Opinion: Electoral Reforms are pointless under the current regime…

“I reminded the meeting that we live under a military dictatorship that disregards the rule of law, undermines state institutions, and maintains power through family rule. Gatherings like this one are only tolerated because the regime does not perceive them as a serious threat to its ultimate goal of retaining power. I added that in terms of democracy, Uganda has regressed to 1973, with a more cunning and strategic version of Idi Amin now in control. Thus, discussions on democracy and reforms may occur, but they will likely remain confined to conference rooms and not translate into tangible change until we recognize that our primary duty is to remove the Museveni dictatorship” (Bobi Wine, 01.06.2023).

The push for Electoral Reforms by a Joint Opposition is without merits under the current regime. The elections and the polls are only done to legitimize its rule and the ballot will not have any value. The ballots and the elections are only done to make belief of a democracy, which isn’t there. A way of looking smart and brilliant, but behind the façade the truth is there.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is clear in his stern message. After listening to the speech on YouTube. It was surely obvious the sentiment and the powerful words that was used. Everyone should know by now and there shouldn’t be any doubts either.

Bobi Wine and the Opposition should know by heart that they have “no say or ability” to change things. Even if they change the Electoral Laws… would the NRM and Museveni comply?

They do whatever it takes to retain power and grab it. The laws, the constitutional order or anything else comes second. The misuse of power and oppressive mechanisms are used to silence critics or get rid of dissidents. Therefore, the opposition is within rights to question the legitimacy of the proceedings.

We have seen before that the Opposition and Opposition Leaders has called for Electoral Reforms. The Electoral Reforms that have come in recent years has only benefited the President and his Party. That being the Age Limit or the massive gerrymandering to ensure a superior majority in Parliament.

The elections of 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021 is a testament to this. We have seen different leaders who haven’t only challenged Museveni but has beaten him. Still, he has rigged it and ensured the pyrrhic victory every single time. If it Ssemogerere, Besigye or Bobi Wine winning. They all ended up losing because Museveni said so.

You could change the laws and the Electoral Commission at this very time, and it wouldn’t matter. Just like there been other chairpersons and people in-charge of the EC but it hasn’t really mattered. Just like there been other judges and other people in office in the judiciary, but the results or the verdicts are all the same.

No can be surprised in 2023 that there is no hope for victory against Museveni. There is no chance and especially not in his system. This is all incorporated and organized in his fashion. His words are the law and the others are just his servants. Therefore, believing amendments or repealing of laws would make a difference is naïve. The President would only allow that if it served his purpose or plans.

That’s why his allowing the conference and meetings of the Opposition. His not afraid of this and it’s just keeping them busy. They won’t achieve much and it’s only keeping them pre-occupied. Therefore, why bother right?

Well, the ideals are fine. The citizens should have a say and their votes should matter. However, right now it’s only one man who matters and the rest just must follow. Peace.

Opinion: The unanswered questions about the raid of Maluku house No. 49…

“The Amin history is actually very simple: What led Uganda police to this house back in 1973? Whom did police find plotting the kidnap of Amin officials here? And right after the mysterious disappearance of Ben Kiwanuka, Frank Kalimuzo, Basil Bataringaya and others in the three months leading to this incident, who was the gang planning to murder next when they were discovered in this hideout on January 22nd 1973? Additionally, in his book ‘The Guardian Angel’, Mr. Arnold Bisaase who was with the group in Daresalaam hatching these abduction missions, narrated how they drafted a hitlist of amin government officials and elites that they would assassinate once the group infiltrated in Uganda. That list was found at the house in Maluku estate after the shoot out” (Mr. Lumumba Amin – ‘IDI AMIN HISTORY: CROSSFIRE AT HOUSE 49, MALUKU HOUSING ESTATE’ 30.12.2020).

There are certain tales that is never answered. Most likely because the ones involved either is deceased or their stories are neglected to be told. We have only a few accounts plus the ones that is amplified. There is a reason why one story and one vision is amplified. That’s because his journey and his story was sold to the masses. His re-collection and narration is the one that stole the spotlight and done to make him “legendary”.

