Opinion: Did AIGP Kasingye have a Freudian slip?

The police is in charge of elections. All other agencies are just assisting. I don’t like the sight of non-uniformed men and women shooting on the streets, but these are still officers if something is spontaneous” – AIGP Asan Kasingye on NBS Television (24.11.2020)

We should not be surprised. The Uganda Police Force has at the Central Investigation Division (CID) has the Electoral and Political Offences Department. They are clearly involved in monitoring the Political players of the Republic. That has been known for years and was perfected under the previous IGP Kale Kayihura.

The UPF isn’t slowing down this campaign season. No, they are turning up the volume and striking even harder ahead of the polls. So, when AIGP Kasingye says on TV that they are in-charge. It is either a moment of flexing or a Freudian slip. Meaning he either tries to boost the role the UPF has or he told the truth.

However, the Police is interfering in political activity to an extent that they monitor and ensure all gatherings. In such a manner, that they deem what is righteous or not. They allow or crack-down whatever they deem fit. They can charge someone with the Penal Codes without any legal proof and do it on the spot. As the investigation happens after the fact and the cases last forever.

AIGP Kasingye knows all this. What is weird is that the Electoral Commission should be in-charge of the election and set the guidelines. It shouldn’t the police, which is there to ensure safety for the citizens and safeguard them. The Police is not a party or a stakeholder in the elections. They are supposed to be non-partisan and not directly involved. Even though in the case here. They are indirectly setting a standard of blocking candidates, arresting activists and creating hardships for opposition candidates. That they do to such a degree that its obnoxious.

As well, as the usage of vile force on civilians, not only tear-gas, but live-bullets, which has taken over 50 people’s lives and over a 100 injured during the “Free Bobi Wine riots”. Therefore, the Police should answer to the extra-judicial killings. As they are only looking for civilians to arrest and not handle anyone of their own. Who became not only the officer, but also the judge and hangman on the spot on the streets of Kampala recently.

That Kasingye says this. It reflects what they are thinking and how they operate. This has been their modus operandi for years. Even if the Public Order Management Act (POMA) was wing-clipped in court. The UPF still uses this and these techniques to stop gatherings and assembly of political operatives. They are involved and doing this to shut down the operations of dissidents and opposition of the regime. It is so clear as day and it’s not a joke. It is so deliberate and conning. That their badge and their supposed service is mockery.

This isn’t policing… it is oppression and impunity. The law isn’t a guideline or the ones biding the Police. It is their orders and the command from “high above”. They are allowed to act like mob serving judgement to the ones who isn’t made. That is how it seems these days. There is no honour among these men in uniform. They have license to kill and can serve these orders with no condemnation or retribution. While the rioters and civilians on the streets got no one defending them. Since, the ones supposed to defend are the ones who actually carry arms and aims at them.

So, the ones who thought it would get better without Kayihura. Well, the next man is more of the same and less subtle about it too. IGP Okoth-Ochola doesn’t care and isn’t concerned. He operates and makes the Police Force work likes this. Because that serves the purpose from “on high”.

Now, we just have to wait and see when the Police Officers will count the ballots and announce the results in 2021. Since they are in-charge and the EC Commissioner can just cool his head and drink a brew. Because, the police will serve the verdict anyway. Peace.

One Republic for Museveni and another for his opponents…

It is evident for every single day. That the Republic isn’t the same for the opposition in comparison to the National Resistance Movement (NRM). It is two separate entities, as the rules are not the same for one party versus the others. That is really proven by the actions made by the state in recent days.

A few times now, a Presidential Candidate, I don’t take seriously, but the state does. Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has been blocked from campaigning several of places. The local authorities have blocked him.

Also, a lot of tear-gas and blocking of rallies towards Patrick Oboi Amuriat. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate is also seeing the blunt force of the authorities. They are coming with weapons, tear-gas and using all tools to stop the campaign of the FDC front-runner.

They you have Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP). The Presidential Candidate who are always under fire. Bobi Wine cannot do anything without being followed by both Police and army. The police has already arrested him and he spent two days in jail for trying to campaign. His Presidential Advance Team was arrested yesterday. Several of the Aspirants for MP has been behind bars in the recent days too. Therefore, know that the NUP and Bobi Wine is challenged at every single move.

