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Opinion: Uhuru always seeks advice from Moi; Is that one of the reasons why Jubilee are so ruthless?

This here is more of the former master teaching its student. That is why we can see several of times in 2017 that Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent President of the Jubilee Party and former KANU Presidential Candidate are asking advice from Daniel Arap Moi. Moi was a dictator who ruled with an iron fist and with ruthless acts against his enemies. He had plans for the son of Jomo Kenyatta. Clearly, Moi is still influential, Uhuru have visited him in February and March 2017. Not only now in the midst of the busy schedule, he has always time for Moi and his advice. So expect him to always to back to the one that put him on. Even if it is bitter fruits and oppressive advice he is getting, as the ruthless activity Moi did when he was President. Looks like he is learning from him, when we see the levels of Police Brutality and gangs killings civilians of certain ethnic background in Kibera, Nairobi. This is worrying, as he could get more brutal advice, that could make the rift between NASA and Jubilee even futher. As people are awaiting the Supreme Court Justice ruling on the Election Petitions of the 26th October 2017.

Here is some previous articles on the succession of Kenyatta after Moi and lastly, rumors of what he discussed with Moi today.

Moi handpicked Uhuru in 2002:

Mr Moi wants Uhuru Kenyatta, son of independence leader Jomo Kenyatta, to take his place. But although Mr Kenyatta is an educated man with impeccable pedigree, he is a political novice. The nomination has split the ruling party down the middle and raised suspicions across the country, even in Mr Kenyatta’s home town of Thika” (…) “For many, “Project Uhuru” smacks of power being handed from one self-interested dynasty to another. Mr Kenyatta is principally a businessman. He made his money from a vast empire ranging from safari camps to flower farms and the only time he stood for election, in 1997, he failed. But a year ago Mr Moi plucked him from the obscurity of a provincial party post, appointed him first an MP, then as minister and finally as presidential candidate. It could be a move he will regret” (Walsh, 2002)

Before term limits forced Mr. Moi from office in 2002, he tried to position Uhuru Kenyatta, a son of Jomo, as his successor. Instead, voters chose an opposition leader, Mwai Kibaki. His decade-long tenure was tainted by allegations of police abuses, though he also tried to restore institutions wrecked by Mr. Moi. (The two had been allies, but had a falling out.) Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory is due in part to his running mate, Mr. Ruto — an odd alliance given that their factions were on opposing sides in the 2007 violence. A consummate chameleon, Mr. Ruto joined forces, in succession, with Mr. Moi, Mr. Odinga and Mr. Kibaki. He was this election’s kingmaker, happy to be wooed by both leading candidates” (Ngugi wa Thiong’o, 2013).

Just days after the election, Kenya’s top man of letters, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, an avowed Leftist dissident detained by Uhuru Kenyatta’s father, made an insightful point in an article in the New York Times: “The real winner was a man who wasn’t on the ballot: Daniel arap Moi, the country’s leader from 1978 to 2002, who terrorized it for 24 years and destroyed all credible institutions, including political parties.” Kenyatta and Ruto were Moi’s political protégés, Ngugi noted. When multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya in 1991 against the wishes of Moi, he had turned to Ruto, then a young upstart wheeler-dealer but who quickly distinguished himself as a lieutenant for Youth for Kanu ’92, which conducted a campaign of violence and intimidation in the Rift Valley Province, home to Moi. Thousands of residents were forced to flee. Some returned, only to have to flee again around the next election, in 1997. The Rift Valley was also the epicenter of the 2007-8 violence, which displaced hundreds of thousands of people. As for Kenyatta, it was Moi who fished him out of political obscurity by nominating him to parliament. Kenyatta later served in Moi’s Cabinet, as did Ruto, and in 2002 Moi tried, but failed, to foist him on Kenyans as his successor. “The sycophancy and corruption of [Moi’s”> era are still ingrained in the political culture and are embodied by the rise of his allies in this election,” Ngugi observed” (Makori, 2015).

Today’s Event:

Following this development, Uhuru Kenyatta has rushed to his political mentor, former president Daniel Arap Moi for counsel. Military choppers believed to have carried president Uhuru were seen in Kabarak today. According to our sources, there is also increased pressure by the Kenyan Government to control media coverage of the current events occurring in Kenya. This could not be further from the truth after NTV’s managing editor shared on his twitter handle the Kenya Governments effort to stop last Fridays NASA leaders, the Rt Hon. Raila Odinga home coming rally” (KDRTV Kenya News, 2017).

