Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – The Meeting with The Tripartite Mechanism – Joint Press Release (16.05.2022)

The invitation of the UN Mission to Support the Transition in Sudan, the African Union, and the IGAD was accepted on 12th of May, 2022, concerning the development of the political situation and surveying of resistance committees’ perspectives on the development of the political process following the October 25 coup, as well as responding resistance committees’ queries regarding the announced political discussions.

Representatives of the Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination met with the tripartite mechanism and conveyed to them our clear position on the political process, which is based on the charter for establishment of People’s Power that was inaugurated and signed. The charter was presented in detail to the delegates of the tripartite mechanism.

We issued this statement to entrust our bases and the Sudanese people with the outcome of what transpired within the meeting, and we reiterate that we, as the coordination of the resistance committees, are devoted to the revolutionary slogans and their high aims and that our initial position on the upcoming political process is that there is no negotiation, partnership, or legitimacy with the coup authority, and that this meeting took place with the approval of our bases, and that it represents the independent position of the resistance committees’ coordination, and is unaffected by political speculations and attempts to create parallel contexts that affect the committees’ dealings with the national landscape.

Signed by:

El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Association

Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Janub Al Hizam Resistance Committees Coordination

South Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

Sudan: Sudanese Communist Party and the Resistance Committee’s Agrees on not participating in the Dialogue with the Tripartite Mechanism

In Khartoum, the Tripartite Mechanism (UNITAMS, IGAD and African Union) have together formed a unit, which hold dialogue between the Transitional Sovereign Council and civil society. That has been done within the recent days, but some honourable mentions and lack of thereof, is inevitable. As the tensions and the crackdown on protests continues from the authorities.

In Sudan there is very evident of distrust and it’s with merit. As the current Sovereign Council has done twice a self-serving coup d’etat and tried to hoodwink the international community into believing that it stood for the Sudanese Revolution. Which it clearly doesn’t do and isn’t intended to serve that either.

That’s why the Resistance Committee statement and Sudanese Communist Party statement as well serves as a message of this. The Tripartite Mechanism is forgetting one main factor and this is the remaining Army Commanders of the former Regime is still ruling. The same military factions and their stranglehold on power. That has inflicted more pain and suffering. The amount of blood, detained civilians and other brutal crackdowns haven’t stopped with toppling of dictator Al-Bashir. Instead it has amplified and showed that his henchmen are still the law of the land. Therefore, the civilians and the revolutionary people are within their rights to dismiss talks with the ones that is killing them.

The first article of the charter for establishment of the people’s power

First: Overthrow of the coup

1- Rejecting any calls for direct or indirect negotiations with the putschists and continuing the peaceful resistance through our tried and innovative means.

2- Overthrow of the October 25 coup and holding all the civil and military forces involved in it accountable.

3- Cancellation of the constitutional document & establishment of a constitutional status through a temporary constitutional declaration based on the charter for the establishment of people’s power,as well as a review of all agreements concluded & decrees issued since April 11, 2019” (Resistance Committee – Media Committee for the Charter’s Inauguration, 13.05.2022).

There is no new reason to meet with you after we explained to you in the previous meeting our position on your efforts to negotiate directly between political forces and military coup and political forces that were partners of the National Congress until the fall of its power in April 2019” (Sudanese Communist Party, 14.05.2022).

We still see a mistake in your handling of the Sudanese issue, treating it as a crisis between political forces and the military should be solved by negotiation, you don’t see or appreciate that there is a popular revolution going on since the 25th October 2021 coup to overthrow the coup and establish a civil state Dem Qaratia achieving its goals in freedom, justice and peace” (Sudanese Communist Party, 14.05.2022).

These statements are significant. They are stating a sincere stance and an honest one. This shows that the premise and the ideals of the Tripartite Mechanism is flawed from the on-set. As that put trust into the hands of the ones who has violated previous agreements. The current Sovereign Council is filled of people who has gone up in ranks and cemented their foothold without any sort of justification. Other than that they have had the ability to serve the previous head of state and found a solution to overtake his control when he fell. That is all there is and they are just in pursuit of casting a broader net to vindicate itself and get legitimized after two successful coups.

