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Opinion: Kalonzo, Kalonzo, Kalonzo …

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in”Michael Corleone (Godfather Part III, 1990)

It is tiring to follow the movements of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) and One Kenya Alliance principal Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. The manner and way he has acted before the polls this year… is to say the least hectic and breathtaking.

If Kalonzo thinks this makes him smart or wise. Well, it don’t and only shows how he tries to get a bigger slice of the pie. That is good in the long-term plans for himself, but we know he has ethical or moral ties to anything. As long as his men and his allies are paid off as well.

Kalonzo has moved back-and-fourth. Within the OKA alone and parts of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance. He has not looked like a smooth operator or a sort of bankable figure. No, his just another one of those with too much ambition for his own cause. Kalonzo’s ego and publicity stunts isn’t all that either.

He knew deep down that he would be lost and lonely if he ditched Azimio. That’s why a return to the fold isn’t shocking. Kalonzo just needed a second negotiation after Odinga ditched him as a running mate. That got to hurt his pride and ego. A man of Kalonzo’s stature and been vibrantly saying “it’s his turn” but we knew that he wouldn’t stand up to Baba.

No one within Azimio stands up to Baba. They just have to listen to Baba. Odinga have already played this game twice with Kalonzo in CORD and NASA. So, Odinga and his team knows the ways of Kalonzo. This time around it is shown that he isn’t that big or has the leverage of which he hoped for. This is why someone else became the running mate and for Azimio is that a brilliant idea.

We knew that the running mate question was a vital one for Kalonzo. Since he still believed he would have something to say and be big-man of epic proportion. Sometimes the likes of Kalonzo thinks they are giants, but seriously… when you have made things this hard. You cannot be that great or grand. Neither is you a sophisticated politician either. Your just searching for the biggest meal-ticket and hoped you could bushwhack an alliance you had already joined. So, a second negotiation is only done to buy “peace” and ensure “envelopes” when the polls are over. Therefore, Kalonzo did it all for selfish reasons.

Kalonzo has shown that his neither conning or smart about it. He went slowly into the Azimio and when it didn’t go his way. He bolted out temporarily and returned when Odinga greased his wheels. That’s why Kalonzo isn’t that smooth or bright, as we cannot believe that his participation is sincere.

Kalonzo, Kalonzo and Kalonzo your time as a kingmaker or a kingpin is over. That is for sure. Your a punchline and a liability. That’s because you can be bought and stands for nothing. If did stand for something. He wouldn’t have returned this time, as he would believe in his case and be an “independent” presidential candidate. However, he couldn’t even do that… sorry for the person that signed off as his deputy. That brother needs a ride and a ticket to the moon now.

Kalonzo… who are you kidding? You have made everything to hard and the story of this election shows from the on-set in OKA. Where he was the most useful figure and the Flag-Bearer of the ages. Nevertheless, he thought he could bring that to the table in Azimio too, but the coalition had other ideas, which has been hurting his inner-vision.

That’s why he had to settle for a future meal. If that is your guy… I hate to tell you, but this man isn’t all that. Kalonzo isn’t a maverick and only one generation of politicians who is seeking office for personal benefits. That’s why when he couldn’t become Deputy he had to re-negotiate to get a better cut of the future cabinet and whatnot. He has only exposed that his not as great or as powerful as he himself believes.

Because… if he was that… he wouldn’t need to bicker back and fourth. He wouldn’t need all the trials and tribulations to get at this point. If he was as genuine and sincere as he himself thinks… his candidacy and relevancy would have brought the leverage from the first agreement with Azimio. However, that didn’t happen and his surely not that big of a bargain.

It is just tragic man… we all understand why he ditched and dropped out of Uhuru Park. He was trying to co-ordinate his future in the second term of Jubilee. Now, he has done this to have an advantage in Azimio. Nevertheless, everyone knows that his a day-trader and not a long-term player. Sooner or later… he will make a fuzz and the headlines will come again.

That’s why Kalonzo is tiring and neither is a hopeful either. If he had stood alone he would have been the third-wheel and be another Aukot. Now, he will be part of the team, but it shouldn’t be this way. It is just tragic that they entertained him and gave way. That is why he believes that about himself… while the true character of Kalonzo is shown.

Kalonzo, Kalonzo, Kalonzo, they pulled him back in. Peace.

