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South Sudan: Gen. Paul Malong Awan – “Re: Warning to President Salva Kiir Mayardit” (02.06.2018)


Museveni: There is never too much peace!

We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.” Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

I don’t get it, I really don’t, I have no idea where he get this wisdom. What sort of schooling or tale of wisdom. There isn’t anything I can come up with to answer this or find something that similar as what President Museveni really stated. That there was to much peace, therefore, the reason for kidnappings and murders. This lazy of the President. It is just weird as hell. The hell-bound narrative that peace is leading to insecurity. What gives Mr. President?

It cannot be so, then the peaceful nations on other sides of the world, would have more kidnappings, extortion’s and also dozens of murders. This insecurity is because of the lack of resources, the need to kidnap people, because of unemployment and lack of work. There are so many systemic and problematic parts of the government, that the insecurity is the lack of organization and governance of the security organizations within the Republic. This is not because of too much PEACE.

There is never to much PEACE. There can never be enough PEACE. That is lie, a big fat lie. There can never be enough freedom and liberty in the world, there will always be fights to keep things or to ensure people have their freedoms and the liberty to live within the bounds of the laws. That they can be law-abiding citizens, who are living within the means of the state and within the community. But there cannot be to much peace. That is not true. Then there would be total chaos in Northern and Central Europe, where it has been peaceful for decades. There should be grand gangs going wild, kidnapping and making sure the citizens would fear their neighborhoods, however, that is not the case.

Therefore, the President is in hot-water and knows, if not he should know, that its his generals, his government and his institutions that is malfunctioning. The evidence is in the lack of evidence collecting, the problems of investigating the murders and also the problem of insecurity with the recent amounts of kidnappings.

There is never to much peace, the state of peace is there because of the security of the people and the citizens are provided by the state. The insecurity and the lack of thereof, is because of the lack of organization and protocol to carry out the needed safety measures for the citizens. That is why the system is cracking. Not because of the borders are peaceful, it is because the kidnappers are seeing wealth and a way out of poverty to kidnap people and get ransom. Not because of too much peace.

There is never to much peace, just not enough freedom and liberty in the state. There is never to much peace. Never enough peace. Never ever ever enough peace. That should be installed in someones veins, tattooed on their forehead and repeat it to themselves. There is never enough peace. It just doesn’t exist. There is always something and some threats of some kind. However, how big or small. There are criminal gangs and other people acting vile up society. There are conflicts internally who are trying to take away civil liberties of certain individuals, even if we like it or not. That is just the sad reality of the world we are living in.

However, there never to much freedom, never too much liberty within bounds of rule of law and within sovereign states, there is never to much peace. That is utter nonsense and a big fat lie. A big juice burger of lie. Peace.

USA: Deputy Secretary of Defense Memo – “Subject: Mobile Devices Restrictions in the Pentagon” (22.05.2018)


Has the Chinese hit President Duterte in the gut?

What is up with President Rodrigo Duterte?

First it was the Benham Rise, where the Philippines won’t send the army or the field researchers on it. As the Chinese have named the area and several government leaders are we’re at one point saying that the Republic wasn’t sovereign to have control over it. Therefore, they have already shown deep weakness towards Beijing. They have accepted to muffled and tussled with by Xi Jinping and his brigades, as the Philippines are less powerful, than the Chinese.

Secondly, Duterte has again shown that he is this weak, as the war-planes and war-ships are put into the South China Sea, as the administration will not react or make a diplomatic spat with them. Even if this is military movement in the nearby area or anything else. Its like he has lost the power of sovereign nation and become a groveling poor uncle to the grandest family member in Beijing. Rodrigo just have to bow his knees and kiss the ring. Accept to be violated and played with, instead of standing ground on the principals of his state. That is not going to war, but questioning the motive of Beijing. Since, they are putting a lot of force close to its borders. That should worry him as the President of his Republic.

The Philippines said it is “closely monitoring developments” in the area, but diplomatic actions against China’s intrusive behavior will not be publicized. “It is not our policy to publicize every action taken by the Philippine government whenever there are reported developments taking place in the West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea,” the Department of Foreign Affairs said. The department noted the improved relations between China and the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte and said it will avoid steps that could undermine the situation. “Moving forward, we are taking a different approach to avoid any drawbacks and challenges,” the department said. Duterte on Saturday said he cannot do anything to oppose China’s militarization of the islands and that he would not risk deploying forces in the South China Sea. However, he said he will eventually bring up the dispute later in his term” (Mikhail Flores – ‘Philippines stops short of condemning China over bombers’ 21.05.2018, Asia Nikkei).

