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“Prado’s For Principal Secretaries” – Office of the President letter: “Request for 4WDS” for Jubilee Campaigns (16.10.2017)/Disclaimer letter to Nation Media Group (18.10.2017)


Presidential Pledge Bonanza: The High Court has ordered the “Delivery.Go.Ke” as unlawful!

The pledges and promises site of the supposed achievements of the Jubilee Administration, which is the works and policies done by Government of Kenya (GoK). The National Government that has done this has broken codes of conduct and the laws, as the violations of the Election Offences Act of 2016. The same state has also broken the codes of law, when using the state resources to support and make the web-site. The order today from the High Court ordered that if any person, proxy or any other acting person to not under direction of the order to stop making state advertisement, to restraining the web-site and the public banners or other equipment to advertise the advertisement page of the GoK.

That the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ruling party has impressively broken codes and laws he has sanction in his own time. The President has used state resources and advertised in a way that is not legal. The Delivery.Go.Ke is unlawful. Its impressive the arrogance and the possible acts of the ruling regime. That they have no trouble putting it up and trying to make themselves look successful, but has to do it in unlawful way.

The High Court used this part of Election Offences Act article 14:

(2) No government shall publish any advertisements of achievements of the respective government either in the print media, electronic media, or by way of banners or hoardings in public places during the election period” (Election Offences Act, 2016).

The issue is clear and the law is not hard to understand. Even layman can understand the issue and grasp the intent. That the respective government, in this case the Jubilee Party and the Jubilee Administration, the State House who supported and build the web-page clearly broke this law. They used this and made this page with intent of the election period. This sort of digital portal of achievement, wasn’t to show transparency or their efforts of holding up to standard of the pledges of previous election. Instead, an advertisement of Kenyatta and his closest associates.

That the page is made by the President’s Delivery Unit (PDU) and a team led by Andrew Wakahiu. The others are: Lee Kyonze, Eliud Lelerai, Nyamu Githaka & Cindy Kuria. The PDU is: “Established in 2015, The President’s Delivery Unit is a centre of government function based in the Office The President. Its primary remit is to improve the coordination of National Government flagship programs, monitor, evaluate and report on and the timely fulfillment of H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s key development priorities” (Delivery.co.ke – About PDU). The whole web-page is mixed together with the Office of the President and Government of Kenya. Clearly, it is like a phenomenon of adverts.

Therefore, the judgment of High Court seems fair, thinking of the use of applied law and the structure of the page. It would be different if the President had this as a single rich Milk-Magnate and supported it with Brookside side-cash, but this is facilitated with government resources and built out of the State House and the Office of the President. This is all part of the government structure and high-level bureaucrats who is hired to promote their President. That is why this page becomes illegal and misuse of the adverts in electronic media. Peace.

Post-Brexit Costumes Implications could be dire for the UK, as revealed in Irish Parliament Draft Report of September 2017!

The Republic of Ireland Parliament has started their works and their initial searching for solutions Post-Brexit. This September Draft report from the Irish Parliament is more structured and more explained than any of the ones offered the public from the United Kingdom counterparts. The Irish government clearly are open within their troubles and possible hurdles in the new state between Republic of Ireland as a Member State in the European Union and United Kingdom on the outside. This will significantly change the prospects of trade, movements of goods and direct costumes operations within Ireland and in the United Kingdom. The Brexit agreement between the EU and UK will be vital to the borders and trade between the neighbor states.

Out of the report, this is for me, the vital quotes, that significantly says what it means for both parties. They are really explaining clearly the impact and being direct in the problems that are coming with Brexit. Something certainly the British should look into, if they wants to have good trade and movement of goods to and from Ireland. This will not happen as it is done today, since the United Kingdom will need new regulations and new sorts of security checks. Since they are not a member state and in the new system need to follow other protocols of movement than of today.

