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Brexit: Irish Government statement on outcome of ‘Meaningful Vote’ in Westminister (15.01.2019)


Zimbabwe: Statement of Solidarity on the Crackdown on Legitimate Protest in Zimbabwe and the Silencing of Zimbabwean Voices by Shutting Down the Internet (15.01.2019)

Opinion: PM May is not able to Stem the Tide!

I am utterly impressed by the way Prime Minister Theresa May have behaved and acted through her time in-charge of the Brexit and Her Majesties Government. No, I am just kidding, it has been shambolic and her endeavours has sadly enough been in vain. That was proven yet again today.

PM May of the Tories has steered a wobbly ship all along, there have never been really any trust or any significant change, where the levels of belief has ever come. The prolonged and long staying negotiations with Brussels has been tragic. The EU has gotten everything they need, while the UK has gotten scraps. Not even assurances of safety or possible options to change the agreement has arrived. As the EU is following protocol of a leaving Member State from the Union.

The Tories and HM Government has acted all out, but not coherent or in sync with reality. That has been seen all along. There have been no part, where the PM has been truthful. As she has reassured the public of getting the best deal, the deal that would deliver everything and give nothing away. While the real deal was really making London and the UK into a small-fry and Third Member State without much to grasp.

That is why she lost both the Tories and the Opposition today. She lost by the hugest margin in a long time. The Government lost the vote by a record amount of members and that also means a lot of own rebels who don’t accept the Brexit – Withdrawal Agreement, which was used so long to negotiate, but not leaving even leaving the House for another round. Therefore, the PM has lost a big one today.

She has already lost Financial Bill and Amendments since before Christmas 2018. The Opposition has had the upper-hand and it seems to continue. As the Labour Party are able to table a No Confidence in the Government today as well. A double blow, as the Tories haven’t been able to legally deliver and agree upon a Withdrawal Agreement, which was supposed to be made by the end date of March 2019. Therefore, the time table is short and the reality should be hitting the UK.

Today, again, PM May has lost it. The Tories is in the wind. They are really at the high seas, but in reality, they are really not able to stem the tide.

This Brexit due date is on 29th March, PM May notified the EU on the 29th March 2017. That means that within the 2 years since the notification. The PM wasn’t able to deliver the Brexit. The Mission she got after PM David Cameron resigned after losing his Brexit Vote. Maybe, time for May for do the same. Even she doesn’t have it in her, as she has gotten No Confidence Vote within the Tories already at least twice within the two years. Still, she is there and not really trustworthy.

How will it be, the last two months into the final date? Who knows? But it cannot be worse than now. As the Tories and government have no control, the Tories are all walking dead and trying to configure something, without succeeding. They are working against the clock, but not doing it productive. They have wasted all this time and because of today’s vote. They have gotten nowhere. Which is impressive.

PM May knows this, the whole of UK knows this and whole of Europe too. We are looking and wondering. What is wrong with the British? Other then their egos and bad teeth? Also, their lack of good governance and lack of proper planning, as this could be foreseen a long time ago. Never sounding like the Tories and their Brexiteers would deliver anything worth voting Yay for in Parliament. Since, they were more promising gold, but only giving shiny objects.

That is why we are here today. Another loss for May. Another bad day for the Tories. And another nail-biter tomorrow. Not strength, not brilliance or control, just wiggling on the edge without a safety-net. That is what PM May does for a living. Who can wonder how much longer that can continue?

How much patience does the British people have? What shall it take for the British to act and wonder when the foolery should be over? Because, that time on the clock should have been ticked already. Peace.

Kenya: CS Fred Matiang’i Statement on the Riverside Attack (15.01.2019)

RDC: Communique de Presse: Changement du Systeme de Tracabilte ddes Minerais de la SMB SARL (15.01.2019)

EFF Statement on Zimbabwe’s Government Brutality Against Protestors (15.01.2019)

The Anti Bobi Wine Act is on the Horizon: The Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act of 2018!

Today, there was a leaked legislation called the Stage Plays and Public Entertainment Act Cap 49. This is legislation made to bend the crowds, ensure the promoters and the musicians are following due protocol and can be directly controlled by the state. They cannot just without justification put up an event, concert or any public gathering without proper acceptance of the authorities.

