Opinion: Muhoozi is the baby dictator

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is allowed to act and speak like no other army commander. That’s because his part of the first family. This man can disregard all diplomatic means and assessments. He can just speak his peace and pay it no mind.

That’s not because his the Commander of Land Forces and the third in line of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) aka the National Army. Muhoozi is allowed to tweet and counter what is the prerogative of the diplomatic community already working on. That could be how he talked about the coup in Guinea or conflict in Ethiopia. While other high ranking commanders would be silenced, muffled and eve arrested for uttering such words. This man can walk away and others will clean the air after the fact.

A general and a high ranking official should be careful. As the statements made or tweets even could alter relations between two parties. It is not like everyone will accept or think it is words of wisdom spoken. Muhoozi isn’t just another brother, but a UPDF commander. Secondly, his the son of the President so his words matters for that reason.

Muhoozi is allowed to have his speech and speak mind like everyone else. However, he has to take account of his role and his office. Others would have been fired, silenced or even detained for doing similar acts. That’s why we know he above the rest and can get away with it.

We can act dumb and stupid, but that doesn’t change anything. It is just a mere situation created by arrogance and entitlement. Muhoozi is oozing that and it’s evident. He can burn a Royal Palace and kill the guards without any inquiry or proof of the alleged crimes committed in Kasese. When he was the head of the Special Forces Command (SFC) they have never been looked into or questioned their activities. That’s because they were the “presidential guards” and Muhoozi was in-charge. There would never be accountability and his used to getting it that way.

There been other Security details and army commanders who has lost their titles, office and station, because they failed or didn’t deliver as promised. This being chiefs of ISO, ESO or CMI even. There been IGPs who got sacked and changed. Only Muhoozi is the one who is above and that shows the true colour of things.

That Muhoozi can act as a dictator, just like his father. Muhoozi can say whatever and it doesn’t have price. The costs and the burdens of his actions is for other pay. He gets away with it anyway. There are others careers and workload that changes, but he can walk home without any problems. That’s because his the heir and next-in-line.

Muhoozi will never have the ability to rule a party, govern or even gain natural popularity within the public. This man has never made his fortune or gotten promoted because of his skills. No, his there because of the President and he happens to be his son.

Muhoozi is the boss-baby and he should know it. The mocking of his drinking and his character traits will only get worse. When he should know that people wish for father to be dead and gone. Because, they are already tired about this regime and prolonged reign of his father. It is not like they want or need a second edition of this. They have already had 3 decades of this and don’t need an addition too it.

That just shows that Muhoozi isn’t that bright or have clarity. Power and boosting of his ego has created a delusion. Just like when his father says his there “because of the people”. When everyone knows its goats, ghosts and rabbits who pre-ticks ballots for him at every single election.

The whole regime is living on a lie and those lies will catch upon them eventually. It is not like Muhoozi will be saved by mercy and grace. He is just living by the gun and will die by the gun like his father. There will be no popular uprising for Muhoozi or in support Janet the day Yoweri falls. No, they will be dismissed and be disgraced. Since everyone know what they did and how they ate on the poverty of the republic. They detained, tortured and killed their enemies. The people will not favour them or their kind. That is what they made when they were in power and nothing will save them afterwards. Unless, they will flee to exile and have a humble home in another dictatorship.

Muhoozi should consider his way, but don’t expect it. He will be flashy and arrogant for life. The baby dictator is here and we shouldn’t be shocked if he stirs the pot. Since it doesn’t matter to him and he doesn’t have to clean up his own mess anyway. Peace.

Opinion: Odrek and Muhoozi the Monarchy tickets of the future

This is no shocker, but there are clearly people eyeing the throne within the inner-circle of the Museveni family planning ahead. There been already shown proof of the steady promotions and the rise of power for the young man Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga that is now the Commander of Land Forces within the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF).

Project Muhoozi” have been in the public eye since the state went after the Daily Monitor and the Red Pepper back-in-the-day. When these publications was revealing and leaking the letters of Gen. David Sejusa. Therefore, he warned about this strategy. Now, there is plenty of influencers and people who are paid to boost the ego of Muhoozi.

Not that Muhoozi needs his ego really boosted. Just that he needs the public to think he has credentials and believes of skills to govern. The only reason he has a rank and a office. Is that he is the official son of the President. There is no other further proof of his abilities or stature, nevertheless they will sell his every move like it was made out of gold.

