Opinion: Wetangula has outwitted the Azimio

The Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance must feel the fall. They went into the elections and campaigns with their heads high. It was anticipated to be slow train coming and new reform under the Presidency of Raila Odinga. All of that was a house of cards and been spoilt milk. There is no return and the Azimio has been crushed.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance has certainly been able to gain the majority in both houses in the National Assembly. This being in the House and in the Senate. While it has a hold of the Judiciary and the Presidency under William Ruto. The tides of security and dynasties seems to be over. The ones who was close to Odinga and Kenyatta has lost out. While the ones who dared to align with Ruto has sway and influence.

That is real change of guards and shows how conning Ruto is. He has ensured the safety and paid-off political parties to give him a majority. There was several of parties which changed alliance the moment he was announced the victor. This together with binding the “independent” MPs has all given him way. That got to sting for Azimio, but we Azimio would have tried to do same. Because, who don’t want a majority and a hold of the National Assembly?

Today, because of the clever wheeler-dealing ways of Ruto. Speaker Moses Wetangula could announce and declare the KKA as the majority. Meaning the Azimio is the official minority in the Parliament. They are the ones who are the opposition and the ones who are not part of the government majority. That’s really a telling sign. It marks an end of the campaigns of the 2022 election season and the beginning of the business of the House.

Wetangula’s announcement has ruffled some feathers, but he has the surety of the technicalities and the numbers to do so. That is hurting the pride of the Azimio who thought the they had come to a feast in the House. However, they are instead being sidelined and caught of guard. It is like they winged the whole enterprise and thought they could just walk in unprepared.

The Speaker has just ensured the gravitas of the parties he represents. His appointment and such will surely be remembered. Not only for this, but for he will operate as Speaker under this Ruto term.

Some states this a revenge for the February 2018 ousting him as the Minority Leader of the Senate, when the NASA coalition removed him with Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) own senator James Orengo. Therefore, Wetangula could hold grudges, but his loyalty is also to KKA, which is the coalition he ran with in the previous election.

The Speaker has returned the favour, but also been able to do so, thanks to the “free-transfers” from Azimio. That’s why the KKA has enough MPs and the numbers to do so. Even if several of the MPs either was initially independent or part of Azimio. However, the KKA has the upper-hand here and the Azimio team lacks a strategy.

The Azimio has done one thing wrong, which its repeating itself with. Azimio looks like it’s running on vibes, but the KKA is well-prepared and has a plan. That plan is executed and makes it easy for the Speaker to announce it.

Wetangula is already showing his resolute ideas and how he will handle his role. As speaker we should expect more like this. However, it is now official that Azimio has been outflanked everywhere it matters since the polls. Peace.

Kenya: Speaker Moses Wetangula announces the Allegations of coercion (06.05.2022)

My considered determination on the matter raised is as follows-

Allegations of coercion

1)THAT, the consideration of the various allegations of coercion and duress at the time of entering into coalition agreements and any appropriate remedy for the same lies outside the authority of the Speaker.

The place of Members of UDM, PAA, MCCP & MDG

2)THAT, In my considered opinion, it would be imprudent to treat the 14 Members elected to the House under the United Democratic Movement (UDM), Pamoja African Alliance (PAA), Maendeleo Chap Chap Party (MCCP) and the Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) as part of a coalition that they have expressly distanced both themselves and their parties from. I am therefore persuaded that the 14 members and their parties are part of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition. This, in my view, would be fair and in accord with previous rulings by my predecessors on related matters.

3)THAT, With the 14 Members, the membership of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition stands at 179 Members while the membership of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party stands at 157 Members. This, by implication, indicates that the Kenya Kwanza Coalition is the Majority Party and the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party is the Minority Party in this House. Entities entitled to appoint the Leader of the Majority Party

4)THAT, the Kenya Kwanza Coalition is entitled to appoint the Leader of the Majority Party while the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party is entitled to appoint the Leader of the Minority Party; Leadership of the Majority Party

5)THAT, with regard to the Majority Party—

(a)The Member for Kikuyu Constituency, the Hon. Kimani Ichung’wah is the Leader of the Majority Party;

(b)The Member for Kilifi North, the Hon. Owen Baya is the Deputy Leader of the Majority Party;(c)The Member for South Mugirango, the Hon. Silvanus Osoro is the Majority Party Whip; and

(d)The Member for Marsabit County, the Hon. Naomi Jillo Waqo is the Deputy Majority Whip.

