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NRM Caucus Reportedly Plans to revise Exercise Duty tomorrow on Mobile Money, but not on Social Media!

Earlier in the day suddenly without any forewarning, the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah sent at the message of postponement of the plenary session from today the 18th July 2018 unto the 19th July 2018. This was not expected, but the 10th Parliament haven’t been business as usual.

The reason came later, as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Caucus suddenly was summoned to the State House today. This is all of the NRM Members of Parliament, which means the majority of the parliament. As the oppositions and independents are a minority. All of these MPs spent the whole day at the State House. Surely, they we’re made sure to follow the President line on the matter.

This was a meeting on the revision of the newly Exercise Duty, which was put into effect on the 1st July 2018. NTV Uganda reported: “Its expected that the caucus will support the cabinet decision of 0.5% tax on withdrawals, the same position they will support on the floor of parliament” (NTV Uganda, 18.07.2018). NBS TV reported: “According to the Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, the meeting is intended to reconcile the caucus position on the two taxes. However, some of the NRM legislators who voted against the age limit bill have been blocked from attending the meeting” (NBS Television, 18.07.2018).

The ones not allowed to attend with his royal highness, as they have already proven dissenting voices last year, are these NRM MPs: James Acidiri, Monica Amoding, Norah Bigirwa, Johnson Muyanja Senyonga, Everlyn Chemutai, Hellen Kahunde, Justine Khainza, Gaffa Mbwatekamwa and Henry Kibalya. So these we’re barred from entering the NRM Caucus today. That proves the ironies of the NRM.

The Resistance Movement, has issues with rebels, even as the Movement was forged out of a rebellion. The 1986s of the world is a rare breed. Musevenism must be the most head-up-in-the-ass and lack of soul-searching.

So, if these people doesn’t follow party line tomorrow, everyone should understand. Therefore, the expectation is that the NRM are voting for only one of the third taxes on the Mobile Money. That being only 0,5% on Withdrawal, take away the 1% on receiving, transactions and withdrawals, which it is today. However, there is no change with the Social Media Tax or the OTT Tax of 200 shillings per day. The NRM has no plan of scratching that, they just want to weaken the blow on the consumer and users of the transactions of the money through the Mobile Service.

We can really see, how foolish the NRM Party have become and they all have to bow down for the majesty at the State House. Museveni have to get them in accord.

If the NRM things this was a smooth way… they are wrong, if the NRM things this a way of proving force; They are all wrong. The NRM deserves no credit, they pursuit the taxes on demand by the majesty, they levied it and didn’t due diligence on the taxes either. They we’re just following the possible revenue streams without thinking consequences. The NRM will sell this as a victory, but really it is poor performance. From a ruling regime and ruling party, that is rotten to its core.

If there was any party understanding rebels, this is one of them and they don’t, they are just blindly following Museveni and doing it without consideration of the implications doing so. It makes them look foolish. Peace.


Statement by the Brexit Steering Group on UK Government White paper (12.07.2018)

Statement by the Brexit Steering Group on the Chequers Statement of 6 July 2018 and on the White Paper released by the UK Government.

The European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group (BSG), chaired by Guy Verhofstadt, met today and had an extensive exchange of views on the Chequers Statement of 6 July 2018, as well as on the White Paper just released by the UK Government.

In a first reaction, it welcomed both the Statement and the White Paper by the UK Government as a step towards establishing a new relationship between the UK and the EU once the UK is no longer a Member State.

In particular, the BSG welcomed that the UK is proposing that the future EU-UK relationship take the form of an Association Agreement. Given this has been the Parliament’s position from the very beginning the BSG agrees with this approach which would place the future EU-UK relationship in all its dimensions – economic, sectoral, security, foreign policy – on a firm footing within a coherent governance structure.

