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RDC: Communique Officiel (22.03.2018)


New Powers assigned to Hon. Beti Kamya: Not only a Minister for Kampala, but soon also Wakiso, Mukono and Mpigi!

Museveni changes Beti Kamya’s portfoil ahead of extending Kampal boundaries, this means that Mukono,Wakiso and Mpigi are nolonger under Ministry of Local Government as they now form part of the Kampala Metropolitan area. Mukama otuwonya ddi Kitange?” (Betty Nambooze, 22.03.2018).

This can be said after a letter sent to the Chairman of Kampala District Land Board Yusuf Nsibambi, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority Dr. Jennifer Musisi and the Commandant of Kampala Metropolitan Police Office Frank Mwesigwa got a letter from Secretary Office of the President Samuel Emiku, the letter named: “Name of Ministry in-charge of Kampala”.

The new name the people get to know is the Ministry for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Area. That means the Ministry will get a bigger slice and more control. That meaning the Presidency has big faith in the acts of Beti Kamya, as her portefolio are now extending and also taking away from others. What you can also take from the Secretary, is that he didn’t notify neither districts mentioned by the Members of Parliament or the Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago. There was other who should have been informed like the 5 district mayors and the Wardens, the councilors of the capital should feel punished too. Also, the extended branch of the Presidential Advisor Singh Katongole. But what has said or done recently, other than cashing-in a paycheck.

This here is really an extension and rare, since the paradigm under President Museveni is to make things smaller and hire more cronies. Not extending and giving more power to individuals. This is tampering with the modus operandi of late. Kamya must have given a lot of incentive and promise over the recent time to be offered a higher stake. If not, he want the Residential District Commanders and the others in the near-by districts to be under the command. As it is a fitting way for the State House to control it even more directly, because Kamya will work on direct orders and not flinch.

So, just like the way Kamya has stripped the elected leadership in Kampala, she is set to control Wakio, Mukono and Mpigi. This is really to secure the will of Museveni even further and more detailed, as she has followed his instruction on every market and every decree. She has praised him and he now repays her. While taking away powers and limits the scope of the Ministry of Local Government, who will loose these areas.

The letter from the Secretary of the President is really showing this and proving how he wants to tangle even more elected officials, with the appointed minister Kamya. It is really a way of controlling mayors and district officials. Peace.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Jon Snow letter to Mark Zuckerberg (22.03.2018)

Opinion: Have Kagame put a spell on the West?

You can wonder if the sins of old haunts the West, if the support and the strategies that worked back-in-the-day is now a lost tale. The hope for change and for a different outcome is gone. President Paul Kagame will run indefinitely and never step down. I don’t know if the West feel in debt for the crisis it didn’t prevent and didn’t manage properly in 1994. Where Kagame together with the rebel-militia supported by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni entered Rwanda. They had already been apart of the National Resistance Army (NRA) and the new government under National Resistance Movement (NRM). Kagame has done the same with the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) and made it into a party with the Rwandan Partriotic Front (RPF). Just after the model in Uganda.

Therefore, what you see in Rwanda is similar to what you have seen in Uganda. However, there are difference, that is why the chilling relationship between the neighbors. Kagame has worked closely with Uganda, they have sent armies together in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they have worked together to support the M-23 there too. They have been weapon brothers and brothers in arms. Still, the West let them both go. It is weird, but that is where we are. Both Museveni and Kagame can do whatever and get away it.

Kagame is either detaining or killing his enemies. He is doing it just like the Russian do. Rwandans has been poisoned in the United Kingdom, strange fatal accidents in South Africa, even in exile there are dangers if you have crossed Kagame. No-one is hidden from him and if they did him bad or even questioned him. He will find you and make sure you pay. Everyone can be touched and everyone can be taken.

Kagame has total control, nothing that he doesn’t have a stake in, there are clear that the state is part of all society. If there a dissidents or people questioning him, even if they are challenging him in public. They will be tarnished and detained, their family enterprises will be seized. There is no mercy and he never shows that to anyone.

That is maybe why the Western media, NGOs and States in general are walking on needles, they need the minerals he is thieving from the Kivu provinces and therefore, let him off the hook for the support of militias within the DRC. Let him of the hook for the human rights violations, for the killings of opposition and for the totalitarian activities. Where no one but his will matters. Kagame is the king and the sun first shines on him.

We should be worried, because he doesn’t lack use of violence and harassment, he hurts and kills. He might be successful to a certain extent, but we should be worried about the efforts and his involvement across the border. There are even claims of his use of spies and such in Burundi. Clearly, that could be the truth, since he has used all sort of manipulation and militias to get funding from abroad. Therefore, it is weird he is a donor friendly person, but also someone who has no issues with silencing his enemies. That should be worrying and that should cut him off the gravy-train, also sanction the companies that are importing his conflict minerals. Peace.

VGs Russekort avsløring av Støre: Hvordan å si til offentligheten at de er blitt Høyres talerør!

