Oyam North By-Election: The sons are here to inherit the earth…

“Now the Lango cultural leaders under the leadership of the Paramount Chief Yosam Odur want the vacant Oyam North constituency seat to be reserved for the family of the late Engola” (…) ”Robert Ajal, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation came up with the motion of fronting a family member for the Oyam North parliamentary seat during a cabinet meeting. “We should consider a possibility of being replaced by his son in parliament. We implore government to do proper investigation and get us information before the burial,” Ajal said. Dr. Christopher Oleke, the Deputy Awitong of Otikokin clan, also emphasizes that picking one of the late Engola’s children to help complete his term in parliament will be such a great gift to the family in his memory” (Charity Akullo – ‘Lango wants late minister Engola replaced by son in Parliament’, 08.05.2023, KFM.Co.Ug).

In the 11th Parliament there is clearly a sentiment that is set. This happened in Omoro County By-Election and in Serere County By-Election. Both the sons of the late Members of Parliament was elected.

In Omoro County the President designated and ordered everyone else to back down for the son of the late speaker and MP. While in Serere County the National Resistance Movement (NRM) went with another candidate, but the constituents elected the son on a independent ticket.

Now in Lango Sub-Region and in Oyam North By-Election the cultural chiefs and leaders are now wanting the same fate. They want to ringfence the MP position to the family of Charles Engola. These leaders want another son to takeover from the late father. It is keeping the MP in the family.

Though after two recent elections, I would think the NRM should go for the former UPC and Independent Charles Krispus Ayena. While the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) should or could have Eunice Apio. However, that is up for the UPC Primaries.

This will be battle between the NRM and UPC. These are the two parties that have held offices and gotten elected in Oyam North before. Therefore, the other parties have little to no favours here. Alas, they can field candidates, but I doubt they will get any traction. Unless, they have a magnificent character out of leftfield.

The NRM will now feel the pressure, as they cannot go after the second-best option. They got to either stick with nepotism and heirloom. If not they are risking it by doing the same as they did in the Serere County By-Election. Where the was calls for the same, but they instead went for a NRM Primaried candidate. Which after Party Laws are legit but wasn’t beloved or the one the constituents wanted.

This race is already panning out and the Electoral Commission haven’t even announced the roadmap to the elections. We knew this was bound to happen, but it certainly becomes interesting when family matters are put into the mix. Peace.

Oyam North By-Election: Who will takeover after the late Charles Okello Engola?

The unfortunate death of the State Minister and MP of Oyam North, Charles Okello Engola has some consequences. First it is opening up a seat in Parliament and a Ministerial post. What will happen in the first few day, there will be plans for burial and proceedings concerning the later Minister. That is just the way these things goes, and as early as the burial is over. The plans for the seats and the offices are getting prepared. Meaning a By-Election and an appointment of a new State Minister in his stead.

Just like he goes from being a minister, he is becoming a former minister and ex-MP in the afterlife. That’s why someone will takeover his office in the cabinet and another person will takeover the seat in Parliament. This is why because of the unfortunate there will be a new By-Election.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) would do whatever it takes to retain the seat and command dominance of the North. They want to have a grand majority and want to win By-Elections. The NRM will use the state machinery and all of their tools. This means the army, police and all the intimidation will be in order. Also, in addition voter tourism, bribes and other means to prepare a victory for themselves. They would also “pre-tick” ballots and toy around Returning Forms just to “win”. So, don’t expect fair game.

What I do expect now is that the Independent Charles Krispus Ayena might vie for the NRM seat. As he was the biggest independent candidate in 2021 elections. He also came in second in the 2016 elections as a UPC candidate. Maybe even Dilla Benson would like to try and get ahead. Since he has tried to get elected as LC5 in the 2021 elections.

The Uganda People’s Congress should field a candidate in this race and should have a fair chance here. They are already elected in other parts Oyam District and UPC has a stronghold in the North. That is not only historically, but also by default in the recent elections. We can wonder if Eunice Apio wants to be the UPC candidate again.

