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RDC: Message du Senateur Jean Pierre Bemba a la Nation (26.09.2016)


Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, Eugene Owusu, Closing Remarks at the UN General Assembly High-Level Panel of the Humanitarian Situation in South Sudan (22.09.2016)



The latest from Beni, DRC: Conflicting reports on killings over the Weekend, but certainly ADF-NALU attacked on the 22nd September; sharing the knowledge of the origin of violence in the Kivu’s!


The embattled city of Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo has heavy day of deaths again. First was a rumour that I haven’t gotten verified that there been a FARDC Soldier on rampage killing 13 people. Even ABC in the U.S. and The Guardian in the UK have written their piece on it. But the intelligence from the DRC, which I believes says this.

The rumour we’re spread by this official source:

“Seventeen people were killed Saturday, September 24th in Beni and several others are missing, mainly children, following a stampede caused by rumors of an incursion of ADF in this city of North Kivu. According to the head of Civil Protection of Beni, the situation was aggravated when a FARDC soldier in civilian clothes started shooting in the air. He stated that the balance sheet is still provisional” (…) “During this panic, as it was raining heavily, there are children who have been lost. We are still investigating these children. They took the road Mangina, Butembo and other road, the road of Oïcha. And with respect to human damage, we have 15 deaths by drowning and two by crisis. We are still waiting to receive more bodies to be recovered” (…) “The mayor of Beni, Nyonyi Bwanakawa , called the population fled to the neighboring cities of Beni to return to their homes. “There was panic yesterday [ Saturday, September 24 ] , today there is no panic. The city regained its calm since yesterday. My constituents who went to Mangina in Butembo also everyone back home”, says the mayor of Beni” (…) “What I do have secure sources of is 4 people died by accident, 8 by drowning, 4 people by getting to bottom of Congo Kilokwe, 1 person died in the river Kalinda, 3 people by the river of Munyubelu and 1 person of the market of Kilokwa. So the total of deaths alone in the last day has been 17 persons. Not the ten of the rumour. Still, the verification of the matter and deaths is still worrying how easily these people are dying and to what extent” (Radio Okapi – ‘Beni: 17 morts suite à la rumeur d’une incursion des ADF’ 25.09.2016, link: http://www.radiookapi.net/2016/09/25/actualite/securite/beni-17-morts-suite-la-rumeur-dune-incursion-des-adf?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+radiookapi%2Factu+%28Radiookapi.net%29).

So the rampage of certain soldier is not verified by the Mayor of Beni this time around, even if the 17 people died are more than enough by the scare of the weather and rain. This proves the volatile and scarcity of secure areas in and around Beni.

The ADF-NALU we’re attacking Beni on the 22nd September 2016, there we’re 7 dead by assault, 3 missing and 3 hurt. The ADF-NALU burnt the houses of the ones connected to the FARDC in the town as they we’re assaulting it.

Some say the drunk soldier we’re in a military base or compound where he shot bullets in the air together with the bad weather and with the knowledge of the recent ADF attack made the general public scared that the bullets shot from the soldier we’re a prequel to more horror form the guerrilla.


Interview of Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi on the 22nd September 2016:

Journalist: “You just mentioned the “M23”. What do you say, by cons, some officials who accuse you of being behind the ADF rebels, which are suspected, rightly or wrongly, the massacres of the population of Beni?”

Antipas: “In October 2014, I was the first to raise his voice to say he is going serious things in Beni. I can tell you that the killings of Beni organizer is the General Mundos [Editor’s note: General Muhindo Akili, aka Mundos]. For almost two years. Gradually, everyone starts to realize that there is something fishy. There are even reports that the UN no longer say in easy explanations consisting of pointing accusing fingers towards opponents. Everybody is beginning to realize that the sponsor of these massacres is at the top of the Congolese state. I can not be both the author and the informer of a crime. Why are the authorities so far unable to apprehend the perpetrators of these murders? As directory you can see, I do not live in Beni” (Les Depeches – ‘Antipas MBUSA NYAMWISI expose tous les secrets désagréables de Joseph KABILA’ (25.09.2016) link: http://benilubero.com/antipas-mbusa-nyamwisi-leve-le-voile-sur-les-secrets-desagreables-de-joseph-kabila/).