So, the Resistance Committee’s and the Sudanese Communist Party is within their rights to not accept or give way. They see nothing insightful from this and it’s only a way of forging legitimacy, which the Head of State and his Deputy wants to have. That is the gist of it and the Tripartite Mechanism is only giving them leeway to find paths and means to either buy-out or give plum-jobs to technocrats. While still holding all the keys to the future. As we know the Sovereign Council is not willing to budge or serve any real interests in the ideals of the revolution. Why do I say that?

Well, the army commanders of the Sovereign Council most likely would become leaders of the army, but not have a profile or have a political function. They would serve to deliver peace and control the sovereignty of the territory. However, they would not sit around the table and have a feast on the government budget. Because, they would follow command and orders from representatives of the people. Which is far from the will or the humiliation these sorts of character could handle after all these years with vast power. Peace.

Sudan: Abuadam Resistance Commitees – Press Release – The Political Settlement (09.05.2022)

A salute of glory and honor to this people who did not lay down despite the length of the battle, a salute of glory and perseverance to the revolutionaries who resisted the coup with chants and bare chests, and the loss of their comrades did not deter them from pursuing their dreams. Glory to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives as a dowry for their homeland, thereby closing the path for anybody attempting to circumvent their stated demands.

Our proud people:

The notion of a political settlement, which is being promoted by entities and individuals who have been and continue to benefit from their presence on the political scene since independence and are actively trying to demonstrate that settlements are the only way out and the only solution to the Sudanese political crisis, we tell them that Sudan is not in a state of political tension that can be resolved through negotiation and dialogue, Sudan is under a military coup controlled by a junta of soldiers and profiteers and remnants of the bygone era that must be overthrown.

And that the settlement, which certain initiatives labored to achieve, is in reality a kiss of life for the weak military and political institutions, till they readjust their place within the government. And our position on it remains unambiguous and unwavering, which is (that establishing any dialogue or settlement in which one of the parties is the Al-Bashir Security Committee led by Burhan and may result in a new partnership or a safe exit for them and a jump over the blood of the martyrs. And it is nothing but a blocker in front of the desired democratic change), not long ago something similar occurred.

The revolutionary street is too powerful to seek half-solutions while it has not yet been defeated, so that it negotiate with Al-Burhan and his thugs, rather, they are the ones who knock on the doors until they find a way out before they are overthrown.

We are aware of their intention to disrupt the scale of the political landscape by drawing some political forces, armed movements, and civil administrations in order to portray themselves as the stronger party… The street scale, on the other hand, is a digital balance that does not have two scales.

Our great people:

The political position of the resistance committees is explained in their declared political charter, which is the first political document that was proposed & agreed upon at the level of the largest national popular base which will be born in the coming days, to be put forward until all the national, political, civil, union gather under its umbrella, representing the will of the people, and preventing any deviation from the revolution’s demands. this charter, whose first clause is the uprooting of al-Bashir’s security committee and their prosecution.

And if the settlement cards are on the tables of those who are willing to give up their principles for the sake of their narrow interests, we declare aloud that this settlement will be opposed by the revolutionary will and the achievement of truth, justice, and the desired democratic transformation, and we emphasize that the revolution will continue until all the aspirations of the street are achieved.

Media & Communication Office

May 9, 2022

Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office – A statement reviewing the vision on the political process (08.05.2022)

The Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change held an emergency meeting at noon on Sunday, May 8, 2022 AD, during which it discussed its vision on the political process under the auspices of the tripartite mechanism, which came to the following:

First: The Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change denounces and condemns the escalating violence against the mass movement, and it works with all the forces of the revolution and places the issue of detainees, including members, members and leaders of the resistance committees, at the forefront of its internal and external agenda, to release them and end arbitrary and exceptional detention.

The Executive Office also saluted the female lawyers, honorable lawyers and emergency lawyers for their tireless work in following up the procedures of the detainees and working for their release.

Second: We affirm our commitment and our positive interaction with the political process, which we believe must be conducted before the eyes of our people and all the forces of the revolution. In complete transparency with those who made sacrifices and martyrs.

Third: Measures to create the atmosphere must be put into practice, which creates a new atmosphere free of violence and arrests, with a commitment to protecting civilians, and enables the mass movement to participate in the political process in a free and peaceful environment.

