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Tanzania: LHRC – Legal Opinon on the Arrest of Erick Kabendera and Press Freddom in Tanzania (16.08.2019)


SADC: Message of Condolence by the SADC Chairperson following Deadly Fire after a Tanker Accident in Morogoro, Tanzania that has claimed lives and injured many people (10.08.2019)

Opinion: Kabendera expose Magufuli’s regime, even behind bars!

There has now been several of days where the journalist Erick Kabendera’s uncertain face has been arised, as his fate and his place in life has been put in dire straits. Now, today the authorities and the Tanzanian Police have configured the supposed crimes he has committed. Even, if we all know what he did, he did a bloody good job exposing the rot within the CCM and within the camp of President John Magufuli.

The great journalistic work is the reason why Kabendera is in trouble. His not a YES Man, a blind follower of the cultic tribe surround the President. No, his master of his craft and because of that, his in legal jeopardy.

The Authorities tried to revise the issues of 2013 and play that he wasn’t a citizen of the United Republic. That didn’t stick, so now a few days after the arrest, the kidnapping and sudden movement from his home. He is now charged with money laundering, tax-evasion and even criminal racketeering.

The only thing he really did, was to piss off and make the President furious, because of his expose in the Economist. That really set off all the red alerts, all the minions inside the President and his cronies. They got so mad, that they had to retaliate, not by normal stadards, by writing a counter-claim or addressing the matters in the text of Kabendera.

No, they answer him with the use of the authorities, taking him from his home and then challenge him with every sort thing, between the moon, the son and the Holy Spirit. Because, something got to stick, eventually.

Kabendera only sin, the cardinal sin if you like, is that is good at doing his job. That infuriate and belittle the powers to be, it mocks and exposes the giants of Tanzania. Which is not that great to begin with, when they cannot counter-claim or even try to defend the allegations in the texts written by journalists. Instead, they have pin every single type of crime on the man.

That is how weak, soft and mediocre the state is, how small minded the CCM and their President are. At this moment in time, they cannot address this properly; they don’t have the skill-set or the finesse to use their mind properly. Instead, they go to worst assets of humanity and pinpoint it. Showing force instead of etiquette and even some simple answers to the written word. Nevertheless, that is just too much ask of these men. They cannot manage that or even comprehend to write that message. These people can only praise Magufuli and CCM, they cannot think for themselves or even find ways to prove the words otherwise.

No, they don’t have that in them. That is why they have to arrest Kabendera and the like. Since, it is not their values nor their turn to academically or using their mind to assess the matters. For them its do or die. For them its either loyalty or betrayal. There is nothing in between.

If it wasn’t for politics and this was the authorities, you would call them gangsters, where the don sends his enforces against his enemy and offer them a proposition they cannot refuse. Alas, that what Kabendera did and that is why his life is now in a limbo. Peace.

Tanzania detains freelancer Kabendera over ‘citizenship’ (31.07.2019)

Dar es Salaam police chief Lazaro Mambosasa said at a press conference today that Kabendera was in custody and that police arrested him after the journalist failed to obey a summons.

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 31, 2019 – The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Tanzanian authorities to immediately release freelance journalist Erick Kabendera, whom police said is being investigated over his citizenship status.Dar es Salaam police chief Lazaro Mambosasa said at a press conference today that Kabendera was in custody and that police arrested him after the journalist failed to obey a summons. Mambosasa said that Kabendera was being questioned about his citizenship and that police were working with immigration officials. Police yesterday denied knowledge of Kabendera’s case after the journalist was taken from his home by a group of men who refused to identify themselves, according to reports and CPJ research.

One of the journalist’s relatives, who spoke with CPJ on condition of anonymity because of safety concerns, said that the citizenship investigation was surprising because authorities had investigated his status before and “cleared him.” In 2013 authorities terminated a similar investigation into the journalist and his parents, calling it “ill-advised” and stating that the family’s citizenship was not questionable, according to a report by the privately-owned publication, The Citizen. In a blog post, Kabendera linked the 2013 investigation to attempts to muzzle him. The Citizen reported last year on several cases of authorities investigating the citizenship of government critics.

The relative said that no summons was issued and told CPJ they believe the arrest is in retaliation for Kabendera’s journalism, which has been unflinching in its assessment of President John Magufuli’s government.

