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Opinion: It’s not revolutionary to kidnap or abduct civilians who oppose your leadership

It is has been plenty of times when the National Resistance Movement and its government has called itself a “revolutionary” movement. However, the acts of it isn’t so. The actions made of late. Only proves that its emulating and using the same means of the past. It only has appointed the authorities, security organizations and made new facilities for keeping civilians incommunicado.

The civilians are only taken, abducted, kidnapped, detained, tortured and even killed, because they are associated, members and active as a part of the National Unity Platform (NUP. If not they are part of other opposition parties like the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC). These folks can be gone missing for over 600 days at most and not seen again. People are retuning as bodies in fields and even suddenly left on streets. There are so many souls taken out early. Just because they are affiliated with other parties.

The state is playing a cat-and-mouse game with revelations of the ice-berg. As they have a few numbers of people kept in their dungeons and chambers. The public cannot know the extent of these “Panda Gari’s” or drones, which happens on a rampant basis. There is new stories and people who doesn’t know what has happened to them.

We don’t know how many the army have captured. We don’t know how many the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) has, neither does we know how many who is detained without charges at SIU Kireka. Neither how many who has been taken to ungazetted “safe-houses” across the Republic. We cannot know how many plain-clothed agents that is involved in this and who is directly ordering this.

For what we know, the Special Force Command (SFC), Crime Preventers, Internal Security Organizations (ISO) or any other state security organization who does this. We cannot know, because this is hidden and the orders are not leaked. The memos or documents showing their activity is hidden. Neither is conversation made between the commanders and higher command out either. Which we know will accept and let it happen, as they are doing the bidding of the “high above”.

The numbers of people taken by the state has been fluid, but we know the small numbers from the state isn’t close to the truth. We know its much worse. They are always downplaying and making the numbers jaded. That is what they have done with murders-in-the-city and with other horrific acts made by the authorities to its own. Therefore, I take the withhold lists of people from CMI and other agencies with a grain of salt. It seems like they acting naive, when they know perfectly well what they do.

This is a deliberate attack on the opposition. Scaring the up-coming generation. That is what this so-called revolutionary government does. A government who has a “freedom-fighter” and “liberator” as Commander-in-Chief, General and President. That government shouldn’t use the tactics of the ones it said it would erase. A “freedom fighter” who promised to never let citizens die in the hands of the government. A president who promised a fundamental change, but is delivering the same sinister acts 30 years later. His vile acts in Northern Uganda will never be forgotten. Neither, how he killed his opposition to consolidate power in the early years in power.

Still, what he does now. Just shows how little he cares about democracy and free speech. When everyone who associate and stands by the opposition is fair game. They are all targets and has a circle on their forehead to be hit. Because, the state is allowing this and doing it systematically.

So, if people call the NRM revolutionary. I’m sorry its not. It is just the same brutality it promised to dismantle. They promised to be different than Amin and Obote, but is doing the same thing. The extent is maybe even much worse, as the Museveni era has lasted much longer than their reign. When the sun suddenly will shine on the atrocities, crimes against humanity and extra judicial-killings. Maybe we will know the damage that the state has done. We will know what rumours have said about what happened in the “safe-houses” over the years. We get to know the pain and suffering that has happened in the dark.

Those acts isn’t revolutionary, its actually tyranny and what he promised to leave behind. The mighty general promised to make a difference, but this is more of the same. Only difference is his PR Team and western backing for peacekeeping missions and deal with their war on terror. While he could terrorize his home at the same time. That is how this story goes.

To many souls and lives been taken so one man can be in power. To many have been detained, tortured and scared for life. Just so one man can rule supreme for life. Peace.

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Ethiopia: The authorities arrests translators as the international media gets “access” to Tigray

Since the 4th November 2021 there have been little to no eyes on the conflict in the Tigray Region. The Federal Government have blocked access to both humanitarian organizations and media houses. This week they have allowed humanitarian access to the region, but also 7 international media houses.

So, to keep in line with the black-out the state is continuing that. Even as the international media is trying to set their feet in their region. The Law Enforcement Operation is persisting and the military is still using force on civilians to gain control of the region. They have allies in the Eritrean army and Amhara Para-Military Group called Fano. Therefore, the unknown atrocities, massacres and violations of the Geneva convention is only mere speculation. As there are only small glimpses of the actions made in Tigray.

Just like the state constantly debunks and dismiss the little articles and reports that comes out. As it never them or allies who are doing the war-crimes, but always TPLF. Even if the TPLF was supposed to be practically “dead” at the end of November 2020. We are supposed to forget that fact as the conflict is on its 4th Month.

We know the Prosperity Party and the regime wants to keep things at bay and only have their propaganda to the world. As the ones that could help the foreign reports to get stories and fix things for them was arrested yesterday.

These are:

Fitsum Berhane (working for AFP) and Alula Akalu (working for Financial Times) professional translators arrested in Mekell. 

Tamirat Yemane (contributor to Aiga Forum), local journalist arrested in Mekelle.

These three was picked up by soldiers, beaten and taken to a unknown location.

