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Opinion: Hancock’s freaky entanglement

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is now exposed for his indiscretions. Not that Prime Minister Boris Johnson cares, because that would make him look questionable. The PM is known for the same things the Health Secretary is revealed to do now. That’s why the PM have already accepted the apology and settled the scandal.

However, that Hancock hired a friend and later became extra friendly. Had a fling or a extra-material affair with her. She happens to be his paid aide and being appointed to the NHS. To top this off. Her brother have gotten tenders from the NHS to his Health Care Company. This is not only cronyism, but open corruption.

First off, his a minister who is married and has an affair. That is disgusting in itself. When he has told others to social distance and not meet others. He has not only disrespected his wife and his family over an affair, but been a additional hypocrite with the COVID-19 rules.

Hancock has made an entanglement, which would make Jada Pinkett Smith proud. Hancock also gotten romantically involved with a friend and hired her as an aide. Given tenders to the brother of your lover. That’s such a use of both office and private life.

Using your position to have two woman on deck. Have a wife at home and a mistress at the office. That she was married is just a bonus. Two people who didn’t care about their spouses and the kids. Just so you could enjoy the rush and have a shag at the office.

Hancock haven’t done a proper job. There been 100,000 dead because of the lack of proper control with the coronavirus. Neither has the NHS had a well planned procurement plans, neither has it any positive results with the Test & Trace. This Secretary is only good at adultery. His clearly not good at his work. Nothing he does is working, except for his pecker who works on overtime.

That a Minister can do all of this and get away with it. It shouldn’t be possible. We know that Johnson will not sack anyone. Then he would take any accountability himself and that’s not happening. His buying a yacht and needs to rest. That’s why Hancock is off the hook.

It doesn’t matter what sort of affair he had. Hancock could have done it on Oxford Street and the PM would have let it go. Matty is allowed to get his blow, release his load and after that he let it go. The PM cannot address this with a good heart. Since the PM is an serial adulterer himself…

He is surely proud of the catch Hancock got and that he got her on the payroll too. Hancock had relations with his aide and secondly used that office to spurge public funds on the company of her brother. That is a wonderful transaction and a brilliant way of misusing tax-payers money. The Tories should be proud.

Hancock caught with a mistress is bad enough. I am sure its a breach of ministerial code, but so should it be to give tenders to mistress’s brother’s company. That is really unique and shows how corrupt the United Kingdom is at the moment.

London is burning and the Ministers are shagging by the fires. Peace.

Opinion: The U.S. Supreme Court will not help the cocoa-farmers of West Africa

The recent judgement at the Supreme Court on the 17th June 2021, which was a case against Nestle and Cargill in concern with the child labour, slave labour and other horrific workload of the cocoa producing farmers in West Africa who supplies the needed cocoa for the production of these multi-national corporation and big-businesses world wide.

Both Nestle and Cargill is huge corporation who has massive profits. They earn money every seconds and is so big that their reach is substantial everywhere. That is why this case was significant. Not that it was a shocking result. Because, it is only showing the true values of the United States and that the Corporations are mattering more than people. The U.S. was built on slave trade and on slavery. Therefore, having court validating it in 2021 isn’t that absurd.

The U.S. Supreme Court shows that it doesn’t value lives or human rights.. They are justifying child labour and child slavery on the plantations, the farms in West Africa. The U.S. Courts rather defend the big corporations, than finding remedies or means to shield the weak. The ones who suffer so they the judges can drink their hot chocolate and eat their Lion bars after finishing the trial.

Well, we are in 2021 and the farmers of Ivory Coast, Ghana and elsewhere are far from saved. The Western African nations better start legislation, programs and use their means to stop this. The U.S. Courts will not save them. The U.S. will only come with stern recommendations and plea to the United Nations to ratify international laws. However, the U.S. will not impose international laws on U.S. based corporations or on company directives taken by U.S. nationals. No, they will only dwell on that if it appears to hurt a farmer in Alabama.

This sort of judgement only shows that the U.S. will not come to save the world. They are only coming with their corporations to earn profits and indulge on the natural resources of others. The capacity of Ivory Coast and Ghana is how they can counter this. Nigeria and Cameroon should decide this. If these nations was wise. They would form an alliance, a collective effort and ensure they trade on their demands and needs. Not only having to comply every single corporation or their entities. As they will only try to get it for the least price and sell it to the customer by as much as they can.

They need to consider to do something. As the U.S. is no caring. They don’t value the farmers, their plight or the work environment. They only care about the corporations and their responsibilities. Which is clearly not stop child labour or child slavery. The U.S. Supreme Court couldn’t care less.