All of this can put things into perspective as the times the incumbent Kenyatta travels to him. There he will discuss and narrate possible strategies forward. Since the beginning of his political career has been under wings of Moi and Kenyatta seems to need his advice. Even if Ruto also been under his wings, Kenyatta prefers talking to him on his own. That is why they seemingly never travel together to Kabarak to discuss policy or strategies.

So the connection between Kenyatta and Moi is there, the proof of his temper and his attacks on institutions are understandable in that sense. Since he want the all power in his acts, instead of checks and balances of the courts. He want the IEBC to just follow his orders and the same with the Courts. The Police are following orders and the same are the army. Therefore, the ones who doesn’t is a problem and needs to fixed. Certainly, traits not of a statesman, but of a brewing dictator. Kenyatta is certainly learning Moi’s tricks. Even his former CS for Interior Joseph Nkaissery followed the traits of Moi with actions and district policies. Especially intimidation and splitting districts right before elections. The same was a known tactic of Moi, so the Kenyatta-Ruto government are continuing this legacy, not only in words and threats, but in their general activity. AS the NASA/CORD are trying to forge themselves and find peaceful means of transition.

We can hope the Supreme Court does the right thing tomorrow and nullify the 26th October Elections. If doing so, if the rumors are true about the talks today. There might soon be State of Emergency, as the Jubilee Administration and Cartels doesn’t want to loose power or lose a third election in a row. It is already humiliating as it is. If not it should be for Kenyatta, who again has to go to his predecessor for advice and recommendations. Even if Jubilee is the name, they are still modern-day KANU in power.

But it should be worrying that Moi still can interfere and use his ruthless mind into politics, as the havoc he created to stay in power. Are certainly traits you see of the leadership today, as innocent people dies and usually in Opposition Strongholds. Not where the Jubilee has “total” control and reside. That would be shocker and than more crisis signs would have posted by other than just opposition. Since the Police are blaming criminals and the opposition are blaming government. Nothing good is coming out of this, other than insecurity and more bloodshed for nothing else, than the pedestal and on top of that is Kenyatta. Peace.


KDRTV Kenya News – ‘Exposed: Why Uhuru Visited Retired President Moi At His Kabaral Home’ (19.11.2017) link: http://www.kdrtv.com/exposed-why-uhuru-visited-retired-president-moi-at-his-kabaral-home/

Makori, Henry – ‘Kenya: The return of tyranny’ (16.03.2015) link: https://www.pambazuka.org/governance/kenya-return-tyranny

Ngugi wa Thiong’o – ‘A Dictator’s Last Laugh’ (14.03.2013) link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/15/opinion/a-dictators-last-laugh.html

Walsh, Declan – ‘Moi is facing his greatest crisis since an attempted coup in 1982’ (12.10.2002) link:https://www.irishtimes.com/news/moi-is-facing-his-greatest-crisis-since-an-attempted-coup-in-1982-1.1099023


Zimbabwe: Draft – “Proposed Impeachment Motion” (19.11.2017)

Opinion: Mugabe address today took the generals for fools, but he has fooled himself!

Many was expecting a speech where he eloquently would go out and step down. If he thinks he was wise today, he is deluded and lost. But we knew he was lost, even his own party has expelled him today and his G-40. Grace Mugabe and Robert Mugabe is finished, they are just stalling for time, but they are just making it harder for themselves. His speech today was a waste of time and use of anticipation. He has ruled for 37 years and lacks understand how he has lost it already. Even if he believes he tricked them. The writing is on the wall. Delilah have already cut the hair of Samson, Samson with his advanced age doesn’t understand or see that his power is already gone. It has left the building, his windows and closed. Here is his wasted speech!

