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Hennessey Tales Part V: Sonko is bitter and ready for vengeance

Impeached Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko retaliated today on Facebook. Wrote a scathing piece about President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, at the grand scheme of things. The former Governor might be right, but is late to the party.

For a man drinking, partying and enjoying the perks of office. Sonko the socialite and high ranking official is maybe the last brother you expect writing a deep piece or even have valid points. Yes, the man could campaign and get himself elected. However, as long as you have the right allies and speaks well enough. The dynasties can take you a long. Especially, if you toy around and wants to be friendly with the cartels. The likes of Sonko would play with anyone, as long as he got some of the action.

That is why it’s inspiring that the dwell on the misgivings of Kenyatta. Not like Sonko is the Governator or the straight-forward good governance in the flesh. No, nobody would think that Mikey Mike Sonko would offer brilliance and government services in a revolutionary way. Unless, some fun stunts, flashing gold and expensive clothes. The man was more Ali G, than being an actual governor.

This is why today is epic. That his rant was a exceptional. Sonko acted holier than thou. A man who everyone has seen dance, toy around with people and play politics. Therefore, his downfall was his arrogance and lack of action in office. He could have played loyal and sucked it up. Then the Kenyatta’s and such would have most likely left him of the hook. However, he aimed at the kings and missed.

He might have some suction and some popularity. Nevertheless, the gig is up. Yes, the so called impeachment of Kenyatta would be damning and be a valid verdict of his Presidency. As there is enough scandals and misgivings. That there should be something the National Assembly could charge him and find him guilty of. However, most of them are loyal to Kenyatta and they want his blessings. So, not like they will risk losing the good while they are ahead.

This is why the idea of impeachment of Kenyatta will not happened. The ones who is supposed to do it. Will never challenge and the ones writing up on it. Is already retired or irrelevant at best. That is why the loss of the title is the reason for today’s stunt.

Sonko wish he was in good graces. He would trade this failure and loss with anyone. The utter embarrassment and brutal end will haunt Sonko. That is why he wants this pain on Kenyatta. Not that it will happen at this point. Nobody want to do that and loose all of their political capital on a fool errand. There is nothing to gain, except brownie-points and participating trophies.

Sonko better continue to drink his Hennessey and enjoy the nightlife. Later in life he can tell war-stories and political anecdotes at Universities. Right now, the bitter blow is hurting his pride. That is why his seeking vengeance. A call that nobody will answer and the ones that does. Will not have the manpower or ability to pull it off. Peace.

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Opinion: The BBI isn’t a bargain…

The ones selling it isn’t telling it all. As this sort of referendum isn’t a short-sale or a quick-fix, but a trick to secure the next generation of leaders. Also in a manner give the next President and his cronies more power. Therefore, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is a sport for the elites and enjoyed by the elites. To play and say otherwise is naive.

The Jubilee Party and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is so invested in it. They have played all the strings since the famous handshake between Kenyatta and Odinga. These two brothers have become brothers in arms. They are shielding each other and scratches each others back. They are the duo who runs things. This is why Ruto is where he is and the rest of the NASA Principals trying to find their ways to the next meal-ticket as well.

The Kenyatta government have gotten it so easy to do this. They have gotten away with everything and have nobody really keeping them accountable or transparent. It is an open frenzy of disregard of the public and every pledge ever made. The Big Four and whatever else they cooked up in the two previous elections have gotten on the back-burner. The Harris Media and Cambridge Analytica game-plan have also been ditched. They can just take it easy and eat. There is nothing else to do really.

That is why the debt-ridden, expensive run government who is taxing people and taking away funds from the market-place. Is going in a evil circle not creating or generating growth, but exhausting every avenue to gain some more tax-base to cover for the bad loans taken earlier in the administration. It is deceitful manner to move ahead, but the state has no true opposition: Therefore, it can run wild and it has done so in style.

The BBI will prolong this agony and madness. It will usher in a new breed of conning politicians. Who will strike ever harder and to the core. They will use the new means and statutes to beat the public to pulp. There will be no mercy and the post-election will be brought to silence by the big-guns. The state doesn’t care, as long as the big-men and WaBenzi is eating plenty.

The Kenyatta and Odinga is selling this BBI as a big deal. The needed changes of the constitution and government to make it better. However, nothing in it is really making things more smoother or better for the citizen. It is only shifting some titles and giving the Head of State more power. Initially, this is a big-man ploy to become grander.

That is why this isn’t a bargain. It isn’t a sale or a sincere trade-off… no, it is a deal, which only the chosen few is getting more out of. That is why they are wanting it this way. To ensure the 2022 elections have this configured or in place. So, the next Commander-in-Chief can have more power. Because, that is just splendid. To give the President even more and issue more control. Instead of securing the government services and stopping the corrupt practices. Which together with the debt is crashing the government. That is why suddenly Kenyatta is asking for debt relief, even if it has been self-inflicted damage done by his administration. However, he will never say that or take credit for causing that.

This is why the BBI is a nice trick to let people forget that too and not look at the Grand Corruption or the indulged debt by the Executive. Peace.