That is why the West African nations, the Cocoa Producing Republics needs to take the matters into their own hands. Make legislation forcing the ones buying cocoa to comply with just means. Pay the farmers a decent price, ensure their ability run their farms after certain standards and not allow child labour/slavery. That should be easy to and the elites of the Republic’s would help to benefit thousands of farmers across the region. They would get better paid, safer workplaces and their children get educated, instead of toiling around working for a unforgiving international corporation who doesn’t see them or doesn’t value their work.

That is the gist of this. These rich international corporations have all the money of the world. They have the possibility to make a difference. They might even get some of their products registered as “fair trade” and other certifications. However, they are still not stopping the ancient practices of having kids working on the fields. They are not using their profits or their wealth to make a difference.

No, they rather live in mansions and enjoy the perks of the world without any concern of how they made this money. That’s what they do and the sweet taste of chocolate is feeding their pockets, but they cannot even give the poor, the ones in need or secure the future for the kids of the farmers. Because, the only thing these greedy guts see, is the bottom-line and their ends. Peace.

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Opinion: Kenyatta your actions is the reason for the lack of development

What is important is to ask ourselves where we will get if we continue with this kind of politics which we have had in this country. There is no developed country anywhere in the world that has achieved the social, political, and economic aspirations of her people with a start and stop kind of politics” – President Uhuru Kenyatta (28.05.2021)

President Kenyatta and his Jubilee Administration is soon finished with his second term in office. By this time the legacy is already written and he cannot return the lost years. Uhuru has had the time and the ability to change the pattern, if he wanted too. However, that hasn’t happened and here we are.

Kenyatta will be known for rehashed debt-cycle, which will cripple the economy for decades. Unless, Captain-Save-A-Ho comes the Republic’s way and they need to swallow another ‘Structural Adjustment Plan’ from the IMF and World Bank. Kenyatta knows this, but he has eaten Eurobonds and other sorts of grifts over the years.

The President has also been part of grand corruption cases. His cabinet secretaries and appointees to parastatals was also involved in this. The State Owned Enterprises and other too. That was just the business of the day. Create fake companies, tenders and sell overpriced inventory. Repack the maize, sugar and whatnot to sell it after storage to serve the cartels.

Kenyatta knows all of this. He has had his cronies and allowed it all to go down. The proof is in the action of the state and their allies. The Parliament and the Cabinet have all allowed it to happen. They have all participated and not kept things on the up-and-up. They have misused their time in office and eaten of the government plate. Issued loans, eaten corrupt deals and done ditto of service deliver to the general public.

President Kenyatta will not have a legacy worth remembering. He has assaulted the judiciary, the institutions and the state itself for his own selfish reasons. The President knows this and has done it deliberately.

With all the time in office. He could have left something worthwhile behind. However, his own businesses, estates and personal domain has mattered more. Kenyatta wanted one big legislation passed and be his final end. As the President never had the time to finish the Big Four or any other significant promise of the past.

That’s because it’s all been a publicity stunt and he haven’t even tried. The Building Bridges has been a smokescreen and bought the President time. The reason why he has invested all this is not only to trade-off the opposition, but to finally have something to point at as an achievement. Because, there is nothing else to look at. Except for the decaying economy and depleted state coffers. Which is an exceptional failure, but an achievement nevertheless.

President Kenyatta will not be remembered with fondness. He has misused his chances and didn’t even try. That’s at least how it looks from the outside looking in. The one taking over from in 2022 have a lot of issues to tackle.

The ever-lingering cartels, grand corruption and misuse of state enterprises. The cronyism and nepotism will not stop overnight. The state is accepting all of this and the head of state is signing off. As he hires people and appoints his “yes-men” to whatever office he can. Therefore, there is no way he will get questioned or even held accountable. Peace

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#FixMotherGhana: “Everyday for thief man, one day for master”

Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge – a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve – to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life? ” President Kwame Nkrumah address to the National Assembly. 12 June 1965

These days, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo cannot catch a breath… heck he doesn’t have a moment of silence. The people are willing to riot and demonstrate. They are tired of been taken for a ride. A political elite not seeing them and not meeting their needs. Accra and other places are seeing this.

Ghana is burning. Ghana is tired and most of all. Ghana seems like it is tired of taken for granted. To have selfish leaders who only fix things for themselves and their operatives, but doesn’t serve the general public. A political class who has forgotten the lessons of Kwame Nkrumah. These have to be revisited to achieve what is long forgotten.