Brexit implication:

There are two distinct processes in the e-manifest procedure, depending on whether the goods are non-union or union goods. Currently goods coming from the UK are union goods and, while a manifest is required for the enforcement of national prohibitions and restrictions, there are no systematic controls imposed on these goods. However, post Brexit these goods will be non-union goods and as a result the manifest will be fully processed and the goods in question will not be released until all customs formalities have been completed” (Oireacthas, P: 8, 2017).

Goods to the UK:

Goods to be exported to the UK will need to be presented to customs at the customs office of exit11 and be made available for examination if required. This extra layer of formalities for movements that are currently intra-union movements will not only place a considerable administrative burden on traders it will also have a negative impact on trade flows and delay the release of goods” (Oireacthas, P: 10, 2017).

Goods passing through UK:

Under transit, it is possible for goods to proceed directly to an inland location before customs formalities need to be completed. Where a trader wishes to move goods arriving from or through the UK directly to their premises they will need to be approved as an authorised consignee and also have the appropriate premises approved as a Temporary Storage facility as the goods will have the status of non-union goods. Where traders are not approved as authorised consignees then those goods declared for the transit procedure would be required to be presented at the declared customs office of destination for control purposes and in order to end the transit procedure. This in effect would require that current Revenue offices not assigned the function of a customs office of destination in NCTS would need to be assigned that status and be in a position to provide suitable examination facilities where necessary controls can be performed. Providing suitable facilities and associated human resources may prove difficult for Revenue” (Oireacthas, P: 13-14, 2017).

If this isn’t seen as important for the British, the United Kingdom and their possible trading operations with Ireland and the whole European Union. Than they better come up with solutions. If not they have to trade Yorkshire Tea with themselves and Tetley can be sold just within the Kingdom. Since it will be expensive with routine checks and costumes arrangements to fix the new hurdles for people who orders their stocks into their shops. They rather pick up another brand with similar flavor of their tea, than ordering the famous British tea suppliers. Why take Lipton, when you can order a French Tea without any problems and time consuming costumes and tax-operation. This is what that can appear, as well as sudden extra time in storage and other new need of expenses. That will mean the costumers will have to pay the extra prices for the same product, as well as pay for the added time it takes before the products hit the market.

This is just between Ireland and the United Kingdom. If you we’re too consider all member states of the Union, you know the issue becomes more dire for the United Kingdom. That these issues will hit their trading partners, the producers and the ones that produced and exported products for decades. Will be hit or have to become more expensive abroad, this may even make the consumers in outside markets pick other products than the British. Why pay more for British, when the French has a similar tasting product? Why buy an extra expensive British Cheese, when the Belgian one taste as good?

So if the Costumes and added taxes between UK and EU Members States grows, that will make the products less worth as it will be more luxurious and less of common product in the shelves. Also, that the time consuming import together with the cost of transit, manifests and checks of the products. Will also hurt the bottom-line and the profitability of imports from British producers. This should worry all producers and factory made product-lines that is made for exports. The Irish government has clearly outlined the issues and are striking factors for simple movement of goods between the states. It might not become so hard, but the possibility is still there. Peace.


Oireacthas – ‘Brexit and the consequences for Irish Customs – DRAFT’ (September 2017)

Opinion: The Resistance Movement are throwing out Rebels, how endearing of them!

This Age Limit saga, if you may, are the point of time and at the crossroads, where the real life actions and beneficiary of the Presidency comes too light in this process. Nothing is left for granted, no amount of funds and neither is the other agencies at work. To secure that the process is giving way for more terms and life presidency of the founder and creator of all, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The one that took the Republic and now holding it hostage. The beneficiaries of this hostage situation wants to make sure their cut spread properly before the voting and the consultations done within reason. Therefore reading this make you laugh, but also wonder what is wrong with this party!

