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UK: The 1922 Committee – Press Release – Vote of Confidence in the Leader of the Conservative Party (12.12.2018)


RDC: Lamuka – Point de Presse (11.12.2018)

Somalia: The impeachment against President Farmaajo is declared invalid!

On the 9th December 2018 there was over 92 MPs who signed themselves on an Impeachment of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. While there was nothing directed at Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire. That is why there speculation if he was the one behind the scenes fixing it. So that he could topple the President. This was served the Lower House Speaker Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman, who accepted the Impeachment. To file it and put it forward in the Lower House of Parliament would be really a stand-off.

Since the 10th December 2018 at Villa Hargeisa, the Speaker has been under-house. He has been that for two days now. The Security Forces sealed it off as the Impeachment came into play. While today on the 11th December 2018, the Secretary General of the Parliament, Abdikarim Hajji Bux deducted 14 MPs from the Motion of the Impeachment. Because of that the Motion was declared invalid. That has happen as the Speaker been under house-arrest.

This shows what sort of political play the Villa Somalia does and how he clears the House. When the Villa Somalia wanted to get rid of Speaker Jawari, they sent the army to the Lower House and besieged it. So, in April 2019 Kheire won the match and the stand-off. After nearly a month of political hardball. Jawari resigned… and lost, but the issues are still there.

We can wonder will happen next, how long will Villa Somalia keep the newly minted Speaker behind the Lower House? Because keeping Mursal under house-arrest because of Motion of Impeachment. Proves that the leadership is immature and not nurturing the process. As the FGS and Villa Somalia really addressing this the wrong way.

If they had a case, they should have answered the Lower House in Person, not sending the army to the Gates of the Villa Hargeisa. That is just weakness. The President is still a coward, the only difference is that he is carrying a gun. The Lower House filled a Motion questioned the Agreements done with Eritrea and Ethiopia, as the President has done deals without being transparent with the Parliament. That is why they could doubt the President. Secondly, they could have been swayed by outside forces. Thirdly, they could do it try to get more cash and funding.

We have not heard much from the rest of the MPs who was Pro-Impeachment. There will be surely more aftermath to this. Certainly someone went to play, but didn’t get their result. Also, some tried to play hard, but got stamped on.

Even if the President thinks he won now, this is not how a victory looks like. Villa Somalia didn’t win, but didn’t lose either. Farmaajo are saved for the moment, but is a fragile President. As he needs the soldiers and armed forces to get his way in the Lower House of the Parliament. The FGS and Villa Somalia is really weak. Peace.

DRC: In Lubumbashi there was fatal aggression against the Fayulu/Lamuka Convoy!

Today is a sad day, as the peaceful election is now squashed, maybe the pictures of the rallies around the Democratic Republic of Congo has hit the desk of Joseph Kabila and his sidekick the Emmanuel Shadari who is running against Martin Fayulu and Félix Antoine Tshisekedi. However, the rallies of the two last gentlemen clearly sparked fear in the powerful men and their armies. As they had to retaliate, not with a vision or prospects of a better future. They decided to order violence and intimidate the opposition, as they know best.

Today in Lubumbashi, as the people was gathering in and around the convoy of Lamuka, the Political Alliance of Fayulu. The Police and Presidential Guards decided to tear-gas the public, use live bullets and assault the ones gathering to welcome Fayulu. That is what they did today.

What is happening right now in #lubumbashi is intolerable! Gassing activists of #lamuka, arbitrary arrests, dispersal of the crowd coming in mass welcoming Martin Fayulu. A real election, it goes first through a real campaign, free and democratic!” (Moise Katumbi, 11.12.2018).

The current reports of loss of lives because of the state sanctioned violence against the public, is up to 6 people died, 11 severely hurt police officers and scores of the public in same condition, as the numbers of how many hurt by the guns and tear-gas is unknown.

What is also known already, is that the Presidential Guard did directly attack the cars and the convoy of Fayulu, he was singled out and targeted by the Security Forces. They we’re attacking him directly and planned to do so, when he entered Lubumbashi. That video evidence of it is striking and shows it. They are proving their real character and plans of total destruction of the opposition ahead of the polls later in the month.

Some is claiming this was trying to assassinate Fayulu, but they clearly targeted him and his motorcade/convoy of people going to the rally scheduled in the city. What is proven today, was that the crowds was starting to gather around the convoy/motorcade, but than the authorities came in with the guns blazing. Showing their ill-intention as they came with precision shooting it all down.

If Kabila and Shadari wanted to signal to the world, their intentions, they clearly did it today. They are violently planning to control the situation. They are planning to steal the whole thing and take it. They are not leaving without the bullets and assault on democratic values, as they are spreading fear. There was no issues on the roads and by the motorcade/convoy, before the Presidential Guards, the Police Officers and all other Security Forces showed up.