“This rehashing of discredited claims about Erick Kabendera’s citizenship appear to be nothing more than a ploy by the Tanzanian authorities to justify their actions after public outcry over the manner in which the journalist was detained,” said CPJ Sub-Saharan Africa Representative Muthoki Mumo. “Kabendera should be released immediately and this sham of an investigation terminated. Tanzanian authorities must stop harassing their critics.”

At the press conference this afternoon, Mambosasa said that Kabendera was being held at Central police station in Dar es Salaam. When family, colleagues, and lawyers tried to visit the journalist this evening, they were told he was not at the station and that they could not see him until tomorrow, Jones Sendodo, a lawyer affiliated with the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition and who went to the station, told CPJ. The coalition today filed a bail application that will be heard on August 1, according to Watetezi TV, which is associated with the coalition.

Tanzanian Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro and Mambosasa were unreachable on their phones today. CPJ’s messages asking for comment, sent this evening, went unanswered.

Kabendera has reported for several regional and international publications, including the British newspaper The Guardian and the website African Arguments. His most recent reporting in the regional weekly The East African covered alleged divisions in Tanzania’s ruling party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi, amid alleged plots within the party to block Magufuli from running for a second term.

Press freedom has drastically deteriorated in Magufuli’s Tanzania. CPJ has documented the use of suspensions, restrictive legislation, and intimidation to muzzle journalists. The freelance journalist Azory Gwanda went missing in 2017 and the government has yet to provide a credible accounting of his whereabouts. When asked about Gwanda today, Mambosasa told journalists that he could not provide details because it was necessary to keep investigations “secret” to protect evidence before it was brought to a court.

Misa Tanzania Calls for Kabendera’s Immediate Release (30.07.2019)

Tanzania: The two unwritten rules that is the commandments right now

This is the end of July 2019, President Joseph Magufuli is pre-paring for his re-election bid, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) is gearing up for it. As this is happening and with the fragile and thin-skinned President, you have to beware of two important unwritten rules. If not, you might end-up kidnapped, gone-missing or charged with several of offences, because you offended the “Don”. That is just the way it is.

We can smile, we grin and even mock this all, but this is sadly dead serious.

First unwritten rule: Always praise the President and all of his actions.

Because, if you criticise or even question his actions, if you find reasons for why something isn’t wise, isn’t brilliant and isn’t rocket-science. Except to be picked-up, get into trouble and wonder when you will see your family again. That is what is happening and at a greater rate. Therefore, key principal is to always praise Magulufi and all his policies, even if they burn the Republic, even as they are killing all liberty and free will. Still, you got to give way and kiss the ring. That is the unwritten rule number one.

Second unwritten rule: Never ever question the CCM and its policies.

The CCM is all powerful, they are allowed to do everything, they are the incarnation of the state and the breathing example of power. The CCM is the tool of the President and you dare insult this institution, which is used by the President to do his bidding. The CCM is allowed to come with threats and intimidation, but you better not think of striking back at it. Because, if you do, expect trouble. A lot of trouble, if your lawmaker, except to loose your seat, if you’re a civil servant, expect to be sacked and so on. Therefore, always be humble, always show grace and by all means never ever question the CCM and their acts. If you do, have a tank, have a submarine, something to defend yourself, because your getting yourself into trouble.

Remember as I state this, remember that Magufuli is a divine intervention on planet earth. The ground he touches, will start to grow beautiful flowers or get a massive harvest. His acts and words, a simple and poetic, his mind is a mix of Jesus and Einstein. There is no-one to compare, his such a statute, such a special individual, that his legacy will live on for thousands of moons, will be written in the stars and his tales will be legendary. That is who he is, but world doesn’t know and doesn’t accept its own.

Because Magufuli is all of this, that is why his party and allies are so unique too. That is why you cannot touch them, because they are blessed, and also saved by the President, the CCM; greatness is all because of the Fountain of Honour, His Highness and His Excellency. Never ever, forget that.

If you do, don’t expect to see much daylight or have any liberties. That will be revoked, as you offended his majesty and his court. Peace.

Opinion: Annoy the Presidents of our time, expect the authorities to knock-on your door!


Well, were living the year 2019 and some things doesn’t change, the Excellences and the high above are still filled with vanity, which even make the kings of the middle-ages a bit jealous. They are all living in mansions, having power to end people’s lives and give it those who begs them mercy. That is who these men are, these President who has the armies behind them, have security organizations and have the police. If they are lucky, they have appointed all parts of the Courts, to ensure and secure the verdicts of Court cases to go their way.

