Opinion: Baffled that VP Ssekandi won his race…

If there was one National Resistance Movement (NRM) Candidate for Member of Parliament (MP) that I would thought would cease to exist, it would be current day Vice President Edward Ssekandi. Who was running for another term in Bukoto Central County in Greater Masaka.

So, to know that he again get a chance to run in a General Election in 2021. A man who has been an MP since 1996. His been the VP since 2011 and this would continue as long as he got ambition to succeed the President. By all his actions and his way of being in the wind. The VP is secured and can eat like crazy.

VP Ssekandi is a ghost and irrelevant. Still, he was able to get recognition in his constituency. This is why its weird that nobody else would win over him. Someone who would go door-to-door over the years. Steady campaign and be recognized.

Everyone knows that VP Ssekandi exists. No one can state what he has done or delivered. Ssekandi is just a mirage, someone behind the scenes who happens to appear every blue moon.

That’s why its weird that he even get voters behind him. VP Ssekandi might be able to shake a few hands and say a few words at a burial. Nevertheless, his not a great lawmaker, neither is he a representative for change.

VP Ssekandi is the one who doesn’t make a fuzz, doesn’t make a difference and doesn’t even utter a public word. Unless, it is a tribute and a speech for the deceased. The Bukoto Central has initially given way to another public speaker to officiate events. Yes, his not won it yet, but don’t expect shock in the up-coming elections in 2021.

This man will win there too. If his on it, because he knows his the VP for the President for Life. The one who has no ambition and only serves his master. The VP for the bad days and for the glorious occasions. However, he will never be there to say anything to rock the boat. Neither, will he cause any controversy or even issue a statement on a scandal.

This man is the true testament to live ghosts. The silent whisperer and the one haunts the VP position.

Ssekandi is like an eidolon or a poltergeist, even if he is a real person. Because, he is usually not seen or in public. Even if he is a high ranking government official and a MP.

It is hard to think he is a mortal, but immortal instead. A supernatural person, who gets re-elected and continues to be spirit flying over the Republic. For some reason, the state, the party sees him as useful.

That’s why he “wins” elections. Because, it cannot be for his charismatic persona or his track-record. Because, anyone who has made a motion, petition or even an article in New Vision has done more than this man. Peace.

Mzee celebrates mediocrity ahead of 2021…

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni knows there is no real challenge ahead of 2021. The General Election of 2021 is rigged and fixed. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine knows this. The Self-Styled President for Life will not accept a loss or losing. That is why he will use all means to do so. We all know this. The election results of 2021 was written in stone and was secured with fatal bullets in the mid-80s. That is the mere reality.

So, Museveni can come with a quick comment, but it shows his true face:

Whether Ugandans want Bobi Wine or “Bosco” (I am made to understand that means Museveni), that is a matter that will be settled early next year. However, recently we had semi-finals in the form of elections of the disabled, the elderly and the youth. Who won the matches in the 3 matches?

Bosco won without too much preparation. I am looking forward to the finals. Greetings to your foreign backers who fear a strong Uganda. Too bad for them” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 28.08.2020):

We clearly see his message. He celebrates victories on the special elections. It is every rich to celebrate victory over Bobi Wine who has only had months to prepare a party and run candidates. The NRM is the state and has fielded easily candidates everywhere. Often unopposed and sole-candidates like in all elections. The President is celebrating mediocrity, when he screams of joy and celebrate this.

He says without much preparations? Seriously? There was well planned party structure for so long. The NRM knows this and the population knows too. The Electoral Commission and everyone else knows this. It is just a mockery to act like it was done on a whim.

That he looks forward to the “finals” is to be expected. He knows his winning. The President is winning, not because of policy, manifesto or achievements, but because he got the public at gun-point. His awaiting the rigging and misuse of power to linger in office for life.