Leadership of the Minority Party

6)THAT, with regard to the Minority Party—

(a)The Member for Ugunja, the Hon. Opiyo Wandayi is the Leader of the Minority Party;

(b)The Member for Kathiani, the Hon. Robert Mbui is the Deputy Leader of the Minority Party;

(c)The Member for Suna East, the Hon. Junet Mohamed is the Minority Party Whip; and

(d)Nominated Member, the Hon. Sabina Chege is the Deputy Minority Whip.

The letters from the Secretary General of Jubilee Party

7)THAT, our rules of procedure have placed a certain expectation on the manner of transmission of information relating to the leadership in the House. Only Members of this House can communicate with the Speaker on House leadership matters. In this regard, the letters from the Secretary General of Jubilee Party conveying the Party’s leadership to the Speaker fall short of the expectations of the House and will therefore not be considered any further.

Kenya: Farmers Party – Farmers Party Condemns Azimio Plan to Derail the Government (30.09.2022)

Opinion: Ruto’s cabinet is pure cronyism

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) or the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) cabinet is now announced. The real choices of the Presidency in the men and woman he appoints to his cabinet. That shows his vision and what he values in people. President William Ruto clearly has one key component in the cabinet. That isn’t technocrats, educational background or sort of professionals from various of fields to become a Cabinet Secretary. No, the reason why they are picked is out of their loyalty.

The most important reason for Ruto to appoint someone is Loyalty. That you have been loyal to him and his cause. He trust them to be ride or die with him. They don’t have to be the best or a true asset of the Republic. No, they just have to be people who bows to him and is fighting there with him. That’s why they are there now.

To get a unique office is Musalia Mudavadi is set to become the Prime Cabinet Secretary, which is sort of “chief of staff” and “whip” of the Cabinet. Alfred Mutua has been appointed to Foreign Secretary. Kipchumba Murkomen is the Roads and Transport secretary. Davis Chirchir is the Energy secretary. Alice Wahome is the Water secretary. Moses Kuria is the secretary of trade. Aisha Jumwa is the Public Service secretary. Roselinda Soipan as Enviroment and Forestry secretary. Monica Juma as the National Security Advisor. Simon Chelugui as the Cooperative secretary and finally Aden Duale as the Defense secretary.

These are all loyal people and politician who are known for circulating Ruto. That’s why these are here. It was easy picking these names out of the 25 or 26 cabinet secretaries. Because, these people has been residing around Ruto and been part of his gig.

The ones who thought he would pick people who are professionals or has experience in the fields, which would fit to be minister is wrong. Ruto is all about the ones who has been by his side. There is no other way to look around here. They are there because he trusts them and he know he can count on them.

This here is epic cronyism and nothing else. It isn’t about skills or abilities, no that’s isn’t traits that concerns Ruto. No, he wants the person who is following him and being indebted to him. These are the most valuable persons to him. So, that he knows they will follow and do his bidding. He don’t need free-thinkers or people who challenge him. No, the ones underneath him should be working for him and nothing else.

That’s why this cabinet is all built on loyalty. People that he trusts and who he knows are aligned with him. These are not people who will betray or try to test him. That’s why they are there and it’s evident.

With these appointments, you shouldn’t expect magic or great governance. No, these are built for NYS Scandals, UNGA scandals, more Eurobonds and all of the above. Peace.

Kenya: Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) – Clarification on the Arror & Kimwarer Dam Case (23.09.2022)

South Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation – Press Release (22.09.2022)

Kenya: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Re: Kenya’s Position on the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) – (16.09.2022)

Opinion: Is Odinga going back to the streets or what?

Whenever judges resort to insults on advocates, it is as a result of disturbed conscience. Supreme Court is now in politics. Koome said that ruling was inspired by God, I believe it was inspired by the devil” Raila Odinga (16.09.2022).

This here speech today… just a day after returning from vacation with family on Zanzibar. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Azimio la Umoja and One Kenya Alliance Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga is speaking his mind the recently ended elections. However, he seems far from finished with it and certainly he will go back to old ways.

