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IEBC Media Statement on False Whatsapp Conversation Being Spread on Social Media (24.09.2017)


Opinion: IGAD statement on Fresh Presidential Elections in Kenya is disappointing!

I know I have given Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) a lot of flack. Since their lacking work and also proven respect for the government members, instead of being direct and being critical to their work. Again, they have given a second statement on the Presidential Elections in Kenya. This after they commended it after the 8th August 2017 and was ready to give the powers to the incumbent. We will see in this statement where the IGAD stands, it doesn’t stand by the people or the rights of an honest free and fair election. But more keeping the institutions for the institutions sake. They are defending the IEBC, even after the Supreme Court ruling, which is following the law and codes to follow when concerning Electoral Law. This should be respected, but they fear the approach of reform and question the IEBC even further. Its like its a Multi-National Mouthpiece of the Jubilee Party. Look!

IGAD Statement today:

The Fresh Presidential Elections scheduled by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for 26th October 2017, in line with the requirement by the Kenyan constitution that Fresh Presidential Elections be held within 60 days, provide another opportunity for the people of Kenya to show their commitment to their constitution. IGAD has every confidence that the will of the people will again be expressed clearly in the ballot, and that Kenyans will elect their leaders in the constitutionally mandated manner on the 26th October 2017. IGAD is however concerned by statements and actions from some quarters regarding the Fresh Presidential Elections. Statements and actions that undermine the people’s confidence in the ability of the IEBC to manage the fresh elections, as well as unrealistic demands that frustrate IEBC from conducting fresh elections, or indeed calls to boycott the Fresh Presidential Elections, put Kenya on a dangerous path. Whereas, as the Supreme Court determined, IEBC has to make certain critical administrative adjustments and correct certain errors that became evident on the 8th of August 2017. IGAD, based on its prior assessment, is confident that IEBC can execute its constitutional mandate to facilitate the expression by the Kenyan people of their sovereignty. IEBC must thus not be crippled from executing this mandate. Sabotaging IEBC or boycotting the elections will put Kenya in a constitutional crisis and likely on a path to Unconstitutional Change of Government” (…) “IGAD urges all actors in Kenya to reject those who would seek to interfere with the constitutional order by seeking to disrupt or prevent the court-mandated fresh election, thus putting in peril democratic change of government and ushering in a crisis from which unscrupulous actors can seek Undemocratic Change of Government” (IGAD, 2017).

I am disappointed by IGAD. IGAD has again shown their mentality and their reality, that fits the paradigm of the government that they work for and not trying to enforce a better state. They are loyal to their contractors and not loyal to the people. The IGAD proves again, that the state of affairs and loyalty to Kenyatta is more important that actually reform. The IEBC in Kenya needs reforms, it needs to change. The IEBC was ruled against in the Supreme Court, since their manufactured and doctored results could be proven. That they didn’t follow the codes and Electoral Laws. The Supreme Court followed the Constitution and didn’t create a crisis. On the other half, that was created by the IEBC, as they working closely to Jubilee and not validating the ballots and results. That is why the trust between IEBC and the people are at an all-time low. It isn’t the Supreme Court or the Constitution fault, it is the IEBC Secretariat for their decisions to not respect the people’s will.

The IEBC was not sabotaged, it was the IEBC who sabotaged and we’re holding the people hostage with the announced results for the incumbent. The statement proves he could be working in favor of Jubilee, not in favor of just results for Kenyans. Its weird, but not unexpected with the IGAD track-record. Kenyan opposition should and could boycott elections, as long as the IEBC is not reformed, if not is a second possible rigging scenario. Just moths after the other was hold. There been minor changes inside the IEBC Secretariat, but they are not transparent and not giving way for the challenges of possible rigging again. The computer generated Presidential Elections could easily appear in October 26th 2017. It might be a road into uncertainty, and the NASA Coalition knows this. Jubilee knows this too. Its not a clear answer, but the IEBC has to changed, if it will ever get trusted with doing their duty as civil servants. That is not the Supreme Court fault, they are just the messenger.

It would be undemocratic for the IEBC to announce anyone who was rigged into power. That should worry the IGAD, but its not doing so. They are more in-line of the process, instead of thinking of respecting the power of the ballots and announcement of the counted ballots. They are accepting an unconstitutional process, as long as someone is elected. The IGAD is a disappointing organization as they are clearly serving the elites of the nations who are members. Not considering the will of the people, as even them are defending the IEBC. It would be better if they we’re silent instead of releasing this statement today. Peace.