Dette er ikke spøk, dette er alvor. Siden nå idag har Jonas Gahr Støre blitt stilt spørsmål i forhold til sitt russekort fra 1979. Alle vårs russetid, var en tid uten mye tanke og ideer. Mange ble ganske drita full og andre prøvde alle gale triks, noen rikinger kjøper svære busser med dyrere anlegg enn en vanlig persons totale leie-inntekter på ett år. Likevel, så har VG og andre bestemt at den retorikken på russekortet er et problem.

Akkurat som at Corbyn var på tur i Moskva tilbake i tid, akkurat som han har vært for Sinn Fein, når de ikke var politisk parti, men arbeidet for friheten til Nord-Irland. Slik blir nå Støre behandlet i Norge, all ser på han og sjekker han. Alle kritisere han og setter han i bås. Alle skal kunne kritisere and kurtisere han, intet av han skal være i mørket. Alt skal oppe i lyset og alt av dette vil ikke være bra. Siden Støre er et menneske og vi har alle våre mangler. Likevel, bør det være grenser.

Det er ikke engang valg-kamp. Dette er sverte-kampanje, kunne forvente dette av Document.no og Resett, men ikke av VG. VG er nå talerør til Høyre og regjeringspartiene. Når du leser slike saker som dette. Det er helt utrolig og vi kan forvente mer av dette.

Hvis denne saken skulle vært annerledes, da skulle VG laget en sak om alle parti-ledere og parliamentariske lederes russekort, gjerne, mens russetida er som viktigst. For å vise forskjellen på humor, design og kanskje også hvordan politikerne har forandret seg med årene. Ingen er statiske, alle beveger seg litt og ingen blir på stedet hvil. Vi alle utvikler oss og får nye ideer, innspill og tanker. Dette har mest sannsynlig forandret seg også for Erna Solberg, Siv Jensen, Knut-Arild Hareide og alle de andre. Deres ord på russekortet ville nok være litt i kontrast med selvbildet og imaget de ønsker i offentligheten idag. 

Det er drøss av måter dere kunne laget gode artikler på, men dere viser partitilhørighet, men også deres motiv med å grave dette og presentere dette slik. Det er billig, en jippo og dere viser at dere gjør det samme som pressen gjør med Corbyn i Storbritannia. Dere angriper han for alt, han skal være fugleskremslet, den som skal settes i søkelyset. Intet Støre har gjort eller vil gjøre kommer uten konsekvens. Skulle ønske dere gjorde det samme med de med makt. Det skjer kanskje mer på måfå.

Russekort fra 1979. Jommen sa jeg smør. Dette er banalt. Dette er en «hit-job». Dette er bevist fra VG. Lite eksepsjonelt, men redaksjonelt – krise. En selvlagd krise. Jeg kan skrive bedre artikler og jeg er ikke journalist. Peace.

Minister Jeje Odongo’s MPS on the NCIC is revealing!

Minister of Interior Jeje Odongo own Ministerial Policy Statement of 15th March 2018 are very standard sort of document, but certain statements from there is telling. Especially on the Vote 120 on National Citizenship and Immigration Control, what it is, is apparently, reasons for why it need to be addressed, because it is a real lack transparency and not taking care of the Republic.

The NCIC is compromised of: “Deployed 300 Immigration Officers and Immigration Assistants at the borders and regional offices. This recruitment and deployment has improved border control and post entry management of aliens. This has improved representation of the ethnic groups of Ugandan and staff gender ratios” (…) “Insufficient funds to undertake constructions: Immigration offices are in very small single room measuring less than 8ftX8ft which accommodates more than 5 immigration staff. Furthermore, the Headquarters is housed in what was formerly a warehouse with some services provided under tents. Limited Staff accommodation. Some borders operate in wee hours which necessitates presence of accommodation for staff. This limits space for offices, e-services and board meetings. The Directorate requires UGX25.8bn for constructions. Porous Borders: Uganda has 52 gazetted border points along 2729 km borderline operationalized through the cluster approach. This leaves part of the borderline unmanned which compromise security and revenue generation. The Directorate requires extra UGX1.9bn for border operations” (MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS – MINISTERIAL POLICY STATEMENT FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2017/2018, P: 62, 71, 2018).

It really is showing that something is lacking when you have 52 borders and staffed three hundred officers. That means that each border post would have about average 5 officers. Just think about that, when the border needs to be open 24/7 and there would be more on certain border-posts, also at Entebbe Airport as well. Since lots of the ones entering Uganda come by planes, not only by foot. Therefore, the NCIC is underfunded, but also understaffed.

The 300 officers are not only keeping track of the foreign workers, visitors of the Republic, but also issuing passports. Therefore, the NCIC is even more important to be staffed, because of the need of control of the borders. The republic cannot have open borders and have control of the revenue and neither also population control. It is seemingly bad planning and at random. But the porous borders and the gazetted borders should have officers. Since they are issuing in the last year over 65,000 passports last year. The Officers are really busy doing and not only looking into the ones moving across the borders.

If this body is supposed to control the migration, register and secure that no-one overstays their welcome. They need bigger funding, more officers and more training. Since that must be lacking, when the borders are seen as porous. Peace.

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