It’s funny that the President pushes the ideals of foreign backers for Bobi Wine. The President wouldn’t have a long lasting time in office, if foreign backers didn’t offer grants, aid or donations to his government. His army and government institutions needs foreign funding to run. The President can act like a foreign lawyer is a foreign backer. However, the NRM and the President … wouldn’t be what it is … if it wasn’t for money from elsewhere.

President Museveni can act a fool, but his only a dummy for doing so. He can cheer for the mediocrity, but that doesn’t make it great. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni doesn’t need to win, but he needs legitimacy…

The ones who thinks that the 2021 elections is about the polls and the ballots. They are blistering naive, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. The election in the republic isn’t about pledges, policies or even the legacy of the President. No, its about his legitimacy.

We can wonder, is the public willing to give him that? Is the public and international community prepared to cheer in the 8th Term of the President?

Yes, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is running for his eight term. The President who has been in-charge since 1986. The President and his party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) needs the legitimacy. They need credit and accreditation. The state needs to be relied upon and outside support.

The state is borrowing to its knees. The lack of proper grants and donor-funds is hitting the fan. The state is having an evil cycle of loans, borrowing new money to pay interests of the previous ones. While the grace period of major infrastructure development projects will come into action as well. The budgets will be strained and the lack of domestic revenue will be more vital. As the donors, the lenders and everyone else see the tragic demise and self-destructive ways of the regime. You cannot build a sufficient state on borrowed money.

The NRM knows and the President needs to accepted and respected. The results needs to be verified and result in overall positive vibes. The President cannot afford to be looked a cruel henchman, but a statesman. A man who used to be the future, but now is a wise lecturer. Who has the vision and knows what the state needs to be fixed.

Even though the old man, the President has promised the same development, the same economic turnaround and changes in society. He has had the three decades to deliver that, but he will speak of it. Claim people are lazy, opposition are insects and so-on.

While the things he needs the most is the craving for recognition. The President needs to be acknowledge and in high regards. That is why the election need recognized and legitimized. The results are already printed in stone. They were on the skyline since the mid-80s.

President Museveni doesn’t need love, but he needs credit and needs security. The state needs that and the NRM does so as well. Because, if it don’? Then the negative spiral and crippling economy will sooner or later hit the armed forces and the President will loose his most trusted allies. The soldiers and security organizations, which keeps a iron-fist over the republic.

He need that stamp and verification to move on into another term. Peace.

Mzee’s unhinged speech

If you stand in the way of the NRM after patiently working and negotiating, we shall remove you. If you are doing other things, we may not be happy, but we shall ignore you” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (20.08.2020).

Today is the final day of the National Resistance Movement Delegation Conference ahead of the 2021 elections. It has been very standard, but the today the President is holding his Address to the Nation. Which is like most of his speeches. He has done the same over the years. Tonight is no difference.

He will do his thing and tonight was nothing different. That’s why I will just take a few small quotes. Address them and call it a night.

Here we go:

I thank NRM people for participating in the past election. Stop being enemies of yourselves. Our only enemy is the one who tries to block our forward movement” (Museveni 20.08.2020).

That is why we fought with Idi Amin. Some people say we fought Amin because he killed people. Even if he hadn’t killed people, we would remove him because he didn’t understand our mission” (Museveni, 20.08.2020).

‘I have met people like Full Figure, Buchaman. I demand that the NRM leaders avoid the politics of elitism. In Luweero, when we were fighting, we were with the people” (Museveni, 20.08.2020).

It is just like we are supposed to brush over these things. That the President goes to these attacks on people. He does it so easily. Makes people targets and shows his attitude. The president always got to remove, crush or get rid off. That is just his ways and he doesn’t know anything else at this point.

What is also striking is that he continues to forge the narrative around the bush-war. It is a story that never gets old. It a revolving door. He even proves what was his mission. The mission wasn’t to liberate, but for him to rule. To ensure that the NRM got power. The importance wasn’t to get rid of Amin and Obote. No, it was only for the NRM to rule and for him to stay in power. This is what he initially stated today. You gloss over that, but incidentally what his saying, which is showing the grim reality of his reign. When that was the goal of the whole bush-war for him.

