28th April 2011: Police Brutality isn’t anything new in the republic…

“Yeah, because when the Minister gave his account, I was civilised enough and I tried to listen. I hope these ministers will at least pretend that they are civilised and listen.  Dr Besigye was brutally hurled into a pick-up, beaten, slapped, tear-gassed under captivity and kicked by Arinaitwe the assassin, the commandos and the mambas, under the command of Grace Turyagumanawe.  The journey from Mulago roundabout to Kasangati took about ten minutes or slightly more. Six people were knocked by the van between Kasangati and Mulago roundabout. The police need to account since the van that was following picked up all the people who were knocked on the way. We want to know whether they died or they are still alive. The van on which suspects were transported was a torture chamber. In that police van were six men in civilian clothes, putting on dark glasses and with their driver, each one of them had two pistols and they had SMGs in the car. They brutalised the suspects all the way to Kasangati, cracking the skull of one of Dr Besigye’s assistants. The torture men in the police van also smoked “bhangi”. We demand that the police disclose who these people are. Dr Besigye was dropped off the police pick-up, as you may all have seen in the documentary. He lay in Kasangati Police Station. For 50 minutes, Dr Besigye was unconscious and nobody was allowed to see him. The Members of Parliament who rushed to Kasangati were not allowed in. One hour later, panicking and thinking that Dr Besigye was dead, they called in his assistant, Sam Mugumya, who was also locked up in a police cell, to check on him. They told him, can you check if he is still alive. And Mugumya checked and told them he was breathing. That is when they called in Dr Olive Kobusingye. Over an hour later! Yesterday, the Minister said I was allowed to go in. I went in two hours later. Since the Minister in his statement has decided to keep quiet about the people who were involved in this operation, it is my cardinal duty to tell you that the one who commanded this operation, Mr Grace Turyagumanawe, joined the police of Uganda in 1981. He was dropped from his position on 2 May 2001 by the then IGP. Barely a month later, he was reinstated” – Alice Alaso (Hansard of 04.05.2011)

Time is a wasting. The ones that are shocked by how Members of Parliament is treated. No one should be. The Uganda Police Force and the Authorities has manhandled and used vicious force against dissidents for years. They have had several of different units used to torment, torture and apprehend civilians who stands up against the dictatorship.

Therefore, the brutality and the state sponsored violence of April 2023 isn’t new. I’m just publishing the Hansard statement of Hon. Alice Alaso, who spoke out against the attack on Besigye and others on the 28th April 2011. The ordeal was on tape and has been online ever since. The man who tormented Besigye have been well known for long, but is still part of the UPF. Just last year he was promoted again and gotten a title, which is either making him a department commander or a police officer who runs a police post. Therefore, he has gone through the ranks in the decade after the violent incident he partook in.

Just to prove how badly the state handled this. Beatrice Anywar asked this question in the same plenary session:

“Another thing that I want the Minister to explain is, when Dr Kiiza Besigye was supposed to be flown out for medication, there was a problem at the airport. They blocked him from being flown out of this country to seek medical attention. I personally made all efforts to even ring my good brother, the Minister of Security, hon. Amama Mbabazi. I made efforts to ring my brother, the state minister himself, desperately looking to somebody to come up and give reason as to why he should be blocked when he is in that sorry state. I would like the Minister to help us explain the reason why somebody who was in the state of Dr Kiiza Besigye, who needed emergency medical attention, should be blocked from accessing his doctors in Nairobi. I also want the Minister to explain the circumstances under which one can access the assistance offered by the Government. I saw and read when His Excellency, the President, was now saying his Government is going to assist the victims of the riots. In what form is this? Are Dr Kiiza Besigye’s bills and his damaged vehicle among those you have arranged for because he is also a victim of the riots? I want this clarification” (Beatrice Anywar, 04.05.2011).

So, it wasn’t enough to treat him violence on the streets. Later when he needed help and sought to get it in Nairobi. The Police and the authorities blocked him access to leave the Republic. They just show their sinister side when it comes to Dr. Kizza Besigye.

That’s why this story needs to be retold. Because the state is repeating these sins. They are not doing to Besigye right now. However, they are doing similar acts to other high-ranking officials or opposition leaders. They are targeting others with similar means. The state has gotten accustomed and gotten used to doing so.

Besigye deserved better. No one should have gotten this treatment. Just like the MPs, Activists or other opposition members should fear for the authorities. However, we know the drones, the arbitrary arrests and the kidnappings are happening to this day. The “safe-houses” are used, and civilians are captured because of their political affiliation. Therefore, we know the acts are happening as we speak. That’s what the Police and Security Organizations are up too. Peace.