The reports of the mattes is still sad and strong, the silence of the matter and the little heart of all the fellow human beings dying while the valuable resources are traded showing how cold the world are. While bloody mess are traded with the resources that are exported to all kind of industry and products the world needs. Still, all this silence of the killings from either ADF, FARDC and all the leaders who take charge of the death of innocent civilians in the greed and violence; neither if it is former EX-FARDC Gen. Mundos Muhindo Akili and his fellow EX-FAR.

We cannot know about this and look away. That is madness and no honour. The international media is running wild on the 13 dead by the Soldier, while my intel says the drunk solider just made the Beni, DRC scared by the bullets.

We can all question who is reliable and where this is heading. The FARDC if they can even control the ADF-NALU at this point or if they really want to stop Gen. Mundos Muhindo Akili… Because the killings continue, but the quickness of Mayor Bwanakawa claiming otherwise, but the ADF did just recently attack the town again and a drunken soldier shooting in the air days after skirmishes of a guerrilla sound credible to me. This happens together with bad weather and insecurity of Beni.

So we know there is Ill Will and Ill intent in the Kivu’s and weak state that are only in it for the money and not in it for the security of the citizens. If they had cared than they have had a decade to ‘clear the air’ and make sure the citizens we’re safe. But since the MONUSCO and the FARDC is still there and the ADF still roams the area with violence. There are too many questions while the Rwandan Government still earns heavy currency on precious metals or resources they cannot even produce in quantities and quality minerals that isn’t possible to produce and mine. This happens while the guerrillas are attacking civilians and export to take it Kigali and sell it worldwide. The knowledge of this is open and the world should know by now, but doesn’t sanction them in any way it matters while this resources the fuel guerrillas or insurgents that gets wealthy on the deaths of innocent Congolese.

Beni, Beni dies for the mercy of minerals that helps the world go around, while the world doesn’t really care about the deaths and killings in Beni as they are continuing.


As this old page show’s how the ghost of the past continues to hunt the Congolese:

The United States paid only minor lip service to the charges of human rights abuses during the anti-Mobutu rebellion. This was clearly due to the established connections the RPF regime had with Washington, D.C…the Clinton administration declared its sympathy with Kabila’s assertion that the UN and human rights organizations were trying to impose “Western values” on Africa. As one US official stated, “We have to respect the African point of view” (…) “Perhaps the most ominous indication that the violence in the Congo has yet to see its most extreme devastation is that the North Kivu province contains over 80% of the world’s coltan. Coltan will arguabley be the 21st century’s most important mineral, as it is essential for all the digital technology (microchips) used today. North Kivu resident Vincent Machozi reports that both U.S. and Chinese governmental operatives are active inside North Kivu” (Caroline Smartt – ‘The Roots of the Kivu forgotten tragedy’ (25.04.2008) link: http://benilubero.com/the-roots-of-the-kivu-forgotten-tragedy/ ).

With the knowledge of this and for those who doesn’t know. Now you know the importance of the Kivu’s. That’s why the killings in DRC and Beni are worrying as the world doesn’t do anything to really make the silent war die there. The continued bloodshed and horror of any kind. There we’re once a guerrilla named “Terminator” and surely other will rise to secure the payments for the Coltan and Rare-Earth Minerals from there. Will there be change in Beni and North and South Kivu of the DRC? Peace.

Joint Declaration on the Armed Revolutionary Groups and the Syrian Opposition Coalition of National and Revolutionary Forces regarding the Barbaric Military Escalation against Aleppo City and the Future of the Negotiations Process (25.09.2016)


Bongo hints at including opposition in new government (Youtube-Clip)

“In Gabon, President Ali Bongo is looking to form a new government, after the constitutional court declared him the winner of the disputed presidential election. Bongo says he would “most likely” include his political opponents in the new administration. But the opposition continues to reject his victory. Thuli Tshabalala has more” (CCTV Africa, 2016).