That the President and former Rebel wanted his tales to sound supreme is obvious. He wants so badly not only to be beloved, but also feared. The President wants his way to power to legitimized and vilify anyone who opposed him. That’s why the stories are made into a fashion where he is the hero, and the others are the enemies. This is the gist of things. That’s why it’s hard to believe what is fact and what is fiction. Certainly, there are aspects where the President will be truthful, but a lot of time’s either hide the fact or twist it in his favour. Therefore, it isn’t that easy, and it isn’t becoming easier as it 50 years ago since it happened.

In addition to Lumumba Amin’s story. Here is what I found about it…

Those who have read President Yoweri Museveni’s book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, will remember the deep appreciation the President accords to the man lying before us this afternoon. In one of the sections of the book, President Museveni explained how one day in January 1973, hon. Maumbe Mukhwana’s home, house No. 49 in Maluku Housing Estate in Mbale, acted as a stage for a deadly battle between the freedom fighters and the Amin soldiers. The bloody fight in which some of President Yoweri Museveni’s comrades died at the hands of the Amin soldiers eventually emboldened the entire movement to intensify its efforts to uproot that dictatorship. Madam Speaker, we have fond memories of those early years of the struggle and Maumbe’s contribution, wisdom and counsel. As President Yoweri Museveni wrote, on January 22 1973 he travelled to Mbale in the company of Martin Mwesigwa and Wukwu Kazimoto Mpima to check on the camps. Little did they know that Amin’s intelligence had spotted the camp. One of Maumbe’s cousins wanted to spite him for refusing to give him some cigarettes; so, he reported to the authorities that there were some guerrillas in the area. Fortunately, Maumbe learnt of the betrayal and evacuated the group to the mountain before Amin’s soldiers arrived. You can imagine what would have happened had he not acted in time” (Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda – Parliament of Uganda – Hansard, 02.03.2017).

“I am surprised that when he [President Museveni] was referring to the events, he asserts that he was the only one who got out of the house alive, forgetting me; yet we spent 30 minutes together in cordial conversation in the house before the attack,” Mr Bukeni said in an interview with Sunday Monitor this week. When this newspaper reached out to Maumbe’s widow, Elizabeth, to corroborate the assertions by Mr Bukeni, she said: “I know him [Bukeni], but I am not at ease to speak about the events of that day. Please don’t make me cry now.” The President, while recounting the events at Bungokho Sub-county in Mbale District during the burial of the late Maumbe last week, among other things, said he was the only fighter who left the house alive after his two comrades –Martin Mwesiga and Kazimoto – were shot dead at the house” (Daily Monitor – ‘New details emerge, contradict Museveni Mbale escape story’ 11.03.2017).

“Museveni wrote that having been captured from inside the house, he jumped over the hedge and ran away from his captors. Did the man jump over the hedge and run away from his captors if you remember? I ask Otwabe. “Which hedge?” he wonders. “That is what he said? Me, I did not see the man [Museveni] jumping over the hedge.” According to Otwabe, Like a film star acting as a commando, Museveni burst out of the besieged Maumbe house No49 and ran directly into a crowd which had gathered out to see what was going on in the neighbourhood” (Daily Monitor – ‘I chased Museveni: I nearly captured him’ 25.04.2015).

As we see, the story of the “Mustard Seed” is contested, and eyewitnesses are telling another story than the President. This possibly means that he altered the story or made it more “legendary”. That wouldn’t be shocking because Museveni wants to look divine and unique in every way possible.

We are seeing Bukeni and Otwabe saying their testimonies which differs from the ones Museveni is telling. They are both saying it happen differently from him. You know there is more to the story than what His Excellency says. Especially, when you take into the account of Amin intelligence and the possible Hit-List, which was in the No. 49. That means the people belonging to Museveni had schemes and plans of how to overthrow Amin. That house was a place where Museveni met fellow rebels and plans to make a liberation war to oust Amin. Therefore, what was happening here was directly treasonous and a way of toppling a sitting regime.

You know your in trouble when people leak your whereabouts and the authority’s come’s knocking. They didn’t just come knocking but packing heat. These soldiers came with intention and with what schemes that was going on. We cannot blame them and especially when they were serving their current master. They where only following their commander and reporting to duty as they should. The men Museveni was aligned with was seditious and acting in treason. Therefore, the lethal means are with a purpose, even if the Amin government should have acted with a softer touch. Instead of firing of guns and killing them.

