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Press Release: World Bank Group Suspends Financing to the Inga-3 Basse Chute Technical Assistance Project (25.07.2016)


WASHINGTON, July 25, 2016 — The World Bank Group has suspended disbursements of funding to the Inga-3 Basse Chute (BC) & Mid-Size Hydropower Development Technical Assistance (TA) Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This follows the Government of DRC’s decision to take the project in a different strategic direction to that agreed between the World Bank and the Government in 2014.

On March 20, 2014 the World Bank’s Board approved a US$73.1-million grant from its International Development Association (IDA) for the project, consisting of Inga-3 BC development support (US$47.5 million) and mid-size hydropower development support (US$25.6 million). At the time of suspension, approximately 6% of total project financing had been disbursed.

The Inga component of the TA project aimed to finance a flexible suite of technical assistance, including strategic advice to the Government, complementary studies, capacity building, and institutional strengthening. The IDA TA project aimed to support a government-led process for the transparent development of Inga-3 BC as a public private partnership. The World Bank Group is in a continuing dialogue with the Government about the implementation arrangements of the project, with the goal of ensuring that it follows international good practice.

The World Bank Group remains committed to supporting the DRC in its efforts to provide affordable and reliable energy for its people and to drive sustainable sources of growth for its economy. Beyond the Inga project, the Bank Group will remain engaged in the electricity sector in DRC by focusing on improving the performance of the State Utility SNEL, rehabilitating mid-size hydropower plants, increasing energy access, and continuing support to regional transmission interconnections.

#Tajamuka, Reactions after Lynda Masarira was remanded in custody by Mbare Magistrates

Why Mugabe regime targeting Lynda Masarira (Youtube-Clip)

South Sudan Crisis: Useful forged CIA-Letter of overthrowing the TGNU, Sworn-in Gen. Taban Deng Gai as FVP; Dr. Riek Machar at unknown destination and silencing the will for greater AU Force in South Sudan!

SPLA during a previous function in Juba

There are those day we’re the intelligence are to real or just too good to be true. Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America had apparently a conspired plan to overthrow the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) of South Sudan with President Salva Kiir and FVP Dr. Riek Machar. As the letters state in 2015 and 2016; just as the forged letters from SPLM to directly attack SPLM-IO bases as Dr. Riek Machar have fled his home and government position in Juba after the clashes around 7-9 July in the capital.

It is not like US doesn’t have a history of overthrowing and instating puppets in other nations. That is part of their foreign policy of late, neither if they like it or not. It has been for better or worse, even created worse dictators then the ones they have brought down; or like in modern times created power-vacuum in the nations they have brought soldiers into; which last and last as the local forces and militias fight each other as the American armies flee for their unpopular war in the nations and also the cost at home for the American President.

But this isn’t about that, this is how the manufactured letters are setting standard and edge on diplomacy between South Sudan and United States. As the US are part of the Troika, which is United Kingdom (UK) and Norway. They we’re all putting their stakes into the leadership as they wanted to stop the civil war between Khartoum and Juba as the decades of war could stop with a peaceful transition and new government structure of the greater Sudan and the South Sudan. Still, the years after independence have bloody with power-struggle, internally displaced persons and migration to neighbour countries. This is putting an edge on the letter as Dr. Riek Machar haven’t been long in Juba, just putting his men into the Government and Cabinet. Together with stating the codes of the Peace Agreement of 2015 where the parties of SPLM-IO and SPLA/M works for unity and progress of the world’s youngest nation!


Just as the news of Gen. Taban Deng Gai of SPLM-IO have not only been asked for being fired as Minister and kicked out of the party of Dr. Riek Machar; still within hours of that he we’re sworn-in as First Vice-President of the Republic of South Sudan. That is a blow for the SPLM-IO, but the leadership of SPLM-IO should know that Gen. Taban Deng Gai had ambition; even I knew as he spoke in 2015 that he would like a greater role in South Sudan. Apparently, the offer from SPLM we’re too good to turn down.

While that was happening, the news of a CIA letter and the release of it happen online. It just had to happen as the Dr. Riek Machar is hiding in an unknown place. The CIA letter talking about planned overthrow of the government; just what a government need to pull the strings and use force against an enemy, even use the enemies as pushing away other fractions that are troubling for the government. So if that was the goal of the new TGNU of South Sudan. That would been the gift and the worthy price as they also could condemn one of their major donors of acts against sovereign will. Not only use it as a tool against accepting African Union or bigger Peacekeeper Force in the nation. Something that interferes with the SPLA already!

