Opinion: Obote described Museveni perfectly in 1990

The late President Dr. Milton Obote wrote a pamphlet in April 1990 called ‘NOTES ON CONCEALMENT OF GENOCIDE IN UGANDA’ and it’s viable on the website of Uganda Peoples Congress to this day. It is real gem and people should read the whole thing. What is striking there is how the former President is describing the current day President and we can all still relate to it.

We are in 2021 and a text from 1990 is very relevant. Obote was able to write an explanation and description of a person, which was timeless. Obote and Museveni was enemies, Obote was overthrown and grudges. Still, with that being said. His insights are valuable and he dared to write to his peace in exile in 1990.

Just as his first description of him is so fitting:

Museveni has a thirst for power in its most naked form. He believes intensely in violence as a means of governance and for holding power. He is an accomplished liar and a total stranger to truth. His method of conducting public affairs or his political Party, the UPM, and now his NRM/NRA is a combination of violence and lies. Museveni is an extremely poor, indeed inept, civil administrator. He seeks nor accepts advice from anybody on any matter and detests the conduct of public affairs through discussion, debate or competing ideas; his own ideas must be accepted as the only valid ones and all others are “bankrupt ideas”. Yet he is not averse to steal ideas from others and claim to have been the originator, but often without clear understanding of how to implement the stolen ideas” (Obote, 1990).

What is said here isn’t a lie. Museveni had a thirst for power and used all means to get it. He has always used violence to have power. While his lying about everything and everyone. Obote is also right about his governance and governing in general. Because, we cannot see any of his schemes, 10 point programme or anything succeeding. So, Obote is vindicated and shows that he saw the true Museveni even 31 years ago.

He continues: Museveni prefers militarist (violent) approach in the resolution of problems and issues but would also, at times, put forward a dissembling scheme,while preparing a military solution” (Obote, 1990). We know that the President is using the UPDF to solve everything. He is issuing orders where the army is now doing construction work, targeting illegal fishing, micro-finance and whatnot in the Republic. Museveni is also toying with the army to settle civilian issues as the elections and stopping the opposition from assembling. Therefore, Museveni continues is old school ways of violence and using military to resolve civilian issues.

Not shocking, but very relevant is this: “Museveni is very corrupt and presides over a regime which is equally very corrupt. In fact the nature of Museveni’s corruption is some kind of mania. As already stated, he is acutely uncomfortable with his lowly background, a matter which to a normal person would be of pride. But the mania which he exemplified in 1979 by living at the Palaces of former rulers, has now led him to build with public funds, his own Palace in Mbarara District. The Palace was built and completed within three years. Some of the materials for building it were imported as were the furniture, fittings, carpets, etc. The Palace stands on a huge farm with hundreds of exotic cattle imported from abroad. The cattle, farm implements and tractors and vehicles were all bought with public funds. Workers at the farm are paid by the Office of the President and Museveni is, of course, the President” (Obote, 1990).

He just shows his heart here. The violent and militarism in combination of the corruption. That is what we are seeing and that is eroding the state. As the President is the personification of the state at this point. That’s just shows what his willing to do and how he can live lavish on the public’s dime. We all know this, but Obote exposed that even in 1990 when he was a donor darling and a friend of the West. When the West allowed the prolonged conflict in Northern Uganda and didn’t take issues with the additional extra judicial killings, which his government did to consolidate power. That has been allowed and therefore, he has continued all of it. Since he has gotten of the hook for all of these years, but Obote knew already back then.

This is just small pieces of the pamphlet in question and there is more information, but this is just a about the personality of Museveni. Not all of his mischief way of getting into power, which he wants to be kept a secret and not blasted in public. As he wants a legendary tale of prominence and greatness in January 1986 and beyond. Peace.

The Panda Gari’s is back: Gen. Museveni is rehashing the era of 1971 to 1985

Since about mid-2020 it have become more common to read stories, hear tales of witnesses and people saying loved ones have been abducted in the night. People are taken from out of nowhere by either armed personnel, police officers or other state agents. These folks are taken to unknown locations for days, weeks and even months. The individuals are either returning to the surface tortured or sickly, if not dead without any investigations or answers to why it happened.

This is all happening to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine supporters, mobilizers, activists or even political candidates. They have gone after people associated with People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP). These have been taken from all parts of Buganda. They are just seeing the van and taken away. They are incommunicado and the authorities cannot say anything or have intelligence on the matter. It is a darkness over the republic, as they are accepting this to happen. This has also happen to boxers and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who has served the same fate.

Here is how it was done before Museveni’s tenure, but clearly his been inspired by the efforts made by the predecessors.


