Sudan: Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination – Our People’s Steadfastness on July 31 March (31.07.2022)

Our Heroic People:

Salutations to the sons and daughters of our defiant people, as well as to all the defiant resistance fighters in all regions of Sudan who are steadily advancing toward realizing their objectives. And we pray for God’smercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of our glorious revolution as they await justice for their pure souls and for the safe return of the missing, and for the full freedom of the detainees.

Today, the processions of honorable revolutionaries have been subjected to grave violations, documented crimes, and extreme repression in the capital, Khartoum, in front of the People’s Palace and the city of Bahri and Omdurman. The brutal coup authority used tear gas, stun grenades, sticks and batons, resulting in dozens of injured and many arrests. Which clearly confirms that the dictatorial coup authority is repeating the same scenario of crimes and oppression that the defunct salvation regime pursued, and that it is a direct extension of it, and it will inevitably meet the same miserable fate — complete overthrow.

Despite the arsenal of tyranny, the truth’s will prevailed against the machine of oppression. It was a clear representation of the standpoint of our people in rejecting the authority of the coup, and the brave, honorable act of the free revolutionaries.

We also urge on all the forces of revolution and change to quickly organize in a broad front to overthrow the coup and to emphasize the continuity of resistance and the diversity of its tools and forms until the demands of the mass movement are achieved, and the will of the people is not overpowered.

Long live our people free and victorious

Media Office

July 31, 2022

Karamoja: Hon. Agnes Nandutu, over 2400 has died of starvation, but it doesn’t sound like it…


NUP taking food to Karamoja is just for cheap popularity. The government does things systematically. By the time NUP sent food, there was already food in Karamoja. NUP can’t even do 0.00% of what we did in Karamoja” (…) “There is no longer a crisis in Karamoja because we are now in charge. We have a strategic plan to ensure that there is food security in the region” – Hon. Agnes Nandutu (31.07.2022).

The Minister of Karamoja Affairs Hon. Agnes Nandutu is finally speaking out on NBS FaceOff on the food insecurity and army operation in the sub-region. However, she isn’t saying anything substantial and only comes of as arrogant. Certainly the little time she has had as an MP and Minister has changed her. The Independent NRM leaning MP is showing her true character now.

The state has ensured that over 2400 people has died of starvation. A crisis that was forewarned for months and while the UPDF had army operations there. The state had the ability and the time to help the people of Karamoja. Instead it chose to bring violence and possibly make it more insufferable. The Minister is taking anything to account here.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) is doing what they can and within their means. They are not a government and neither does they have the opportunity to seize or seek funds as such. The NRM and the government should do more. Agnes Nandutu her government is responsible for the deaths of civilians not only in the miliary operation, but of over 2400 civilians who died of starvation. This is showing how the state lacked the vision and the ability to organize help in time. That’s why people is dying and needlessly so. They are not a priority. If they had been, the monies had been scheduled in a supplementary budget like the funds for the UPDF operation in Karamoja. So, everyone knows what is important in the Republic.

Just as the Minister said that on TV today.

Just a few days ago… this was reported about the situation:

– According to latest updates reported by district officials to the World Food Programme, the total number of fatalities in 2022 caused by the current food insecurity crisis in Karamoja is 2,465.

– Most of the fatalities were children and elderly.

– The last Acute Food Insecurity IPC revealed that approximately 518,000 people are in urgent need of food assistance in Karamoja, with almost 428,000 individuals facing crisis levels of food insecurity (IPC3) and almost 90,000 in emergency levels (IPC4) in the period between March and July 2022. Also, 91,600 children and 9,500 pregnant women are projected to be acutely malnourished for the period February 2022-January 2023” (ECHO – Uganda (Karamoja subregion) – Acute food insecurity and malnutrition (DG ECHO, IPC, WFP, UNICEF, FEWSNET, local media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 26 July 2022).

It doesn’t sound like the crisis is over. The food insecurity is still at massive levels and the amounts of deaths only signals that. Each individual should be counted for and be addressed. This are the short-coming of the state. Who is more eager to usher in violence and come with big-guns. Than to actually come to people with aide or help. That is the gist here…

The Minister blames outside parties for help, which never can be able to sufficiently support or help the needy. However, they are at least giving and without hesitation. The state had the funds and the machinery to do so. The over 2400 people wouldn’t have died. However, these are now dead and it happened on your watch. That shows how the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs failed and also how the Office of the Prime Minister has failed as well. Since they are both implicated in this and has disaster preparedness as portfolio.

