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RDC: CENI – Communique de Presse (07.11.2018)


RDC: Declaration des Candidats President de la Republique et des Leaders de l’Opposition en Rapport avec les Atteintes Deliberees Portees au Processus Electoral par le Pouvoir Sortant (07.11.2018)

RDC: Bruno Tshibala – “Concerne: Suspension de missions de controle” (07.11.2018)

RDC: Red-Tabara – Communique (05.11.2018)

RDC: Declaration Commune des Forces vives et Politiques sur la Machine a Voter et sur un Scrutin Credible et Transparent en Republique Democratique du Congo (02.11.2018)

North Kivu: Violent events and fatalities in the province has surpassed last year already!

If you ever thought, it would be peaceful and not be problems in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You are wrong and sadly so. As The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) released an report on this year’s activity in the Province and the numbers are striking. They are not in the positive aspect, but more fatalities and more events that are violent have been registered this year.

This meaning, that the North Kivu are seeing and are more hurt by the FARDC and the ADF in the region. Both parties are battling and these battles are costly. The FARDC alone is registered with 19 killings, while the total in the province is 801 and that is six more than whole of last year. This is up to October, so the numbers might be worse by the time ticking into 2019.

Let ACLED explain:

“The number of violent events in North Kivu in 2018 thus far has surpassed the number of violent events recorded for all of 2017. In 2017 there were 307 violent events and protests recorded in the province, resulting in 795 reported fatalities; in 2018 to date, there have been 493 violent events and protests, responsible for 801 reported fatalities. Much of the increase in violence in 2018 is driven by an increase in the targeting of civilians by rebel groups and community militias, as well as battles between armed groups and the government, as demonstrated in the graph below” (…) “Despite the difficulties in tracking ADF activities, recorded events suggest that the group is becoming more active in 2018. Violent events involving the ADF in North Kivu have surged more than 140% from 2017, rising to 92 violent events in 2018 thus far. The government’s offensive may be behind the increased number of activities involving the rebel group, as well as behind the increase in civilian targeting by rebel groups” (…) “The Congolese security forces have also targeted civilians in North Kivu in 2018. This year, there have been 17 events in which the Congolese security sector targeted civilians, resulting in a reported 19 fatalities. This increase in civilian targeting may be a function of the difficulty of discerning civilians from rebel group members; according to the Congo Research Group, though the ADF was not founded in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has cultivated significant ties with the local community and pursued integrative strategies” (ACLED – ‘Layered Insecurity in North Kivu: Violence and the Ebola Response’ 26.10.2018).

These reports from ACLED is really compelling as the North Kivu are hit again and again. By not only militias taking lives of civilians, but also the FARDC. This is happening, as the MONUSCO still has a mission and supposed to be the balanced force, but the province are still seeing violence and fatalities.

These sorts of reports are important, because they shows the bigger picture and also shows the signs of either progress or not. This report from ACLED is accurate and has the sources for their numbers. Therefore, I can trust these numbers as they have reported. That there is issues in North Kivu and that it is ongoing is telling.

This is happening in the year of the postponed elections. The Insecurity continues and who knows who earns on the fatalities. That is the sad thing, all of them, every single one of the fatalities is one to many, and none of them should have been lost. Peace.

RDC: Communique de la CENCO a Propos de l’Expulsion des Congolais de l’Angola (31.10.2018)

RDC: Memorandu du Collectif des Partis et Regroupements Politiques de l’Opposition Adresse a la Commission Electorale Nationale Independante (26.10.2018)

Mass expulsions from Angola have put thousands of Congolese at risk in Democratic Republic of Congo – Bachelet (26.10.2018)

Since the beginning of October, some 330,000 people have reportedly crossed from Angola.

GENEVA, Switzerland, October 26, 2018 – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Friday warned that the mass deportation of Congolese nationals from Angola has already resulted in serious human rights violations by security forces on both sides of the border, and left at least 330,000 returnees in an extremely precarious situation.

Since the beginning of October, some 330,000 people have reportedly crossed from Angola, mostly into the Kasai, Kasai Central and Kwango provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo following an expulsion order by the Government of Angola targeting irregular migrants. In interviews with people in the border town of Kamako in Kasai, the UN Human Rights Office received reports indicating that security forces in Angola used excessive force in their operations to deport the Congolese nationals. The team has verified information about six deaths, reportedly at the hands of security forces, but has also received many other allegations of killings that it has not been able to fully verify. Reports also suggest at least 100 people were injured.

Several migrants also alleged that upon their arrival in Kamako, they were subjected to extortion and illegal taxation by the defence and security forces in the DRC. There have been allegations of arbitrary detention of returning migrants. Some of the migrants are being hosted by families or in ad hoc shelters, but many are sleeping in the streets, with inadequate access to health and food, severe water shortages and lack of proper sanitation.

“International law and African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Rights* forbid the mass expulsion of non-nationals without individual assessment or other due process guarantees. In expelling such a massive number of people in such a short time, Angola has placed tens of thousands of families at severe risk,” High Commissioner Bachelet said.

“I call on the Government of Angola to halt any ongoing deportations until it can be assured that any returns will be carried out in full respect of the rule of law and the human rights of all affected migrants. I also urge the Government to ensure that security forces and others responsible for violations in the course of these expulsions are held accountable.”

Bachelet also urged the Government of the DRC to ensure that the returnees are protected from extortion by security forces and violence by others, particularly given the continued lack of accountability for the grave human rights violations that occurred in the Kasais between 2016 and 2017. There are reports that individuals of Tshokwe ethnicity joined Angolan security forces in carrying out the expulsions. Given the continued presence of armed groups split along ethnic lines in the Kasais, High Commissioner Bachelet warned of the risk of inter-communal violence if the situation is not handled carefully by the authorities.

“I urge the Government of the DRC to ensure that members of security forces that may be responsible for violations, past and present, against people – regardless of their ethnic affiliations – are subjected to investigations, with a view to ensuring justice for the victims,” she said. “Failing this, I fear we could see a repeat of the cycles of terrible violence that erupted in the Kasais in 2016.”

The High Commissioner also called on the Government of the DRC and the international community to redouble efforts to address the urgent humanitarian needs of the returnees in Kasai, Kasai Central and Kwango.

Angola currently hosts some 68,000 refugees and asylum seekers.

RDC: Communique final de la rencontre de l’Opposition en Afrique du Sud (25.10.2018)

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