That is why, it is dangerous to paint or play with photographs of the President of out day. If you do so in Burundi. You will get into trouble and get possible jail time. The same can happen, if you put a hijab over the Tanzanian President. You will get into legal trouble too. If you make a mockery of the United States President Trump in a cartoon, you might even be sacked from your newspaper. The same might happen if you mock the elite and the President in Kenya too. In Rwanda political satire is banned and also political cartoons, because of the fragile mind of the President. He cannot handle that someone makes fun of him and his ways. His vanity self-destruct, every time someone write something funny about him. That is why Kigali is so clean, because nobody is writing silly cartoons about the President. In China, Winne the Pooh, Peppa Pig and other cartoons are banned, as they have been used to mock the President and he cannot handle that. That is why they are banned too. That is just the way the world moves these days. The freedom of speech is limited to these men.

You better not speak of their wives, their kids, whose possible succession is on the horizon. If you do so or call a President a thief, a liar and hypocrite. Expect that you will be arrested and taken to the Courts. No one annoys a modern day President like Museveni on Facebook. No one dares writing something offensive. Especially not something, that might even be true. Because, your only supposed to publish content that has been written by syncopates like Uganda Media Centre, NRM SOMA or GCIC. The rest are supposed to Netflix and Chill, not speak up against the President.

That is just the world we live in, where it is dangerous to annoy our Presidents. They are so high and mighty, but show shallow and prestigious. They are representing us and the citizens of the state, but they are only supposed to kneel to their majesties, not mock them or speak the truth about them. No, we are all supposed to blindly following their footsteps and be honoured to share the same air as them.

We are really living in interesting times, when were supposed to be educated and be able to function as human beings. Where our leadership is supposed to represent us and govern us. Not be almighty gentlemen, who thinks its their right to govern us, they are there because someone has too. It could be their cousin for Gods sake, it could be our nephew, but it is them. Well, they don’t get that and thinks its their divine right and therefore, we better not shatter their calm. That is just the way it is.

As long as we accept this nonsense, that we cannot challenge, cannot joke or poke at the leadership of our time. Than, they will act live demigods, acts like they are above the rest and use the power to assault our freedom. Piece by piece, legislation by legislation. That is just the way it is. Don’t expect gifts, when they are only taking things away.

We need to annoy our Presidents, they need to get annoyed and think why we are doing so. Because, we have the rights to play, critique and ask questions, because they are there for us. Not the other way around. Peace.

Opinion: How little is President Magufuli? You got no idea!

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee

And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.” Robert Frost

You know that the state of affairs and the control of the population has gone to foolish levels, when people are investigated and arrested for publishing content on WhatsApp. Now, there are three students this week arrested from Kampala International University in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania.

We already know that the CCM and President Joseph Magufuli is a touchy and a crowd who cannot stomach criticism, neither allow any sort of dissidents nor any movement of opposition, except if they have legally told the right authorities about their acts, lectures, press conferences or campaign rallies. In this United Republic, you can now be ensured that all your data, content and published online will be put under scrutiny. You could become a felon just for toying with a picture of the President.

That is what the three KIU students did, they played around with a picture of President Magufuli making him wear a hijab. Like that is dangerous, like this little joke would shatter the world, cease the power of the President and kill his libido. Surely, this sort of picture wouldn’t liberate the ovaries of woman in the life of the President. They would close them and would fear the cross-dressing President.

Let’s be serious. The Police and the authorities seeking to investigate this, having a court case over this is all a bunch of nonsense. Shows how dumb the society can go. How Big Brother Magufuli and his lack of love is ever present in the United Republic.

They are accused of “publishing false information through technology”, we all know that the President wouldn’t wear a hijab, unless he would get laid by his wife. We know that these students only did this as a joke. Not a sinister act on WhatsApp, they just had a fun with a public persona and the one with the highest office in the Republic. Surely, he should be able to carry this and also the state should see this as insignificant. Not like they cause mass hysteria, not like they were spreading massive leaks of government sensitive data nor planning a overthrow of government.

No, they just had a moment of fun on WhatsApp, which shouldn’t become a giant United Republic of Tanzania matter. The President, the Police and everyone should chill and ensure they can carry themselves. These students should even be allowed to make a picture with the President in a thong or G-string like Borat. Because, it is just mockery of a person in power.