IGAD – ‘STATEMENT BY THE IGAD EXECUTIVE SECRETARY ON FRESH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN KENYA’ (24.09.2017) link: https://www.igad.int/executive-secretary/1655-statement-by-the-igad-executive-secretary-on-fresh-presidential-elections-in-kenya

AgeLimit: Two more Private Motions, one from Hon. Gaffa & one from Hon. Nambeshe (22.09.2017)

DPP Keriako Tobiko letter to DCI & EACC: “Re: Investigation into Allegation of Commission and/or other Criminal Defences in relation to Presidential Election held on 8th August 2017” (23.09.2017)

Jubilee Party Letter to DPP Tobiko: “Re: Unlawful Access to IEBC Servers” (22.09.2017)

Arua demonstrators charged with ‘Insulting Violence’; What does that mean?

Ever since demonstrators has been arrested for ‘Insulting Violence’ in Arua on the 21st September and released on the 22nd September 2017. To be Insulting is define by the Oxford Dictionary as: “Disrespectful or scornfully abusive” (Oxford Living Dictionary – ‘Insulting’). So the person was disrespectful or abusive to violence. Violence is defined as: “Law The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force” (Oxford Living Dictionary – ‘Violence’).

So I don’t know what the Uganda Police Force or the Police Officers in Arua was trying to say the two gentlemen who was released on bond where doing. If they we’re disrespectful to intimidation or they we’re scornfully abusive by physical force against someone. Both doesn’t make sense. There are no common sense in this charge.

That the suspects who are charged has to return to the Arua Police Station on the 28th September 2017 and answer to these charges should have fun with the dictionary, since it has no deep meaning. As if violent behavior can be abused, that intimidation can be disrespected. It is all made for a sham and mockery, since the law took them as they we’re most likely peacefully demonstrating against the lifting of the Age Limit in the 1995 Constitution.

Certainly, the whole thing is proving how the UPF and Police Officers are holding guard for the National Resistance Movement. They are not really serving the people, but serving the President. The loyalty from Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura is now proven. As his officers are even admitting their lacking understanding of words. They are actually misusing words.

Because who disrespect unlawful exercise of physical force… I know it seems like nonsense and it is. The proof is in the pudding, it is either caramel or chocolate. If you are lucky duck, you find some inches of flavor of vanilla. The reality is that the Police are using all tools of oppression into the levels of stupidity, because they have to show their quota to Kayihura. So he again can report to Museveni and he can get a pat on his back. If not, who else would charge a brother for ‘Insulting Violence’! Peace.

Age Limit: Two Police Bonds – One for Lord Mayor Lukwago for charged with ‘Unlawful Activity’ and from Arua it was charged with ‘Insulting Violence’ (21.09.2017 & 22.09.2017)

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine arrested for ‘inciting violence’ but was just coming home from United States!

Kayima: The Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, wants to address gatherings and come in a procession. The Police are having a conversation with him to defer that. We hope he will see our point of view and comply to avoid unnecessary & unplanned traffic management. Which can result in chaos and disorder plus crime from other characters than might exploit that loophole” (Uganda Police Force, 22.09.2017)

So the arrested him for driving, just like they have done to Dr. Kizza Besigye dozens of time. Some people can just arrive on Entebbe and get detained. Now the same is happening to him. The independent Member of Parliament, the man who just recently won a by-election against a sponsored NRM Candidate. He is clearly becoming a torn in the flesh of the NRM.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, is well-spoken and articulate, he can be direct and doesn’t care of repercussions from the Police Force. Just like Besigye. It seems like Bobi Wine has learned and studied him. As he acts and maneuver the political landscape. Therefore, before he traveled to take part of an international conference in the United States, he released a dossier of a message to the Ugandan Citizens on the lifting of the Age Limit. As he could still spread his message, while being away. The same way the interviews and the spreading the word of Besigye. Seems like he has learned the ways of keeping interest and keeping his supporters at bay.

Therefore, as he arrived in Entebbe and crossing from the Airport, the Police Force was waiting his return. They we’re there for his so-called incite of violence through audio message. That is the excuse of the Police to arrest him and the later release him. Which is the reason for why he could later in the day be on NBS TV and have an interview.

As he is interviewed the Police says they want a Statement with him in Entebbe, while Bobi Wine, says he is not going to Entebbe Police Station, that is reported by the NTV Uganda.

What all of this proves is the danger of speaking against his lordship, the excellence, His Excellency and the Executive of the Republic President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Now Bobi Wine feels like Besigye, he might even be house-arrested if he continues to shoot from the hip. Even if he is totally right, since the NRM and Museveni doesn’t care. They just want to secure their future and stop the others.

If the NRM continues what they usually do, than he will be arrested at his home and later be charged with treason. Have a prolonged case and it will never be solved, fellow friends and independent minded souls will be put on trial and be called in question. All of this try to bend Bobi Wine in favor of the current paradigm. Peace.

Age Limit: Two Motions of Private Bills from Dr. Sam Lyomoki (22.09.2017)

KTK Advocates Letter to Dennis Itumbi of The Presidency: “Re: Defamation & Injurious Falsehoods; Intimidation & Harrasment; Hon. Justice Isaac Lenaola, MBS” (22.09.2017)

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