The Commission took a person to have disappeared if that person was arrested, seized, abducted, kidnapped, taken or detained by the military, police or other security agents or agencies, and had never been seen again, alive or dead. The phenomenon of disappearances was virtually unknown in Uganda between 1962 to 1970. During the 1966 crisis, a number of people from or near the Mengo palace disappeared, never to be seen again. It is presumed that they were killed in what came to be known as the “Battle of Mengo”. Disappearances because a common phenomenon in Uganda between 1971 and 1985” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

Panda Gari:

“Panda Gari” are two Swahili words literally meaning board the vehicle. It was a system under which the army or police, in swoops, collected people in large numbers from an area forced to board vehicles and transported them elsewhere for purposes of identifying whether or not they were anti government rebels or sympathizers” (Pamphlet – Summary of Report of Commission of Inquiry into Violating of Human Rights – Pearl of Blood, October 1994).

What is worrying to me.. that there is just some small posts on Facebook and not collected. That each and everyone is forgotten in the trail of spin. The state is busy preoccupying the space with other news. While the citizens are kidnapped, abducted, arbitrary arrested and even extra judicial killings of them without any warrants, charges or even taken to court.

We have no idea about the extent of this. There is already so many in Bobi Wine’s team behind bars and Court Martial as civilians say it all about this regime. The state is also using several of state security agencies and ungazetted safe-houses to detain and torture civilians.

There should be an outcry, investigation into it and take down the ones ordering it. The ones who are in-charge and makes it possible. The state is doing this to its own. When they can it to their own. What is the next extent and what is the next effort to take control and silence critics?

When they can re-issue the Panda Gari’s, what else can they do next? This is horrific and tragic… it is a need to collect the whole tragedies together to show the world the sinister extent of this. As I see various of numbers, but each number is a person. That is important to remembered, someone who was loved and cared for. Someone who was aspiring and maybe only wanted to see positive change for the Republic. That is so costly, they are destroyed by the state and even killed. That is why each and everyone one of them should be named. Written and published. So, they can use these abductions, kidnappings, torture- and extra judicial killings to prove how bad the state is.

It is needed. It is a about time. This is so evil… Peace.

Opinion: Let’s celebrate selective freedom [35 Years and counting]

The victory of NRM in 1986 was not just a victory of the army but also ideas. This was the same situation in the just concluded elections. Ugandans have now just woken up. About 40% are now producing products for sale” – General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 26th January 2021

There was once a man who promised a ten-point programme. A man who said he was growing the mustard seed and that he was bringing a fundamental change. However, with time this has withered and been proven worthless.

The National Resistance Army (NRA) came with so much promise and change. Nevertheless with all the years in power, their promise and what they have delivered is a vast difference. If the NRA and the early Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) pledges had been put into effect. Then the Republic would have been different. If the NRA/M had cared about what they promised and what they have delivered. Then the sights and the state would be different if the President and his cronies had ensured the promises was kept. However, they have been more self-involved and securing their own futures.

That is why over the years. The ones who has opposed the NRA/M have gotten into trouble. The government have abducted, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps and kills. The state is wrecking havoc on the ones willing to question Museveni and the NRM. This being previously people who stood with Reform Agenda, people who supported the Forum for Democratic Change and now also the ones who is supporting in various ways the National Unity Platform. All of these parties are seeing, feeling and getting violated on a daily basis. Therefore, speaking of freedom and liberty is in a limited space.

This limited space is for the ones who is anointed and the “made men” of the Movement. The ones who are part of the close associates and represents the state. These folks are living high life. The ones who are connected and have the “high above” on speed dial can get whatever they want. If you are one of them. You can kill someone and the case will never be investigated.

That’s why its ironic that he said this today: By 1986, we had been in preparation for over 20 years. We lost a lot of people. The problems you see in NRM now wouldn’t have been there if those people hadn’t died” (Museveni, 26.01.2021).

When he said this he was still a FRONASA and a student in Tanzania, as the General was in exile or diaspora. Where we now know he asked for US support for his cause in 1973. So, the General was scheming to topple Amin early. That happened later when he joined Obote and Nyerere in 1979. After that he was installed to be Minister of Defence, but after an election, which he claimed was filled with fraud. He went into the bush and that is why his celebrating this date every year. As this is the day of his victory. Where he was the victor and he has earned his fortune and massive wealth for years now.

He is also blaming the lack of the people who died is the reason. Not that he has been involved in their demise and even targeted the ones who has had ambition. Several of assassination, questionable poisonings and so fourth. So, if the General doesn’t want these cold-cases investigated. Maybe, he shouldn’t mention them. It is a typical blame game, because his initially saying the ones his surrounded by now is nothing in comparison to the ones he used to have. Butchaman, Kusasira and Full Figure should wish they were like fallen NRA historicals.

Well, we know there is little to celebrate today. There is coming reports of NUP supporters and activists either apprehended or ended up murdered. There are reports of violence and use of fatal force by the authorities. This is done to shield the General and his NRM. They said they wanted to come with change, but they are only delivering the same human rights violations as the predecessors.

