Uzbekistan: Kamilov demoted for defending Ukraine

First of all, the situation around Ukraine is a matter of serious concern in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is committed to finding a peaceful solution to the situation and resolving the conflict through political and diplomatic means. For this, first of all, military operations and violence must stop immediately. Uzbekistan has historically had traditionally multifaceted relations with both Russia and Ukraine. And we will continue mutually beneficial cooperation with both countries based on our national interests. We will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in these difficult times and will continue to do so in light of the current difficult situation. In turn, Uzbekistan recognizes the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We do not recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” – Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov (17.03.2022).

Today on the 27th April 2022 after three weeks of uncertainty and supposed sickness. The Foreign Minister is officially demoted and Vladimir Norov is appointed in his stead. Norov was the Foreign Minister between 2006-2010. So, he is an experienced man for the role. Kamilov is moved (appointed) to become the Deputy Secretary of Uzbekistan’s Security Council. Where Kamilov will be responsible for Foreign Policy and Security.

So, most likely the reason why he has been in the shadow and not been heard is because of his stance. He stood in defiance against Kremlin and President Putin. It is now clear that speech in the Parliament in March cost his prestigious position as the Foreign Minister.

Kamilov is a man of Uzbekistan who stood in solidarity with Ukraine. He defended Ukraine against the Russian aggression and violation of their sovereignty. That says something about him. This should be recognized as he is demoted and his future is now sealed.

Since he did that statement in Parliament he was not to be seen. That seems like a deliberate act of the Uzbekistan government and authorities. Because, they would fear backlash and the ramification of doing this. This is why his first silenced, not seen and rumours of his sickness.

Now weeks after that there is now reports of demotions and someone to overtake his role. Yes, an experienced man and someone who has held this office before. That’s why that man will not defend the “indefensible” and “offend” Kremlin. He will be careful and dance softly to the tunes of Putin.

That’s what Kamilov dared to challenge and defend Kyiv. He didn’t be another token puppet of Moscow. Kamilov stood for something and it was righteous. That’s why he was silenced and later when the fade went away demoted. This is very obvious…

The authorities and government of Tashkent might refute or rebuke this. However, the sun is set on it and they wouldn’t have hid the man. If he didn’t offend the Don or didn’t baffle the autocrats of Uzbekistan. Because, if this was supported he would have been praised and wouldn’t have been hidden. However, they took him out of the public sphere and now weeks later demoted. That is just showing that the Uzbekistan government is answering a diplomatic impasse, which was possibly created.

Nevertheless, Kamilov did something righteous and was brave to do so. The government of Tashkent is clearly afraid of Moscow and that’s why they did this… Peace.

Opinion: I believe Scholz is the unknown twin of Orbán

The longer the Russian-Belorussian invasion is happening in Ukraine. The more I am questioning the ones who is blocking, continuing to trade and be relaxed with lacking military support to the forces of Ukraine. We are now in the end of April 2022 and the war started in the end of February 2022. There is enough water under the bridge and the 6 packages of sanctions from the European Union (EU) hasn’t stagnated or destroyed the Russian economy. It is still striving because of people like the German Chancellor and the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The ones mentioned is German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. These to are comrades and supporters of the same causes. One is doing so in defence of Germany and another does it in favour of Hungary. Instead of showing proper solidarity or using their nations influence to help the sovereign state of Ukraine. They are instead in silence and with internal reasons continuing to fuel the Russian economy, which gives the Russian Federation monetary gains to prolong the war.

That’s why the ones who has spoke ill of Orbán. His a right-wing, nationalist and a man with despicable foreign affairs policies. If not really bad ideas on migration and refugees. That’s what he has strived on for years together with easy populist measures. In this concern it is continuing buying Russian gas and oil.

The same cannot be said Scholz… his not a nationalist or an anti migration or refugees like his Hungarian counterpart. However, his blocking heavy weaponry, not sanctioning Russian coal, gas or oil imports to Germany. That’s why his so similar to Orbán.

I am pretty sure that Scholz don’t want to be aligned or called alike to Orbán. However, in practical sense and with the brutal warfare in Ukraine. Scholz deserves this and held accountable. Other European allies and EU Member States are more in favour of blocking the gas, coal and oil imports from Russia. The same nations are also willing to give what the Defence Ministry of Ukraine needs. Which isn’t just ammunition, but heavy weaponry and even MIG-29 fighter jets.