South Sudan CIA Letter 2016

But take a look!

News from 2012:

“In a response to written questions from The Washington Post, the U.S. Africa Command said that it would not comment on “specific operational details.” (…) “We do, however, work closely with our African partners to facilitate access, when required, to conduct missions or operations that support and further our mutual security goals,” the command said. Surveillance and intelligence-gathering operations, it added, are “simply a tool we employ to enable host nation militaries to better understand the threat picture.” (Whitlock, 2012).

Important information about troops in Juba:

“In order to keep the Embassy open, on July 12 a small contingent of U.S. military personnel deployed to Juba to assist the Embassy in temporarily bolstering its security and assisting with the departure of non-emergency personnel. The additional U.S. troops in Juba and those dispatched to neighboring countries are there only to protect the Embassy and American citizens who are leaving South Sudan because of the conflict. Citizens of Juba can expect to see a rotation in military personnel during the week of July 18. This rotation of troops is to replace not reinforce the number of military personnel. All of the additional troops will return home when the need for additional security no longer exists”(U.S. Department of State, 2016).

Mark Toner the U.S. Spokesman said this today:

“Any suggestion that the United States has done so or will do so is false, baseless, and not in the interest of peace in South Sudan” (…) “Why would someone circulate a document like that, because I know your listeners understand it is a ridiculous and untrue assertion. I think someone is trying to hurt the historic and deep relationship between the United States and South Sudan” (Radio Tamzuj, 2016).

South Sudan CIA Letter 2016 P2

If you still believe the letters and take them as true facts. Then your conspiracy theories are too deep and your mind is already set to the fiction. There are true as stated US have toppled governments before, but this was one we’re unlikely. The question that should be asked who would earn political coinage on the letters and their rhetoric as a quest to questions the rulers right now? Who would gain political and military advantage of using a made up enemy?

If you answer those, you might be close to the real deal and the limitation of coverage on the matter. As the crisis is not over, even with the change of FVP, the answer from SPLM-IO shows there are more things to come. Hopefully not a UPDF on steroids defending SPLA and President Kiir; but that has happen before and the oil-money from South Sudan is pleasing the cow-farmer from Uganda. Peace.


Radio Tamazuj – ‘U.S. State Department says report about CIA secret operations ‘baseless’’ (27.07.2016) link: https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/us-state-department-says-report-about-cia-secret-operations-baseless

U.S. Department of State – ‘United States Reassures Support to South Sudan (17.07.2016) link: http://m.state.gov/md260155.htm

Whitlock, Craig – ‘U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa’ (12.07.2012) link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-expands-secret-intelligence-operations-in-africa/2012/06/13/gJQAHyvAbV_story.html

AU Letter on Morocco and Western Sahara from President Ali Bongo (26.07.2016)

AU letter to Marocco July 2016

Al Jazeera’s exclusive interview with Riek Machar in South Sudan (Youtube-Clip)

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RSA Election update: Defacing DA Posters in Tshwane!

Tshawne RSA

“The ANC’s theft and defacing of our posters is nothing more than a desperate attempt to slow down our momentum in Tshwane as it becomes increasingly clear we can WIN.The theft and defacing of election posters is a clear violation of sections 91, 92 and 97 of the Electoral Act and must be condemned in the strongest terms. We will be lodging a complaint with the IEC” (Democratic Alliance, 2016).

The proof of the ruling party continuation of controlling the Electoral environment by defacing opposition posters. The ANC should be so proud of their reckless behaviour towards the DA. Even if it elections and soon ballots. There should be some respect for each others craft and material. As the Citizens should pick on the merit and free choosing, not by who apparently has a President for the moment. The ANC and their comrades better act up and be within reason. Especially since they have been the ruling party for decades now and need to give way for justice and common sense. Peace.

Valgets kval – Første gang stemmegiver uten partitilhørighet; I tenkeboksen inntil Stortingsvalget 2017!


Det neste stortingsvalget blir spesielt for meg. Fordi jeg har meldt meg ut av Venstre etter sympati med deres håndtering av sykehus-strid i min hjemby og mitt hjem-distrikt. Selv om jeg bor i Oslo, så vil alltid min by hvor jeg ble oppvokst være mitt hjem. Tigerstaden er bare tilfeldigvis hvor jeg bor akkurat nå.

