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DP Statement on current affairs Omoro Election, Kifeesi Police, Parliament Amendments and Police Reshuffle (23.08.2016)

DP 23.08.2016

Kampala August 23, 2016– The Elections for the Omoro District Woman MP will be held next week Monday 29th August 2016. We wish to retaliate that our Candidate Pamella Grace Lanyero is still a front runner in the race. We have finalized all efforts to protect the vote and this week we shall round up the campaigns with three Main Rallies. We shall with effect from tomorrow send our teams led by Members of Parliament; DP Whip Hon Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga and the Women President Florence Namayanja. The Party President Norbert Mao will be the overall Field Commander. We have mapped the Constituency to the effect that the DP District Leaderships are to be deployed in respective sub-counties. This therefore puts a straight forward warning to all those with ill intensions of pandering in malpractices. The Kifeesi teams, crime preventers and police should therefore limit themselves only to the constitutional provisions pursuant to Electoral laws. We wish to participate in a free and fair process and we shall not be liable for any repercussions pursuant to contradicting the process.

Constitution Amendment Bill 2016

We are also concerned about the proposal, which is part of several amendments proposed in the Constitution Amendment Bill 2016 and is spearheaded by the Nakifuma County MP to provide for an open term of office for Commissioners under the Electoral Commission. The Bill seeking to extend the term of office of the Commissioners from the current ten-year non-renewable term to an open in a guise to allow for the Commission to retain more experienced individuals to run it is a blunder. This move by all means serves interests of Government and the President in particular. The appointment and permanent retention in such a move is ploy of recycled inefficiency and reward for stealing a vote at a period when no one has trust in the Commission as the President’s employees. This is evidenced in rewarding Eng. Badru Kiggundu in his new appointment as in-charge of Karuma and Isimba Power Dams Construction for the job well done in the EC. We are aware that this is a pilot plot to pave way for Life Presidency and we ask the President and his team to put their hands off the destiny of Uganda.

Police Public Relations Office Reshuffle
The country received the news of the reshuffle of the former Police PRO Fred Enanga. It is never astonishing that the Police Spokesperson is reshuffled because we have seen many come and go. What is startling is how a one Fred Enanga is replaced by the cantankerous Andrew Felix Kaweesi. The move saves Fred Enanga from living a life with his foot perpetually in his mouth. The Party is convinced that this reshuffle at such a time is uncalled for, diversionary and a political move from the IGP to cover up his recent mess in the Police but worse still; the organized mob he aided to attack the Courts of Judicature. We wish to stand clearly and state that the appointment of Kaweesi as the Police image, whether in interim or utilitarian capacity is not welcome at all. The personality of the Spokesperson brings out the entire image of the institution and that cannot be Kaweesi. We have a track-record of him from the days when he was in charge of the Police training school in Masindi. All Police officers who were passed out during his time have messed up the institution and haven’t acted any different from Aron Baguma, Arinaitwe Bwana among others. These are the fruits of Kaweesi!

When he was appointed Kampala Metropolitan Zonal Police Commander, his rough, inhuman and deadly actions as an individual are still fresh in the minds of the people of Kampala and the Metropolitan. This was a bit covered up when he was transferred to head the Human Resource Department and AIGP Director of operations. We have for long known that this is the true image of the Police, but the appointment of a person of such calibre will leave all Ugandans weeping whenever he appears in the media to justify police positions. Whereas the entire institution is rotten, we are convinced there is a better rot than Kaweesi! As a Party, we task Kaweesi in his new capacity to parade IGP Kale Kayihura instead of parading lower officers such as the truck driver. The IGP is at large and he disobeyed Court Criminal Summons.

Kakande Kenneth Paul
Publicity Secretary


Pakistan: Notice under Rule 256 of Rules of Procedure of Provincial Assembly of Sindh, 2016 to move the following Resolution (23.08.2016)

Pakistan Resolution 23.08.2016

ALCU of North Dakota Statement on First Amendment violations at Dakota Acess Pipieline Protests (22.08.2016)


Cannon Ball, N.D.The curbing of peaceful protests at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction is in violation of our core principles of free speech.

Jennifer Cook, policy director of the ACLU of North Dakota has released the following statement on the government action regarding ongoing demonstrations at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction in Cannon Ball, ND.

“The right to protest is fundamental to our democracy and the interference with that right by agents of the counties and the state of North Dakota violates both the spirit and letter of the First Amendment.  As the courts in this state have recognized, the First Amendment forbids the enactment of laws ‘abridging the freedom of speech … or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.’  The protest at the Dakota Access pipeline is precisely the type of assembly protected by the First Amendment.  Peaceful protest is at the core of the First Amendment and restrictions to such activity, such as the closing of highways with the effect of preventing assembly or effective messaging of protesters, should be viewed skeptically.  Law enforcement agents have a duty to ensure that the rights of protesters are protected, not just the rights of corporations. While law enforcement officers have a right to ensure the safety of all of our citizens, this goal should be achieved by ensuring that all citizens, including protesters, are protected and that there are enough police in place to prevent violence, but not prevent peaceful protest or assembly.

