Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Final statement of the work of the Sixth General Conference (18.03.2023)

On this day, we stand in honor of this great people, for it is our compass that guides us on the right path, and its interests are our goal, for which we harness our thought, effort, blood, and sweat for the sake of its peace, freedom, and decent living.

We salute the glorious December Revolution and its righteous martyrs, and we salute this generation that left a mark in our modern history that the forces of tyranny will not erase, no matter how armored they are with their weapons, equipment and military.

Our sixth conference is an extension of five conferences that resulted in a smooth rotation of leadership positions and many transitions that our party went through and here is the podium decorated with a rare scene in our political environment, four former presidents of the party, mercy for those who have passed away, and abundant health and continued giving to those who are still striving in the journey of building the homeland, the dream that they did not hesitate to devote their entire lives to achieving it.

About a thousand ladies and gentlemen, members of the party participated in the general conference of the Sudanese Congress Party, who came as witnesses from every piece of land in Sudan and from the countries of exile, and from the members of the Independent Students Conference. They are the harvest of 122 grassroots conferences in the localities of Sudan, 17 state conferences, 13 conferences for professional sectors, 20 conferences abroad, and the same for the Independent Students Conference. All of these conferences discussed the basic and supplementary papers and elected their executive offices and their supervisory legislative councils.

And its representatives went up to the Sixth General Conference, who numbered 988, in addition to the members of the new council, whose first meeting was held this morning, in addition to an endless number of meetings, development workshops, and open seminars, including an organizational conference in which a lot of effort and papers were spent, and an inclusive deliberative conference.

We discussed the organizational and political reality in detail, and through all of that, the membership of our party, accompanied by the appreciated participation of national experts and contributors from outside the party, produced many specialized visions and papers that were summarized in the political document of the party that was discussed during this sixth conference.

It has been detailed and will be detailed more in more specialized papers. The constitution of the ruling party has also been approved for the internal performance of the party and the coordinator of its apparatus relations.

In a democratic atmosphere, the activities of the General Conference witnessed the election of the party leader and the head of the Central Council. The conferees elected:

– Omar Youssef Al-Daqir, head of the party

– Mastour Ahmed Mohamed, Chairman of the Central Council of the party

The General Conference also accredited the members of the Central Council elected from the states, sectors and branches abroad and the Independent Students Conference.

This morning, the elected Central Council held its first meeting and approved the deputy head of the party and the secretary-general, as follows:

Khaled Omar Youssef, deputy head of the party

Muhammad Ali Shaqdi, Secretary General

In addition to the approval of the four vice-presidents of the Central Council, as follows:

Omaima Sayed Ahmed

As Zakaria

– Seif al-Dawla Ahmed Khalil

Saleh Omar

In conclusion, we repeat our greetings to our great people, and we salute the sacrifice of our membership and their efforts in order to provide models of sacrifice that resisted tyranny and seek to contribute to removing the oppression of years of dictatorships, the distortions of practice and the negative mental image towards parties.

Which in its goodness is the salvation of the democratic civil transition and the homeland, and it is an effort that we share with our comrades and allies in the forces of the broad democratic forces with whom we share the dream of a good, democratic Sudan that does not coexist or oppress anyone.

Sixth General Conference Committee

March 18, 2023

Sudan: The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – A Permit (11.03.2023)

The Forces for Freedom and Change welcome the statement issued by the Office of the Official Spokesman of the Armed Forces, which confirmed the commitment of the armed forces to the ongoing political process and the full and strict adherence to the provisions of the framework agreement.

The Forces for Freedom and Change affirm their adherence to the established political process, which is based on the framework agreement and leads to ending the coup and restoring the path of democratic transformation by forming a civil government that represents the forces of the revolution and works to achieve its goals.

The Forces of Freedom and Change also affirm their keenness to complete the discussion of the issues of the final stage of the political process, and their commitment to joint work with all the forces of the revolution to establish and manage the transitional period in a way that guarantees its stability and the completion of its tasks, foremost of which is the unification and reform of the military system and its exit from the political equation.