So, today’s tear-gas and blocking Bobi Wine from accessing a town isn’t new. However, it shows how the state operates. Because, the state and the ones aligned with the President can breach the COVID-19 regulations, they hold processions and have giant rallies in their campaigns. As long as your Yellow. The sickness and COVID-19 doesn’t affect the politics. Nevertheless, it is easily spreading when the Opposition candidates shows up. Then its a danger and read-all-about-it.

Not like the President and his candidates isn’t breaching it. They will claim they have smaller rallies for the photo-ops of the H.E. Nevertheless we are seeing the pictures of Bebe Cool and others waving on the roadside with several of people. Far reaching the levels of appreciated crowds for the opposition.

That is why there is one Republic for the NRM and the President. Where certain rules and regulations doesn’t matter. It hasn’t any consequences…

Still, the same laws and regulations are applied totally differently for Bobi Wine and the rest of the Opposition. These are living in a different Republic…

It cannot be the same place or with the same rules. As it isn’t applied in the same manner. It got to be the same place. If it was, why do they at all crazy and violent when the opposition shows up? But is all at ease on the crowds with the NRM?

This is why it cannot be the same place, the same Republic and with the same government. It cannot be and it shouldn’t be. One is Uganda and the Wakanda. The NRM cannot defend this and it is impunity. It is injustice and unfair. However, that is what the NRM does and we know it is the same place. Even if it shouldn’t be. These two actions under the same regime shouldn’t be possible, but it is. Since, the army and police is only honouring the President and not the general public. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni “owns” the airwaves

The ones who believes the campaigns or the rallies or anything associated with the 2021 General Elections will be free and fair? Who are we kidding here. The National Association of Broadcasters sent a letter to the Uganda Communication Commission on the 20th November 2020 because of the announcement of a National Address every Sunday by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Therefore, announcing that he would have the whole broadcast and all channels with his speeches.

The letter from NAB is fine by itself. However, it will not amount to anything. The ideals behind is fine. Nevertheless, the system is for Museveni and Museveni alone. To think otherwise in 2020 is naive. The UCC and Radio Stations have been cut mid-broadcast because an opposition candidate is speaking. Radios have blocked and not been allowed to air opposition candidates. Secondly, the UCC have sent out Memo’s warning people for having Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on air. Therefore, this enterprise futile.

NAB means well and the ideal is good. Still, we know it won’t amount to anything. The UCC and the other authorities will digress and configure, mellow the reason and find a short-cut to make sound reasonable. When we all know that this is only to batter his message. No matter if it is profound, sincere or real at all.

Museveni and the National Resistance Movement aren’t even trying to play fair. They are not even faking fairness in campaigns. They are upper blocking, rigging and ensuring the opposition doesn’t have the abilities or the option to campaign like they do. The President can smile and grin. He can be all hospitable. While his law enforcement and soldiers are killing people in the streets. Therefore, the man that doesn’t bat an eye over the deaths.

Do you think he will care about fairness in the media and in publications?

This man will use all tools. No matter what. The man will use force, take the opportunity and have long speeches. He had the COVID-19 speeches. Several of them. Actually, he had around 20 of them. It was a running series. The old man miss it so much. That he has to reinvent it.

The lectures of old. The fear and intimidation, every single Sunday. The old man will be on the screens, on the radios and online. Speaking his ruthless and reckless behaviour. Expecting to be honoured like a Statesman, but acting like mobster. He easily get hostile and grabs the guns. So, don’t expect positive messaging.

The man need to show that he has the guns, the authorities and the total power. Yes, he does “own” the airwaves. However, he doesn’t own people’s mind. This is why we don’t have to listen. Don’t even have to turn it on. Just let it all go. He has said everything before… it is recycling and repetition. The boring lecturer that makes you fall asleep in class. That is the sort of affair and the spectacle his serving. Only his minions will sprinkle some additional spices and call it feast. Even when know its not worthy the price.

The old man would be better just being on the campaign trail and being amongst his own. Instead, of spewing garbage every Sunday. However, the broadcasters has no choice. Because, if they defy the man. He will revoke their license and their doors will be bolted shut. That is the game he plays and he doesn’t care. Peace.

Opinion: How much bitterness does Museveni want to achieve?

Today, there are riots, demonstrations and measures by civilians all across the Republic as two main Presidential Candidates Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat is both arrested and detained. This is happening with the usage of COVID-19 regulations, while not ensuring the safety of the candidates or their convoys, but instead violently and brutally arresting in their respective parts of the Republic.