Dette valget som kommer, som er enda langt frem i tid, eksakt 11. September 2017. Da vil det bli valg på representanter til Stortinget fra fylket en hører til. For meg blir ikke dette lett. Ettersom ideene og politiske rammeverket til partiene virker så diffust. De virker så populistiske og kort-tenkte. De har ikke langsiktighet i seg, bare å sikre et godt mandat for mulige forlik i Stortinget og slikt blir det bærekraftig politikk eller politisk styring.

Det er merkelig i hele min ungdom og studenttid har jeg tilhørt Venstre, ettersom deres verdier og liberale holdning virket som en naturlig motpol til kontrollen fra statlig hold i den rød-grønne regjeringen. Med alder og mer utdannelse ser jeg at samfunnet må legge til verks muligheter for visse liberale tankesett og strukturer, samtidig må det kunne reguleres og justeres slik at det blir en positiv frihet. En frihet til aktøren og borgeren hvor den enkelt får noe godt ut av friheten. For en negativ frihet vil ikke være gunstig eller gi den bærekraft for utvikling som er ønskelig. Dessuten har Unge Venstre og Venstre generelt blitt så markant liberalt at det overstiger villeste begreper. Dette gjør at frihetstanken og miljø overgår naturlige samfunnsordninger og gunstige mellomløsninger. Litt slik som Miljøpartiet de Grønne som vil ikke ha E18 utbygging mot Drammen/Asker og Bærum, men har ingen alternative kostnadsbegrep på kollektiv-trafikk eller tilbud til pendlerne som trenger et bedre stykke vei.

Det er slike dilemma som ikke gjør det lett for å kunne velge parti eller vite hvem jeg skal stemme. Selv om jeg ikke anser Fremskrittspartiet, Demokratene eller andre politiske organ som sprer frykt og forbannelse med ren populisme. Deretter deres hovne holdning mot kollegaer og andre virker motbydelig vil aldri kunne skrive noe pent om Per Sandberg; etter hans usannsynlige angrep på Knut-Arild Hareide der han påsto at han var skyldig i terrorisme. For deretter å kunne beklage for ubegripelige angrepet på hans person. Ikke minst også Anders Anundsen arrogante holdning og premisser for sin tolkning av lover og regler som også til tider strider mot allmenn skikk som statsråd. Der FrP har også en annen statsråd som behandler saker på ubegripelige måter. Sylvi Listhaug som ikke en gang vil se til forskning og konstatere sine valg på egen idelogi. Deretter begriper ikke de Blå-Blå i regjeringen hvorfor dette er tvilsomme greier.


Det er mange prioriteringer og inne enkelt løsning, selv om når man høre visse nasjonalister eller de-som-er-redde-for-kulturen uten å kunne nevne hva de er redd for miste. Så er alltid løsningen mindre innvandring or immigranter. Selv om fleste av disse gjør de jobbene Nordmenn ikke vil gjøre eller er en del av positivt felleskap. De klandres ofte for å være i egne grupper og ikke alltid sosialiseres med nordmenn.

Det som ikke blitt snakket om er at det finnes helt lik situasjon med Nordmenn i Spania. Der en har Norske-Ghettoer, der nordmenn har levd i 30 år i Alicante og kan ikke snakke Spansk. Vi bør være stolte av våre egne holdninger. Sjekk Tønsberg Blad sommeren 2016, så finner du en deilig artikkel! Dette er det ikke snakk om fra disse tåkefyrstene, fordi vi skal klandre andre, men ikke oss selv. Lettest å klandre en Somalier i Norge, enn en Nordmann i Alicante.

Deretter er en mengde partier. Både på sosialistisk og borgerlig side. Der en har både de som lever i Narnia og de som har en viss oppnåelig parti-program som kan fungere. Noe som både er engasjerende og merkverdig er hvordan noen av partiene lover å løse konflikter langt unna, men har ikke løsninger som virker fullstendig på ventelister til sykehjem eller dags-pasienter til nærmeste sykehus.


Så å skille klinten fra hveten blir ikke lett. Ettersom det loves og snakkes, det spekuleres og differensieres mellom de politiske skillelinjer. De Sosialistiske partiene som Rødt, Sosialistiske Venstre og Arbeiderpartiet har alle gode politiske fundament og overbevisning; samtidig som problemet er at enten blir statelig styring for stor eller for lite merkbar. Ettersom Arbeiderpartiet har frigitt mye av reguleringene slik som på Televerket, Strøm og eiendomsmarkedet. Dette har gjort at etter frislippet har det kommet flere aktører og bedrifter, som i sin tid har skapt arbeidsplasser og kapitalflukt. Samtidig har også prisene steget over inflasjonsraten. Dette gjør at de midler man trenger for å komme inn på eiendomsmarkedet nå er markant høyere, enn når det var statlige regulerte hus-priser. Det er slikt som er et dilemma for meg og som er en negativ frihet.