The BSG reiterated that negotiating a new relationship with the UK post-Brexit is conditional on an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU on the basis of a Withdrawal Agreement (WA). It reconfirmed the Parliament’s position expressed in its resolutions that it will not consent to a WA, including a transition period, without a credible “back stop” provision for the Northern Ireland/Ireland border to prevent a hard border and safeguard the integrity of the single market, faithfully reflecting the commitments entered into in the Joint Report of 8 December 2017. It urged the UK Government to clarify its positions on the “back stop” so that the WA can be finalised as quickly as possible.

Other important elements of the WA, including its governance provisions, in particular a credible dispute settlement mechanism, also still need to be agreed. Moreover, regarding the implementation of the WA, the Parliament expects a positive response to its letter to Home Secretary Sajid Javid on 3 July 2018 and especially concerning the independent authority and the smooth registration of all EU citizens.

The BSG noted that negotiations on the WA and the framework for the future relationship will continue next week. It recalled its position for the closest trade and economic partnership possible while respecting among others the principles of the non-divisibility of the four freedoms, the integrity of the single market, avoiding a sector-by-sector approach and safeguarding financial stability, the preservation of the autonomy of EU decision-making, the safeguarding of the EU legal order and the balance of rights and obligations which any future EU-UK relationship will need to respect. In this framework there will be, for example, no space for outsourcing EU‘s customs competences.

The BSG stated its readiness to provide its input to the negotiation process at any time over the coming weeks and it will carry out a further assessment of the White Paper in the coming days and weeks.

Social Media Tax: PM Rugunda does a back-flip – Due diligence after levying it!

There are days, when you wonder if these people are sincere or real? I wonder if the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the whole organization and the Members of Parliament (MPs) ever thought their acts would have impact on society? They were just thinking it was rubber-stamping another budget and another relief for the deficit without concern of how it would impact the public. That can be put into question, after reading the statement made by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda at the Parliament earlier today.

Rt.Hon.Speaker and Hon.Colleagues, since the Act came into force on 1st July 2018; Government has noted public concerns regarding some of the elements in implementation of especially tax on mobile money transactions and OTT. H.E. the President has provided guidance on the matter and encouraged further discussion with a view to reaching consensus on how we should raise the much needed revenue to finance our budget and undertake the development agenda we have set for ourselves without causing unbearable burden to the citizens. Rt.Hon.Speaker and Hon.Colleagues, Government is now reviewing the taxes taking into consideration the concerns of the public and its implications on the budget” (Ruhakana Rugunda, 2018).

What this is evident known, that the state wasn’t ready for the impact it would have on the public. The public outcry and also the unfairness of these taxes. The phones are paid VAT, Income Tax of the Companies and now the Exercise Duty on it, therefore, double taxation when going in on Social Media, and triple when transmitting money through the Mobile Money Service.

What the PM is saying at the end is that they are starting to review the taxes, that should have been done in the first report delivered to the Parliament, as the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, should have shown the problems. They only was focused on the possible revenue, because of the status of revenue made by the Telecommunication Companies. Instead, of looking into the costs it would be put on the consumers and citizens. They we’re totally focused on the revenue to the state to fix the deficit.

That the state wants to review it now. They should have done it this way, as the whole thing started with letter written from the President and sent to Finance Minister Matia Kasaija on the 12th March 2018. Ordering to look into OTT and Social Media Taxes. In the midst of that, there was written a report and around 30th May 2018, the taxes was passed and got enacted, as the taxes started this 1st July 2018. It has been effective for only 10 days, but already shows all the flaws and fallacies in it.

It is like the NRM and the President, thought this would be a smooth ride of double and triple taxation. Where the excuse all along is that the Telecoms are eating the money and the development, the state has put into the industry, however, if that is the case, why don’t the state tax the companies more? Because now they are taxing the public into ridiculous levels.

So, the state is going circles, but instead of doing due diligence before enacting and levying the taxes. They are doing it after the fact, they are doing after the cat is out of the bag. The people see the ugly monster now, it isn’t an urban legend. It is real and they have no issues bleeding and destroying the economy on simple taxation. They are making it more expensive to pay bills and utilities. They are making it less viable to spread information and be part of a conversation. Because it is to costly to big chunks of the public. That is proven with the level of taxes put on each head passing into the digital atmosphere.