The results are staggering and shattering. The youths, the unemployed and the ones who seeks hope in these gentlemen are in the streets. They are throwing stones, burning tires and acting out their frustrations. As the state, the ruling regime and the President himself never has given them any sort of way out.

The President has ruled supreme since 1986. He has run the nation with an brutality, arbitrary arrests and extra judicial killings. This is well-known. The man is using safe-houses and various of para-military and intelligence outfits to control the Republic too. So, it’s not he isn’t using all means to stop and silence the opposition. Plus having the army and the police on his side at any given day. Like today and yesterday… he had them when in need.

Today is just the proof of the bitterness. As the public and a generation is bitter. The Republic haven’t progressed or delivered for them. The Republic isn’t in a better place now. The President haven’t secured their future. It haven’t even helped them to feed their kids tomorrow.

So many has never seen another man in power. They have never had the opportunity to see another style of leadership. The young nation run by a bunch of old bush-war historicals. Who has a story and reason to rule, which to the youth doesn’t appeal to them. The results and the achievements seems futile now. As they haven’t benefited from the “liberation”. A liberation which only liberated a few chosen ones. The rest are still struggling and if they find leaders elsewhere. They will struggle to assemble or be legally associated with them. This is why days like today happens.

The National Resistance Movement and President Museveni came with a promise they never kept. They promised democracy and peasants representation. However, they never truly did. They have “representatives” but that is their selected ones and not the ones who is there as the will of the people. The institution are all appointed and selected men from the President. The judiciary and every other government office is filled with cronies. Therefore, they are all in the game to keep this system alive. Even if it doesn’t benefit or really represent the public at large.

Museveni can speak game. He has spoken so many times. The President have been a public for so long. That at one point or another he spoke or wrote the truth. However, he doesn’t abide by it. Neither does his cabinet or the ones inside his patronage. They are indulged and enjoying the perks. The spoils of fortune and entitlement. That is why the apologists cry foul over some small destruction, properties damaged and car windows, but they don’t cry over the citizens killed or injured. They are not speaking out of the police brutality or the hurt it does.

That why it is a bitterness. There so many who is tired of being taken for granted. Being used as pawns for World Bank and International Monetary Fund grants and loans, but not to get anything out of the funds given to the government. The state was supposed to develop and make opportunities for the public. The state was supposed to shelter and make sure the citizens are safe. Instead they sheltering and harbouring one small elite and the President’s Men.

That’s why people are acting out. They have had it and seen enough. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The village is on fire, but the firemen is not to be seen. The ones who is supposed to make it stop. Is using their time arresting their enemies, than doing their actual job. That is why people are tired.

Museveni have let things burn and hoped no one would smell it. However, at one point the smoke and flames will overshadow anything else. Then, the President and his men got no where to hide. While no matter what forces he sends to stop it. Everything in its way will burn and the next man taking the reigns has to rebuild. All, because one man could never let go and became the same oppressor as the oppressors he was supposed to liberate the public from. Peace.

FDC’s Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrested and detained in Gulu

Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrested in Gulu where he was expected to address his supporters this evening at Awere Sports Ground teargas and live bullets continue rocking the city.” (Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, 18.11.2020).

The authorities have decided that today was enough of peaceful campaigns and go rouge towards the opposition candidates. This is the second opposition Presidential arrested today. They arrested him as he was heading to a rally in Gulu.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Flag-Bearer and Party President is currently detained in Gulu Central Police Station. We don’t know what charges yet, but expect to billed to the Penal Code 171 or in same fashion as Bobi Wine. As these are both main competitors to the Presidency.

Also, there has been reports of supporters and activists of the party arrested at the same time as the Presidential candidates. This shows to what extent the state goes to silence the opposition. POA is just another one who is supposed ask for the blessing of the anointed one. Clearly, he didn’t get the memo and that he was to be punished.

POA is just a man who honestly tried to carry the campaign and his “barefoot” message to the public. Still, that is so dangerous to the authorities that they had to arrest him. We shouldn’t be shocked, as he was violently taken and lost his shoes on the day of nomination. Therefore, this follows their steady program.

POA has also been blocked and had trouble holding rallies since nomination. So, it is just taking it up a notch. This is the steady impunity of the state towards opposition. POA is just another target, which the state has their aim upon.

The state have followed, monitored and always gone after the FDC. Therefore, this isn’t new. They easily find reasons to besiege the FDC headquarters in Kampala. That’s why this is a sign of what is ahead. When POA get arrested and detained like this in Gulu. Peace.