So, to celebrate liberation today is tragic. The liberation he has delivered is very selective and very limited. The freedom and liberty is for some, but if you dare to question or challenge the General. You either end behind bars, charged or could be terminated. If your unlucky to participate in a rally or a demonstrations. You life isn’t valued and you could become another fatality. The state will not care and will be proud to have killed you even. That is what the General have said since the Kampala riots and Masaka demonstrations during the campaign period before the polls on the 14th January 2021.

General Museveni …. you have not done what you promised and what you pledged. The ones who died in Luweero didn’t die for this. The ones who went to the bush didn’t risk their lives for this. All the citizens feeding you and your rebels wasn’t thinking this would be the case. You might think you can sell this story, but I will dismiss you. Because, the imprint, the stories and the tales are explicitly telling your lying. We know you know better… but you rather live on a lie, than being blinded by the truth. Peace.

As Liberation Day looms: It appears that Gen. Museveni never listened to the Report “Pearl of Blood”

No person should be held or detained in secret, unacknowledged or incommunicado” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

As tomorrow is the “Liberation Day” or the “NRM Day” in the Republic of Uganda. As the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrates their takeover of Kampala on the 26th January 1986. Tomorrow will be 35 years since that happened.

Still, there is a lot of misgivings in the years of reign during the NRA/M era. The NRM have left a lot of thing to aspire too. For instance the Uganda Commission of Inquiry into the Violation of Human Rights dropped a Summary of the Report – “Pearl of Blood” in October 1994. This report have maybe been left in drawer and forgotten. However, I will indulge you in some vital parts of this. Which the current day regime have totally forgotten.

The report in question is looking into the mischief and violence by the previous regimes. That in itself is a good thing and was helpful to give insights into what the predecessors did. Nevertheless, I am looking into the things the NRA/M have forgotten. I am looking into specific forgotten passages of Chapter 13. Which states significant recommendations… that the NRM never adhered too or haven’t really implemented.

First advice: “Any person who is proved to have violated human rights in the past or will have been convicted of human rights offences should be barred from holding any political, public or civic office” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here should be a given, but we know that Police Officers, Law Enforcement, Soldiers, Generals, High Ranking Officials have been associated or acted with indifference when they have violated human rights in the Republic. The NRA/M have deliberately even promoted officials and secured their passage, if they are doing it on command. Therefore, this recommendation is a stark warning. That the current regime doesn’t care about.

Second advice: “Massive violations of human rights in Uganda have occurred partly because of personalization of powers of the state by Presidents and other leaders. Personal interest became identical with public interest. Consequently, it was difficult to differentiate the state from the individual who was the President” (…) “The Commission therefore recommended for:

(a) separation of powers with checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial aim s of government.

(b) impeachment of Presidents for constitutional and other offences while in office.

(c) a system of peaceful change of Presidents and governments through regular and fair elections.

(d) prohibition of over-staying by Presidents in office after their terms have expired.” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here advice is directed at the President of current day. Who is in-charge and doing just that. It is all the personal interests of the President and his cronies. All parts of government awaits his orders and his words. That is why Gen. Museveni is repeating the human rights violations of the past. As he has become the personalization of the state.

What is also striking isn’t the balance of powers. That should be true, but these are all appointees of the President and loyal to him. The arms of government is working in-coordination with the President on his behest. The President will never be impeached as it would be a death-sentence and “treason” to even consider that.

The (c) and (d) is epic these days. As we know there is no “free and fair” elections in the Republic. The current President has also revised any law to ensure that he can overstay. Ensuring that his “terms” never expires and securing that he is overstaying in office. These two recommendations have been trashed in favour of one man.

Third advice: “One of the major factors which contributed to violation of human rights in Uganda is intolerance” (…) “constitutional and legal prohibition of any person or authority from restricting the exercise of the peoples rights and freedom of assembly in meetings, rallies or other gatherings and of expression and protest, and such prohibition or interference should be made a criminal offence” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here has been an issue that has persisted in the reign of Museveni. The violation of human rights to assemble and gather has been a consistent issue. The state have practically made it impossible or illegal for opposition to gather outside their headquarters. The state have banned protests, demonstrations, rallies and concerts, all in favour of “law and public order”. Which is striking, as the advice here was adhere to other principals and also show tolerance to others. That is something the NRA/M haven’t coped with or had the capacity to do. That is why they have interfered, blocked and haunted the opposition with all sorts of laws, regulations and justifications to stop them from assembling. The NRM have even blocked prayers from happening. So, they have never intended to listen to this particular advice either.