One day the truth will come out and no one will be afraid to spill the beans. It might be too late by then. Since the ones who was alive and can re-collect the attack will be gone. That’s what is tragic here, because we can nearly only hear one-side and that side is made beneficial for the current victor. Peace.

Opinion: The GoU needs an additional 3 trillion shilling to cover for a shortfall only lasting for 38 days..

The government has tabled loan requests of up to UGX 3 trillion to finance the remaining days of the Financial Year 2023- 2024. However, legislators are questioning why the government is choosing to use Kenyan street money lender Amarog Capital Limited over established financial institutions” (NBS Television, 24.05.2023).

I remember a little time ago when the National Resistance Movement and their apologists was asking for financial education or if Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine knew how “fiscal responsibility” worked. That is a long forgotten time, because the reckless spending is a habit.

The Government of Uganda, the NRM is now adding more public debt and they are not doing it from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) or any other multi-national financial institution. No, they seeking lone from another sort of institution. Meaning the terms, the conditions and the possible interest rates might be worse. Secondly, there will be no relief or no sort of awaiting maturity of the loan either. Meaning it is possible that the burn-rate and the responsibility of repayment comes “sooner” than “later”.

It is surely showing how badly things are operating. Not that his is anything new. We know the State is misusing funds and lacks good oversight. There is a reason why so much funds are ending up missing or misappropriated. That for a reason and done on purpose.

Money doesn’t have owners, but it has spenders said a fictional character in the Wire called Omar Little. His so damn right about it too. The State doesn’t expenditure but a vast money-pit. It can invent money and it can also borrow money without any consideration of the future. The domestic revenue isn’t growing, but the government debt is. The deficit financing is filled with burdens and problems ahead. This is a self-inflicted wound and sooner or later it will cripple the whole economy. Because, the state is borrowing not to build fancy institutions or industries, no it borrows to function it’s day-to-day operations. That’s what it does and the additional fees will pile up. There is no promise that the creditors will be forgiving or concerned about the nation. No, when the Republic starts to default. The creditors will take assets and future liabilities, which will generate them some revenue. While the state loses vital infrastructure and resources, which is bound by agreements and by loan deals made long ago.

That’s why an additional 3 trillion shillings for merely a month is a travesty. It is a waste of funds. Not only that the state needs this before the next Financial Year of 2023/24. That they are doing it and so blatantly. They are just seeking “free” money to spend like drunk sailors…

Seriously, this is messed up. They are granting themselves a lot of money and it has no sort of transparency behind it. That’s why it’s easy money and they hope the lenders don’t mind the mismanagement and lack of accountability. It is just the game the NRM and the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development does. We have seen it countless of times before and the reasons for it is ridiculous. The manner of paying additional electricity at the State House or get more classified budgets for the State House and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). That’s just what they do and it’s getting old.

Deficit financing is never a good idea. It is an evil cycle and sooner or later the credit will run out. The old loans will default and no one wants to carry the load for you. Then the whole house of cards fails and the markets crash. That is just a matter of time and the state continue like this… unless they have a secret kryptonite to destroy the ageing debts. Peace.

Uganda: Ribe Pi Pace (RPP) – RE: Milita Approach of Commercial Charcoal Dealers & teh Uganda Police Syndicatted Involvement in the Vice (14.05.2023)

Opinion: Militarism has a price and Kampala is feeling the pinch…

Today, the recent tally in the hands of security, law enforcement and people in uniform has run up to five in 11 days. After another incident involving a security officer with a gun killing a colleague. That is happening within mere days of the assassination of the Minister. Therefore, the National Resistance Movement and their choices in ways of governing is coming back to bite.

The NRM has entangled itself a massive haul of guns. A nation filled with “hired” guns and with private security companies. Also in additional police and army units, which are mostly armed as well. If you didn’t that was enough… just earlier this month there was reports that 114,000 guns are unregistered. Meaning there is a lot of arms about without any sort of trace or ability to quickly find in the government registry. Which is giving leeway to armed and vicious people…

We know the NRM has a lot of blood on its hands. There have been like every year in its existence some sort of “mysterious death”. Where people has died in mysterious circumstances or has vanished. If not they have been bloody murdered, but no one can find the culprit or the ones behind the killing. Therefore, this isn’t new…

What is new is that Police Officers are killing civilians on tape. What is new is seeing and hearing security officers on the run after a shooting incident. What is new is hearing VIP Security Officers killing the one they are looking after. Because, in the past it’s been secret details or “hoodlums” who has passed by and done the deed. Before going into thin-air and no one finding out who did it or why…

Now… there is reasons for this. The NRM are stingy with it pockets. The Law Enforcement, Soldiers and Security are badly paid. Their stomachs are possibly growling. They are not living large or well. The men are armed and have bullets, but they don’t have sufficient pay or allowances. While the people they are looking after and ensuring the safety of … is easily bashing in wealth.