Opinion: Kagabo MP will find it out the hard way…

Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo has reportedly ditched National Unity Platform (NUP) and joined MK Movement, a pressure group spearheaded by First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. On Friday, Kagabo, was spotted with Muhoozi and other MK Movement leaders in Kasambya constituency during a fundraising campaign for women and youth development groups, fuelling reports that he has joined the Muhoozi group” (Samuel Muhimba – ‘MP Kagabo ’dumps’ NUP for MK Movement’ 15.04.2023, Nile Post).

The Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo has gotten of the hook before. He insinuated that he was bribed and had to return 40 million shillings. Later in the year and after the scandal was unleashed. The MP was pardoned by the Parliament and the case has since been forgotten. He was supposed to be disciplined by the party, National Unity Platform (NUP) but I don’t know what happened to that. This was all happening in 2022 and now we are already in April 2023.

Kagabo MP has now distanced himself from the Opposition. That’s isn’t really newsworthy. That’s something he has done already and proven himself to be one of “them”. He could just switch to National Resistance Movement (NRM). However, he does the “populist” move and joins the MK (Army) Movement instead.

It isn’t shocking or revealing. The character has already been proven. He could already be bought and his principals was for sale. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have grabbed the 40 million shillings in 2022 and later cried out loud to save face. He knew he was in the wrong and he still did the dance. Blamed the speaker and whoever who bought him. However, not taking to account that he accepted the bribe and was fine eating the easy money.

I am surprised that he waited this long. Maybe the MK Movement sweetened the deal or promised him something on the back-end. Since he was already turning to the other side a long time ago. He made the decision by himself and wanted to be greedy. The MP accepted the “kickbacks” and the envelopes to do a deed for the ruling regime. Therefore, there was no difference between him and the NRM.

Kagabo MP can act righteous and act like he has done the right thing. It is maybe the right thing for him. To be a representative and be a man who is an underling to the First Son. Maybe he prefers to be token soldier and a “yes-man”. Instead of a man on the barricades and fighting the brutal dictatorship. It is easier to side with the son of the dictator, than to stand-up and fight them. He gets off easy right now.

The burdens and the pressure is off him. His now “one of them” and it gives him privileges. That he will get in plenty. Nevertheless, his honour and pride is sold. There is no integrity or justification. Other than he wants to get a fat bank-account and be a subject of a new master. That’s all there is and it will be hard to sell his candidacy in the next election. As he left the fold and decided to be associated with the regime.

That’s who Kagabo MP is and who he wants be… he wants to be one of them and he has succeeded. The cost and the price to do so will be down the line. Because, why should the voters or the constituency trust him? They have seen how he behaves and how acts. His a man who is willing to be bought and be made a fool off. That’s who he is and he got live with it. Peace.

Opinion: The UPF is ill-advised here…

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we have obtained credible about plans by NUP to reactivate their structures, through various mobilisation drives, in cities and major towns, to cause acts of disorder and lawlessness in the country. This development comes at a time when the county has been very peaceful. We therefore, call upon the NUP leadership to avoid such clandestine methods of work and instead use legitimate means to achieve their objectives. We also encourage them to emulate the other political parties like the FDC, NRM and DP, that have continued to work within the provisions of the POMA and in harmony with the police” (Uganda Police Force – ‘POLITICIANS WARNED AGAINST HOLDING KUNGA MOBILISATIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS’ 12.04.2023).

In the grand scheme of events, I never thought the UPF or the Uganda Police Force would say the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is righteous in their actions. That I cannot phantom or believe in 2023. Not after all the years with Dr. Kizza Besigye and how the UPF has monitored, targeted and the regime enacted the Public Order Management Act (POMA) just because of the FDC!

That’s why reading this today infuriating me. Not only because the Constitutional right to assemble and demonstrate is gone from the opposition. To protest or demonstrate in the Republic is long gone. That is in the wind and the authorities will not allow it. They not allowing opposition candidates at Guild elections to hold Press Conferences either. Neither is the Opposition allowed to hold friend football matches to fundraise for good causes either.

So, it isn’t like the UPF or the authorities are allowing the opposition to move or operate. The UPF who is blocking radio stations, venues, conferences, and whatnot for years. The UPF who isn’t allowing the opposition to pray or even participate at events. The same UPF is now saying they are the good ones. They must be kidding me and think we are stupid.