Launching a comprehensive process of justice and transitional justice, addressing the economic crisis, institutional reform and dismantling the empowerment state on the thirtieth of June, and other tasks leading to free and fair general elections at the end of the transitional period.

Freedom and Change Forces – Executive Office

March 11, 2023

Sudan: Civilian forces signatories to the framework agreement – Important statement (11.03.2023)

About (Statement of the Armed Forces Official Spokesperson)

The civil forces that signed the framework agreement welcome the statement issued by the Office of the Official Spokesman for the Armed Forces, which was issued this morning, Saturday, March 11, 2023, and carried important and positive messages.

The statement affirmed the commitment of the Sudanese Armed Forces to the ongoing political process and to all that was stated in the framework agreement, which reinforces the commitment of all parties to the process to move forward with it and overcome the challenges it faces in a patriotic and responsible spirit.

The framework agreement laid a sound foundation for the most important issues facing the country now, foremost of which is the need to restore the path of democratic transition under the leadership of a full civil authority, and the unity of the Sudanese army and its distancing from politics within a comprehensive process of security and military reform, and embarking on a comprehensive and fair process for justice, transitional justice, and other major issues that the framework agreement dealt with in depth, which places on all parties the need to complete the final stage discussions as soon as possible, this will establish a stable and successful transitional phase that will eventually lead to free, fair and transparent elections.

The civil forces that signed the framework agreement

March 11, 2023 AD

Opinion: Hemeti takes people for fools

Lt. Gen. Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo addressed the two coups and the continued junta-controlled government. Where he is trying to sound reasonable and a statesman. This isn’t anything new, because we have seen the same behaviour from the Janjaweed and Rapid Support Force General. He has tried this before and did what he could to look good. That’s why he even used prayers and scriptures to look supreme. The Vice-Chairman and Deputy of the Transitional Council wants to stand-out and be the next in line.

That’s why he said things like this:

“I am a simple son of a desert, I grew up in the far corners of Sudan’s margins, and I received nothing from the state except its violence towards our societies, and its disregard for their basic rights, and I learned many lessons in the School of Life, the most important of which is that the old path of Sudan is unfair and unfair, so when I saw the men and women of the glorious December revolution I did not hesitate to stand with them against the injustice, tyranny, and corruption of the defunct regime. I saw that I shared their desire to change for the better and build Sudan. I tried as much as I could, and I was right at the time, and sometimes I made mistakes, the last of which was the mistake of the October 25 coup, which it became clear to me from its first day that it would not lead to what we wanted” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

The Lt. Gen. and Commander of the RSF must think his words can sway people. That they can forget the bloodshed and years under his tyranny. How his forces and his militia members has not only tormented the Darfur region, but also been pivotal in the reign of Omer Al-Bashir. His forces has destroyed, looted and massacred civilians for years. That’s how he rose through the ranks and became a henchman for Al-Bashir. Therefore, him trying to sound sincere and honest… falls flat in my eyes. He is just trying to cease a moment and be a contrast to President Al-Burhan, which is so obvious.

He continues:

“I am a man who grew up in the midst of wars.. I knew and experienced them, so I know the meaning and importance of peace. Since the first days of the transitional government, I have chosen in the Sovereignty Council to take over the peace file, in coordination with the government of former Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. For I am convinced that there is no future for this country without silencing all the voices of guns and managing our differences with wisdom and good preaching. Wars broke out because of historical grievances on the margins of Sudan, and the December revolution provided an opportunity to address these grievances without wars” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

It is deep that he says these words… that a warlord like himself says it. When his forces have killed, tortured and used weapons to silence people. He has profited off wars and so has allies. That’s why he has power and influence. If it wasn’t for the guns and the ammo, he wouldn’t be where he is and that’s a fact. That’s why these words are so shallow and meaningless.

The Lt. Gen. wouldn’t be where he is and resides if it wasn’t for the powerful weapons. It isn’t like he didn’t get power or influence by being a loveable character. No, he got there by serving the previous regime and using a hostile takeover twice to prolong his reign. That’s the gist of it. He only wants to sound reasonable now… to be able to sway the gullible. While the dead and destroyed in Darfur isn’t getting anything from this sort of man. They are left behind… while he prospers in Khartoum.