South Sudan: Machar’s War-Cry proves that the SPLM/A-IO making ready for a new Civil-War against SPLM/A or Kiir Government!


“We have been driven back to the bush,” James Gadet, a spokesman for Machar, told the AP on Saturday in a call from Nairobi, Kenya” (New Wires, 2016)

This is serious, this is sad and this is dangerous. The fleeing rebel have gone back to his safe haven in Khartoum where he we’re back-in-the-day when the SPLM/SPLA we’re fighting for liberation from the Khartoum government and free the South Sudan republic. So we’re full-circle with that.

Dr. Riek Machar just came back in late April 2016 and not before long. He wouldn’t return if he didn’t get his military arm into Juba. As much as the Peace Agreement we’re supposed to get the SPLA-IO into the SPLA or the ordinary army; there seemed to be no intention by either party to really make that happening. Just as the TGoNU government we’re fixed together with enough ministerial positions for both parties. So the parties we’re starting of the parliamentary actions. So that the government we’re not only supposed to follow Presidential Decree, but with parliamentary procedures as agreed upon in the Peace Agreement.

Dr. Riek Machar we’re fleeing after the Skirmishes in July where the returned fights between Gen. Salva Kiir’s bodyguards and the soldiers of Dr. Riek Machar.


This was mentioned of the skirmishes before Riek Machar fled the country:

“War started in South Sudan at 5:10pm and all Riek Machiar’s bodyguards killed.As we speak both Salva and Riek are held up at statehouse in Juba and general Paul Malong whos the chief of staff has deployed tanks surrounding statehouse and he’s believed that he’s the one that incited Salva’s bodyguards to kill all Riek’s bodyguards and even the mad Paul Malong ordered his soldiers to open fire at American CIA vehicle” (Taifa Takatifu-News, Opinon and Analysis, 08.07.2016).

After this one and the return of skirmishes in Juba, the battles continued in Wau in Western Bahr El Ghazal and the SPLA-IO closed the Kaya Road in Yei at the Morobo County. There we’re also battles between the armies in the Central Equatoria.

So when the battles between SPLM/A-IO and the SPLM/A continued the rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar fled the country. These happen while the battles happen in Juba and the rest of the county. So the place where he where fled we’re questioned.

Until MONUSCO spelt the beans:

On 17 August, at the request of the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and acting on humanitarian grounds, the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) extracted the former Vice-President of South Sudan, Mr. Riek Machar, his wife and son along with 10 aides from a location inside the Garamba National Park, Haut Uélé province, in the north east of the DRC. Mr Machar had crossed into the DRC from South Sudan, accompanied by several hundred people, including armed elements and civilians” (…) “In total MONUSCO has handed over 117 individuals, including Riek Machar, his wife and son to the DRC authorities. Weapons have been removed from all those transported by MONUSCO” (MONUSCO, 2016).

Just as all this was happening the TGoNU under the leadership of President Salva Kiir went on and asked for Dr. Riek Machar to come back, but not for indefinite time. With that in mind the TGoNU appointed Gen. Taban Deng Gai to the First Vice-President and take the position of Machar. This has been over time established as the return of Machar we’re more unlikely. Even a battalion of 6000 soldiers deflected from SPLM/A-IO to the Juba Government. While the Maribor Garang de Maribor resigned from his ministerial post and turned back to Machar. There been deflection both ways and also different reasons for why people does so.

By late August the Khartoum government we’re saying they accepted the fleeing rebel into their capital as he was healing from wounds and we’re getting recuperating there in safety. Just in the same days the FVP Taban Deng Gai where in the Sudan Capital discussing the peace-agreement between the nations in bilateral talks while the South Sudanese Authorities we’re disappointed in the Sudanese for letting him stay there.