As I address you, I am aware of a whole range of concerns coming from you all as citizens and deserve our attention. Today’s meeting with the command element requires us to start processes that return our country to normalcy. The operation I have eluded to didn’t amount to a threat to our constitution and wasn’t a challenge to my position as president and commander in chief. A few incidents may have happened but I am happy that throughout the short period, the pillars of the state remained functional. Among issues discussed related to the economy which as we all know is going through a difficult patch. Government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions of the people. We are a nation born out of a struggle for national independence. Tradition of struggle is in our legacy…We still have in our various communities veterans of that founding struggle. I am aware that as a party of liberation, ZANU PF has written elaborate rules and procedures that guide the operations of all its organs and personnel. The era of victimization and arbitrary decisions must be put behind so as we all embrace a new ethos predicated on the supreme law of our party. I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party and championed by certain individuals of the party…we can’t be guided by bitterness and vengefulness both which wouldn’t make us better party members or Zimbabweans. We must learn to forgive and resolve conflict… I am confident that from tonight the nation will be refocussed along the promising agricultural season upon us” (Mugabe Address, 19.11.2017).

If you think this sort of speech will safe him, your wrong, as the 93 year old President are trying to occupy the position longer, as he hasn’t gotten the news of him being expelled from ZANU-PF. Even if he speaks of the value of the party, the party he created and has ruled with an iron-fist. Clearly, he has not gotten the memo or even cared about the public announcement earlier today. Where the party had an extraordinary meeting and convened to make sure the G-40 leaders and the closest to Mugabe would be expelled from the Party. So the party needs give him a lesson and show him the door. They have already started as the ZANU-PF twitter account came quickly out with this, which stated:

Actually all the old man needed to do was stick to the script. Now we must remove him” (ZANU-PF, 19.11.2017).

Because earlier today, these we’re expelled, not only President Mugabe, but all of these:

Grace Mugabe, Phelekezela Mpoko. Ignatius Chombo, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Letinna Undenge, Kudzanai Chipanga, Walter Muzembi, Paul Chimedza, Makhosini Hlongwane, Mandilitawepi Chimene, Shadreck Mashayambe, Innocent Hamadishe, Anasthancia Ndlovu, Samuel Undenge, M. Malinga, S. Kasizi, Sarah Makoka and Sandi Moyo. Also that “Cde R.G. Mugabe was removed from the position of President and First Secretary of ZANU-PF by unanimous vote” (ZANU-PF Press Statement, 19.11.2017).

So no matter what Mugabe thought he did brilliantly today, his own party isn’t his and this is just a slow self-destruct of himself. His presidency is already over, it is just like he doesn’t understand it or doesn’t want too. It is like the G-40 still think they can turn it around. Since he is not following the program or the orders from the military. That is why ZANU-PF themselves are proclaiming him to follow the script.

That is why he tried to outsmart the people, but they are more in shock since yesterday Solidarity March showed how the public are approving of the change of power and the army involved in bringing the presidency down. His time is already done, it is just not understood by himself. Not sure if anyone inside the “blue roof” was giving him advice and thinking this was brilliant move. Since the hairs are already cut and he doesn’t have the strength to beat his enemies. He cannot, Delilah already told the secrets to his enemies and he can now taken down. Just like Samson died after being tricked by Delilah. The same has appeared for Mugabe, that was tricked by the greedy and thought she was so powerful Grace. The change would maybe not has happen as quickly if Grace didn’t want the VP position.

Edison Mnangagwa, the crocodile has clearly strike with force and used his friends within the army. This being General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga of the ZDF has acted with tact and honor, as he has made a bloodless coup and also made sure the state functions been working. While controlling the media and taking control of the ZANU-PF with the use of the soldiers. This has been a smooth operations, but today the old president wanted to strike back. Not that he has the power, since they have already cut his hair off and he is not Samson anymore.

I think he forgot that, he is not Samson, but the one ready to be destroyed by enemies. But he cannot see it. Maybe, he was sleeping when they we’re briefing him earlier this Sunday. Peace.

ZANU-PF: Press Statement by the Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity CDE Ambassador S.K. Moyo on the Outcome of the Central Committee Special Session Held at the Party Headquarters In Harare on the 19th November 2017

Opinion: I don’t expect Dictators to fall, unless serious changes befall on them!

After Zimbabwe, people have started to blaze the horns and expecting other dictators to fall. Well, I am humbly saying, I hope so, but don’t expect so. Unless, there are vital changes, unless they lose their support and their weapons behind them. If the support and armies are not behind them, than the Robert Mugabe story can be repeated elsewhere. But it will be different from state to state, from president to president. As each President has built around a stronger or weaker system of orders, strength of institutions and also personal cult around themselves. We also know they are using their myths and their state media to serve their interests.

