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Sudan: The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) – Statement (29.05.2023)

The April 15 war enters its seventh week and puts the country day after day on the brink of a pit of total collapse. During this period, Sudan lost the lives of thousands of civilians and military personnel, destroyed the country’s civilian and military infrastructure and capabilities, looted homes and shops, and spread hate speech and sharp polarization. All of this is still happening. The war is expanding and its intensity is increasing, which makes us stick more to our declared position from day one of the necessity of stopping this war immediately, and favoring peaceful political solutions to address the root causes of the issues that led to its outbreak, as we affirm the following:

First: We call on the leadership of the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to renew and abide by the short-term ceasefire, which will end this evening, in order to give an opportunity to address the severely deteriorating humanitarian situation. Today’s truce has witnessed a slight improvement, represented by a decrease in the intensity of the confrontations, but it has witnessed abuses such as the use of aircraft, the continued armed presence in homes and service facilities, assaults on civilians, the occurrence of armed clashes, and the delay in the arrival of humanitarian aid. perpetrators and the return of looted property, with the commitment of the two parties to cooperate in order to restore the necessary services.

Second: We strongly reject the calls for civil armament and the plunge of civilians into the furnace of armed conflict, which is dragging the country into an all-out civil war. We call for abandoning these calls for sedition, besieging the discourse that calls for it and confronting it, and activating social peace initiatives that confront hate speech and prevent the expansion of the scope of war.

Third: We affirm in the Forces for Freedom and Change our continued efforts to contribute positively to stopping the war, through joint work with all national forces to strengthen and expand the anti-war front, and regional and international communication to coordinate efforts to stop the fighting and ensure the arrival of humanitarian aid, and we also continue to urge the leadership of the forces Armed forces and rapid support for delinquency to peaceful solutions, the arbitration of the voice of wisdom, and sparing our country the scourge of slipping into total collapse.

Fourth: We commend the statement of the African Peace and Security Council No. 1156 of May 27, 2023 on the situation in Sudan, and we encourage what was stated in it about the African Union coordinating and unifying international efforts, and we renew our thanks and support for the Saudi-American efforts to extend the short-term ceasefire and address the humanitarian situation, and we hope In integrating international and regional efforts and initiatives to accelerate the pace of reaching a sustainable solution to the Sudanese crisis.

Fifth: We thank all friendly countries and peoples for their speed in providing urgent aid to the Sudanese people, and we call for the formation of a transparent, impartial and impartial mechanism with the participation of aid providers, civil society and popular parties to work on distributing humanitarian and medical aid and ensuring that it reaches those who deserve it in the capital and the states.

In conclusion, we affirm that we will continue to confront the plans of the remnants that work to perpetuate the war and increase its area. We will not be intimidated by their paid campaigns, nor their lies that they actively promote.. This accursed war will inevitably end and peace and security will return to our country, and our people will continue their relentless pursuit to build a state of peace, justice, freedom and prosperity. .

Freedom and Change Forces – Executive Office

Khartoum – May 29, 2023 AD

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Opinion: Now the authorities are allowed to be policing in your bedroom

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in accordance with Article 91 (3) (a) of the Constitution. Parliament passed the returned bill on Tuesday, 02 May 2023” (Parliament of Uganda, 29.05.2023).

Now that the President of the Republic has assented the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. We can rest assured that the authorities, the law enforcement and the bodies governing the state can officially police the bedrooms of the nation. This law is enforceable towards on minority the LGTBQ+ community. However, it is opening up the floodgates of other questionable behaviours.

This law was based on morals and religious codes. When you break the barrier of this and codify it to law. You can easily ascertain or ensure new avenues for restrictions. Because, why should only the indecency of the gay or the homosexuals be targeted?

There other transgressions, other misbehaviour and lack of moral judgements that can be deemed as “unnatural” or immoral. Therefore, why cannot the Police Force and the authorities target more people in the same manner, which it will with the LGBTQ+ community.

When you have started there and stopping them from their love-life. You can certainly do similar things. Especially, if you are concerned with upholding the value of family-life and traditional structures. Because, why shouldn’t there be a law that makes it illegal to be a slay-queen?