The new FVP Taban Deng said this in an interview 22. August in Khartoum:

Riek Machar did not comply with my advice when he arrived Juba. After he was sworn in, he chose to locate behind Jebel Kujur and continued the same practices that led to the outbreak of the last war in 2013. He is not aware of the things that might anger and please the president, which could influence the relationship between them. Choosing this isolated place after coming back sent the wrong message, suggesting that he was preparing a parallel army” (…) “We did not try to assassinate Riek. If I wanted to do so, I would have withdrawn his guards. He moved with a great force, which led to a clash between the parties. In my opinion, Riek planned to kill Salva Kiir because he moves with great guard force and Salva Kiir wanted to kill him. All his guards died and Salva Kiir assumed responsibility for returning Riek to his house and was concerned with this matter. He asked an officer named Marial to give him a ride to his house and told him literally, “I do not want Riek to be hurt” (…) “Angelina’s ambition to be the first lady led him to this situation. Machar has not looked back since 1991, when many people were killed. In 1997, he signed an agreement with al-Bashir and was not able to implement it, which led to splitting the Nuer into small groups fighting each other. There are problems with Machar’s behaviour – he did not learn a lesson from the previous events, especially with regard to Angelina’s ambition. I am sure the events of July 7 and 8, upon which Machar left Juba, were planned by Angelina who gives orders and says she is the defence minister” (Yam, 2016).

So when news broke about the recent outburst and plans of the SPLM/A-IO in Khartoum and the war-cry from Riek Machar, we all should know there are giant possibility of these men to fight each other with armies to secure supremacy instead of dialogue as the IGAD-Plus extraordinary meetings seems to be as fruitful to peace as the former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mpaka lead Inclusive Inter-Burundian effort. Nearly pointless as the Generals and their battalions are ready to fight over the spoils while the soils is not tilled and 1 million citizens has fled the scene and the United Nations forces are not capable to keep calm in the PoC camps. There are too many disastrous outcomes of the conflict and to many people hurt by it. This also leads to loss of food production and weaken efforts to build institutions and facilities to serve the public. Those who earn on this the suppliers of army equipment like the Canadian firm selling War Trucks to the SPLA and the others who serve it with loyalty and earning huge profits.

This is what Riek Machar was saying:

““wage a popular armed resistance against the authoritarian and racist regime of President Salva Kiir.” (News Wires, 2016).


If this wish get into the hands of the soldiers and they listen to Dr. Riek Machar than there are more bloodshed awaiting with the ones who just lost their lives recently. Not only with the current news of possible draught and loss of food production; has this resulted into hunger and civil war in republic? This has been a battle between the two leaders who wants to run the cash-strapped nation who has been blessed once in a while by the Troika, U.S., UK and Norway. FAO has told about possible hunger and less farming as the fleeing citizens and the ones inside camps instead of having their own farming. They fled because of army battles and insecurity. This reacts into the unstable yields and safety. That with the war-cry of yesterday doesn’t make the outcome of food security any better. With the amount of South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda; the Adjumani refugee camps has grown substantially over the recent months. This is happening while the international community is not pledging enough funds for the men and woman who has left everything behind because of the battle to run South Sudan continues.

The War-Cry yesterday is not bringing hope of dialogue as these men are continuing to show that it is easier to grab the AK-47 or order tanks than speaking of process and making institutions. The War-Cry of Dr. Riek Machar against President Salva Kiir shows the wish of power by the opposition and the extent he will go to take it. This is happening as the return are just briefly months since it happen and the Swearing into be a part of the TGoNU. So the time and work for the Peace Agreement must be seemed as a sham deal by either party. The works of the IGAD and Troika have been a dodged even before the ink got dry.

So now in September, not far away from April; we are returning to 2013 and new rounds of ammunition as the uncertainty of the battalions, armies and loyalties. The friction between who is SPLM/A together with who is SPLM/A-IO?

Together with the resurgence of the SPLM-N in Sudan in the Darfur conflict that lingers on without any kind of stop from rebels and government forces. The peace in the region is continuing to be a question of utopia and not a reality. The Generals cannot talk and apparently only shoot at each other.

This is not the end of battle between Kiir and Machar, they will not stop apparently to one flees or dies. They use force to silence each other. The dialogue and Peace Agreement are not worthy of the paper and time spent on making it. As the months from when it was conceived, to when it was started implemented and now to its end as the SPLM/A-IO is dismantling it with a cry of bush-war and calling counterparts a rogue regime. While the FVP Taban Deng Gai claims the wife of Machar is the one behind the recent skirmishes in Juba.

