The Panda Gari’s is back: Gen. Museveni is rehashing the era of 1971 to 1985

Since about mid-2020 it have become more common to read stories, hear tales of witnesses and people saying loved ones have been abducted in the night. People are taken from out of nowhere by either armed personnel, police officers or other state agents. These folks are taken to unknown locations for days, weeks and even months. The individuals are either returning to the surface tortured or sickly, if not dead without any investigations or answers to why it happened.

This is all happening to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine supporters, mobilizers, activists or even political candidates. They have gone after people associated with People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP). These have been taken from all parts of Buganda. They are just seeing the van and taken away. They are incommunicado and the authorities cannot say anything or have intelligence on the matter. It is a darkness over the republic, as they are accepting this to happen. This has also happen to boxers and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who has served the same fate.

Here is how it was done before Museveni’s tenure, but clearly his been inspired by the efforts made by the predecessors.


The Commission took a person to have disappeared if that person was arrested, seized, abducted, kidnapped, taken or detained by the military, police or other security agents or agencies, and had never been seen again, alive or dead. The phenomenon of disappearances was virtually unknown in Uganda between 1962 to 1970. During the 1966 crisis, a number of people from or near the Mengo palace disappeared, never to be seen again. It is presumed that they were killed in what came to be known as the “Battle of Mengo”. Disappearances because a common phenomenon in Uganda between 1971 and 1985” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

Panda Gari:

“Panda Gari” are two Swahili words literally meaning board the vehicle. It was a system under which the army or police, in swoops, collected people in large numbers from an area forced to board vehicles and transported them elsewhere for purposes of identifying whether or not they were anti government rebels or sympathizers” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

What is worrying to me.. that there is just some small posts on Facebook and not collected. That each and everyone is forgotten in the trail of spin. The state is busy preoccupying the space with other news. While the citizens are kidnapped, abducted, arbitrary arrested and even extra judicial killings of them without any warrants, charges or even taken to court.

We have no idea about the extent of this. There is already so many in Bobi Wine’s team behind bars and Court Martial as civilians say it all about this regime. The state is also using several of state security agencies and ungazetted safe-houses to detain and torture civilians.

There should be an outcry, investigation into it and take down the ones ordering it. The ones who are in-charge and makes it possible. The state is doing this to its own. When they can it to their own. What is the next extent and what is the next effort to take control and silence critics?

When they can re-issue the Panda Gari’s, what else can they do next? This is horrific and tragic… it is a need to collect the whole tragedies together to show the world the sinister extent of this. As I see various of numbers, but each number is a person. That is important to remembered, someone who was loved and cared for. Someone who was aspiring and maybe only wanted to see positive change for the Republic. That is so costly, they are destroyed by the state and even killed. That is why each and everyone one of them should be named. Written and published. So, they can use these abductions, kidnappings, torture- and extra judicial killings to prove how bad the state is.

It is needed. It is a about time. This is so evil… Peace.

Opinion: Let’s celebrate selective freedom [35 Years and counting]

The victory of NRM in 1986 was not just a victory of the army but also ideas. This was the same situation in the just concluded elections. Ugandans have now just woken up. About 40% are now producing products for sale” – General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 26th January 2021

There was once a man who promised a ten-point programme. A man who said he was growing the mustard seed and that he was bringing a fundamental change. However, with time this has withered and been proven worthless.

The National Resistance Army (NRA) came with so much promise and change. Nevertheless with all the years in power, their promise and what they have delivered is a vast difference. If the NRA and the early Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) pledges had been put into effect. Then the Republic would have been different. If the NRA/M had cared about what they promised and what they have delivered. Then the sights and the state would be different if the President and his cronies had ensured the promises was kept. However, they have been more self-involved and securing their own futures.

That is why over the years. The ones who has opposed the NRA/M have gotten into trouble. The government have abducted, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps and kills. The state is wrecking havoc on the ones willing to question Museveni and the NRM. This being previously people who stood with Reform Agenda, people who supported the Forum for Democratic Change and now also the ones who is supporting in various ways the National Unity Platform. All of these parties are seeing, feeling and getting violated on a daily basis. Therefore, speaking of freedom and liberty is in a limited space.

This limited space is for the ones who is anointed and the “made men” of the Movement. The ones who are part of the close associates and represents the state. These folks are living high life. The ones who are connected and have the “high above” on speed dial can get whatever they want. If you are one of them. You can kill someone and the case will never be investigated.

That’s why its ironic that he said this today: By 1986, we had been in preparation for over 20 years. We lost a lot of people. The problems you see in NRM now wouldn’t have been there if those people hadn’t died” (Museveni, 26.01.2021).

When he said this he was still a FRONASA and a student in Tanzania, as the General was in exile or diaspora. Where we now know he asked for US support for his cause in 1973. So, the General was scheming to topple Amin early. That happened later when he joined Obote and Nyerere in 1979. After that he was installed to be Minister of Defence, but after an election, which he claimed was filled with fraud. He went into the bush and that is why his celebrating this date every year. As this is the day of his victory. Where he was the victor and he has earned his fortune and massive wealth for years now.

He is also blaming the lack of the people who died is the reason. Not that he has been involved in their demise and even targeted the ones who has had ambition. Several of assassination, questionable poisonings and so fourth. So, if the General doesn’t want these cold-cases investigated. Maybe, he shouldn’t mention them. It is a typical blame game, because his initially saying the ones his surrounded by now is nothing in comparison to the ones he used to have. Butchaman, Kusasira and Full Figure should wish they were like fallen NRA historicals.