Agnes Nandutu, you belong back on TV, because your certainly not fit to be a minister. You cannot even muster the courage or care for the ones in dire need. Karamoja has been burning and starving. While you have remained silent and inactive. That has cost lives and your politicking over beans and posho given to the starving. Your a massive disappointment and would have been a feature on ‘Point Blank’ if your were still running it. Peace.

RDC: MOUNSCO – La MONUSCO reconnait un incident grave survenu a la frontiere entre la RDC et l’Ouganda, a Kasinid (31.07.2022)

DRC: M23 Commander Gen. Sultani Makenga has resurfaced in North Kivu…

General Sultani MAKENGA is “RESUSCITATED” and appeared today on July 30 in JOMBA in North Kivu his locality of origin in the company of Jean MWIGAMBA the former administrator of Rutshuru. For the “Thomas” here it is” (General Sultani Makenga, 30.07.2022).

Since late May 2022 the Mouvement du 23 Mars (M23) have resurgent in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which has since then been able to hold on to certain territory in the Northern Kivu province. The FARDC haven’t been able to repel or getting rid of the threat of the militia.

The M23 have caused a diplomatic crisis from Kinshasa towards Kigali, but not added tensions towards Kampala. While there been found Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) within the M23 battalions, also munitions and equipment from the RDF. Shows, there are uncertain questions of how the M23 is funded and trained this time. Yes, M23 fighters and combatants was allowed to be within the Ugandan territory in camps, which was at one point in Kisoro and later moved to Kasese. However, this has been a secret based on the Nairobi Declaration, which the M23 claims have been reversed by the Kinshasa government later.

What is striking is how connected Gen. Makenga is to Kigali and President Kagame. Just like other militia leaders who was later “house-arrested” in Rwanda. So, even with the dialogue, diplomatic meetings and such. Kigali and Kinshasa knows the gist of it here. Gen. Makenga have even in the past been in direct dialogue and talks with former President Joseph Kabila. So, it’s not like he doesn’t know the game and how he can tactically change his position.

With that in mind. Here is a little back-story on the M23 Commander!

BBC Profile of him in 2013:

Col Makenga, 40, often walked around with a stick – it symbolised that he was both a cattle-herder and a military commander who demanded order and discipline from his troops. A tall, thin man born to an ethnic Tutsi family and raised in the hills of the volcanic South Kivu region, Col Makenga had a reputation of being a sharp-shooter and a shrewd and wily military strategis” (…) “Col Makenga honed his military skills in Rwanda, where he fought on the side of President Paul Kagame’s mainly Tutsi rebels before they took power in Kigali in 1994, ending a genocide that claimed some 800,000 lives in three months” (Farouk Chothia – ‘Profile: Sultani Makenga, DR Congo’s M23 rebel leader’, 07.11.2013, BBC News).

Stearns profile of him in 2013:

In May 2012, Makenga defected from the Congolese army and joined the M23 rebellion, being elevated to the rank of general. Shortly afterward, he was named commander of M23” (…) “Makenga’s reputation is of a taciturn but straight-shooting commander who commands respect from his soldiers. Rumours have surrounded his health for many years. He was visibly unwell during the M23 advance in 2012 and speculation has intensified since the M23 took control of Goma” (Jason Stearns – ‘M23’S OPERATIONAL COMMANDER’, Rift Valley Institute, 03.12.2013).

So, with Gen. Makenga resurfacing and proudly showing himself to the world. It’s a sign that M23 wants to be recognized. They are not caring about the Luanda sessions. The M23 is ready and active. Their mission isn’t done and they are focused on whatever they are aspiring to right now.

They are causing problems for the FARDC, which is the reason for why they are still able to keep some territories in the North Kivu Province. The M23 are capable and have the military training to do so. The FARDC could easily be stretched and there M23 isn’t the only one in the Kivu provinces. There are several other entities and militias that is causing havoc in the Kivu provinces.

Now we have to wait for the long-con. The M23 is scheming something and planning further their agenda. Gen. Makenga would maybe try to invade Goma yet again. He and the M23 has done that before. We don’t know why they resurgent this year. Certainly with something in sight and that will uncovered with time. The question of training, source of funding and military equipment will also be told. Just like the gist and drips of little knowledge we have since May 2022. The RDF and Kigali cannot run away from that now. This is maybe why Kagame and Tshisekedi has met and discussed the matter. Because, everyone knows about it now.