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Opinion: Kalonzo’s lonely journey to nowhere

I have ended my relationship with Azimio La Umoja after Raila Odinga opted to pick Martha Karua as his running mate, I will run as President on Wiper ticket under Oka Coalition” – Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (16.05.2022)

Today the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance has picked their top ranking team and it has been a bold choice. While doing so, the Azimio has directly undermined the OKA and the Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM). Which we knew would have an aftermath and wouldn’t come without a reaction. The OKA only joined for the re-assurance of the Deputy President role and that was clearly not on the cards.

Azimio picked a Odinga-Karua ticket and therefore… Kalonzo had to make a decision to either be a high ranking member and await a more noble role in a possible government or run on his own. He picked the latter and ditches the Azimio for his own ego.

Kalonzo has now shown how his bickering back-and-fourth. One point he didn’t want to be interviewed by the secretariat. Kalonzo felt it was beneath him and shows how his a meal-ticket politician. His only a place for the betterment of his pocket and the influence he gets. That’s why he couldn’t be close in the hours of need, as Odinga sworn-in himself in Uhuru Park. This is well known, but he could easily accept a Special Envoy to South Sudan as a member of the opposition. While Kalonzo felt betrayed and backstabbed by the handshake, but he didn’t carry water or dared to be there in the moment of need. Therefore, this man has the character of a charlatan and a perfect empty suit.

This is maybe why the Azimio didn’t trust him with the running mate position. His just another cadre who believes in the greatness of his party and his ability to gain voters. He will now be the third force in the up-coming elections.

The whole election and how Kalonzo has operated has been hectic. Showing that his willing to await and try to get as much as possible. That was even the cause within in OKA and how the undermined fellow former NASA Co-Principals within the alliance there. Therefore, that he drops out of Azimio now only makes sense. Because, he wants to be the big man and the centre of the universe. Though he is just a man with a massive ability to gain opportunities, but swiftly drop the value of it all.

There will be speculation of the opportunity or the ability to drop out even. The Wiper Democratic Movement has already announced Odinga as their Presidential Flag-bearer and is a part of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance agreement, which will haunt Kalonzo now. The minutes and the articles will be used against him. For a man who has used CORD/NASA agreements against Odinga in the past. The politician should know that his on thin ice here.

Kalonzo is maybe able to fickle his way out of Azimio. Just like the others who has bolted out of it and joined Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Kalonzo will be alone and have little friends around him. His ego is bigger than his real influence. It is a reason why he isn’t the running mate for the third time. That’s because he isn’t that majestic or powerful. His not the king-maker or the kingpin. His just another brother with a superior complex.

That’s why his running alone… Kalonzo facing Ruto and Odinga. We know that he will fall flat and might even be as powerful as Ekuru Aukot or alike. Since everyone will go for either Ruto or Odinga. Not like his anywhere close and he knows this. It doesn’t make it salvageable in the manner he has left the Azimio either. Just like his face wasn’t saved by the made up story for why he never left for Uhuru Park.

Now… his just twisted his tongue and his mind. The Presidential Candidate and hero in his own movie will not become great. However, he is destroying the friendships he does have and loses relevance by becoming a fringe politician with no other people to count on. That’s the thing here and it will cost him. Instead of possible getting a plum-job and an honourable position in a future cabinet.

He instead wants to be a water-melon and be high on his own supply. Peace.

Opinion: Azimio finally picked the running mate…

If your cow’s leg is broken, do you strap a plough on it and head to the farm – or do you first get it treated and allow it time to heal?”Marta Karua (2013).

The long await is over in the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance has picked the running mate for Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga. The alliance has picked the leader of National Rainbow Coalition–Kenya (NARC–Kenya), Marta Karua.

Karua came into this alliance through the participation of the OKA where she was one of the parties involved in that. As the OKA signed an agreement with Azimio la Umoja. Therefore, she came after the inception and on the merits of all the parties in a forged coalition already.

Marta Karua is a seasoned politician. She has been a politician since the 1990s and been in Parliament for years. Been a resilient minister and even stepped down when she felt undermined by the coalition government at the time. Which is ironically when Odinga became the Prime Minister and she served as a part of Kibaki’s government as a minister.

Now, she returns into the hands of Odinga. A man she has fought against and shows there is no permanent enemies in politics. In the 2017 elections she promised to defend the ballots for Kenyatta. So, we just know the wind is changing and she has found a safe-haven for her policies. Where she can have power and be vibrant.

Odinga has gotten someone who has been consistent in the Azimio la Umoja. Someone who can inspire and be different. Even if she has been on the front-lines on the other side of him for years. It is not like Karua always has been a close associate or a comrade for joint causes. No, they have been on the other side. Heck, she was even defiantly against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). The last big project of Odinga and still he picked her.