Now, there is a new man in town and this is Odrek Rwabwogo who happens to be the son-in-law of the President. He is connected not by blood, but by marriage. This is why his in the picture in the first place. Not that he has any unique features or has shown character to the public. No, he believes he should get ahead and be a contender by his marriage. That is how futile things are.

Both Odrek and Muhoozi is only where they are by family ties. They are not there because of who they are or what they can do. These men haven’t excelled or proven themselves. This has all been given to them and we shouldn’t be shocked.

For a man who never seems to retire. He should be aware that his son and his in-law is planning succession. They are preparing for his fall or for his end. These two are awaiting his demise and that he stops breathing. So, that they can be viable and eligible. Because, at this point of time. Museveni deems nobody fit and no one can succeed him. That’s why anyone with real ambition within his party has gotten their wings clipped off and stopped flying high. Unless, they have accepted their fate and gotten an appointed office.

Therefore, Odrek and Muhoozi is playing for the long haul. However, to expect the general public a continuation of the current rule is ghastly. That the public want more “Musevenism” and “No Change” seems like a faint dream. It is more of a nightmare and not a reality. It is a reason why the 2016 and 2021 elections have been held in the manner of which they were held. Not like Museveni is a favourable candidate or President anymore.

It is striking that they are both doing this. While others are combatting courts and the army to get there. They are only allowed, because its within the family. However, they think the general public is stupid. If they think they are viable or even a real deal. Because, everyone know why they are at the top and why they have a known name. It not because they have a personality or swagger. No, they are empty vessels running on no steam. Peace.

Opinion: Three Generals dies mysteriously in one month [Tumusiime, Kuteesa and Lokech]

In general you must either pamper people or destroy them; harm them just a little and they’ll hit back; harm them seriously and they won’t be able to. So if you’re going to do people harm, make sure you needn’t worry about their reaction.”Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

In death there is always speculation. Especially, when you are speaking of high ranking officials and the ones that in beyond us ordinary realm of people. That is why the demise of Generals and Army Commanders is unique. They have a aura and a way of living, which we common folk could dream of. They are warriors, loyal soldiers and men who has fought for a higher cause than themselves.

That’s why there been mysterious deaths before and certainly in the manner, which they have happened. In the Republic of Uganda and under President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, high ranking generals have died of unnatural causes before. They have just suddenly died and nobody has ever recovered or reported properly on their death. Therefore, it is unique and special when three generals just happens to die in the same month.

The list itself is brutal and just shows the mere days between them:

1st: Maj. Gen. Stephen Tumusiime Rwabantu died on the 8th August 2021

2nd: Lt Gen Pecos Kuteesa died on the 17th August 2021

3rd: Maj Gen Paul Lokech died on the 21st August 2021

When such fall of men happens, it is natural that speculations appear. Especially, when they happen so short time apart. Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Rwabantu is said to have died of throat cancer. While Lt. Gen. Kuteesa illness was liver damage after excessive drinking over the years. The most recent Maj. Gen. Lokech is reported to have died of blood-clot.

What is striking here… is how the reported illnesses has been kept away from the public and it’s been mysterious. The generals has just fallen and died, one by one. Like in Lt. Gen. Kuteesa’s case, there was even talks of operations in India and the UPDF stated that itself. However, all news of his final days was in Nairobi. That’s how you ensure questions and doesn’t make it better. In combination, that one report is liver damage over drinking and others that the COVID-19 vaccine was the nail in the coffin. When such statements comes out. You beg to wonder, how come now?

All these men have been loyal to the cause and served for years. That is why their demise, so suddenly makes you wonder. Just like other has fallen on trips abroad for the state. They just fell and for various of reasons. While the general public never got to know the real reason for their demise. Meanwhile, their stories and their internal knowledge was kept to the grave. Only a little heroics and tales of grandeur was spoiled to public.

Just like these three gentlemen, the generals who are suddenly gone. They have all participated and been part of the inner-circle. One by one, they have fallen and died. Within three weeks and the reports are scattering. That’s why some even claim all three was poisoned. Many of men and high ranking officials in the Republic has fallen for the same before. That wouldn’t be revolutionary or the first time. With that in mind and without proper evidence, the speculations will just run rampant as well. It doesn’t help that token “misleader’s” and “spin-doctors” comes out quickly with some reports and later that is changed. This is just telling that the authorities and the regime don’t want the truth out. Certainly, the authorities and government don’t want the public to know about poisoning attempts or murder of own high level cadres. They are heroes and not villains.