Well, we know there is little to celebrate today. There is coming reports of NUP supporters and activists either apprehended or ended up murdered. There are reports of violence and use of fatal force by the authorities. This is done to shield the General and his NRM. They said they wanted to come with change, but they are only delivering the same human rights violations as the predecessors.

So, to celebrate liberation today is tragic. The liberation he has delivered is very selective and very limited. The freedom and liberty is for some, but if you dare to question or challenge the General. You either end behind bars, charged or could be terminated. If your unlucky to participate in a rally or a demonstrations. You life isn’t valued and you could become another fatality. The state will not care and will be proud to have killed you even. That is what the General have said since the Kampala riots and Masaka demonstrations during the campaign period before the polls on the 14th January 2021.

General Museveni …. you have not done what you promised and what you pledged. The ones who died in Luweero didn’t die for this. The ones who went to the bush didn’t risk their lives for this. All the citizens feeding you and your rebels wasn’t thinking this would be the case. You might think you can sell this story, but I will dismiss you. Because, the imprint, the stories and the tales are explicitly telling your lying. We know you know better… but you rather live on a lie, than being blinded by the truth. Peace.

As Liberation Day looms: It appears that Gen. Museveni never listened to the Report “Pearl of Blood”

No person should be held or detained in secret, unacknowledged or incommunicado” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

As tomorrow is the “Liberation Day” or the “NRM Day” in the Republic of Uganda. As the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrates their takeover of Kampala on the 26th January 1986. Tomorrow will be 35 years since that happened.

Still, there is a lot of misgivings in the years of reign during the NRA/M era. The NRM have left a lot of thing to aspire too. For instance the Uganda Commission of Inquiry into the Violation of Human Rights dropped a Summary of the Report – “Pearl of Blood” in October 1994. This report have maybe been left in drawer and forgotten. However, I will indulge you in some vital parts of this. Which the current day regime have totally forgotten.

The report in question is looking into the mischief and violence by the previous regimes. That in itself is a good thing and was helpful to give insights into what the predecessors did. Nevertheless, I am looking into the things the NRA/M have forgotten. I am looking into specific forgotten passages of Chapter 13. Which states significant recommendations… that the NRM never adhered too or haven’t really implemented.

First advice: “Any person who is proved to have violated human rights in the past or will have been convicted of human rights offences should be barred from holding any political, public or civic office” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here should be a given, but we know that Police Officers, Law Enforcement, Soldiers, Generals, High Ranking Officials have been associated or acted with indifference when they have violated human rights in the Republic. The NRA/M have deliberately even promoted officials and secured their passage, if they are doing it on command. Therefore, this recommendation is a stark warning. That the current regime doesn’t care about.

Second advice: “Massive violations of human rights in Uganda have occurred partly because of personalization of powers of the state by Presidents and other leaders. Personal interest became identical with public interest. Consequently, it was difficult to differentiate the state from the individual who was the President” (…) “The Commission therefore recommended for:

(a) separation of powers with checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial aim s of government.

(b) impeachment of Presidents for constitutional and other offences while in office.

(c) a system of peaceful change of Presidents and governments through regular and fair elections.

(d) prohibition of over-staying by Presidents in office after their terms have expired.” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here advice is directed at the President of current day. Who is in-charge and doing just that. It is all the personal interests of the President and his cronies. All parts of government awaits his orders and his words. That is why Gen. Museveni is repeating the human rights violations of the past. As he has become the personalization of the state.

What is also striking isn’t the balance of powers. That should be true, but these are all appointees of the President and loyal to him. The arms of government is working in-coordination with the President on his behest. The President will never be impeached as it would be a death-sentence and “treason” to even consider that.

The (c) and (d) is epic these days. As we know there is no “free and fair” elections in the Republic. The current President has also revised any law to ensure that he can overstay. Ensuring that his “terms” never expires and securing that he is overstaying in office. These two recommendations have been trashed in favour of one man.

Third advice: “One of the major factors which contributed to violation of human rights in Uganda is intolerance” (…) “constitutional and legal prohibition of any person or authority from restricting the exercise of the peoples rights and freedom of assembly in meetings, rallies or other gatherings and of expression and protest, and such prohibition or interference should be made a criminal offence” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here has been an issue that has persisted in the reign of Museveni. The violation of human rights to assemble and gather has been a consistent issue. The state have practically made it impossible or illegal for opposition to gather outside their headquarters. The state have banned protests, demonstrations, rallies and concerts, all in favour of “law and public order”. Which is striking, as the advice here was adhere to other principals and also show tolerance to others. That is something the NRA/M haven’t coped with or had the capacity to do. That is why they have interfered, blocked and haunted the opposition with all sorts of laws, regulations and justifications to stop them from assembling. The NRM have even blocked prayers from happening. So, they have never intended to listen to this particular advice either.

Fourth advice: “it is imperative that in order to encourage tolerance and unity, the system of elections and government in which the winner takes all should be legally discouraged” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here has been commented on before. As the state is personification of Museveni now. He has the whole state and they are all listening to his whims. The system is built in his favour. So as “victor” in any elections. The old man does get it all and there is no separation of powers either. This advice has been discarded too.