While Scholz seems to be cautious and wanting the Parliament to sign it off. He don’t want to sign-off himself as a Chancellor. We know that, because if he could… he would have done so and ensured it. He wants to evaluate everything and ensure the best address for the German industry before doing so. This means that the possibility of supporting Ukraine depends on internal interests and not directly on the needs of Ukraine. That is the sort of fella Scholz is and that just sounds like Orbán.

Orbán wouldn’t risk involvement or supply weapons to Ukraine. Neither would he stop buying gas or oil from Russia. That is all, because the Hungarian wants to be “neutral” and not “directly” involved in the conflict, but they are ensuring profits and money from the sale of energy to Hungary. That’s why you know that move isn’t really “neutral” but indirectly supporting Kremlin and Russia.

The same can now be said about Berlin and Scholz. It has gone over 50 days of warfare and his in-actions shows his lack of concern and more indirectly caring about internal affairs. That’s why Germany and Scholz isn’t really supporting of Kyiv. Only on paper and with some soft sound-bites. However, the Chancellor will easily stifle help or diplomatic efforts with a slow-moving German bureaucracy, which in the end will be beneficial for Russia.

That’s why the unknown twin of Orbán is Scholz. Maybe not by DNA or such, but they brothers from another mother. They are inter-connected by their behaviour and relaxed attitude towards the war-torn Kyiv. That’s why they could be comrades and be allies. Scholz might not like that, but it’s hard to see difference between him and Orbán. It’s only the flag and political banner which is different. The rest is more of the same and the lack of needed support Ukraine is devastating. They are both seeing the results, the war-crimes and the acts of the Russian invader.

Still, for both of these men, the most important thing is their own pockets and not risking anything. While a sovereign is burning and they are banking on the downfall of Kyiv. That’s how it seems and they hope this will not have ramifications or costs for Europe. As one of their own is lost. However, if they are doing so… they are giving Russia a headway and the borders are getting closer to them.

The Iron Curtain won’t be that far from Budapest or Berlin. They should be concerned and help the front-lines of Europe. Nevertheless, after all this time. I wouldn’t count on it. Peace.

Ethiopia: If Ethiopians are joining the war in Ukraine – They are dying for a War that isn’t theirs to begin with…

Everyone now clearly understands that Russia and all Russians lie. Trying to recruit Ethiopian Youth, Russians do not tell anybody that as of April 18, 2022, over 20000 of RU invaders has already met their Death in Ukraine. Felt defeated in Ukraine, Russia insidiously tries to mislead and play its dirty games” (Embassy of Ukraine in Ethiopia, 18.04.2022).

Today in Addis Ababa there been long lines and queues outside of the Russian Embassy. As there are reports of a total of 2000 Ethiopian citizens that has signed up to fight on the Russian side of the Ukrainian conflict.

That is only mere reports that has been refuted by the Russians, but they are willing to lie about everything. While the Ukrainian Embassy in Addis Ababa says they are recruiting. The Ukrainians are the ones who is defending their territory and nation against the Russian-Belorussian invasion, which has lasted for over 50 days now.

It is very unique, if these Ethiopians join this war. This isn’t a world war and neither is a conflict that has spiralled outside of the borders of Ukraine. No, for now it is a Russian-Belarus-Ukraine thing for the most part. The Russians warns everyone else of not to move, think or coordinate. While the Russians has already gotten Syrian mercenaries and could easily try to conscript Ethiopians to fight their battles.

There is already reports that the Russians needs reinforcement badly. As on Job-Sites and Work-Offerings the Ministry of Defence is offering unique and patriotic-based contracts for the ones who is willing to sacrifice and fight for Russia in Ukraine. The Russian Federation and it’s army needs recruits. That is evident after all the losses and the total failure of the swift invasion, which was supposed to happen within 48 hours or three days…

However, here we are and Ethiopians are queueing outside the Embassy. Some is said to have with them a passport and documents to prepare visa’s and signing up to participate in the conflict. That means Ethiopians would fight on the Russian side of the conflict.

The ones that queueing today is supposed to part of Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” which is supported by Amhara Regional State and been vital in the war against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Fano is the extremist and fascists of Ethiopia who has fought for Amharian supremacy and a Greater Amhara. So, they will fit well in with the Z brigade of Moscow and be in-line quickly with the Russian propaganda of Kremlin. Therefore, if that is true. It is a match made in Hell and not in Heaven.