That his continuing to pound for the ghetto as a result of Bobi Wine’s rise. His doing this to prove his stature that and also his party. However, that is a neglected area. He can try to softly make it into the struggle story, but that doesn’t make it more true. As the NRM haven’t done much for the ghettos, but now want to be seen as the saviours of it.

Therefore, the whole speech today was just another one. There was nothing brilliant about it. Just another rant… Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s stern warning against careerism [is hypocrisy…]

Finally, the NRM needs to expunge the politics of careerism and re-instate the politics of mission-led leadership. It is not just the: “who”. It is, first and foremost, the: “what”? What is to be done for Uganda’s salvation, for Africa’s salvation? Once you remind yourself that the “what” in the case of NRM, means the 4 ideological principles: Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy, then, it is easier for you to decide on the “who”.Who is it that seems to understand and adhere to the three principles? Do not intimidate, do not assault, do not insult, do not bribe, but persuade by explaining and exhibiting good conduct” (Museveni, 18.08.2020).

At this point of time in August 2020. A man who has ruled the Republic since 1986. The administration, the government, the Members of Parliament and civil servants are all a reflection of the President. All of the creations of institutions, policies and directives has been made by him or for him. It is not like the system isn’t in the vision of the President.

With this in mind. His speech of “who” and “what”. Goes back long in the lingo of the President. Museveni asked late 1980s and early 1990s. Then he even dropped a book with speeches “What’s Africa’s Problem?”. Therefore, this is following a pattern of this man.

The President have used this argument before to defend his overstaying and lingering in office. That it’s about the causes, the development and wealth creation’s instead of being about him personally. Even if that goes against everything he said and did in early years in office.

The same president that keeps the same entourage and cronies in close association. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is filled with old relics, people who are having careers at ages when other are forced to retire. The NRM and the Cabinet is filled with old people and meal-ticket politicians. That is all like that, because of how corporate and cash-filled politics has become under his Presidency.

He knows “whose” the problem, but he will not go after himself. That would be out of character. He would never resigned or give way for succession. That will only happen … when he either stops breathing or internal coup d’etat against the man.

Therefore, his final ending and warning to politicians. The type of politicians he has created and awarded. If there wasn’t an incentive to be like that. They would operate like that. They would act differently, because they follow the leader and be examples for the Republic. However, he has made them like this.

He will never take the blame or the responsibility. He is the “who” and the man who never fixed “what”. The man could have appointed “who” and made it possible to fix “what”. Still, there was never a real interest to do so. If so, he wouldn’t need the grants, loans and multi-national organization to cover his tracks. The man knows this and blames for the ways the politicians have become.

President Museveni is the “who” is never solving the “what”. That is why his indispensable and have to continue… and the cycle repeats itself. Peace.

1986 Speeches vs. 2020 Response [Museveni edition]

Well, I had to do this. As the President put forward an ideal of what age does and what politics is. In that regard, to answer him back. I thought what way could I do it best. Well, I remembered some quotations that is another reflection and proves the mind-set has changed over the years. Not strange after 34 years in power. However, President Museveni shouldn’t get off the hook.

That is why I first take a piece of the 12 pages or 13 pages response to Social Media, which the President unleashed on the world. I will not analyse much of it. Because, well, it is waste of time. But I will address one piece and then show what he has said in the past. Just to show how age matters and not just ideology as he said today.

Take a look!

Social Media Response:

You old man, you are too weak, you must retire and hand power to the capable young people. The NRM answer, young and old, is that politics (which means management of society) is not biology (young, old, woman, man) but ideology. Ideology is like diagnosis of a patient and prescribing treatment. Similarly, political actors, individuals or groups, must first carry out diagnosis of the society they want to lead and prescribe a cure in the form of ideology, strategy and programmes (manifesto)” (Museveni, 06.08.2020).