What is striking, as we were not there and that’s why speculations run rampant. What we do know is what the government and the inner-circle has done before. That’s why we easily question it. Just like there been attempts of murder and assassinations, which shows the means to an end. Where even the anointed can be silenced and never heard from again.

So, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) have had this issue since it’s inception and this is why people wonders why this happens. It is really striking when it’s three generals in the same month. People will start to speculate and wonder. Like there is even rumours of the connection to the “Project Muhoozi” and that these gentlemen wouldn’t entertain the “monarchy” ticket of Lt. Gen. Kainerubaga Muhoozi. That’s not what they fought for or was loyal too. This is why the regime had to silence them and make them dead “heroes” instead of defiant old men.

At this point we cannot know and we don’t have the verified information. Neither will the ones in the inner-circle tell the truth or have the heart to do so. They want the word to believe their stories and continue like nothing happened. Just like they have done in the past await the next scandal or crisis to get people to forget about these deaths. Because, that what has happened to others and we are just supposed to “move-on”. Peace.

Opinion: The NRM Shields their own [and the COVID-19 Lockdown scandal of 2020 is now water under the bridge]

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is very forgiving to their own crooks. The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda office was in-charge of the procurement for relief food during the first lockdown in 2020 for the urban areas.

What is striking is that the officials secured deals, which ended in a loss of USD $528,000 in inflated in the prices of food. The ones implicated and arrested for these schemes was the Permanent Secretary Christine Guwatudde Kintu, accounting officer Joel Wanjala, assistant procurement commissioner Fred Lutimba and Martin Owor, the head of COVID-19 relief management.

Today, the Director of Public Prosecution has discontinued the case against them. Even when it is evident they acted fraudulent and massively public wastage of funds. The OPM Food Relief last year was a giant scheme of embezzlement and misuse of office. That’s why there was no tenders and no procurement protocol for in the food relief. It was all brotherly conduct and already using connects. That was the initial drive and this is why they inflated the prices on it.

This is why we know the state isn’t interested in fighting corruption or graft, when people like these are off the hook. The state is not going against the OPM and the ones involved. In the end… and they are able to walk.

That is the story here… and that should what the world needs to know. This isn’t the first or the last time people who is connected gets away from scandals. There been several who been in office and high ranking officials who can steal, embezzle and grand corruption. Still, they can walk to the Parliament, State House and now in the OPM without any consequences. The ones charged and detained on corruption is small-fishes. That’s why the ones sentenced in the Courts is teachers and headmasters eating of funds for ghost-workers and students.

The DPP is now giving way and letting them off the hook. The NRM has done this to others and this is Modus Operandi (M.O) by now. The President and the ones who is in the inner-circle can get away with murder and we know this. It just happened to be with COVID-19 Funds and Relief Food. The OPM wasn’t long time ago inflate refugee numbers to get more donor funds. Therefore, this is what they do to eat and does it deliberately. Therefore, the OPM needs to scheme to run it’s operation.

This isn’t shocking, but it’s a part of a pattern. Peace.

Opinion: The entitlement of 1986 Brigade continues with Col. Barija

Yesterday Colonel Charles Barija who sent a letter to the authorities after he was retired this week. The commander and solider has been loyal to the President Museveni since participating in FRONASA. This is why Col. Barija feels entitled for more.

The colonel wants to be upgraded to a Brigadier General so that he doesn’t have to use boda-boda to get home. He feels he deserves the perks of a retirement with a bigger title. Since he has participated in vital parts of the struggle of the National Resistance Army (NRA). Where he has been stationed and been in battles of significance. This is why he should drive an SUV and have more lavish lifestyle now.

He also feels entitled for being a D Coy under Bazilio Olara-Okello and being the escort of Museveni when he was the Vice Chairman in the Military Commission before the 1980 election. The colonel also claims that he rescued the first family at one point.

While he also was hurt and damaged by the bush-war. After that he still was conscripted and part of the army. That’s why he fought in South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and other conflicts too.

All because of this… he deserves better and should get a better life in retirement. Col. Barija clearly feels this way and that’s nothing new. The 86 Generation of the NRA feels this way. They are above the law and can do whatever they feel. These are the “we fought” people and that’s why they should be praised and get the monies.

Nobody should be shocked that he don’t want to be another civilian taking a boda-boda home. He feels he should have a nice car and have a better lifestyle. This because of all the things he did while being loyal to the cause and the President. Since he has been there all along and been associated with them.