“Rebel NRM MPs are likely to be chased out of the meeting of NRM parliamentary caucus scheduled at the Office of the Prime Minister today. Speaking to the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa said that they can not tolerate fellow NRM MPs who are against the majority decision of amending act 102b of lifting the presidential age limit to attend their meeting. Among the considered rebels include, Kasanda North’s Patrick Nsamba, workers Mp, Sam Lyomoki, Lwemiyaga county Mp Theodore Sekikubo, Kumi woman Mp Monica Amoding, Buyaga west’s Banarbas Tinkasimire. Others are; Manjiya county’s John Baptist Nambeshe, kasambya county’s Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, Felix Okot Ogongo, and Alex Ruhunda of Fort Portal municipality” (91.2 Crooze FM, 13.10.2017).

It is now revealed that the order of expelling the MPs came from above and from the President himself, which shows that he wants to reaffirm himself. Not resist anyone or anything, and no one is allowed to resist him or his position as the Grand Wizard of Uganda.

The NRM Caucus cannot have people who resists the party line; the party of resistance cannot have people who resist. Do you know how stupid that sounds? A party come from rebellion and resistance to the former government structure can now not accept other people resisting. It is beneath me, but also in spectrum of nonsense that the President currently operates within and is apparently proud of it all. There are nothing to bothered or spared as the consultations and the Legal and Parliamentary Committee is working on the nuts and bolts of the Constitutional Amendment.

We can just wonder if the NRM are thinking how stupid and rare it sounds like, that rebels from a party forged from rebellion are not allowed to participate and talk. It is amazingly stupid and foolish. It is out of character, but also show how little values that is within the NRM party, that is a one-man show and a sole candidate party. The structures and organizations are more a front for his will, than a working party with different functions. If the NRM Caucus within the Parliament cannot accept outsider, who can?

That the men of Resistance cannot accept people who resist, who can? NRM name is pointless and the whole rebellion was used to forge so that one man could rule republic, instead of the other men he brought down. Now he wants to seal it for life and his party has to become the National Reaffirm Museveni (NRM) Party.

So when rebels and people who are resisting is not allowed within the Resistance Party, you know the party has become a reaffirming party of the one man that lead them to victory. Since then the causes has dwindled and his personal affairs has become the key operation of the state. Because of that, the NRM are reaffirming their commitment to cement the life operation of Museveni. Nothing else and nothing else matters. Peace.

Opinion: When it comes to lifting the Age Limit, the Republic apparently has a fountain of cash!

MPs to get 29 million shillings for age limit consultations” (NTV Uganda, 2017).

It is a miracle the state that borrows for possibly retain back some parts of it in the Oil exploration. Clearly has to empty the Consolidation Fund or some other public funds hidden inside the State House. Because this is the government that has to postpone salaries for their civil servants. Teachers and Police Officers has to wait for their salaries, while the Members of Parliament will get extra funds to support and “consult” their constituencies. The same MPs that has said they are afraid of meeting their constituencies. It is ironic and weird.

That a broke state has funds, that a broken Parliament, a Parliament, which is shooting itself in its foot. Is trying to run to for the in plea and prospect of positive re-enforcement. That the government can afford this amount is staggering, that the MPs can accept this sort of affair. But hey, they want to be loyal to their master and spare nothing to show it. If we combine the numbers it is 29 million times 450 MPs, which means the total sum of Uganda Shillings is estimated around 13,050 million or 13 billion and 50 million shillings or 13,05 billion shillings. If you convert it into United States Dollars or USD it is the $ 3,596,073 or 3,5m USD. For one single bill is an amazing amount of monies spent on it. Even when it is as unpopular as it is.

That the National Resistance Movement, the President and his whole regime is hellbent on it. That they can afford to spend this all of a sudden, but uses years for getting the Cobalt Machine to Mulago. Are lacking medicines in the hospitals, are having schools without roofs and equipment. Teachers without salaries, nurses without the same and so on. There is clear lack of understanding what is important. The citizens and their needs is second hand or even left over contraband. While the Presidents own life and will are the most important.