In the last two general elections the other parties didn’t field candidates. There was only other independents. These didn’t fare well in the races. They only got scraps or bare minimum. Therefore, the ideas that an Independent candidate will get the cake is ridiculous. Especially, knowing how heavy artillery and machinery the NRM puts forward in a By-Election.

The UPC is the only party here who has a shot. The others are only fools hope. The NRM wants to retain it, but will they go for the likes of former UPC like Ayena or go for a leader like Benson.

The UPC will have it hard, but this one would be possible to crack. Especially, if they field someone within reason and maybe even the same as in 2021. Apio might have a shot, but we never know. She got 17,000 and Engola got 22,000. Time will tell, but this is now mere speculations.

As a By-Election is coming and it will be between the NRM and the UPC. Peace.

Opinion: Speaker Among acts as if she’s above the Constitutional Order…

“Hon Kafuuzi, there is only one Speaker.. and you will never disrespect the Speaker. You cannot report this house and say we made a mistake. From today onwards, you will not come to this House and defend any Bill, you will not do it as long as I am still the Speaker” – Rt. Hon. Anita Among (02.05.2023).

The idea that a Speaker of the House, that the Speaker of Parliament can and is barring Members of Parliament is outrageous. Especially, when it is done so childishly or without proper cause. Speak Among is just showing that her emotions and her temperament isn’t fit for her duty.

The Speaker is way out of line. She is not only braking protocol, but procedures, which are written in law. She is barring Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi, because he looked into the Anti-Homosexual Law and deemed it unfit. That’s all he did and gave the President his advice after looking at the bill. The Deputy Attorney General did his duty, as described in the Constitution.

Article 94 of the Constitution says:

“(d) the office of the Attorney-General shall afford the member moving the private member’s bill professional assistance in the drafting of the bill” (1995 Constitution).

The Deputy Attorney General followed Article 94 of the Constitution. He gave professional assistance and advice in drafting of a bill. The Speak might not accept that or grasp that reality. As her power trip and hubris is stopping her from reflecting soundly on the matter.

The speaker might disagree with the reasoning or the legal ramifications of the bill, which is what the Deputy Attorney General wrote in his advice to the President. Kafuuzi MP did only his duty and did the bid of the Office of the Attorney General. He didn’t renegade or be a partisan in the matter. No, he just did his job and so should the Speaker.

She needs to go on her knees now and do what she begged Hon. Francis Zaake to do. Because she broke protocol and acted out of line in the Plenary Session. She is going against Constitutional Order and doing so as Speaker of the House. Hon. Among has no rights in doing so. She should start to behave and be righteous. Though I know that’s too much to ask…

The Speaker needs to assert her role and abide by it. Now she’s acting as a vicious kingpin and a power hungry individual who puts herself above the rest. That’s how it sounds like. People should ask and wonder if this woman can contain herself and her pride. She acts like a Queen and a Dictator. Instead of serving her role as Speaker with honour. Certainly, she could need some mentorship by Kadaga. Because this is not cutting it. This is beneath her office, and she should know better. Peace.

Opinion: Kagabo MP will find it out the hard way…

Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo has reportedly ditched National Unity Platform (NUP) and joined MK Movement, a pressure group spearheaded by First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. On Friday, Kagabo, was spotted with Muhoozi and other MK Movement leaders in Kasambya constituency during a fundraising campaign for women and youth development groups, fuelling reports that he has joined the Muhoozi group” (Samuel Muhimba – ‘MP Kagabo ’dumps’ NUP for MK Movement’ 15.04.2023, Nile Post).

The Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo has gotten of the hook before. He insinuated that he was bribed and had to return 40 million shillings. Later in the year and after the scandal was unleashed. The MP was pardoned by the Parliament and the case has since been forgotten. He was supposed to be disciplined by the party, National Unity Platform (NUP) but I don’t know what happened to that. This was all happening in 2022 and now we are already in April 2023.

