Opinion: The Son-In-Law is becoming the Coffee-Tsar…

It’s morning in Baltimore, Lester. Wake up and smell the coffee” – Lt. Cedric Daniels (The Wire S4E11, 2006).

Government is under the spotlight for allocating Shs37 billion to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development, an agency headed by the president’s son-in-law. Mr Odrek Rwabwogo is supposed to spend this money on ‘coffee value chain, export, and industrial development promotion’, but the manner of the allocation raised suspicions in Parliament last week.” (Franklin Draku – ‘MPs query Shs37b allocation to Rwabwogo-led committee’ 23.05.2023, Daily Monitor).

Who knew? Well, in the Republic everything is possible. Especially if you are well connected or have ties with His Excellency. That’s why the Son-In-Law Odrek Rwabwogo even is getting a budget post and a fancy agency to run.

While it is striking, just like the Coffee Agreement with Pinetti. The whole saga of the Coffee Processing Plant and the Monopoly of it. This is now pushed further within the realm of the family and the President. It is like they are seeking all the profits from the cash-crop and commodity.

The republic already have an institution doing what Odrek is supposed to do. This was started early in the reigns of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). That was enacted back in 1991 just mere years into the “transitional” period of the regime. This is the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) with the mandate: “To increase quality coffee production, productivity, value addition, marketing and consumption”. If you feel it similar to the memo to the son-in-law, because it is a copy. Just more modern lingo with the “coffee value chain, export, and industrial development promotion”. The rest is the gist of it and more of the same.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development will now compete with the UCDA. Which is already in competition with the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). There are so many players and duplications in the Republic it is hard to keep up. Now the PACEID is competing directly with the UCDA and partly with the UIA too.

The Vinci Agreement just shows how the state plays and does its own bidding. Now the son-in-law is getting a slice of the pie too. That’s how it looks like. It feels a like a new day and we are smelling the fruits of others people’s labour.

This is making the son-in-law doing something someone is already doing. It isn’t enhancing or bettering the industry. No, this is a pay-day and a small heist. Because, he will not take the place of the UCDA or UIA. No, the son-in-law is just an extension and a useless addition. A bountiful receiver from the public coffers, but it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

It doesn’t matter that the son-in-law has no skill-set, education or proof that his experienced to do this. Well, it should, but in this case it don’t. The only thing that did matter was his close proximity to the President and that was it.

We are smelling the bitter coffee. A man that couldn’t easily differentiate between robusta or arabica is now becoming a Coffee Tsar. That’s the reality here. The head honcho of coffee beans and he knows squat about it.

This is how the President runs the nation and it shows how little he actually cares. Peace.

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Opinion: Militarism has a price and Kampala is feeling the pinch…

Today, the recent tally in the hands of security, law enforcement and people in uniform has run up to five in 11 days. After another incident involving a security officer with a gun killing a colleague. That is happening within mere days of the assassination of the Minister. Therefore, the National Resistance Movement and their choices in ways of governing is coming back to bite.

The NRM has entangled itself a massive haul of guns. A nation filled with “hired” guns and with private security companies. Also in additional police and army units, which are mostly armed as well. If you didn’t that was enough… just earlier this month there was reports that 114,000 guns are unregistered. Meaning there is a lot of arms about without any sort of trace or ability to quickly find in the government registry. Which is giving leeway to armed and vicious people…

We know the NRM has a lot of blood on its hands. There have been like every year in its existence some sort of “mysterious death”. Where people has died in mysterious circumstances or has vanished. If not they have been bloody murdered, but no one can find the culprit or the ones behind the killing. Therefore, this isn’t new…

What is new is that Police Officers are killing civilians on tape. What is new is seeing and hearing security officers on the run after a shooting incident. What is new is hearing VIP Security Officers killing the one they are looking after. Because, in the past it’s been secret details or “hoodlums” who has passed by and done the deed. Before going into thin-air and no one finding out who did it or why…

Now… there is reasons for this. The NRM are stingy with it pockets. The Law Enforcement, Soldiers and Security are badly paid. Their stomachs are possibly growling. They are not living large or well. The men are armed and have bullets, but they don’t have sufficient pay or allowances. While the people they are looking after and ensuring the safety of … is easily bashing in wealth.

The Government have to handle this one. They are endangering society now. The ordinary day-to-day life. The livelihoods and daily operations is at stake if this continues. The men with arms cannot be hungry, distressed or concerned. That’s why they are pulling the triggers and causing even more suffering. They have no other way to go and the only thing they know is to pull the trigger. That isn’t solving anything, but at least they get of some “steam”. When doing so they are killing a third or an innocent party… who isn’t the reason for their troubles. The trouble comes from the “high above” and in the chain of command.