Fifth advice: “intelligence organizations should never be personalised, set and/or tolerated for the purpose of maintaining particular regimes or Leaders in power. They should not be partisan in politics of Uganda. Intelligence organizations should never be used for witch hunting or for political, ethnic, religious, gender, social or economic persecution or harassment” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

Another one where the state have made plenty of entities all run by the men of the President. All in favour of his causes and work. Not looking for criminals, but monitoring and surveillance of opposition members, activists and human rights activists too. Therefore, this one has been overlooked as well. That is why ISO, CMI; ESO and other entities are working without concern of violating human rights.

Sixth advice: “No person should be detained or imprisoned without trial by and before independent and impartial courts of law whether there is a state of emergency or not. No person should be arrested detained or imprisoned except in respect of criminal offences known to the law” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This sort of idea and legal remedy is used so much these days. That the ideal of it seems to be forgotten. If you are associated with the opposition. It is justified to abduct, arrest and torture them without court orders or criminal charges. Not even thinking of taking the “culprit” or “criminal” to court, but without justice served take it all into the hands of the Law Enforcement and silence the opposition on the spot.

Seventh advice: “Murder of individuals, mass murders, arbitrary deprivation of life or extra judicial executions is a violation of the right to life. The Commission has found that such atrocities were committed by members of the military, intelligence organisations, certain Police Units, party activists, etc.” (….) “Obedience to superior orders should never be a defence to charges of crimes of murder, torture and others that violate human rights. Detention of civilians in military barracks, or establishments should be prohibited by law and offenders thereof severely punished” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

Here is a sad part. That this regime doesn’t value life or the lives of anyone. They can easily stop doing these things, but they are continuing to do so. These sort of activity should have ceased, but we do know they continue to do so. The regime doesn’t value life… and that is evident with concern of opposition activists, members and the ones who is close to demonstrations or convoys of the opposition. This is proven and sadly activity the state continues with.

Eight advice: “Mechanisms for making public leaders and officials transparent in and accountable for their conduct performance or work will keep in check the temptation to act in breach of the law or in abuse of their powers or offices” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here hasn’t been listened too. The Cabinet Members, the ones appointed and the ones n close association of the President can get away with anything. There will be some headlines, but the ones looting, stealing and breaching laws can a get away with it. That is why there is no law for the ones in close associate of the President. They are above the law, because the “high above” is shielding them.

I think this is enough and proves how little the NRM have cared. They have had time to fix these things. However, the state and General Museveni haven’t cared. He has had the sole power and enjoyed all the perks. That is why there is no sanctions or punishment for him. He can get away with all these violations of human rights. This should worry, but it shows what sort of authority and power he does have. As this report is old and from 1994, but it’s viable today. Peace.

The 2021 Elections can be Museveni’s final 1980 Election

On the 14th January 2021 is the Presidential Election in the Republic. As things states the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is automatically winning. That is why the election is continuing. Because, he has put everything forward for a total victory. The rest is just procedure and pawns on his chess-set. His waiting to take everyone out, one by one and in the end up as the victor.

In regard to the 2021 elections nothing seems out of the ordinary in this fashion. Just like Dr. Milton Obote ordered full loyalty from all civil servants to his party. He appointed the Electoral Commission and District Commissioners. There was clear indication of gerrymandering, shut down public counting of the votes and suddenly announced the results over the radio.

Some of these things are not yet to happen, but knowingly how the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is working. We shouldn’t be shocked if some things are bound to happen in 2021.

First, the President has appointed loyalist and cronies into all institutions. They are directly involved in all government organizations. This being the Electoral Commission, Residential District Commanders, Judiciary, Police, Army and all other security organizations. Therefore, the President’s Men will be loyal and serve all his wishes.

Secondly, the state has been busy gerrymandering. That is why the extension of MPs never been higher between the 10th Parliament to the 11th Parliament. This is clearly done to able to fixate the voter registry and secure incumbent NRM friendly MPs. Just like the gerrymandering under Obote was to secure more UPC MPs in the Parliament.

Now, the President these days are offering a febrile and violent atmosphere, which could describe the days now. Museveni controls it all and orders everyone to his bidding. There is no difference from 1980 election. The election that brought him to the bush and made him overthrow the government at the time.

He is using the force to silence opposition. Using techniques of intimidation. His even arresting his main competitors. Like he arrested Patrick Oboi Amuriat and has still Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine behind bars as we speak. Therefore, the rules are rigged. The man does it differently. The names has changed, but the end-game is the same.

President Museveni is pushing on. Even as the army is on the streets. The scores of dead citizens is rising, the amounts of injured is on the rise too. This is the game the President is playing.

The 1980 election can teach us something. President Museveni felt scorned and was bitter. He felt cheated and used that as a reason for war. Now, his using the same means again. However, his the culprit and the head who spoils the polls in his favour.

That is the act that Obote did with the use of the mechanisms left behind by the colonial administration. Where the “administration” appointed the Electoral Commission, which is the same practice done today. This is why its loyal to the President and not to the public. Like so many of the other institutions who serves him, but not the public. They are all in the working for his end game. This is why there are MPs going directly into the next election without any polls. These are given the advantage before things are really starting.

That is why Museveni wants another 1980 election. The one reason for his reign and why “they fought”. When he has to rehash the sins of the past to get into power. In spite of giving reasons for others to become like he did. He walks into the same pitfalls, which he was supposed to liberate the people. An assertion we can all with time dismiss and know that he clearly haven’t regarded to fix. As that would make it impossible for him to win.

