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Opinion: Is waving at Bobi Wine “illegal” now?

Today, the National Unity Platform campaign rallies and convoy have been hard hit. Civilians have been knocked by law enforcement. Campaign venue in Mukono Town was hit by police brutality and tear-gas. The state have taken all precautions and using all means.

They hit 5 civilians in Mukono and they have later died. There has also been issues of usage of live-bullets and we don’t know how many who were fatal from that alone. The whole state is gone rogue and using all means to disperse the crowds around Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

We can see that all gatherings, campaigning and everything that is done is deemed illegal by the state. The NUP cannot go anywhere without the state answering with brute force. The Police Force like the authorities they are. Never taken any accountability, but blames the citizens for dying themselves. They say the Bobi Wine supporters was riding reckless and therefore, their fault that they died.

I have not seen the reporting on the usage of teargas on the people or the reasons for the violent attack of the law enforcement in Mukono Town. Surely, they will claim the supporters was rowdy or find any other superficial argument to disperse them that way. Also, the use of live-bullets, which is the greatest means of being fatal to just show up to an rally.

Just driving in Mukono and the ones waving their hands to Bobi Wine was tasting the bitter taste of tear-gas. He couldn’t even just take a drive and ride through Mukono without some show of force from the authorities. That is the sort of people that is ruling the Republic.

That this is happening. Just show what sort of regime that is in place. As they cannot even care or give way. They only show the bullets, the cannisters of tear-gas and boots on the ground. It is like an impossible mission just to travel across the Republic and greeting his supporters.

When did it become illegal to greet and wave at the Bobi Wine convoy? Is there a direct law saying its wrong? What sort of reason can the Police Force have to throw cannisters of tear-gas at waving citizens?

What is even more tragic is that the state has yet again done more extra judicial killings in Mukono. Which they are blaming the citizens for themselves. Instead of taking responsibility or even finding peaceful measures to disperse the crowds. They are just coming in armed through their teeth awaiting a moment of glory and using their weapons to prove their balls. Since, these law enforcement officers is naked and oblivious that their relatives or kin could be caught in the cross-fire. Since, this is direct assault on citizens and not a gang of criminals.

That is what is striking here. The state doesn’t value life and the ones who dares to participate and acknowledge Bobi Wine. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Why is Prime Minister Abiy lying about the Refugees?

“Beginning of November 2020, UNHCR has recorded an influx of asylum seekers at border entry points in East Sudan from Ethiopia, after military confrontations in the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia” (UNHCR, 30.11.2020)

Reports indicate that refugees in Sudan are mostly male, as opposed to women and children. Who are these male youth? If the youth are part of those who massacred innocent civilians in Maikadra, then they need to brought to justice” – Prime Mnister Ahmed Ali Abiy speaking to Parliament on the 30th November 2020

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or the UN Refugee Agency numbers from Sudan says otherwise. I doubt the UNHCR has a reason to boggle the numbers or twist them in a way.

I wonder, what is purpose of this deliberate lie from the Prime Minister? If he lies this easily and can be debunked even without local reports on the ground or from the international media, which is blocked from the area.

Prime Minister Abiy is certainly trying to forge his message. That his view is righteous … since the PM has to lie about who is fleeing the conflict and warfare in the Tigray region.

What could be the general purpose of doing that? What can he gain from doing this? That is what I am wondering about. Yes, there is a difference, but not as significant as the PM claims it to be. He makes it seem like its all male youth passing by. While the reality is closer to 50-50 or 57 percentage male and 43 percentage woman. Also, 45 percentage children between 0-17 years and the other majority is 51 percentage 18 to 59 years of age. While a small minority is elderly and it’s only about 4 %. That is not surprising … as the ones over 60 years is not as moveable and able to flee as the younger of age.

So, in one way it more men… but not the way its sounds from the Prime Minister. He is blaming the youths fleeing the conflict. Making it seems like they we’re behind a massacre. While his claiming that they are a majority of the fleeing ones. When it is more balanced than that.

Why would he lie about this?

My question is also… what else is he lying about when this was so easy to figure out. Didn’t even need extensive reports or affidavits. It is poor judgement of the PM to lie about this. It makes it easy to look into everything else he says or does. Since he cannot even trusted with the gender balance of refugees from his own darn conflict. That says a lot about this man. Peace.

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