Nevertheless, the Ethiopian mercenaries or conscripts is signing up for a war that isn’t theirs in the first place. They will not be honoured and be respected for their efforts. These will be cannon-fodder and die like flies on the front-line. The Ethiopian soldiers will not conquer or overcome Ukrainian forces. They will only be a temporary fix and a possible strategy of cutting the losses of the Russians own brigades.

The Ethiopian Youth and “Fano” might see this as a possible way of training, expertise and a possible pay-check. They rather fight a war far away and get credit for it. In such a way of leaving desperation at home to flee to “greener” pasture in Eastern Europe. However, they will bleed and die for nothing. The Russian will not honour their sacrifice or write tales of glory for their participation. No, they are just useful pawns on the chess-set and the first to catch a bullet for them.

The Ethiopian mercenaries will not linger much hope. When the Russians themselves has struggled and lead to many tactical defeats for the last 50 days. Why would Ethiopians make a huge difference? No, I don’t think so. Not because they are not warriors and cannot fight a battle. No, it is because of the conflict they would enter and the enemy they are meeting. It is not like it will be easy and be friendly. No, it will be brutal and they spare no one. Especially, the soldiers and the ones who is representing Russian invasion force.

That’s because the Ethiopian or “Fano” will be part of the invaders and an invasion. They are not part of the defence or the ones who is defending their homeland. No, they are going after Ukraine and on Ukrainian soil. That is a death wish and they will not return home as heroes. They are joining an imperial power and partaking in unjustified war. This is why nothing good will come out of it.

The ones signing up for this… is signing up for a death sentence and Moscow will not repay them. They are just taking a bullet for Kremlin and no love will ever be lost. These youths and Ethiopians will not return or be able to tell about the war they entered. Because, the Russians wouldn’t spare them. They are the ones they can risk and send to the front-line without any costs. Since, they signed up for it and they got to fight. There will be no option to flee or seek shelter. No, they are there to fight the cause of Russia.

A cause that will end up in caskets or not even that. They will be left behind on the battlefield and forgotten. A bloodshed and a sacrifice of a willing. Youth and Amhara militia members who fought a war that wasn’t theirs. The tears and losses will be felt by their families and loved ones. Who knew that they went and never heard from them again. Families and villages who saw their sons leave for war in Eastern Europe. Where they never returned from and only got a mantle or a signed off on war-grave. However, they will not return with stories of greatness or of adventures. No, they will be scorn, torn and bleed for a conflict, which wasn’t theirs and never will be theirs to begin with. They will be the lost souls and the sons of far away who could have lived life in peace and created a future in Ethiopia. Instead they sought after glory and a pay-off from Russia. A pay-off they will not receive. Since most of them will die before the Russian Federation or Ministry of Defence has to even care about their salaries. Peace.

BTW: It would make a difference, if the Amhara or Ethiopians joined the Ukrainian side either. This is a war for the soul of Europe and a war against European imperialism. Where the NATO/EU and Russia are on each side. As the Ukrainian are fighting for its own independence and sovereignty to join whatever entity or alliance it see fit. While Russians wants to have control of their neighbours. Which is why there is no natural reason or argument to defend the participation of Ethiopian Youth or “Fano” in either sides of the conflict in Ukraine. They will not be remembered or written tales of glory. No, they are mercenaries who will die in unmarked graves, which is undignified for their sacrifice, but an end, which is most likely to happen.

BTW II: Don’t say nobody didn’t warn you or didn’t write about it. Because, I did and I am concerned, because their lives matters. Just like all lives does and this was a death that could have been avoided. However, decisions are made and there is always consequences to the actions we make. Peace.

Ukraine: ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Statement on the Reported Killing of Civilians in Ukraine (08.04.2022)

Russia: Medvedew calls the sanctions a “hybrid war” [as the EU embargo vodka, caviar etc… ]

Unlawful sanctions under certain circumstances can be qualified as an act of international aggression on the part of individual states or their unions” (…) “This is a declaration of economic war… It can be concluded that sanctions in the current situation can be qualified as an act of aggression against the Russian Federation, as one of the forms of hybrid war” – Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (08.04.2022).

