Cameroon: Ministry of Defence – Radio-Press Release No. 0586 (27.07.2021)

Opinion: Daniel Hale follows a pattern of the U.S. incriminating whistleblowers

In the United States of America it is not acceptable to be a whistleblower or leak vital information of war-crimes, or even secrets from within the Republic. If a person does that… than the person will be charged and face serious crime like the puniative actions of the Espionage Act of 1917. 

Daniel Hale is the latest victim of this. Who leaked about the lethal drone programme and documents who was connected about this program. Hale showed the journalists documents, which produced articles that explained the military drone programme. So, that the general public knows what the U.S. Army does and to what extent it uses it. This would and could easily been kept under wraps, as a “secret” missions and only known by the U.S. Commanders and their allies overseas.

In the same way the U.S. has gone after Julian Assange of the WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Reality Winner. There are so many who can easily be mentioned as people who leaked intel and gotten into legal trouble.

Hale isn’t significant in this case, but the latest victim. As the United States, no matter what Party has the President or the majority in Congress. They are all seeking to keep these secret “missions” hidden. The war-crimes and the crimes against humanity isn’t supposed to be leaked.

If it is torturing “terrorists” in Guantanamo or in Abu Ghraib, Iraq. The leaks have shown what the U.S. is willing to do and it has been of public interest to know this. Because, the state and the Pentagon wanted to keep this a secret. These was the words and the programs that the imperial army didn’t want to have out.

The U.S. was supposed to keep this things hidden in an archive and if so… deal with it internally. That’s why Hale and other people are troublesome. They dare to challenge this and they deceive the empire. They are as bold as showing the true face of the Washington D.C. and it’s foreign policies.

This isn’t shocking, but follows a pattern. There are certain things Washington and its authorities never accepts. That is to leak what sort of war-crimes or possible crimes against the humanity the U.S. Army is up to elsewhere. This is never acceptable, but nevertheless everyone else is supposed to be transparent and held accountable. Though that never seems to apply to U.S. and their schemes of armed interventions across the globe. Peace.

Republique Centrafricaine: Communique du Gouvernement (31.05.2021)

ICRC dramatically increases its budget in Ethiopia and Sudan as needs grow at an alarming rate (27.05.2021)

The new appeal will bring ICRC’s total budget for Ethiopia to 65 million Swiss francs.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, May 27, 2021 -The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is asking donors for an additional 28 million Swiss francs ($31.3 million) for its operations in Ethiopia and Sudan following violence that has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes, increasing the need for food, clean water and medical care.

The new appeal will bring ICRC’s total budget for Ethiopia to 65 million Swiss francs ($72.7 million) and the total budget for Sudan to 36 million Swiss francs ($40.3 million). It is the ICRC’s largest such appeal in four years.

“We haven’t seen such an increase in the level of violence in this region for many years,” said Patrick Youssef, the ICRC’s head of operations for Africa. “The world’s attention has been mostly on Tigray, but pockets of violence broke out in other parts of Ethiopia as well, while fighting also resurfaced in Darfur, causing more fear, more displacement and preventing people from meeting their vital needs.

“We are facing an unprecedented challenge, responding to several crises that unfold against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate shocks,”Mr Youssef said.

In Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the presence of humanitarian actors increased in cities, but significant gaps remain in hard-to-reach rural areas. Access to food and primary healthcare are major humanitarian concerns. At the same time, humanitarian needs in other violence-affected areas like Oromia continue to grow.

In Sudan’s Darfur region, the flare-up of violence forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. People can’t grow food and access essential services. Meanwhile, the country is dealing with several displacement and refugee crises. Nearly 2 million Sudanese remain internally displaced, while the country is hosting more than a million refugees, including over 60,000 people who recently fled Ethiopia.

“The emergency response alone will not suffice in the situation we are now facing. The level of violence and destruction is such that we must be prepared to deal with the protracted consequences of these crises,” Mr Youssef added. “Respect for civilian life and property, as well as for healthcare facilities and personnel, is the only way to limit the disastrous humanitarian impact of the ongoing violence.”

The ICRC stepped up its response in Ethiopia and Sudan to cover urgent humanitarian needs, providing emergency relief and preparing for long-term interventions. Additional funding will enable it to expand its programs in Tigray, Oromia and other violence-affected areas of Ethiopia, working alongside the Ethiopian Red Cross. Reaching rural areas of Tigray, reinforcing health services, and increasing support for victims of sexual violence are among the main priorities.