Fourth: Any political process under the auspices of the tripartite mechanism must lead to the realization of the demands of the revolutionary forces to end the coup and form a full civil authority, to achieve the revolution’s goals of freedom, peace and justice.

Fifth: A committee was formed to formulate a detailed position on freedom and change from the political process, based on the political vision approved by the Central Council in January 2022 AD, which was submitted to the initiative of the United Nations Mission to Support the Democratic Transition (UNAMS) on January 16 and February 8, 2022 AD, the position will be presented and approved by the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change and announced to the masses of the Sudanese people and the forces of the revolution.

Sixth: The Executive Office directed to continue building the united civil front to defeat the coup, which includes all the forces of the revolution, which will work with the forces of the revolution to win the will of our people and restore the path of civil democratic transition.

Long live our people free and victorious

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

Sunday May 8, 2022 AD

Sudan: Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination – Press Release (08.05.2022)

The Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination Meeting was held today. The meeting covered a variety of topics related to the revolutionary political situation. The meeting also discussed the charter for establishing the people’s authority proposed by the state coordination.

The meeting established that the charter will be signed on May 11 to usher in a new era of grassroots political practice. We also urge on all revolutionaries to build the grassroots political practice in all parts of our country and to declare a new age in which the people decide their own future.

It is important to recognise the efforts of all the charter committees, from all the resistance committees’ coordination and at all levels, were involved.

We further note that the positions of the Coordination of Al Fil and Al Arbaeen, Al-Mawrada, Al-Ardah, and Haj Youssef neighborhood committees are consistent with consensus and the promotion of consensus. The charter for establishing the people’s authority will be signed by the Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination with all our strength and unity.

Love live the resistance

Signed by:

1-Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

2-East Khartoum Neighborhoods Committees

3-South Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

4-South Khartoum & Klaklat Resistance Committees

5-Jabal Awliya Resistance Committees Association

6-Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

7-Sharg Al Nil Janub Resistance Committees Coordination

Sudan: Hemeti’s dishonest message

We must all coexist with one another with goodness and virtue, keeping away from all forms of division and diaspora, and renounce tribalism, racism and regionalism in order to preserve this unified and cohesive nation that we inherited from our ancestors. The manifestations of disharmony, difference and dispersion that Sudan is suffering from require us to take a sincere pause to review ourselves and our positions, and we all think about our true national interests away from the party, tribe or party, to be our slogan (the flag of Sudan). We are very sorry for the harsh conditions that our people are experiencing in their livelihood due to the economic conditions that the country is witnessing, but we also have good news that (after hardship but relief) our hope in God is great, and after him our hope in our young capabilities and arms. The only way out of the political crisis that the country is going through is (dialogue). There is no alternative to dialogue but dialogue, and we are able to overcome all difficulties through purposeful discussion that is based on frankness, clarity, honesty and justice, and which is based on established national principles, distance from the agenda and self-love. We send a special message to our people who endured difficulties with all patience. We bow to you in appreciation and gratitude. You deserve the best. The journey of a mile begins with a step. We must continue the path. The homeland awaits us and the future is ours” (Vice President Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, 02.05.2022).

The Vice President and Brigadier General Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo has come out with his message of peace on the celebration of Id al-Fitr. This as the Rapid Support Force (RSF) or Janjaweed is used with force in Darfur and in the rest of the Republic. It is not like Hemeti’s forces is coming with peace and justice. No, they are serving injustice and impunity. Just the recent action of in West Darfur State.

Hemeti can speak of dialogue, but the current Transitional Sovereign Council it took away it’s credibility with the October 2021 coup. The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) isn’t a part of it now. They have instead gotten warlords into the Council, but not civilian technocrats or leaders of revolution. That’s why it’s rich of speaking of dialogue, when his one of the ring-leaders of the army takeover of the government.

The Vice President wants to sound like a reasonable man, but his forces and the usage of military force to displace, distort protest and quell the civilians is showing his message is useless or totally dishonest. As we are supposed to forget how the state is going after the Resistance Councils, the opposition parties and target civilian activists. We even know the authorities raiding and targeting hospitals after demonstrations. So, the Vice President talking of co-existence, but not giving breathing space to the dissidents in the Republic.