Well, we see the defence there. He surely likes to think that is a brilliant move. However, it is contradictory to himself in 1986. As there are certain things he said and I will show that underneath here.

A piece of the Fundamental Change speech of 1986:

There is, in philosophy, something called obscurantism, a phenomenon where ideas are deliberately obscured so that what is false appears to be true and vice versa. We in the NRM are not interested in the politics of obscurantism: we want to get to the heart of the matter and find out what the problem is. Being a leader is like being a medical doctor. A medical doctor must diagnose his patient’s disease before he can prescribe treatment. Similarly, a political leader must diagnose correctly the ills of society. A doctor who does not diagnose his patient’s disease adequately is nothing but a quack” (Museveni 26.01.1986).

Museveni addressed Dar Es-Salaam University on the 11th July 1986:

You, as young people, should be at the forefront of making sacrifices for Africa. Often, in Africa, instead of young people being at the forefront of the struggle for social justice, they are at the forefront of the struggle for privileges. Your mission is to understand the politics of your country, and of Africa in general, in order to to discover negative and positive politics. You must discover the path Africa should take in order to get out of the situation in which we found ourselves. Whatever profession you choose, you should be an instrument in that struggle for the greater understanding of the economic, social, and political problems of Africa. Therefore, an ideological grasp of what is right and what is wrong becoming crucial” (Museveni 11.07.1986).

Here we are seeing a different understanding from the same man. Which is really special, but nothing new, as this man have to bend on every word he has ever said. With all the years in power. He got to twist his words and trade waters differently. In such a manner, that the liberation got traded away on the altar of power for life.

In this regard, Museveni says that someone uses politics ina manner where it make what is false into true. Which is what Museveni does in 2020. He says NRM is open to everyone and has answers for everyone. However, that bus have left the stage and is already overcrowded.

What is funny is that his still the medical doctor 34 years after. Talking about diagnosis in 2020, as he did sort of 1986. On that point his still the same man. But, on youth and their roles, they are just a part now. Not the front-line, the forefront of the struggle. No, they are just a piece who has to follow the ideology and the management of society. Which is very different from in 1986. When they had to discover the problems and get them out of it too.

Now, they are just supposed be on the bandwagon, the bandwagon that was the issue of the past. As they we’re only in it for the privileges and not to fight the struggle for social justice. Most likely the old man has trouble with the youth fighting for social justice today. Because, they are fighting him to get social justice. That is why his not mentioning that. As he wants everyone on his team and being part of his ideology, but not give the social justice he cried havoc for in 1986.

That’s how easily to show how power corrupts. How a man can go from saying things to inspire, to things to keep status quo. Which means himself and his old guard running the show. Since this man will not let go. Peace.

Work-Out Plan Part II: Museveni’s misguided publicity stunt

“After work last night, I challenged my Bazukulu to an indoor work-out. We did Forty Push-ups. Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (05.08.2020).

In April 2020 after about a month of lockdown in the Republic. The President after a small waiting period did release a 2-minute tape showing his running skills and his weird push-ups. Which became a running joke and satire. As his ass was so much up, it nearly looked like the old man was training for something else.

Alas, the Point Blank skit is back at it again. He released a new tape, sadly not a Pornhub, but a Work-Out tape part 2. This time it’s a 1,31 minutes long tape, where he runs and take proper push-ups. You still see his wealth and grandeur of his estate. A fancy TV, beautiful blue floors and whatnot. The President got wealth and can prove some sort of health too.

However, this home exercise thing only makes the old man look foolish. It make him look like a joke. Trying to be youthful and of full vigour as his clocking the age of 75 years old. Yes, he can be proud of the ability to move like he does and have the health he do have at that age. Nevertheless, the man is out of bound and out of touch. If he thinks this is the trick to gain support for his overstaying in office.