It is just striking to see a picture of Gen. Sultani Makenga in 2022. That’s wasn’t something I thought I would see, but here we are and that’s how confident he is. Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement (31.07.2022)

A statement of solidarity with the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution and a condemnation of the coup authority’s decision to evacuate the organization’s headquarters

The Council of Ministers of the coup d’état, through the General Administration of Government Real Estate, issued a letter on July 12, 2022 AD Instructed the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution to evacuate the organization’s headquarters within 72 hours from the date of the letter, and the organization refused to implement the decision and announced through its Secretary-General not to comply with the decision of the coup authority.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party condemn and reject this decision altogether and in detail, and we declare our full solidarity with the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution. Cutting the path of completing the process of civil democratic transformation, as well as being an extension of the cycles of regression from the goals of the revolution that this brute authority has been implementing, foremost of which are the files of justice, this necessitates the continuation of the peaceful mass struggle that seeks to end this coup through all tried and creative means, leading to a general strike and comprehensive civil disobedience.

Long live our people free and victorious

Information Secretariat

July 31, 2022 AD

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Strong freedom and change (30.07.2022)

To our comrades in the resistance committees: You will not walk alone

The Forces of Freedom and Change have reviewed the invitation issued by the Khartoum Negotiation Committees’ coordination to organize parades tomorrow, Sunday, July 31, 2022 AD.

Every day, the real motives of the coup plotters against the civil democratic transition are revealed in various forms and methods since the October 25 coup, which disrupted the civil transition and the slogans adopted by the glorious December revolution that united the sons of this generous country.

We are in the forces of freedom and change and out of our commitment to support any act of resistance and against this coup, we announce our support and participation in these processions and harness all our platforms and available capabilities to support and make it successful.

We also call on all members of the Forces for Freedom and Change in Khartoum and the states to actively participate in the processions tomorrow, Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Our message to the putschists who are in their palaces and trembling every day more than the previous day, warn the inevitable future to bring them down and defeat them and their defeat has dawned and that this inevitable fate is coming to you, and what you fear from the unity of the forces of the revolution to end this coup will come, and the popular flood will drown you on the way to you.

Together, we will appreciate and we will defeat them

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

Saturday 30 July 2022 AD

Opinion: Def Noodles, the wasted YouTube Commentary Channel… Part III

Def Noodles, if you don’t know about his videos or his content. I hate to break it too you, but your not missing out on anything. The guy behind it all is a man named Dennis Feitosa. A man who is supposed to give you Satirical News on his YouTube Channel. However, that falls flat and isn’t what it seems.

That how I started my first piece in April 2021 and ironically enough it hasn’t changed a single bit. However, since my piece on him February 2022. He has offered to other content creators to file a joint class-action suit against Keemstar, but he later ended up with a Defamation Suit filed on the 19th May 2022 against Keemstar. That was filed as an action because of a tweet where Keemstar was alleged that Def Noodles was “grooming kids”.

The Tweet itself said: “Def Noodles has allegedly groomed girls from ages 12-15.

Big Youtuber Source: “Victims are scared of him & wish to stay anonymous but may come forward soon” #DramaAlert” (Keemstar, 21.05.2022) and he followed up with “Def Noodles has declined to give us a comment on these allegations made against him” (Keemstar 21.05.2021).

This week however Def Noodles himself has acted in the same way regarding another content creator. Directly going after Papa Gut. A fellow YouTuber he has earlier in the year had a debate and crossed the lines with. This week he has not only dropped “fat-jokes” and “body-shamed” him. He has directly called him a pedophile and tagged the FBI to put him on a watchlist.

So, the man who filed a lawsuit over defamation of character over a joke that contains the same language and allegations. That is really striking and show that the man isn’t that smart. The wisest thing he could would to log off the internet and maybe take a break. In addition he has made an apology video, which was a cringe-fest and felt like a mockery. It was one of those insincere moments and like he see things backfiring.

Surely the bleeding of subscribers and the dwindling numbers on the videos must hurt his pride. As he is using more time on a podcast, as well as the main-channel. The edgy and cringe-lord content hasn’t earned him anything either. The revelation that it wasn’t Keemstar fault for the loss of Twitter. Isn’t helping him either, as he made his own bed, but not taking any accountability for that.

His just mocking everyone else and playing the game of satire. While everyone knows the gig by now and he has lost the vibe. The man should know better… Def Noodles has had the time and the ability if he cared, but we know that he doesn’t. H3H3 should wonder how long they can carry this man, as his sinking fast now.

The meltdown and actions on Twitter isn’t helping. He is digging his own grave, instead of reflecting on his own actions. Ironically his becoming the person that is his arch-enemy. Even using similar rhetoric and messaging on Twitter. That is compelling. While dropping a no nothing apology on his main channel.

The gig of Def Noodles should soon be over. The man should look into the mirror and ask why his doing things. It looks like his only making things and not better. His image is already shaky and people don’t trust him to analyse Influencer, Celebrity and Internet Drama correctly. That’s saying something. Because, he should be able to pull off being some sort of edge-lord with a dash of TMZ. However, that’s asking to much….