That President Museveni is so God-Damn important is beneath me, but at this point it is natural. That his vision and his lifestyle is more important than anything else. Therefore, making sure he gets life presidency, seems like the most important. That is nothing else matter. President Museveni proves it, when he can spend 13 billion shillings or 3,5 USD in one big blow. He has no problem blowing the bank or bankrupting the economy. If it fits his lifestyle and his paradigm. If this will create inflation or making the currency lose value. So be it, he is still the king and stays king. Nakasero Hill, Entebbe and all the other estates are still his. He will still be the Executive and Commander-in-Chief, even if his state is in shambles. Seems like he will risk it all to get the last dime and get the last breath in office.

The republic is a tool for him and his life. Nothing else, the citizens needs is left to chance. There is noting at this point that proves that he cares. 29 million shillings to try to persuasive the constituents is a far-fetched plan. There is no project to offer and no promise that hasn’t been given by this administration. They have seen the winds, the rains and the droughts. They have seen the peace and the war. They have seen the inner-turmoil and the killings of leaders so that the NRM could live on. There isn’t anything they haven’t seen, there is nothing left to give. Since it hasn’t been given now and they have had 31 years to do so.

NRM and Museveni has had their time, but still trying to push blood out of a stone. They can keep knocking at the rock, but nothing will come out. If they say so, then they are either forging a miracle or lying out of their teeth. The same can be said about the whole Age-Limit scenario that they are creating for themselves. Peace.

Ethiopia: The Economy is struggling, not a rising lion as previously forecasted!

For as long as I can remember there gone stories of the amazing rise of the Ethiopian economy, the financial markets and the outputs out of this world. Where the money would grow ten-folds within minutes of its arrival. Like a mirage the number’s must have appeared in front of our eyes and stories that, we are told over the recent years. The Ethiopian powerhouse and the serious contender with Nigeria and South Africa. With their railways, banks and development projects, the powerful dam and all the others. It must have been a ride for the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgn, must be so proud of his achievement.

Why I say that, because a booming economy does not do this:

“Ethiopia and World Bank have signed a 1.3 billion dollar grant and loan agreement to enhance equitable services and reduce food insecurity. The agreement was signed by Abraham Tekeste (PhD), minister of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) and Carolyn Turk, World Bank’s country director for Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan” (All Africa, 2017).

So when a booming economy, that has such magnificent rates and growth prospects should not and no need for extensive borrowings from the World and subsidiaries, to say they need so is a lie. The debt and the international support for projects and food security is not a sign of a sound and strong economy. More of the latter if I beg to differ. On that, alas the recent weeks has proven this. World Bank was ushered in the end of September, but it is now cash-crunch time.

Not the jolly Captain Crunch, but the credit is due.

“Ethiopia will devalue its currency to attract foreign investment and close the gap in foreign trade, President Mulatu Teshome said at the opening of the bicameral parliament on Monday. He said his government is faced with a serious shortage of hard currency and export trade has dwindled in last three years. Mulatu said major projects like the construction of railway and universities will not be carried out this budget year due to a serious shortage of finances” (ESAT, 2017).

The seriousness is there and it is bleak, when the President Teshome shows up and spread enlightenment to the world. That the economy is fragile and not at its peak, is clear when all the prestige and the giant projects are now put on hold until further notice. Clearly, the financial strains have hit the economy, as well as their exports has given them less hard currency.

It does not go well, when just days ago, when this hit the fan as well:

Double-digit inflation keeps threatening the macroeconomic conditions of the country as the headline inflation rate hit 10.8pc last month, according to the Central Statistical Agency (CSA)- the highest since October 2015. It is in contrary with the target of the government in the second edition of Growth & Transformation Plan (GTP II) to keep inflation in a single digit. The hike in the price of cereals such as teff, maize, wheat, barley, beans and sorghum coupled with holiday-driven price upsurge is the primary reason for the inflationary pressure last month, keeping the food inflation stagnant around 13pc.“As September is a time of multiple holidays, it is believed to influence the increase in the inflation rate,” the report of CSA reads” (Berhane, 2017).