It is amazing that the UPF is lecturing the National Unity Platform (NUP) this way. When nothing they are doing is allowed. Nothing that they think of or even considers doing. They are only allowed within the premises of the Headquarters and after that it’s a free-for-all. Therefore, putting them in the same line as the ruling party NRM is exhausting. The NRM can hold rallies, galivanting across the republic and not consider even to petition the UPF. They just show up and can even hold demonstrations for “favourable” causes. Therefore, who is the UPF trying to fool?

We know the tear-gas, the arrests, and the well-known police brutality. We know how the UPF operates and how it will raid the offices of the NUP or FDC. The way and manner of pre-emptive house-arrests of leaders, if not take them away and keep them incommunicado for a while too. That’s what the UPF does, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens now too. It is just the way the authorities and the UPF acts. Peace.

Serere County By-Election: The son of the late MP pulled the last straw

Just like his father in the 2021 elections, the son won the constituency and will represent the Serere County as the MP. The father won the seat as a National Resistance Movement MP in 2016 and returned winning as an independent in 2021. Patrick Okabe who is late after losing his life in traffic accident in December 2022. His son will now takeover from him and take his office, this being Emmanuel Omoding.

Omoding MP beat the other competition and even when he had a lot stacked against him. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was pushing through their candidate for the second time in three years, Phillip Ocour, who has now lost both to the father and the son in two successive elections. The FDC fielded a former Independent candidate, Emmanuel Eratu who also a bad record. He only gained a hundred more votes or so between these elections. While ANT tried with their big-name and former MP Alice Aloso without doing much better than the FDC. So, the big win was for the independent and the biggest loser was in some regards the NRM.

The NRM was offered to give the son the candidacy. He would have stood on their ticket and represented the NRM. That was on record and the family tried to push it. Just like the NRM pushed the son of late Jacob Oulanyah. This would have been the same, alas the NRM Electoral Commission and other high ranking officials wanted to prove a point. While not taking into consideration the sentiments on the ground and force one of their cadres through the ranks. That’s why Serere didn’t pick Oucour, but elected Omoding instead.

ANT and NUP needs also to evaluate their presence, their campaigns and the plans for this By-Election. Even with the voter intimidation, the arrests and the misuse of power by the authorities. The ANT and NUP needs to look into why it went so bad and with such a prominent candidate. She has already a name and should have faired better than this.

That the FDC failed wasn’t shocking or surprising. Especially when you look into the 2021 election and the one from yesterday. There haven’t been much change, if any. The FDC had a better candidate in Stephen Ochola in 2016. However, I will not speculate why FDC chose Eratu over Eyaru who was their candidate in 2021. Though, they both had about the same standing in the polls. So, something must have happened behind the scenes ahead of the polls and within the party with the nominations.

This By-Election is a common tale in the Republic. Even if the NRM sort of lost this one. They are however getting an ally and NRM leaning MP. So, the High Above and the NRM CEC isn’t too worried. They are hoping his as loyal to the causes as his father. That’s why it won’t be much fuzz or create issues in the 11th Parliament.

What is striking is that it all went down this way and the NRM could have had a landslide or a victory even without pulling all the strings. If they had followed the values of nepotism and family affairs, which has become their modus operandi of late. They would have succeeded and the army wouldn’t have to come with pre-ticked ballots or hold polling agents at some of the polling stations at gun-point. The NRM would have won and called it a night.

Nevertheless, hubris and greed in combination with arrogance can be the downfall of anyone. That is just proven last night. Even the high and mighty cannot sustain true electoral performance. This is why the son won and it’s partly glorious. Peace.

Serere County By-Election: Return Form for Transmission of Results (23.02.2023)

Serere County By-Election: The ANT(e) is up during the polls

“As voting continues in the Serere by-election, there is a low voter turn-up and allegations of the arrest of agents. Alice Alaso and Emmanuel Omoding have tasked the Electoral Commission to explain what is going on” (NBS Television, 23.02.2023).

“Senior leaders on our elections team including Hon. Kasule Ismail our Coordinator for Bunyoro Subregion, Hon. Mukaaku Lubega and Mr. Maddo Isaac have been arrested & are now detained at Kateta Police Station Serere County Serere District. We condemn such unlawful acts by Police” (Alliance for National Transformation, 23.02.2023).

