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Statement to the Media on the European Union Parliament Resolution on Uganda (17.09.2018)


The Fear is Real: As NRM ‘dismiss’ Besigye and Bobi Wine!

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and its defenders, the cronies and the ones who works in- and around NRM are working hard to make Dr. Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine into empty leaders without a vision, men who are running around spreading falsehoods and ensuring their leadership role and role models are failing.

While the NRM are doing so, be aware, that is their plan, just to make sure the NRM can rule indefinitely and misuse their power. That is why they are continue to blame the opposition, while they acted in restraint, while they apparently arrested 66,000 youths and the Arua 33. They have charged the opposition, while never giving any answer to the torturing of the opposition, neither answering to the deaths done by the authorities.

That is why this is tiring, as this whole ordeal happen because of extra-judicial killing of Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga and the contest for the deceased MP in Arua Municipality. If it wasn’t for that, this sort of play and this actions from mid-August 2018 wouldn’t been the case. That is the reality, one senseless killing has spiralled into riots, demonstrations and more deaths. Not only torture, forged charges on Opposition leaders and also activists.

Bobi Wine is no put on blast, said he is all charm and passion, but not proven leadership. However, was Museveni proven before he took power in 1986? He lied to Julius Nyerere and Milton Obote about his military prowess before the coup d’etat against Idi Amin. Therefore, I am tired of people, saying that Bobi Wine is a problem and just empty words. Museveni wasn’t much either, he wouldn’t be much if he didn’t get backers from Libya. That is why the NRM are trying to push all kinds of narrative.

Just like everyone has said Besigye doesn’t have the character to be President. He was clearly inteligent enough to establish and ensure the structure of NRM’s Movement System in the late 1980s and showed his capacity then, as well as what he has done with building the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Besigye cannot do anything right in the eyes of the NRM, that is because he the stark contrast to the NRM. Even if he was a previous NRM and was even in the cabinet and appointed by Museveni. That is because he has shown that he works against them. That is why he has been charged with treason, lived in exile (which is an excuse against him, even if Museveni did the same), arrested and house-arrested. This is what the NRM does to the real opposition, not how they manage Abed Bwanika

That is why Bobi Wine is now becoming the same mantle piece, he is under the same attacks, the use of his past. Just like Besigye has gotten lot of crap for his exile and return, even if Museveni did the same. Now Bobi Wine will be attacked for his use of weed, because that is clear violation of role model. Not like a killer and liar isn’t a problem? Because Museveni is the holy of the holy and his mischief is cool, but when others does it, it is a giant problem.

No matter if Bobi Wine and Besigye was choir boys all their lives, if they had been bank-clerks and not done any harm to a fly, the NRM would make them into devils, who lit up Jesus on the Cross. That is because the NRM are using their tactics to make them intolerant and ignorant, people who just seek power, but will not use it properly. Not like the NRM over three decades has much to show. That is another scenario, but not fiction, it is actual reality. This is so boring to repeat, but if the NRM was so great, why are the such a lack of development after three decades? You have had a generation to make a difference, but it still looks like Obote, but with a Iphone(!!). That is all. Peace.

Opinion: Circles of weird arguments against Bobi Wine from Mwenda!

The Independent Magazine editor Andrew Mwenda continues his rants against the opposition, as Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is returning to Uganda today. This was to be expected, as his voice and his platform is now a praising space for President Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Therefore, if you have followed it, Mwenda continues on a pattern he has done for years. I am discredited him as long too. Because someone has too in the field of platform and that people are spreading his messages against the opposition. However, what is special today is how flawed his argument is, as he don’t see the margins of error today.

The key aspects of his argument:

In his early days, President Yoweri Museveni used to make an very insightful point. He would argue that African societies are characterized by the dominance of backward forces. These propel backward elements with parochial interests into positions of power. Once in power, these forces in turn promote retrogressive policies thereby perpetuating the vicious cycle of backwardness”(…) “We have left the political struggle to the likes of Bobi Wine and his intolerant and anti democratic riffraff base without a clue of what to do with change. This crisis is both in the government and the opposition. The more enlightened forces of the NRM gave way long ago to wheeler dealers. Most went into silence or quit government and joined the private sector. In opposition, Besigye was left with the likes of Ingrid Turinawe and Mwijukye to build the party which had turned into a cult. It is not that the enlightened forces didn’t try to fight. In both the NRM and the FDC, they lost the fight. It seems our politics is such that the riffraffs always win. And so there is proof of Museveni’s argument about the vicious cycle of backwardness, which he himself is caught up in. We are backward not because of our leaders. Rather our leaders are backward because backward social forces dominate our societies. How do we break this cycle” (Andrew M. Mwenda – ‘Bobi Wine’s international media embarrassment’ 19.09.2018).

