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Mzee gives the government officials double and triple salary rises in the Ministry of Public Service!


A letter dated from the 12th January 2017 from the Ministry of Public Service is estimating the current salaries and then the new salaries of certain civil servants. These are interesting as the first one mentioned in this letter where the salary of the Chief Justice Bart Mugunda Katureebe who had a salary of 11,560,150 UGX per month in 2016. But from now on he will get the double salary of 20,000,000 UGX per month. Certainly it is service rendered for the positive judgement and also accepting the rigged election results. This means by a full year wage as CJ will earn UGX 260m.

The other lucky guy who gets new pieces of gold every month is his underling, the Deputy Court Justice Stephen Kavuma went from a decent 10,532,581 UGX per month to the gracefully 18,000,000 UGX per month; which is very close to the double salary for his acts against defiance and proven loyalty to the regime. DCJ would then earn in a year’s salary UGX 116m.

Then you have one who walks in the shadow who also got a decent pay rise John Mitala, the Head of Public Service goes from earning 4,952,059 UGX in 2016 to earn the loads of 17,600,000 UGX. Mr Mitala surely has worked his loads of paper to be so well compensated the year after the elections. He gets his new salary increase which can be calculated up to a triple of what the current one is, that means that his current new yearly salary will be about UGX 211m.

Under the well paid Mitala, there is the Deputy Head of Public Service Vincent Opio-Lukone who also deserves recognition it seems by the regime. His meagre monthly salary until now has been UGX 4,099,486. So the government will give him better conditions for his hard work and labour so they raise the salary up to UGX 15,500,000 per month. That means the Deputy Head of Public Service earns per year UGX 186m.

So when all of these men has gotten their pay rise and the key civil servants under the State Minister and Minister of Public Service, the Permanent Secretary Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire deserves a rise from the meagre monthly pay UGX 3,768,835. So the Secretary gets a salary to the levels of UGX 15,400,000 per month. Yearly salary will that will be UGX 184m!

So we can see that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni can afford to pay handsome wages to loyal cronies as the “Presidential Handshake” make him dole out more funds on his allies. The regime does what it can to pay for loyalty. This is happening while the government are getting more in debt and troubles with interests on those loans. That is certainly a evil spiral of bad spending government funds. Peace.


Senegal: “L’opération restauration de la démocratique Gambia” (19.01.2017)


Barrack Obama: A Letter of the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (19.01.2017)



Opinon: On the day ECOWAS forces are fighting for the Gambian Democracy; What if other Regional Bodies like EAC, IGAD or SADC did similar in their regions?


In this days we see the strength of one collaborate effort from Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), which has the strength of the Nigerian Army and other ones in the unity. The trading partnership of these nations involved in the regional group are now showing strength by supporting the The Gambian Republic and their wish for a change of an executive as they have put a joint operation from Senegal to invade and put the newly elected President Adama Barrow. The President, the incumbent Yahya Jammeh doesn’t want to step down, even as his army are filled with deserters and his loyal ministers who have resigned. Soldiers are even said be to be staying in the barracks instead of being in the field battling the joint operation. The others have fled to Senegal if they we’re legal counsel or minister, where the President-Elect where Barrow are sworn-in today.

What we should wish if there we’re other regional efforts who cleared the way and paths for nations to be free from their dictators and leaders who don’t stepdown. This would be a step up for international bodies where they actually have the ability to do something quickly without too long procedures. The United Nations Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council usually tend to use to long time to be able to fix it or even get voted mandate to engage in the troubled nation.


Gambia has had an election and now the ECOWAS have their army besides the borders. This is happening as the reports from Banjul hasn’t been hopeful as there still Presidential Guards around the Mansion of Jammeh today. The capital is also said to be a ghost time as the fear of the coming ECOWAS army arriving with the newly elected President. If they will come they will bring something new to Democracies around the world. That with or without mandate from the United Nations; the Regional Effort would deal with a thieving of a nation from one man. There reports that ECOWAS are sending the fighter jets over Gambian land, to prove that their behind Barrow and not Jammeh. This proves their will of standing behind the will of the citizens of Gambia. The warships have also blocked the waterways out of Gambia, so the incumbent should feel fenced in.