This is why he wrote the letter. It shows that some people are “above” and he feels like that. The colonel can act like this and it’s not revolutionary, but shows the heart of this men. They fought for themselves and their pockets. Peace.

Opinion: The choice between Odrek or Muhoozi [is a monarchy ticket either way]

This week Odrek Rwabwogo have been appointed by the President to a Senior Presidential Advisor of Special Duties. Odrek is the son-in-law, as he married President’s daughter, Patience Museveni. So, he is as connected as can be by marriage.

While the first son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga, the Commander of Land Forces, the third rank in command of the Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF). While his also a Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.

I have now seen online that for some strange reasons… there is discussion who of these is taking over after the Self-Styled President for Life. They are discussing if one of the family members are taking over after the ruler for life and his tyranny. That people are willing to be controlled and only have one family to rule the nation.

However, to public knowledge… the Republic of Uganda isn’t a kingdom or a monarchy. Even if Museveni wants to be the King of Kings. He wants to be the absolute ruler by definition of law and constitution that’s not happening. Part of his rule is by decree or directives. Still, his not a King and a Monarch.

For all sense and purposes, until this is legally changed or by a referendum. Museveni is still a Head of State and a Commander-in-Chief. He is His Excellency (H.E) and the Fountain of Honour. He is the President and been so since January 26th 1986. Doesn’t give him the rights or ability to decide who is his successor.

Yes, a President can point at somebody and say: “I want him or her to be my successor”. However, that is not legal binding argument and it is not statute that make the a legit transfer of power. So, the ones who is preparing for Muhoozi or Odrek. Isn’t doing that on their merits or their capacity to be Presidents. Since, it is not a family affair. They have ot be standing for respective parties and be challenged at elections. That’s how these sort of things goes.

The general public who is tired of the old man. Why do they want to have his son-in-law or his first son? Who thinks that is a viable option? Unless, your paid promoter and part of the “Project Muhoozi”. It is not his a articulate or a genuine leader. Neither is proven… he has been promoted and gotten a bigger role because of who he happens to be. Not because merit or what he has achieved in the field.

This is a family matter or a dynasty ticket. There should be nothing automatic about either of these gentlemen. They are not even part of the central leadership of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Neither have they a history or been leaders in the political sphere even. These haven’t been tested in elections for other roles either. So, it is not like they have a huge following or a rising to power this way.

Unless, they want to rise to power like the old man and use arms to get there. That would follow family history and use private armies in combination of a popular uprising to a coup d’etat. Nevertheless, I don’t think they will do that to topple their head of the family. Who just happens to be the President at this current time.

This is the choice for the ones who still wants one family to rule the Republic. It is for the ones that is accepting the personification of the state and only his family can govern. That isn’t written anywhere or have become law. Even if it is in the mind of the President or his close associates. Who will do what they can to salvage the loot, the companies and all other projects it has entangled with the state. They are afraid of losing this in combination of answering to the sins of their father and his years in power. That’s why they need a second generation President to ensure nobody gets to account for it and also shield the father as well. It is that simple…

They want to secure the tyrant legacy and his spoils. To ensure that he be remembered better than he should. So, that the family can keep it all and not have to pay a price for how it got it all. That’s the worry and that’s why there is people even fielding these gentlemen.

Why would the people be duped for a second generation Museveni? Why do you want more of the same and have a crippling state, which haven’t gotten better. Museveni have had 35 years and still has plenty of the same issues as when he entered into office. He could have changed things, but he hasn’t because that haven’t been the priority.

So, the dynasty ticket will only deliver more of this and undoubtedly not make things better. Unless, your naive or believe that a fellow family member will suddenly radically change things. That person will most likely prolong the agony and secure the fortunes of the same elites as before. Don’t shocked if that would happen.

The ones that support either of these two. Doesn’t value a democratic choice or a proper succession even. They just want one junta to control and not lose the grip. Peace.

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF): Press Statement (16.07.2021)

Opinion: Deployment of medics at road-blocks is ridiculous

For the Joint Security Agencies, we are on track to continue enforcement of the lockdown, to help slow down the pace of the pandemic. This is because acts of impatience and complacence are still prevalent within the public. The bodabodas are steadily carrying passengers especially women, we are witnessing an increase in fake patients, excuses of going for vaccination and burials, use of fake stickers, opening of bars, etc. As a result we are also devising new tactics of additionally deploying medical teams at check points to counter fake patients, Inspectorate officers to supervise the removal of number plates from non-essential vehicles parked on streets, snap checkpoints etc. Such reckless behaviours by the COVID offenders will simply increase or delay the presence of the deadly variants in the country” (Uganda Police Force – ‘RETURNS ON ENFORCEMENT OF THE LOCKDOWN AND CURFEW’ 12.07.2021).