Fourth advice: “it is imperative that in order to encourage tolerance and unity, the system of elections and government in which the winner takes all should be legally discouraged” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here has been commented on before. As the state is personification of Museveni now. He has the whole state and they are all listening to his whims. The system is built in his favour. So as “victor” in any elections. The old man does get it all and there is no separation of powers either. This advice has been discarded too.

Fifth advice: “intelligence organizations should never be personalised, set and/or tolerated for the purpose of maintaining particular regimes or Leaders in power. They should not be partisan in politics of Uganda. Intelligence organizations should never be used for witch hunting or for political, ethnic, religious, gender, social or economic persecution or harassment” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

Another one where the state have made plenty of entities all run by the men of the President. All in favour of his causes and work. Not looking for criminals, but monitoring and surveillance of opposition members, activists and human rights activists too. Therefore, this one has been overlooked as well. That is why ISO, CMI; ESO and other entities are working without concern of violating human rights.

Sixth advice: “No person should be detained or imprisoned without trial by and before independent and impartial courts of law whether there is a state of emergency or not. No person should be arrested detained or imprisoned except in respect of criminal offences known to the law” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This sort of idea and legal remedy is used so much these days. That the ideal of it seems to be forgotten. If you are associated with the opposition. It is justified to abduct, arrest and torture them without court orders or criminal charges. Not even thinking of taking the “culprit” or “criminal” to court, but without justice served take it all into the hands of the Law Enforcement and silence the opposition on the spot.

Seventh advice: “Murder of individuals, mass murders, arbitrary deprivation of life or extra judicial executions is a violation of the right to life. The Commission has found that such atrocities were committed by members of the military, intelligence organisations, certain Police Units, party activists, etc.” (….) “Obedience to superior orders should never be a defence to charges of crimes of murder, torture and others that violate human rights. Detention of civilians in military barracks, or establishments should be prohibited by law and offenders thereof severely punished” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

Here is a sad part. That this regime doesn’t value life or the lives of anyone. They can easily stop doing these things, but they are continuing to do so. These sort of activity should have ceased, but we do know they continue to do so. The regime doesn’t value life… and that is evident with concern of opposition activists, members and the ones who is close to demonstrations or convoys of the opposition. This is proven and sadly activity the state continues with.

Eight advice: “Mechanisms for making public leaders and officials transparent in and accountable for their conduct performance or work will keep in check the temptation to act in breach of the law or in abuse of their powers or offices” (Pearl of Blood, 1994).

This here hasn’t been listened too. The Cabinet Members, the ones appointed and the ones n close association of the President can get away with anything. There will be some headlines, but the ones looting, stealing and breaching laws can a get away with it. That is why there is no law for the ones in close associate of the President. They are above the law, because the “high above” is shielding them.

I think this is enough and proves how little the NRM have cared. They have had time to fix these things. However, the state and General Museveni haven’t cared. He has had the sole power and enjoyed all the perks. That is why there is no sanctions or punishment for him. He can get away with all these violations of human rights. This should worry, but it shows what sort of authority and power he does have. As this report is old and from 1994, but it’s viable today. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni is repeating the oppressive means of Obote II

The man who promised a “fundamental change” and be a different from the ones before him. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni promised a lot, but however these days it shows no difference between him and the second Dr. Milton Obote II regime. He is using the same means against opposition and activists.

The abduction and suddenly detaining of Nicholas Opiyo yesterday proved it. As he was taken by law enforcement in plain clothers from a restaurant in Kamwokya. Later it was reported that he was at the Central Investigation Division (CID) at Kireka. However, they have suddenly charged him with money laundering and such. That is just an easy way freeze accounts and find excuses to have behind bars.

It wasn’t only Opiyo who was abducted yesterday. His team was also taken-in. These was Simon Peter Esomu and Anthony Odur. Which shows that anyone can be taken by the state operatives for no apparent reasons these days.

There been reports of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders and candidates who has been taken and in-custody without any warrants. The National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters have been attacked by soldiers as they were preparing for rallies. They were wearing red and posters of Bobi Wine. That was enough to get either brutally hurt by them or arrested to unknown locations.

These days the regime doesn’t have the State Research Bureau (SRB) which was a torture dome and where people was taken too. Today the Internal Security Organization (ISO), Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) and other outfits are using not only CID Kireka, but also ungazetted safe-houses for the ones that is abducted by the state. This sort of operation have gone on for long and court cases proved it. However, the election is only showing the lack of space for opposition in the Republic.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is acting like Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) under Dr. Milton Obote II did to the Democratic Party in the 1980s. Where MPs was arrested, gerrymandering and abduction of people. There is no difference there. Only new names and parties, but the parties are clearly acting alike.

Now the green of the DP isn’t the deadly sin, but wearing the red or blue is the problem. If you are associated with NUP or FDC you can expect legal trouble. You can get abducted for weeks without warrants or charges. The people who is abducted is able to get access to get attorneys, neither are they freed after 48 hours without a trial. They are just keeping them indefinitely and hoping nobody is blowing the whistle on the injustice.

