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South Sudan: UNMISS – PoC Update (12.01.2019)


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South Sudan: UNMISS – PoC Update (07.01.2019)

South Sudan: President Kiir asks for funding the peace-deal, but will he launder that money too?

Just as the New Years of 2019 is coming and the South Sudanese are working on the R-ARCSS or the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, which was reached last year. This has changed the Transitional Government of National Unity, which means the administration in Juba have to evolve, become bigger and also more costly.

That is why the President in his speech on New Years Eve had to speak upon the finances. This is happening as the government of Khartoum are controlling and having more oversight of the Oil Industry. While the South Sudanese are securing their weapons and others imports, as the arms embargo is violated and the same with regional indifferences.

Speaking to the peace party leaders and members of the diplomatic corps at a dinar on the Eve of the New Year, Kiir said: “I also call upon our international partners to help with the necessary finance to implement the agreement,” Kiir also said his leadership is ready to dialogue with groups that are still outside the agreement to take part in it. “My message to you all to those still holding out against peace is that whatever it is, we can find a solution so that all of us participate in the business of building our country.” He also called for cooperation among the parties leaders to protect the peace from collapsing. “I urge all of you to be patient, let us work together and not allow this peace to get out of our hands again.”” (Memoscar Lasuba – ‘President Kiir urges intl community for financial aid’ 02.01.2019, link: http://www.eyeradio.org/president-kiir-urges-intl-community-financial-aid/).

We know, why the President is asking for more money to implement the Peace Deal. As the South Sudan government will be expanded and get more offices, as if they are supposed to follow the signed agreement. It will be 4 Vice Presidents and 4 Major Clusters, where all parties of the agreement have their share. Also, the added strain of Central Government, Council of Ministers, State Government and other institutions who needs funding. The excessive size of the government, combined with the cost of funding it. It needs fresh financial funding of it, so that it can operate the TGoNU and the R-ARCSS.

That is why the President comes out with this, as the crisis is averted with this deal. Even as there are plenty of obstacles, there are plenty of problems ahead. Not just the allocation of funds, the laundering of money through back-channels as The Sentry has proven last year. But also, the mistrust and possible Ego’s of all parties. They all want to eat and not talk. They are used to settle the score with guns and not with negotiations. That is why, even as the months goes by.

All of this is surely to use the peace deal as a pawn, to get the needed funds. While the TGoNU should be focused on policies and secure the peace. Not just ensure, that all parties get offices and get their cut. That will not be sustainable. There is need for long term functions.

The President should consider this, the same is with the rest of the parties involved. They should ensure steady revenue without begging foreign donors. Who are seeing with the The Sentry and with UN reports, where the government and their misuse of funds. Where they are not respecting embargoes or even acting credible with funds they have at this point. Why should the international donors trust them now?

Because, they should show some progression on that part. Not only signing deals, while laundering money through Nairobi. Peace.

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Sudan: Riots continues on its fourth day!

In Khartoum and elsewhere in the Republic, the riots against the state continues. This being against President Omar Al-Bashir and his party, which has controlled the state for over 30 years. The government have lacked financial control, as the bread prices are souring, the lack of fuel and also empty ATMs.

The dictatorship of thirty years, has during its recent four days shown it oppressive behavior. With leaked videos of the live-bullets against citizens. Today, there are even soldiers with machine guns doing shooting against the public. All of this shows again, that President Al-Bashir doesn’t care about other people’s lives. As he orders total destruction. Just to stay in power.

The official death number of today is 9, while other claims to 22 people who lost their lives.

We also know that the state is afraid of this riots, as the Universities are getting closed indefinitely as a result. The closure is to stop the youth and disembark them from the cities where the Universities are. However, the share size of the demonstrations and the people assembled, is from all walks of life, even police officers have dropped their uniforms to join in. As they are tired of the dictatorship itself.

We don’t know to much about the riots and demonstrations, as the state has slowed down internet, blocked social media sites and the biggest telecommunication company Zain has been blocked earlier in the week.

Still, with doze measures done by the state, still some vital information are leaked about the state activity and repressive acts against own citizens. However, this is not new, as the state under Al-Bashir has been violated human rights and crimes against humanity in Darfur, South Sudan and within South Kordofan. Therefore, that he would do such things to stay in power. Isn’t exactly new.

There is also reports of opposition leaders being arrested as a result of the continued riots, but that hasn’t been verified at this point. But that wouldn’t be dramatic or out of question. As the same state is shooting directly with machine guns against the demonstrators.

Time will tell how this one goes, but what we do know is that the people are rising and not accepting to be silenced. By the regime that has taken them for granted and thought they could spark fear in them. They are speaking up on the streets and saying what they feel is justified. It is about time.

President Al-Bashir, your time is up. Peace.

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