“Polls are currently underway in Serere County for a by-election to elect the area’s Member of Parliament. Candidate Alice Alaso Philip Oucor have expressed optimism about their chances of winning the election” (NTV Uganda, 23.02.2023).

This Serere County By-Election has gone silently ahead. There haven’t been much news other than Alliance for National Transformation was endorsed by the National Unity Platform. While the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) fielded its own candidate out of significant differences with the ANT party. That’s why the opposition has two candidates and there is also independents, which are trying to compete with ANT and the NRM candidate here.

There was reports of beefed up support and thousands of law enforcement and soldiers stationed for the by-election. This poll will be between Alice Alaso of ANT and Philip Oucor of NRM. That is the gist of things, and the system is behind Oucor. The only Hail-Mary candidate in this race is the son of the late MP, Emmanuel Omoding.

While there is also reports like these: “A section of voters in the ongoing Serere county by-election  have been left stranded in queues with no voting materials after armed UPDF soldiers allegedly stormed Kamurojo Kakor primary school polling station and ticked over 200 ballot papers” (Daily Monitor, 23.02.2023).

When you have the blatant arrests and intimidation of the soldiers within the polls. When you have the pre-ticked ballots and the other measures by the state. You just know how this is going to end. Before dark and tomorrow comes… the NRM candidate will be proclaimed. Dr. Tanga Odoi have even threaten people not to vote across party lines, as the independent candidate is the son of the late NRM MP. It is just compelling how this is done, and nothing is shocking.

The Ante is up and it’s evident. This by-election is already a war-zone, which is common practice or the norm under Museveni. It is how they have operated in the recent years and the polls are sham to “elect” their own. That’s how the NRM gets a secured mandate and a majority in Parliament. From the on-set there is no way the opposition can win these unless it is a landslide. Because the NRM and its handlers cannot push it then. However, they are pulling all the strings and doing what they can to “win” it again.

ANT has the best candidate here, but that won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Peace.

Opinion: Mugumya arrested as a ADF in 2014, but released in 2022 as a M23…

What happened in Beni?

I found officers from Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence who interrogated me about the Allied Democratic Forces. One of the most painful things I witnessed is someone die out of suffocation and unfortunately I leaned against his dead body for the entire night.

How did you know they were CMI operatives? Were they clad in uniform?

They had army uniform and they introduced themselves to me as such. On the first day, they were two. They asked if I had links with ADF then shortly after said I was coming to link up with the People’s Redemption Army. I told them I was just running away from your brutal regime. On the second day, another set of three CMI operatives came. I remained in Beni for three weeks before I was called for a joint interrogation between Congolese authorities and CMI. They debated if to bring us back to Uganda or hold us in Congo” (Ivan Okuda – ‘I was arrested while fleeing to exile, says Mugumya, 19.12.2015, Black – Journalist, Cursive – Mugumya, Daily Monitor).

You know when are story is too good to be true, it’s most likely not true. The story of Sam Mugumya will be one for the ages. The sudden way he was kidnapped, taken-away in October in 2014 and later found out to be in custody in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo in November 2014. He also spent time in a prison in Kisangani as well. Before he was transferred from there to Kinshasa and Ndolo Military Prison, where he spent most of the time behind bars until his released on the 21st October 2022.

Mugumya spent 8 years in custody. As he was arrested for involvement in the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF-NALU). As he was supposed rebel with a fictitious name: “Katembo Mukiga William”. There was also additional factors put into play like he was having either “cargo” or “bags of monies”. Which have never been proven or evidence for the public to see. Therefore, a lot of hearsay and never any real given fact.

Now 8 years later in the documents released as his free. They are now claiming he was involved or participated in the Mouvement du Mars 23 (M23). That is in contrast to the reported connection to the ADF-NALU, which was rumoured for years.

Mugumya himself said he was arrested, as he was fleeing to exile himself. The Dr. Kizza Besigye aide was trying to get to freedom, but instead was sent to the slammer abroad. The Observer reported this back in 2014:The army spokesman, Lt Col Ankunda, said then that Mugumya had been found in possession of dollars and was suspected to be involved in subversive activities” (Edris Kiggundu – ‘Where is FDC’s Sam Mugumya?’ 11.11.2014, The Observer).

There are so many words, but nothing definite. What is likely is that the authorities apprehended him within Uganda and kidnapped him. Because, no one knew where he was and he suddenly disappeared. Later to be find in custody in Beni (DRC) which means the authorities of Uganda did help him cross and get detained there. It happened in such a manner, that he never returned and was a suspected rebel or a militia member.

