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Ethiopia: Tigray – Law Enforcement Operation has displaced over 730,000 people

There been focus on the refugees of the war, which has crossed from the Tigray Region into Sudan since the start of the civil-war in early November 2020. Now, we are in the end of March and nearly into April 2021. The months has gone by and now the ripple effect is happening.

All the three armies aim at one region and one common enemy has born some results. Maybe not the outcome that was anticipated, as this was supposed to be short war and proclaimed in final stages in the end of November 2020. Which by all means is far from to this day. As there are reports that more trucks of Eritrean Defence Force have been fighting inside Tigray. As Amhara Paramilitary Group Fano has been used and so has Ethiopian National Defence Force. All of these armies have targeted Tigray Defence Force and Samri.

At this point, the devestation and the total damage of the conflict is uncertain. That is done deliberately as the state has kept people in the dark. The state have downplayed and debunked any reporting done. There been campaigns to undermine reports and later verify things partly. Just like the Eritrean Foreign Ministry does as well. They are working in tandem doing this work and shading the lights on the crisis, one report at the time. No matter what is written and by whatever media house… they will in the end dismiss it and call it “fake”. Even if all the things said in it is later verified by state authorities or quoted by state officials.

What these has never targeted is the stats that United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) have delivered to the public. The numbers I am now dropping and the horrific reports are coming from their latest report called: “Humanitarian Bulletin

Ethiopia – Issue #4 15– 28 March 2021”. Published today on the 31st March 2021.

What it states is this:

Reports from the Regional Early Warning and Response Directorate and humanitarian partners on the ground reveal that the number of displaced people has steadily increased in the region. Currently, more than 140,000 people have been displaced from western Tigray to Shire and Adwa, bringing the cumulative number of displaced people in Tigray to more than 730,000 (according to the Regional Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs – BoLSA and the Early Warning Bureau). An assessment conducted by the ES/NFI Cluster and OCHA between 11-14 March in Shire, Aksum, and Adwa found a dire humanitarian situation in these areas” (OCHA, 31.03.2021).

We know the conflict has affected plenty when over 700,000 people have been directly touched and had to move. These is internally displaced within the region because of the massacres, open warfare, door-to-door raids and other atrocities happening. They are seeing armies invading their homes, villages and towns. Where the only reasonable choice is to flee and seek refugee somewhere else. Just like the ones who fled to Sudan and is in camps there.

The Law Enforcement Operation of Addis Ababa and Asmara is clearly not only hitting its intended enemies, but also causing a lot harm to bystanders. The conflict is creating a dangerous state and at such a level, which will take years to fix. The amount of people up-rooted and taken away from their homes is outrageous. It will take more than a quick fix to make up for the damage done in these months.

Abiy will be remembered for all this harm and hurt. It happened in his watch and he ordered it to happen together with his ally Afwerki. They are responsible as Heads of State and Warlords. These folks burned villages, extra-judicial killings and slaughtered citizens to prove a point. They did it annihilate TPLF. But is it worth scaring over 700,000 people away from their homesteads? How can leaders like this sleep at night?

When Abiy started the war in November 2020 he opened a Pandora’s box… and this is now one of the outcomes. We have no idea about how many who has died. We have now idea about how many soldiers, paramilitary or armed personnel on both sides who has lost their lives either. No idea about casualties in general. Neither, is there any sort of reporting on the starvation or the struggle to survive in the region either. Therefore, there is a lot of numbers missing.

But… the tally of IDPs says how reaching and what sort of impact it has. As people decide to leave their homes and find shelter elsewhere. That is not done with ease, but for fear of losing their lives if they stays. Therefore, by this alone. We know that this conflict is horrific and atrocities are occurs with the knowledge of the outside world. That is tragic, but sadly true. As we can only know what the eyes, witnesses and the bold reporters are telling. Which is limited and not it all. Therefore, this sort of Humanitarian Bulletin says more than any article would. It states what people are doing, as a last ditch resort to save themselves from the “hell” they used to call home. Peace.

Haiti: Conseil Electoral Provisoire – Formation des Membres des Structures Deconcentrees (30.03.2021)

Opinion: They don’t need a ‘bad dream’ when people living in a ‘nightmare’

I assured them that they were very lucky to have woken up from such a ‘bad dream’ because we were so ready for them. I thanked them for realizing the need to come forward so we can work together” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at Entebbe State House (30.03.2021).

After 35 years in power, the Ugandan President have nothing to offer. He held a meeting with “disgruntled youth” and Inter-Religious Council yesterday. These is unofficial group of youth and religious leaders gathered to “buy peace”. However, that is a false hope at this point.

When citizens are taken by drones, arraigned in military courts and served injustice. It is hard to get a real peace. When citizens are dying, because they got tortured, detention without a trial and kept incommunicado for days. People who are affiliated and representing the opposition is “fair game”. Therefore, it is hard to believe that the President really cares about the liberty, justice and freedom for all.