President’s that I will honor with a mention are Joseph Kabila, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Pierre Nkurunziza, Faure Gnassingbe, Hailemariam Desalegn, Isias Afwerki, Omar Al-Bashir, Idriss Deby, Paul Biya, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasango, Mahamadou Issoufou, Paul Kagame and Ismaïl Omar Guelleh. These are a list of honorable mentions, there several more that could be put on a list, but these was the first to mention, if feel someone is left behind. Please leave that in the comments down below(I know that sounds like a Youtuber, but I had to take inspiration from somewhere).

All of these men in their republics knows that they use power and security organizations to quell, silence and oppress their opposition. They are keeping control of the state reserves and has their party as filled of loyalists and cronies. All of this states are militarized, there is state controlled media and has various of different rules. They are strict and controlling from the state houses and the freedom in these states are limited. The state and business are usually connected with the President and his family. If not there are cronies who also have business and fortunes. So the dictators are for the moment having control and making sure the people is not uprising.

What we can know is that if these dictators take it to far and the fear for the repercussion from the state. So as long as the public and opposition are detained for arbitrary arrests and citizens hurt after demonstrations. While the state reserves and donor funds are eaten by the elite, while the countries are kept poor. As long as the republic’s are poor, than they still need more foreign donors and supply. So it is good for the dictators to keep their nations poor, as the Western and Multi-National Organization can continue to supply them with non-binding funds. That they are free to use on military and one themselves, instead of building institutions and good governance, it is all controlled by the one man on top and his loyal subjects around.

This is well known and for different reasons, these men should always worry about their decisions and their capacity to rule. Nothing last for ever. There will be some who might want to take their place and replace them. Someone will always be opposition and fight for democratic values, but sooner or later they will succeed. It is just a matter of how and how long it takes.

They are all based on strong military control, even minor specialized groups who are like Presidential Guards/Republican Guards or Special Forces. These are controlled usually by either relations or trusted generals, who are loyal not to turn against the President. The Presidents promotes and demotes leaders inside their armies often, the same in the police force/service to compensate and also to make sure the old guard of warrior and soldiers who fought for the President. Will not be seen as a threat or have power to ever topple him. That is why they are trying to distance themselves from the ones who brought them to power, because they will know their inner-tactics; that is why the stalwarts and historicals are more public personas, but not people of power. Even if they did have so in past.

That is done to secure the role and secure the commander-in-chief, even the President always need the historical battles and origin story to keep himself relevant and prove his place. He don’t needs ones who fought with him and his cause. They will just ask for checks- and balances on the promises made in liberation and in the battles against previous oppressors. That is why they are not entangled with these, unless they give them phony medals and grant money, to hopefully silence them.

Still, with all the protocol and strength of the army, they are still vulnerable as they know this too. That why they are calculating and trying to find out the next person who wants their role and their positions. Which is why there are changes in their cabinets, Vice-Presidents and Prime Ministers. Until they find persons and people they trust to not ambitions to overpower them. Also, they want to stop other MPs and other voices to install hope in the population and to create popularity that is bigger then their personal cult and their teachings.

However, there are ways to bring them down by actually not fearing the state security organizations, waiting for the President to act swiftly without feeling the tensions within his own party. Like President Robert Mugabe did recently. If not actually know you have lost all legitimacy in recent elections, but not willing to step down like Yayha Jammeh. That was ECOWAS and Senegal who intervened on behalf of the newly elected President. Which was the reason for the dictator ending in Exile recently.

Therefore, we have to hope for leaders who have capacity to capture the pulse of the people who are oppressed, of the ones who are marginalized and the ones who are captured by the state. Since the dictatorships doesn’t give up easy, unless there is no escape. History has learned us that and therefore, the lesson needs to be learned. We in our time cannot give in and accept that the liberty, freedom and government are taken by one elite and one ruler.

Certainly, it will not be easy, the fight against oppressors will cost and take time. That is proven time in and time out. The same will happen here, but with their aging and their lack of control. Their trust in family members and trying to create family dynasties. They might fall like Mugabe. Even if some are sons of former presidents. Doesn’t mean they can continue owning the title and running the state. It is proven that is not accepted and that is all within reason. This is what happen in Zimbabwe and we understand if similar events transpire elsewhere.