It is just a mere fact. In a free and fair election, where all candidates has a shot of winning. Museveni would never win. He wouldn’t have a half-chance. The old man wouldn’t even be reckoned with. So, if it wasn’t for all of his appointees, control of the state and intimidation. The man would have nothing and even less than Norbert Mao. Just think about that. Nobody in their right mind would elect that man can easily order the death or your son, daughter or nephew without a flinch of an eye.

That’s what he does and this is why the deaths of citizens doesn’t face him. Because, if it did. He would have acted differently. Like most of the time to show power he got to intimidate the public. Not that its enough with soldiers on the streets, para-military groups around and even armed people in plain clothes.

The 1980 election should be our lesson. As it shows where he gets the flair and bravado from. Museveni knows the Commonwealth and United Kingdom signed off the rigged election. There will be someone else doing his bidding this time. To ensure the election is legitimized in favour Obote. Now, in 2021 there will be someone else doing the bidding of Museveni. Surely we can expect Museveni wins by secure numbers and have total control of Parliament. Anything else is a shocker and a result the President wouldn’t accept.

Museveni doesn’t win elections, but he rigs them. Peace.

NRM Liberation Day 2020: Museveni is playing tricks on you

Our position, however, has always been clear. If you play tricks with us, we shall play tricks with you; if you are honest with us, we shall be honest with you; If your violent against us, we shall be violent against you”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni excerpt from inauguration speech from the 29th January 1986

We are all seeing the gleeful celebration. The smugness of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The Party that took over the Republic 34 years ago on the 26th January 1986. The history has been written about this and the last victor writes it the way they like. While were never getting the answers for all the skulls of the Luweero Triangle. Clearly, there are some murky past of the bush-war, that hasn’t been released.

Still the NRM wants this day to bashed in glory. While I have found some pieces of articles from the same year. That shows how they did it. Even if the all the promises, the pledges and the supposed liberation haven’t been followed. Unless, internal peace is the only real thing to celebrate after 34 years. Because, the 10 Point Programme haven’t been ushered in.

Because, Museveni promised a mere change of guards. But he just became another tyrant, than the ones in the past. He might want to think well of himself. However, the next history writer will see the blood, the pain and suffering he has caused. The cronyism and the grand corruption, the systematic “high above” order. Where people are directed to the President and State House before things are happening locally. That is the Republic after 30 years under his reign. The promise and hope has been distorted, one day at the time and in 2020 there is no return.

Here’s a few out-takes from some articles:

KAMPALA, Uganda — Rebel forces seized control of parts of the capital Friday in fierce house-to-house fighting with government troops, and Western diplomats said Kampala is on the brink of falling to the insurgents. “I think we will have a change in government soon,” one diplomat said. By nightfall, the National Resistance Army guerrillas had managed to silence the transmitters of Radio Uganda–the East African country’s national radio–but failed to dislodge all government units in the downtown area after a full day of fighting” Los Angles Times – ‘Fall of Kampala Reported Near as Troops Fight House to House ‘ 25.01.1986).

Uganda’s rebel commander, Mr Yoweri Museveni, ‘whose five-year bush war culminated with the capture of Kampala last weekend, was sworn in as Uganda’s President. A s Mr Museveni finished the oath of office from Uganda’s British-born Chief Justice, Mr Peter Allen, thousands of onlookers cheered loudly. Life is returning to normal in the Ugandan capital following the overthrow of General Tito Okello’s military government by well-disciplined guerrillas. Kampala residents rejoiced at the takeover, which took place just six months after the last coup, and they appeared generally, confident the New National Resistance Army rulers offered real hope of ending the turmoil that has wracked Uganda for the post 20 years. NRA guerrillas captured Kampala on Sunday and western diplomats said they had also taken the country’s second largest town, Jinja, after a fierce lunchtime battle” (The Nambian, 31.01.1986).

Museveni asserted would represent far more than “a mere change of the guard.” The absence of looting on the streets of Kampala after the takeover— in marked contrast to the aftermath of earlier coups— provided striking evidence in his favor. Young NRA soldiers guarded buildings and provided civilians with assistance. Intensive training while in the bush instilled in them The belief that they are to be “servants of the people.”rather than tyrants” (Africa Report – Volume 31, Number 2 P: 37, March-April 1986).

We can see, that people had a hope in 1986. We cannot take away from that. They had hope in Museveni and his cause. They had hope his rebels and their discipline would make a difference. However, that has been squandered.

The NRM didn’t become the servants of the people, they became the new tyranny. The ones whose rigging like the ones they overthrew. They are using “safe-houses” like the predecessor. The NRM are using arbitrary arrests, colonial laws and methods of past regimes to hold an iron grip on the opposition.

The NRM haven’t gotten rid of poverty, neither have they developed the nation in a fashion, which they have promised over the years. They should be sky-rockets to Mars by now, by all the pledges and promises. The state haven’t delivered the hope of 1986. Instead it has betrayed it and betrayed the ones dying for that cause.

That’s the worst thing. The ones who fought on the sideline of Museveni. The ones risking it all in the bush-war. Would be horrified by what has done. The other NRA historicals, and cronies now. Are acting as they are above the law and entitled to riches. Even, if they are supposed to serve. Instead, they turned the same tyrants they were supposed to get rid off.

That’s why the bashing in glory today is distasteful and disgraceful. The Republic deserves better. This was a false liberation. One man got liberated, his cronies got liberated, but the ones daring to play tricks on him, they will play tricks you too. Peace.

Opinion: Why isn’t the NRM and Museveni celebrating 11th April 1979?