That just shows what sort of unity Odinga is seeking. A sort of political programming to ensure broad-based government and have a large unit of political differences within the coalition. She has fought for social justice and human rights. Been a firebrand politician and willingly to step down when the rulers didn’t let her control her office. Therefore, Odinga should know that this politician isn’t the one that bows down and sells out. She has principals and willing to lose for them too.

That’s why she has lost elections and not been in all favours. It is not like she has a winning streak and is genuinely loved. However, the Azimio shows a progression and a will to build something. When you pick someone like her. Because, the coalition had several other bigger leaders and with more influence. Nevertheless, Odinga picked her and the Azimio decided to take this stand.

Baba and Karua is another type of breed. This ticket is vastly different from Kenya Kwanza Alliance and shows the contrast between them. It is now up to the public to see what they do and how they perform. These are two seasoned politicians with massive history. They have been on all sides and fought for political interests over the years. These two haven’t always worked together and at point been enemies. That’s why it’s an interesting choice, but shows the political maturity of Odinga.

Azimio versus KKA gears up. Everything will be in the open and nothing will be disregarded. Old interviews and clips will now haunt her. The same will happen to Odinga. However, today… these to has to show unity and strength together. To show that this is legit and what they believe is the right path for the coalition. Peace.

Opinion: Kenya Kwanza Alliance – the Moi Era ticket apparently

Thank you your excellency. I will not let you down, I will not let the hustler nation down and I will not let Kenyans down” Rigathi Gachagua (NTV Kenya, 15.05.2022)

The Deputy President of Kenya and Presidential Candidate William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) has finally landed on his running mate. This is a vital choice and shows where his going.

Ruto has deliberately hand-picked someone who is like himself. Another conning and smart politician. Who has used the public offices and the government appointed offices to become wealthy. That is something the DP Candidate Rigathi Gachagua has done. His only been an MP for one term on the Jubilee Party ticket since 2017. While he has now moved to Ruto.

Here is a short CV on Gachagua MP:

2 years after his graduation, Rigathi Gachagua served under President Moi’s office from 1990 to 1999 holding the positions of personal assistant to the head of public service and District Officer in Kakamega and Molo” (…) “Following his good relations with President Moi, Rigathi Gachagua was made personal assistant to Uhuru Kenyatta from 2001 to 2006 when Uhuru was the Minister of local governments” (…) “While working in the government, Rigathi Gachagua amassed a substantial amount of wealth to the point of founding the Ridor group of companies in 2000” (Austine Barasa – ‘5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua’ 2021).

We are now seeing two buddies and political aligned individuals who worked closely with President Daniel Arap Moi. While Gachagua was the DO of Kakamega and Molo. Ruto was busy co-founding and a member of Youth for Kanu 1992 (YK92) who campaigned for Moi in the 1992 campaign. While Ruto was later voted in to Parliament n 1997 and was appointed as an assistant minister in the Office of the President from 1998 to 2002. So, there is certainly times these fellows have overlapped.

That’s why the tycoon with over 40 businesses and who got picked up by Moi in the 1990s. Has enriched himself while being a civil servant and personal assistance to the big-men of KANU. As he sets his sights of being the kingpin of Mount Kenya. Alas, we also know that Ruto has amassed vast wealth in the years in office and got lots of questionable plots. While earning fractions of this in the Office of Deputy President or previous roles as such. That’s why these two are greedy comrades on a mission. As they know the value of getting power and what that can do to their bank-accounts.

This ticket is just a really show of force. The same is having Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula there as well. They have all participated in the Moi era and part-take in it. Thats’ why it’s interesting that he picked Gachagua to be his running mate. This is like a revitalized KANU ticket and the leaders surrounding KKA is filled with that too. It is part of the club and the ones who has since then find ways to profit on government offices.

The choice is very clear and shows the intention of Ruto. He didn’t do this out of nowhere. While also side-lining other people who has ambitions. Certainly, some parties and leaders has signed-off to a coalition agreement, which still binds them. However, we know that the fellow party leaders has ambitions as well. They would not just step down without a golden future promised.

Gachagua has to prove himself now. Not only loyalty to Ruto, but that he can deliver and be a galvanizing figure. The tycoon and MP has to now show his worth. Ruto also has support him and show that they are a team. That is up for grabs and let’s see if this was a wise decision. Peace.

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