The Government have to handle this one. They are endangering society now. The ordinary day-to-day life. The livelihoods and daily operations is at stake if this continues. The men with arms cannot be hungry, distressed or concerned. That’s why they are pulling the triggers and causing even more suffering. They have no other way to go and the only thing they know is to pull the trigger. That isn’t solving anything, but at least they get of some “steam”. When doing so they are killing a third or an innocent party… who isn’t the reason for their troubles. The trouble comes from the “high above” and in the chain of command.

The NRM has used guns, the President is living by the gun and now his people is dying by it too. It isn’t just one rare incident. No, this is a systemic one now. It isn’t only stolen gun or one basket-case of an individual. No, this is a sign and should make people worried. Five people have now died as cause of this. That is a pattern…

The only thing NRM could thump up its chest about was “safety” and “peace”. Now the way and the NRM Way is hurting itself. The idea that guns can solve everything is biting back hard. The thought that the more guns, the more you are safe is wrong. Especially, if the ones holding the arms are hungry or at a state of mind… that this is the last resort. The gunman, the man of arms who are employed or part of a security organisation has to be taken care of. If his not… his a danger to society and can easily pop-off. He got training and knows how to aim. That’s his job and his duty. So, if has trouble and got no other avenue to rectify his troubles. He will go to the gun and follow the example of His Excellency.

That’s why it’s tragic. These people haven’t seen another way out. The sought this way, because of desperation and need. They were cornered and went to their “safe-have” – the gun.

Now… in 2023 the NRM got a gun problem. Not only the 114,000 unregistered ones. They got a massive undertaking of their whole security apparatus and how these things are organized. Because, they got to take better care of the law enforcement, soldiers and in general security personnel. If they don’t… we will see more incidents, more murder and more suffering.

The NRM has a choice now. They can either try to act upon the issue or hope people forget. However, the ones with the guns will not forget and they easily access weapons. That’s why this is a dangerous game to play. Sooner or later the bullets are flying. Sooner or later the blood is running and life is lost. That could have been avoided, but will NRM do anything about it?

It goes against the militarism of society, politics and everything NRM touches. Arms has been the go-to choice of remedy. We just have to see if the NRM can find another way. I doubt it… Peace.

Opinion: How many agents does Mzee need to combat himself?

“Mr Museveni announced his latest anti-graft plans in a Labour Day speech delivered in the rural eastern Uganda district of Namutumba yesterday afternoon. “I am using this Labour Day to tell everybody that we are going to have a big fight. I am going to set up another small unit in my office where the investors can ring directly if anybody asks them for a bribe or delays decisions,” Mr Museveni said” (Philip Wafula – ‘Museveni to set up new anti-corruption unit’ 02.05.2023, Daily Monitor).

The battle against grand corruption, graft, bribes and other siphoning of funds is getting ridiculous, as the Government of Uganda is not lacking offices or units, which are focused on the matter. It isn’t like the State House – Anti-Corruption Unit is the sole organization working with it under the Office of the Presidency.

No, there are several others like the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). In addition to that you have the Judiciary and Law Enforcement itself that works or have jurisdiction to follow up on cases concerning this sort of crime. Therefore, the State has several of units or organizations combatting this already.

There are already 6 Offices that has various of roles in concern with the battle against corruption. That’s without adding the Uganda Police Force or any of their entities who also investigate corruption. The Judiciary is also handling these affairs and the ones that are judging the matters. Therefore, there is already plenty of hands involved and have the ability too combat this.

The President is only creating another busy-body and another separate Unit in his residence. It is just a nice headline and looking like his really working against it. When the other ones are enshrined in law and are based on legislation. That’s why the IGG, FIA, PPDA, OAG and others are there to work and have a mandate. Alas, the Units created out of the Office of the Presidency is just on the whim and whatever guidance the President felt at that very day. Instead of boosting the ones who exists. He creates another possible entity who will be controlled and close proximity of him.