Hemeti is insincere and proves it. That is the sort of double-talk of negotiations and co-existence, but his regime is relentless with use of violence and brutality against the ones who dissident. That’s why it’s hard to believe his words, as the deaths and arrests since October 2021 alone is huge. While we know the amount of people hurt and with lasting pains are even bigger. Therefore, speaking of peace, when you are ordering war isn’t truthful, but dishonest.

He dropped this message on social media to boost his persona and role in the state. As he has used his Janjaweed or RSF to get into office. Hemeti is a man of war and a militia-leader himself. He now wants to be seen as a statesman, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hemeti is a man of war and his RSF is the epitome of that. He decrees war and conflict… the General thrives on this and he has even been known for selling arms to Tchad. So, we know that he doesn’t mind to earn profits as a lord of war. That is the sort of fella he is and that shouldn’t be forgotten. The latest conflict and usage of war in Darfur is nothing new. His just continuing with the fierce methods which gave him power.

That’s why we know… Hemeti isn’t a man of co-existence or dialogue. No, his a man of brutality and murder. This is why the Resistance doesn’t want to talk to him or anyone who is participating in the junta government in Khartoum. Peace.

Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors – Field Report Of civilians injury cases during April 30th, 2022 (02.05.2022)

(20) cases of injuries were counted today, including (10) cases of scattered gunshot wounds, likely from a cartridge weapon. Among the cases were a gunshot wound to the head (unstable in intensive care), (2) injuries to the head from tear gas canisters, and run over by the regular forces’ vehicles.

The total number of injuries reached (20) cases, as follows:

– (10) Cases of scattered gunshot wounds – likely from a shotgun (including an unstable head injury in intensive care)

– (1) Case of rubber bullet injury

– (2) Cases of head injury from tear gas canisters

– (5) Sporadic cases of injury to the body by tear gas canisters

– (1) Case of being run over by a vehicle belonging to the regular forces

– (1) Case of injury to the hand as a result of stone throwing

The capital, Khartoum:

Processions of Omdurman and its localities:

The total number of injuries reached (12) cases, as follows:

– (10) Cases of scattered gunshot wounds – likely from a shotgun (including an unstable head injury in intensive care).

– (1) Case of rubber bullet injury

– (1) Case of sporadic injury to the body by a tear gas canister

Processions of Khartoum and its localities:

Total injuries (8) cases, as follows:

– (2) Cases of head injury from tear gas canisters

– (4) Isolated cases of body injury from tear gas canisters

– (1) Case of being run over by a vehicle belonging to the regular forces

– (1) Case of injury to the hand as a result of stone throwing

CCSD will provide you with every update it receives in continuous field reports.

There are injuries in the field that were treated by field aid teams and are not included in the list.

The details of the aforementioned injured until the moment of the issuance of this report are confined to us to ensure their rights, and not sharing them is at the core of the professional obligation to respect their privacy.

Any other injury cases that occurred in the regions are being investigated and an update will be published when confirmed; Especially (Darfur).

Glory and eternity to our brave martyrs.

Urgent recovery to our wounded heroes..

CCSD’s Media Office

May 2nd ,2022

Sudan: Central Committee of Sudan Doctors – Report on the Death Toll of the Events in West Darfur State (30.04.2022)

The death toll have risen to (200). Four have been killed today in El Geneina, West Darfur; three by gun shot, while one stabbed with a sharp object.

With this, the total number of deaths since the start of the events has now reached (200).

Locations of victims body injuries are as follows:

– Head (95)

– Neck (2)

– Chest (51)

– Belly (19)

– Basin (4)

– Back + Chest (4)

– Limbs (5)

– Full fire burn (5)

– Stabbing by sharp object (1)

(location of body injuries of (14) of the victims could not be identified).

Distribution of the (200) victims by age group and gender are as follows:

– (24) Children

– (9) Women

– (167) Men

(23 of the victims are elderly men and women).

The Surgery Emergency at El Geneina Hospital, is still operating at half capacity, and the Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, and Pediatric Emergencies are not working.The Internal Partitions are also not working anymore.

CCSD points out that there is still deficit in providing health services in the State, due to failure in full return to work in El Geneina Hospital, as the capacity of the hospital cannot be covered by the private hospitals in the State.