However, if you feel like you have heard about something before, it because you have. There was a time in our life, before the infamous and outrageous law, called the Public Order Management Act (POMA). The law made to ensure the state to know every single activity and political movement of the opposition. They had to notify and be accepted by the state and the Security Agencies before holding rallies, consultation meetings and whatnot.

In the same regard, the 2018 legislation, which is leaked today. Is in the same manner. The second law was make the ones rising to political stratosphere like Dr. Kizza Besigye. Make sure he couldn’t do his work and also make it near impossible to build party structure. Which in some regards has happen, as the strength of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) isn’t everywhere. Because, they cannot be able or have the ability to get there properly without being arrested or breaking the codes of law, which is stated in the POMA.

In the same regard comes the new legislation. It is made for the nuisance, the man who has sky-rocket in the political sphere and has made mess for the President. Bosco is really worried and he has to contain it somehow. Just like he did with Besigye. So, now with the new legislation he hopes he can stop the rise and silence Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Because this law is targeting him.

As the leaked legislation says: “No person shall perform public entertainment unless that person is registered with the Ministry responsible for Culture in Uganda as a Performing Artist; An artist or entertainer shall submit his/her works for documentation and approval by Uganda National Culture Forum; No Performing Artist or Group of Performing Artists shall stage performances abroad without clearances from Minister responsible for Culture in Uganda” and also this: “The Event Organiser and/or Promoter shall obtain a Special Performance Permit from the relevant Local Government ( Where the performance is going to take place ) at least 30 days prior to the date, where such a performance involve: i Performing Artists not citizens of, or domiciled in Uganda; ii Three or more independent Performing Artists or three or more different Groups of Performing Artists; iii National Event; iv An annual event; – the permit shall NOT be unduly denied”.

These are just snippets of the law. Not the whole gist. But it smells like POMA for musicians right? The notifying of Local Government for any event or performance, also the registration of the performer and the clearance to do so. That is just like POMA. It is just the POMA made for musicians, comedians or anyone on stage, also for anyone planning to make a concert or holding one. They got to get the new permits, the new dispensation to do so. Since, the law will ensure, that everyone doing these activities are following the new guidelines. By all means, that is when this become official legislation and signed off by the President. But, that man wants to silence yet another critic, this is certainly the way to go. With another draconian legislation to curb the enthusiasm and make it stop.

The last paragraph from the leaked pages of the law, which is really striking. Is this one: “Performing Artists or a Group of Performing Artists shall not enter into other Public Performance Contracts on the same day at different venues, unless such other performances shall be held at least four hours after the end of the preceding performance. This provision shall form part of the Performance Contract between the parties”.

All of this is signs of the new found struggle Bobi Wine will have and the other renegade artists who stands a bitter fight against the oppression. As the government are trying to find other solutions to contain him and his career. Since, he has followed the protocol of POMA as public gatherings, but this is so they can really establish strict guidelines for Bobi Wine and other to follow.

What will be interesting when this come into action and being in-forced. Is how this will effect the campaigns and the NRM own concerts in the Campaign Rallies, as they are known for paying a stable of artists to perform before Bosco shows up to utter sadness in every corner of the Republic. Clearly, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone cannot perform more than twice that day. Meaning, if the NRM is supposed to follow this law. They got pick who goes where and limit the productivity of the artists it has in its back-pocket.

However, this is all just mere say. Even as the legislation has leaked. Showing yet again. How frighten the NRM is of Bobi Wine. Just like Besigye shooked them, he has too. That is why the President is cooking up legislation to beat him down with. So, that he can use justification to destroy his career or stall it. To show who is the man and who is the servant.

The POMA came because of the power of Besigye, now the SPPE or SPPEA comes as an effect of Bobi Wine. It is not enacted or in-force yet, but signs to come. Because, this is retaliation, Museveni style. This is what he does, he finds ways to assault your life by legislation or by mere humiliation through the courts. Clearly, he intends to do both. Surely, the Ministry will muffle with the works of Bobi Wine too. Just a matter of time, before most of it is banned. Let time tell, but not be confused or surprised by that. It is in the cards.

If not, why would they use time drafting and finding the words to ensure that Bobi Wine and the likes are in the mercy of the state? I just said it there.

FYI or BTW: This is the 2nd Generation Public Order Management Act, just made for musicians, nothing else. That smart aren’t the junta, the ruling regime and YES MEN of Bosco. This is just revising it for the ones being artists instead of politicians. Peace.

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