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Dr. Kizza Besigye: “We live in a country that is controlled by guns since independence no leader has ever handed over power to another peacefully” (03.10.2017)

Fellow Ugandans we are approaching 55 years of Independence, 55 years of Independence for Uganda has found us with the greatest majority people unemployed, poverty, poor health, poor education, people dying of hunger and insecurity increasing.

Why is this?

We live in a country that is controlled by guns since independence no leader has ever handed over power to another peacefully. So we are hostages of those who have guns. Mr. Museveni came to power 32 years old using guns, he has kept power largely using those guns. Now he is in the process of changing our 1995 Constitution, to remove the last check which is the age limit, having removed term limits in 2005. If the age limit is removed then he becomes a life president and this process continues.

What should we do?

Please understand our country is not divided into parties, don’t be confused yellow, blue, FDC, NRM, DP no! Our country is divided into hostage takers and hostages. And then, there are those who help the hostage takers to keep us, hostages, what we need to do now is to start the process of retaking our country, regaining control of the country.

Let us isolate the hostage takers and those who help them. Anytime you have a gathering whatever it is, whether it is the church, school, sports functions, let us identify together and let us isolate those who are helping the system to keep us in this situation.

Demonstrate your support for change, oppose what is going on in trying to change to our Constitution. Clearly, tell whoever is attempting amidst you DON’T TRY, TOGIKWATAKO not this time again.

  1. Starting this Tuesday 3 October 2017, I invite you if you identify with the people of Uganda that have been kept hostage all this time use the colour RED to show that we are together. Tie a ribbon on your body or use RED colour anyway on that day to show that you are with the people.
  2. Secondly, you have been traveling in private means, in your own car, in my car, it is time on Tuesday starting with 3rd October to leave your private means at home, identify with the public by traveling public means. Use a bus, use a taxi, use a boda, use a bicycle.

Again we will try and see who is with us and who is not with us, those who will be in their private vehicles, we will start identifying they are not with us and it is the beginning of isolation of those who are not with us, we shall not cooperate with those hostage takers and the people who help them. We shall not go to their business and help them get richer. We shall not go their meetings when they call meetings, let us isolate the hostage takers and those who help them to keep us hostages.

The struggle is on it starts now, show where you fall starting this Tuesday

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