This here shows how careful the Philippines are with their powerful neighbor. They might do something later, they accept to kicked in the guts by the Chinese and trying to keep cool. Usually, Duterte is a hot-head who speak his mind first and begs for forgiveness. Therefore, this is a bit weird coming from him and his administration. He has no trouble getting rid of enemies and people who questioning his powers. However, the Chinese can power-play and mock him even, in his backyard with their military force.

You can wonder if the promised Chinese investments deals and aid agreements are the reasons for this carefulness, as well as the lack of territorial integrity on Benham Rise and now with the militarization of the South China Sea. It is like the Chinese are not as friendly as it seems, more like they want to show their strength and not play on others people’s terms, but their own. If they are toying around with the Philippines and showing whose the boss.

It must hurt the pride of Duterte, who likes to be the strong-man, the big-man, the ones whose words matters and decrees are honored. Now, he is played around by Beijing and has to anticipate his next actions. That is not typical Duterte, not at all.

A humiliation doesn’t fit him or his republic well, it is weird. Peace.

President Biya bashes himself in glory: While his horrors are haunting the Anglophone Cameroon!

Today the 20th May 2018, was the National Day of Cameroon. While the elites and the military was parading together with one of the longest serving President’s in the world, Mr. Dictator-often-on-Vacation in Switzerland Paul Biya. In Southern Cameroons in two separate villages, the army and police killed villagers, and also villagers living in the forest after they got burned.

So it hard to know what to celebrate, when the Republic, where the President plans to be running again. The man whose been president since a coup in 1982. Biya used all tricks to get rid of predecessor president Ahmadou Ahidjo. That got totally away since 1983. It is easy to forget that, but he used all tricks to get rid of the one before him.

Therefore, today the celebration is a downer as the continued oppression in the Southern Provinces continues. The pressure of the state is there, and the determination to get people to cheer in the streets. Everything closed and telling people to show-up in the streets. That is what is insane, that the President is driving in a Range Rover Limousine that cost 358.296.00 CFA. In a Republic where the schools are lacking, the roads are filled with potholes and the state is not delivering. But, then again the President is more away, than home. That is why the demise of so many of his citizens doesn’t matter.

We know that the state is really all in control from his office, as the Council of Ministers meet recently for the fist time since 2015. Biya is really relaying in the army and the donors to keep him afloat, while him and his wife is on shopping sprees in Europe.

The Trump Administration really shown love with their statement on the 18th May 2018, as they don’t care about the internal conflict, as they stated: “The United States values the ties that bind the American and Cameroonian people. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cameroon as we strengthen regional security, fight violent extremism in the Lake Chad Basin region, and collaborate to improve health outcomes. Our goal is to work together for a peaceful, democratic, and an abundant future” (Mike Pompeo – ‘Cameroon National Day’ 18.05.2018).

That peaceful and democratic future is currently not for the anglophone Cameroon, where the government is violently oppressing and also suppressing the voice of dissidents. Therefore, the President speaking of strength and unity on this day. When we know about the destruction and the violent oppression, that the state is sponsoring in Southern Cameroon. As long the army is killing civilians, decrees of control and the governors really stopping all movement of the public in these parts of Southern Cameroon.

This day should have been celebrated with flair and of liberation, it is the national day, instead people are ordered in the streets, villages left and army killing civilians. This is not the sort of news that should happen at the same time. While the President is driving in a luxury car and bash in glory, while so many are living in fear.

Biya, your been living large for 36 years and what your leaving behind is a mess. You haven’t built a republic, built a republic to be proud of delivering to the next generation. Your leaving behind a steaming kettle, that someone else got to handle. That will be your legacy, because you overstayed your welcome and you enriched yourself on the plate of all your citizens. Peace.

South Sudan Council of Churches: Statement at the High-Level Revitalisation Forum (HLRF) – (17.05.2018)

Somalia: Somali National Armed Forces Letter of Agreement to Red Four Security Group (26.04.2018)

South Sudan: Response to the US Government Press Statement on the Conflict in South Sudan (09.05.2018)

Opinion: Who needs enemies, when you have Trump?

