’t the only one and that says something about him. Peace.

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Opinion: One decree to spoil the whole transition…

“President Salva Kiir has appointed a new minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Chol Thon Balok, a member of the SPLM replaces Angelina Teny who was relieved early this month. The changes were announced in a Republican Order read last evening on state broadcaster” (Radio Miraya, 30.03.2023).

Has there been a slow train coming in Juba, South Sudan. That slow train has been reforms and been implementation of the R-ARCSS – Peace Agreement, which was first signed and secured in December 2018. Since then, there been several of deadlines, postponements and lack of process or work on the implementation of the R-ARCSS. That’s why things are moving super slow or if it is moving at all.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has been in-charge, the head of state and the commander in chief. He has ruled the republic by decree and seems to be comfortable with that. The President has the last say and can enact whatever he feels like. That’s how it looks and in this regard. He does it…

While doing so, there are ramifications and pushback. The President is questioned for his action to sack a minister and appoint another one. Especially, when the Minister is from another party and another signatory to the R-ARCSS. There are stipulations and agreements involved, which limits the scopes of the Republican Orders or the Presidential Decrees. Because, he has to be in-line with the articles and agreements, which he has signed in past.

It is maybe a few years ago and the times are changing. Maybe Kiir finds it best to have all security details and oversight within SPLM-IG. While the SPLM/A-IO wanted this role and have this influential ministry. Alas, here is the issue… it was done without consultation and later not settled after the sacking. The President just bought himself time and played around with Machar. Just to show him who has the power and who is the underdog. Kiir really just proved a point and Machar got nothing to show for it.

This Transitional Government seems to be a forever entity. Kiir don’t want to be challenged or questioned in office. He just wants to rule and give plum jobs to his allies. The President just want to feed his pocket and call it a night. That’s how this looks and it evident of it too.

Kiir knows perfectly well that this would cause a stir and be an issue. He is not only toying around with SPLM/A-IO role in the Transitional Government, but he sacked the wife of Machar. That was just bound to cause havoc and become a hectic quick. Not like Kiir sacked a random general or a run-of-the-mill mouthpiece of another party. No, he sacked the wife of the leader of one of the parties. By doing this… he knew he would cause problems and possibly create a quagmire.

Part of me believes this is a scheme of Kiir to prolong and waste more time. Just so the signatories need more meetings and address the concerns. In the end, it will mean another deal and agreement, which gives further stipulations and regulation of power. While we know at any moment another Republican Order can be announced and create a new problem. That’s just the way these things go…. Peace.

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Opinion: Odinga thrives in the chaos…

“My people, they stole the election, the whistleblower clearly shows it. Otherwise they’d open the server; what’s the fear? They then corrupted the Supreme Court like they did with the IEBC” – Raila Odinga (31.03.2023).

“Raila Odinga alleges assassination attempt during Nairobi protests. Says his car was shot seven times by anti-riot police. Odinga also condemned attacks on journalists, that left at least four hospitalized” (The Nairobi Report, 31.03.2023).

Right now, in this very moment after the hours and a day after the recent protest. The former 5-time Presidential Candidate and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga is viciously on the barricades. His relentless and his been here all before. We have heard this tales and the stories; seen the issues and the way he uses these times to benefit his own agenda.

Odinga knows the score. He got nothing to lose and all to gain. It is Ruto and the Government who is losing foreign investment, losing tourism dollars and other means for domestic revenue by the constant danger or fear of looting during the demonstrations. Raila knows all of this, and the riots, demos and street battles are beneficial for him.

That’s Ruto can only lose face here. He gets the pinch and the pushback. Not matter what the government had done or didn’t do. It would backfire and it does. The authorities and the law enforcement mismanagement, it’s disregard for civilians demonstrating and the usage of lethal weapons will all be on his watch. Meaning that is all detrimental to his reign and stains his reputation. Just like the times of CORD/OKOA demos and the protest after the first 2017 presidential elections. Odinga has used these means before as CORD/NASA and does it again as Azimio. That’s why this game is a known strategy of his… and everyone should be aware.

Since we all know that and see it for what it is. The men and women on the streets are religiously on the side of Odinga. While they will not get what they are asking for. In the end, they are the pawns on the chess-set of the political elites. That’s who they are… because Odinga would settle for another round of BBI and a galvanized un-official Prime Minister post. Just to live honourably of state wages and call it night with pre-conditioned commission and possible constitutional reforms.

So, as long as the streets are burning, the guns are blazing, the tear-gas are spread, and the shops are closed. Odinga will be giddy and ready. He knows this game and that’s where he partly belongs. Raila has been here before and know the game plan. That’s why his not to stressed about the ramifications or the costs. Only that he adds pressure and makes nuisance for the ones in-charge. He is making life difficult for the Deputy President and Ruto himself.

Baba ran an campaign on vibes and he didn’t come with the evidence which was needed in the petition after the last election. It wasn’t like in 2017 when he had a solid case and it got grounds for a second round. Now, he failed and Azimio thought it was barren land for it’s taking. While he yet again didn’t get the result or the verdict he wanted. That’s why his going back to the streets. Because, in the streets and in the public domain. You can run on word of mouth and speculations. On the streets and among the public… you can speak frank and not carry any weight behind your accusations. However, in the courts and elsewhere, you need more load and more proof of your allegations.

Odinga can act like he got it. He wants to look golden and be the victim. Odinga wants to be the sacrificial lamb, but we all know he does that to not only gain sympathy, but also boost the moral of his supporters. That’s why they are willing to go to the streets and fight for him. Even if it is all based on assumptions and grievances of a lost election. Therefore, Odinga is even opening for a revised BBI agreement, yet again. Hoping he can tag along and be “one” of them again.

However, as long as there is chaos, looting and destruction, Oding will will rise. He endures it and gets strength by it. His supporters and loyal subjects are the ones paying the dear price. While he will live lavish and be secured for life regardless. Odinga got the bag and so does his close associates. It is the others who are paying the price and the costs of his political journey. They are the ones who are in the battlefield and who are feeling the brutality of the police. Odinga is feeling a piece of it and will use it for own personal gains.

Baba is hoping Ruto will relent and give way. Just so he can taste and get a piece of the action. Peace.

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