The NRM is repeating the ills of the previous regimes. They are using the military, expanded the Presidential Entourage and finding new measures to suppress the public. The President is blaming the victims and using words that even Obote did in 1983.

Where Obote said: It is convenient for them to make allegations in order to hide the effect of losing support and the lack of policies to put to the electorate” (Leon Dash – ‘Violence Poisons Political Process Within Uganda’ 01.12.1983, Washington Post).

We can hear the NRM saying similar these days. They are deflecting and hoping people are forgetting the ones abducted and arrested politically during these times. That would be very convenient for them. As we are following the campaign trail and what’s happening to the main candidates. While the lingering supporters and smaller candidates… can be behind bars without anyone defending them. Some can even be at a safe-house and their families have no clue where they are taken. The ones abducted to unknown locations. Just because the state can do so… Peace.

The 2021 Elections can be Museveni’s final 1980 Election

On the 14th January 2021 is the Presidential Election in the Republic. As things states the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is automatically winning. That is why the election is continuing. Because, he has put everything forward for a total victory. The rest is just procedure and pawns on his chess-set. His waiting to take everyone out, one by one and in the end up as the victor.

In regard to the 2021 elections nothing seems out of the ordinary in this fashion. Just like Dr. Milton Obote ordered full loyalty from all civil servants to his party. He appointed the Electoral Commission and District Commissioners. There was clear indication of gerrymandering, shut down public counting of the votes and suddenly announced the results over the radio.

Some of these things are not yet to happen, but knowingly how the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is working. We shouldn’t be shocked if some things are bound to happen in 2021.

First, the President has appointed loyalist and cronies into all institutions. They are directly involved in all government organizations. This being the Electoral Commission, Residential District Commanders, Judiciary, Police, Army and all other security organizations. Therefore, the President’s Men will be loyal and serve all his wishes.

Secondly, the state has been busy gerrymandering. That is why the extension of MPs never been higher between the 10th Parliament to the 11th Parliament. This is clearly done to able to fixate the voter registry and secure incumbent NRM friendly MPs. Just like the gerrymandering under Obote was to secure more UPC MPs in the Parliament.

Now, the President these days are offering a febrile and violent atmosphere, which could describe the days now. Museveni controls it all and orders everyone to his bidding. There is no difference from 1980 election. The election that brought him to the bush and made him overthrow the government at the time.

He is using the force to silence opposition. Using techniques of intimidation. His even arresting his main competitors. Like he arrested Patrick Oboi Amuriat and has still Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine behind bars as we speak. Therefore, the rules are rigged. The man does it differently. The names has changed, but the end-game is the same.

President Museveni is pushing on. Even as the army is on the streets. The scores of dead citizens is rising, the amounts of injured is on the rise too. This is the game the President is playing.

The 1980 election can teach us something. President Museveni felt scorned and was bitter. He felt cheated and used that as a reason for war. Now, his using the same means again. However, his the culprit and the head who spoils the polls in his favour.

That is the act that Obote did with the use of the mechanisms left behind by the colonial administration. Where the “administration” appointed the Electoral Commission, which is the same practice done today. This is why its loyal to the President and not to the public. Like so many of the other institutions who serves him, but not the public. They are all in the working for his end game. This is why there are MPs going directly into the next election without any polls. These are given the advantage before things are really starting.

That is why Museveni wants another 1980 election. The one reason for his reign and why “they fought”. When he has to rehash the sins of the past to get into power. In spite of giving reasons for others to become like he did. He walks into the same pitfalls, which he was supposed to liberate the people. An assertion we can all with time dismiss and know that he clearly haven’t regarded to fix. As that would make it impossible for him to win.

It is just a mere fact. In a free and fair election, where all candidates has a shot of winning. Museveni would never win. He wouldn’t have a half-chance. The old man wouldn’t even be reckoned with. So, if it wasn’t for all of his appointees, control of the state and intimidation. The man would have nothing and even less than Norbert Mao. Just think about that. Nobody in their right mind would elect that man can easily order the death or your son, daughter or nephew without a flinch of an eye.

That’s what he does and this is why the deaths of citizens doesn’t face him. Because, if it did. He would have acted differently. Like most of the time to show power he got to intimidate the public. Not that its enough with soldiers on the streets, para-military groups around and even armed people in plain clothes.

The 1980 election should be our lesson. As it shows where he gets the flair and bravado from. Museveni knows the Commonwealth and United Kingdom signed off the rigged election. There will be someone else doing his bidding this time. To ensure the election is legitimized in favour Obote. Now, in 2021 there will be someone else doing the bidding of Museveni. Surely we can expect Museveni wins by secure numbers and have total control of Parliament. Anything else is a shocker and a result the President wouldn’t accept.