Why isn’t there a law that makes it a sexual offence to have sex outside of marriage? Why isn’t there a law against having side-dishes or being unfaithful to your significant other? Why?

Why is it only a sin against nature with the homosexuals and not all the homewreckers of society? Seriously, when you have open up the gates. Better come correct and shine a light. Because there is a lot of darkness and little light in nearby area now.

I just beg to question it. The ISO and UPF should suddenly come knocking in student dorms and in lounges of professors who are enjoying their slim pickings outside of marriage. They should answer for the screwing for grades. We know its going on and it’s common knowledge. There is a reason why slay-queens and sugar-daddies are established “roles” in society. We could kid ourselves, but then again… we know it’s going on.

If you are afraid that one day the officers will come knocking. Well, you should… because there are morally bankrupt politicians willing to sell you out for political capital. That’s what is going on and they are taking down one minority possibly at the time. They are not even seeing it themselves, but they are…

With the reasoning behind the recent legislation. Similar ones can easily be drafted. Just like the idea of legalising a couple for “living in sin” without being married. So, if two people are co-habiting for too long. The law is sealing the deal and the two are married by law. That’s what I have read the other day. Another proof of policing the bedroom and the lives of the citizens.

The Anti-Gay law is only a start. Sooner or later they will find you or someone close to you. They are maybe starting with the rainbow, but after that they will go after the wedding-crashers or the playboys of the city. If not they will take the hustlers or the slay-queens. Someone else will be tested and will be punished. They have just put forward the baseline and now we know where they can go. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromo Federal Congress (OFC) – Press release from Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO) regarding the study presented by Ethiopian Policy Research Institute on the amendment of the constitution of FDRE (29.05.2023)

“In the name of constitutional amendment, negotiations are being prepared to destroy the federalism system and the country to collapse”


The Ethiopian Policy Research Institute has selected the pillars of the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), including the introduction and emblem of the constitution, federal working language (Article 5), sovereignty of nations, nationalities and peoples (Article 😎, the right to organize and the legality of ethnic parties (Article 5). (Article 46) and Finfinee city administration (Article 49) has stated that it has proven that the articles concerning it need to be amended. The Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO) has also followed this issue and evaluated the research method, currentness, lack of authority to conduct research on the case and the risks that this study might cause. Our organization after listening to the opinion of legal, political, historical and similar experts, and the feelings and needs of our nations, nationalities and peoples, this study takes a stand that it is not acceptable and puts its ideas for solutions as follows.

Among the reasons why the study is fundamentally acceptable:

1/OFCO believes that the person that conducted this study has a big mistake in the research method (Methodology) First of all, the representation and coverage of the samples taken for the study is very problematic and puts the results of the study in doubt. To understand the problem of 120 million citizens, the opinion of only 1,123 people was received and only 1 person was made to represent 106,687 people and the opinion of 0.0001% of the people was found to understand the problem of the 120 million citizens. It has been found that the result of the study reduces the trustworthiness to zero.

2/ We have understood that the opinions expressed in the name of research on the articles of the constitution that are said to be improved are not the results of free and scientific research, they are recorded to make you believe the desired results. Especially when we look at the fact that this institution has chosen the articles of the constitution that are said to be improved, the way the questions prepared for the research are recorded and the way the samples of the research are collected, we have understood that this organization is not a free policy research institution but rather a political organization that tries to support its own biased views. Of the constitution that has 106 articles, why only the articles that are the pillars of the federal system were chosen for research? A country where 86% of its population is rural and 79% of the population is urban. This proves that the population of the cities that are collected does not represent the whole country. So this study is not meant to solve problems but to widen conflict and to reflect one group’s wish list so OFCO will not accept the study or the result. Based on this study, it will oppose the idea proposed to amend the constitution because it is wrong.

3/AFCO believes this study is not timely. Our country has been facing a huge political crisis for the past ten years. We believe that Awudami has fought and is still fighting for the past five years; the basis of the civil war is the result of the wrong political line of the Prosperity Party and the efforts to weaken the federal system of the regions to limit the right to self-government. OFCO understands that even talking about constitutional amendment will open a way for the wars that have started to stop and spread. As we learn from the experience of other countries, without stopping civil wars, without identifying the issues that push for the improvement of the constitution, OFCO believes that it is wrong to approach the constitution in a way that looks like it is a mistake to improve the constitution by the interest of one group or party.