Odinga seems to be back on the campaign trail again. He wants to run and be announced winner. That was anticipated ahead of the August 9th 2022 election. Nevertheless, the results told otherwise. He lost both the declaration and the Supreme Court petition. That’s why the election is exhausted this time around. However, we know that Baba isn’t the man to work in silence or be giving up.

That’s why I have a feeling of a new drive like the OKOA demonstrations and the “reforms” of the electoral law again. A man who tried to change the laws and constitution with the Building Bridges Initiative after the 2017 elections. So, it seems like a power thing now and not an honest effort anymore.

Just read these quotes after everything went down and Baba is certainly playing the cards of which we have seen before. Dismissing the state and the authorities, the government bodies who is in charge or had a say. Especially when they are not having a verdict or an announcement fitting his path.

If you do not unite, you are going to be ruled throughout the life of this Parliament and yet we have the numbers and strength to be able to be the rulers in the House” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

We have three urgent tasks that we must not fail in; save the Judiciary and Legislature from state capture, transform and reform IEBC and make capable of conducting credible elections” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

We have had the worst election since the return of multiparty politics” (Odinga, 16.09.2022).

Just by reading these quotes and not listening in to the whole address by Odinga today. It is surely seeing a pattern of first attacking the IEBC and now the Judiciary. Because, none of these gave the results he wanted. Odinga was the next in line and he cannot accept that someone else gotten elected. Neither can he accept that the Petition to the Supreme Court wasn’t good enough and the re-use of the 2017 petition didn’t help the case either.

Odinga is now going back to seemingly revive OKOA stances and wanting similar reforms. Just because he lost yet another election. That’s how it seems to me. Now, he will use the Azimio and coalition to target the entities that blocked his entry into office. That’s why it’s the worst election in history, because he was on a strong ticket and had the incumbent aligned on his team. Alas, that was the fault line and he didn’t consider the total campaign. Neither has the Azimio Secretariat listened to wisdom of others or possibly mistakes, which could have ensured victory.

Instead of looking into the wrongs internally. Odinga is striking at the state and the entities who blocked his entry into office. He cannot phantom that it wasn’t enough popularity to get him into office. Neither, that Ruto was able to play the nation smarter and gain just enough support from his strongholds. That should hurt Odinga, but he surely doesn’t seem to be able to grasp this idea.

He rather go back to renegade and go to the streets again. Where we see the actions in similar fashion of the CORD and what it did in consideration towards OKOA. If he pushes a One Million March. Then we are back to 2014-15 sort of actions. That’s how it’s looking and everyone should be aware.

At this point it seems like revenge and avenge his own losses. Instead of asking what went wrong internally in the Azimio Secretariat. He rather vent his anger against the IEBC and the Judiciary. Peace.

Opinion: Kenyatta will miss his old office very quickly…

It has been announced that the former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has been appointed to mediate and be a “Special Envoy” to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia. He will have to partake in the insurgencies in the DRC and the conflict in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray). Therefore, he has a massive take and lots of responsibility overnight.

The Former President be working with Heads of State in the DRC. Where he has to be working directly with the authorities in Kinshasa. That’s the place he has a shot and possibility to make a difference. Kenyatta already has a working relationship with President Felix Tshisekedi. Therefore, if there is hope for any substantial progress or delivery. He should hope to get somewhere in the DRC.

The M23 latest peace agreement was already made in Nairobi with the Nairobi Declaration. That’s why, Kenyatta has goodwill and could use the working relations from his years in office to make a difference, but we shouldn’t have to high hopes. However, we have to take what positives there are before downplaying this role and office.

On the other hand, in Ethiopia and Addis Ababa, is a place where Kenyatta might not be so much welcome. There won’t be much fanfare or acceptance of him. He will be a nonce and nuisance quickly. The Addis Ababa government have to already work with the African Union Envoy for the Horn, Olusegun Obasanjo. The former Nigerian President have struggled to bring any dialogue or talks between the stakeholders. This work has been stifled and his had an unforgiving role, as the FDRE and the Government of Tigray has both ceased talks or negotiations in general.

Obasanjo have tried and his hands are tied. We know the FDRE is directing how the AU Envoy can operate. While people will quickly question the mandate and what sort of mission Kenyatta has. This was quickly launched, as Kenyatta retired from the Office of Presidency. It is a way of softening the blow and give him a purpose. Though, what will the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tell Kenyatta and what is his anticipated to do?