So what if these we’re common acts when people stole power and wouldn’t leave the Republic’s or nations. Like if Southern African Development Community (SADC) had gone in after the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and opposition presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai won the election over incumbent Zanu-PF leader and President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe in the year of 2002; that after a fraudulent election where the incumbent did ballot stuffing and other tricks to secure mandate for another term. If SADC had been honest and had military power they could have come with a joint operation of armies of Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and less battalions from the other representative nations. As they would be stationed in South Africa and covered the borders with jet planes and tanks to settle grievances between a rigged election and the citizens who demands democracy in Zimbabwe.

Just as we could wish Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) would do something when they have lingering Presidents in power, which they would use their levels of experience and armies to prove that the people’s wishes should matter. The IGAD could have used their forces on the border and taken acts against civilians as acts against humanity, where the IGAD structure would shield their people like in the Republic who has the headquarter in Addis Ababa, so that means that Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan would have armies besides the border for the violence and killings in Oromia and Amhara in 2016. The same would be for the Kenyan, Ugandan, Sudan and Ethiopian who would act against the civil war and killings inside South Sudan. The same as people have been claimed that President Museveni has cheated himself into power and therefore an illegitimate government. This is something that could have happen and has already happen; would the IGAD act upon it?

Than we have the Eastern African Confederation (EAC), which is based in Arusha in Tanzania. That one has the co-operation between East African Countries. If this one really cared about invalid and illegitimate elections would the EAC have voluntarily sent troops to Burundi to stop the internal bloodshed and the assault on liberties; as the illegitimate government of President Pierre Nkurunziza came into power through a farce of an election in 2015! This could also been done from the EAC when we are thinking of the acts of the TGoNU in South Sudan as the violence escalated in 2016 after they had become a member state in the EAC. That would be of legitimate concerns and not with monetary gains as the UPDF went into the Republic to shield President Salva Kiir Mayardit before the new peace-agreement with him and Dr. Riek Machar. This time around they could go in shield the nation from both parties as they are victims of a power struggle against SPLM and SPLM-IO.

Nigerian Army in Senegal 18.01.2017

Nigerian Army in Senegal 18.01.2017

So the SADC, EAC and IGAD doesn’t have the reach or the wanted play to stand by the citizens, it’s more like it is a Presidents clubs where they can lounge and drink tea abroad. They should be unites and cooperation for the benefit of all the member states and their citizens. These ones shouldn’t just be for general trade and infrastructure projects between the nations. If they would be functional they would serve the people when needed. Still, this is a dreamful wish. Not that I wish them to have functional army, but joint operations like the one in Gambia happening today in the favour of the winning President Barrow. We should hope for more of these engagements and operations to besiege an already illegitimate regimes in nations, where the neighbours and the cooperatives their parts of are taken matters into their own hands. This is ten times better than when the United States, France, Germany or United Kingdom is sending their mercenaries to overpower and to overthrow a foreign power. This acts of today in Gambia, will not be seen as a neo-colonial relic put into our present day, instead it will be remembered for the collective effort of fellow nations on the continent acting on their own will and for the best of the Gambian democracy. That is rare and hopes for the best of humanity, not the last as the citizens of the world deserve a fair beating of the tyrants who clings to power. Peace.

Botswana no longer recognises Mr. Jammeh (19.01.2017)


Gaborone, 19th January 2017: Following Mr. Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to hand over power to the President-elect Adama Barrow, in accordance with the expressed will of the Gambian people, the Government of Botswana announces that it will no longer recognise Mr. Jammeh as the President of Gambia, together with his Government. This decision which takes effect immediately is consistent with Botswana’s position as articulated through the Press Release of 16th December 2016.

Mr. Jammeh’s decision not to respect the will of the Gambian people undermines the ongoing efforts to consolidate democracy and good governance in The Gambia and Africa as a whole. This is also in direct contravention of the spirit and aspirations of the African Union Constitutive Act.

The Government of Botswana therefore continues to appeal to the international community to do all within its power to exert pressure on Mr. Jammeh to hand over power in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Kalonzo Musyoka shocked after BVR reveals this crucial information (Youtube-Clip)

President Yahya Jammeh Lawyers advice: “In the Interest of Peace and Stability” (17.01.2017)


Letter from DCC: A New Gambia Shall Rise Again (19.01.2017)


As we write with heavy hearts and glimmer of hopes that our country is on the brink of being turned to ashes, one cannot certainly say that we haven’t exhausted all necessary means to avoid a potential catastrophe. The young children, women, old, sick and poor are the ones that pay the heaviest prices and thus the reason why Gambians have always chosen the right and peaceful way to express their dissent and change of government via the ballot box. While some around the hinterland cannot be reached or as a naive mind may dismiss as being safe since the central skirmishes appears to be in Banjul, the State House, we are equally concerned and wish to coordinate with every Diasporan who can reach loved ones for information dissemination and emergency assistance as needed.

