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Re-Launch of the Punguza Mizigo Kenya: Proposals to Amend our Constitution towards Justice, Dignity and Hope for all Kenyans (17.02.2020)

In 23 minutes Ruto created his own Anglo Leasing scandal

Well, it is about that time to revive old sins and make them new. Just like the hustler nation like too. They like to remind us of the past and celebrate the glories of the days already past. The glory this time is yet another fake arms deal in association with Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, who was his broker with the facilitator (Charge D’ Affaire in Warsaw) June Ruto and Nick Ruto (supervisor). While Deputy President William Ruto was the mastermind behind the gig. That is why CS Echesa is the fall guy, while the Office of the DP puts blame on him and Ministry of Defence says they were not involved.

All things are cornering the CS Echesa in this manner, even if all family matters around the DP. Who was able to find a way of corrupting 23 minutes and eating 39 billion shilings. That is the reality of it all. As the Defence didn’t know about this, neither was it sanctioned elsewhere. As the CS is on bail with three other associates. It is like they all wanted to create a new Anglo Leasing. Where they also faked tenders, military tenders to enrich themselves. That happen back in 2002, but that is only 18 years ago.

I just need to remind some folks about the Anglo Leasing, which was introduced to the world back in the day. The present day need this reminder, because it starts with drips and then becomes more. Now its is one company, which has a fake tender with Polish company Eco Advanced Technologies. This is no in the same regard as the Anglo Leasing. Just look at it.

Anglo Leasing in detail

In 2002, the first company exposed in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Kenya was Anglo Leasing Finance. Kenya lost more than CHF600 million at that time through systematic fraud. The money was channelled into 18 security contracts. Payments went to numerous shell companies, but behind them were always the same business people. They never provided the services paid for, or at best, delivered inferior wares. The main beneficiaries appear to have been several ministers in the government of the time” (Markus Spoerndli – ‘When will the Swiss release Kenya’s millions? ‘ 14.11.2019, Swissinfo.ch).

Well it was more companies back then, but they are doing the same. It is the same sort of ordeal. The names has changed, the dates are more recent, but the end-game is the same. The Anglo Leasing had their play, but now we have Eco Advanced Technologies instead. They are used for the same sort of function as the other company was back in the day.

Echesa was a proper tool for Ruto and his family. They earned fortunes on this, as it was easy play for the money and they got the funds for only 23 minutes. That is why this is the 23 minutes Anglo Leasing scandal of 2020.

The more the world change, the more it is the same. Now it is this, tomorrow its another one. Just like this will create fuzz today. Another fake tender scandal, another corruption scandal will hit the headlines and life moves on. Peace.

Kenya: Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu statement regarding DP William Ruto (16.02.2020)

Kenya Human Rights Commission on the Occasion of the Death of Kenya’s Second President Daniel Arap Moi (07.02.2020)

Opinion: No need to celebrate Daniel Arap Moi, but we need to remember the lives he took!

There are deliberate attempts of sanitizing the history of the 24 years of the President Daniel Arap Moi. The years of 1979 to 2002. The Kenya African National Union, the previous Vice-President under the first President Jomo Kenyatta after independence in 1963.

President Moi was ruthless. President Moi used all force and unleashed the state upon the dissidents of the state.  Mwakenya (Kenya Nationalist Redemption Union) was one of the opposition movements that the President targeted in his time. He targeted the dissidents of the Saba Saba (Swahili for 7). Arrested several of their leaders, including Raila Odinga for 3 months. He went after Wangari Mathaai, arrests, assaults and spreading fear.

In February 1990, Robert Ouko, the Minister for Foreign Affairs was assassinated, later in the year in August; the bishop of Eldoret Alexander Muge was killed in a suspicious “car-accident”.

While this explains the modus operandi of KANU under Moi:

“A number of factors point to the continuity in the philosophy of the KANU government, the first being the promulgation of the Constitution (Public Security) Order of 1978, 90 which effected Sections 4(1) and (2)(a) and (b) of the Preservation of Public Security Act,9′ soon followed by the Public Security (Detained and Restricted Persons) Regulations, identical to those existing previously. On December 12, 1978, arap Moi released all political detainees, but since that time he has thrown several more political opponents into jail, following arrests and trials that are a travesty of accepted norms of justice. Among these are included over 1,000 military personnel court-martialled for treason in mid-September 1982, and over 132 alleged to have been arrested or to have “disappeared.” Furthermore, 58 people are said to have been killed by the security forces since 1981” (Oloka-Onyango, J. (1990) “Police Powers, Human Rights, and the State in Kenya and Uganda: A Comparative Analysis,” Third World, Legal Studies: Vol. 9, Article 1”).