The PM have forgotten his role, as a Representative, but that what happens when you were the crown and forget the people. They are talking about reviewing it now. That should have been done long before it was tabled in the Parliament for voting and gotten passed in the plenary session in May 2018.

The report delivered should have enlisted the costs and the burdens, it should have been sincere, a document which numbers crunchers could have tested and seen if they were manipulated. Now, the reality is that the government didn’t collect the cost on each individual, neither the loss of certain low-level data-bundles and air-time packages. As they we’re abolished because of the added costs of taxes baked into the packages.

That is what the PM doesn’t even discuss or care. It is hard to believe that the state will seriously review it now, they will be busy bodies counting the shillings and add-ons to the state. I have little faith that they will looking into the lost meat boiled of the bone. They will not look after the wounded or the hurt from this.

They are might getting added revenue at the present by this, but they are also destroying a growing industry, that they could have taxed wiser and found ways to earn more revenue through. Instead, they are punishing the citizens for using digital ways instead of showing up in bank sending money there. Peace.


Ruhakana Rugunda – ‘Statement to Parliament by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister on the recently introduced taxes on Mobile Money transactions and Over The Top (OTT) services’ 11.07.2018 link: https://ugandamediacentreblog.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/statement-to-parliament-by-the-rt-hon-prime-minister-on-the-recently-introduced-taxes-on-mobile-money-transactions-and-over-the-top-ott-services/

Euro Chambres: ‘UK Government Brexit White Paper: time running out for a trade-oriented Brexit’ (11.07.2018)

Brexit: Brexiteers leaving for Bristol, because they are not able to negotiate with Brussels!

Today, has been a hectic day, first David Davis resigned, than Boris Johnson and two more Parliamentary Private Secretaries have also resigned. All of these are ready to leave their offices because of the weekends chequers agreement was supposed to make it easier for the Tories to make a White Paper to deliver the European Union. Where the negotiations and the progress for Withdrawal from the EU could practically move forward.

Now that two major Brexiteers have left the ship, the others are just more spoilers of loyal ones wanting the hard-Brexit. Even if that is foolish, as the United Kingdom is hurting own business over the political game played, instead of thinking of the long-term consequences. It is ironic that Johnson says the UK could end up as a ‘Colony’ of the EU.

That is ironic as the biggest colonizer on planet earth was the United Kingdom, that why they have their “friendly” queened controlled Commonwealth to still steer the trade and policies in the former colonies. Therefore, Johnson should be careful what he wish for.

The UK could have avoided all of this, the Tories could have been consistent, however, they have been unstable and erratic. The Tories has mocked protocol and clarity. The UK government and their Department of Exiting the European Union (DexEU) could have delivered more policies and plans for negotiations with the EU. Tories could have been proper that way, but the EU have been more open and transparent. Something usually they are disregarded and questioning from their authorities. However, the EU has shown their cards and their possible outcomes. The UK haven’t even made sure basics are in place.

The UK are still not official stance on the border of Ireland, the Customs Union, the Trade Policies or any of the other issues. The Chequers was supposed to clear some of that, but there are still uncertainty if that will stick. The Tories should have figured that out early after the elections, especially since the Brexiteers and the ones fighting for leaving the Union had no program or plan for how it would be. Other than, sovereignty from the Union without knowing how that could be.

Your running a game blindly, the blind leading the blind and hoping your end up. Than your just lucky… You could fall out over cliff. The Tories should have done this from the get-go, but still they are fighting and bickering, instead of finding the way through the maze.

HM Government should be ashamed to be here after two years. The Brussels are controlling the aftermath of the referendum, but the UK are sailing without strong captain, it is unsteady and shaky. There is not easy to know how the ERG will react or the Remainers will go. It is to parties within the party and the PM has to walk on egg-shells. She doesn’t even have to struggle with the Labour before steering into trouble. The trouble is within.