When he says Uganda is backwards leadership, which Museveni stated in his early days of his reign, how bad is his leadership if that backwardness is still there? Museveni has had 3 decades to configure, amend and ensure changes? Then, later you say the NRM are enlightened forces, but how come the backwardness is still there, as the NRM are the leaders and the rulers of the day? Which it has been doing for 32 years?

You cannot call out something and say it is backward, while saying the leaders isn’t. You cannot blame someone else for the cycle, as the President and his cronies has had control, not the opposition, who has worked outside of the chambers of power. That is something Mwenda knows, and knows this perfectly well. He is trying to take the fish out of water, but claiming the fish can live on land. Museveni and NRM can enlighten society, but it still backwards. If they really had enlighten the public and the stopped the backwardness, however, it is still there? How come?

What your saying about Museveni and NRM sounds more like a cult, where they have the enlightenment and wisdom, that the others doesn’t have. The secrets are within the reign of Museveni and you can only get it if you join NRM. The Scientology Church of Uganda aka NRM. Museveni is the L.R. Hubbard and has his Mustard Seed. That is the one the seed that Mwenda has swallowed whole and trying to configure to the public.

Mwenda is going backwards forwards and showing mental fatigue. He even claimed that Bobi Wine was lying about Torture in this text, but I didn’t care for adding that. Because who is he claim that? How dare he insult people’s intelligence, other than his own?

Time for Mwenda to go to church, not a Christian one, not Scientology either, but praise his God, Museveni and his own congregation. Where Mwenda will praise him for his vision and his achievements, and ensure everyone else are radical bastards of ill-faith, because they are not praising the righteous one. Peace.

If Bosco thought this Security Presser was reassuring, it wasn’t!

People say I’m a dictator but I don’t know how I dictate. I must be one of the best dictators in the world”Yoweri Kaguta Musveni (15.09.2018).

Today, speech or Press Conference on the 15th September 2018. That wasn’t following his intention or whatever reason he decided to hold this. Because President Museveni are really on the bounds and feels hurt by the pressure preceding because of the Post-Arua By-Election aftermath.

Of course, we knew that these items were growing in number. However, we did not anticipate that evil minded people would want to kutokooza (Runyankore ─ for something bad like a fly falling into one’s food or drink) this success story, to turn something good into an instrument of killing Ugandans” (Museveni, 15.09.2018).

This speech and this sort of affair today is more forged spin from the President. As he is trying to look better than he really is and people has seen it all before, but more like he has to because he knows Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi are pressuring him from Washington D.C. The quotes and pledges are not trustworthy.

Not like he couldn’t help himself lying to the public:

The NRM is expert in using guns. There are few organisations in the world that can use guns as well as the UPDF but we never kill people extra-judicially” (Museveni, 15.09.2018).

As we know perfectly well, how the NRM, the Army (UPDF), the Special Force Command (SFC) and the Police Force (UPF) have been killing extra-judicially around the nation. In Arua there was the driver of Bobi Wine, in Mityana after and also in Rukungiri. That is just a few of the people the NRM and the soldiers has killed over the year, extra-judicially. What is new, is that the international media actually cares, as Abiriga, Kaweesi, Kirumira and the other big-shots have also been taken out without anyone charged for these assassinations. Together with the killings of woman in Entebbe and the Muslim Clerics. There are so many killings and so little results to show for, other than the intimidation and the usage of force against civilians have appeared without any consequences. That is the worry and the speech of Museveni today, haven’t changed that.

So after hearing stuff like that, that can so easily be debunked as a solid lie.

That is why I have hard time taking him seriously, as he thinks he can sugarcoat everything. As he can put a few numbers, a few name-calling and also speak ill of the opposition. Also, the continued pressure on the CCTV cameras that will solve everything, even more micro-management of the Security Operations in Uganda.