The NRM has used guns, the President is living by the gun and now his people is dying by it too. It isn’t just one rare incident. No, this is a systemic one now. It isn’t only stolen gun or one basket-case of an individual. No, this is a sign and should make people worried. Five people have now died as cause of this. That is a pattern…

The only thing NRM could thump up its chest about was “safety” and “peace”. Now the way and the NRM Way is hurting itself. The idea that guns can solve everything is biting back hard. The thought that the more guns, the more you are safe is wrong. Especially, if the ones holding the arms are hungry or at a state of mind… that this is the last resort. The gunman, the man of arms who are employed or part of a security organisation has to be taken care of. If his not… his a danger to society and can easily pop-off. He got training and knows how to aim. That’s his job and his duty. So, if has trouble and got no other avenue to rectify his troubles. He will go to the gun and follow the example of His Excellency.

That’s why it’s tragic. These people haven’t seen another way out. The sought this way, because of desperation and need. They were cornered and went to their “safe-have” – the gun.

Now… in 2023 the NRM got a gun problem. Not only the 114,000 unregistered ones. They got a massive undertaking of their whole security apparatus and how these things are organized. Because, they got to take better care of the law enforcement, soldiers and in general security personnel. If they don’t… we will see more incidents, more murder and more suffering.

The NRM has a choice now. They can either try to act upon the issue or hope people forget. However, the ones with the guns will not forget and they easily access weapons. That’s why this is a dangerous game to play. Sooner or later the bullets are flying. Sooner or later the blood is running and life is lost. That could have been avoided, but will NRM do anything about it?

It goes against the militarism of society, politics and everything NRM touches. Arms has been the go-to choice of remedy. We just have to see if the NRM can find another way. I doubt it… Peace.

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Opinion: A “Ugandan way of war” is to fix potholes…

“Mission: To develop and operate a powerful and versatile special operations force that is situated within the unique Ugandan way of war and is responsive to the requirements of the UPDF and the nation” (UPDF – About Special Forces Command).

“First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba together with the KCCA Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaaka, tour the potholed 6th Street road in the Industrial Area on Wednesday. Eng Justus Akankwasa, the director of engineering at KCCA, said SFC and the UPDF Engineering Brigade have offered to join hands in rehabilitating all the roads in Kampala” (Daily Monitor, 10.05.2023).

When reading that the KCCA and UPDF Special Forces Command will have a hand in fixing the potholes in Kampala. It got me bugging. We already know that the UPDF is out there handling so much civilian activities and partaking in government works. Still, now a unit run and been controlled by Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is getting in-charge and getting his hands on road maintenance in Kampala.

You can just wonder if this is a special operation or a unique one. Because, what does the SFC know about asphalt, bitumen or anything of that matter. When we know how faulty the likes of Dott Services is… how bad will it be with the SFC at the helm. This isn’t burning down a royal palace in Kasese. Neither is this a command operation to kill or assassinate a religious hoodlum either. No, this is building roads and the SFC got nothing to do there.

Seriously, the KCCA and UNRA should be ashamed that they are allowing this. They got no choice. The high above is allowing his kid to toy around in everyone’s backyard and act like an unelected overlord. However, they are only showing no backbone and no integrity.

Who believes the SFC has the engineers or the capacity to fix the roads? They are not a building company, an engineering one or have brains to do this. It is really weird seeing the national military being an engineering, contractor and a renovator. This is just out of bound for what a military is supposed to do. The UPDF should fix hospitals, stadiums or roads. No, that should be civilian entities with the government tenders from government entities. Not a military organization partaking in the action and getting a cut. Because, that’s how things are transpiring now.

That a Unit made for Special Operations and run by the First Son is now getting in-charge and acting as a engineering unit is weird. The SFC should be busy training for foreign invaders and securing the borders of the nation. They shouldn’t think of the roads of the capital. That’s for the KCCA and UNRA to work upon. How come there is money for the SFC to do this, but not for the ones mentioned?

Because I doubt the SFC will do this for “free” and out of “patriotic duty”. No, the SFC and UPDF will be allocated funds and budgets to cover the expenses of these things. They won’t touch it unless there is money to be made. That’s just the gist of things.

You can call this versatile, but a way of war it is not. The army and their commandos should be busy securing the borders, the national integrity and do army stuff. They shouldn’t be concerned with buildings, roads or any of those sorts. Because it is not in their mandate. That isn’t army works, but civilian works and with companies to do so.

This is dumb, stupid and dumb. It is utter nonsense, and they should get called out for it. Peace.

Opinion: The Presidency shouldn’t be a family affair…

Just like everything is gearing up for “Project Muhoozi” and Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is not only openly campaigning, building his political platform or movement. There has already been question about the in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo who is another family member with ambition. Now there is even talk of Natasha Museveni.

By this time… this is happening after His Excellency posted a tweet having talks with Natasha. Like he has had tweets with her before and showing her the ropes on the Rwakitura farm. Therefore, that isn’t uncommon.