There the fickle situation turns bloody quickly already in 31st July I wrote “Worrying signs of a new Civil-War in South Sudan”. Now the words of wishing to create it come from Khartoum by Dr. Riek Machar. None of us should accept this as there are already to many people who has suffered in this power struggle. There are too many who has fled their homestead in fear of rebels and government soldiers taking advantage of the situation. The burning of homes, fields and killings of neighbors will continue with the war-cry of Machar. The ones who believes he wouldn’t act upon it, has not followed the man’s wish for power by any means. As much as Salva Kiir Mayardit has no plans to step down from the Presidency.


What we can now that the words and actions of July, the Ethiopians saying their borders are closing for Machar, that the little friends in diaspora is dwindling for SPLM/A-IO while the government of Kiir will have just defense war against Machar. While the U.S. might discuss a Arms Embargo, but to what effect it will have as long as Kiir has loyal support from President Yoweri Museveni in Uganda as long as he pays. Museveni has friends from Moscow to Washington if he needs arms equipment and training. Something Museveni has no problem to deliver as long as the payments are happening without the Parliament or the Central Government in Kampala really knows.

Machar doesn’t have that suction unless Omar Al-Bashir still wants to align himself with him as he let him be there to “heal”. What we can now that the peaceful nation building is getting further and further away as the heads are colliding in the bush and in words. We could hope for another outcome, but the Generals stay Generals and their knowledge of guns and ambush is greater than of process and procedure. That is the proof of the acts of these men and lost are the potential state-building of youngest nation in the world. Peace.


News Wires – ‘South Sudan rebel chief urges armed resistance against government’ (24.09.2016) link: http://www.france24.com/en/20160924-south-sudan-rebel-chief-riek-machar-kiir-urges-armed-resistance-against-government?ref=tw_i

MONUSCO – ‘MONUSCO EXTRACTED HUNDREDS OF INDIVIDUALS FROM THE GARAMBA NATIONAL PARK ON HUMANITARIAN GROUNDS’ (11.09.2016) link: http://monusco.unmissions.org/en/monusco-extracted-hundreds-individuals-garamba-national-park-humanitarian-grounds

Yam, Bel – ‘Angelina Teny caused the war in South Sudan, says Taban Deng’ (04.09.2016) – Link: http://welyam.com/news/aangelina-teny-caused-the-war-in-south-sudan-says-taban-deng/#sthash.qSI7AW1u.dpuf

SPLM/A-IO: The Resolution of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) Political Bureau Meeting September 20-23, 2016, Khartoum, Sudan.


We are not a failed state -South Sudan (Youtube-Clip)

WADA Leaks proves questionable use of medicine/drugs for Van Der Burgh and Niyonsamba


As the big ones like Chris Froome, Serena Williams and others has been credited by major papers as they has to come out with statement on their use of questionable medication to might bolster their achievements as athletes in professional sport. This has been scrutinized over time and trying to stop doping happing as the doped athlete has an advantage, but also cheats themselves to victory over the ones who doesn’t do it to stimulate better results.

First: Cameron Van Der Burgh, the South African swimmer we’re authorised by the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) by Cornel Marculescu on the 8th July 2008. The Swimmer was accepted to take Salbutamol with an inhaler. That would be effective from 23rd June 2009 and expire on the 23rd June 2013. His biggest victory as a Swimmer was winning a Silver Medal on 100 meters breast under the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

The WADA regulation says this:

“     All beta-2 agonists, including all optical isomers, e.g. d- and l- where relevant, are prohibited.


  • Inhaled salbutamol (maximum 1600 micrograms over 24 hours);
  • Inhaled formoterol (maximum delivered dose 54 micrograms over 24 hours); and
  • Inhaled salmeterol in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommended therapeutic regimen.