There isn’t anything about this man that is about trust, except of his own ego and his own scary love for his daughter. The rest is just a relic of man, whose role in the world is supposed to be trusted and secure, but instead is a beacon of distrust and disloyalty, there isn’t any cause or any effort he will thwart because of his world-view. It isn’t anyone else he will make sure suffers, because it doesn’t fit his narrow little cable-TV mind of his. President Donald J. Trump, has yet again betrayed the world, this time with Iran and Middle East as a the pawns.

That President Trump is untrustworthy is with the change of guards, the twitching ways of bombing in Yemen, the drone attacks in Somalia, the possible pull-out in South Sudan and so on. The sudden suicidal mission in Niger, the blatant support of Saudi Arabia and other friends in the Middle East. While not having a coherent strategy in Iraq and in Syria. Therefore, that today, the United States is pulling out of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

Everyone should know that Trump cannot be trusted, the allies in NATO should be worried, as he has attacked them and said they haven’t done enough. Who knows if he pulls out of there too. Just like he has done with the TPP and the Paris Agreement. Nothing seems impossible, if he would ask the United Nations to change their headquarters too, would seem reasonable at this point. Because this man is of the chains. Nothing is stable, nothing is done with consensus or quorum, all in the midst of misty fog, which the farts he has made by eating to many cheese-burgers and drinking to much diet-coke.

Clearly, the world cannot anticipate a trustworthy partner in the United States, the NAFTA negotiations team, the Chinese Trade Deals and the North Koreans should know that Trump is unreasonable and a megalomaniac, who only praise his own ego, but not caring about the costs for the world around him. Like it is seemingly done on impulse without other reasons than, Obama did this, so I have to do the opposite. If Obama acted like a grown ass man, I have act like baby, if Obama talked with tact with his allies, Trump has to insult the Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković, because Trump has to be the big-shot and King Kong at the NATO Meeting.

So, the world doesn’t need enemies when it has Trump, he has already lied about missiles ships in Asia to spread fear around North Korea, promised that something might happen in Syria or other places. This man is pulling out of the world, but expect his guns and ammunition to hit conflicts with a steady phase. If he thinks this is wise and controlling, it will just be by rare luck if nothing going to pop-off, not like Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner can even trade their bad estates of 666 fifth avenue in New York, and copy-cat fashion designs to make a deal like the Iran Nuclear Agreement. 3 years into the deal, he pulls out.

If I was North Korea, I would wonder if the United States can be trusted and if they should just directly talk with Seoul and not Washington. Since the mad-man in DC is off the hinges and could suddenly send drones to Pakistan, because his newly appointed such-and-such with a mustache said so. Since, nothing is impossible in this mess and the lack of reflection is a bad sign. That the microwaved and lack of possible outcome of a self-inflicted wounds are the result of pulling out of it.

I am sure Fox & Friends, Tomi Lahren and all the bad-boys of the Republican going to praise this, but the world is looking in awe and thinking, does this man has any hinges? Where does the buck stops? When will this man be better? He is only getting worse.

Who needs enemies? When you have Trump? You don’t need any, no one is so self-conflicted, split-personality and self-indicted, than the commander-in-chief. Also his neglect in lack of understanding and basic knowledge of the concerns is evident too. That is why these sort of acts appears, because he thinks he won the rose on The Bachelorette and gets another shot at the woman. Instead, its big giant policies that affects not only the region, but all powers. This is creating frantic problems, and worries about the outcome. While he is just acting like it was nothing.

Who knows the consequences now, but Iran will with time start up their Nuclear production, the arms race of the Middle East will happen with time. The United States will export more weapons and who knows how it will go. Who will shoot and who will spread fear, but in the equation, the United States cannot be trusted. The United States cannot be trusted at all, as long as Trump is at the helm.

He might end NATO tomorrow. Who knows? He got the capacity and he doesn’t care. Peace.

Opinion: Why I have a hard time believing Museveni as a mediator in South Sudan!