Museveni doesn’t win elections, but he rigs them. Peace.

Opinion: Independence, but only for a few…

On the 9th October 1962 the Republic of Uganda got its independence from the United Kingdom. Instead of being a protectorate. It became its own entity and its own state. This was done by issuing the Uganda Independence Act. In which it states:

On the ninth day of October, nineteen hundred and sixty-two (in this Act referred to as “the appointed day”), the territories which at the passing of this Act are comprised in the Uganda Protectorate (that is to say, all those territories which, whether designated as kingdoms, districts or otherwise, are specified in section one of the Constitution set out in the Second Schedule to the existing Constitution Order, and whose boundaries are as mentioned in section two of that Constitution) shall together form part of Her Majesty’s dominions under the name of Uganda; and as from the appointed day Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the Government of Uganda or any part thereof. No Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on or after the appointed day shall extend, or be deemed to extend, to Uganda, or any part of Uganda, as part of the law thereof; and as from that day the provisions of the First Schedule to this Act shall have effect with respect to legislative powers in Uganda” (Uganda Independence Act, 1962).

This again set fourth a battle to be supreme. Internal conflict and battles between the political elites. Which have culminated to today’s ways and means of centralized control within one person. Instead of building a government on protocol, institutionalized and with regulations. The state is all controlled from the “high above”.

That has been moved and switched heads in power. This has changed with the power of the gun. The coup d’etats and the use of foreign forces to bring the heads of state down. This being Dr. Milton Obote who reigned in two terms. This being Idi Amin Dada and so fourth. The previous Head of States was taken out by the guns. They lost power not by a peaceful transition, but that the latest victor get the reign.

The same can be said about the man in power today. His in power because of guns and not because of people’s glorious tales about rule. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a rebel who took power. A man who deemed one election so fraudulent. That it gave him reason to challenge the state to war. This he succeeded with and has clung onto ever since.

This one man is free, his cronies are too and few elite individuals has all the powers of the state. They can do and is befallen all the gracious gifts of the state. These ones are untouchables and the ones who profits on the system. A system that has been created and is fuelled by the Presidency itself.

With this in mind, you can see. I haven’t mentioned liberty and freedom. Neither, have I mentioned justice or rule of law. Because, that is beneath the current state of affairs. Where everything is run as shop and the shopkeeper is the President. He can be bought, he can select who gets to trade and who gets the liberty to do things. If you are in his way, you will be punished and will be hurt. It is just a matter of what legal means and methods the state can use against you. The state will not blink to strike against the ones who are in the way of the President. That is the reality of it all.

This is why after 58 years of independence. The state is still an individual game. A place of where the adherent power is using all arms of government to promote itself. Instead, of being a partisan and open society. It is locked within the ruling regime and only a skin-deep “democratic values” put forward to appease friendly donors of the state.

The President has no interest is playing out a real democracy. He has dreamed of a movement system and have everyone underneath his ranks. The man would prefer to just have everyone within his own organization. This is why his belief of liberty, freedom and justice is limited. A limited world-view, where everything circles around him. That is the sad reality of today.

Museveni has given freedom to few, but not to the many. They have to follow him and his vision. If you don’t, you get punished or hurt. That is the mere reality. That is why the Nation isn’t free. Yes, the orders of London is gone, but the Entebbe State House is still suffocating people. Still, silencing the ones who dares to challenge the throne. They are monitored, surveillance and arrests the ones who goes across the correct line.

This is why…. its a state of a limited freedom. Where Museveni and his ways are limiting it. That is remains of today. As today could just be under the same banner as NRM Day. The President and his party celebrate both days the same. It is the same false liberation under the banner of one man. A man who wants to be foundation and the cornerstone of the Republic.

However, when history will be written. The ideals, the political dogma will be unleashed with all the skeletons that has to be answered for. Which until now… been left and lest we forget, these has to be liberated too. As they have to be remembered and never forgotten. These souls has get answers for… if they are not answered for. Then, we will repeat the same sins as our forefathers and we will not progress to a place of hope, freedom and liberty.

A place not ruled by ones man’s whim, but by the statutes, laws and regulations, which everyone will abide too. Also, the ones in the highest of offices and the poorest peasants too. That everyone is equal under the law. That everyone has the same rights and the prospects. Not just a few, not just the ones anointed by the “high above”. Peace.

Mzee’s unhinged speech

If you stand in the way of the NRM after patiently working and negotiating, we shall remove you. If you are doing other things, we may not be happy, but we shall ignore you” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (20.08.2020).

Today is the final day of the National Resistance Movement Delegation Conference ahead of the 2021 elections. It has been very standard, but the today the President is holding his Address to the Nation. Which is like most of his speeches. He has done the same over the years. Tonight is no difference.

