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Opinion: Gen. Museveni will tell any story that benefits his agenda..

They have been planning that they will stop swearing in of the president. They won’t. They plan all sorts of things including killing their own opposition people to say it is the government”Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni national address on the 14th March 2021

The old man with the hat, the ageing general and self-styled President for Life Museveni told various of stories yesterday. Not that it will amount to anything. It is just more alleged things and allegations pointed in the other direction. That could easily be put towards him.

Museveni knows he couldn’t win this election without intimidation, fear and open bazaar rigging. That is a reality. He has been rigging elections since he lost in 1980. That is what he does and he uses the state machinery to help his cause. This is so evident.

You know your a sinister old man… when you claim the opposition kills itself to make you look bad. Your really the devil, when you who has the army, security agencies and using the state machinery to oppress opposition. Says they are doing suicides to make you look ugly. That is beyond comprehension, but that is what he said yesterday. How come this is a thing?

If you thought that was bad enough.

He put up the ante:

It was Kyagulanyi and the team that cheated massively. Especially here in Kampala , Mpigi, Kyotera and in some parts in the Eastern like Busoga where our agents were weak, a lot of ballot stuffing happened. Thank God we emerged winners. In his petition, Kyagulanyi said he had evidence showing how Ballot stuffing was conducted, intimidation of their voters but when asked of the evidence, he didn’t show anything”Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni (14.03.2021).

This sort of statement is really strange. If the National Unity Platform should rig an election. Why do it only in one region(s) and not the whole nation to get the upper hand in the Parliament and in the Presidential Elections. Therefore… the idea itself is really rich.

This election was far from free or fair. There was no indication of any sincere or truthful about the election. The polls was rigged and the numbers haven’t made sense. The state had the abilities just like the ruling party in 1980 to field candidates everywhere. While the opposition couldn’t manage to do the same, neither campaign or even try to assemble. That’s why its really a giant lie. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was bound to win and get their majority by gerrymandering and by rigging the polls. While using the security organizations to intimidate and harass the opposition at the same time.

The General is really making it out of his way to make the opposition look bad and point at them everything he himself is ordering and doing. His even thanking God for rigging an election. That sort of God is not the almighty I believe in. My God isn’t a deity who supporters killers and robbers, but who will serve justice to the ones who trespasses others. Which is what Museveni has done…

He knows that he intimidated the voters. The general even arrested activists, poll agents and others in the night ahead of the polls. Therefore, the reality of this is really out of bound with reality. When his forces even passed through the streets of Kampala within hours before the polls. Who is he kidding here?

The self-styled President for Life only have a life-line … because of army and not because his “loved” by the people. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine’s plea for answers

It shouldn’t be this hard to get an answer. It shouldn’t be this sort of manner, but they are doing this as a result of the President and his orders. The authorities, security organizations and government is doing it and they haven’t stopped.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine addressed the Parliament today on the 11th March. The campaigns are over, the elections are sealed, but the state is still going after National Unity Platform activists, leaders and supporters. There are so many people who has been abducted, detained, tortured and even extra judicial killed. Therefore, the state cannot just act aloof and like they don’t know. When everyone knows that they know it perfectly well. They are playing ping-pong between the agencies, but we know that they have access to the information and knowledge of the persons missing.

His first vital statement was this:

We wonder if we still have a Constitution in this country. What happened to the requirement to have arrested persons presented before courts of law within 48 hours? What happened to the prohibition against torture, which is a non-derogable right? Why are civilians being tried by military courts? Why are they charged in the absence of their lawyers and relatives, Madam Speaker?” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

This here is what has boggled me that the Uganda Law Society (ULS) and the Judiciary haven’t addressed this. Neither has the Uganda Police Force (UPF) or any of the other Security Agency haven’t taken this to account. The state and the “high above” is fine that these people are losing their constitutional rights. It should have been more of a outcry, but it has only been minor efforts to cry out loud.

He continues:

Madam Speaker, President Museveni has come out and acknowledged that it is on his orders that these, our supporters have gone missing. I want to imagine that all of us, regardless of which political party we belong to, understand that our Constitution provides for the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial. Isn’t it then unfortunate that President Museveni has convicted iur people for terrorism and treason like he has been saying and sentenced them to torture and long periods of detention without trial? Should we sit here comfortably while this continues?” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

By the statement made by the President he claimed without any evidence that the ones who was taken was treasonous. By definition his saying supporting an opposition opponent that he fears is treachery. That is what is happening and is the memo of the affair that Bobi Wine states too. His just pleading about the rights to assemble and be a political in a multi-party democracy, which is part of the constitution, but clearly not abided by the government itself.

What is also striking is that citizens can be charged without a trial, warrants and sentencing, but the President deems these civilians as treasonous. That is injustice and impunity. The state is using unlawful means to do their type of “rule of law”. Museveni clearly doesn’t value “rule of law”. Only that he has total control and doesn’t care about the principal of “equal before law”. The only thing that matters to him is to incite fear and intimidate to stop anyone who oppose him. That is what his doing with these orders towards all the abducted or kidnapped civilians.