The presence in urine of salbutamol in excess of 1000 ng/mL or formoterol in excess of 40 ng/mL is presumed not to be an intended therapeutic use of the substance and will be considered as an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) unless the Athlete proves, through a controlled pharmacokinetic study, that the abnormal result was the consequence of the use of the therapeutic inhaled dose up to the maximum indicated above” (http://list.wada-ama.org/list/s3-beta-2-agonists/).

Cameron Van Der Burgh - Silver Medal Rio 2016

Cameron Van Der Burgh – Silver Medal Rio 2016

Even if it is okay on the list, the question remains why these are okay by their regulation to open up windows for enhancing body functions.

To tell what they found out of a test with the medical use of this for non-asthmatics athletes got this:

“after administering a single oral therapeutic dose (4 mg) of the β2-adrenergic agonist salbutamol to healthy, elite endurance trained male athletes, acute ergogenic effects were shown in terms of a reduced extent of EIAH as well as an increment in time to exhaustion during a constant-load test, which indicated a meaningful performance-enhancing effect in a race situation” (Andersen, Kim F. & Kanstrup, Inge-Lis, 01.02.2009 in ‘Official Research Journal of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP)’ ). So the drug has effect in a race situation, that means the effects of it will help when it means the most for the individual using it. So if there is a swimming race the ones taking it will gain advantage for the reaction the body has to the stimuli of the beta-2 agonists.

This was also written about the concerning drug:

Many athletes use the Beta-2 agonists to increase the oxygen intake. Beta-2 agonists such as salbutamol have become a concern in sports because the high doses of this drug can act as an anabolic agent to promote gain in weight, mainly in the form of muscle in the body. However, this increased strength and the increased oxygen intake comes with a risk of health damage. Beta-2-adrenoreceptor (beta-2) agonists are drugs that act as bronchodilators. The drugs stimulate the airways in the lungs to open wider, permitting maximum air to pass. Before coming to be misused in sports as well as certain beta-2 agonists were used illegally in intensive livestock farming. When administered in high doses, these substances promote protein synthesis, which in the case of animals resulted in an increase in the proportion of muscle mass to fat mass. Athletes using these substances for doping anticipate similar effects, as well as a short-term enhancement of performance due to the dilation of bronchial passages. Scientific research has not substantiated these expectations, however. Some beta-2 agonists are prohibited in sports. In some cases therapy for medical reasons must be approved by applying for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). The drugs are especially helpful to asthmatics athletes, who can suffer from insufficient air supply to the lungs due to narrowing of the bronchi. Athletes who take beta-2 agonists can also improve their athletic performance, because of the increased infusion of air. However, this type of athletic enhancement is illegal” (PET, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya-Butana, Distt-Sonepat, Haryana (India) – ‘Beta 2 Agonist: Therapeutic Use Exemption, Misuse in Sports and its Adverse Effect on Health’ (December 2013) – International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR))

So if this was legal by the WADA and their laws to enhance the race of single individual athletes. We all have rights to question this loophole for using asthma medication to get better results when the person involved isn’t asthmatic, which is insulting to the ones who actual need the medication to breath more normally. As these are supposed to be better trained and life-long goal orientated people who shouldn’t need to cheat to gain a medal at any bigger tournament or series. This is two different studies shows that the drug enhances the Athlete for their performance.

Even if WADA allows this one and this drug, why shouldn’t’ they allow the other ones who are similar with the same effects? I am sure there will be reports that counters it, even read one funded by WADA claiming it didn’t and that make me more sceptical as there are so many studies surfaced online that are showing positive results for Athletes without Asthma; which means that the athlete use it can get better results with this. So the individual who does this has to question their own ethics as they are using medication for a chronic disease who many people all over the world has. That athlete’s use it to cheat is insulting to the supporters and the other ones they compete with unless all of them are using it. Then the competition would be the same.