4/ We believe that there are problems with the above mentioned research method that reduce the acceptance of this study, the results of the study are full of errors and do not reflect the reality on the ground. Especially from Amhara and Sidama regions, the results presented by pretending that respondents who are included in the study do not support the federal system contradicts the reality. Also:-.

4.1/ While the Amhara forces are currently fighting for their rights by participating in the election and being embraced by the parliament, others are saying that they will not support ethnic group in the name of Fano and by establishing an organization called Amhara People’s Front, it is a shame to say they will not support Ethnic organization.

4.2/ It is far from the truth to say that the people of Sidama have supported the idea that they have been fighting to govern themselves in their own region for years and opposing the right that they respected in referendum two years ago. To understand this, we say it is enough to look at the Sidama Federalist Party’s statement opposing the results.

5/ According to OFCO, this policy research institution which is part of the executive does not have trust from Ethiopian nations, it does not have the ability or responsibility to study or touch the constitution that was found by the blood and bones of the people. The constitutional amendment is not acceptable, even though the concerned body has discussed and agreed upon, this institution opposes any move to amend the constitution based on the research conducted by this institution.

6/ The issues and articles that have been studied saying they need constitutional amendments are the pillars of our federal system. Therefore, making them change based on this study is not only an ordinary constitutional amendment but also changing the constitution from the foundation. Therefore, we will not allow any attempt to change the constitution from its foundation in the name of amending the constitution.

7/ Overall, this study is a way of widening conflict and denying the rights of nations and nationalities that they got after a long struggle, the United Nations Charter, the International Civil and Political Rights Convention, the African Union Charter and Article 13 of the Constitution, and the government budget to suppress the political views of one group in our country. He’s not going to have it.

At the end of the day, OFC doesn’t believe that the constitution should not be amended. However, he believes that there are many things that need to be done before the amendment is made. For our country to get out of many problems like this:-

1/We call on the Ethiopian government forces and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLF-ONS) that are currently fighting and continue the peace negotiations.

2/ OFCO strongly demands that a comprehensive national consultation be held in an honest and free body, and that the issues that cause conflict and war be resolved and to establish lasting peace.

3/ While amending the constitution is necessary, the OFCO calls for a constitutional amendment based on specific issues, based on articles 104 and 105 of the constitution, to establish a special commission for constitutional amendments based on the constitutional amendments and to turn our face towards sustainable peace and comprehensive development.

Oromo Federal Congress (OFCO)

May 21, 2015

Finfine, Oromia.

Opinion: Buhari will not be missed

Today is the day that ends the two terms of Muhammadu Buhari reign as President of Nigeria. He has been twice elected and once he did a coup d’etat to become the President. Therefore, within three terms he had a chance to become memorable and remembered fondly. However, he squandered those chances and partly never cared…

Buhari time in office is over. His journey has now ended. The Android or Jubril of Sudan. Whoever Buhari really is. That might come to light in retirement. Maybe he will settle down in Niger and live comfortably there. The roads are updated and his been so generous there. It must be for reason.

If not he might reside in London or Paris. He has spent a lot of time abroad and his successor might follow suit. Buhari haven’t created are more promising Nigeria. No, there are even more headache and lack of progress under him.

Buhari has had the time and could have put in the work to make a difference. That’s if he cared or was concerned about these things. We all know that it wasn’t about that and he couldn’t have cared less.

As President he has tanked the economy and caused more instability. There is lack of service delivery and the state is more fragile. The inaction and the lack of pressure from the top is also a reason. The ENDSARS protests and the missing girls are just signs of how he failed as a President. That’s without taking to account the economy or the financial distress his leaving behind.

Buhari won’t be remembered well… and that’s his own fault. He could have changed things for the better and invested in the public services. As President he could have used time and stressed the need for better infrastructure or health care. However, he was busy being abroad or getting medical treatment in London to do so.

Buhari isn’t a man who will be respected or be thought well off. Heck, people rather speak of Jonathan Goodluck than him. That’s saying a lot of what a failure he has been. The flowery words and speeches doesn’t matter when people feel less safe or can afford day-to-day goods. There are more trouble ahead for Tinubu thanks to Buhari.