Bobi Wine’s vehicle tear-gassed in Mbale

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate was scheduled to hold campaign rallies in Mbale today on the 15th November 2020. The Police Force thrown tear-gas cannister inside the vehicle of the candidate. This shows the impunity of the police regarding the opposition. Opposition candidates have been blocked from campaigning across the republic. However, this was the worst example just today.

That the car of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was smoking today. It was a bad Marlboro Ad or a looking like the car was about to catch fire. Alas, that was not the case. This was just the run of mill operation by police officers. Who has no issues with tear-gassing an Presidential Candidate. Just like they have no issues using it as a tool to get people dispersed too. This is what they do…

In the run-up to General Election in 2021 is no different from the past. This sort of thing has happen a few times with Dr. Kizza Besigye too. He was partly blind for a while because of the sprayed liquid on him in April 2011. Also, been happening to him in 2015 and in 2016. They have destroyed his vehicle and violently taken him into custody.

This is police brutality that Uganda Police Force delivers. Per orders from the “high above” this is the tactic of intimidation and humiliation. They are misusing power and doing it deliberately. A sort of Modus Operandi and its like they are proud of it too. Like a badge of honour. I also was able to cause havoc and pain on either citizens or the opposition.

What happened to Bobi Wine shouldn’t have happened. However, we shouldn’t be shocked. This is what they do. Also, if you don’t know. Bobi Wine is the main target this campaign season. After that comes Patrick Oboi Amuriat. After that comes the rest in random order. Peace.

Opinion: Campaigns will never be fair [in the republic of Museveni]

Don’t be shocked.

Don’t worry…

There will never be free and fair elections. Not as long as Museveni rules.

As long as President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is in power. The authorities will have one law for the ruling regime and another for the opposition. That is why the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has one rule and National Resistance Movement (NRM) have another one. The same can be said about National Unity Platform who will have another rule, than what the NRM has. This is just the sad reality and will be like this as long as Museveni rules.

So, if you campaign against the President and his party. Expect no mercy and all things working against them. This is why the opposition will taste the tear-gas and get arrested. It is there where the police officers are using live-bullets and dispersing the crowds. While the NRM can drive through in similar fashion and only see law enforcement smiling as bystanders.

So, please don’t be shocked by this. What is happening in and around the main opposition candidates is all natural. This the election violence that the state is sponsoring on behalf of the President. They are making people and candidates into political prisoners. Because, they dare to challenge and be viable in comparison to the regime itself. If the state didn’t care about their candidacy. They would let them traverse and hold rallies, because the “high above” doesn’t fear them.

The polls will happen in 2021. The NUP and FDC is usual suspects here. This because of their ways of campaigning and challenging the state. Yes, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde is feeling this too, but we all know that his campaign is futile. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat will face open oppression and hardships. These will be blocked from venues, radios and road-blocks. That will never happen to Museveni.

Museveni can campaign where-ever. The Presidency can travel across the nation and go into any media house. The NRM party is allowed to do anything. They can sing songs on the streets and use whatever means to campaign. While the opposition have to be careful about what they do.

What is happening now isn’t new. The actions made is following the Modus Operandi of the state. The ones who has seen campaigns and monitored them. Know that this is what happens and what the state does. They are targeting and intimidating the opposition. They are using all means and showing force. Because, the state is not willing to have a level playing-field.

So, when you see headlines and see POA and Bobi Wine into trouble these days. Know that it was bound to happen. These two are under fire. Because they dare to aim at the throne. There will be no other way out of this. This is just the way it is.

NRM got one rule,

the opposition got another one.

The NRM can do whatever they want,

but the opposition have to live by strict rules.

So, as we are going into 2021. This is the rules of the game. The game is rigged and we all should know it. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni will never run in a fair election [and it’s not happening now either]

Don’t shoot the messenger… this is the brutal reality that everyone has to wake up too. The General Election and Presidential Election in 2021 will not be different than anything else we have seen my lifetime. In the Republic, there has only been one President and that has Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The Presidential Election of 2021 will be no different then the previous ones. There will be same sort of ordeal and arranged results, which will benefit the President and his growing patronage. That is the reality of our time.