However, this will not solve it or combat it. No, this is just another “cat and mouse” chase where they will only capture small-fish and leave the big-ones alone. There is no way the ones in association or have had a handshake with the President will be captured. No, this is just to cause some good vibes and call it a night. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni – “Get ideas, please”

A man who has run the nation since January 1986. A man who fought and took over power. That man is asking his civil servants and appointed leadership to “get ideas, please”. It is embarrassing and beneath his office, but it shows how he has failed as a leader, statesman and Head of State. When he has to resort to this.

The Executive Order No. 2 of 2023 dated the 9th April 2023 shouldn’t have been written. It should have been left in the drafts. A President shouldn’t be concerned about skips, garbage collection or the lack of garbage collecting in the cities or municipalities. No, he should be worried about grander things.

Get Ideas, Please” is what is sticking with me. His begging the civil servants and the appointed leadership to get a grip over the collection of old clothes and bottles. His begging them to figure out a way to recycle certain trash and collect it properly. This from the guy who has ruled supreme for over 3 decades.

That’s just beyond comprehension. It is telling how the state has become rotten to the core. How the “high above” has destroyed all protocol and all means of communications between the various state institutions. When a President has to write an Executive Order the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the other agencies to clean up the streets. It just shows that the man has no vision and no clue on how to run things.

He came as the “only man with a vision”. However, it is obvious that he got none. His running in circles and doing the same old schemes. The old man is running out of time and he got nothing to show from it. Only utter disgrace and mediocrity. The grand corruption and looting in combination of a bloated state with lack of domestic revenue. That isn’t a case of achievement but a proof of a heavy patronage that is begging their knees to his every whim. It is a proof of prestige but a system of beggars. They are dressed neat and has fancy vehicles, but beyond that… they are just asking for their next meal like everyone else.

Get Ideas, Please”. Think that he wrote this and stood by these words. A man who has written about “What is Africa’s Problem” and where he had remedies for it. Nevertheless, the man who had all the answers couldn’t’ implement them himself. That’s because of his own greed and lust for endless power. A man who never wanted to go and never wanted succession. Museveni knew about the problems and bottlenecks, but has chosen to take another path.

That’s why his asking for ideas to solve benign problems. Small problems that should be concerned with by a Ministry and by civil servants in local government. The problem of skips and garbage collection shouldn’t be a national issue or a troublesome affair for an Executive Order. However, here we are and it shows the epic failure of a leader he is.

Maybe he should “get ideas, please”. I think Museveni need to get ideas and get a grip. He should look himself in the mirror and understand where he is at. The “yes-men” won’t say it and neither the patronage who is benefiting of his whims. The Presidential Advisors are awaiting their next pay-check and hoping to be promoted in the next cabinet re-shuffle. Therefore, they won’t dare to question him or doubt his brilliance.

However, he needs to get some wisdom and direct his leadership differently. This is just tragic and shows how man has to much control. A President shouldn’t worry about the trash on Nile Avenue. No, that is for someone else to concerned about. Peace.

Opinion: OO sounding like an opposition spokesperson…

Today, Ofwono Opondo, the Government Spokesperson published a piece called: “HARD TIMES AHEAD; DROP EXCESS POLITICAL BAGGAGE AND OPULENCE”. It is striking that he launches this triad now. This is an epic rant and would be fitting from any opposition Member of Parliament or a spokesperson of an opposition party.

OO has been a defender of the NRM and the Government of Uganda. That has been his day-job and he has done so for years now. OO is synonymous with the NRM and the Museveni era. He belongs with them and has earned his currency by doing so.

That’s why today’s text reveals something… but also show how the NRM tries to re-populist itself. Even when it goes against the grain and the current status quo. Because, this sort of opinion piece belongs in the Observer or the Daily Monitor. This doesn’t belong in the New Vision or Bukedde for that matter. Nedda ssevo, this is a piece that would fit the opposition very well. That’s why it bothers me…

First paragraph from the text says this:

“So, Uganda must reform its fiscal frameworks, exercise utmost discipline, provide more for areas that will grow the economy, expand jobs opportunities and debt management. In calling for “stepping up our domestic revenue” many think that Ggoobi, in light of the tax proposals sent to parliament is walking back his public statement of December 2022 that he will not introduce new taxes in 2023/24” (OO, 24.04.2023).

