Burundi: Mouvement pour la Solidarite et la Democratie – Communique (30.06.2019)

Sudanese Professionals Association: Press Release (29.06.2019)

Press Release

Security forces belonging to the Transitional Military Council (TMC) raided the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) premises and prevented the press conference, due to start earlier today- 29th of June- at 7:00 pm. We strongly condemn this repressive behavior which reflects the awe of the TMC from the SPA communicating with the people of Sudan, resorting to extreme suppression of freedom.

We hold the TMC accountable for the safety of SPA members present at the venue at the time of the incident.

We reaffirm that we shall proceed in the path of our revolution and the million’s march taking place on the 30th of June is a strong response to the this savage and chaotic behavior.

SPA Media Team

29 June 2019


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