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The Police is now arresting three journalists from NMG: Kaikai, Madowo and Mijungu!

Today, the Nation Media Group (NMG) and the National Television (NTV) Kenya at their National Center has been not only stopped their broadcast on the second day. But today, three of their top journalists has been arrested this evening. These are Linus Kaikai, Larry Madowo and Ken Mijungu. These three was arrested by Police Officers in Plain Clothes.

The orders of CS Fred Matiangi are clearly in effect and the attack on the media is full action. We can just await now that the Police are going after KTN and Citizen Kenya TV. Since they have already gone to the other station. We can just await others who will follow. If this being radios or printed media. Because blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has to show-up in Court after two days behind bars. I don’t know the state of his, but they have been in jail for over 5 days at this point. If they also we’re released today.

It is nicknamed Tano Terror and Tano Outrage, as they are avenging the National Super Alliance (NASA) had yesterday swearing-in or Presidential Oath of Raila Amolo Odinga. As the broadcast of these events was warned about on 26th January 2018. This was days before the Oath, but still several of mediahouses went to it. They we’re all threaten by the President as he warned them. Now it is coming in affect.

That they are doing this and taking them. Is proving how they are assaulting the freedom of speech. They are having issues with the Githeri Media. Wonder if they will arrest anyone from the Star, which is a paper owned by Ruto. Or they will be left behind?

This is just the start of the purge, as well as what has happen to the MP earlier in the day. We know now their mission and its to silence possible dissidents from the Jubilee/KANU line. Since this is out of Moi’s playbook. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Justice P.M. Chugumba letter – “Re: Appointment as the Chairperson of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission” (31.01.2018)

Local Statement by European Union Resident Member States in Sudan (31.01.2018)

KHARTOUM, Sudan, January 31, 2018 – Local Statement by European Union Resident Member States in Sudan:

“The Ambassadors of the resident EU Embassies in Sudan are very concerned by the prolonged detention without charge or trial of a large number of political leaders, human rights activists and other citizens, and by the repeated seizures of national newspapers.

We call on the Sudanese Government to release all these detainees as soon as possible, to ensure they are not mistreated and to respect the right of Sudanese people to peaceful freedom of expression and association, including freedom of the media. We condemn the violence used against peaceful protest, and continue to encourage those exercising their fundamental rights to do so peacefully.

The European Union and its member states remain committed to a stable, democratic and prosperous future for Sudan, for the benefit of its people.”

CS Fred Matiangi has unleashed a new Moi era!

Today, Kenyans should feel like their repeating history, as the Jubilee Alliance new cabinet and the crackdown on opposition starts. Yesterday, the newly minted Cabinet Secretary for Interior Fred Matiangi ordered the National Super Alliance (NASA) or the National Resistance Movement (NRM) as a Criminal Gang. That is on the 30th January 2018, the day Raila Amolo Odinga sworn-in himself as President in Uhuru Park.

Now, the CS Matiangi continues where he left off yesterday, with continued media blackout and promises actions. That has already done against critics of him, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is behind bars awaiting trial, also his kin has been detained. This because the CS cannot keep his little pinky for himself and wants to share it with a church-girl. Instead of the CS paying for the crimes of infidelity, Cyprian and family has lost their constitutional freedoms.

Therefore, we know that Matiangi are up something special and have not learned from history. Because he is without knowing or trying actually repeating history. I will take a few articles from the 1990s, to show how the KANU and Moi era was concerning how the ruling regime was treating their opponents. You will see very similar stories today. That should worry you, since the Jubilee instead of going beyond the measures of the past; they are replicating the worst from the past.

In 1990:

“NAIROBI, Kenya — In what could be a signal of a renewed crackdown on political opposition in this one-party country, the government Saturday announced a permanent ban on the Nairobi Law Monthly, a leading voice of dissent. It was the fourth time in two years that the government had banned a politically outspoken periodical, although Kenya’s constitution guarantees freedom of the press. Under government regulations, it is now illegal for anyone to possess even a past issue of the Law Monthly, which faced numerous incidents of official harassment during its two-year life. The rationale for the banning order was not made public, but in its latest issue, the Law Monthly had called for the dissolution of Parliament and for a constitutional amendment allowing the recall of a president who acts contrary to national law, a clear challenge to President Daniel Arap Moi” (Hiltzik, 1990).

In 1992:

“NAIROBI, Kenya, March 20— President Daniel arap Moi banned all political meetings today, citing weeks of ethnic violence that Government opponents say has been allowed to spread in order to undermine a movement for greater democracy. The ban, viewed by some politicians and diplomats as a possible prelude to declaring a state of emergency, comes only four months after Kenya moved to re-establish multiparty politics, which have been banned since 1969” (Perlez, 1992).