The ACLU of North Dakota supports peaceful protests and encourages protesters to know their rights.  Anyone who believes their First Amendment rights have been violated should contact us at www.aclund.org/get-help.”

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (23.08.2016)


The Secretary-General continues to follow closely the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in particular the political dialogue process. He takes note of today’s meeting of the preparatory committee to the national dialogue convened by the Facilitator of the African Union, Edem Kodjo.
The Secretary-General recalls that in resolution 2277 (2016) the Security Council underlined the importance of a credible and inclusive political dialogue to ensure peaceful, credible, inclusive, transparent and timely presidential and legislative elections, in line with the Constitution.
The Secretary-General once again calls on all political stakeholders in the DRC to engage in an inclusive political dialogue in good faith to overcome the impasse in the electoral process. He notes that there is no alternative to a credible political dialogue in the DRC and further urges all actors to refrain from any action that could increase tensions or lead to violence.

Opinion: The U.S. we’re hoodwinked by Kenyan Government on Dadaab; If not it looks like it!

Dadaab Refugee Camp

The Jubilee Government and their leadership have conned themselves from a giant heist today. The heist includes innocent civilians who fled civil wars and disasters in their home country either in South Sudan, Ethiopia or Somalia for safety in Kenya. The reality is that these refugees are pawns in the money game made-up by the Kenyan Government under the lead of CS Interior Joseph Nkaissery who used his powers to succumb the West with their ideals and wishing for the bail-out they needed.

The Dadaab Refuguee Complex we’re a pawn on the chess-set in the fitted schedule of the Government. Therefore the debt-rising government of Kenya just needed to schedule a closure of the settlement to spread fear of their hospitality. With the sense of national security that they could sell to own citizens and also the international community; the news of the closure just happen about the time the European Union we’re triggering negotiations with Turkey about the immigrations and transport of refugees from the Greek Islands toward the Turkish hinterland. This is the kind of cash-flow that Deputy President William Ruto wanted to taste and also President Uhuru Kenyatta. They got their loyal man CS Nkaissery to speak their peace and pay respects to the Somalian Authorities with threats of serving them the fleeing population back to the shores of Mogadishu. Take a look!

Joint Communique from Kenya and Somalia:

“H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta and H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud held bilateral talks at State House Nairobi on Tuesday, 7th June, 2016. The meeting reviewed a wide range of bilateral and multilateral issues in particular peace, security and stability in Somalia, repatriation of refugees from Dadaab and economic cooperation” (Full Joint Communique from Kenya & Somalia ‘On Dadaab’, 2016).

Update from Ministry of Interior:

“For reasons of pressing national security that speak to the safety of Kenyans in context of terrorist and criminal activities, the Government of the Republic of Kenya has commenced that exercise of closing Dadaab Refugee Complex. The refugees will be repatriated to their countries of origin or to third party countries for resettlement” (…) “What is worse is that Kenyans have to pay for the water while refugees get it for free, not to mention the enormous economic cost to businesses in Kenya furthered by the use of the camps as smuggling centres for contraband goods. Refugee camps have become centres for poaching human trafficking and proliferation of illicit weapons which compromises Kenya’s international security rating” (…) “Finally, government shall be putting out a timetable for the execution of the representation process once the Taskforce presents in report, which should be ready by or before 31st May” (Kenya Ministry of Interior, 2016)

From the US to Kenya:

“WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, August 23, 2016 – Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced in Nairobi that the United States is providing more than $146 million in additional U.S. humanitarian assistance to support refugees, voluntary returnees, and drought victims in Kenya and Somalia. This new funding includes a significant new contribution of more than $59 million for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to protect and assist refugees in Kenya, and support voluntary refugee returns to Somalia. In addition, the funding includes new humanitarian assistance of more than $87 million in food and non-food support for refugees and drought victims in Kenya and Somalia. This announcement brings the total of U.S. humanitarian assistance in Kenya and Somalia to nearly $265 million in fiscal year 2016” (…) “The funding announced today will support UNHCR and other international humanitarian organizations as they provide for basic survival of thousands of vulnerable people and durable solutions for refugees, and as they help assist with efforts to improve conditions for return inside Somalia. This contribution is available to support UNHCR’s enhanced plan for the voluntary return and reintegration of Somali refugees from the Dadaab camps and to ensure that any returns that take place from Kenya are truly voluntary, safe and dignified, consistent with international law, and within the framework of the Tripartite Agreement among UNHCR, Kenya and Somalia” (U.S. Department of State, 2016).

Kerry Kenyatta

So the initial plan payed off for the Kenyan Government that they made sure to get extra funds using the Dadaab Refugee Complex and supposedly close it. Well, that doesn’t have to happen if you give us some more donor-aid or general agreement for funding it. Then we can walk away from it. That is how it looks like as the closure of Dadaab happens as the UNHCR and voluntary return of refugees. This is seems like a scheme for me. Not a legit action from the Government of Kenya. They did it when the refugee transports and the negotiations in Europe happen and the Kenyans thought! Why can’t we do the same?