To believe that this President who used a bush-war to get power will suddenly drop the mantle and give the nation a peaceful transition is naive. It is mind-boggling and also the aftermath of doing so would worry the old man. After everything said and done, he knows his sins and acts in office. The President knows what sort of behaviour he has used and what sort of regime he has run.

It doesn’t matter who runs against him… the intention isn’t to have a fair election or a level playing field. Neither is the election there to ensure the will of the people. No, the election is to buy “legitimacy” and “international recognition” for another term. So, that the President can gain loans and development grants to spoil himself and his relatives. We know the drill…

That people like Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is gaining momentum and popularity is a sign of hope. However, that is all it is. There been others who has fought this battle before and never become a victor.

There been Dr. Paul Ssemogerere and Dr. Kizza Besigye have fought this one and been popular at rallies, elections and even seemed like successors at the polls. They have used their campaigns and their message to gain massive popularity. Still, that haven’t been enough as it has fizzled out and the revolution is unfinished.

Just like they never finished it.

It doesn’t matter if

Bobi Wine is able to rise to the stars,

If … Patrick Amuriat Oboi is able to travel to the black hole…

Even if Mugisha Muntu can speak in tongues and defy gravity.

Still, none of this men will succeed through the ballot. The ballot is only a game, which Museveni does for a purpose. These men will all fail. Not because there is anything wrong with their campaigns or with their will to get a peaceful transition from Museveni. They will not do it this way.

If the General Election goes through the motions, the normal campaigns and sloganeering across the Republic. There will very little achieved. The Presidential Candidates of the past done the same. The big crowds, the momentum and the sudden rise of an opposition candidate, but Museveni ends on top after waiting a few days after the polls. In days of media and social media blackouts. Opposition arrests and raids, also house-arrests of the key opposition leaders as well. Therefore, this game is ready and set.

Museveni will not play soft, this is his rule and reign. The President will not lose it all and his not gambling it.

This piece is not to downplay Bobi Wine and his allies. No, it is just to say. We have been here before.. I have seen similar before and therefore, unless there is a revolution and a popular uprising. The President and his allies cannot contain. Then there is no reason for him to flee his State House and give up his estates. He owns it all and unless his pressured in a manner, which he cannot control. I doubt he will give it up.

He fought and he has no plans to give it up. There is no plan to do so. If he has continued like this for this long. I doubt he suddenly will have an epiphany and come to his senses. However, there is no will and way for him act democratically and ensure a peaceful transition. That ship has sailed. Therefore, the futile thinking this election will be decided by the polls is totally bonkers.

That is already secured long time ago.

Not like he planned to have a free and fair election, because if he did… he would risk losing and that would never happen. The man cannot lose … that is not in the cards. Peace.

Opinion: Barefooted or not, POA needs to run a marathon…

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is in a unusual space. The FDC isn’t the one causing the most havoc or being the apparent target of the authorities. Yes, the FDC still has issues with the Police Force. The authorities are still monitoring all their moves and acts with impunity. However, not to the extent,which they have done before and not in the manner we are accustomed too.

The FDC has a new Presidential Candidate, this being Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat. A Besigye hard-liner and staunch supporter. POA has the drive and the resilience of the party. He has seen what the authorities and the state has done to the party. However, his able to build support within and collect added support outside.

I still don’t see how POA is going to galvanise and extort big-man-ship ahead of 2021. The man doesn’t extend the hand or the words to address the concerns. His the sort of technical politician. The man knows his game and is a perfect technocrat, but he hasn’t the charisma or the edge to gain major popularity.

POA can build on Besigye’s Plan B with his Barefoot campaign, but he will always be in his shadow. That is an impossible task and a race he cannot win. POA can be genuine and show mercy towards people. However, he will not bring the masses to the streets.

POA and the FDC is weaker with him running. They shown maturity as a party to not have a sole candidate. The FDC has shown character and shown to have a machinery. The same organization that brought fear and got intimidated on a daily basis, because of the defiance campaign. However, this barefoot strategy will spearhead the supporters who are there. Nevertheless not bring so many new people to the fold.

The opposition is divided. There are already to moderate candidates, Muntu and Mao. POA is fighting in the same space as Bobi Wine. They are two different breeds and it shows. POA doesn’t have the same reach or scope as Bobi Wine. Even if they are fighting for the same cause and wanting the same change. These two are still not at the same levels.