President Museveni is the nightmare for so many. His not delivering anything else than a despots rule. His the Grand Dictator who reigns supreme and uses all parts of the state machinery to get rid of his enemies. These is his own citizens and their only sin is supporting someone else than him. That is the tragic reality in 2021. This is the fundamental change he offered in 1986. Instead of Idi Amin and Obote, we have Museveni who acts like a forever monarch in office.

He got nothing to bring to the table. He can only pay off fools like Balaam and Jennifer Full Figure, but he cannot bring changes. Except if the World Bank or International Monetary Funds are doling out funds blindly. The President will not work hard or prove anything. He will only go after his nemesis and arch-enemies. If that is Besigye or Bobi Wine. That is what he does and continues to do so.

This isn’t a bad dream, but a real life nightmare. When associates of politicians are lingering in safe-houses, behind bars and charged just because they are affiliated someone else than him. It is really rich that when people turn to the President they are suddenly living in a dream. Certainly, that hasn’t happen to everyone else who has gone from the opposition to the NRM. If that was true, then certain individuals would live better then they actually do.

The President cannot run away from the injustice that his serving the general public. His Excellency cannot just bash in glory … and think he can wash away his sins. The blood is on his hands. The citizens who died for just participating in demonstrations. When the state sent soldiers from Somalia to go after them. That is the sort of finalization of the nightmare the President is serving.

Museveni can speak sweet, but his actions is bitter. There is no denying in that. He got a new prison filled with opposition members. He doesn’t need Luzira prison as much. The Court Martial is not freeing them, because he wants to prove point.

So, when the President speaks now. The acts of the state is more alarming and nothing is happening about it. The various security organizations are keeping citizens behind bars and without a fair trail. People are returning with scars for life and some even turn up dead. Therefore, there is a real nightmare going on and its happening as we speak.

He can be spotted with a few “disgruntled youths” but that is only for PR. The reality is still dark and grim. There is little hope or anything that shows progress. Only more destruction and devastation. Because, the only things that matters in the end… is that his in office and the Head of State. The rest is just history and present day, which we all live through. We should not accept his means to an end. If we do… then we are accepting the nightmare that his giving to so many people and they are not allowed to wake up. Peace.

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Opinion: Does the Nolan Principals matter anymore? [or is Boris Johnson above them?]

Prime Minster Boris Johnson is in a new scandal. His whole reign has filled with it. Somehow his skating by and getting away from it. The Cabinet Secretaries can do whatever, so can his closest associates and it doesn’t cost him anything. It is sort of his demeanour that is obnoxious.

Usually, someone in his place would act with care. A Prime Minister would be careful and wouldn’t try to keep things hidden away. Neither, not enlighten the world on his acts or what he possibly has done. Every time there been questions of inquiries into questionable spending, communication or usage of public funds. The Whitehall or Downing Street will not do it or have no plans of doing so.

The same government that can with ease return people who has been living for generations in the United Kingdom Can suddenly become exiled or sent away from what they have called home for over 20 years. The Windrush Generation could just be shipped back to the Caribbean without any hesitation. However, the same principal isn’t applicable to the Prime Minister or his Cabinet.

No, these guys can get away with anything. They are supposed to follow certain principals and guidelines as civil servants. However, those Nolan Principals isn’t worth anything. Neither is the word integrity, accountability or honesty. As the Prime Minister doesn’t care about either of these.

This man cannot be loyal or honest to his wives. A man with two ex-wives and several of mistresses. One is following another and its a steady stream of them. His now living in Downing Street with his current girlfriend. Which is fine and dandy. He can love whoever he wants, but the manner happens is troubling with his role as the Prime Minister.

Especially, when he has done so with several. The mannerism where he can be a “ladies man” and easily cheat on them. He jumps from one bedmate to another. Like his trying to have a shagaton, which he couldn’t do at Eaton. Gods know why his like this, but he clearly cannot keep his pecker in order. He just got to stick it in and do it while his respective other is somewhere else. Such a Casanova and big pimpin’ moves.

Boris Johnson isn’t just a private person. His also a head of state. That adds much pressure on his personal life and life choices. At that sort of position. You cannot act like a nonchalant pick-up artist. Even if the office gives you more finesse and ability to get laid. That has been the downfall of plenty leaders in history and they have to resign for betraying their trust.

Now, Boris has a decision and it will not be easy. Will he downplay the affairs and what it has costed? Will he act unaccountable, untrustworthy and dishonest? Is that all the that the PM has? It is seemingly so at this point.

Prime Minister Johnson your role in government isn’t made for you to get girls. The PM should come clean. He got a history of cheating and mischief at home. When he does this to his loved ones, what will he be capable of doing in office? If he can easily lie and play them… what will he do to everyone else?

That is what the general public should think off. That is what the Conservative Party should consider too. Is that the sort ideal they have of leadership?

A lying conniving cheat and an adulterer, who is supposed to be head of state? Is that who they are and is that values of the Tories?

I don’t have the answers, but if the Tories are saying others should comply in Public Service to the Nolan Principals, shouldn’t the PM be the first in line? Peace.

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