It is special that the National Resistance Movement are celebrating the Independence Day on the 9th October and the NRM on the 26th January every year. The President is busy celebrating the end of the Obote II and the Independence from the British Empire, but something weird is up. Especially, considering how the President the National Resistance Army/Movement are so proud of being part of what toppled the Presidency of Idi Amin. They are still never celebrating an important day.

The NRM and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni haven’t in years been celebrating the 11th April of 1979. It is like a day from the calender, that has vanished in thin air. The Independence of 9th October 1962 is relevant. The victory over Obote II and the bush-war, the 26th January 1986 is carved in stone. They got to celebrate it in lavish and nothing is speared in this manner.

However, the 11th April is forgotten or is done on purpose. Because Milton Obote remembers Museveni’s way of liberating Uganda on that day: “ On 11 April, 1979 when Kampala fell to the Kikosi Maalum and TPDF, Museveni was in Fort Portal staying with Princess Elizabeth Bagaya in the Omukama’s Palace which the TPDF who had captured the Town never damaged at all. On that same day, the President of the UNLF and all his ministers who attended the Conference at which the UNLF was formed except Museveni were, like me, in Dar es Salaam” (…) “When the mobilisers and others left, Paulo Muwanga gave me what he and President Nyerere had discussed. Paulo reported that in the long meeting with President Nyerere, the President kept repeating and emphasising three points. The first was that 11 April, 1979 was a glorious day for him, the President and Milton Obote who had overthrown a most brutal dictator. The second was that he, the President, was very much pained that his “comrade” Milton Obote was not happy and the third was that he, the President, could not understand why his comrade Milton Obote was regarding Lule and the UNLF as anything other than flies falling on a carcass. Paulo reported that President Nyerere used the word comrade and the expression “flies falling on a carcass” repeatedly” (Milton Obote – ‘THE UPC ROLE IN THE REMOVAL OF AMIN – PAPER BY A. MILTON OBOTE)

Because, certainly if Amin’s rule was bad and Museveni was proud of taking part of the overthrow of him. The President of today would have celebrated this, but alas, it seems more to be part of his history, that he wants to erase and not speak so loud about. Since, his role in the overthrow of Amin wasn’t as successful nor as big as the President wants it to be. That is why, he cannot celebrate a military victory, where he was hanging out in Fort Portal, when someone else invaded Kampala. That is why the President celebrates the 26th January and not 11th April. Since, in January it was him entering Kampala, while in April it was someone else who did it.

That is maybe why it isn’t an important date to Museveni. His vanity and his lack of courage, that he has to rewrite history and make people forget of his mediocre role. Is the reason, why he doesn’t celebrate the victory over the Amin years. The brutality of Amin and the killings of Amin. As him as President didn’t get rid of him, but got rid of Obote II and others.

Certainly as a part of the newly transitional council, Museveni should take some credit and his participation from exile meant something. However, there are also evidence of his lacking resources and soldiers for the combat. But, the others saw the need for their and gave him a space in the National Consultative Council, interim government post-Amin.

That is why its weird for me, that he celebrates two other dates, which was ending of other people’s reign, but the President who usually credits himself as the saviour from dictatorships. Are not celebrating the one said to be the worst in time or his conscious playing tricks on him? As he feels guilty that he is acting as Amin and ordering killings in the same manner as he did?

Because, there got to be a reason, as this was a jubilant day and with celebrations in the streets of Kampala on the 11th April 1979. Surely, the ones celebrating on the streets might not be living anymore. But the legacy and the history of that day is out there.

Darton reported on the 30th April 1979: “ KAMPALA, Uganda — When Tanzanian soldiers and Ugandan exiles marched into Kampala on April 11, they found the carnage left by the institution.’ alized brutality of a state gone insane” (John Darton – ‘Idi Amin: A Savior Who Became The Creator of 8 Years of Horror’ 30.04.1979, New York Times).

With this in mind, the state should celebrate this. A ending of one tyrant, however the current one is maybe not so jolly about remembering his end. Since, that even remind him, that his day will come too? Peace.

FYI: If you calculate this year, 2019 is actually 40 years since it happen. A fourth decade since the Tanzanian army went in and invaded Uganda to free them from Amin’s rule. Still, it doesn’t seem to matter to Museveni. Just a footnote in the scheme of things.

Museveni acts more and more like Obote II: A Bush-War Wasted! Part II

As the time is going and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are just acting like the predecessors. This is making the supposed Bush-War in the 1980s pointless. As the President promised changes from the ones ruling before him. The NRM was supposed to be the golden age and greatness of the Republic. He come with pledges of respecting the peasants and create a democracy, instead it is the same type of tyranny of the past. There is now no difference between Museveni and Obote II. These regimes are acting the same and similar towards the opposition and media. Even American Journalists got two nights detained in the 1980s. Now the same is happening to local journalists in and around the Arua By-Election.

What I will now show, two stories or reports from the Obote II regime. Which shows similar resembles with today. All of the actions of the current day towards the Members of Parliament, are like of the previous President, these being Mubarak Munyagwa, Robert Kyagulanyi, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. All of these are now in the dire straits, they are in the midst of oppression, torture and detention, either with at Military Barracks or unknown locations. Therefore, there are two many similarities with Obote.

