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Zimbabwe: Press Statement by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. Misheck J M Sibanda on Redeployment of Senior Military Officers to the Diplomatic Service (18.02.2019)


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Zimbabwe: Kadzere, Hungwe & Mandevere – The Firm letter to Speaker of Parliament – “Re: Our Client Honourable Themba Muswa – Threats of Death and Personal Security by Honourable Dexter Nduna” (13.02.2019)

Opinion: Kabila will be lurking in Tshisekedi’s shadow!

Today, there been reports of a 4 hour meeting between President Felix Tshisekedi and former President Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa. Not long ago that Tshisekedi was inaugurated as President. The FCC-CACH agreement is really going into fruition.

Why can really wonder what went down, as even the Press Service of the Head of State or the President have not delivered any statement on the meeting. The 4 hours between the men us apparently not recorded. Who knows if the previous President is ensuring his own benefits and his allies. So, that the new President is not following or looking into the cronyism of the predecessor.

Even as the PR Team of the President is saying the meeting was friendly and they was hugging. That is not strange, as the Tshisekedi has made deals with the FCC and needs the support of the predecessors MPs and such. As they have majority in the Parliament, the CACH alliance has lesser power there. That is why Kabila is all smiles, because he can wine and dine… and get the deals he wants.

This is just another proof of the questionable behaviour and the secret dealings that was before the announcement of the polls of the 30th December 2018 Elections. The results was announced on the 6th January 2019, as well as the inauguration was done on the 24th January 2019.

We can wonder if this is a continuation of the back-room deal and if there are some requests, that the PR Team of the President doesn’t want public. When a meeting like this is made, it is not only to get advice or even tricks of the trade. But since there was a peaceful transition, there are some coins and what leverage the predecessor have.

That Kabila was in a good mood is that he is not in office, but surely lingering around the chambers of power. He might not be the Head of State, but surely have reach still. There has been nothing ceased of his businesses or any assets, which has been looted an mass. Therefore, the reign of Tshisekedi will only prove to be a change. When they are able to address the corruption of the previous one.

Kabila is surely still the king, since he seems to be untouchable, also the same with his cronies who even given a Golden Handshake as they are retired. Tshisekedi are doing this, as this was one of the last decrees of the regime of Kabila.

Clearly, we can wonder what they talked about today. Since, it was nothing official from the meeting. Than, we can start to speculate. Tshisekedi looks like second fiddle, as he doesn’t have the courage to be transparent about a simple meeting at his residence today. Peace.

Kenya Red Cross: Press Statement – Humanitarian Response in the ongoing Conflict in Kainuk, Turkana County (16.02.2019)

RDC: Province du Kasai Oriental – “Objet: Portalt du president de la Republique, son Exellence Monsieur Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo dans les eglises du Kasai Oriental” (13.02.2019)

NRM Primaries in 2020 will be like the Resistance Councils election in 1989!

All our politics must be development oriented” Yoweri Kagtua Museveni on 11th April 1989

We know that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is a big organization and run by the President himself. He has never let his hand out of the cookie jar. Especially now, as the NRM Electoral Commission and the whole NRM are planning their Roadmap for General Elections of 2020/21. However, the President and his CEC has decided that they are copying the LC1 Elections for the Primaries.

Not t that its shocking, as the NRM Primaries of late, has been tragic and so rigged, that even NRM Party Offices gets burned by angry party members. Therefore, the NRM Primaries of the 2015, was even described by Gen. Kahinda Otafiire as a Circus at one point. Surely, because he lost his Primaries. There was so much shocking nonsense happening, that NRM CEC wants the NRM EC to have a easier job and secure the elections being held like kids does when picking their team captain or class-captain. Not for picking candidates as legislators or their representatives. It was done in the recent LC1 Elections in 2018,

What was done in 2018 was ordinary procedure in the 1980s and 1990s, as the people was lining behind the candidate they favoured. Therefore, the NRM is re-issuing the method that was done by the predecessors, instead of ensuring the secret ballot is respected. As they want the peer-pressure to reign in the Republic. So, they can secure the candidates, that the NRM CEC has selected, because no one wants to be foolish standing behind the wrong person.

Report from the NRM CEC:

From their deliberations this Saturday 16th February 2019, the members of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) have agreed to recommend to members and other organs the amendment of the Party Constitution to provide for lining-up as a mode for all internal elections. CEC has also set up a Sub committee to enhance resource mobilisation for the party and its expected to report back to CEC within a period not exceeding one month. The Committe will be chaired by the 1st National Vice Chairman of NRM Hajji Moses Kigongo with the National Treasurer Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko as its Secretary. Other members on the committe are Hon. Sam Engola (Northern), Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi (Veterans), Hon. Mike Mukula (Eastern), Dr. Robert Rukari (Entreprenuers) and the Deputy National Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona” (Rogers Mulindwa – ‘NRM: CEC APPROVES LINING-UP FOR INTERNAL ELECTIONS’ 16.02.2019).

What the NRM are proposing are going back in history, not only doing it like the LC1 Elections in 2018. This is a practice the NRM did the first time in 1989 for the Resistance Councils back-then. Where they we’re lining up behind the candidate of choice. Therefore, the NRM are not moving forward, but moving backwards. They are using techniques and methods of old, instead of innovating or even trying to fulfil the possibility of a secret ballot.

Therefore, the NRM CEC is going for old trick in the NRM Primaries. They are entrusting themselves in old methods. Instead of trying to go digital or even configure the measures of the 2015 Primaries. They are doubting Dr. Tanga Odoi and the whole NRM EC. The NRM CEC is initially saying, the party is not able to run an election as professional or sincere as others. They have to use school-kid, UPE ways of picking the class captain. They are not able to create the environment to ensure the ballots, that is why they are going back to lining up behind their candidate of choice. This is in the end, a way of defeat. Where there isn’t steady progress, but more steady regress, because the NRM Primaries are becoming like the first Resistance Councils was elected in 1989.

That is why Museveni is securing his legacy, that he is showing the world. That instead of going into the future, he is going into his past. Instead of delivering and securing the future, he is just securing himself. The President is more keen on consolidating power and his cronies, than genuinely offering a democratic model. As he has even by this means, scrapped the secret ballot internally within the ruling party. That is how weak his ideas of democracy and his lack of concern of privacy of the voters. As it will be all in the open, instead of being a secret choice.

They will stand upright like school-kids voting for their candidate of choice. Instead of getting the ability to honour their candidate in secrecy. The choice they do will be public, where the possible fear, intimidation and even peer-pressure will be more prominent. As if the NRM selected candidate for the constituency will maybe gain more, than a upcoming candidate, which is not the favourable one. Peace.

Somalia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation response to Kenyan expulsion of our ambassador (17.02.2019)

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