Francine Niyonsaba - Silver Medal Rio Olympics 2016

Francine Niyonsaba – Silver Medal Rio 2016

Second: Francine Niyonsaba, the Burundian runner has been authorised by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on 15th June and it was effective from the same date by Pierre-Yves Garnier, the allowed the Athlete to take Tibolone (Livial) taking it oral, once a day until 15th June 2017. Francine Niyonsaba won a silver medal at the 800 meters at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Francine is controversial because of the ruling of CAS and IAAF before the Rio Olympics that faced scrutiny as the court gave way for Francine Niyonsaba, Caster Semenya and Margareth Wambui to run as Woman in the Rio Olympics. I will not go into that, but just so that isn’t forgotten as the Tibolone and doping is my key aspect to matter in the same regard as the previous athlete.

The Tibolone (Livial) is a: “Livial is different from other HRT. Instead of actual hormones (such as oestrogen and progestogen) it contains tibolone. Your body breaks down tibolone to make hormones. Its effects and benefits are similar to combined HRT” (Livial 2.5mg tablets – 04.04.2016, link: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/medicine/2391).

In 1999 BBC wrote an article about the drug:

“However, Dr Morris says this too can be an advantage since many post-menopausal women have very dry, thin skin. “Replacing hormone levels with Livial can thicken the skin and have the effect of reducing wrinkles,” he said. He added that, besides side effects like bleeding and worries about breast cancer, the reason many women come off HRT is because they expect miracle results from it because of media hype. “HRT just restores hormonal levels to what they were before the menopause. It does improve a person’s sense of energy, relieve hot flushes and protect against osteoporosis, but it is not a miracle tonic,” he said” (BBC.co.uk – ‘HRT treatment ‘can increase libido’, 08.08.1999, link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/388675.stm).

So the menopause and osteoporosis can be “cured” with this drug. The strengthening of bones with added hormones and improves energy for a person. That most seem like a perfect remedy for a runner and Athlete. This is giving an advantage to Francine Niyonsaba towards the other ones she is competing against. That she has hormones used to stop Menopause and osteoporosis, I hope that Francine has the first as woman, but she uses hormones that most likely have enhanced her performance; that is not righteous towards the competitors. Give her strength to compete and energy to achieve more. That the IAAF accepts and acknowledges that the Athletes can do so, apparently!

After just these two cases that Cameron Van Der Burgh and Francine Niyonsaba uses medicine and drugs that enhance their performance and therefor can perform better in competition.

So if the WADA together with the FINA and IAAF accept the athletes to go on like this is proving if we really should believe that professional sports and tournaments are filled with drugged athletes who compete for the first price. But what is the value of the sports if some get rights to use drugs while others get suspended for doing same? Either all of them are using enhancing drugs or none of them. But if WADA together with other International Sports Organizations contributing to the factor that the athletes are not clean; that is on the accord between them and therefore they are not stopping this behaviour. The Sports enthusiasts should complain to their organizations and sports bodies to make sure they stop these kind acts from them doesn’t reoccur if they want honest sports. If the enthusiasts don’t care about the drugs and enhancement of performance, than you can just let slide.

Still, these cases are far from alone as mentioned in the beginning. There are many more questionable cases and athletes who have gotten away with taking enhancement drugs to perform better. While others been sanctioned and been banned from continued to perform on international stage as athletes in Olympics and such. There is a double standard somewhere… and hope somebody catch it. If not I am sure FIFA can help out with their accountability executive? Peace.

Opinion: A failed rebellion from the Labour MPs as the Members votes to keep Jeremy Corbyn!


The United Kingdom politics seems to have changed a lot since the Brexit Election. Theresa May thinks she the second coming to the Queen and tries to the Iron Lady while triumphant acts like a winner; even if she just inherited the honourable Prime Minister government and traded seats to loyalist for her. Well, other news has been the disgraceful and despicable attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and his allies in the Labour Party. The Main Opposition party that has been under fire for their activity and nativity under the Brexit campaign; that has backfired on the central leadership and ended is disarray in the socialist party.

There we’re very few MPs in Public who we’re behind Jeremy Corbyn like Kate Osamor and few other rare Members of Parliament that we’re silent through the storm after the Brexit.

