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My letter to H.E. Benjamin William Mpaka please give up the Inter-Burundian Dialogue!

Dear Sir, His Excellency Benjamin William Mpaka of Tanzania.

I am writing to you as the months since the third term of Pierre Nkurunziza happen in 2015. We are in the end of 2017 and nothing has changed for the better. The Inter-Burundian Dialogue and Peace Process has been flawed by your making and lack of legitimacy, as the dialogue has been controlled by the Ruling Regime or CNDD-FDD, the party of President Nkurunziza. Who is on his third term and planing to extend it. This has been proved by reports of possible rule for another three terms. As the IEBC of Kenya was behind the recent flawed elections of 2015.

Therefore with the total control of the state of CNDD-FDD isn’t minimizing as the partners of the East African Community (EAC), which is the Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, whose has his stakes in Burundi as a mediator by proxy. Not that he is peaceful and with dialogue in his own republic. So there is nothing Nkurunziza can learn that is positive from him. Neither is there from Tanzanian counterpart John Pombe Magufuli, who is becoming like his neighbors. He is detaining oppositions and closing papers who write bad about him. Therefore, his partners in crime to say, isn’t making the Inter-Burundian dialogue trustworthy.

You off all should know this Benjamin, you have been checked and controlled. The government has banished certain parties and civil society organizations (CSOs). This should tell enough for you, but still you have been mediator into this. The whole charade and non progress as time goes along and the CNDD-FDD get everything.

Nkurunziza has the control and the Inter-Burundian Dialogue is just a ploy for the international interests. Clearly, the Burundian government are trying to deflect trouble and with their violence within. As they have left the International Criminal Court (ICC), but surely it must hurt the government that they are still investigating crimes against humanity that occurred during the membership of the court.

Since your work to build a peaceful nation seems futile. Since the CNDD-FDD are assassinating, detaining and scaring people into exile. There countless refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Uganda. All of this because of the violence of 2015 and after. The political oppression and harassment, as well as senseless killings of its own. That should make you wonder why you are still involved. You are tarnishing your reputation and your legacy, by spoiling time on this mission.

Nkurunziza wont leave, he will kill you if tries to take his place away and leave someone else as President. Pierre has no intention of leaving, he will burn villages and spread fear to rule. He even has his own Imbonerakure, are the party youth wing who is militant together with the army and police, who are systematically targeting people who dissent. This has been done and people has disappeared.

Mr. Mpaka is your name and legacy worth losing over this? Is this job so well-paid and so honorable, that you will keep it? What is your motivation to stay put? As the progression and the stalemate continues. There is nothing left soon, as the constitutional amendment and real opposition is either deceased or in exile. Is that the dialogue you preserve and that you see as fruitful?

I just have to ask, because the time is going, the CNDD-FDD isn’t become better or changing. Neither is Nkurunziza who is using the state for his profit. There is nothing to give… nothing at all. You are on a pointless mission, a mission to sustain the draconian dictatorship and give it legitimacy as it is silencing its opposition. Is that your value? Is that what you want us to associate with your name?

Mpaka, the loyal stooge and nemesis of the Burundian democracy and freedom? Is that you Sir? It seems so, unless you leave and not tarnish your name anymore. Better to be in peace and work in quiet in Tanzania, than being used by Nkurunziza as a pawn for the international community. That is what you is, your role is worthless and a bother. But a needed stooge to keep up the facade of dialogue. Even when in reality, there is none and will be none.

Nkurunziza surely will pay you handsomely, even Museveni and Magufuli, but we will remember that you gave way for a leader who kill and destroy to stay there. That is who you are Benjamin, you might not like it, but you are. Remember that! Peace.

Best Regard.

Writer of Minbane


Opinion: CENI released a Presidential Election Timeline, it’s just buy Kabila more time to stay in power!

The Commission Electorale Nationale Independante (CENI) of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced new timeline for Presidential Elections. This is because the President is still on his third term without an election, as the Constitution only provides him with two terms. President Joseph Kabila should have stepped down 19th December 2016. That has not happen, he is still lingering while enjoying the killings and chaos in Kasai-Oriental and the South-Kivu and North-Kivu provinces. Because he uses that tactic to extend his time and also postpone elections.

Since the CENI dropped a new timeline and calendar for up-coming elections. It proves they have put up plan that schemes of an election in December 2018, while announcing the winner between 9th January 2019 to 19th January 2019. While Presenting the new President between 12h January to 19th January 2019. Therefore, this move is buying Kabila even more time. Not like he has bought himself enough time to spend the whole of 2017 on the throne. This while their been trouble in Beni, Bukavu and Kasai. Not that this has slowed him down or even showed any sort of action that gives faith of any coming election.

He has registered himself for an up-coming election, but Kabila has now done that twice. So that gig is up and people shouldn’t believe it, even if United Nations Envoy for United States Nikki Haley believes it and eats out of his hand. That doesn’t believe others should do so. Because Glencore is earning their profits on the mineral resources of the country. Not that transparency is needed, as long as Kabila and his associates are paid-in-full. This knows the international businesses and mineral industry, they are accepting it and doesn’t care about the human carnage and instability they provide the Republic.

Clearly, Kabila and CENI are working together. As the timeline came, the CENI dropped a paper showing their troubles and needed funds, even as the International Aid came to pay for the General Election of 2016. An election that never happen, but still the funds given has been spoiled by a corrupt group of politicians in Kinshasa. Therefore, don’t expect that Kabila nor any of his loyal cronies wants things to change. They don’t, that is why we are still talking about elections as theory and not acted upon.

I won’t believe elections are about to happen, before the CENI orders ballot papers, announce candidates and gives space to civil society, as the state has arrested activists all-over, they have put politicians into exile and made sure the biggest opposition parties has their headquarters not in Kinshasa, but in Brussels, Belgium. You know something is wrong when the RDC politicians has to seek refugees at their former colonial masters, instead of being in their independent republic.

I don’t trust Kabila to step-down, not because I want to stay in power, but because his self interest and his wealth is based on being the Executive and a President. His wealth and businesses are built within the state and are proxy-state financed. So if he steppes down, he might loses contracts and kick-backs from business agreements and partners. That rather make business with the new guy or party, since they might choose differently, they might even be more transparent and believe in open-government. As the people can see into the contracts and license agreements, between mineral extraction companies and the government.

That is why CENI dropped the timeline now nearly a year on overtime, as Kabila has eaten space and makes him more indispensable, even when he is not. President Joseph Kabila is just using the CENI to his benefit, just like the rest of the state functions. He is eating and creating chaos to suit him… the DRC will not change with him at the helm, it will only be more hurt and more trouble. Kabila will use all tricks and continue to prolong his presidency, even play cat-and-mouse with the international allies. If he has too. Peace.

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