Kagabo MP has now distanced himself from the Opposition. That’s isn’t really newsworthy. That’s something he has done already and proven himself to be one of “them”. He could just switch to National Resistance Movement (NRM). However, he does the “populist” move and joins the MK (Army) Movement instead.

It isn’t shocking or revealing. The character has already been proven. He could already be bought and his principals was for sale. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have grabbed the 40 million shillings in 2022 and later cried out loud to save face. He knew he was in the wrong and he still did the dance. Blamed the speaker and whoever who bought him. However, not taking to account that he accepted the bribe and was fine eating the easy money.

I am surprised that he waited this long. Maybe the MK Movement sweetened the deal or promised him something on the back-end. Since he was already turning to the other side a long time ago. He made the decision by himself and wanted to be greedy. The MP accepted the “kickbacks” and the envelopes to do a deed for the ruling regime. Therefore, there was no difference between him and the NRM.

Kagabo MP can act righteous and act like he has done the right thing. It is maybe the right thing for him. To be a representative and be a man who is an underling to the First Son. Maybe he prefers to be token soldier and a “yes-man”. Instead of a man on the barricades and fighting the brutal dictatorship. It is easier to side with the son of the dictator, than to stand-up and fight them. He gets off easy right now.

The burdens and the pressure is off him. His now “one of them” and it gives him privileges. That he will get in plenty. Nevertheless, his honour and pride is sold. There is no integrity or justification. Other than he wants to get a fat bank-account and be a subject of a new master. That’s all there is and it will be hard to sell his candidacy in the next election. As he left the fold and decided to be associated with the regime.

That’s who Kagabo MP is and who he wants be… he wants to be one of them and he has succeeded. The cost and the price to do so will be down the line. Because, why should the voters or the constituency trust him? They have seen how he behaves and how acts. His a man who is willing to be bought and be made a fool off. That’s who he is and he got live with it. Peace.

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) – Old Challenges Continue to Pull Our Contry Backwards (02.11.2022)

Opinion: It takes nothing to “disturb the peace” of the Speaker…

“A young man accused of tweeting an inappropriate joke about Speaker of Parliament Anita Among was yesterday sent back to jail after the presiding magistrate said she was indisposed. Mr John Sentamu, aka Kelly Slender, 26, was picked up by a drone at his workplace more than a month ago in connection with disturbing the peace of the Speaker on Twitter” (…) “According to the charge sheet before court, Mr Sentamu, between July and September in Kampala, willfully, and repeatedly, used his twitter handle @JOHNKELLYTON 5 using user name Kelly Slender to disturb the peace of the Speaker of Parliament with no purpose of legitimate communication” (Precious Delilah – ‘Shop attendant remanded for tweeting ‘joke’ about Speaker Among’ 19.10.2022, Daily Monitor).

Some people have little spines. They have such little ability to grasp reality and be in the public sphere. It is like their entitlement is outrageous. The feel so unique, special, and prestigious that you should just bless them. That’s how it seems with the current day speaker of the 11th Parliament.

Speaker Anita Annet Among is the new breed of entitled and enriched cronies of the regime. She is the sort that can say obnoxious things about detractors or dissidents. However, the moment they retort. They got to bend the knee and apologize. That’s the sort of rank and office has now.

The Speaker is acting out of line and cannot stomach her office. We have already seen her actions towards Francis Zaake MP and now against a civilian too. The civilian she is serving for in office. If it wasn’t for the civilians, she wouldn’t have an office to go to. However, when your up high and mighty, you forget those things. It is only when the buck stops and the master your serve is gone. That’s the moment she needs the like John Sentamu.

Alas, the Speaker should be able to take jokes, because she is becoming the pun in plenty. She couldn’t manage her cool with the words of Zaake and now she couldn’t get the joke of Sentamu. Certainly, she needs to buckle up and get a grip. However, that’s to much to ask. Maybe, that’s why she became an ex-wife this year? She cannot manage a man who has the balls and the tenacity to question her? She is so supreme, that she got to be the Kingpin of everything!