The President isn’t a holy deity is he? Is Magufuli the lost son of God and we cannot mock him?

Please if so, do tell? Because, we need to know. A man of that character should have the brilliance and the wit to convince of it. Until then, his allowed to be mocked, that comes with the office he has. He should expect that and so should the government. Peace.

In BBC interview, Tanzanian foreign minister says journalist Azory Gwanda is dead (11.07.2019)

Kabudi said that Gwanda had “disappeared and died” in the country’s eastern Rufiji region.

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 11, 2019 – The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on the Tanzanian government to provide a detailed public account of the fate of freelance journalist Azory Gwanda after the country’s foreign minister, Palamagamba Kabudi, said in an interview that the journalist is dead.

In an interview with the BBC’s “Focus on Africa” program today, Kabudi said that Gwanda had “disappeared and died” in the country’s eastern Rufiji region, and said that the government has since “been able to contain that kind of extremism” in the region. Gwanda went missing on November 21, 2017, after investigating mysterious killings and disappearances in his community, and the Tanzanian government has never delivered a promised investigation into his case, according to CPJ research.

“For a year and a half, Azory Gwanda’s family and the Tanzanian media have pleaded with the government to explain what happened to their loved one and colleague,” said CPJ Deputy Executive Director Robert Mahoney from New York. “Then suddenly the foreign minister mentions, almost in passing, that the journalist is apparently dead. This is wholly inadequate and distressing. The government must immediately share publicly all information it has about Gwanda’s fate.”

Kabudi told the BBC that the Tanzanian government is not “proud” of the disappearances and killings in Rufiji, which he said also took the lives of police officers and ruling party officials, and said that the government was taking measures to make sure that citizens and journalists are safe. However, CPJ research shows that impunity in journalists’ deaths or disappearances contributes to an environment that fosters violence against journalists.

CPJ’s phone calls today to Kabudi and Tanzanian government spokesperson Hassan Abbassi went unanswered.

Opinion: The CCM must be weak since it targets Tindu Lissu!

All cruelty springs from weakness.”Seneca

In the United Republic of Tanzania, the grand state of Julius Nyerere and CCM. The opposition in a position, where their every move is monitored, where their every act has to be approved and nearly all utterings in public has to verified before published.

So in this world, the bulldozer, the dozing off and afraid individual President Joseph Magufuli exists. Where he has ushered in several of rules making it harder for the opposition to run their parties and even try to compete with the CCM. The state has a stranglehold on them and is chocking them by all means. To say otherwise is to be naive by all the codes, legislation and by the measures put in place by His Excellency and his brigade of loyal subjects.

That is why there are certain individuals who are getting a joint effort to undermine and silence them. One being Zitto Kabwe, the other giant in the opposition is Tindu Lissu, whose survived an assassination attempt and since then gotten treatment in Europe. For two whole years he has fought and doing what he can heal, by also giving words and telling where he is to the Parliament. Still, the same Parliament this June, called for By-Election for his Singida East Seat. Because, the Speaker claimed they didn’t know about his whereabouts. They take his healing from an assassination as a joke or what?

That is a friendly reminder, that the CCM doesn’t take kindly to opposition nor to opposition figures like Lissu. They are afraid of what he represents and what his messages is. That is why the quick call by the National Election Commission for by-election by 31st July, a short month after the Speaker called his seat up for elections on the 28th June 2019. This while knowing Lissu was receiving treatment in Belgium. Really, shows how fragile and mediocre the ego of the CCM is at the moment.

They cannot even keep it at a fair fight, but has to knock people while they are down and fighting to regain normal strength. The MP will fight for it, even from a far, but this is foolish. That he has too, when everyone knows the reason. Only the CCM and the President that takes people for fools and hope people are as ignorant as him. Because, clearly this is an ego thing and trying to mastermind him out of a seat in the Parliament.

I hope Lissu wins this again. That he conquer this obstacle and shows the CCM a little finger, as they have misjudged the public and their resilience against stupid ideas like this. This is not a show strength of the CCM, but a utter sign of weakness. That they have to aim for a guy, that is battling with scars of plot to kill him. They are so brutal and insincere, that they hope people doesn’t understand this.

That is who the CCM and Mugufuli is these days. He can only win, when he knows the other people is in a disadvantage, the CCM and Magufuli couldn’t have won this in a fair fight. They know that and we does too. Peace.

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