That’s why you know these stories don’t add up. It is total fabrication and an injustice served Sam Mugumya’s way. He has been a victim of his activism and association with Besigye. If he hadn’t been a part of Reform Agenda and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). He wouldn’t be here. The authorities targeted him, because the likes of him was the future. We are seeing that happening today with associates of the National Unity Platform (NUP) who are kidnapped and disappearing for the public sphere. Therefore, Mugumya is just a representation of the oppression the government of Uganda is doing. While they where able to use the Courts and Prisons to silence Mugumya for years.

It is a long time to be paying the price for doing the right thing. Mugumya has paid a huge price and it has cost. Back in the day he was ADF and now his M23. You just know the whole thing is made up. That’s the gist of it.

What is tragic is that Mugumya spent 8 years behind bars and only because of political affiliation. He was a target and a means to an end. That’s why he was kidnapped and never returned to Uganda. Mugumya lingered in jail because of who he was affiliated with. That was all the authorities needed and Military Court could find excuses to keep him behind bars too. It took years before he went to trail and now that his released. The story has changed again.

I wonder where the “cargo” and where the “dollars” went. If they even existed. Secondly, the UPDF spokesman Paddy Ankunda better have his story straight now. Especially, if his asked about this. It’s all a unique situation and this sort of thing has to be tested.

This is injustice and Sam Mugumya has been scarred, he has been tested and worse, he paid a price of losing eight valuable years. He lost so much time in detention, instead of being free and a voice of reason. His now free, but his story needs to be told. As it is a story on how the authorities targets dissidents. Peace.

Sam Mugumya is finally released after 8 years in Ndolo Military Prison…

The Commander of the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) North Kivu Region, Brig Gen Muhindo Akili Mundos has confirmed that forces under his Command arrested Former FDC Leader, Dr Kiiza Besigye’s Political Assistant Mr Sam Mugumya on 21st October 2014. This was during a Joint News conference with his Ugandan Counterpart, UPDF 2nd Division Commander Brig Peter Elwelu following a Security meeting in Kasindi Town of DRC on Tuesday 12th November 2014. Brig Mundos said Mugumya was arrested alongside 02 other Ugandans and 02 Congolese after the entered the country through an illegal entry point near Ishasha boarder. He added that Mugumya was using false names “Katembo Mukiga William” but on interrogation he was proved be Sam Mugumya. He said they suspect he could be involved in dangerous activities likely to hurt the current cordial relationship between Uganda and DRC and as a result he was transferred from his headquarters in Beni, to the capital Kinshasa for further investigations” (UPDF – FARDC confirms Sam Mugumya’s Arrest, 14.11.2014).

Today on the 21st October 2022, it is confirmed that Sam Mugumya is released from Ndolo Military Prison in Kinshasa. Mugumya has now spent 8 years behind bars or a total of 96 months in prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mugumya has gone through a lot. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) pushed for his release and also being moved to Uganda. However, the authorities in Uganda didn’t want him to return. That why we know his been a political prisoner in the DRC.

He was arrested because of his political affiliation and that he was associated with Dr. Kizza Besigye. That was the reason for his imprisonment. It wasn’t because of his supposed connections to militias or anything. This was the excuses and arguments, which the authorities used to keep him in prison. He was a political prisoner and have paid a huge price for doing so.

Mugumya has suffered in prison. No one can say it has been easy. The man has been torn and could have gotten a broken spirit. Instead he has soldiered on and awaited freedom. He has stood tall in the midst of adversity and shown his strength.

Okello-Oryem did state in fact in 2016 that there was no chance of a fair trail or extradition. That was how this score was settled and Mugumya just had to pay the price. He was a victim of the association and the allies he had chosen. That’s why he was taken into custody and moved to a prison in Kinshasa. All because he was affiliated with Besigye. This was all the authorities needed and they let him suffer for 8 years.

It is good to see the picture of Sam Mugumya holding a note “Free At Last”. Also another picture on the outside of prison. He shouldn’t have been a felon in the first place. He has suffered, paid the cost and should be paid by the state for the injustice. However, we know there will be no consequences to the ones who detained him or held him captive. Mugumya was a victim of circumstance and political activism. That’s all it took.

The price for standing tall and being brave cost him 8 years. 8 years in a miliary prison in Kinshasa. Mugumya deserve not only a heroes welcome, but to be honoured for his bravery. He could have given in and been gone by now. However, he soldiered on and knew deep down it would end. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t have been this hard.