However, now they are making 2026 Posters and recognizing her on Social Media. Like they are sprinting ahead and giving her way. As if she is a better candidate or a more sound of a candidacy. While none of the three should even be eligible or capable.

These three are in the lines of the Independent Candidates with no experience or public support to even consider running for office. Neither of them is beloved, has a mission or an official party to run with.

The Lt. Gen. isn’t even retired and by law his a felon for breaching the codes of the UPDF Act by acting like he does. We know he won’t feel the blunt force of the law or get law enforcement on tail. Because, his one of them and anointed by the state. Nevertheless, Muhoozi can play like a big-man and act like his building something. However, it is a house built on sand and the waves will take it easily.

Neither of the three is really viable or interesting. The only reason why they are there is the connection to Mzee, Bosco or the High Above. There is no supreme quality or even experience that suggest they are capable of pulling it off. They are there based on family ties and not on their beliefs or even how they handle themselves. No, they could be butchers, secretaries and low hanging fruit on a market-place for all we know.

We are seeing how busy Muhoozi is to build his name. Using any excuse to travel the nation. Act as an overlord and diplomat in Nairobi and Kigali. His acting like his the next in line and the only one who are worthy. Alas, he doesn’t have the mindset or the stamina to stick to it. While Odrek and Natasha is cannon fodder in this here game. They are not ready for what is coming their way.

All of the three are shielded of the worst. They are not in the boiling pot and getting tested in the real waters. They are just enjoying the perks of the beach and not even trying to set sail. That’s why Muhoozi think it easy. As the whole state machinery and his allowed to build up his own entourage while playing it out. Therefore, these are fooled to think they can do it.

Natasha is just a pawn. The same is Odrek and they all know it. That’s why all the cards are stacked towards Muhoozi. While he isn’t the man or the guy either. His just there acting it out and trying to be a reasonable guy. While Muhoozi cannot act with reason or confidence. Heck, he has no charisma and couldn’t even tell a moving story.

That’s why people are fending for the others in the family tree of Museveni. Still, none of them have “it”. They don’t and it must hurt the father. To see his son and daughter not being up for it. Seeing all this time and no suitable heir. None of these are trustworthy or people you would allow to inherit your legacy too. No, Museveni would rather choose someone else. Because, he knows Muhoozi isn’t it, but neither is Odrek or Natasha.

That’s why this family affair is depressing. The Succession has been lost in the wave of overstaying in power. By this time we are just seeing how lost and baffling lack of self conscience the family has. As they are trying to be viable and be the future. However, all of these are the past even before trying to succeed. They are all tainted by the father and his prolonged reign.

The Republic isn’t a family affair or business. It isn’t an enterprise for the Museveni family to inherit. Muhoozi and the others might think so… but isn’t and they will figure out that very quickly. Peace.

Opinion: How many agents does Mzee need to combat himself?

“Mr Museveni announced his latest anti-graft plans in a Labour Day speech delivered in the rural eastern Uganda district of Namutumba yesterday afternoon. “I am using this Labour Day to tell everybody that we are going to have a big fight. I am going to set up another small unit in my office where the investors can ring directly if anybody asks them for a bribe or delays decisions,” Mr Museveni said” (Philip Wafula – ‘Museveni to set up new anti-corruption unit’ 02.05.2023, Daily Monitor).

The battle against grand corruption, graft, bribes and other siphoning of funds is getting ridiculous, as the Government of Uganda is not lacking offices or units, which are focused on the matter. It isn’t like the State House – Anti-Corruption Unit is the sole organization working with it under the Office of the Presidency.

No, there are several others like the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). In addition to that you have the Judiciary and Law Enforcement itself that works or have jurisdiction to follow up on cases concerning this sort of crime. Therefore, the State has several of units or organizations combatting this already.

There are already 6 Offices that has various of roles in concern with the battle against corruption. That’s without adding the Uganda Police Force or any of their entities who also investigate corruption. The Judiciary is also handling these affairs and the ones that are judging the matters. Therefore, there is already plenty of hands involved and have the ability too combat this.

The President is only creating another busy-body and another separate Unit in his residence. It is just a nice headline and looking like his really working against it. When the other ones are enshrined in law and are based on legislation. That’s why the IGG, FIA, PPDA, OAG and others are there to work and have a mandate. Alas, the Units created out of the Office of the Presidency is just on the whim and whatever guidance the President felt at that very day. Instead of boosting the ones who exists. He creates another possible entity who will be controlled and close proximity of him.

However, this will not solve it or combat it. No, this is just another “cat and mouse” chase where they will only capture small-fish and leave the big-ones alone. There is no way the ones in association or have had a handshake with the President will be captured. No, this is just to cause some good vibes and call it a night. Peace.

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