Not to forget the passion of M.Anifest on Burna Boy’s ‘Another Story’ which was released in 2019, where he said these wise words:

Same shit, Ghana, Naija, man tire

Stuck in traffic I dey hate delay

Big man get the motorcade, big Benz and the Escalade

Hustle just dey escalate

But March 6, we go celebrate

Every year be the same cock and bull

Propaganda you dey push no dey pull

E dey pain, people tire for this matter

Everyday for thief man, one day for master” – (M.Anifest, 2019).

That sentiment is felt in Ghana these days too. The same sort of neglect and feeling of being forgotten by the ones representing you. Where you feel nothing is happening and that’s why the citizens are pleading to fix it.

The demands is very clear, but shows the lack of progress. They are asking for the water to run in their taps. Not just work on the water-cannons of the Ghana Police vehicles. Fix Dumsor, fix the roads, fix the education system and fix the health care system. They are coming with demands, which shows a lack of care and use of resources. Still, the same state have fresh new from the boat police vehicles and other equipment to crack-down on demonstrations. That just shows how mismanaged their priorities are…

President Akufo-Addo have been smart in the past. He knows which words to say and get positive publicity. However, now the state is clearly mismanaged and the people are tired of it all. Economic Fighters League have been on this front-line a long time without much or any support. Now the #FixThisCountry and #FixMotherGhana is catching fire. Which is good, because they are fighting the same cause.

The indifference and the lack of care for citizens. While a political elite and their associates are living large. The economy was dead before the global pandemic, but it did expose it. Showing the lack of concern or care from the government. The NDC-NPP have controlled and switched power, but with no real change. They have just changed chairs and called it a day.

Now the youth, the citizens are crying and shredding tears. They are saying: enough. It is time for the people in power to listen. Not only order the police vehicles in the streets. Having press conferences stating facts and coming with propaganda. No, it is time to work and fix it all. The duopoly rulers have had their time and clearly not used it properly. Because, if they did.. they wouldn’t be here today. Peace.

Opinion: Is Duterte under a spell from Beijing?

The Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte seems to be tricked, fooled or be caught by Chinese authorities. The Filipino President seems to be in-debt and own the Chinese a huge load of favours. Since, his pride and his stances towards is so peaceful. This coming from a man who has no trouble tarnishing, addressing people in brutal manner and even striking hard at his enemies.

Still his silence and mediocre attempts of defending his foreign policy in concern to Beijing is weak tea. The President just looks like his given up diplomacy and even standing strong on the rights of land, islands and sea in Western Philippines Sea. An area, which has been contested by both nations, but the Filipino nation won this case. Meaning, the international law is an favour of Manilla and not Beijing.

With that in mind, it is weird that his breaking his back and putting his feet in his mouth. Instead of acting as the Patriotic and Steadfast man his perceived to be. Has he added such debt on the Republic that he has traded away pieces of land?

Has the Build! Build! Build! Programme and loans for infrastructure across the Republic cost its sovereign ownership and because of the rates on these loans. He rather cosy up to Beijing, instead of buying peace in Manilla. Is that’s why his so weak and forgiving to the Chinese?

Because, if these we’re people being red-tagged, possibly connected to the communists. He would have hired the gun and buried you. However, if you are in-connection to the high power and the ones with suction in Beijing. He will grovel and be sweet as sugar.

That is where Duterte is weird. A man who can so easily buckle-up and go hammering on opponents. For someone who can sufficiently target anyone. Has not trouble to offer his hand and be gentle and rub the hands Xi Jinping.

Does Duterte want to act like a caretaker of a Chinese Province or be a proud President of the Filipino Nation? The way he speaks of this manner, it seems like he wants to be a governor appointed by Beijing to rule the Philippines for them.

If he can give away the Scarborough Shoal or the Huangyan Island, which they have claimed ownership over since mid-1930s. While the Philippines won the latest case in 2016. Therefore, the President should shield this island and such. However, he seems frightened and you can wonder what he has gotten from the Chinese.

Has Duterte done something stupid on his visits in Hong Kong or what underlying factors is it with the loans taken out during his term? What is the strings of China and what did he have to give up as collateral for the possible debt?

Did Duterte sign-off Scarborough Shoal for the BBB loans and such? Is that why his so friendly… and so kind towards China?

Because, this is not his typical self… but seemingly a character flaw of someone who can stir up harsh words with no work and be hot-headed. However, that never happens in the way towards Beijing, but can happen towards everyone else.

Duterte is just weird and you can wonder if he has given away something to have an achievement in his term. He was able to push the BBB, but the price of that is to give up his “independence” and loyalty to the Republic. As he knows the friends of Beijing bailed his pet-projects. That is why he needs their favours and see it as a political victory to give a little questionable land in West Philippines Sea, as he can point at the infrastructure built in his term. Peace.