Well, life isn’t easy on the top. When a joke can get you in a tailspin and order a drone on a civilian. Your life is surely precious. The Speaker’s mind is so fragile and so easily fatigued. That someone cracking a joke is a direct offence. You know that isn’t much a person or a leader when she resorts to this. If it is a joke of a nobody on Twitter. She could have responded or mocked the person for written it there. A tit-for-tat, but that’s apparently beneath her.

The speaker is a coward and a reckless individual for making life so hard on a civilian. She should put herself in his shoes. What if Kadaga had done this to her while she was civilian. Would that have been fine and dandy? Would it have been accordingly, if Among had cracked a joke about Kadaga on Facebook back in the day?

I don’t think so, but then again… with power comes prestige and prominence. However, she is clearly not able to carry the weight of the office. It is a burden that is to much. Especially, if a civilian’s joke is disturbing your peace. Your mind will never rest or be “tewali”. The Speaker needs guidance or help. But I know it’s futile, because everyone is just supposed to bow their knee to the almighty Speaker and the Leader of the August House. Peace.

Citizens Coalition for Improved Service Delivery in West Nile: Follow up action points from the meeting on 1st September 2022 on the status of electricity in West Nile (03.10.2022)

Uganda: Kisembo Ronex Tendo, former EALA MP Candidate letter to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – Re: Grievances Arising from the Recently Concluded Elections for Uganda’s Representatives in the 5th East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) – (03.10.2022)

EALA Elections: NRM wins 8 out of 9 [and DP get the final seat]

UPDATE: The elected EALA representatives and the votes attained.

Akol Rose Okullu 422

Namara Denis 415

Kakooza James 405

Odongo George Stephen 403

Paul Mwasa 401

Kadogo Babirye Veronica 383

Mugenyi Mary 367

Amongin Jacquiline 338

Siranda Gerald 233” (NilePost, 29.09.2022).

My prediction got hit with one seat in the East African Legislation Assembly (EALA) Members of Parliament (MP). The one I thought was a go was the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Fred Ebil. He didn’t get his seat and the UPC lost their seat in the EALA this period. Now, there is only National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Democratic Party (DP) who has EALA MPs in the 5th Assembly.

Today, the NRM got their 6 candidates, which was anticipated. They got in addition two more “independent” candidates. So, in the numbers they got 8 out of 9. Jacqueline Amongin is a member of the NRM and a Pan African Parliament (PAP) Member too. So, she has represented Uganda on a NRM ticket already. Now she ran as an “independent” but everyone should know that she is associated and a member of the NRM.

The second “independent” Babirye Veronica Kadogo was the Woman Representative in the 10th Parliament for the NRM in Buyende District. She lost her re-election bid in the General Election in 2021. She ran as an “independent” but certainly is connected to the NRM as well. To think otherwise is naive at this point.

That’s why it’s only Gerald Siranda who is from another party, the DP. The DP who had this in their agreement with the NRM. The DP-NRM Agreement had this stipulation and Siranda takes over the seat after two terms for Mbidde. Therefore, the DP gets a seat and an EALA MP.

While we saw a boycott from the National Unity Platform (NUP). The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) had a candidate that was bound to loose. Justice Forum (JEEMA) also lost, which was also scheduled to happen, as it is associated with the NUP. However, the shocker was that UPC lost their seat and didn’t get Ebil elected. Especially, since the NRM was supposed to back the UPC with this seat, but that was hallow.

The opposition didn’t really loose much. They had nothing to get to begin with. The NRM was bound for a pyrrhic victory, but today was just a painful exercise. The Speaker decided to have an early poll before the deliberations in the plenary session. This is creating the possibility for “pre-ticked ballots” and open rigging. Which is just foolish, because the NRM got the majority in the 11th Parliament and this would be a walkover.