In the end it is all up to the public for change, the public reactions and their demonstrations, boycotts and their inner works to dismantle the oppressive dictatorship. Often the international community and international counterparts will not intervene as they wants mineral resources and other commodities for cheap; and as long one partner can be bribed, the workers and resources don’t need to paid-in-full or proper. This prospers foreign investments and multi-national companies. This is not well-spoken of, but should be revealed, as it is so often shady dealings with resources sold or land to investors from these dictators. They are funding the state and military, that together with aid are keeping these regimes afloat.

With all this in mind, we have to continue the struggle against these men that are keeping people hostage and taking away freedom and liberty, freedom to assembly and to be activists. They are licensing and authorizing businesses and if people are allowed to have parties and civil society organizations. This are all in different ways, the same with the media and other public ways of sharing information. These are often controlled like all else are in society and in the republic.

We can just wonder if we let this repeat itself, let them continue to oppress and letting these multi-national corporations earn on this forms of government. If we can accept that aid and multi-national organizations keeping budgets and keeping them as leaders, because if these leaders would struggle more economically, more loyalists and more cronies would actually deflect quicker. Also, that if the economy struggle and the security organizations are not paid-off. They could instead of turning their weapons against the public, they could turn against the government/regime. So there are many ways together with public uprising that is needed to topple these dictatorships. Peace.

Communication Authority of Kenya letter to Nation Media Group Limited: ” Re: Transmission of Live Broadcast” (17.11.2017)

Togo: “Manifestation de la coalition de l’opposition ce 18 novembre 2017 :Un avant-goût” (Youtube-Clip)

Clip 2:

Opinion: The Solidarity March in Harare today should be celebrated!

Today is a day should be coined either Un-Coup Party or 2nd Independence Day, as the crowds and people have been marching in Bulawayo and in Harare. Where they have been marching in solidarity and in peace. Where there been people taking selfies with soldiers, even some have polished the shoes of the soldiers. They have taken down the Robert Mugabe Road sign. They are filling up buses and marching towards the State House while saying “Mugabe Must Go”. Dough Coltart proclaims this: “ Corner 4th & Baines Ave in central Harare. It is packed like this for blocks and blocks and blocks. People have had enough!” (Doug Coltart, 18.11.2017). So people have been walking from Freedom Square and towards the State House. The military have blocked the crowds from getting to close. But the message and the levels of peaceful march. Proves that all society and everyone is ready for a change from Mugabe into something else.

Today, the masses is speaking and the proof of the real unpopularity of Mugabe, as the streets are packed. The marches filled with placards and slogans, which all about the end of the Mugabe era. While that is happening the nephew Patrick Zhuwao says Bob and Grace are “Ready to die for what is correct” (Sky News, 18.11.2017). Well, what is correct now is to step down, that is proven by the public. Who are greeting the soldiers and the state has even been giving out juice to the protesters was walking from Freedom Square towards the State House.

No deal signed in talks at State House. ZanuPF will decide tomorrow when Central Committee meets. Army generals have come out, thanked the marchers and asked them to go home” (Zim Media Review, 18.11.2017). So we still have to wait, but the message from the people has been sent with their peaceful demonstration together with the army. They are so tired of Mugabe that anything else is positive. This day has turned into a public display of wanting liberation and freedom.

There been no disorder, no mutiny and no violence. Just a peaceful display of fatigue against the Mugabe dynasty. Where they finally seeing the end of the tunnel and the second liberation. When the people and the army can create a better republic. There have even been shown clips of people demonstrating directly on the outside of the “blue roof” Mugabe’s residence. So today is a day in the name of democracy and change.

It has been done with peace and with positive movement from the people. All Zimbabweans should be proud of today, what sort of public display and act of civic duty to walk in the streets, marching against the tyranny and also for a new beginning.

Even the Herald of Zimbabwe reported this: “A spirit of unity prevailed as Zimbabweans took to the streets in a solidarity march supported by war veterans, activists, political leaders” (The Herald Zimbabwe, 18.11.2017). All of this shows the changes of Harare and the republic as whole. When even state media is supporting the movement of the people and not chanting proverbs of Mugabe. This week has really changed Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean people deserve credit for their solidarity march to the State House and the War Veterans Rally at the Highfield in Harare. This event today has shown the value of people’s power and a peaceful rally. This has to be celebrated. The Zimbabwean people deserve be praised for today. Peace.

U.S. Congress Committee on Oversight and Government Reform letter to Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence (18.11.2016)

NASA Statement: Personal Statement by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga on Police Violence (18.11.2017)

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