Mr. Africa’s problem is that leaders never leave office. Is that the fundamental change of guards never came and that no one is following the correct line. Mr. Mustard Seed grown into a big ass tree, who will not serve or not deliver hope to the public, but instead empty yields.

The old man can think this second round of Kanye West Work-Out Video will reach the masses, but he will only be ridiculed. This is not the sort of tape you unleash on the masses, if you want to be taken seriously. No, this is the run of the mill, skit to play for friends and take a shot every time he makes a push-up.

Museveni is a dumb-dumb for this one. His neither cool, collected or seems like a fella who should run any public office. Instead, he should get a personal trainer and go to a gym. Maybe become a Hugh Hefner for the ladies of Kampala. Who knows, but this is not the act of a serious politician. That is for sure.

Bosco, Bosiko or Jajja, this is a bad move. Making you look stupid and that is fine by me. However, kudos and keep on pushing. Peace.

Opinion: Not shocked that Tamale Mirundi is under fire again

Tamale Mirundi, the motor-mouth, former Presidential Press Secretary and now former long time host or contributor on NBS Television. He has been on NBS Television for years now. Since around the time he was sacked from the State House. Even if he has all along claimed wealth, following, taxis, book deals and whatnot. Still kept his day-job and shown loyalty towards the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now on the day the Electoral Commission is unleashing its roadmap for the election in 2021. That day the news of the suspension of Mirundi comes. It is just so fitting, that the NBS is doing it now. He could be talking and commenting on everything happening ahead of the elections. It would be pure fire and he would always defend the President.

Mirundi has been rough, he get the quotes and the ratings. That is why his somewhat popular voice on NBS. However, everyone knows his a voice of the government. Though his voice is obnoxious and sometimes outrageous. They still let him go off, because its good TV. I cannot blame NBS. He made entertaining views and perspectives. Him triggering himself and speaking like a AK47 makes people look a bit longer and actually follow a political programme.

Who else could carry a yellow beret and a hammer on TV and get away with it. Only Mirundi could walk around and promote the NRM without any fuzz or hesitation. So Tamale has done his job and with full vigour for years. They fired him for causing havoc in the State House, but still saw his value. That is why he was eligible and able to stay relevant on the screen for so long.

He could get away with gun-running at a radio station, being vocal against certain members of the State House and still be a commentator at one of the biggest TV channels of the nation. This was all happening because he was one of them. Though he has acted a fool and went wild, but haven’t to pay anything for doing so.

The Uganda Communication Commission has switched off his broadcast on a radio station before. So him being suspended from participating at NBS TV isn’t new for him, but following a pattern and historical precedence in concern to this man. It’s all Mirundi folks.

Tamale Mirundi has this gift. When you have such passion, such wordings and speaking at high volume. At some point you trigger someone off. Mirundi should know this, but clearly he doesn’t care. His rants are epic, even if I don’t agree with anything of what’s his saying. Mirundi is the gaslighter-in-chief for the regime.

That is why its weird his suspended from the NBS TV. Just like Mira Matembe became too a while ago. She was for the reason of being a strong and independent sole, who has no issues or quarrels hammering at the government. However, that is not the case with Mirundi.

Mirundi might be a lot to handle, be vocal spirit and speaking without a filter, but he was always on point for the government. Its not like he was challenging the State House, the High Above or anyone in reality. He just continued to speak and let bygones be bygones. That is who he is and what he has become.

Am I shocked about this? No, was this inevitable? Yes. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee’s training video only exposes his grandeur and not his brilliant exercise regime

If anyone in the team and associates around President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni thought the 2 minutes training video from his office in the State House was a brilliant idea. They should be fired, if not handled and learn a lesson. Because this clip is foolish and a POINT BLANK joke at best.