The ones that should feel betrayed is the UPC. They are surely not valued and isn’t getting real support. That is the party which has made agreements with the NRM. Now, their dialogue and such isn’t considered. That is saying something. We can see that Mao and DP got their way. However, the UPC was kicked out by NRM leaning “independent’s”. Peace.

Opinion: The IPOD is a lost cause

The Interparty Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) who has gotten major funding from Democratic Government Facility (DGF) and Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD). DGF is bound to only last a few more months until December 2022. While NIMD has ceased funding after IPOD has failed to get all parties to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The lasted MoU lasted until February 2022.

Now in September 2022 the IPOD Secretariat might feel at a loss. The ideal of IPOD might seem positive and worthwhile. Nevertheless, the results and the political forum has been more a sideshow than actually being fruitful. The majority party and ruling regime, National Resistance Movement (NRM) has used it more to poach the opposition and have publicity stunts. While the opposition like Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and National Unity Platform (NUP) haven’t seen any sort of dialogue or proper platform to make difference. That’s why they rather distance themselves from it.

The IPOD was maybe made with the best interest in 2010. NIMD and DGF funded the organization to have a place and possibility to meet. IPOD could have been a safe space for the political parties, but we all know this haven’t been in the interests of the Head of State or the NRM. The NRM wants to either intimidate, strike or corrupt their opposition. That’s why President Museveni has himself promised to destroy and get rid of all opposition.

Now in 2022 and after 12 years of IPOD. The NRM is losing one of the few places where Museveni could actually meet the real opposition. Not the “opposition” who is already leaning towards him or co-operating with him. No, the ones defying him or wanting to remove him isn’t now a part of the IPOD.

That NIMD is saying it won’t fund IPOD before NUP and FDC joins is a failure. The parties themselves has decide. They have seen the works of IPOD and what it has “achieved”. The organization don’t have that much to show for it. This is why they cannot even write an MoU, which they cannot agree upon.

The NRM might feel like this is a “victory”. They can point at NUP and FDC. However, that is a very hallow “victory”. The FDC and NUP has done this for various of reasons, but it is clear that the NRM isn’t an honest actor. That’s why activists, candidates and associates connected to the NUP or FDC are either kept incommunicado, arrested or even extra judicially killed. The authorities are monitoring the opposition more than they look into crooks. Therefore, the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience is a well-known phenomenon in the Republic. That’s all because of their affiliation and who they are associated with.

If the NRM really wanted IPOD to work. They would have properly invested in it and not only used it for photo-ops ahead of polls and elections. While also using it more directly to create positive headlines Nevertheless, NIMD and DGF maybe want more for their coins. They want them to actually have inclusive dialogue and talks in a political forum. That sort of thing seems like a thing of the past.

It is not the fault of NUP or the FDC for the end of IPOD. The killer of IPOD is Museveni. Like everyone else it goes back to him. It is his choices and orders, which are reflected here. He is getting his will and certainly not … get a free lunch. IPOD is only destroyed and losing value, as there are no real progress or talks of substance. When an organization like IPOD becomes sub-standard forum and losing all value.

President Museveni cannot be happy with this, because this just shows how flawed his multi-party democracy is. When the one forum he had where all elected parties could meet and talk is now ceasing to operate. The funding of this organization is stopped. Because, FDC and NUP isn’t accepting the conditions of the current MoU. That’s a failure and lacking the general understanding of what it should be.

If Museveni wanted this… things would have been different. Nevertheless, expect the NRM to deflect it or blame the parties for not signing on. Because, why should they sign on to something… when it gives them nothing and only legitimizing the regime. IPOD only gives political currency to the NRM without giving the other parties anything worthwhile. The others are just getting an opportunity to see Museveni close by and be there in his presence. That’s a futile enterprise and if the NIMD see that is an asset. They should just continue to pursuit it. However, it isn’t the product that its portrayed on the tin. It is something else and the ones dismissing it has all the reasons to do so. Peace.

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