The authorities of DRC failed him and so did the authorities in Kampala. If he had been one of “them“… they would have sent a military attaché and picked him up somehow. However, he was a target and the NRM was happy, that he was out of sight and out of mind. Peace.

Opinion: It takes nothing to “disturb the peace” of the Speaker…

“A young man accused of tweeting an inappropriate joke about Speaker of Parliament Anita Among was yesterday sent back to jail after the presiding magistrate said she was indisposed. Mr John Sentamu, aka Kelly Slender, 26, was picked up by a drone at his workplace more than a month ago in connection with disturbing the peace of the Speaker on Twitter” (…) “According to the charge sheet before court, Mr Sentamu, between July and September in Kampala, willfully, and repeatedly, used his twitter handle @JOHNKELLYTON 5 using user name Kelly Slender to disturb the peace of the Speaker of Parliament with no purpose of legitimate communication” (Precious Delilah – ‘Shop attendant remanded for tweeting ‘joke’ about Speaker Among’ 19.10.2022, Daily Monitor).

Some people have little spines. They have such little ability to grasp reality and be in the public sphere. It is like their entitlement is outrageous. The feel so unique, special, and prestigious that you should just bless them. That’s how it seems with the current day speaker of the 11th Parliament.

Speaker Anita Annet Among is the new breed of entitled and enriched cronies of the regime. She is the sort that can say obnoxious things about detractors or dissidents. However, the moment they retort. They got to bend the knee and apologize. That’s the sort of rank and office has now.

The Speaker is acting out of line and cannot stomach her office. We have already seen her actions towards Francis Zaake MP and now against a civilian too. The civilian she is serving for in office. If it wasn’t for the civilians, she wouldn’t have an office to go to. However, when your up high and mighty, you forget those things. It is only when the buck stops and the master your serve is gone. That’s the moment she needs the like John Sentamu.

Alas, the Speaker should be able to take jokes, because she is becoming the pun in plenty. She couldn’t manage her cool with the words of Zaake and now she couldn’t get the joke of Sentamu. Certainly, she needs to buckle up and get a grip. However, that’s to much to ask. Maybe, that’s why she became an ex-wife this year? She cannot manage a man who has the balls and the tenacity to question her? She is so supreme, that she got to be the Kingpin of everything!

Well, life isn’t easy on the top. When a joke can get you in a tailspin and order a drone on a civilian. Your life is surely precious. The Speaker’s mind is so fragile and so easily fatigued. That someone cracking a joke is a direct offence. You know that isn’t much a person or a leader when she resorts to this. If it is a joke of a nobody on Twitter. She could have responded or mocked the person for written it there. A tit-for-tat, but that’s apparently beneath her.

The speaker is a coward and a reckless individual for making life so hard on a civilian. She should put herself in his shoes. What if Kadaga had done this to her while she was civilian. Would that have been fine and dandy? Would it have been accordingly, if Among had cracked a joke about Kadaga on Facebook back in the day?

I don’t think so, but then again… with power comes prestige and prominence. However, she is clearly not able to carry the weight of the office. It is a burden that is to much. Especially, if a civilian’s joke is disturbing your peace. Your mind will never rest or be “tewali”. The Speaker needs guidance or help. But I know it’s futile, because everyone is just supposed to bow their knee to the almighty Speaker and the Leader of the August House. Peace.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC): FDC Independence Message (09.10.2022)

Today, Uganda makes 60 years since the transfer of power from white colonialists to black colonialists.

In these 60 years of flag “independence”, our country has not witnessed a peaceful transfer of power from one government to another.

Our country continues to be governed by the force of arms, and this history is evident in how the force of arms, and military took over the power of politics in Uganda where citizens are still living under terror.

Almost all former presidents have died in exile. Presidents; Sir Edward Muteesa, Dr Milton Obote, Amin Dada, Gen. Tito Okello, and Prof. Yusuf Lule have all died in exile.

In modern Uganda, Injustice, which our elders challenged, has not been terminated, injustice committed by the political leaders who control power, Institutions, resources and tools of arm-twisting has reached unacceptable levels!

Torture, the killing of citizens, violation of human rights, the capture of institutions, stage-managed democracy, land grabbing, the rot of social services, and apartheid in health and education sectors, that characterised the white colonial rule are still evident up to now.

As Forum For Democratic change, we shall continue to mobilise people for a political transition, and restructure state institutions for the true independence of Uganda where a GUN will be subordinate to the people.

One Uganda, One People

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