Two friends of Akalu was arrested as well: Biniam Abraha and Yohannes Haftom. All of them has beaten and arrested by the soldiers. Also, taken to unknown location and without warrants.

We don’t know what charges the state has for all of these gentlemen, but we know the reason why they were arrested. As the state is “preparing” for the “access” so that they can ensure favourable reporting and only the one the state wants out from the warfare.

If they really believed in free press and have “access”. These folks wouldn’t be arrested for no other reason. That they are connected to media and could help the foreigners to get a deep cover, insights and understanding of everything that’s happening. Instead of eating of the hands of the government and peddling their narrative. Which is easier to do, when they are in the hands of the authorities and not getting outsider help.

This is deliberate and done with purpose. They allow them in and doing so as long as they print what the government likes. Only to ensure that the foreign journalists doesn’t get proper stories or ability to translate interviews. They are doing this with purpose and done to silence the media still.

It’s like you allow someone to enter, but they will not get whole context or situation, because no one locally will be able to tell or translate for them. They only have to go by the words of public officials and state agents, which in the end has an agenda and interests to serve. Not civilians who just got an eye-witness account, which will differ with the interests of the state. The state which happens to have soldiers on the ground and using force to take total control. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Museveni needs the army and that’s why its never leaving the hallow halls of Parliament

The 10 UPDF MPs were put in the constitution on account of our history. They would be like a listening post to what is happening in Parliament” (…) “The NRM/A liberated the country together with peasants. After we realized that the army can’t govern the country and we handed it over to civilians. The country is not ours, it is yours, we are also just part of it” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Museveni warns army MPs against defying him as he lists priorities for new term’ 30.01.2021, NilePost.Co.Ug).

If it wasn’t for guns, ammunition and heavy weaponry General Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni wouldn’t be in power. The old man with the hat wouldn’t be relevant or even have any sort of influence in the Republic without the army behind him. This man isn’t there because of the love of the people or his popularity. No, this old man rather kill his grand-children and everyone who stands in his way. That is why political affiliation with National Unity Platform (NUP) is close to treasonous and grounds for abductions, torture and possible death in the hands of state security organizations.

So with that in mind. The General does need the services of the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Special Force Command (SFC) and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). All of these organizations is working for him and he wouldn’t be as “strong” or “above the law” without ordering these all around on a whim.

Museveni will never let go of the army and its connection to civilian life. He needs the votes of military men in Parliament. That is an successive way to a majority without an election. These are bound by law and by chain-of-command of the army to follow their general i.e. him. They will automatically “give to Caesar what belong to Caesar” and he knows this.

We know the military have involved itself everywhere in civilian matters. That is why they are monitoring together with law enforcement the opposition leaders. They are used as operatives to control the political movements of the Republic. That is just a sad reality that this government is promoting.

The General have appointed military men all-over to all sorts of ministries. Made military men ambassadors and participated directly in the cabinet. So, he needs them all around and they are vital to his reign.

Also, the military have for some reason been involved in delivering mosquito-nets and going after illegal fishing in Lake Victoria. The army is part directly running beauty pageants even. The UPDF have a big role in Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADs). That meaning they are part of micro-loans, cash-crop development and so fourth. None of these are the supposed role of an army.

An army is supposed to safeguard the territory and shield the citizens from foreign invaders. Instead they are measuring the beauties of woman candidates for a pageant and checking if seedlings is correctly delivered to the Teso region. That shouldn’t be a thing, because how is this furthering the mandate of the army and making the Republic more safe? Why are they picking Miss Uganda or doing the logistics for Ministry of Agriculture? That shouldn’t be a thing, but it is…

The UPDF MPs are there to rubber-stamp and ensure the will of the General goes through. He has loyal allies that will never speak up against him and is only there to always have the majority to get his way. To think otherwise is naive. They are not there to represent a unique and special group. These are supposed to serve the Republic and do their duty. The army isn’t supposed to be involved in civilian matters, but ensure the civilians are safe. That is a big different.

Just like the army courts, the Court Martial shouldn’t be used to charge and be on trial as civilians in front of judges there. They are not enlisted or part of the UPDF. Therefore, the usage of the Court Martial towards the NUP Campaign Team and associates is foolishness. As that is outside their mandate and jurisdiction. They are not soldiers or high ranking officials who didn’t follow army command. No, these are civilians participating in a campaign for presidency for an opposition candidate. Which is without any legal grounds “effectively treason” but they will only postpone the judgement as long as possible. Just so the army can keep them hostage and detained with no other reason than as a statement to not challenge the almighty general.

This here is… just showing the military is embedded in the government and done for a reason. It is the reason why the General doesn’t need the public, but is addicted to the guns. The old man needs the soldiers and troops to follow his every move. They need to be part of every single institution and be there to listen to every heat-beat. The UPDF will go after and use their influence to ensure the old man has all power. The mandate is supposed to secure the border and avoid an invasion, but instead they are busy checking if Bobi Wine has sneezed. That is what they do and why Museveni will never let them off the hook. That is what an addict does and this is what gives him “a high”. Peace.

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