Will he make phone-calls, conduct field-work or even try to get stakeholders to meet each other? A man of peace can do a lot. He can do little or a lot. If any of the 10 years in Office will tell us. The former President could easily create a scandal or a way of using the office for enriching himself. However, it would be hard to find a way to make this happen. Nevertheless, people shouldn’t be shocked, if he found a way or a scheme to get some additional funds. That is his way and how he has run his government.

Ruto surely sent him on his merry. Giving him a token of appreciation and an honourable task. Kenyatta should use all diplomatic channels and shouldn’t expect much. It isn’t like his through IGAD, AU or any other body. No, his just appointed by the incumbent Kenyan President and that isn’t setting a strong mandate.

This is sort of like the mandate or role Stephan Kalonzo Musyoka had in the South Sudan in the previous term. He was the Special Envoy to South Sudan and he surely cannot show much, if anything He got a few free trips to Juba, but cannot be said to helped the process significantly.

This here office should be gazetted and the mandate should be set forward. Also, the current President should give a time-frame and possible plans for it. Since, it shouldn’t just be something to keep Kenyatta busy. Kenyatta should have a target to work towards in coordination with Kinshasa and Addis Ababa. However, time will tell if they will let him or see him as outside noise. Peace.

Opinion: Ruto – Better to come slow and correct…

Ruto received a congratulatory message from Moroccan King His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Kenya rescinded its recognition of Western Sahara and orders the shutdown of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s representative office in Kenya. He indicated support 4 UN-induced statehood” (The Daily Jubba, 14.09.2022).

It isn’t more than a day since President William Ruto has been sworn-in. Yesterday was the day of honour and procedure, as Ruto was starting his term as Kenyan President. Today, the reality of his office is starting. Now he has to take control, decisions and appoint the right people to office. He has to collectively find the rights persons for the Cabinet Secretaries and other vital roles of the State.

That’s why Ruto should use this time with caution. It will do no good to be brash, swift and without care. The President should slow down and recollect. He should envision and plan things ahead. With the people he trust and with the counsels that can advice properly.

Because, today we saw a rash act, which can easily get diplomatic trouble. Not that it can create a war or more conflict. No, but it can hurt interests on all sides. The Kingdom of Morocco might be happy with the progress. The King of Morocco got a diplomatic victory. While the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic or the annexed Western Sahara government feels betrayed. What is even more striking was the SADR President Brahim Ghaliat even was at Kasarani stadium yesterday.

As a President, Ruto needs to consider his steps and how he operates. He isn’t in opposition or without power. Now his word has a value and he can purposely change dynamics. Yes, as the Deputy President and as a Cabinet Secretary, Ruto has had this too. However, now it’s even more prestige and pressure on his name. His words are even more powerful and meaningful. That’s why he should use that with caution.

President Ruto can by quickly tweeting in favour of the Moroccan ambassador dismiss the cause of the SADR. Even if that wasn’t the case and play along to the tune of the Kingdom. In that fashion his showing diplomatic weight behind the King of Morocco and disregarding the President Ghaliat. Therefore, he should walk slowly and not try to run to fast.

President Ruto might not even know how Algeria has invested in this and worked for the liberation of SADR. The way and the long liberation war of the Polisario Frente either. There are many things at play and not only the word of the King. No, there is more at stake and Ruto should have advisers on his side to give him proper counsel before revoking or rescinding diplomatic ties. This could have other implications, which he cannot phantom right now.

Yes, Ruto deleted the Tweet, but the news is out there. The cat is out of bag and he ran to the finish line a bit too fast. That’s why he should take things slow and configure the message before its spread. Especially, in concern to foreign affairs and in order to diplomatic missions as well. This has to be played wisely and not just with a snap of a finger.

That’s when things backfires and he can look stupid. Ruto can become humiliated and look foolish. A President don’t want that… and no Head of State wants to be taken for a fool. That’s why my advice to him… is to take it slow and grow into the role. No need to speed-walk or run a marathon. There is enough decisions to take and enough scandals to arrive on his desk. Therefore, he should recollect and smell the coffee.

Instead, he has already created a farce and it could have been avoided, easily. Peace.

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