He ended with: “In conclusion, I reassure the good people of Sudan, in all their hopes, that we are proceeding with the path of the political solution that we started in the framework agreement, and we will proceed with it until the end of the road steadfastly until stability returns to this country, and evils and strife are avoided. This is a covenant we made, and this is a word we say to God, history, and the country, and we will never back down from it” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

He wants to be part of the process and the aftermath. As he knows he will loose power and influence the moment the army cease to be in control. That’s why he wants to sound like there is a plan for a civilian rule. Because the revolutionary and the civilian dissent is far from over. They are still on the barricades and plans to continue the revolution. Since the men of Al-Bashir is still in-office and thriving. While the citizens are suffering under their rule.

That’s why Hemeti wants to sound good and feasible. When we all know what sort of man he is. He would have no trouble ending someone’s lives just to gain coins himself. That’s what he does and done for a living. Peace.

Sudan: The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – Press Statement (12.02.2023)

We in the Forces for Freedom and Change have been following the systematic ambassadorial campaign since yesterday, Saturday, February 11, 2023, against the background of the meeting that brought together the signatories to the framework agreement with some of the non-signatory forces.

This campaign included a lot of misinformation that amounted to false and misleading news with the aim of harming the political process and slandering its nature, which aims to restore the path of civil democratic transition.

The signatory parties to the framework agreement discussed a draft political declaration with Messrs. Minni Arko Minawi, Jibril Ibrahim and Muhammad Muhammad Othman Al-Mirghani, representatives of their organizations, with the aim of joining the political process now under way, and there are issues under discussion that have not yet been resolved.

The parties to the meeting agreed to avoid any statements that might complicate the course of the discussion, which will continue in the coming days.

Despite the continued promotion of frequent news that implicates the name of freedom and change within incorrect news, we affirm our political and moral commitment to what the signatory parties to the framework agreement agreed upon with the non-signatory parties participating in this discussion by not making any statements about the details of these discussions, in the same context, we renew our commitment to public opinion and the media to have all the information, details and facts complete and undiminished in a timely manner.

As we are accustomed to when dealing with issues related to the future of our homeland, the fate of our people, and their legitimate hopes and aspirations for a state of freedom, peace and justice.

Freedom and Change Forces – Executive Office

Sunday, February 12, 2023 AD

Sudan: Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General – on Sudan (10.01.2023)

The Secretary-General underscores the importance of including the broadest array of Sudanese stakeholders, including women, youth, and civil society.

NEW YORK, United States of America, January 10, 2023 – The Secretary-General welcomes the launch of the final phase in the political process towards restoring a civilian-led transition in Sudan. This step builds on the progress achieved upon the signing of the Political Framework Agreement on 5 December 2022, and marks another important step forward towards realizing the aspirations of the Sudanese people for democracy, peace and sustainable development.

The United Nations, through the Trilateral Mechanism comprised of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in the Sudan (UNITAMS), the African Union (AU), and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), remains committed to supporting the process and to help secure a final political agreement over the coming weeks.

To ensure a lasting settlement, the Secretary-General underscores the importance of including the broadest array of Sudanese stakeholders, including women, youth, and civil society. He also urges key stakeholders which did not sign the 5 December Agreement to join the political process. Finally, he stresses the importance of strong and coordinated international support to the political process under the framework of the Trilateral Mechanism.

Sudan: The newest agreement is worthless…

The ones celebrating the agreement between the parties of Forces for Freedom and Change-Central Council (FFC-CC), National Accord Forces (NAF), Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Sudanese Ba’ath Party, which they signed with the Sudanese Junta Government on the 5th December 2022.

The ones celebrating that is naive. It is clear the FFC is abandoning the struggle and the fight. As they are taking the easy route out. They continuing the path of Abdalla Hamdok and seems to forgotten the former pledges or promises made by the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

I wouldn’t trust President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan or Vice President Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti. These two has already tried to hijack the revolution twice and stopped the transition before. They have stopped the transition and the road-map, which was stipulated to give the civilians at one point more power in the Sovereign Council. However, before that could happen… the military overthrow the civilians and took the power all in their hands.