AI Report 1983:

According to Amnesty International’s information, most people arrested in 1981 on grounds of national security, were arrested by the army. Same arrests appear to have been arbitrary or indiscriminate, but the majority were apparently directed at particular individuals. Most people arrested by the army were taken to army barracks and detained there, contrary to the law. Many were held for weeks or months. In very few cases were people known to have been transferred without delay to police custody. Detentions in military barracks were not recorded for police or legal purposes, and were not officially acknowledged. Such detainees had no legal protection in practice and the courts had no effective jurisdiction over them. In time, many of the detainees who survived were released or transferred to police custody, but it appears that torture was systematic, and many of those in military custody “disappeared” or were known to have died, particularly at Makindye and Kireka barrack” (Amnesty – ‘Memorandum to the Government of Uganda on Anmnesty International mission to Uganda in January 1982 and further exchanges between the government and Amnesty International’ April 1983)

One Story:

Those suspected of supporting the guerrillas were viciously hounded. Mr Mukasa’s wife was beheaded by government soldiers in 1981 and his brother was shot dead. After two years in exile near London, Mr Mukasa returned to Uganda only to be arrested by Obote’s security service which mistook him – Mr Mukasa says – for Godfrey Binaisa who had been president for a short period between Amin and Obote. Mr Mukasa still bears scars from the torture sessions in the Nile Hotel. His interrogators dripped burning plastic down his right leg to make him talk. Not surprisingly, he has not been back to the hotel since. “The Nile Hotel was a slaughterhouse”, I was later told by Brigadier Jim Muhwezi who, as head of internal security, now has an office in the adjacent conference centre. “A number of my friends were interned and died there. It’s hard to believe the beautiful gardens were once littered with bodies.”” (David Orr – ‘KAMPALA DAYS; Ghosts that lurk in shadows of hotel’s gory past’ 20.05.1996 link:

As we see the similarities between the past and present. We see that the Bush-War is wasted, the freedom fighter is taking away people’s freedom. The liberation, wasn’t really liberating. The Orwellian nightmare is in the Republic. Museveni does whatever it takes stay in power. No torturing, harassing and charging fellow MPs with treason. All deliberately to send a message and intimidate the public. This is what Museveni has done since 1986. Now it is just appearing before our eyes.

President Museveni are now acting like Obote II towards the public, sending mambas, soldiers and police to intimidate the public. They are killing civilians and detaining civilians on military barracks. No matter who you are in the republic, Museveni can take you down and make sure your begging for mercy. If your killed by his Soldiers or his Presidential Guards, it will not have any consequences, they can do whoever and get rid of whoever. It doesn’t cost anything, for the President it is just collateral damage for the cause. The cause, which is just staying in power.

That is the reality. Nothing else. There is no difference between Obote II and Museveni. Peace.

Museveni acts more and more like Obote II: A Bush-War Wasted!

With the recent by-elections in Rukungiri, Bugiri and now in Arua. There been so much election violence and even killings in all three. There been enough of the army and mambas in the street, to intimidate the public. While the army and police are busy arresting opposition leaders and also activists. Therefore, the levels of arrests are over dozens, scores and in such levels that it has to hit about 20 and above to be right. This is what happens under President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He is acting like President Milton Obote did in the 1980s. The second term of Obote was filled with arbitrary arrests, violence, torture and killings by the authorities. Now in the 2018, the Museveni regime is acting like them.

In 1982:

The President allows a legal opposition party (the Democratic Party), and Obote seems to be trying to make parliamentary government work. However, opposition MPs for a time were arrested and detained. In a new-year amnesty, Obote allowed four MP detainees to be released; some 1,000 other detainees were released recently as well. The MPs, who had been accused of ‘‘connection with acts of violence,” were received personally by Obote” (John Worrall – ‘Uganda registers modest gains under Obote’ 04.01.1982 link:

In 1983:

Obote, moreover, has denied that any civilian detainees are being kept in military barracks. Yet he has not allowed officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross to inspect the suspected military barracks. “There are no detainees in military barracks,” Obote said in an interview. “There are no detainees who are tortured or murdered or killed in any way in government custody.” A 1982 report by the human rights group Amnesty International and a U.S. State Deparment report released earlier this year support allegations of civilian detentions, widespread abuses of human rights and killings carried out by soldiers in the military barracks. Well-informed western diplomats, one Ugandan government official who declined to be identified and political opposition leader Ssemogerere said abuses directed at civilian detainees is continuing in the Army’s barracks” (Leon Dash – ‘Brutality Marks Army’s Conduct in Uganda’ 29.11.1983, link:

Later 1983:

Soon after Obote’s inauguration speech, civil war erupted when two groups of his political competitors, both of whom charged Obote with fraudulently winning the December 1980 election, retired to the countryside surrounding this capital of Kampala and began waging a guerrilla war. The Army has recently managed to put the insurgents on the run, but political assassinations and the detention without trial of nonviolent politicial critics of the government have escalated as the war has died down. On Oct. 25 unknown gunmen abducted Mary Luswata, the chairman of Obote’s Uganda People’s Congress party in a district 80 miles from here, plus three members of the party’s youth wing and three party supporters. They were found shot to death two days later nearby” (Leon Dash – ‘Violence Poisons Political Process Within Uganda’ 01.12.1983, link:

Militarism under both rulers:

Although a small incident, (and indeed much larger incidents might have been cited), it has all the ingredients of militarism. “We fought for you” singles oult the “military” contribution to liberation to the denigration of all other kinds of contribution (including political) which people made towards the downfall of Obote’s dictatorship. It also becomes a “license” in the hands of the men in uniform to treat “you civilians” with derision and contempt. Although NRA’s record, compared to the that of Obote’s UNLA, has been generally impressive, this was so as long as they were in the bush, and did not enjoy “state power”. Now that they enjoy state power, their “militarism” is coming to the surface. Earlier in the same week that the above incident happened at Walukuba, soldiers burst into the house of the editor of the Weekly Topic (a paper that is critically sympathetic to Museveni), and searched his house, as also the office of his brother, a former Member of Parliament. Later they arrested a few people in the area who previously had UPC connections. All this was done without informing the Resistance Councils of the area, thus undermining their authority and relevance in matters of “high security”. When criticized, the NRA is consistently defended by Museveni on the same grounds that “they fought for you”. It is clear that Museveni derives his legitimacy and authority more from his army than from the political efforts of “the civilians”. The RCs with all their weaknesses analysed earlier, are nonetheless never likely, under Museveni, to acquire political control over the army, and hence militarism is likely to remain, as under Obote, the hallmark of Museveni’s regime” (Yash Tandon – ‘Elements of Continuity and Change Between Obote and Museveni: Some Lessons from Obote’s Rule for Musevents Government’ 01.01.1987, link:

We can see now, that the ones that President Museveni overthrow for the betterment of the republic, he has become alike. He might not have arrested 1000 opposition leaders at the same time, but over the years he has detained, arrested and charged more than I can count. He has done the same during the recent days and even within this year. The NRM are acting as the previous leadership did. They are torturing opposition MPs, they are arresting them and also showing violence towards the public.

Right now, there are more and more similarities between Obote II and Museveni of now. The 1980s Uganda and current Uganda isn’t that much different. Only, that the public have smart-phones and the reports are spread without the central government control like in the 1980s. That is why we will know quicker and the reports will make sense. This is information sharing the authorities cannot control. That is why we knew of the violence in Rukungiri, Bugiri and in Arua.

Museveni’s ways of control is looking more like Obote… therefore, the bush-war is more and more pointless. As he is acting like the ones he overthrow. Not only overstaying and being an arrogant prick, but also being reckless, relentless and destroying people’s lives to stay in power. Using state sponsored violence to control the public.

The Ugandan people deserves better, all the lives lost are now just pawns in the eyes of the ones who had hope in the 1980s for something better for their kids. They fought and celebrated the fall of Obote II, but instead they got someone who was as brutal as him. Using the same force and same methods to stay in power.

It isn’t beautiful, not planned to be. It is just a cynics way of staying in power. Peace.

Opinion: In the mind of Museveni, there is no need for a succession plan, just because…[Insert excuse]!

Again, again and again, he retort and blaze fire to show that he is the only one with a vision, the only one who can run Uganda, because no one else has the capacity he has. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the one who has run the Republic since 1986. Has to understand, even if it is hard, that his isn’t the only leader capable of running the Republic. Even if his deluded mind is destroying that vision, because everyone else makes mistakes and doesn’t do things correctly, so Mr. Sunday can come in and save the day. That is just how it is, and how it has been. Here is a report of what happen at a National Resistance Movement meeting on 20th December 2017, when the heist of the century occur, as the state and NRM was launching his Life Presidency, though the abolishing the Article 102(b) of the Constitution. Those was the days, and at that day, Mr. President aka Sunday had to defend himself.

According to an NRM MP who was part of the meeting, Baryayanga waited for Museveni to conclude his speech before he dropped a question that made the president lose his cool. “You have talked about so many things, and we would really want to support you on this [amendment] but in all your statements, you are not talking about the transition; when you intend to leave power yet some of us would want to be President of Uganda. When are you planning to retire?” Baryayanga reportedly asked Museveni” (…) “Museveni shot back; “You Baryayanga? You think you can be president? I don’t want to be president, I am only sacrificing myself for you.” (…) “Soon, he was back to the issue of the presidency. “Baryayanga, you think you can be president? You think you can manage my Generals? You? You?You think you can manage my Generals?! You think you can manage Tumukunde, Muhwezi… you? You?” Museveni asked Baryayanga” (…) “The MP remained silent for a while before he responded, “Your Excellence, with your help, I think I can manage. I am still a young and vibrant man, I really think I can manage.” In response, Museveni said, “Unless those Generals are dead, you can’t manage.” (…) ““I used to see [Godfrey Lukongwa] Binaisa posing around that he is a former president. What impact did he create? Then you see [Kizza] Besigye with walk to work…Besigye can’t be president for even three months,” Museveni said” (Kabuubi, 2018)

We can see that Baryayanga is just asking a fair question, that the President is losing his cool over. Like the paternal leader and eternal God of all, the only one that can manage it all is President Museveni. Mr. Sunday, Mr. The Only Man with a Vision. Couldn’t keep his cool and his temper. Surely, it is tiring to defend himself and always runs to the guns if people oppose him. It is like he thinks he is the only one who understand the NRM 27 Guns and the NRM Historicals and Stalwarts! It is insane, but that is how deluded he is at the moment. That he is the only one with the keys and no one else has the capacity or the strength to turn the door-knob.

Therefore, the President had again to back in history, to revisit the dead, because the ones who used to rule is all gone. He defeated them all and never gave anyone else a chance. Succession is poison to the blood-vessels of Museveni. It is like he thinks he himself will become an issue for a successor, he said it with comparing Godfrey Binaisa with fellow man Paulo Muwanga and Dr. Milton Obote, who all shared the throne during the year of 1980. The year and rigged General Election that brought Mr. Sunday to the Bush. Oooh those where the days. Well, he has to go there, to get legitimacy to still sit on the Throne.