The European Union (EU) launched today the 5th Sanctions package in concern to the Russian Federation and Belarus. They have both a combination of things… which isn’t only embargoing coal to the EU. The newest package is severe, but not as bad some Members of European Parliament (MEP) even want to have. Therefore, sanctions isn’t aimed or stinging enough for some. The sanctions aren’t costing enough.

Nevertheless, the sanctions and packages are getting extensive. It is four more Russian banks that gotten a full transaction ban and asset freeze. Also, Russian oligarchs cannot have trusts to keep their wealth hidden in the EU. In addition, Russian nationals and entities are prohibited from getting procurement contracts within the Union.

We know things gets tougher when the EU orders an trade embargo on certain imports from Russia and Belarus:

Additional import bans – worth €5.5 billion – including cement, rubber products, wood, spirits (including vodka), liquor, high-end seafood (including caviar), and an anti-circumvention measure against potash imports from Belarus” (EU, 08.04.2022).

So, the Russians cannot sell vodka or caviar. This will hurt some industries within Russia and they are locked out of markets in EU. The Smirnoff Vodka and other brands will not been seen in the alcohol section from now on. The shelves will start to lack these things and certain goods will not even be able to find a substitute.

While the EU will not sell this to Russia: “Further targeted export bans – worth €10 billion – in areas in which Russia is vulnerable due to its high dependency on EU supplies. This includes, for example, quantum computing, advanced semiconductors, sensitive machinery, transportation and chemicals. It also includes specialist catalysts for use in the refinery industry” (EU, 08.04.2022). In addition to this, the EU will also not sell jet fuel and fuel additives, which could be used by the Russian army.

With that all being said… it is becoming restrictive and the measures are getting rougher. That is something it should be. However, they are not going all-in. The banks still have SWIFT and the Russian gas and oil is sold on the continent. The biggest reasons for trade is still there. The EU isn’t upping it’s game, but instead goes very calculative.

The Russian vodka can find other markets and be sold in other markets instead of the EU. The same can be said about the products, which is now embargoed. Therefore, the total scramble isn’t there and it’s hurting, but not biting.

Medvedev is just acting frustrated, because he knows this hurt the Russian industry and the exports. Some of the specialities even, which is vodka and caviar. These are their pride and joy. The type of products that is high value and oozing class.

The EU will not miss these things. The citizens can get similar things from elsewhere. Therefore, the ones losing here is Russia. That’s why Medvedev is so bitter about it and calls it war. Nevertheless, Russian businesses needs to change and they are paying the price over the illegal and brutal war in Ukraine. Peace.

Hungary: Orbán won again…

We never had so many opponents. Brussels bureaucrats… the international mainstream media, and even the Ukrainian president. Huge international centers of power were mobilized against us. To them, we say that every penny was wasted. The Hungarian left was the worst investment of Uncle Gyuri’s life. For 12 years they’ve just taken his money for nothing” – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (03.04.2022).

In Budapest the citizens and the majority of the people wanted Fidesz for another term. This will be Prime Minister Orbán’s fourth term. Where he is distancing himself from the European Union and clearly shows his allegiance to Kremlin. After all the things that was said during the campaigns.

The Prime Minister even mentioned Ukrainian President Zelensky as an enemy. That really says a lot and shows his sentiment. This shows that the PM and Fidesz cannot understand how someone trying to influence and ensure their own sovereignty in war. However, we know that Orbán and his party has targeted the Ukrainian. While defending their support of trading with Russia. Therefore, the ill-will of sanctions has been naturally addressed by Zelensky. Nevertheless, for Viktor it’s more important to get credit and be in favours with Vladimir. That is very obvious by now.

He said also these words in his victory speech:

We have won a great victory – a victory so great that you can see it from the moon, certainly from Brussels” (…) “The greater the victory, the greater the need for modesty, and let’s face it tonight, there’s reason to be modest” (…) “We won in 2010 under the old electoral system, we won in 2014 when we were called one by one. We won in 2018 when there was a partial coalition and in 2022 when everyone joined forces against us, God only knows how we can win the most at a time when they are ganging up on us” (Orbán, 03.04.2022).

It is like Orbán thinks his leadership is such a great idea. That how he runs things is the best ever. His type of government isn’t opening up or giving air-time to the opposition. If he had as little air-time as the opposition. The opposition would maybe campaign differently, but there isn’t a level playing-field. While whole speeches and rallies been broadcasted in Hungary. The main opposition coalition only got 5 minutes clip. Therefore, it is within reason why Orbán is successful and has easy access to media of Hungary. When you have that… you can easily win and conquer the others.