That is the proof of today, which has been peaceful campaign season, until now. But that dream had to be shattered by the dreams of another hostile takeover. As the political campaigning in the DRC cannot happen without bullets coming to play. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Press Statement for the Operations of Private, Voluntary Organizations/ NGOs in Zimbabwe (11.12.2018)

Rwanda: P5 Communique – President Kagame should ensure the respect of the ruling of the ACHPR on the case of Mrs. Victorie Ingabire Umuhoza to leave a positive Legacy of the African Union (10.12.2018)

Brexit: Opposition Leaders letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (11.12.2018)

Pat Robertson’s Deception: Operation Blessing, which was a Blood Diamond Enterprise!

If it wasn’t for the reporting of Anna Massoglia at OpenSecrets.Org and her investigation into Maria Butina. She wouldn’t have opened my eyes about the dark side of Pat Robertson. This is an unlikely story, but in our crazy-world of Presidential Candidates becoming Teleevangelist and also conflict diamond exporter. That is clearly, the memo I got today, that Robertson was not only doing business in the midst of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Zaire, but also promoting the dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko. Which a very rare thing.

I started to look for documentation of the exploits of Robertson, how he maneuvered from various of sources. Because, there had to be more to it. There has to be a drive for exploitation, the drive of greed and also the ambition for someone to associate themselves with a dictator. That is evident here, as there god sources from credible people. When the likes of Reno in African Studies Quarterly and Chaitkin in EIR has published stories on you. You know, there are something behind the claims.

What is topping the whole scheme off, is how the Teleevangelist used his position to create his “700 Club” with funding from conflict minerals, which again was a ploy in itself as that was supposed to be humanitarian aid for the conflict ridden area. Therefore, he lied about the funding of his religious fundraiser, he lied about the humanitarian aid and was a war-profiteer. That shows the sinister part of all. That you can make a combo of all these ills at the same time.

From Reliefweb.int:

Observers of the Zairean scene have long held that Mr. Robertson was a close confidant of Mr. Mobutu and a great supporter of the Mobutu dictatorship, in the main, because he allegedly was using the proceeds from his mining operation to finance much of his “700 Club” religious operation” (Marek Enterprise – ‘ Zaire Watch News Briefs 28 Apr 1997’).

What Robertson did do:

Mobutu’s relationship with 1988 U.S. presidential candidate and evangelist Pat Robertson revealed a more innovative private diplomacy that reached beyond conventional public relations firm or lobbyist efforts. Mobutu recruited Robertson to his quest to secure a U.S. visa. More importantly, Robertson brought to Zaire his African Development Company (ADC), active in diamond, timber, gold, and power generation businesses. This commercial venture operated alongside Robertson’s Operation Blessing, billed as a humanitarian relief effort for Rwandan refugees in eastern Zaire. Operation Blessing included more obviously commercial ventures as well, running a 50,000 acre farm near Kinshasa. Robertson justified the profit-seeking nature of his religious venture as part of his efforts to generate cash for relief work” (Reno, 1997).

What his pilots claim:

During 1994 and 1995, Operation Blessing cargo planes carried equipment and supplies for the river-dredging of diamonds, on behalf of the African Development Company. Robertson, the sole owner, had chartered that company in 1992. It suspended operations in October 1995. Before then, chief pilot Hinkle had quit in disgust at Robertson’s fraud and deception. Hinkle told EIR that he flew about 40 missions for the Robertson organization, headquartered in Goma, Zaire. Hinkle set up the cargo-flying operation and hired others, including pilot Tahir Brohi. Hinkle told of his flights from N’jili airport near Kinshasa, and from N’dolo, around 15 miles away, to Tshikapa, some 200 miles into the interior” (…) “Tahir Brohi, who flew for Robertson from November 1994 through September 1995, told EIR that he made “one or two flights a week.” The majority of these, he said, were related to the diamond dredging. One of Brohi’s flight bases was the Zaire port city of Matadi on the Congo River” (Chaitkin, 1997).

I’m disgusted at the hypocrisy, again that someone uses their religious background to deceive people to give to your “700 Club” and also to a made-believe “Operation Blessing”, while using both as a front for a conflict mineral business called African Development Company (ADC) is beyond disgraceful and should be indicted and sentenced for. This is fraud, this is deception at the highest level. There is nothing else to it.

That Pat Robertson has used his position, has used his ability to not only support and be a lobbyist at one point for a terrible dictator. But also, used his relationship with him to earn money on diamond exploitation and extractions, also using the front as a Humanitarian Operation, when it really was all Commercial is really insulting. While flagging for peace, he was funneling the war with new means, as he helped the dictator to export minerals. That is the reality of it all.

The Teleevangelist used his time and efforts to exploit Zaire, today’s Democratic Republic of Congo. He used his connections and tried even to get a visa for Mobutu. That says a lot about him, that his integrity and his belief can be bought.