Freedom House reported this:

“The regime of Daniel arap Moi has become increasingly oppressive. Because Kenya has enjoyed relative prosperity in a free market economy, a significant and vocal middle class has emerged. When two former cabinet members, Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia, called for the legalization of opposition parties, they were vilified, harassed and eventually arrested. Demonstrations and riots ensued producing a brutal crackdown. Moi vowed to stay in office ten years or more and promised to hunt down his opponents “like rats.”” (Freedom House – Freedom in the World – Political Rights & Civil Liberties -1990-1991, 1991).

Also the TRJC Volume 4 report states this:

“The Commission finds that between 1978 and 2002, President Daniel Arap Moi presided over a government that was responsible for numerous gross violations of human rights. These violations include:

  • massacres;
  • unlawful detentions, and systematic and widespread torture and ill-treatment of political and human rights activists;
  • assassinations, including that of Dr. Robert Ouko;
  • illegal and irregular allocations of land;
  • and economic crimes and grand corruption” (Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission – ‘REPORT OF THE TRUTH, JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION – VolumeIV’ 2013).

Just these reports says enough. As plenty of people are writing of his greatness, his stature, as the old man, the supposed statement. While the toils, the pain and the suffering. The ruthless man, who used all tools, called out opposition and treated them as worst can be. Opposition fearing of assassinations and so on. When you fear for plots to kill you, you know your leadership isn’t that good. That should be easy to understand.

With this reality, the memory of Daniel Arap Moi, will for my part. Be in the remembrance of the ones he took. The lives that he hurt, scorned and killed, the missing people, the ones who he stopped. Those are the victims of him, the ones who most likely never had a case to answer for their demise.

While the President is now praised, honoured, called a “Strongman” and someone who did his thing. However, he should be remembered for the blood on his hands, for the victims and the ones arrested because of his orders. That he did this and did it deliberately. No one should deny that.

Moi shall be remembered for being a tyrant, a dictator and a ruthless man with sins we cannot forget. Because, we don’t won’t the next generation nor this generation to emulate the character, which was Danial arap Moi. Peace.

Kenya: The Steering Committee on the Implementation of the Building Bridges to a United Kenya Taskforce Report – Press Release (31.01.2020)

Kenya Tuitakayo Movement rejects the Turn Over Tax aka ‘Mama Mboga Tax’ (31.01.2020)

Opinion: Are we seeing a possible purge on the TangaTanga?

There are now speculations that the Senator Kipchumba Murkomen will be purged from his position as the Senate Majority Leader and become a backbencher with his other 9 compatriots, who voted to save the Governorship of Ferdinand Waititu yesterday, which it didn’t. The ones aligned with the President and Odinga, all voted for the impeachment and won.

Therefore, its now talk of the town that Jubilee’s own Secretary General Rapahel Tuju will takeover the post from Murkomen a strong ally of the Deputy President William Ruto. We are seeing already the rift between the TangaTanga associates of Ruto and the other President’s men. The TangaTanga are seemingly voting and acting like opposition. Even as they are ironically part of the government party.

However, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and other leading parties, which are part of the defunct National Super Alliance (NASA) are voting with the government and for the government. They are even holding rallies, press conferences, all in accordance with the government and their collective work of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). You cannot make this up.

The Jubilee consist of the faction with the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto’s TangaTanga. The TangaTanga should if these things go on. Just do themselves a favour and split from Jubilee. Go back to the party structure previous to the second term of Jubilee. Because right now, the battle in between is getting hectic. As the Jubilee is dismissing the TangaTanga and also favouring the line of the opposition Raila Odinga. Which must hurt the pride of the DP and his disciples. As they are fair-game, as a punishment for not openly endorsing the BBI from the get-go.

That is how it seems from afar, as the verdict is still out. However, there are actions being made and wordings coming out too. Showing that the TangaTanga is hurt and they are also directing their fingers at Odinga, not at Kenyatta. Which in itself is ironic, as their mate and boss is the one who sanctioned and gave life by the government to the BBI in the first place. Not like Kenyatta isn’t the man who gave way for it and bought peace between them. By also in some way silencing the opposition, as they are in-directly working with a mission together with the state.

That’s why TangaTanga, DP Ruto and his associates feels left behind and lost. They are not directly part of the BBI. They are part of the Jubilee, supposed connected with the President. But he seems to think they are fair game too. As he haven’t stopped it. Just like he didn’t stop sen. James Orengo from taking over for sen. Moses Wetan’gula as the Minority Leader in the Senate last year. That was a token of support from the President, while the disloyal cadre got punished.

We can just wonder how this will go, but the purge might happen. There might be more associates of DP Ruto, which the President and his men is aiming for. To prove to Ruto that a 2022 ambition is fruitless and no one around him will support that. However, are they then supporting the dynasty of Odinga now?

That would really be weird, but the whole BBI and the whole set-up is a blended miss-match and doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless, they still act upon it and the consequences are already there. Peace.

Kenya: Jubilee – Re: Jubilee Parliamentary Group Meeting (PG) – (27.01.2020)

Kenya: National Police Service – Withdrawal of Security Detail for VIPs involved in Crime (20.01.2020)

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