That the cash crunch and the double-digit inflation hits the Republic is not a good look. The proof of the currency value falling, lack of hard currency and new Multi-National loans proves that the Financial Sector and Financial Institutions are strained. There is nothing more to give, it is just bones and not meat. It is just a matter of time before the boiling bones gives no taste to stew as well!

In addition, you the economy is bonkers when their agency spread out this sort of tales, at the time the devalued currency is told to the public on other platforms.

This is from the Ethiopian News Agency:

“The diplomats, who observed the government’s direction at the joint session of the parliaments, whom ENA has talked to also forecasted the country`s economic growth to be amplified in better manner referring the current stability of the nation. Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ethiopia Monirul Islam said the growth that Ethiopia’s economy has witnessed was ‘wonderful’ despite the drought and other problems. “It was 10.9 percent and this year I hope it will be more than that because there is a good rain, everything is good, the state of emergency has been lifted and everything is normal”. “So I think the economy should perform better especially in the agriculture sector as well as in the industry sector”, he pointed out” (ENA, 2017).

I do not know if Ambassador Islam lives in alternative reality or trying to sugarcoat the situation of the dire economic state that the Republic is facing, but it makes good propaganda for the ones who still want the fantastic picture spread around the globe. That the Ethiopian economy is sound and still growing. However, it is hard to grow when you lack currency, you have growing inflation and you are borrowing more funds. I do not know, which economy or financial system that it works splendid in. Certainly not this one.

In addition, the news of the financial rising tiger or lion of Ethiopia has been a mirage, a fraud and play for the world to see. At this stage and in time, it is far from it. The Ethiopian economy is plummeting and at amp speed. If you eat up the crap the ENA serves you, it must certainly serve your kind, but it is not reality. The President even said so, the reports are striking and the added loans proves the dire state.

The ones who is the most hurt. It is the citizens who needs the hard currency to buy food and live, they are punished for the reckless care of the financial system. They are the ones who suffers, because of how the state decided to conduct their affairs. They are the ones who feels the inflation, the rising prices and still has to get by. It is not right, but that is how it is. The Ethiopian government should subsidize and make sure the people get enough. However, do not expect that. This is from the same government that sent Agazi squad to Amhara and Oromia to kill and destroy. They do not care, unless they have too or if it keep them in power. Peace.


All Africa – ‘Ethiopia: World Bank Assents U.S.$1.3 Billion Finance to Ethiopia’ (30.09.2017) link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201710090243.html?utm_campaign=allafrica%3Aeditor&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=promote%3Aaans%3Aabljpw

Berhane, Samson – ‘Gov’t Sees Double Digit Inflation, Again’ (08.10.2017) link: https://addisfortune.net/articles/govt-sees-double-digit-inflation-again/

ESAT – ‘Ethiopia President Says Country is Broke’ (09.10.2017) link: https://www.tesfanews.net/ethiopias-president-says-country-financial-crisis/

ENA – ‘Diplomats Laud Economic Performance of Ethiopia’ (10.10.2017) link: http://www.ena.gov.et/en/index.php/economy/item/3814-diplomats-laud-economic-performance-of-ethiopia


USA: “Puerto Rico governor sends letter to Congress asking for additional financial assistance following “unprecedented catastrophe” (07.10.2017)

Opinion: There is only dark days ahead, unless something changes rapidly!

I wish I could be more hopeful, have more swagger and be jubilant, but I can’t not in these days and times. There isn’t a dim light of better prospects, unless the winds decides to turn or the forces of good actually moves at light speed. At this moment, this very moment, its dark as night. The night is upon us and the sun is dwelling far beyond the clouds.

