Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharamacists and Dentists’ Union: KMPDU Statement on Building Bridges Initiative Report (22.10.2020)

The BBI Report: The highlights of elite ideals

The new Highlights of the Building Bridges Initiative that has been published online. The 23 pages of the BBI Report. Which seems like revised edition of the 2019 release. The BBI got an extension in 2019 and is now a own Committee. Therefore, they needed to release something to viable and relevant.

The BBI is showing that they are planning to implement the same things as before. Now, the elected President will appoint an Prime Minister. There will be a Leader of Opposition, which is the runner-up of the Presidential Election. That person will be ex-officio MP. While bing part of the Parliament. These two ideas are alone just for the political elite and not to better society. This is simple ideas, where the political elite is creating two more offices and make them legal by law. Without them doing anything substantial to the issues that are there.

The BBI also will change the name of Cabinet Secretaries to Cabinet Ministers, which can also be technocrats, these being appointed leadership by the President. These will like the Leader of Opposition will become ex-officio MPs. That means they will get the perks, which the ex-officio MPs are getting. That shows the practicality of the scheme itself.

While creating a position of Prime Minister, the same BBI will abolish the Chief Administrative Secretary. This shows, that they are entitled with one role, which is more official, then the CAS is today. To add a mandate for one person. It is to give the PM more of a statutory role and in the end make the “Chief of Staff” redundant.

What is also striking is the sudden add of a Special Magistrate to combat Corruption. Corruption, which is eating up society and taking away valuable currency from the state and the operation of the state itself. The idea itself isn’t foolish. However, that will just be another office, which will combat the same problem. They also want to strengthen the Ombudsman, but the Director of Public Prosecuter (DPP) are not mentioned. The DPP is the one out there and the same with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). Therefore, there are already mechanisms, but they are not working, because its deliberately done so. So, to create another office… is just a smokescreen. It will not stop the cartels, the corruption and such. Only show-case the small cases, but the big-fish like always.

These are just my first view of the highlights of the BBI Report, which was released today. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but more a ordinary formula. Which has been used in a while. Nothing really surprising. However, a publicity stunt in a way.

Trying to make BBI relevant and assess the situation. The BBI is clearly not there to revolutionize society, but instead secure the elites. There is nothing else I can see in this. Maybe I am jaded, but I am not seeing it differently. As someone from the outside looking in.

The BBI seems to be saving grace for Kenyatta with the blessing of Odinga. Giving Kenyatta time to do what he likes, while Odinga gets to bask in glory. This highlights of the BBI Reports. Doesn’t sing any other song. It is the same tune, but with the same formula. Peace.

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Opinion: Ruto is living like it’s 2022

We have people who are clearly angry with me over things that don’t concern them. I can only tell them to stop wasting their time calling me names, exhibiting pride and hate for no reason” – Deputy President William Ruto

This week has been a hectic one for DP Ruto. He has shown force at the Jubilee Headquarters. Told to buzz off by the Secretary General. Ruto has been giving away wheelbarrows, which has been sold by the same youths. As they claimed, righteously, that they couldn’t eat wheelbarrows.

Today, he has been at a sporting event and launching Hustler Nations in Siaya county. The Hustler Nation, which can be synonymous with the Wheelbarrow Movement. That is really showing the early campaigning of the DP, as he prepares himself for 2022.

He is going around holding speeches and giving out gifts to the public. Trying to be remembered and seen as a charitable fella. Even opening up his Weston Hotel for the locals to be there for free and eat lunch.

Ruto is doing what he can do to be viable. To make himself relevant. As the DP has lost his place in a way. With the KANU agreement and ODM rise to upper echelon as well. The DP even tried with Jubilee Asili strategy.

That is why he has started this Wheelbarrow Movement. Just to make himself look like the good guy. The man who makes a difference. Suddenly, dropping some tools and changing things. Even, if there will be no proof it.

It could just be another ghost project, another spoof and non-starter. As the DP has created so many building sites, public projects and development sites. Which has amounted to nothing. Where the DP has bashed in glory, but haven’t delivered the greatness he has offered. Stones carved with his name and the possible usage of the plot. However, nothing was ever made there.

These wheelbarrows are only PR stunts. Electioneering. This isn’t creating development or jobs. Patching the hurt of the youths, but not changing the hardships of the next generation. Instead of making incentives for industrial work, commercial enterprises and ensuring safe salaries for them.

The DP has the power to do so. He can make policies, regulations and create a dynamic that is different for the businesses and the industries. Alas, he is not interested in do that. Then he has to work himself and not just talk.

It is easier to talk and bash in glory, which is what he does. As he moves around. Flies in his helicopter and act like a big-man. Comes with convoys and V8 giving away breadcrumbs, while his eating the whole bread. That is the sad reality of it all.

He is acting like its already 2022. That the General Election is here and that his on the campaign trail… however, we are in 2020 and still far from the polls. He should chill and do his duty as the DP. Ruto should act like a statesman and fix things from Nairobi.

Instead, he is running around like there is no tomorrow. It isn’t looking good, only looking desperate. Peace.

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