You know it isn’t a joke, when Mary Dejevsky reported: “One possible channel, improbable though it sounds, may have been the television evangelist, Pat Robertson, who made a number of trips to rebel-held areas in private planes, ostensibly to see about his mineral interests” (Dejevsky, 1997).

With this all mind, this isn’t just a mare fad of a story. It is a story about greed, opportunities and lies. How someone, who you thought should spread the message of hope and care, are instead involved in sinister trade and acts, where he supported one of the worst dictatorships of his time.

Still, for many this story has forgotten and needs to be reminded of it. Because the reality stings and shows a mere reflection of who Robertson is. A greedy man, who in the hunt for wealth, apparently even trade with blood diamonds or conflict minerals to earn a living. That says something about him. Peace.


Anton Chaitkin – ‘‘Diamond’ Pat’s mining scam’, EIR Volume 24, Number 46, November 14, 1997

Mary Dejevsky – ‘US pretends it has a sound grip on Zaire diplomacy’ 10.05.1997, link: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/us-pretends-it-has-a-sound-grip-on-zaire-diplomacy-1260624.html

William Reno – ‘Sovereignty and Personal Rule in Zaire’ – African Studies Quarterly | Volume 1, Issue 3 | 1997

Opinion: If this isn’t your war Bosco, maybe you should just retire?

“Why arrest people for being Idle and disorderly, those are colonial tendencies, how do you arrest someone in his country that he is idle and disorderly?”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (10.12.2018).

Today, was the day of yet another into the bunch of Anti Corruption and Financial Monitoring Authorities within the Republic. This time its a fixed Unit at the State House. That is why it is ironic, that Mr. President doesn’t say it is his fight. That his fight was in the 1980s and not now. That his done with fighting, but are just watching it all. That is not true, as he is usually implicated in it all. If you look thought the scandals, he is either involved or allowing the culprits to get away. That is just the way it is.

That is why I have no faith in a new Unit in a Republic with the IGG, OAG, PPDA, FIA, UPF, The Judiciary and new State House Anti Corruption Unit with a telephone number to call. All of these bodies are supposed to stop it and expose the graft, expose the corruption, however, that is not the wish of the President. Because in the end, that would show his sins. Sins the President is not supposed to have, but does have. We know this and not just mere hearsay. Since there been plenty of scandals since he started his reign in 1986. But hey, will not go into that, because that is doctorate or a book in itself. As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have been implicated and created it time and time again. There is just new Government Organizations and new names, but the similar scheme, different company tender or another government facility where the culprits close to the President or even himself was eating.


My war was that of guns and I fought and finished it in Luweero. This war on thieves is yours” (…) “Thieves are there where you are. You see them” (…) “The NAADS people who steal government money; doctors who steal medicine, police officers that solicit bribes, you see all of them. There isn’t any evil that happens down there that you know nothing about” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘Corruption is not my war; I fought and Finished Mine in the Bush – Museveni’ 10.12.2018 link: https://chimpreports.com/corruption-is-not-my-war-i-fought-and-finished-mine-in-the-bush-museveni/).

With all of this, Museveni, knows perfectly well. That is why he says stuff like this. Acts the way he does. He is cleaning his hands, while he knows the dirt of his sins will not go off. As he never plans to confess or come clean. That means he will humble himself and show the world his con. The President has lived on the Long-Con.

Therefore, Museveni saying this isn’t his war. Is saying it is not for him to clean up his mess. Which is pretty insulting to all intelligence. As he is the Executive, he is the President and the Government itself. The President could have shown character and been bold, instead he is cleaning his hands or trying to.

The President is trying to fool the public, but ends up fooling himself. As he looks like a schmuck. That is evident with his words combined with years of action. He can blindfold the Movement people and the ones imprinted with his propaganda, but the reality is different.

Bosco can speak hard, but if he cared, he wouldn’t have let all of these activities happening around him or the cronies. All of which is known, but he is thinking the rouse works. However, it doesn’t because people knows it all so perfectly well. That is why people are mocking and playing around with the new Unit. No one believes it.

The President can play around and toy around like King. However, he is still a fool, saying this isn’t his war. Not so strange, when he is the General ordering everyone around and doesn’t want jump on the sword. The President doesn’t want to be credited or charged for the own crimes, but wants fool the rest of world. Even when he has so many authorities to do the job. They cannot do it, because you order them around. We know it, but you will not say it. I have to say it: “You don’t have the heart”.

Secondly, if this isn’t your war, you should retire. As they have to clean up from your mess. Your issues and the chaotic mess you have created. Peace.

Burundi: Declaration du FOCODE a l’occasion du 70eme Anniversaire de la Declaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme (10 decembre 1948 – 10 decembre 2018) – (10.12.2018)

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