The situation in The Gambia is tense, unpredictable and we are doing everything possible to provide information and assistance to loved ones and the diaspora. The declaration of Emergency unfortunately heightened the security of the nation and have therefore plunged Gambia into a refugee crisis. We are calling on the UNDP,UNHCR, IMF, WB,Red Cross and all other disaster preparedness agencies to draft a contingency plan for Gambians. We are calling the Obama administration to provide humanitarian assistance to the Senegalese as our host for thousands of Gambians fleeing their country. We are also calling on the British government to provide technical assistance in satellite feeds, setting up refugee camps around the borders,food, healthcare and transportation. We are also calling on the SeneGambian diaspora to join hands and raise needed funds to help their fellow citizens currently in harms way. As per World Bank, the Gambian diaspora contributed over 20% of GDP and such task of sustaining Gambian lives is not Herculean especially when lives depend on your efforts. It will be hard as no one can anticipate in the foreseeable future if such turmoil will end in days, weeks or months. We are calling on GDF to start a fundraising campaign or liaise with other organizations to help save Gambian lives. https://www.gofundme.com/gambia-humanitarian-crisis

We will create an information bank to track and report Gambians missing through forcefully disappearance or not reachable due to personal protection and safety.(https://gambiar2k2016.crowdmap.com/?full=1). We are working with the coalition team to give you updates from Gambia and vetting proper information coming from news sources.We urge calm in the diaspora and let’s join hands together during these hard times.We will be working with international organizations and governments to closely monitor the activities of the current regime and their current mandate by the National Assembly to maintain peace and order.

We want to assure every Gambian that we shall all rise again. The future is bright and what was insurmountable was done on December 1st. We spoke loudly and clearly and rejected despotism and monarchical rule.We have one of the youngest population in the Western Africa and can therefore definitively declare that the our country shall rise again with tenacious resolution for freedom, democracy and rule of law. Gone are the days where a Gambian will not speak freely and responsibly about the affairs of the state. We were never represented fairly and equally as the ones we trusted to steer The Gambia were devoid of character and morality. We have elected a new president and soon we shall join him in rebuilding constitutional, electoral, governmental reforms. A birth of a new nation is here and we are thanking every member state of ECOWAS for such altruistic endeavor as one could have easily concluded that it was a sovereign matter and stayed away but the respect for the Gambian people and their decision is what prompted good ambassadors of justice to put soldiers in harms way to preserve African democracy. We thank the AU, UN, EU and especially Senegal for not only hosting others militarily, opening their borders, transporting refugees and opening their homes but giving the Gambians platforms to talk to the world. We shall rise again. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
DCC Chairperson.

République Démocratique du Congo : Tanganyika, Haut-Lomami, Haut-Katanga, Note d’informations humanitaires du 18 janvier 2017


Gambia: ECOWAS want’s to swear-in the President-Elect Barrow tomorrow and also cease Jammeh’s mandate with force if he doesn’t leave!


We will go into a special situation in Gambia, as the ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) have stationed troops in a joint operation from the West African Co-Operative of Nations. These have sent their forces and armies to Senegal as it borders to Gambia. The nation that had an election in the November 2016, where President-Elect Adama Barrow who won the election, Barrow we’re declared on the 2nd of December.

Aftermath of the time after the election is that President Yayha Jammeh has said he apparently didn’t want to leave office.  Therefore the have been high esteemed visitors from ECOWAS, Communiques from African Union and others who hasn’t accepted that Jammeh want to overstay his mandate after losing an election. The Army has said their behind Jammeh, while many officials and ministers has resigned and fled to Senegal.

Just of yesterday the President Jammeh stated a ‘State of Emergency’ as the loyalist are staying behind him and the ones who wants him to linger in power. There are many other who feels he has done his duty over 2 decades, this happen after his bloodless coup d’état in 1994.  Jammeh has with the latest order can postpone the transition to an administration of Barrow.