In the 1980s, an election was rigged using security forces. President Museveni castigated the courts at the time for being used by President Obote to give his regime a semblance of legitimacy. Ugandans were disappearing and being kidnapped in what was called panda gari. Today in 2021, we are back to this point, or even worse. Even peaceful demonstrations that are within the law have been criminalised and citizens are being treated like armed rebels. This Parliament, under you Madam Speaker, can rise to the occasion and distinguish itself by doing the right thing. This Parliament has an opportunity to stand on the right side of history. But if it does not, the people of Uganda will invoke Article 3 of the Constitution and take these matters upon themselves, and seek to restore constitutional rule” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

Here he brings a history lesson … which is astonishing, but something his not alone to point out. That Museveni is repeating history and doing the same, which was the reason for the bush-war. Just doing it to another generation and youth who never saw the darkness of the past. However, at this moment Museveni is doing it to them. That is the reality of it all and it shouldn’t be a thing.

Part of the ending of the speech was this:

I am not sure how many more times I will be able to address this Parliament as MP, hopefully the next time I address this house, I will be President, but I want to remind this Parliament that the people of Uganda are running out of patience” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

We know that the MP doesn’t have much time before the 11th Parliament is starting. It is just a matter of months before his term as MP ends. The Presidency will not happen at this given time. There is no uprising and no civil disobedience to talk off. The President and his party can live lavish without any worries. The NRM can be brutal and be horrific without any consequences. They are not paying any price for their actions.

Bobi Wine at this current stage is the Leader of Opposition and his statement will not change that. The International Community will not come to save him. The public is either with him and willing to risk it all or its more “status quo”. Peace.

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Opinion: Gen. Museveni needs the army and that’s why its never leaving the hallow halls of Parliament

The 10 UPDF MPs were put in the constitution on account of our history. They would be like a listening post to what is happening in Parliament” (…) “The NRM/A liberated the country together with peasants. After we realized that the army can’t govern the country and we handed it over to civilians. The country is not ours, it is yours, we are also just part of it” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Museveni warns army MPs against defying him as he lists priorities for new term’ 30.01.2021, NilePost.Co.Ug).

If it wasn’t for guns, ammunition and heavy weaponry General Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t be in power. The old man with the hat wouldn’t be relevant or even have any sort of influence in the Republic without the army behind him. This man isn’t there because of the love of the people or his popularity. No, this old man rather kill his grand-children and everyone who stands in his way. That is why political affiliation with National Unity Platform (NUP) is close to treasonous and grounds for abductions, torture and possible death in the hands of state security organizations.

So with that in mind. The General does need the services of the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Special Force Command (SFC) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). All of these organizations is working for him and he wouldn’t be as “strong” or “above the law” without ordering these all around on a whim.

Museveni will never let go of the army and its connection to civilian life. He needs the votes of military men in Parliament. That is an successive way to a majority without an election. These are bound by law and by chain-of-command of the army to follow their general i.e. him. They will automatically “give to Caesar what belong to Caesar” and he knows this.

We know the military have involved itself everywhere in civilian matters. That is why they are monitoring together with law enforcement the opposition leaders. They are used as operatives to control the political movements of the Republic. That is just a sad reality that this government is promoting.

The General have appointed military men all-over to all sorts of ministries. Made military men ambassadors and participated directly in the cabinet. So, he needs them all around and they are vital to his reign.

Also, the military have for some reason been involved in delivering mosquito-nets and going after illegal fishing in Lake Victoria. The army is part directly running beauty pageants even. The UPDF have a big role in Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADs). That meaning they are part of micro-loans, cash-crop development and so fourth. None of these are the supposed role of an army.

An army is supposed to safeguard the territory and shield the citizens from foreign invaders. Instead they are measuring the beauties of woman candidates for a pageant and checking if seedlings is correctly delivered to the Teso region. That shouldn’t be a thing, because how is this furthering the mandate of the army and making the Republic more safe? Why are they picking Miss Uganda or doing the logistics for Ministry of Agriculture? That shouldn’t be a thing, but it is…

The UPDF MPs are there to rubber-stamp and ensure the will of the General goes through. He has loyal allies that will never speak up against him and is only there to always have the majority to get his way. To think otherwise is naive. They are not there to represent a unique and special group. These are supposed to serve the Republic and do their duty. The army isn’t supposed to be involved in civilian matters, but ensure the civilians are safe. That is a big different.

Just like the army courts, the Court Martial shouldn’t be used to charge and be on trial as civilians in front of judges there. They are not enlisted or part of the UPDF. Therefore, the usage of the Court Martial towards the NUP Campaign Team and associates is foolishness. As that is outside their mandate and jurisdiction. They are not soldiers or high ranking officials who didn’t follow army command. No, these are civilians participating in a campaign for presidency for an opposition candidate. Which is without any legal grounds “effectively treason” but they will only postpone the judgement as long as possible. Just so the army can keep them hostage and detained with no other reason than as a statement to not challenge the almighty general.

This here is… just showing the military is embedded in the government and done for a reason. It is the reason why the General doesn’t need the public, but is addicted to the guns. The old man needs the soldiers and troops to follow his every move. They need to be part of every single institution and be there to listen to every heat-beat. The UPDF will go after and use their influence to ensure the old man has all power. The mandate is supposed to secure the border and avoid an invasion, but instead they are busy checking if Bobi Wine has sneezed. That is what they do and why Museveni will never let them off the hook. That is what an addict does and this is what gives him “a high”. Peace.

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