We can really see, that he is just trying to damage control, thinking this is wise. I don’t know whom of the Presidential Advisors or in-charge of his PR that thinks these recent speeches has spread his message. If has done it on his own, he has really shot himself in the foot. As the reality is that the trust in the authorities isn’t built in his speeches, but actual feeling of safety and also seeing less of the military intimidating presence in the streets. However, that is most likely not happening in the era of Museveni.

The man trying make people feel safe, was actually not long ago ordering sharp-shooters for the Members of Parliament, which they have recently said “no” too. Therefore, it is ironic that Museveni have been talking about amounts of cars, motorcycles and cellphones in his Republic, as well as the method of communication of the Police Officers. As the micro-management continues from the President.

The pigs that have doomed their future by shedding the blood of innocent Ugandans, have only themselves to blame for their eternal damnation” (Museveni, 15.09.2018).

Surely, if Bosco thinks these Pressers are wise, it is not. The President has to act differently, but most likely he will not. The Perfect Dictator will not deliver anything, he rather lie to the public and try to peddle it in his favor. However, people shouldn’t let that happen, as we know the Security Organizations are not working for the people, but for him. That is why he will not find out the reality of Arua or the extra-judicial killings. Because that might hurt him directly and his cronies. Peace.

Hon. Zaake’s condition still in a limbo!

We can only wonder, how it goes with Honorable Francis Zaake, who was tortured and possibly poisoned by the authorities in the aftermath of the Arua By-Election on the 15th August 2018. He was able to leave for India after two weeks of fighting and also being closed off in hospitals in Uganda. Where he wasn’t getting needed treatment. As his deteriorating health condition, he was finally allowed leave on a second turn to leave on bond on the 3rd September 2018. As he has now been in danger and this is because the state did this to him, where he is representing people in Mityana Municipality.

The recent news on him is this:

The number of medical specialists attending to Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake has been stepped up after he quickly relapsed upon being taken off life-support machines on Tuesday” (Daily Monitor, 12.09.2018).

Doctors at Manipal Hospital in India have identified foreign ingredients in the blood of Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, a likelihood that he could have been poisoned” (PML Daily, 12.09.2018).

We should really be worried, as the damage on his health, as he has been days upon days in coma in India, as the state was stopping him from getting treatment early, as they knew what they had done to him. Therefore, the damage and hurt on his body didn’t get the possible treatment in time, as it gets worse with the effects of time and prolong the suffering. That the MP is in coma as a result of what the Special Force Command, the Soldiers and the Police Officers, as this is really showing the impunity of actions. As he was a fellow campaigner and that has been costly. Standing on the side of the opposition and therefore, a viable target for the state to attack.

Zaake is hurt and in coma. This because of a By-Election gone bad and the state revenging on the opposition. They have never apologized or tried to mend the hurt, instead tried to deflect and ensure the spin was in high gear. This one more individual who was hurt and possible life-threatening. While the President and his Presidential Guards are walking around putting all blame on the ones the state has already hurt. That is the vile attempt of scoring double, while also making sure the opposition learns not to test the President. That is why they are tortured to learn a lesson.

Zaake, we can hope and pray the medics in India can save, as his life is in limbo, as the coma has been going on for days and the young MP was the prey of the state. This is what the world needs to know, that Musveni and his security organizations does this to representatives and public, which he disagrees with. Peace.

The 200 Shillings of Doom: Millionaire MPs complain about possibly paying 400 shillings daily for OTT Access!

It is a disgrace, the best paid representatives with all sorts of benefits, even not even taxed for their salaries, these Members of the Parliament (MPs). That these MPS are complaining about the OTT Tax. These MPs who are earning approximately earning about 26,000,000 Ugandan Shillings ($6,852) monthly. MPs are complaining that they have pay 400 shillings a daily. Because they have to pay OTT on their personal Cellphone and also on their Ipads. So lets say a month is 30 days we add that with 400 shillings (Ipad + Cellphone) that is total 12,000 shillings ($ 3.1). That is why it is insulting, that ones earning giant fortunes are complaining about paying possible for one more gadget. This is a tax they enacted in Parliament not long ago. They should have the courage and the funds to pay this sums, but seemingly that is too much for them. How about the people then, who doesn’t earns millions of shillings a month?