He will do his thing and tonight was nothing different. That’s why I will just take a few small quotes. Address them and call it a night.

Here we go:

I thank NRM people for participating in the past election. Stop being enemies of yourselves. Our only enemy is the one who tries to block our forward movement” (Museveni 20.08.2020).

That is why we fought with Idi Amin. Some people say we fought Amin because he killed people. Even if he hadn’t killed people, we would remove him because he didn’t understand our mission” (Museveni, 20.08.2020).

‘I have met people like Full Figure, Buchaman. I demand that the NRM leaders avoid the politics of elitism. In Luweero, when we were fighting, we were with the people” (Museveni, 20.08.2020).

It is just like we are supposed to brush over these things. That the President goes to these attacks on people. He does it so easily. Makes people targets and shows his attitude. The president always got to remove, crush or get rid off. That is just his ways and he doesn’t know anything else at this point.

What is also striking is that he continues to forge the narrative around the bush-war. It is a story that never gets old. It a revolving door. He even proves what was his mission. The mission wasn’t to liberate, but for him to rule. To ensure that the NRM got power. The importance wasn’t to get rid of Amin and Obote. No, it was only for the NRM to rule and for him to stay in power. This is what he initially stated today. You gloss over that, but incidentally what his saying, which is showing the grim reality of his reign. When that was the goal of the whole bush-war for him.

That his continuing to pound for the ghetto as a result of Bobi Wine’s rise. His doing this to prove his stature that and also his party. However, that is a neglected area. He can try to softly make it into the struggle story, but that doesn’t make it more true. As the NRM haven’t done much for the ghettos, but now want to be seen as the saviours of it.

Therefore, the whole speech today was just another one. There was nothing brilliant about it. Just another rant… Peace.

Opinion: Is Amin relevant in 2020? [Mr. 1986 thinks so]

Uganda’s economy had collapsed completely during Amin’s time. There is no economy in the world that collapsed completely like Uganda. To revive this economy, our priorities were different from other neighboring countries. As a country, we budget to build a durable base and a viable political unit that will defend us. It’s like building the armed forces, if you don’t have an army, you don’t have education, security, health, etc”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to US and Belgium Ambassadors at the Entebbe State House on the 25th June 2020

Sometimes I wonder, how come these folks are still in power and leading nations? Yes, we should never become so ignorant or forget our history. That is not my point here. History is important so we can learn and not do the same mistakes as our forefathers. Also get enlighten to create a better tomorrow.

However with that in mind, the statement released from yesterday’s meeting with US and Belgium Ambassador from the President is worrying. Since he needs to go back 40 years in time. He needs to go back to the time before the second stint of President Milton Obote. That’s how far he goes to give himself credit.

The President wouldn’t have gotten all the goodwill and the revival of the economy if it wasn’t for donors, grants and direct aid for years. The President was a donor darling in the 1990s and was blessed from everywhere. He even started some positive initiatives, which he never really finished. Just like the Standard Gauge Railway, Universal Primary Education for all and so fourth.

There are plenty of pledges and promises never realise or actually do. The President has promised the world, a fundamental change, but that hasn’t come. The King never let thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done. He has eaten in office and forgotten his vision, his vision and the 10 point programme.

That he praises his economy, when the budget is mostly financed with debt, raising loans and grants for development projects. There are over half of the budget covered with debt and already paying trillion of shillings a year only in interests alone. Therefore, him praising the economy is a bit far-fetched when deficit financing is the key to operate. You know something is up and that is why he needs to sweet-talk the dignitaries yesterday. They are the ones giving him the needed funds to cover his life-style and pay off his cronies.

The state have not the capacity nor the revenue to continue at the current state. That is why its loaning itself to oblivion. That is why the budgets are crushed and suddenly lacking funds for salaries, arrears and whatnot.

If he had so many achievements he wouldn’t need to beg foreigners for donations and grants. He has done this for over 3 decades. If he was such a great head of state the state would have been able to gain natural revenue on itself for its expenditure. However, we know that is not the case and his not interested in that.

I think if Amin’s reign is relevant for his achievements. today Yes he made peace, but a fake peace. A peace that is fragile, because he needs the army in every instance and at his beckon-call. There is very little remaining of his achievements. They are dwindling away and his merits on civic, social and political levels are being traded away for the cost of his prolonged reign. It is like he wants to burn the little efforts of the past on the glory of being the ruler at present day.

The rest wasn’t all him, but he tries to take credit for everything. He wants so badly to be the father of the nation, but lost his grip. Since he lost foothold of reality and of the course the Republic needed.

So in this regard, should the old man with the hat still be claiming greatness in comparison to Amin in 2020? Does the younger generation, the new electorate really care about that? Does the future hold another destruction of society and another civil created out of the space post-Amin?

