RDC: Mouvement du 23 Mars (M23) – The M23 Movement Response to the MONUSCO’s tweeter message of October 29th, 2022 (29.10.2022)

Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Services – The ENDF is sacrificing to liberate its citizens in the region of Tigray from the choking volk of TPLF (30.10.20229

RDC: Societe Civile Forces Vives du Nord-Kivu – Bulletin d’Information No. 001 (28.10.2022)

RDC: MONUSCO – Quatre casques bleus blesses dans des combats contre le M23 (29.10.2022)

Ethiopia: FDRE Government Communication Services – Ethiopia condemns irresponsible allegations of ‘atrocities’ for sinister political agenda (28.10.2022)

Burkina Faso: Ministere de la Communication de la Culture, des Arts et du Tourisme – Communique (27.10.2022)

Western Sahara: Frente Polisario – Communique (27.10.2022)

Somaliland: Garhajis Dal-Wanaaje Grand Conference – Communique (27.10.2022)

RDC: CSAC-UNPC – Communique Conjoint No. 002 (27.10.2022)

Eritrea: Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United States of America – Open Letter to Holocaust Museum (27.10.2022)

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