This calls for concerted efforts directed towards full return to work in the Hospital.

CCSD’s Media Office

April 30, 2022

Sudan: Security Council Press Statement on Darfur, Sudan (29.04.2022)

The members of the Security Council condemned the recent violence in West Darfur, Sudan, which has resulted in the killing and injury of civilians, mass displacement and attacks on health-care facilities. The members of the Security Council expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and wished a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured.

The members of the Security Council called for the immediate cessation of violence, including intercommunal violence and attacks on health-care facilities, to enable the resumption of humanitarian assistance. They called for a transparent investigation of violence in Darfur to ensure those responsible for the violence are held accountable.

The members of the Security Council recognized the efforts undertaken by the Sovereignty Council to address the situation, including the outcomes of the meeting of the National Security and Defence Council and the commitment to conduct an investigation. They reaffirmed the primary responsibility of State authorities to protect civilians and reiterated the international legal obligation of the authorities and armed groups to protect all civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The members of the Security Council further called for the accelerated implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, including deployment of the Joint Security Keeping Force, and of the National Action Plan for Civilian Protection. They took note that the Juba Peace Agreement provides for a specific role for the United Nations in supporting the implementation of its provisions. The members of the Security Council acknowledged the importance of strengthening international community support for the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, including through the support provided by the United Nations.

Sudan: Coordination of Khartoum State Resistance Committes – Joint Press Release – The General Command Sit-in Dispersal Massacre Commemoration (29.04.2022)

Our people resisting the coup:

At first, we condemn the massacres perpetrated by the coup authorities, regular forces of all divisions, and armed movements’ forces in West Darfur state (El Geneina and Kreinik), which are a continuation of wasting Sudanese lives and shedding Sudanese blood. However, Sudanese blood is one, and we hold the coup authority, its judicial and regular institutions, and its militias fully responsible for what is occurring in Darfur, and we will work to hold everyone responsible for every suffering and harm experienced by our people in the Darfur region accountable.

Our steadfast people:

The case of the General Command sit-in remained unresolved for two years. We followed the statements of the Chairman of the Independent National Committee to investigate this crime (Nabil Adeeb) a year and a half ago when he said that the revelation of the investigation’s findings may result in a military coup, which occurred on October 25, 2021. It was one of the reasons, along with the dismantling of the regime on June 30, 1989, the recovery of public funds, the extradition of ousted Omar al-Bashir and his associates to the International Criminal Court, and the approaching handover of power to civilians and the military’s removal from the political process. The transitional period necessitates an evaluation of the experience and a study of all of its positives and negatives in order to avoid similar occurrences in the future. We stand with the Sudanese street’s demands that it only negotiate the transfer of power to civilians and the return of the military to the barracks and a purely civilian authority, that there is no legitimacy for any military coup or sitting with putschists in a settlement, and that the previous experience was the best example that the military institution cannot be entrusted with the principles of the glorious December revolution.

Our honorable people:

There is no reconciliation or negotiation with the former regime, its dissolved party and its façade, or with the general Islamic political parties that want to re-emerge through the calls of the tripartite mechanism in the so-called Sudanese dialogue. We categorically reject their entry into any political process, as do those who fell with the Salvation regime and the dissolved National Congress Party, as well as all parties that participated in it until April 11, 2019 and fell with it, and we emphasize that anyone who pursues cheap settlements and scrambles for power by selling the blood of martyrs puts themselves in the same category as the putschists. There is no distinction between the killer and those that aid them via incubators that do not represent the Sudanese people or the revolutionary street.

Our hero people:

We will march again to overthrow the coup and its authority on the General Command Sit-in Dispersal Massacre commemoration, which coincides with the 29th of Ramadan.

This massacre and treachery practiced by the same names and soldiers who turned against the glorious December revolution. Accordingly, the processions of “Khartoum State Coordination” will go to (Siteen Street) and the tracks will be determined by the field committees later.

We call on all revolutionaries to burn tires and barricade the streets prior to the procession of the General Command Sit-in Dispersal Massacre commemoration on the morning of the twenty-ninth.

Signed by:

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

El Hajj Yousif Neighborhoods Committees Association

Khartoum City Coordination

Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination

Greater Omdurman Coordination

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