This is the second lockdown and on the 24th day of the 42 days of lockdown. The authorities and the Joint Security Agencies have now a new directive, as the Uganda Police Force was releasing this one.

What is striking is that the checkpoints and road-blocks will have a medical team. A team is based of a certain type of personnel. This could possibly mean doctors, nurses and other medical trained personnel. Instead of these actually being in service and working inside a hospital or health centre.

They will be stuck with police officers and other security agents. Who are on the road-block or the checkpoints wasting time. They are in the field singing psalms of nothingness and wondering why they are alive. Because, they are supposed to be in the hospital and heal people. They are supposed to help the sick to medicated and proper treatment. Not assess everyone passing by a checkpoint or a roadblock. To deem them fit….

This is a mockery. Especially, when the Hospitals, Health Centres and the Ministry of Health is understaffed. There has been a lack of jobs and filling the positions as is. It is not like there is growing doctors or nurses on trees. They are not appearing out of nowhere and suddenly entering our lives. No, it takes years of education and experience to be a good professional health care worker. That is a measurable skill and their knowledge is valuable. Especially in a pandemic. When the distress and the added cases is surging. So, that the hospitals are running low on staff and equipment.

At that time… the Joint Security Agencies are thinking it’s a good idea to deploy medical personnel on the roads. Misusing their time and their skills. When the hospitals need every hand and wise professional to do the right thing.

That just show how mismanaged and how foolish this government this. Instead of doing what is best and actually provide for the Hospitals and Health Centres. They are instead shooting them in the foot and asking them to dance. That will be painful and everyone will give the dancer pity. While wondering when the hurt person will go to the hospital themselves.

The authorities, the security organizations and the state itself shouldn’t allow this. They are depleting and deploying important people away from where their needed the most. The medical personnel needs to be where the sick and the equipment is supposed to be accessible.

These folks stationed at checkpoints will only take away their help and ensure more people’s demise. As they will waste their time. Not doing their job, but being additional people whose only there to validate what the police wants to hear. This will not end good, but only make things worse.

The ones who thought of this is stupid. Why are taking away professionals from their working place? When they are needed there the most. That’s not smart, but very very stupid. Peace.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA): UPDF set to take up road construction (10.07.2021)

Opinion: The General believes the army can solve everything

It is now a new directive of the 1st July 2021 that the Army Brigade will start to construct buildings for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. Who cares about the random engineers or the National Planning Authority (NPA). No, the President, His Excellency and the General of all ages have directed the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) to be involved in building buildings too.

This is not new… the UPDF have looked over fishers in Lake Victoria. The army have been involved in delivering out mosquito-nets and they are participating in the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). There is nowhere where the army is not implicated or not an active role. Just like they have 5 MPs in the 11th Parliament too.

The army just needs to be involved in civilian matters. Soon these folks will have marriage counselling and such. Since the Court Martial, the Military Courts are already a useful pawn to address and silence political operatives of the opposition. Therefore, the UPDF and the army can be used for everything.

For the heavens sake, the same army was in-charge of beauty pageants as well. Where they we’re deciding and nominating who became “Miss Uganda”. There is nothing this army will not.

The General can order these soldiers and his army to do whatever it takes. They can not only, but use their boots. These armed personnel are used to fix anything, because these are the only one he trusts. Even if he has hundreds of government entities to trust and work with. He will always turn to the UPDF. Where he has the loyal subjects willing to do whatever work they are ordered to do. Even if it means looking at skirts, shirts or now load trucks full of bricks.

The President really shows his intent and that he only have one safe haven. These fellows can be directed and ordered around without any issues. They will just show-up and follow up orders. It wouldn’t be shocking, if the UPDF will dab into the future vaccination programme or soon start to build roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) together with Dott Services. Nothing would shock me anymore, but just be a proof of how useful the UPDF is at this point.

The General needs his army and this is visible everywhere. Soon, if you go to the dentist. A soldier is there. If you go to the doctor. A soldier is there and if God forbid. You go to Church(!). A soldier will be there too. Peace.