The Tories doesn’t need Brexit, is breaking the party and the government, they are just destroying themselves and the world is watching. Tories are making themselves looking foolish. The infighting and the petty play of the public’s trust in the cabinet.

Theresa May is really messed up. She is shaking and her leadership isn’t looking controlled, but instead looking like shambles, like a train-wreck, it looks like it is sinking and too fast for her damage control.

The Tories have done all of this to themselves. Nobody needs to say, to others than to the British public. The UK are doing it to themselves. They don’t even need the pressure from Brussels. The Tories are leading them to buy ale in Bristol, but not serving them a justified Brexit.

Even if I don’t understand why UK are leaving the Union and becoming a Third State to the Union. They are losing privileges…. They not getting the benefits of the membership and will have to work within the bounds of being outside. The UK are doing it to themselves. The EU didn’t ask for this, Brussels effect is made because the UK asked for it.

The HM Government just have to manage with the consequences, they are an outsider who can negotiate, but they cannot win. The EU will show that, to show the value of the Union and not being in the Union.

This has been said for two years, but they have to learn the hard-way I guess. Peace.

Brexit: Boris Johnson resignation letter (09.07.2018)

Brexit: It is imploding in front of our eyes!

Not that I had faith in the Tories anyways, since they have been bickering back and forth. There haven’t been any leadership or stability since the election, they have to beg Belfast for help from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). To even have a chance to still be in office. Therefore, the steady and stabile, has become unsteady and wiggling.

Now today, the head of the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) resigned, Mr. David Davis, who has never serious taken this. He has jumped around as if rabbit hoped that nothing hit the fan. It is not as if I liked the man, but certainly, if there ever was a lazy minister in charge, it was this man.

Seemingly, it was all talk and no play. Davis and Johnson never seemed ready for the task of leading the negotiations, neither anyone else from United Kingdom. That is why we are here two years after, still talking practical matters like Customs Union, borders with Ireland and trade in general with the EU after leaving the membership.

If they had been serious, as the European Union has shown, the character of the needs and wishes would have been carved in stone. So that EU and UK could be certain about where this goes. Not as if the deal was set in the sky, but the red-lines of EU are made within reason of the state being outside the EU and being a third party. Something, the UK never seems to understand or unwilling to understand.

That Prime Minister Theresa May have her work cut of out is clear. Boris Johnson and the other Brexiteers are in it to win it, no matter the cause. The ERG are clearly in it to make it more difficult, as well as the Remainers in the camp too. Nothing like a shadow boxing match until the finish line.

That the recent chequers dilemma is showing-up, is just another twist and turns, where the circling around basics never ends. The Brexit is already are farce without any consideration of the implications. The narratives can be spinning, but the groundwork was never there, if it was, the public is not aware. It is not like the Tories or the HM Government have been transparent.

It is like they want the public to walk in darkness and don’t know what hit them when the light is turned on. Certainly, that was a good look for Davis, but for the United Kingdom it was shambles. There are nothing in the woodworks that seems to enlighten public.

His resignation is just a sign of more trouble ahead, not security or knowingly where this goes. There are enough hurdles and passages, enough things to fix and negotiate over, where the Remainers and Brexiteers will fight over, without any of them thinking what the EU might will say. Because this is two parties trying to come to an agreement, on structure and how to leave. This is not just the Tories doing as they please; they have to deliver accordingly to protocol as well.

This will be bloody, this will not stop and that it still is at this stage after two years, says something about the lack of ethics and courage from the Tories. Peace.

MTN Uganda Limited letter to ED Mutabazi of UCC: “Re: Trespass Into MTN Data Center and Disconnection of Servers” (03.07.2018)

Brexit: Statement from HM Government (06.07.2018)

Brexit: 46 Tories MPs letter to PM Theresa May on “pro-enterprise policies” (05.07.2018)

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