The strength of Fidesz comes after years of control. As they have cemented themselves in Budapest. They are the strong party and people are loyal to the party. The public believe the talking-points and that’s why they continue to vote for Fidesz. That is very clear after the 4th term of Orbán.

We could have hoped the public saw it differently in Hungary. As the leadership has used the war for political gains and not supported the independent nation of Ukraine. Therefore, the Fidesz will not change now. They are obviously aiming for bringing Russian hegemony and being a staunch supporter of their causes. While they are trying to frame it as a defence of the values and integrity of Hungary. Everyone know that they rather be like this… and not be closer to European allies. That is very clear and this can stifle and be a hurdle in the European Commission, as well as in the European Parliament. Nevertheless, don’t expect anything good from Budapest in the near future.

It will be more of the same. He will use simple cheap tricks and populism to continue his reign. While he will always distance himself from the rest of Europe. Because, Orbán needs Putin now. He will not even flinch or speak in codes. No, he will say it straight… their relations is beneficial and it’s evident. Peace.

Opinion: Orbán will never betray Putin….

The point is not that we put on a sweater, turn up the heating a little, as some in the West think, or pay a few forints more for gas and at gas stations. But the point is that if energy does not come from Russia, then energy in Hungary no… This is a question of the functioning or non-functioning of the economy” (…) “It doesn’t suit us that there is cheap Russian energy, gas, we turn it off, and instead it will be expensive American. This is a great idea in itself, but I don’t know how it can reach Hungary, this liquefied natural gas, which transported by sea on ships, I think this is absurd” – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (01.04.2022, RIA Novosti)

This has been reported statements made by Viktor Orbán live on the Hungarian radio Kossuth. The Hungarian Prime Minister is crystal clear and there is no doubt anymore. Orbán’s decision of being “neutral” in the war in Ukraine is only beneficial for Moscow and Kremlin. His party Fidesz and other associates have also sown distrust to Kyiv. So, the party lines and loyalty is in the manner of Kremlin.

We know Orbán and Fidesz is in election mode right now. The Foreign Minister of Hungary has claimed the Ukrainian have interfered in the election. However, it is the Fidesz and leadership itself that shows what stances it takes. Then the commentary comes as a result of that.

The PM and his party by their forged “neutrality” in the war has only shown loyalty to Putin. It is only increasing the value of that relations and the diplomatic choices Budapest has made. Hungary and it’s leadership has chosen this path.

That the election and campaigns are happening in the midst of war isn’t Ukraine’s fault. They are the victim of the invasion of Russia. The token ally of Orbán. Budapest seems to rather fuel and finance the war-machine. Than actually help Ukraine in their battle for independence and sovereignty. That is a legitimate cause and a justified one.

However, Hungary and Orbán will not participate or be involved in any direct support Ukraine. Nevertheless, they will still co-operate and be an ally of Moscow. That just shows what sort of side it has taken. Not only buying gas and energy from Russia. We are seeing how it had decided and where their heart is laying.

They can deny that, but their in-action and their continues support says otherwise. The Fidesz government are tied to Kremlin and distancing itself from Kyiv. That is what this war has proven. Instead of being parts of the joint efforts of Europe. The leaders of Budapest is instead standing by Putin. That is the message it is sending and the PM is just furthering it today. Peace.

Georgia: Is South Ossetia the next target of Russia after Ukraine?

I believe that unification with Russia is our strategic goal. Our way, the aspiration of the people. And along this path we will move. We will take the appropriate legal steps in the near future. The Republic of South Ossetia will be part of its historical homeland – Russia” (…) “The Russian world today defends the interests of those who are committed to it, those who oppose Nazism, respect universal human values and fundamental rights and norms accepted by the entire international community” – President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov (30.03.2022).

We know that President Vladimir Putin has supported the “self-proclaimed” Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which is territories belonging to the Republic of Georgia. Which are territories that have been Russian friendly after the invasion of Georgia in 2008.

Just like the Russian acted in Donetsk and Luhansk in the Donbass region creating “People’s Republic’s” like the DNR and LNR in Ukraine. The same can be said about South Ossetia. We know the leaders of DNR and LNR signed a friendship agreement right ahead of the Ukrainian Invasion.