Well, if Besigye cannot rule, who can expect you? What sort of rigged paradigm shifting focus of militarism are you implying Mr. Sunday? Why are you so special? There are nation of leaders and upcoming men, whose not Besigye, who can rule and can delegate people. I am sure they have more than enough skills to push the UPE to the next level and actually get proper use of UNRA and UMEME. Something you are not capable of Mr. President.

The issue is that you have created these Generals, but they will not stop following orders if someone else pays and comforts them. Unless, you give them reason to use the Crime Preventers as a militia and start war-lording against someone else who gets grip of power. Because that is the only thing you know, that is why Gen. Muhoozi, has been in the military and ran the Special Forces Command. To learn the tricks you needed in the 1980s. Oooh, you think we didn’t see this coming, did you?

We are not deluded Mr. President, you are and someone has to say it. I am sitting miles away with no fear. You cannot raid my living-room or touch my mind. But I can tell you, its long gone the time of your retirement. Besigye could run Uganda, Mbabazi could have run Uganda, even Otunnu or Ssemogerere could have been a possible men to become successors. But you have destroyed all of them and rigged yourself in.

I think there would be a learning curve and the need to find their way, they wouldn’t run it like Mr. Sunday, but they would be able to administer and to delegate the priorities needed to be Statesmen. Neither, of them got the ability to even try, so it is all just mere say, because we have no evidence. But we have the long history of mismanagement, patronage and rigging from Museveni. Therefore, it is foolish of him now to not try to sway people, that he has a plan for succession, but his EGO and his deluded mind is in his way. Peace.


Kabuubi, Gyagenda – ‘When Museveni told MPs; Besigye can never be president’ 22.04.2018, link:

An anecdote on how Uganda isn’t a Democracy: An answer to the Liberation Day Speech of President Museveni!

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”Nelson Mandela

Today is the 32nd Liberation Day or National Resistance Army/Movement Day, the day that ended the Bush-War of the 1980s in Uganda. Where President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made his career from being a Minister and a Rebel to become the President. A position and an executive, head of state who has shown no signs of stepping down. He was supposed to be the next generation of leadership. He was the positive force in 1990s and was golden-kid for Bill Clinton on the Continent. While that has disappeared and with time his legacy has withered. Museveni has closely become all the things he fought against, he still tries to use the language and the charisma that he had in his younger days. But its all facade, it isn’t the real deal. That I why I don’t care to drastically demolish the whole speech.

I will just take one principal and one point of it. Because it waste of time to do more at this point of time!

The fourth principle of the NRM is the democracy. Democracy is clear enough. Ugandan’s democracy, the democracy pushed by the NRM, is much richer than anything, anybody, has attempted to do in the world, other than the ancient Greeks who produced direct democracy, in the City States. We have empowered women, the youth, the workers, the disabled, the soldiers, etc. The NRM democracy must be kukyenuura-based through production of wealth and jobs creation. Kukyenuura means to solve a solvable need” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 26.01.2018).

Well, I don’t know how to start. Let’s talk the steady usage of arbitrary arrests of activists, opposition party members, civilians and direct arrest of opposition leadership. Most of the opposition MPs and leaders has at some point been detained, in court and had cases going against them. The biggest opposition leaders has been charged with treason. Some has been house-arrested without warrants or court-orders for months upon end. So just by looking how the Police and Politics is intervening, you know that the democratic values of the NRM is not going skin-deep. It is more, just to have it, but not making it real.

Another point on Democratic values is to let opposition parties hold consultation meetings, even rallies during election periods and meetings in general to gain interest for their causes and pledges. Clearly, that should be natural, but the most violent and where the most police brutality appear is every time an opposition party leader has a campaign rally. There will be tear-gas, live-bullets and even civilians killed, people patching their hurt in hospitals. All this for showing up to rallies. There been brutal beatings of civilians walking around the area of an opposition rally, they could get hurt or arrested. Even if they even wasn’t involved. This is just the gist of the madness of the Police Enforcement, not even putting in the measures of interrogations, confiscating of party materials, suspensions of campaigns, court orders and even closing of Party Headquarters. All of this is done, to prove that the NRM can do what they want and opposition has to fall in line. This would never happen to the NRM or his party.

Now I just pointed out the arbitrary arrests and crashing of rallies. Haven’t even started on actually balloting and such. I could have continued on the assaults on Democracy with just quotes from the President in 2015 or 2016, even in 2017. He has enough and promised enough venom on the opposition to fill whole books of vomit for our ears and our minds. So, I don’t care for repeating that. I don’t deserve that and neither do you.

Because, the flaws of the Democracy in the Republic is to gigantic in a simple post. Museveni has made sure of that, so that he owns the Members of Parliament, he orders everything as he wants from the State House and secured Life Presidency through yet another change of the 1995 Constitution in December 2017.

So that President Museveni speaks of Democracy and having the best. He better get his mind corrected, get his vision checked and his initial understanding of democracy put under a stethoscope. Museveni has left nothing behind, but cronyism and corruption. Where he is the sole-benefactor and his family. The rest has to beg from him and they are just useful tools for his agenda.

He is the Sole-Candidate, the Sole Party and the Commander-In-Chief, he is the General and the President who doesn’t let anyone succeed him. He didn’t accept losing a rigged election 1980 to Dr. Milton Obote, he has since then fought himself into power in 1986. Since then rigged himself and used all means to stay in power. Therefore, he is not the fella to educate people in Democracy or Democratic values. He should be the last person. Peace.

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