When you know the military and the generals has done this before. Why do you believe them again in 2022? Are you that stupid? Or are you that hungry?

These gentlemen in the Sovereign Council will not relent. They have already ceased power and they not giving it away. The latest agreement is only giving the Khartoum junta a bit more credibility and leverage to the International Community. The agreement between the junta and others will only be served as token peace-offering to get the International Monetary Funds or World Bank on it’s side.

When you have followed the proceedings from Khartoum since Al-Bashir’s fall. You know his henchmen continues their assault on civil society, on activists and the Resistance Councils. These are not part of the agreement. The grass-root organizations are left behind… and the FFC are not a voice for the civilian uprising. Instead, they seem compromised and more willing to trade their integrity for some cheap seats at the table.

The ones trusting Burhan and Hemeti in 2022 is foolish. It is really dumb… they should know better. They will not step down or give way. If so… that would have happen, because of the first agreement and during the reign of Prime Minister Hamdok. However, we saw what happened to him and others. The FFC knows this and still plays along.

The ones celebrating this… are celebrating cheap ink on a paper. The streets and the protests are still brutally cracked down upon. There is still victims of assembling and addressing grievances. FFC and the parties have forgotten these ones in their trade. They are not part of that struggle anymore. When they are joining forces, yet again with the army.

It is really tragic. The fight isn’t over and the ones believing in it are fools. They are buying into a pipe-dream… and a mirage. Burhan and Hemeti is not to be trusted, but still some people are buying into their pledges… which I don’t get. However, here we are and I don’t expect much.

This will end in tears… Peace.

Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the anniversary of the massacre of November 17, 2021 AD (17.11.2022)

Our steadfast people;

A year has passed since a bloody day from the days of our victorious revolution, when the processions of the free revolutionaries and revolutionaries were wasted in the streets of the capital and the regions. unsheathing the weapon of her innocent peace in the face of the putschists, the opportunists and the remnants of the defunct regime, to let the hand of treachery commit a heinous massacre in the city of Khartoum North and some parts of the capital, as a result of which dozens of pure souls ascended to their innocence, and many injured heroes fell, however, it only increased the mass movement resisting the brutal coup in valour and steadfastness, so the forces of apostasy and darkness are taught continuous lessons in the meanings of providing for the values of freedom, peace and justice with all solidity.

Our proud people;

We, in the Sudanese Congress Party, have mercy on the pure souls of the martyrs of the massacre of November 17, 2021, and on all the martyrs of the Sudanese revolutions, and we pray for all those who are afflicted with full recovery and wellness, and for those who are missing with the victorious return, and we affirm that we are on the path of defeating the forces of apostasy and darkness, accompanied by all the forces of the revolution, restoring the course of civil democratic transformation and bringing down the slogans of the glorious revolution to become a tangible reality, using the same tried and innovative peaceful means, including political means and the mass resistance movement, until the noble goals of our people are achieved by purely civil rule that completes the transitional period.

Leading to free and fair elections, during which the required reforms will be carried out in the state’s military, security, justice and civil apparatus, and the elements of the defunct rescue regime will be removed and public funds will be recovered, and all armies and militias will be integrated under the umbrella of the people’s armed forces with a national combat doctrine.

It is committed to protecting the constitution and its other professional tasks away from engaging in politics and governance affairs, completing the peace process to include the rest of the armed struggle forces, and reviewing the necessary provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan with the agreement of all concerned parties, and initiate the process of justice and transitional justice in all the crimes committed, and then conduct urgent economic remedies to stop the terrible economic deterioration after the coup and improve people’s livelihood, victory is looming on the horizon, and the key to achieving it is the unity of all the revolutionary forces that believe in the civil democratic transformation.

Our people lived free and victorious

Information secretariat

November 17, 2022 AD

Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – On the anniversary of the November 17th massacre (16.11.2022)

The spirit of the martyr, Sitt al-Nafur, will remain a shining lamp.