What the Self-Proclaimed President of South Ossetia does today is preparing the annexation of the Georgian territory and make it legally possible to become a part of the Russian Federation. That is clearly taking a huge part of the sovereign republic of Georgia. This is interfering fit the sovereign and it’s integrity. Which is nothing new from Kremlin or President Putin.

He will continue to do this and we can await parts of the Russian army to intervene here too. Come with support of the Russian friendly militias and people who defend this “People’s Republic”. When these sorts of actions happens…. We should be worried about other territories and unrecognized “People’s Republic’s” since the same could happen there.

Just like DNR, LNR… like the previously mentioned Abkhazia, but not to forget Moldovan region Transnistria where the Russian even has a permanent base. That could easily become a target there as well. The Russian has created these zones to undermine and to influence the former USSR Republics. Just in a manner that gives them a legality and reason to later annex it like Crimean peninsula.

President Salomé Zourabichvili should be worried as the Republic haven’t tried to appease Putin of late. He has instead tried to be closer to Ukraine and European Union (EU). The NATO membership has been at a stand-still since 2008 invasion of Russia. We know that Georgia has fast-tracked it’s membership with the EU. Therefore, we know the leadership of Tbilisi is becoming more Eurocentric, which is in stark contrast to the self-proclaimed and Russian supported “People’s Republic”.

So, it seems like Bibilov is trying to outsmart Zourabichvili. This is a way of Tskhinvali to get away from Tbilisi. Bibilov is following the leaders of DNR and LNR here. It is only about 2 months since these was proclaiming independence and signing agreements with Kremlin. The same fate can await South Ossetia and we don’t know if others planning to follow example.

However, this is just proving that the integrity and the territories in close to the Russian Federation can easily become tense. Where the Russians can use their power and might to intimidate the smaller former USSR republics. Here the Russians has invaded and created regions, which is only recognized by Russia.

That’s why… we know the game-plan and now Bibilov is showing loyalty to Putin. While his with a hope of a personal gain betraying Georgia. Peace.

Ukraine: Hungarian FM Szijjártó falsely accuse Ukraine of interference in the Hungarian election

The warfare in Ukraine isn’t stopping and somehow Budapest elites thinks the ones dealing with war has the time or ability to interfere with the elections in Hungary. Surely, the Ukrainian government has more than enough problems on their hands and crisis to solve. Than caring about who get votes in Győr or in Budapest.

The election in Hungary is mirrored by the conflict, because of the false neutrality of Fidesz. The President and his government is very close to Kremlin. That’s why the Ukrainian government has asked for more support and help. However, the Hungarian rather do nothing and not stop trading with Russia. As it is more important to be loyal to President Vladimir Putin. Than worrying about another Republic and it’s integrity getting attacked by Russian troops. Nevertheless, it is more important to scapegoat Ukrainian government in the days ahead of the polls.

Just read the translation of what the Hungarian Foreign Minister said and what the Ukrainian Foreign Minister retorted with. It is really telling and we all know where the loyalty lays in Budapest. The current government in Hungary is Moscow-bound and is embedded with them. They are afraid of offending or ceasing it’s relations.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said these words in a Facebook Video today:

We have decided not to supply arms to Ukraine and not to vote on sanctions that threaten the security of our energy supply” (…) “stay out of this war” (…) “provoked, dragged into, involved in this war in any way” (…) “As long as we govern, these decisions will, of course, remain valid” (…) “the negotiations between the Hungarian left and the Ukrainians are ongoing” (…) “and if the Hungarian left were to rule, they would immediately start arms transfers and vote on sanctions for the transport of oil and natural gas. But “as long as we rule, Hungary will be left out of this war” (…)”On April 3, the Hungarian people can decide on peace and security or drift into war” (Szijjártó, 30.03.2022 – ‘Péter Szijjártó: the Hungarian left has fallen ugly’ TENYEK).

Ukrainian Foreign Minister retort back:

In his comment to “Evropeiska Pravda”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine replied to his Hungarian counterpart: “Unlike Hungary’s conduct in Ukraine, we have never interfered in Hungary’s internal affairs, particularly on the eve of the election. It is unfortunate to see Minister Szijjártó ready to invent nonsense and ruin our long-standing relationships with him for the sake of short-term pre-election gain. If the medal from Lavrov is more important to him than the relationship with me, it is worth saying so directly,” said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister” (Dmytro Kuleba, 30.03.2022 – ‘The Hungarian Foreign Minister accused Ukraine of interfering in the parliamentary elections. Minister Kuleba denies this’ Kholodnova).