Parliament has clarified that members of parliament can access free Social Media services on their IPADs only when transacting parliament business. The Principal information officer at Parliament Moses Bwalatum, says according to the contract signed between Parliament and the Ipad Service providers, legislators can only use them for the legislative roles unless the contract are reviewed. This means that legislators have to pay OTT tax on their personal phone to access the other social media platforms” (NBS Television, 14.09.2018).

They should be capable to spend these meager sums of money. As the MPs should be able to pay 3 US Dollars a month for the OTT on both Cellphone and Ipad, as they are earning close to 6800 US Dollars. It is insane, that they whose earning such fortunes in a country, where civil servants aren’t earning that much. They are high-ranking and huge salaries which should cover everything, especially another 200 shillings, which is apparently to much for these rich MPs.

That the MPs cannot manage to spend a total of 3 dollars a month on OTT Taxes are insane, when they are earning over 6000 dollars a month, are they that lavish on their side-dishes, that they cannot mange to pay this? But they said the ordinary citizens and that this would not discriminate people, as this was a luxury. Is this now a luxury that the millionaire MPs cannot manage?

Are 400 shillings a day to much to ask for the ones who are already tax-exempt on their salary? Are you that greedy? 

Seriously, the MPs who enacted the OTT Tax should be able to pay for it, just like everyone else. They are having a giant salaries, housing, cars and whatnots covered. They are surely able to do this, but are stubborn and greedy, as sleazy salesmen, they expect to be…

They are certainly not showing confidence, but a more a mockery of the people. Since they have wealth and the general public doesn’t. Peace.

Parliament of Uganda: Clarification on OTT Tax remarks attributed to Hon. Kaps Hassan Fungaroo (14.09.2018)

European Parliament: Uganda, arrest of parliamentarians from the opposition – European Parliament Resolution of 13 September 2018 on Uganda, arrest of Parliamentarians from the oppostion (13.09.2018)

Ministerial Statementon to Parliament in respect of murder by shooting of ASP Muhammad Kirumira and Mbabazi Resty Alias Nalinya (13.09.2018)

Opinion: Bosco clearly lost his mind over VOA Panel Debate with Bobi Wine!

The reality is that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni aka Bosco lost his mind yesterday. He was surely sitting in darkness and mad, as he put out all of the electricity and ensured people that they could watch Voice of America and Straight Talk Africa with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as it was scheduled at 9:30 PM on the 12th September.

This program really made the President angry and unsure, as he has ordered the live-broadcast on the NBS Television and all electricity off as the program was about to start. Minutes after the black-out, the UMEME made statements and later claimed of technical glitches at Owen Falls, but this is never happening when Bosco is speaking, but only when powerful voices who are questioning his power. That is why he takes off all power of the nation, the nation who has surplus power in his eyes. They can clearly not have stable enough electricity…

Maybe cause Bobi Wine states the obvious so clearly:

“In Uganda, there can be a murder and the Police shows up after hours. But if youth gather to discuss the future of their country, Military Police will appear from nowhere in 2 minutes and beat up everyone.” – Bobi Wine (12.09.2018).

This is showing the blatant disregard for the dissidents, which has been known for years by the ones who follow, but are now getting exposed in the International Media. Also, this is being told in a manner, where the President cannot control the message. That is why he tried to block it, like he did with social media in and around the General Election of 2016.

However, this is 2018 and even with usage of gasoline to make electricity during black-outs, while also this video clips of the program will be spread online and shown for days, as the state cannot black-out or block the footage. Therefore, if the President thought his order would silence or stop the spreading of the messages from Bobi Wine. He is terribly wrong, but showing more of fear of the man. That the President has exposed his fear is really clear.

That Bosco struggles with Bobi Wine is obvious now, as he are turning of the electricity because of Straight Talk Africa, where his dissident is speaking. While when he is speaking for hours himself the other day, without any interference, but when Bobi Wine is on, the blackout is ordered.

If he thinks this was wise, it wasn’t, because he has shown his level of insecurity. The people should take notice, not only of the costs of losing electricity for a few hours, but that Bosco cannot manage his anger and frustration, as one MP are talking on an International TV station, there are also reports that the electricity has been turned of today, when NBS Television planned to do a re-run. Therefore, someone is really furious and not stable mind concerning Bobi Wine. Peace.

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