So Jammeh is in a long line of executives doing what they can to overstay. This has happen during the recent years and with all sorts of means. If so, being for instance Museveni in Uganda, Nkurunziza in Burundi and now also Kabila in the DRC. Jammeh is just pulling the trick after a lost election and using his knowledge of the army where he came from and the national assembly to continue to reign.

The ECOWAS is making the difference as the fleeing leadership and resigning ministers in the cabinet of Jammeh, proves that his time is up. If they are meaning business, as the ECOWAS has stated that the Barrow will be officiated or sworn-in as President of Gambia tomorrow.

The reports are that troops from Mali, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal are in Senegal to prepare to invade Gambia if their executive doesn’t stepdown. Ghana and Nigeria have themselves committed 200 troops to the effort. Nigeria has even pulled their Nigerian Air Force close to the border.


Like this:

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has deployed to Senegal as part of Nigerian contingent of Economic Community of West African States Military Intervention in Gambia (ECOMIG) – a standby force tasked by ECOWAS Heads of State to enforce the December 1, 2016 election mandate in the The Gambia. The NAF today moved a contingent of 200 men and air assets comprising fighter jets, transport aircraft, Light Utility Helicopter as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft to Dakar from where it is expected to operate into Gambia. The deployment is also to forestall hostilities or breakdown of law and order that may result from the current political impasse in The Gambia” (Shewesky Media, 18.01.2017)

Other numbers from the ECOWAs is 530 from Senegal, 600 from Ghana, 100 from Sierra Leone and 1,000 Nigerians. Also 200 soldiers in total from France, United Kingdom and Germany as well! In this joint operations there are also reported to have 30 Fighter Jets and 300 B2 Fighters to ensure the surrendering of Jammeh in Gambia.

That is unique and special in our time that ECOWAS an foreign force will invade so the Republic will actually respect its current and declared winner of the nearly month old Presidential election. Jammeh has already claimed during December that no army can beat his, his Gambian army. So he will not back-down from a showdown. ECOWAS proves their behind their words when the stable an army in such quick way and put them on the border to Gambia. This in the same week as the Kingdom of Morocco has already offered Jammeh a “golden retirement”, but big-men like him only leaves when they have too. Even Napoleon had to return and create havoc in Europe. The same could Jammeh be capable of as he went from being a Lieutenant to become a President.

Jammeh, is really in trouble as hackers have even hacked the State House web-page and switched Barrow to be President on it. As he is sitting in the Palace or whatnot planning and wondering how the ECOWAS will strike him. Surely he could be paranoid in Banjul, as many loyal cadres in the cabinet have resigned of late, because of fear within and they will not stand beside a man who doesn’t have the mandate for a new term.

There reports in Banjul that soldiers have left their arms, as the reports of the ECOWAS army beside their border. The soldiers are actually deserters from the army as there are even circulated uniforms in the streets. That is happening as the Jammeh family itself flees the capital.

So the reality is that ECOWAS is intervening in way we haven’t seen, a collective quick effort to oust an illegitimate president from power. As an answer to the lingering reign of one man in one Republic, The Gambia deserves better and they should get their righteous Executive. Though it shouldn’t be needed to the Joint Military Operation in Gambia isn’t a wishful ceasing of Jammeh’s mandate. Well, then Jammeh hasn’t been the most steady character or leader. So these acts would be seen as reasonable for him. Jammeh has for instance said he would step-down to back-down from it in under a week’s time.

Jammeh, is truly out of time and the ones that will lose their lives are innocent Gambians, Gambians who lose economic future and businesses hit by the lacking of tourism while the crisis lingers. Also these soldiers from the international community who loses valuable soldiers to get rid of an executive who doesn’t want to leave his office.

ECOWAS shouldn’t need this, but maybe the one who takes power with the gun, only will leave when bigger guns are put to his face. Therefore the warships, fighter-jets and battalions in Senegal from dozens of nations might help to give sufficient pressure of a power-hungry individual. The Gambia and the Republic deserves somebody who they wanted to lead. Now they have a man who is trespassing. President Jammeh is now using his time in office to try to trade more time. Seems like the ECOWAS acts on behalf of the citizens and if the reports from Banjul are true, than the soldiers have been dropping their guns. That will ease the loses and the tactical drama of the besieging Jammeh. We will only know when the reports keep piling in. Peace.

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