Seemingly with time the U.S. Government knows the issues on the Horn of Africa and in East Africa, as they are allies with Ugandan counterparts, Ethiopian counterparts and also the Kenyans. All of them are involved in the AMISOM mission in Somalia. So the liability of making it more fragile will make it not feasible for the economic development projects from United States to the area if the place turns into shambles. The stability is needed and the Dadaab isn’t a hotbed, but is giant fatigue on the NGOs and the Governments as they are not temporary housing anymore. It’s been static for decades now and the Kenyan wants to get their rewards for their humanitarian activity. So why not the extra donations from the American Government as the looming election and the other prospects as the U.S. Government want to be in peace and diplomatic to the Kenyans.

The Kenyan Government felt the pressure of the International Community as they planned to close the Dadaab. The Multi-National Organizations that are supporting the Camp would be frustrated as much as all the people who wouldn’t have a place to go to or secure future. The mentality of the government proves to what level they will use leverage to gain capital and the fiscal funds. While shipping the rest of the billing are going on the USAID and UNHCR. Peace.


U.S. Department of State – ‘Additional Funding for Kenya and Somalia’ (23.08.2016)


Full Joint Communique Republic of Kenya and Federal Republic of Somalia ‘on Dadaab’ (09.06.2016)


Zvorwadza | I have been tortured many times by the police but this brutality won’t stop me (Youtube-Clip)

Former Vice President Riek Machar flees to Sudan (Youtube-Clip)

“Sudan’s government has now confirmed receiving South Sudan’s former vice president Riek Machar, on what they described as humanitarian grounds. According to a statement from Sudan’s government spokesman, Machar is in need of urgent medical attention. His health condition is however said to be stable. Officials say Machar will get full medical supervision while in Khartoum. He is expected to leave the country for a destination of his choice to complete his medical treatment. The United nations had last week confirmed having helped evacuate Machar from a region within the DR Congo, near the border with South Sudan. There was however confusion about his whereabouts, after authorities in DR Congo denied the UN claims that Machar was in their hands” (CCTV Africa, 2016)

Nigeria: INEC – Inconclusive Elections setting the Records Straight (23.08.2016)

Nigeria IEBC Press Release 23.08.2016 P1Nigeria IEBC Press Release 23.08.2016 P2

Opinion: It’s a House of Cards when it comes to the KCCA and the Elected Kampala Leadership


House of Cards: “a complicated organization or plan that is very weak and can easily be destroyed or easily go wrong” (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, Cambridge University Press).

Kampala 22nd July 2016 is a house of cards. It is evident, it’s in the wind, it’s a maze of joy and crappiness as the President wished it to be. As he let it rots and is a giant toll of unstructured tool of public an institution that doesn’t co-exist or co-operate ordinary as the selected and elected men and woman doesn’t even know their duty or their job. Hard to work when you don’t have a specific workload or deadlines, aye?

There been much speculation between the Chief Executive Jennifer Musisi, Cabinet Minister Betti Kamya, Presidential Advisor Singh Katongole and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. But today more stones started to roll for the already hectic enterprise as NRM like bloated and un-facilitated organizations to represent their past and present achievements.

If you though it was too irrational between the heads on the top it continues to next level. The City of Kampala has 5 Division Mayors who are actually feeling like “Lame Ducks”. Not so strange when Lord Mayor Lukwago is “Ceremonial Mayor”, what should the leader of Nakawa or Kawempe do?

These Division Mayors who feels like extras in Kampala are: Kasirye Nganda (Makindye), Ronald Balimwezo (Nakawa), Joyce Ssebugwawo (Rubaga), Emmanuel Sserunjogi (Kawempe) and Charles Musoke Sserunjogi (Kampala Central). These five Divisions Mayors seems to not have any powers, just the way the Lord Mayor feels and feels overruled by the Executive Director of KCCA and the Cabinet Minister. So when you have Three leaders over you and you are supposed to run it isn’t much left. Not like Dr. Jennifer Musisi is interested in giving way to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, why should she give ways to authority’s legal and operative management of Kampala to the elected leaders in the Divisions?

This is a “House of Cards” for the Authorities as the divided and unsecure placement of the different government bodies and institutions, the Local Councilor’s in the Divisions must have less to do when even their Mayors are complaining about their ability to authorities anything in their constituency as Mayors. When already Lord Mayor has complained about his position and his role in the hierarchy of Kampala; how wouldn’t anybody under him feel?

The system is set-up for the fixed unelected men and woman of KCCA to overrule the Divisions and City Hall as the Chief Executive Musisi can just sweet talk with the Cabinet Minister Kamya as she did with Hon. Frank Tumwebaze. So for her it is nothing new and the Institutions are there, but the how operative are they really, that should be questioned and secondly; which ones does the President wish to work? Because he wants to silence the Opposition of Kampala and make them look bad. So they might picks his leaders instead of their own. Peace.

UNMISS release the estimated civilians or “Protection of Civilians” seeking safety at “PoC Sites” in South Sudan (22.08.2016)

UNMISS 22.08.2016

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