Kenya: Azimio la Umoja – Azimio Principals will Skip National Prayer Breakfast (06.06.2023)

Opinion: Panyako isn’t wrong…

Embattled United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Vice Chairman Seth Panyako says the ruling party lied to Kenyans during the 2022 general election campaigns. In an interview with Spice FM on Wednesday, May 31, Panyako said President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration had failed to deliver on the promises made to Kenyans during the campaign period” (…) ““We deceived Kenyans. Politicians must stick to what they told the people. As Panyako I will not support (such).”” (Wycliffe Nyamasege – ‘‘We deceived Kenyans during campaigns’ – embattled UDA Vice-chair Panyako’ 31.05.2023).

What UDA VC Seth Panyako said in an interview on Wednesday this week is true. It is a brutal truth and an honest reflection of the state of affairs. Usually these things aren’t said or deliberately said in public. No, these things are said behind closed doors and dealt with confidants there.

The general public or the citizens of the nations isn’t hearing it. Especially not from someone who has such an office in the majority party of the government. He is practically dismissing his own party, boss and the platform, which is feeding him. That is brave and someone might also say it’s stupid.

Panyako is singing to the choir. He is speaking sincere and the public might enjoy those words. However, within the ranks of the party and government. They will be furious… his undermining their efforts and making them look bad.

Nevertheless, no one should be shocked that Ruto and Kenya Kwanza aren’t following up on promises or pledges during the campaigns. It wasn’t like Ruto and the Jubilee did it either. They promised computers for learns and stadiums. The Jubilee in their two election cycles promised lots of grandeur and greatness, but only delivered a debt-trap called the SGR. Therefore, who will believe or think Ruto would keep his promises now?

Ruto has been in the game for long. He is thinking the long-con and he knew what he was getting into. Him and his associates just followed procedure and calculated the risks. They made alliances and forged ahead. That’s why he can just continue on his path and not be worried.

The UDA VC should be concerned about his role and titles. They can go amiss very soon. If his to defiant and to vocal. He might even end up without a master and without a sponsor to keep his unga on the table.

The words he spoke on Spice FM is most likely true, but that doesn’t mean he should have said. The UDA VC is now a firebrand and a troublemaker. That’s not what Ruto or Kenya Kwanza needs. His speaking the truth and the honesty is a good thing. However, in politics those attributes can turn into a bad thing.

Panyako is lucky if he doesn’t loose his stripes or his position. He can pray to the almighty and hope he keeps his day-job. Nevertheless, Ruto has played this game a long time and know how to strategically get ahead. This is just another hurdle and it will be easy to pass.

Ruto and his allies has lied. They have promised lofty dreams, which they will not do or even consider doing. That’s because of constrains and the lack of funds. They will find any reason in the book not to do it. These reforms and pledges are what the people need, but they will not get. That’s why they are campaigning on it and telling people about what they are intended to do…

No one should be amazed by this. Like I previously said, Ruto and his associates are seasoned pros at this point. Ruto has his whole life campaigned and been a candidate for office. It is not like he has changed his stripes or taken a turn for the worse.

The President have learned his lessons and seen what he could get away with as a Deputy. Now he can do more of the same and maybe even less. As President he has more power and has the final say. Not like when he was the DP and was confined with the mandate the President gave him. Therefore, Panyako should understand this and he stood behind it all.

Panyako should have known this before he even accepted to become a UDA member or a UDA VC. He should have known this. Everyone could read the tea-leafs and see it coming. Ruto plays his games and knows how to get ahead. That’s what he does and you played your part.

It’s a bit too late to cry now. That seal of the bottle is already off and you should just pour the brew into a glass. No need to await another decision or change behaviour now. You accepted that when you tagged along. Peace.

Opinion: Azimio moved the goal-post, yet again…

We are seeing a stalemate between the Azimio la Umoja and the Kenya Kwanza government. That is obvious after an ultimate was put forward yesterday by Azimio and the Kenya Kwanza isn’t responding to the call. That is actually within reason.

Azimio is now, yet again moving the goal-post. They are moving the Bipartisan Committee or dialogue to another level. The Azimio is taking stocks into new matters and within reach of how Kenya Kwanza is governing. That is being done before the dust is settled and the people are talking about previous stipulated negotiations. Therefore, Azimio is putting their finger in the cookie jar and hoping to capture a flavour one to have beside their tea.

Well, I am not shocked or appalled. This is something Raila Odinga has done countless of times. He is fighting for one cause and jumping to the next. That is being done before settling and even finishing of the old one. We are just supposed to forget about the servers, the supposed victory in the last election and the cost-of-living crisis. Now it is a Financial Bill and Azimio wants a say in it.

That Odinga and Azimio wants a say is natural. Who doesn’t right?

Everyone wants a say and a little bit of power. Instead of trying to create goodwill and not hoodwink people. The Azimio is in one minute stopping demonstrations and 24 hours later proclaiming the “mothers of demonstrations”. That’s done for various of reasons and dogmas taken out of thin air.

I am just waiting for the tears of lion. That is needed and this isn’t clever. Odinga is trying a same old routine and hoping for the long-con. Because, this cannot be done for a short-con and a bargain. No, this has to be done for a moment of brilliance and a big pay-off.

Azimio cannot bicker back-and-fourth thinking that is good vibes. Neither is the Republic in a better state either out of it. One week there is rampant protest and the next it’s “mediocre” peace awaiting a handshake and a kiss of the ring.

Certainly, the Azimio is blaming the government and Ruto. That is to be expected. They are pinning him to the wall and blaming him for the sunshine and the rain. This is expected and what they do. The Azimio will not be content about anything. They will only be happy when they are getting their cut or their titles. Until then…

Azimio and Odinga will move the goal-post and not settle. They are not even trying to resolve the previous matters or the reasons for the demonstrations earlier in the year. No, they are forgetting those and instead wanting a say on a whole other matter. That is being put forward on display and they don’t expect any push-back.

Seriously, the Azimio team in the Bipartisan Dialogue cannot be seen as sincere. They only did it for cheap credibility and look they did something. Because using their platform and means like this is only a fault-line. There is nothing to gain or win here now.

Azimio is running on vibes and they cannot stop the reggae…. Peace.

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