That he was running from one-side to the other side of the room. After a minute of that, than he was doing a bunch a push-ups on the carpet. It’s all cool enough, but no-one calls that exercise or training. There was no direct instruction. Neither any value. The President could have just pointed out to training instructors on Youtube or Facebook who would have done the bidding.

The only thing this video shown was how much space the man has in his office. How big of a desk. How marvellous everything in near proximity. Because, the share area of his office is bigger than most houses. You could have the pantry, kitchen, toilet, living-room and a bedroom. All in the space of the office he was running back-and-fourth in.

We did not learn any new techniques of training in smaller spaces, which would be what the ordinary public has. Since, no one except the elites has that amount of space to do their training within their own quarters. The President should know this, the ghettos, the village housing and so fourth isn’t as big as his office. That is just a mere reality.

He should have considered that before filming. Running like a crazy maniac. Running like the roadrunner wall to wall. This didn’t make him neither smart nor brilliant. Instead, this video exposed his ignorance to the plights of his citizens. That he doesn’t care that people have less space and lacks the ability to do what he does.

It is fine to see an old man, of advanced age have the ability to move like he does and that his fit to do push-ups. Very good for you Mr. President. However, this video, this video-clip didn’t do you any good. Only make you look like a ignorant fool. Which is never a good move. Your handlers are mocking you. They are exposing you and I think you doesn’t get that.

However, your own words and actions are showing it too. Therefore, your playing a game you cannot win. This isn’t a battle in the bush, in the Parliament or with political shadow-games. This is the mere reality, the facts. That he should have had someone who has a training studio together with him in a small space. Make a video together and then put it out.

This was useless flex, only pointing out his wealth and his giant office space. Peace.

Opinion: Kusasira, your eating now, but it will not last forever

If you remember the shiny suits era of Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, even Diddy for that matter. Than, you know he had Black Rob, Mase, The Lox and other artist on his rooster. Now, none of them is nowhere. Why do I say that?

Well, the same lesson has to be taken by the musicians now associating, becoming presidential advisors and inter-connected with the State House and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. One of the new associates and Presidential Advisor Cathrine Kusasira will end-up like Mason Betha aka Mase. Cry foul, be bitter and left astray.

There will be no difference with her. Right now she is driving an SUV, she has more cash than she can spend and arrogance higher then Mount Elgon. However, she does not have the credibility nor the accountability to stand for this money. Neither, does she has the history, the moral background nor the capacity to prove her distinctive value as an Presidential Advisor. She’s just there to be a ghetto gimmick.

Cathrine might think highly of herself. As she is proud showing of the newfound wealth, the short-sighted and lack of tact. Not that Kusasira is considering that, she is her moment of glory and proudly one of them now. She is the NRM and the NRM is her, apparently.

The shiny suits did end, just like it flashed the seen, the gritty realities got into the music and took away the poppy sound of Bad Boy Records. In this regard, the same will happen to Cathrine and her like. They are useful tools now ahead and during campaigns for 2021. As they are representatives for the lost generation of the ghetto, which is where Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine directly represents. That’s why the President has picked her and gave her the pedestal now.

Well, you might bash in glory, you might have the money and able to push your narrative for this moment. The monetary gains feels like winning the lottery right now. However, this money is tainted, the cash that is shown will be proof of how easily you could be bribed and gotten used by the President. It is not a prove of a independent mind, but someone whose bought…

You got your shiny suit, you got your bag of money, but you didn’t build anything. Neither did you as an advisor do anything that has benefited the public. The only thing Kusasira is showing the world, the republic that you get benefits from being used by the President. That you don’t have any common sense or ability to see all of this.

Well, the shiny suit, the SUV and the bag of cash. However, that will not save her or her mission.

Cathrine. You might have it all right now, but this will not last. You might not see it, but we do. Even Puff Daddy said: “Bad Boys for Life”. But how many of his original rooster is there with him today? Not so many right? Yeah. Think of that for a moment. Peace.