On the memory of the painful massacre of the city of Bahri, which turned the clear sky of the city of Bahri into black as the features of the city, the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors extends its deepest condolences and sends telegrams of sorrow to all the families of the martyrs of the revolution and the martyrs of the Bahri massacre in particular.

On that day, the righteous martyrs of the Bahri massacre met the tractors of the treacherous dark coup forces with rare courage and historical steadfastness that defeated the dark coup forces and proved that peacefulness is stronger than bullets.

The martyrs of the November 17 massacre and all the martyrs of the revolution will remain a beacon that lights the way for us, steadfastness and courage. The history of the Sudanese nation will continue to remind them of greatness and courage.

May God have mercy on all the martyrs of the revolution, and we will continue to dig into the wall, either we opened a hole to the light or we died on the surface of the wall.

We will go out tomorrow shouting our slogan to hear the tyrants that the revolution remains as long as our souls remain, we will fill the streets of Bahri with our comrades, and we will also cover the emergencies hospitals to provide medical services to those who need it.

Freedom, peace and justice

The revolution is the decision of the people

November 16, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Statement (16.11.2022)

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change, in the presence of all its components, held an important meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 AD, in which it discussed the current political developments at length and concluded the following:

The Central Council saluted the struggles of our people who are still continuing their valiant resistance to the October 25 coup, using all tried and new means of peaceful struggle, which made the task of attacking the glorious December revolution difficult. And what clearly determined that our people will recover the path of democratic transformation led by a full transitional civil authority that reflects the revolution and its goals.

The Central Council followed the efforts to build the unified civil front that brings together all the forces of the revolution, and the efforts made to coordinate with the broadest base of political and social forces. Which expands the base of the transition and strengthens it in accordance with the draft political declaration that we are working to develop in a way that establishes a sustainable democratic civil transformation.

The Central Council listened to a report from the Executive Office on the progress of the political process and its developments following the discussions that took place with the military on the draft of the transitional constitution that resulted from the workshop of the Steering Committee of the Bar, and the understandings it produced that can be built upon to reach a political solution that achieves the goals of the glorious December revolution, taking into account the challenges and pitfalls surrounding the process, after an extensive study, the Central Council unanimously approved a vision under the title “Towards a credible and transparent political process that ends the coup and its effects and completes the tasks of the glorious December revolution.” It divides the process into two phases as follows:

First: The phase of the framework agreement, which is based on the understandings that took place between the forces of freedom and change, the military component, and the parties to the forces of democratic transition, which included the observations of the military side on the transitional constitution that was produced by the workshop of the Steering Committee of the Bar Association, the framework agreement deals with the most important issues covered by these understandings, which are a constitutional framework for the establishment of a transitional democratic civil authority that completes the tasks of the December revolution.

Second: The stage of the final agreement, during which the framework agreement is developed with broad public participation from the stakeholders and the forces of the revolution on (4) major issues, which are justice and transitional justice: It is an issue that requires the participation of stakeholders and the families of the martyrs, provided that it includes all those who have been affected by human rights violations since 1989 until now.

Security and military reform: It is one of the main issues facing our country. Without building and reforming a single professional and national army in accordance with agreed upon security arrangements, our country will not be able to achieve democracy, peace or development.

The Juba Agreement for peace in Sudan and the completion of peace:

The December revolution pushed the peace agenda to the fore, which led to reaching the Juba peace agreement for Sudan, but this agreement faces many dilemmas that made the claims of canceling it or preserving it as it is generate growing polarization, our position was and still is not to cancel the agreement and to introduce the necessary reforms with its implementation, with the consent of its parties.

The dismantling of the June 30 regime:

The regime of June 30 kidnapped the Sudanese state and its institutions, legitimized its party, and to build a professional state that serves our society without discrimination or aggression. The structure of the June 30 regime must be dismantled in a manner that adheres to the rule of law and respect for basic rights.

In conclusion, the Central Council appreciated the spirit of unity and national commitment that prevailed in the meeting, we affirm that the coalition of the forces of freedom and change will continue to struggle for freedom, peace and justice, and to complete the path paved by the glorious December revolution, which will reach the goals of our people in full and undiminished.

Central Council – Forces of Freedom and Change

November 16, 2022 AD

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