Somalia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Press Statement (21.10.2021)

Sudan: Al-Burhan and Hemeti cannot stop the revolution

Sudanese Professionals Association: Attacks on peaceful protests is a blatant move from the current government, with all of its components [civil & military]” (African Narratives, 21.10.2021).

Today, the streets of Khartoum and elsewhere the revolutionary spirit was alive. The protests was happening all across the republic. Sudanese civilians went to the streets and went marching for democracy. They went to the streets of the civilian government and end the time of a military one.

The state tried to use live-bullet, tear-gas and other equipment to contain it. However, the streets was packed with people. This is a continuation of the revolution of 2019. They don’t want the army commanders of he Sovereign Council to hijack the revolution. This being the President Al-Burhan and his vice Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti. Who both have been involved and scheming to get rid of the civilian cabinet and the technocrats in the Sovereign Council. Alas, the public sentiment is countering that.

It was demonstrations and protests was happening in all the 18 states. Just in Greater Khartoum area, the State Ministry could confirm that 35 people was injured by the police. The army commanders of the Sovereign Council cannot takeover. The public is showing dissent. They are not accepting it.

There been reports of injured in other towns and cities in Sudan too. However, at this current time we don’t know how it has gone outside of Khartoum. The only dropped numbers was from Greater Khartoum area. Therefore, whatever happened in Omdurman, Post Sudan or in the towns of Darfur. We have seen the authorities using live-bullets or tear-gas against the civilians demonstrating. We have seen pictures leaked online and shown the disgraceful act of the state. Who delivers violence towards civilians doing their duty as a citizen. The citizens are showing their rights and fighting for justice. They are fighting for democracy and a civilian government.

A cause that will take away power from the military commanders, but they are there to support the boundaries and secure the state. They are not there to rule supreme, as they prefer to do. The army is supposed to safeguard from foreign enemies and secure the territory. They are not there to be rulers. That’s what the public is fighting for and it’s a just one at that. Peace.

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Eswatini: The Kingdom is bleeding…

The King has ordered his troops and his Royal Police Service to quell all protests. There is reports of extra judicial killings and use of live-bullets. This is tragic, as there is reports that this will be worse than 30th June 2021. That says a lot about what extent the state is going for.

The King is willing to kill the citizens he reigns over. The King is willing to see people die. Just so he can be the absolute monarch. He has no heart or care for his citizens. The King is just seeing them die and injured. Schools are all closed and the Telecommunication company MTN Swaziland has suspended social media sites like Facebook. This is done to close all information from the internet and silence the protesters at the same time.

Unarmed protesters are shot at and the state is using all means to silence the ones who is on the streets. There is no trust or ability to listen to the citizens who wants proper representation and not only the people who the King is appointing. That isn’t what the citizens of Eswatini wants.

Just in Mbabane there is reports of 7 dead confirmed bodies, because the police used live-bullets on the protest today. So, the police did the shoot-to-kill orders today. That’s how much life is valued by the absolute monarch at the moment. He doesn’t value life or his citizens. They can just be sent to the cannon-fodder.

We know the police is showing it’s brutality, not only block road-blocks and such. The police have even been caught on tape throwing tear-gas cannisters into buses of civilians. Not only using live-bullets on unarmed civilians. The Royal Police Service should worried about the aftermath.

The moment the King cannot contain the revolution and the protests for democracy. The leaders of the Royal Police Service and King have to flea into exile. If not… they will be punished for the extra judicial killings and the crimes against humanity. The orders to kill will be proven and taken to the courts.

King Mswati III should know his time is soon out. He cannot kill everyone and silence the Kingdom for ever. That power he doesn’t have and neither does he have the support. This is why the growing dissent in the Kingdom is becoming worrying.

Eswatini is bleeding… the blood is in the streets and there is no peace. The King cannot redeem this. He is destroying everything and killing innocent civilians. Just to cling to power. This is tragic… and the King is behind it all.

One day he will get retribution for the deaths… and murders on his watch. The King cannot run away from this. He might try, but the blood is on his hands. The ghosts of the dead will haunt him in his sleep. Their souls will not rest before he has answered for their early deaths. Peace.

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