We are just seeing that the Hungarian politicians who are running for elections. Are running on a nationalistic agenda and trying to vilify Ukraine. That is really a foolish move and shows how they are puppeteers of Kremlin. The Foreign Minister of Hungary has already gotten a friendship medal from Lavrov in the past. It seems like Fidesz, the President and FM all are allies of Russia. That’s why they are using their platform to show loyalty that way.

This is why they speak like this and speaks of being provoked into war. Acting like they are “neutral” but it’s only showing who their ally really is. If they thought this was a wise move. It is not, because it only proving what Europe already knew. Putin has friends in Budapest and they are close to him. Peace.

Ukraine: Zelensky’s stern words to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán [and Europe will remember the ‘neutrality’ of Budapest in favour of Moscow]

Hungary… I want to stop here and be honest. Once and for all. You have to decide for yourself who you are with. You are a sovereign state. I’ve been to Budapest. I adore your city. I have been many times – very beautiful, very hospitable city. And people, too. You have had tragic moments in your life. I visited your waterfront. I saw this memorial… Shoes on the Danube Bank. About mass killings. I was there with my family. Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on in Mariupol? Please, if you can, go to your waterfront. Look at those shoes. And you will see how mass killings can happen again in today’s world. And that’s what Russia is doing today. The same shoes. In Mariupol, there are the same people. Adults and children. Grandparents. And there are thousands of them. And these thousands are gone. And you hesitate whether to impose sanctions or not? And you hesitate whether to let weapons through or not? And you hesitate whether to trade with Russia or not? There is no time to hesitate. It’s time to decide already. We believe in you. We need your support. We believe in your people” – President Volodymyr Zelensky speech to European Council (25.03.2022).

We know that Hungary and ruling government Fidesz are closely associated with Kremlin over the years. After the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine the Hungarian government have tried to distance itself and not really do anything substantial in concern to the war.

It is well known that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and other high ranking officials are friendly with Kremlin. They have been like that for years and clearly have no plans to change that relationship over a war in Ukraine. This is visible for everyone and it’s obvious.

It has been reported that the Hungarian government would veto stopping buying Russian gas and import of oil. The Hungarian government rather prefer being a trading partner with Russia, than sanctioning them. Neither is there any will in Budapest to stop buying Russian products. This shows that there is no solidarity or concern over the invasion of Ukraine.

The statements of Orbán of late is talking of independence and not being sacrificed on a chess-board of Central Europe. While he spoke of being neutral, but in a war and conflict like this… your neutrality is siding with one or the other. Especially, when your trading with one and not helping the other. With that in mind, Fidesz and Orbán has picked Moscow over Kyiv. That is evident and there is no other way to look at it.

The invasion happened a month ago. The war is having horrific results, which will have affect on Hungary like the rest of Europe. The refugee crisis, the inflation and other measures that will create a reaction in the European Union and elsewhere. That is all natural, as all nations who sanctions and stops trading with Russia will ensure less gas and energy. Which in the end make higher prices, unless others catches up on the shortfall of exports to the European common market.

The Hungarian government don’t want to participate in that and neither recognize the need of showing solidarity and be part of a European support of Ukrainian state in the middle of war.

It doesn’t get better when a neighbour reacts like this to the “neutrality” of Budapest:

Czech Defense Minister Jana Chernohova refuses to go to Budapest for Visegrad Four ministerial meeting. “I have always supported V4 and I am very sorry that cheap Russian oil is more important for Hungarian politicians than Ukrainian blood,”–she tweeted” (Euromaidan Press, 26.03.2022).

It really says something and the possible ramifications of shutting the close of Kyiv in the time of need. Because, everyone else know the European nations are only strong when they are united. As long as one defies or back downs on their own.

Orbán might think he can carry this all on his own. However, if a power like Russia comes knocking on their door. People will remember that you decided to be alone and not stand by the weak partner. Fidesz and Budapest could have supported Kyiv but decided to not to. That will have consequences and people will remember this…

Europe will remember this. Zelensky is only voicing what the rest of Europe will remember and it’s not a good look. Looking like the lap-dog and loyal tin-soldier of Kremlin while Ukraine is burning. That is not good publicity, but that is mere reality of what is going on today. Peace.

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