In Sudan, the ICRC will expand its activities and support the Sudanese Red Crescent to respond to the increasing humanitarian needs in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan. It will focus on delivering assistance to people affected by violence, reinforcing primary health care and physical rehabilitation services.

ICRC in Ethiopia:

  • Supporting health centers in Zalambesa and Altitenna and hospitals in Shire and Sheraro;
  • Providing almost 200,000 liters of drinking water daily to more than 22,000 displaced people and host communities in Mekele, Axum and Shire;
  • Distributed seeds, tools and fertilizer to more than 35,000 families in Somali, Oromia and Tigray Regions.

ICRC in Sudan:

  • Expanding operations to Kassala state and supporting the Kassala teaching hospital’s emergency room;
  • Helping Ethiopian refugees reestablish contact with families and supporting health centers for around 60,000 Ethiopian refugees in 8 camps;
  • Distributed essential household items to around 90,000 people affected by violence in Darfur.

South Sudan: OCHA – UN Condems killing of one aid worker and attack humanitarian convoy in Unity State (23.05.2021)

South Sudan Doctors’ Union (SSDU): Condemnation of the Killing of Two Medical Professionals and Call for Action (23.05.2021)

RDC: Martin Fayulu – Message au Peuple Congolais (23.05.2021)

United States Capitol Police: Open letter to Members of Congress – January 6th Commission (19.05.2021)

South Sudan: Internal Security Bureau – Apprehensions of notorious highways criminals (19.05.2021)

Opinion: Abiy & Assefa’s hypocrisy in concern to external forces…

Countries with strong economy or other entities are in a campaign against Ethiopia with the [aim being] to decide how Ethiopians should live. The election will be decided by Ethiopia and Ethiopians only, not to fulfil the interest of external forces. Ethiopians have never fallen under any forces and will never fall” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (16.05.2021)

We have one home and that is Ethiopia. We only have one country and that is Ethiopia. No external forces could ensure the stability of Ethiopia. It is we Ethiopians to stand firm and save our nation”Yeshiwas Assefa, Chairman of EZEMA party (18.05.2021)

These two quotes is recent and shows the heart of the government, the regime and the ones in-charge in Addis Ababa. It is not shocking, but someone cornered and wanting respect does this. The same party and gentlemen that needs outside support and financial benefits as well.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and Ezema Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa is clear in the message. That isn’t shocking. They are both loyal to the same project and has no concern with outsiders looking in. These two wants the same powerful team run the nation and not being questioned about their misgivings.

This is the same government that is arresting, detaining, abducting and taking away political opponents. There is plenty, thousands of political prisoners in Ethiopia at this point. This is happening ahead of the elections, which has been postponed for so long. Therefore, the election is a (s)election and predetermined result for the ones in office. They are only creating the idea of an election, but not a free and fair one. Because, anyone who could challenge the PM or his Prosperity Party is lingering in jail or proclaimed as ‘Terrorist’.

This is why they wont have any interference or external forces. However, this government wants the help of International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This government wants aid and donors to pay for all sorts of projects. The Prosperity Party is living on the dimes of these multi-national organizations and United Nations Organizations too. So, it is not like the foreign currency through trade is covering the expenses of the state. That is the first level of hypocrisy of these gentlemen.

Second and more dire at these days. Is that these two gentlemen would easily defend the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) participating in the warfare in Tigray region and possibly elsewhere. The EZEMA have worried that the Ethiopians and Amhara Para-Military Group would be to weak, if the Eritreans would leave. Therefore, the hypocrisy is at all time high. As long as a Foreign Entity and soldiers are bashing through the Tigray region.

Prime Minister Abiy and Chairman Assefa is clearly jaded here. They have trouble with Western Powers and Donors adding strings to their purses. The Addis Ababa leadership wants to look sovereign. However, how sovereign are you when you need the Eritrean to take the battles internally for you? How great is Addis when Asmara is salvaging your hurt?

These two gentlemen needs to get their mind correct. The Prosperity Party and Ezema should just merge when they are on accord and working directly for the same thing. There is no difference, except for the name. This war in Tigray is exposing the sinister ploys and plots. That the state cannot forgive its own and cannot give way.

It is either Abiy’s way or its the path to destruction. That is the ways things are at this moment. Abiy should be careful with his words of being a sovereign. As long as his gently keeping company with Eritrean forces on the Ethiopian soil. His not sovereign as long as keeps playing these games. His the silent partner and accepting the ills of both his own soldiers and their allies. That is all happening on his watch. It is all on his account. Peace.

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