When it comes to a political disagreement like we have here (South Sudan), we must have a scientific approach to its resolution, should it be resolved by force or other ways? Force should be reserved for the enemy. A disagreement among brothers should not be resolved by force,” President Museveni said” (…) “Some people have been coming to Uganda. Malong [Paul] and others. They come and talk to our people. They want to start a war because they claim Salva Kiir is being controlled by some elders. But should that be cause for war?” Museveni asked” (Kasasira, 2018).

It is okay, that anyone want all the stakeholders, all the opposition militias, all the war-lords to a sit-down and settle differences. That is cool and that is good, if there was a substantial effort for doing so, but a leader like President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Is not believable in this grace. He is not the kind of man to this himself. He rather get rid of his enemies and settle the score in his favor. That is what he has done in the past and is known for. He peddles a fake-peace, signs agreements and when the opposition, thinks all is golden. He strikes with fierce force and takes it all. That is Machiavellian leader Museveni is. Instead of having a proper sit-down in Kasese, he burned the Royal Palace and killed guards like their where vermin. So, that the Ugandan President said this, is sort of poetic.

But if we go further down into history, into when he was still a warlord himself and not a 32 year long life President, he was still just mere guerrilla leader, which used force for his own benefit. This was the Nairobi Talks accord and agreement, which he first signed and later dropped like a cold stew.

Mr. Museveni never helped to carry out the peace accord, refusing to take his post as vice chairman of a reconstituted military council or to nominate members to the council” (Rule, 1986). “Mr. Museveni, who signed a peace accord last month in Nairobi with General Okello in an effort to end years of bloodshed, characterized his participation in the peace talks as ”very painful” because he was sitting there ”with the criminals across the table.” He said he agreed to the accord because of pressure from other nations, which he criticized as being more interested in opening roads for trade than in the future of Uganda. He said his followers had made it clear they would not take part in any government in which ”criminals” were involved. The accord was never put into effect, and Mr. Museveni moved on Kampala a month after it was signed” (Rule, 1986).

That is why I have a big trouble with Museveni as a mediator. Not only his army is involved with the SPLA and even has a defense agreement (MoU) with them. Which means he is impartial and is indirectly a trading-partner and weapon-brother of President Salva Mayardit Kiir, which should be a no-no for anyone. However, that is not the worst issue, its a serious breach. But its the knowledge of how he himself was to settle the score and take Kampala in 1986.

In 1985 December, as the Okello Government was finalizing the Cease-Fire’s and putting down arms as the Nairobi Peace Agreement was supposed to do. Museveni armed to his teeth, continued to fight the government army and within a month took Kampala from him. That was the immoral acts and securing his NRA/M the power. Which he haven’t ceased since. So he calls the other parties and the other politicians at the talks in 1985 as criminals, however, he didn’t follow the agreement either. So, he isn’t as noble as he think he is. He used force to get his way, when he needed it. He used force against his brothers to take power and never let it go.

That is why he is the wrong guy to mediate anything. He will kill the ones who steps in his backyard and tries to take his cattle. A man who signed an agreement, but never had plans to follow it. As he wouldn’t be muffled in a coalition, which he couldn’t control. Is a man whose supposed to mediate in a conflict between various parties with different interests and motivations? Nah, you cannot be serious.

President Museveni shouldn’t be the one to trust this with, he will make sure President Kiir gets a head start and gets the weapons he needs to smash the opposition, to smash the rebel outfits and make sure the militias are dying. That is what Museveni does, he doesn’t speak peace. Unless, you leave him in peace in power. Than, you can do whatever you want. Please, remember to him your tax too. Peace.


Kasasira, Ridsel – ‘Why Museveni is urging Kiir, opposition to hold talks’ (06.05.2018) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/SpecialReports/-Museveni-Kiir-opposition-South-Sudan-SPLM-Igad-Machar/688342-4546986-30js91/index.html

Rule, Susan – ‘REBEL SWORN IN AS UGANDA PRESIDENT’ (30.01.1986) link: https://www.nytimes.com/1986/01/30/world/rebel-sworn-in-as-uganda-president.html

Rule, Susan – ‘REBELS IN UGANDA TAKE CONTROL OF CAPITAL, BUT BATTLES CONTINUE’ (26.01.1986) link: https://www.nytimes.com/1986/01/26/world/rebels-in-uganda-take-control-of-capital-but-battles-continue.html

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