Den frihet at marked skulle styre seg selv, har gjort at eiendomsmagnater og rike landeiere kan eie og selge dyrere. Samtidig som flere og flere sliter med å komme inn på eiendomsmarkedet. Derfor er jeg i tvil om dette vil justeres eller bli værende slik inntil vi får en ny bolig-boble. Ettersom Eiendomsmeglere og banker tjener flesk på borgerne. Å politikerne kikker vekk så blir det værende slik. Derfor må man stille spørsmål om politikerne har planer, plattformer med politisk rammeverk for en passende reform for styring av eiendomsmarkedet som ikke bare tilpasset de rike, men også den alminnelige arbeidstaker.

Deretter har du borgerlige partier, der jeg har stemt mest og på Venstre. Der KrF er i krysningspunktet mellom Arbeiderpartiet og Venstre. En midtlinje som diffust verdsetter familier og positive strukturelle ideer, men har verdibasert grunnlinje som mer eller mindre forsvinner i familie istedenfor motsatsen til sekulære partier. Dette gjør det vanskelig å velge de, etter som grunnvollen virker mer og mer fjern. FrP er ikke ett alternativ. Heller ikke Høyre ettersom de er stumtjenerne til de rike og freidige. Til de velstående og ordner lett skattelette til de med formuer og preges av neo-liberale holdninger hvor en skal fri-gjøre alle institusjoner og klare å bryte byråkratiet, men uten å ane hva konsekvensene av slikt kan medføre. Både kutte i skatter og gjøre staten mindre, selv om man i praksis har like mange oppgaver og borgere. De har et underlig verdensbilde disse Høyre-Folka.

Så finnes det partier som Senterpartiet, Pensjonistpartiet og så videre. Det skal ikke lett for meg å finne nytt parti å stemme på og hvem som virker mest lovende til neste stortingsvalg. Det som definitivt stemmer, at jeg vil ha tid og se om jeg ser politikere som tenker mer enn 4 år frem i tid og 2021. De som er slik er ikke aktuell for meg. Vi trenger langsiktig og solid styring, ikke ren skjær Se-og-Hør populisme med krydder av negative retorikk. Konstruktive plattformer med anselig politikk som kan gjennomføres og videreføre de gode fundamentale velferdsordninger vi allerede har. Peace.

Press Release: Switzerland Responds to New Humanitarian Needs in South Sudan (27.07.2016)

WFP South Sudan 2016

Switzerland has decided to provide an additional CHF 2 million to alleviate the suffering of the local population.

BERN, Switzerland, July 27, 2016 – In South Sudan thousands of people have fled the recent hostilities between rival political factions. These new outbreaks of violence have compounded the already considerable humanitarian needs in the country. Switzerland has decided to provide an additional CHF 2 million to alleviate the suffering of the local population.

Switzerland is concerned about the fate of the civilian population of South Sudan following the outbreak of hostilities at the beginning of July 2016 in the capital Juba and other parts of the country. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will release CHF 2 million to help the victims of this new wave of violence.

Half of this amount will be channelled to the South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund, to which Switzerland has been contributing since 2014. The funds will help finance the operations in the SDC’s three priority sectors in this country: food security, water and the protection of civilians. The other million will be allotted to the World Food Programme (WFP) to assist efforts to fight food insecurity, which is affecting over four million people in the country.

This new outbreak of violence is exacerbating the already dramatic humanitarian situation. South Sudan suffers from extreme poverty and a civil war, which has been undermining it since December 2013.

South Sudan, which is the world’s youngest state, is one of the priority intervention zones of Swiss Humanitarian Aid, whose budget for this country in 2016 amounted to approximately CHF 18 million before this new contribution.

South Sudan is also a priority country of the FDFA’s Human Security Division (HSD), which has been working to implement the peace agreement concluded in August 2015. The HSD is also involved in the reconciliation efforts and in strengthening local government in collaboration with the traditional authorities. The budget for its peace promotion activities totals about CHF 1 million per year.

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