POA is the poor-mans Bobi Wine. That is sad to say. Besigye would the one that resembles Bobi Wine the most. POA is like knock-off version who aspire to be there, but falls flat. The man means well and shows his character again and again. He proves that he can stand under storms, but he will not be able to sort everything out to get to port. Not by his own self and not by his leadership as a captain. The man always needs to bend on the previous leader.

The Barefoot campaign can be a wise move, but compared to Bobi Wine whose spearheading a revolution. Those two are two different animals. The revolution of Bobi Wine is more like the Defiance. Therefore, POA should use the Plan B and make it his. Do it even together with Besigye and be a duo to the public.

We knows this man wants to do well and make a difference. However, his means and the way he moves doesn’t scare the government as much as it used too. Even if the FDC is blocked and has issues to campaign. Still, it isn’t on the same levels and it is visible.

POA cannot just walk barefooted, he needs to run a marathon. He needs to run circles around the authorities and the state itself to even have a chance. However, by the way his conducting himself. I cannot see it. This is why he needs the old brigade to bring him a structure and a edge. Peace.

A look into Bobi Wine’s Manifesto Launch Speech

Our assurance is that when we take over government, which we shall soon do, the people of Uganda will for the first time in history become the bosses and the leaders will be servants!”Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on the 7th November 2020

Today was the day the National Unity Platform finally launched its manifesto. This after being blocked from doing so yesterday and moved to stadium outside of Mbarara. The NUP shifted place,e but goals stay the same. I will look into key points from this speech. As this sets the tone of it all. He continues on the 5 point programme to revitalize the government, which I have already analysed before in comparison to Museveni’s 10 Point Programme. So, it is natural that the Manifesto has focus on this.

However, what is key is some other statements during the speech. Which shows his sentiment and his belief that he can make a difference. Where the NUP and People Power can come into play. That is what I am looking for here and will discuss.

Fellow citizens, before I go into any policy alternatives, allow me to mention that the greatness of any nation does not lie in having a beautiful manifesto or even in having many well written policy documents. The greatness of any nation lies in the commitment of leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say. It lies in having patriotic leaders who relate with the challenges of ordinary citizens. Brothers and sisters, the greatness of any nation lies in having leaders who are focused on the next generation and not on the next general election” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

Here he state a mere fact. This is something the National Resistance Movement has done for ages. The NRM have come with beautiful plans and policies. However, they haven’t implemented it. They have come with pledges and promises, but never delivered on it. Here it seems like Bobi Wine has the right focus. To think further than an election cycle, but a generation ahead.

It speaks to a government which does not care whatsoever about the plight of the people! The election year is yet again upon us, and yet again, Gen. Museveni has come again with the same promises, which he has no intention of fulfilling- not now, not in the future. This is the tragedy of Uganda” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

The recycling and repeating promises of the regime is tiring. The state and the President have come at every election cycle with huge promises, which he will never keep. Costly and needed pledges, which he has no tab to cover. Just what the public wants to hear, but not deliver. That is what he has done and still has no plan doing. Therefore, Bobi Wine is speaking the truth here. A truth the NRM and the President will hurry to dismiss…

In a nutshell ladies and gentlemen, A vote for NUP is a vote for a renewed commitment to the dignity of all citizens of Uganda. For the respect of fundamental human rights. For the recognition that all citizens are equal before and under the law. That will be a new Uganda for us. A Uganda In which citizens are free to enjoy their God given rights and freedoms” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

This statement from Bobi Wine came after he listed several of pledges, as he promised to nearly all parts of the citizens to see changes. Where the limitations of state, changes of governance and direct government. Like less cabinet members and other technical changes to save the state so it could prioritize funds for civil service and public service in general, which in the end would deliver better government services to its citizens. Not only be a government filled with patronage and corruption.

He really speaks with velocity of change, in a manner, which only resembles Besigye. That is what he did with the speech today. As he launches a manifesto. A manifesto that only reflects all the things the NRM have failed over the years. Because, if the NRM had delivered and done their duty. The NUP and Bobi Wine wouldn’t need to deliver these pledges and promises of change.

The final key to let it happen is this:

This is a liberation struggle. It will take all of us citizens to complete this mission” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

He cannot do this alone. To become the servant with an office. Bobi Wine needs to the citizens to join the struggle and the challenge to defeat the regime. That will not be easy. This has been proven before and will be the truth again. If the public wants someone else than Museveni. They have to fight and be resilient. It isn’t a one-man job, but a mission for everyone. Hopefully the public is listening. Peace.