This is the sounds of an opposition spokesperson. It isn’t the voice reason of someone who is defending the track-record or the fiscal discipline of the NRM. No, this is the opposite and someone going after it’s own and begs you to question why? What reason is there and who will be the fall guy? Is that the game here?

As OO continues…

“Unfortunately Ggoobi came out a little shy on the rampant and well-spread out corruption, wastefulness, financial indiscipline and failure to adhere to set priorities. The profligacy in the face of the ongoing economic squeeze is shocking to say the least and we cannot convincingly explain the extravagant motorcades for ministers, judges, top technocrats and security officers as if Uganda was at war” (OO, 24.04.2023).

This is a system created by the NRM and the High Ranking Officials. It didn’t happen over night and neither is it by default. The NRM has found ways to eat and enjoy the perks in office. That’s why these sorts of things happen on the regular. They are all in on it and enjoys it too. It isn’t shocking anymore and that’s why “missing funds” is a proverb in the Republic.

As OO continues…

“The excessive spending on leaders is directly undermining delivery and sustenance of quality basic public services like education, health and water. Most of our leaders have continued to live opulently even when the economy has had a knock and unable to quickly recover, generate new jobs and revenue. The agricultural sector where 69 percent survive is struggling with high in-put costs yet returns remain low” (OO, 24.04.2023).

This is the nation and the vision of Museveni. He is letting the elites and the appointed officials eat. They are getting fat while the poor is starving. That’s the business model and the NRM way. Everyone has seen this for years and the donor community has shielded some of the issues. Alas, here is the bargain, that the NRM are feeling the pendulum is swinging and they are not favoured anymore. That’s why they need more domestic revenue and not donor funds to cover their expenses. This is why the hurt is more severe and the rot is spiralling out of control…

As OO continues:

“The apparent helplessness government exhibits in dealing with sloth and avarice within its ranks is regrettable and calls for a ruthless approach to stem wastefulness and abuse. These excessive security details, honking car horns and aggressively tormenting road users have become public nuisance, made Kampala look more like Afghanistan, and is counter-productive to tourism and investment attraction” (OO, 24.04.2023).

It is just funny that a NRM and Government Spokesperson wrote this. This quote and paragraph would be fitting for a FDC or a NRM MP to write. It is what the Spire Exhibitions are doing on social media. Just exposing the lack of service delivery and the lack of government oversight.

The idea that he published it and thought it was smart is beyond me. This just proves what many of us been saying over the years. Now they are trying internally to prove the faults and mistakes. It is the system that has been created in the vision of the President. He has promoted this behaviour and he given them awards for doing so.

So, please take your crocodile tears and drink some tears of the lion. Because, I am not buying it. This isn’t sincere or legit. It is making a few scapegoats and trying patch up the hurt. Maybe even drop some “deadwood” for more beloved characters surrounding Muhoozi…

So, please sound like yourself Mr. Ofwono Opondo. This isn’t you and I’m not the guy you have to convince. The message is fine, but I have trouble believing the messenger. Peace.

Opinion: Nandutu shouldn’t worry about the fire, but acknowledge her mabaati…

I have been baptized by fire but I am firm. What I am asking is, why should Agnes Nandutu be committed to the High Court when the lower court has the mandate to deal with this?” – Minister Agnes Nandutu (19.04.2023).

The State Minister of Karamoja Affairs Agnes Nandutu, has been remanded to Luzira Prison until 3/05/2023 on charges of Dealing with Suspect Property following the diversion of Iron sheets meant for the Karachunas in Karamoja Subregion” (91.2 Crooze FM, 19.04.2023).

Some people think they can do a magical trick and make things vanish. If you cannot see or touch it. It has just disappeared…. The same fashion plenty of the Ministers and MPs involved in the Mabaati or Iron Sheets Scandal are thinking. They are hoping the scandal goes out of sight and out of mind.

There have now been three ministers who has been touched, charged and spent in detention. These have been followed up and one was arrested out of hubris. When you are investigated and looked into by fellow Parliamentarians, you should just show up. Instead the Minister ended up in prison and pleading for mercy.