This happens as the knowledge of the rebel MPs who fled the ship and wanted to axe their leader without any concern of how recently he was elected. These we’re the likes of Peter Kyle, Emma Lewell-Buck, Peter Glass, Chris Evans, Heidi Alexander, Steve Reed, Lucy Powell, Ruth Smeeth, David Wayne, Chris Bryant, Ian Murray, Jess Phillips, Andy Slaughter, Lillian Greenwood and Angela Eagle. All of these MPs wrote letters resigning from the Shadow Cabinet and later worked to do what they could to marginalize their leader. They even had a vote in Parliament where they Opposition voted no-confidence in Corbyn.

In a big party as Labour there would be natural that their more than one major wing. In the Labour Party of United Kingdom, you have the Blairites, the once that you cannot spot the difference between if they are Liberal-Democrats (Lib-Dem) or Conservative Party (Tories) as they acts are the same, but hints of collective consideration when they need too. Than you have the Right-Wing socialist and Labour Unionist that is core bases of the Party. These two wings are the ones that have fought for control of the party. The Legacy of Tony Blair and his New Labour is hunting the Party like a vindictive disease that it cannot kill off. Instead the internal squabbles strengthen the Theresa May government and her brash tone towards the world. While the looking non-member possible voter feels that Labour Party is not the first choice because they cannot control themselves.

There been enough scandals and wrong methods from the leadership under Corbyn. But he has been a backbencher and not a key player until late. The once behind him and the core leadership should have backed him and given him better advice and made sure that certain Anti-Semite slurs wouldn’t be associated with the party and some of the MPs who are loyal to Corbyn. As much as Corbyn should have used a stronger force in the Brexit campaign to gain momentum for what he believed in at that junction. But let’s be clear, the coup d’état that the Shadow Cabinet Ministers are not how to run a party; it is how to ruin a party. Some of these should just flee the Labour Party; ask for forgiveness in their role of disfranchising the Unions and Members of the Party. Or be noble and find a new home. The rebel MPs should beg for forgiveness for weakening the party and their causes. This has wasted time and efforts for the cost of Labour.


The Corbyn Administration better use the time wisely and enter a method of sending their message and making sure programs offered the public can be sold and understood in Brighton and in Swindon.

Certainly the rebel MPs are the key losers today, but also the party because of the internal destruction and maladministration that has led to this effort. The Labour Party can become vital if their principals are in order and if the leadership are true to their balanced message. In a big party as Labour if there weren’t fractions, we as followers of them should be worried. Than there would an authoritarian leader who demands what the rest of the party should think and have on their mind.

If the Corbyn Administration doesn’t handle the rebels, then the friction between them will continue until next election. Even if the Theresa May Cabinet postpones the Article 50 into oblivion as she really wants to and just having a Brexit Minister and having boy-scout Boris Johnson proud-cocking around Europe to ask for forgiveness for his previous insults of the past. Even with all this in mind Corby and his loyal leadership around him has to consolidate and get a clear message, while handling the men and woman who did what they could to oust him. They tried to have both MP Angela Eagle and MP Owen Smith instead of him. The reaction of the matter is now clear as the Members wish to have Jeremy Corbyn longer staying with the helmet.

Certain tabloids and media houses should ask mercy to Corbyn for their attitude and stinking press of slur of ignorance and fixation on getting him axed. Like they wanted to destabilize the party in the wish to strengthen May Government! It isn’t just me who see that clear vindictive attitude of British press towards Corbyn? It was factory made press of banality and obstructive behaviour that we’re out of this world. The only one getting as much bad press, but deservingly so is Donald Trump and he speaks venom; that is not the ways of Corbyn.


Let’s be clear, if the Labour Party wants to be serious contender and become a Party of the People again. Then they have to consolidate and retaliate with fierce precision against the rebels while giving them limited options. MP Owen Smith can now go back to his constituency and try to win over with this lobbyist smile and “make this election the most important in the party history”.

If Labour want to reign again, then they have to go internally and fix, amend and show progress of stature and credible socialist message that can bring belief of a better future for workers, households and industry. Not only trading the Blairites for getting voters now. Corbyn, congratulation on your second victory in Inner-Party Election; now it is time to work! Peace.  

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