The light and hope is dimming down, not that I wish for this, but the energy and the fatigue is there. The prospects of pure civil disobedience isn’t there. Like the lack of care, because the state and the authorities seems to overpower with the Special Forces Command, Uganda People’s Defense Force and even M23. The Police Force is busy taking the leaders and scheming the next charges against innocent leaders, who only try to defend the citizens. While the citizens are listening to radio and TV. Hope that change will fall in their lap. I hate to break it too you, I won’t unless you fight for it.

Museveni and his clan will not give it up, Mobutu would not give it up and Kabila has no plan either. Museveni has stayed longer than Kabila, so just imagine his will to stay. The change of Age Limit in the Constitution at this point, is formalities, which is why he is travelling speaking on land issues. Museveni see this as solved and soon proper fixed. So that the state is properly screwed. No way back, only Musevenism, Militarism and Oppression ahead!

That is why the light isn’t only dim, the only one giving little bit of hope is the dozens of stars that shines lightly on the road ahead. The eternal light that hits the sand-corns and reflects so we don’t walk into the abyss. The NRM has the power, they have the army and the police. They have the state reserves and the resources to crack down on mobilization and demonstrations, but if it is done at a scale and with the people’s power. That could overturn it. Then the people need to show will, show character and organize in a manner that makes civil obedience the only way out.

You can’t be half gangster, you are either a crook or you’re a citizen. The same manner is about standing up to a government. You can’t be half-way demonstrating the oppression and harassment, the belittlement of rights and justice, rule of law for every single citizen. It has to be done with style and fineness. The arrests, detaining and the humiliation of the opposition should be warning, but it seems like society has gotten accustomed with their fate. There isn’t even shock and awe, when Civil-Society Organization are raided and blamed for political interference in internal-matters. It’s just another Monday or Tuesday. No worry, it wouldn’t happen to us.

Neither is the blocking of roads, barricades of the Parliament, soldiers interfering in clearing the Plenary Session. The silence and the misrepresentation inside the National Assembly, shows that the President using guns to sway opinion into the midst of the highest legal assembly. There isn’t anything he will not touch with force and fear. That is the darkness, the bitter fruit of oppression.

This should be the last part of the narrative, it should be last step of harassment and intimidation, but its not, grenades at MPs houses and charges of treason. On-going cases for years upon end, like the Walk-To-Work Cases pending in Kabale for Lukwago and Besigye, that still isn’t settled in court.

Therefore, the darkest hour is here, the only left isn’t detaining MPs or charging the MPs. The end of this is political assassinations! Is that the way it has to go before the light bulbs shatter and so that the people see how dark it really it is outside?

If there will be hope for another morning of glory, another cup of coffee or chai. It is time to wake up and organize, not accept the turn of events. Time to step and bring courage around your people and around your clan. Not accept that the village are taken for granted, that the cash crop are sold on the market in Kampala. That your assets are easily up for grabs and your voice is silenced by the state. Because that benefits Museveni and he knows it!

The light feels very far, the prospects are dim, but if the people start to renegade, resist and show civil disobedience, then there is hope. However, right now, the darkest hour. There are very little, but a few renegades, the rest are in submission. They are wandering and letting it go. But you never know when you are the victim. Innocent citizens has died because of this oppressive regime, Sam Mugumya is lingering in jail in Democratic Republic of Congo. For being a voice against the NRM. The next one could be one of us, who knows, but if we are silent.

If we are silent and let the oppressor continue, we are at fault for the darkness for letting the forces of oppression rule and indefinite take total control of our lives. That should be unacceptable, but it cost to fight totalitarian dictatorship. It cost, Francis Mwjikye has spent countless nights in prison before becoming MP. Dr. Kizze Besigye has spent his time in the prisons as well for the cause of liberation. There might be more, but there need men and woman. Who don’t accept being taken for granted and letting the NRM do as they like.

That meaning, serving Museveni and cater to him for life. Uganda isn’t only for MUSEVENI. It is all for UGANDANS. That should be mandatory, but the NRM MPs thinks otherwise. Peace.

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