In 1997:

“While Mr. Moi runs the risk of being seen as a tyrant, the opposition is already being blamed by some middle-class Kenyans for looting and mayhem in the streets that have shut down normal business, political analysts said” (…) “Tension has been growing for weeks over calls to reform Kenya’s Constitution and repeal colonial-era security laws, which give the President sweeping powers to disperse protests and detain political opponents” (McKinly Jr, 1997)

While NTV, KTN and Citizen TV Kenya are both, down and blocked from broadcasting, because of the crimes. The purge against NASA has started, as NASA lawyer and Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang, who was the international barrister at the swearing-in yesterday. Are now detained by the Flying Squad and taken to Nairobi PCIO. Clearly, the Police Service is starting the mission on the newly formed criminal gang and former politicians.

With the knowledge of Cyprian, now MP Kajwang and there are other come. Since the words of CS Matiangi, that its time for actions. Means the crackdown on NASA is really beginning. More faces will be charged and arrested. More of the leadership who was there, expect Hassan Ali Joho and others who was there to be behind bars.

Since now, the Moi era 2.0. is starting. The dictatorship is official, as the Jubilee, President Kenyatta and DP Ruto are sanctioning Matiangi to do as he pleases. Create offenses and make sure political opponents get behind bars. Certainly, also media will be under fire, as they already are.

Therefore, we can await a charge of treason on Raila Odinga, since he did what he did yesterday. Matiangi and the Police will not show mercy. They are not showing it to the rest. Now the Jubilee has started and certainly Kajwang is the beginning. CS Matiangi clearly missed the Moi era and wants it to return, so refreshing of him. Clearly, he has misunderstood. But it seems fair from the seat of power, but when your oppressed and harassed by the illegitimate authority. You know it is about time before the ship starts to crack. Jubilee, has the power for now, but for how long. Because they haven’t the popularity of Odinga. That was proven yesterday. That is why the Police acting with calm, but now they are starting to round up people. Expect them to cease NASA offices and Opposition Party headquarters. That is coming too. Especially if Kenyatta and Ruto let Matiangi do what he do.

We have no gone back in time, we are repeating history and the lesson is happening right in front of our eyes. Matiangi is working his magic like one of the henchmen ruling in the dark days of Moi. He is starting with crackdown on media and now opposition. We can await more swift laws, more black-outs, like social media and the internet. Don’t be surprised if VPN is the way out soon. The government will use all tools to control and oppress the citizens who are not aligned with them.

Let it be known, that the Moi days back, with the people in charge of it is Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Fred Matiangi. They are all bringing back the good-old one-party, dictatorship, the Kalenjin and Kikuyu power-house, where all the rest just being silenced. Following orders from the State House, let the President do what he pleases and media swallows the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit is spreading of information. So that the Githeri Media is delivering the right message, massaged by the inner-circle and no dissidents allowed. The Jubilee will now control all and start purge against opposition.

It is starting, one man down, more networks and people to go. Expect more papers, internet pages like the Elephant.Info and others, if they are not connected from a far to put into jeopardy. Since, Matiangi will go against it in loyalty to the cause. The cause of strengthening the Jubilee, instead he might make Odinga even stronger. As his mission to prove the totalitarian state is in motion. Jubilee is losing at their own game and showing their true colors. While the whole world is watching.

Still, it is painful to see history repeats itself. To the Moi era return. That Kenyatta unleashed that on his people. That is what he did and how he used his power. If that isn’t sad, than nothing is. You have the ability to do good, but use it in vain and for the cause of contempt of the people. That is why Kasarani was empty on Jamhuri Day. Jubilee doesn’t have the people’s support and they know it.

Still, that is the time its good to have the police and military to back you up. So you can silence the citizens with bullets and tear-gas, because that is how you build a sustainable society. NOT!

Now, let it be known, Moi era 2.0. is now on. Let the sadness continue..


Hiltzik, Michael A. – ‘Kenya Bans Leading Dissident Periodical : Suppression: President Moi also inveighs against church leaders and political figures urging a change in domination by his party’ (30.09.1990) link: http://articles.latimes.com/1990-09-30/news/mn-2506_1_political-figures

McKinley Jr, James C. – ‘Crackdown Bleeds Kenya’s Democracy Movement, Killing 7’ (08.08.1997) link: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/08/world/crackdown-bleeds-kenya-s-democracy-movement-killing-7.html

Perlez, Jane – ‘Kenya Orders Ban on Political Meetings’ (21.03.1992) link: http://www.nytimes.com/1992/03/21/world/kenya-orders-ban-on-political-meetings.html

CS Fred Matiangi: “Government Statement on Subversive Activities by NASA” (31.01.2018)

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