Well… the man left the Minecraft house, but the grasser wasn’t greener on the other side. It seems like the Achilles heel is his end-game too. The self-made making of an enemy in Keemstar is playing with him and he ends up copying him. In such a fashion, that everyone is disgusted and seeing his dishonest ways.

Def Noodles at one point seemed to have found his niche and could run with it. Now, his going down and losing it… his even launching a Patreon page now to salvage funds from his hard-core fans. That wasn’t done early on or when things was good. No, it’s happening now and with the hope that they can carry him. He even used the Community Post on Youtube to launch that. It is just so telling and where his own community are disgusted by him. They are telling they are unsubscribing from him.

This is really compelling how his falling and trying to get it all back. However, when the cat is out of the bag. When you have opened up the can of worms. You cannot take it back and there is no backsies. Even if the content creator wants it to be so. Yes, in a little while the whole controversy will die down, but some people will always remember. That’s the problem he will always have.

What is also amazing. On his new Twitter I’m blocked and I don’t care. There is enough people making screenshot showing his latest tweets. Not that I am losing out on anything either. The hypocrisy is unbelievable and he should reconsider. Nevertheless, that isn’t the sort of man Def Noodles is. He rather try to expose or undermine someone with a lesser platform. Just like he went after Papa Gut now and how he tried to play Grady Hooper. Time will tell what he does next, but the gig is up.

The gig stays the gig, but is the gig worth it Mr. Noodles? Peace.

South Sudan: His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit President of the Republic of South Sudan Statement on Martyrs Day (30.07.2022)

South Sudan: The People’s Coalition for Civil Action – Proposed Extension of the Transitional Period is a Coup (30.07.2022)

Opinion: The Bukimbiri County and Busongora County South By-Elections is up next…

After Omoro and Soroti East By-Elections this year. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) will not back-down. Don’t expect these By-Elections to be anything better. The NRM uses all means to “win” and pyrrhic victories is their vibe.

The same will be the case on the 11th August in Bukimbiri County in Kisoro Distric and on the 18th August Busongora County South in Kasese District. That’s only about two or three weeks from now. People are already shattered and seen the means to an end from the NRM. They don’t mind using military means, mass-arresting and ordering the military to intimidate the people. The NRM doesn’t care about ballot-stuffing, pre-ticked ballots or ferrying voters. No, everything goes as long as their Member of Parliament is elected. That is what the previous By-Elections has shown.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) can field a candidate in both elections here. The National Unity Platform (NUP) as well. It doesn’t matter who the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) or Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) either. The FDC has big chances in Kasese, as that has been their stronghold in that region, but we saw how much that mattered in Teso sub-region. The machinery and the state will just assault its way to power. It doesn’t matter what the will of the people or what the people wants to vote. The predetermined minds of the State House and the NRM CEC matters more.

After what we have seen, the FDC and the other opposition parties can field candidates. These candidates do an honest campaign and be canvassing votes in the constituency. We know that the FDC, NUP and ANT will field candidates in Bukimbiri County. However, after what we have seen in Omoro and Soroti East that this doesn’t really matter. The NRM will ensure their MPs get elected and they will not spare on anything. They will use money, promise the heavens and rig the polls. That’s what they do and people should know that.

The opposition could have the best candidates, heck they could have saviour and a grand peacemaker. The person would still lose, because the NRM would use all their tools to get ahead. They don’t mind to arrest, detain and silence the opposition. The NRM can use the army and the police force for their winning. That has been shown and the soldiers will be there too. This is the only way the NRM can “win” an election in 2022.

We need to expect more mass-arrests and more agony. The NRM and the current regime will not allow a proper election to be held. Because, if the NRM and the Electoral Commission held that. They would risk to lose to a nobody or an unknown person from another party. That’s because the public is tired of the NRM and this is why they fear the voice of the people. They wouldn’t dare to do an honest election. For a simple reason: They don’t trust the judgement of the people and that’s why they have to decide for them.

We should expect shambolic affairs… elections filled with malpractice and intimidation. Voting bribery, voter ferrying and pre-ticked ballots. All of it will be used. That’s why the persons on the ballots doesn’t really matter. The ones on the Yellow Bus and part of the NRM will have an advantage the others cannot conquer. The only way they can do that is if the public storms the tally-centres and reacts to the open rigging of the regime.

However, I wouldn’t count on it. The usage of the army, police and high ranking officials to rig the elections. Will strike fear to the public and make them feel indifference. The elections has no real purpose. As it is only a ceremonial waiting-game for the announcement of the NRM Flag-bearer for MP. Peace.

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