The former President Buhari has with his relaxed ways of ruling seen people come and go. Now his leaving himself and the legacy his leaving behind isn’t worthwhile. He is the sort of leader you despise and wouldn’t consider to hire for a job. Buhari is the proof that giving some people a second chance isn’t the best idea.

The ones that saw his first reign and how he operated knew they were in for a ride. Now the ride is over and the next one will have it even more bumpy. There are too many roadblocks and bottlenecks that was never fixed. So many issues and lack of oversight. That you know Tinubu has to swiftly move and make a difference, if he wants to be better.

However, I think Tinubu will be worse. His built for it and will deliver on it. Buhari was a self-serving prick, but Tinubu is a selfish gangster. That’s why you know things will not end well. When you let a drug-lord and a fraudster run the ship. The boat is bound to fail, or sooner or later fall into massive trouble. That’s just the truth here.

Buhari, he came, he saw and he destroyed. He came, he saw and he looted. He came, he saw and ignored. That’s what he did and Nigeria suffered as a consequence. Now his successor is getting sworn-in and things are looking grim. Peace.

Uganda: One minority is now a criminal offence in the Republc…

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in accordance with Article 91 (3) (a) of the Constitution. Parliament passed the returned bill on Tuesday, 02 May 2023” (Parliament of Uganda, 29.05.2023).

The ones cheering.

The ones celebrating.

The ones who are participating and calling it a good day.

They are naive and foolish.

These people are forgetting one thing. One vital thing. That if you give the state and a government the rights to violate, silence and stop one minority from existing. The same reasoning, the same justification and the same legal basis can be used against you.

Right now it’s the LGBTQ+ Community that is targeted. Together with haywire of messaging that this an answer to the collective West. However, the 11th Parliament and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in their populism is forgetting one fact. That gay marriage was banned and the sanctimony of marriage was already legalised in the 1995 Constitution. Therefore, this law in itself is partly redundant.

Alas, the most vital thing isn’t the gays here. Yes, they are the minority and the victims. These are the ones that are losing their rights to live and love who they deem fit. That is wrong on all accounts. Landlords and media houses can get into trouble. There so many more who will be hurt and if you conspire to a “gay activity” you could also get punished. Meaning, if the state thinks or considers that one might take part. Well, the state can not only charge you but they can make you felon.

Seriously, today is a sad day. That a “human rights advocate” made this law is more insane. A man who professes “human rights” Asuman Basalirwa… his name is stained for eternity. An MP who knows how vicious and vindictive the authorities of the nation are. Basalirwa is already seeing how Law Enforcement and the Authorities are targeting the opposition. With that knowledge and modus operandi. His giving these people now the laws and justification to go after another minority.

That’s the tragedy here… now people can say and claim that someone has partake or is promoting these activities. By definition and by law they can be charged, detained and thrown in prison. Heck, if you only house a brother or a sister who is. That is enough to get you arrested and in legal jeopardy.

You can like I do… by religious beliefs and dogmas the activities are wrong. However, so is having side-dishes, thieving and fornicate outside of marriage. Nevertheless, only thieving is deemed wrong by law. The acts of having a mistress or having sex itself outside of holy matrimony is still legal. So, why only go after one thing and not the whole spectrum?

Well, the MPs don’t want to stop themselves. They are not the kind to enforce laws that are limiting their rights or freedoms. These folks prefers to get more things and more shiny objects. That’s why they are pushing for laws like these. Without thinking about the implications and how it can be used.

One day… one day soon. An Opposition MP will be deemed gay and will be punished by law. There will be no need for proof or evidence. That person will go through fire and will be burned by it. It is just bound to happen. There will be activists, leaders and civil society members who will haunted by this law too. They will target the ones that is critical and doing civic education. These are the ones that are in trouble soon.

Sooner or later this law will backfire. The donors and international community will be resentful. These might suspend and stop funding of projects or direct government aid. That wouldn’t be shocking either. However, that isn’t the most troublesome here.

What is more troublesome is how this law can be applied and that innocent people can be hurt by it. Not only the minority that is targeted, but people who they deem “fit” for the bill. Peace.

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