Alas, they were participating in a scheme. They did steal government property and did so with firm hand. All of them knew what they did, but they never thought that it would amount to anything. Heck, they just thought it was another Tuesday…

However, the President and the Authorities had another plan. The way this is moving and how the selection of Ministers are happening. It begs to question, why these? When there is like 48 more people to pick? What is so special or unique about these?

Nandutu is the third one now. All of them has been humiliated and taken into custody. They have gotten touched by the law and are facing charges. Nevertheless, I expect the state to just rinse and repeat. They are the chosen and appointed elite. These politicians will be off the hook and not be kept incommunicado or in safe-houses for months on end. Neither will they be charged in Military Courts or have unfriendly judges on their case. No, they will be shielded of the worst and only made as an example. Just to make it look they are fighting corruption….

She is just a nice flashy person to apprehend and keep in custody. Just like they did with the two previous ones. There is another minister behind bars now and a third one just released on bail. So, it makes it look like they are doing something. However, there are far more prominent ministers and high ranking officials who is implicated in this scandal. They are walking free and without any sort of legal jeopardy around their way.

That’s why you know this a “Point Blank” joke and a mockery attempt of “rule of law”. It is a show piece and a “we did this” sort of statement. This is the “dope on the table” sort of vibe. Yes, the police got the dope and could show it off. However, they never stopped the illegal transactions, the importation of drugs or the connects from getting new loads of illegal substances across the borders. Therefore, the ideals of showing of the dope is pointless. When it is only theatre for bosses and the mayors, but not doing anything to stop the illegal trade from happening.

That’s what the arrest of Nandutu seems to be for me. A pointless exercise to look like the authorities are doing something. While we know it will be “much ado about nothing”…. That’s just the way it goes and the sun will rise tomorrow again. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni is the wrong guy to condemn the misuse of force…

“I join my comrades, the Heads of State of IGAD to express our deep concerns on the current situation in Sudan  and immediately call for a cessation of hostilities between the two sides. I condemn the misuse of force in a situation that undermines all progress made through dialogue over the last many months. We cannot keep papering over mistakes of unprincipled politics year after year. An unconditional and immediate cessation of hostilities to stop the tragedy and mockery of Africa is of utmost importance” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (17.04.2023).

Sometimes, someone should just shut-up and listen. That is something His Excellency, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni should have done in regard to the conflict in Sudan. It is pure hypocrisy that he condemns the use of force. A man who wouldn’t be in power or in office without the use of force.

It is not like the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) would have won a free and fair election. Neither would the National Resistance Movement (NRM). When he had no power and real influence with the UPM. He couldn’t even become an MP. That after being a defence minister!

Museveni wouldn’t even be the guy he is if it wasn’t for weapons or conflicts. A man who got power by the use of guns. That’s why his trying deliberately to make it a legend how he rose to power. The way he went from nothing and unto something. The way the National Resistance Army (NRA) went from scraps and left-over bullets to a full-fledged machine conquering the status quo of the time. That’s how he portrays himself and he has since gotten into other conflicts across the continent.

As President he has tried to be the kingmaker by helping others take power by the guns. That being Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, or South Sudan. Museveni thrives in conflict and profits of proxy-wars. He has enforced and gotten credibility by participating in the wars on terror too. Therefore, violence has been his modus operandi and it’s profitable too.

Museveni has gotten political currency and goodwill by waging war. He is said to have prolonged the conflict in the Northern Uganda too. Not like he wants to portray it that way, but all evidence shows that he could have or should have ensured an earlier end. Nevertheless, he will never take credit for bullets, but only vilify the “enemies” for using such. Even when he strikes with fury against dissidents or activists who seeks his end. That’s just what he does, and he don’t mind the use of lethal authorities to get his way. This is all he knows and that’s the true NRA Way.

The ghosts of Garang, Mobutu and Habyarimana should haunt the Presidency. Together with all the civilian casualties and people who has lost their lives in the conflicts, which has transpired since Museveni entered the scene. The skulls of Luweero are only a place to start and not where you end it. There are enough extra judicial killings, questionable massacres, and participation in conflicts to bother your conscience. However, all of that is water under the bridge for a man like Yoweri.

That’s why it’s infuriating to me to read this post. That he dared to say these words. He shouldn’t say it, because we know how he came to power and how he clings onto it. Peace.

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