If so, then the merits of Museveni is all at question. As the warnings that he might rejuvenate a similar fashion of elections like in 1980. That is how we are repeating the same ills of the past and letting one tyrant continue the tyranny. This is why the President wants to praise his achievements after him. Everyone will look golden if they are trying to compare themselves to Amin at this point.

Mr. 1986 should be careful about talking about his record, his achievements and his reign. The President has had his time. The time that he hasn’t spent wisely, except for finding ways to overstay.. Peace.

NRM Liberation Day 2020: Museveni is playing tricks on you

Our position, however, has always been clear. If you play tricks with us, we shall play tricks with you; if you are honest with us, we shall be honest with you; If your violent against us, we shall be violent against you”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni excerpt from inauguration speech from the 29th January 1986

We are all seeing the gleeful celebration. The smugness of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The Party that took over the Republic 34 years ago on the 26th January 1986. The history has been written about this and the last victor writes it the way they like. While were never getting the answers for all the skulls of the Luweero Triangle. Clearly, there are some murky past of the bush-war, that hasn’t been released.

Still the NRM wants this day to bashed in glory. While I have found some pieces of articles from the same year. That shows how they did it. Even if the all the promises, the pledges and the supposed liberation haven’t been followed. Unless, internal peace is the only real thing to celebrate after 34 years. Because, the 10 Point Programme haven’t been ushered in.

Because, Museveni promised a mere change of guards. But he just became another tyrant, than the ones in the past. He might want to think well of himself. However, the next history writer will see the blood, the pain and suffering he has caused. The cronyism and the grand corruption, the systematic “high above” order. Where people are directed to the President and State House before things are happening locally. That is the Republic after 30 years under his reign. The promise and hope has been distorted, one day at the time and in 2020 there is no return.

Here’s a few out-takes from some articles:

KAMPALA, Uganda — Rebel forces seized control of parts of the capital Friday in fierce house-to-house fighting with government troops, and Western diplomats said Kampala is on the brink of falling to the insurgents. “I think we will have a change in government soon,” one diplomat said. By nightfall, the National Resistance Army guerrillas had managed to silence the transmitters of Radio Uganda–the East African country’s national radio–but failed to dislodge all government units in the downtown area after a full day of fighting” Los Angles Times – ‘Fall of Kampala Reported Near as Troops Fight House to House ‘ 25.01.1986).

Uganda’s rebel commander, Mr Yoweri Museveni, ‘whose five-year bush war culminated with the capture of Kampala last weekend, was sworn in as Uganda’s President. A s Mr Museveni finished the oath of office from Uganda’s British-born Chief Justice, Mr Peter Allen, thousands of onlookers cheered loudly. Life is returning to normal in the Ugandan capital following the overthrow of General Tito Okello’s military government by well-disciplined guerrillas. Kampala residents rejoiced at the takeover, which took place just six months after the last coup, and they appeared generally, confident the New National Resistance Army rulers offered real hope of ending the turmoil that has wracked Uganda for the post 20 years. NRA guerrillas captured Kampala on Sunday and western diplomats said they had also taken the country’s second largest town, Jinja, after a fierce lunchtime battle” (The Nambian, 31.01.1986).

Museveni asserted would represent far more than “a mere change of the guard.” The absence of looting on the streets of Kampala after the takeover— in marked contrast to the aftermath of earlier coups— provided striking evidence in his favor. Young NRA soldiers guarded buildings and provided civilians with assistance. Intensive training while in the bush instilled in them The belief that they are to be “servants of the people.”rather than tyrants” (Africa Report – Volume 31, Number 2 P: 37, March-April 1986).

We can see, that people had a hope in 1986. We cannot take away from that. They had hope in Museveni and his cause. They had hope his rebels and their discipline would make a difference. However, that has been squandered.

The NRM didn’t become the servants of the people, they became the new tyranny. The ones whose rigging like the ones they overthrew. They are using “safe-houses” like the predecessor. The NRM are using arbitrary arrests, colonial laws and methods of past regimes to hold an iron grip on the opposition.

The NRM haven’t gotten rid of poverty, neither have they developed the nation in a fashion, which they have promised over the years. They should be sky-rockets to Mars by now, by all the pledges and promises. The state haven’t delivered the hope of 1986. Instead it has betrayed it and betrayed the ones dying for that cause.

That’s the worst thing. The ones who fought on the sideline of Museveni. The ones risking it all in the bush-war. Would be horrified by what has done. The other NRA historicals, and cronies now. Are acting as they are above the law and entitled to riches. Even, if they are supposed to serve. Instead, they turned the same tyrants they were supposed to get rid off.

That’s why the bashing in glory today is distasteful and disgraceful. The Republic deserves better. This was a false liberation. One man got liberated, his cronies got liberated, but the ones daring to play tricks on him, they will play tricks you too. Peace.